Transformers: Top 10 Saddest Autobot Deaths (Movie Rankings) 2019

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. ♫ Gone ♫ ♫ cause you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ Oh you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ No you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ Until it’s gone ♫ “You wanna go back?” “Back to the heart of the war?!” (Mechanical Sounds) If there’s 1 thing I think we all can agree upon is that a sad movie death can have a lingering impact if done right. And this is something that was made apparent over 30 years ago in the 86 Transformers movie. As soon as you find yourself connecting with a character they become cannon fodder to move the plot forward. And in the case of the live action Transformers universe we found ourselves reconnecting to old faces just to see history repeat itself. “Optimus!” What’s up guys? My name is RBG, and welcome another Transformers Top 10 video. This is something where we take the best and worst elements of the live action films and comprise them in top 10 rankings. For today’s video I wanted to present a list of the saddest Autobots deaths. Because there have been a few that have undoubtedly tugged on fan’s heart strings. It seems like that was something Michael Bay got right with each installment. As much as we may hate the way our favorite Autobot is portrayed or their design changes we eventually grow fund of them. And even miss them when they’re replaced with newer members for the sake of selling toys. But without further ado here’s a list of the top 10 Autobot deaths that kicked us in the gut and left us stunned. Number 10. Leadfoot. Once TF2 Revenge of the Fallen was done showing us our newer cast of Autobots. It was time for Dark of the Moon to take things to another level. Besides the basic addition of new members who lacked personality we got a group of charismatic A-holes to spice things up. These guys were known as the Wreckers. A a trio of engineering geniuses who came to Earth aboard the Autobot spaceship Xantium. They were by far the coolest looking transformers I’ve seen in all the movies. This is what we should’ve gotten out the gate. Bad asses who live up to their name. They were wore machines that combined sheer fire power & speed. 1 of my favorites out of the inventive militia group was the fat bot with an insatiable appetite for destruction, Leadfoot. He applied his knowledge of science to create bigger and louder weapons for his Autobot allies. An approach that mirrored his personality. Leadfoot joined the Autobots in the the battle in Chicago and tears an unfortunate Decepticon pilot to pieces alive with the other Wreckers. He’d later help free Optimus Prime from the cables he got caught in, thanks to Shockwave. But after the big battle he went missing. It was later discovered that he was executed by the CIA black ops unit Cemetery Wind. Thanks to Cade Yaeger’s acquisition of surveillance footage the Autobots were able to see what happened to their missing comrade. It showed Leadfoot being mercilessly gunned down by soldiers. Upon watching the footage, Hound sadly took off his hat and held it over his spark in respect for his fallen friend, bitterly cursing the humans responsible as “savages”. This moment absolutely had to be added to the list because it resulted in a revelation to the Autobots. Not all humans are their allies. Optimus Prime was so deeply hurt by the footage that he had to turn away, and decided that enough was enough. Covering things up at number 9 is Canopy. Originally named the Ruins Bot, Canopy is 1 of those robots who’s code name fits him perfectly. He’s a mobile shelter Autobot. With the transformers being a hunted species across the world, and vehicles being subject of immediate suspicion as Cybertronians. Canopy took the robot in disguise gimmick and completely flipped it in a way that was convenient to him and any innocent bystander. In TF5 a runaway named Izabella and a group of kids decided to hide under debris to hide from a TRF Sentry. After the Sentry leaves the debris is revealed to be gentle giant named Canopy, who revealed himself long enough to get a missile to the chest from a drone and fall to the ground dying. This death not only saddened me but it also infuriated me because the big guy was trying to get the kids to follow him to safety. “Who is he?” “Let’s go!” “As far as you’re concerned, my boyfriend.” But in typical human fashion they just babble about stupid stuff during a serious moment. I mean the TRF sentries were holding off their attack because the kids were in close proximity to him. But they leave the poor robot open to get hit. Now what I will say is that the little girl Izabella added a extra layer of emotion to the scene. Because you see her face to face with a dying Autobot who seems to have had a well documented friendship with her. And the pain & sadness can be seen perfectly due to him having a humanoid face. He died bravely as he implored Izabella to run and thanked her for her companionship before drawing his last breath. Number 8. Is the Talisman Knight. This particular robot is someone who really threw me off in terms of his initial origins. Anthony Hopkins’ character Edmund Burton stated that there were 12 Guardian Knights alongside the 12 Knights of the Round Table, and the film later shows approximately 12 Knights emerging from the Guardian Knights’ ship while the Talisman Knight is dead. So it was unclear if this knight was 1 of the members. But anyways after Optimus Prime left the earth most of the governments of countries declared the Transformers race outlawed and an international military organization TRF was established. Cade Yeager, along with Bumblebee and Hound, went to Chicago to find at least one surviving Transformer there. Cade approaches a fallen spacecraft and inside is a Knight. He tried to help him but it was too late but before he died gives him a talisman but he refuses. There was just something about the exchange between him and Cade that made me feel for him. It could possibly stem down to the fact that he was mortally wounded and leaking energon. There’s also the pain you can see in his face as he removes his mouth guard to aid him in breathing better. If it wasn’t for the knight Optimus would’ve met his demise. He saw Cade’s compassion as a sign that he was worthy of the knight’s honor. He used the last of his remaining energy to bid the Talisman to grow legs and follow Cade before he finally died. His valiant sacrifice was not in vain, as the Talisman did indeed find Cade, who subsequently found the staff and saved the Earth from Quintessa. Raining down the pain at Number 7 is Jetfire. Just gotta say that Jetfire has become 1 of the most used contenders on all my Top 10 videos. He’s pretty much a all around bot that doesn’t get enough credit in the films which is obviously due to how Michael Bay reduced him to a comical character. But if you take a look at his history you’ll see that he was a living legend both in the air and on the battlefield. Back in his glory days, Jetfire was a skilled Decepticon soldier. He was one of the best of the best. He would later swear his allegiance as an Autobot and he fell into a great sleep after arriving on Earth. Despite being old, he is still a formidable fighter, shown when he single-handedly destroys Mixmaster and kills Scorponok even after being mortally wounded. And it’s also important to note that his loyalty is admirable. He demonstrated how much of a true Autobot he was after he willingly offered his parts to Optimus Prime saying that they would give him “a power like you’ve never known.” He further showed his loyalty by ripping out his own spark. That right there was truly a sad moment. Because Jetfire didn’t really know any of the current transformers. He was an old Decepticon defect who had shown blind allegiance just to be back stabbed by the faction that he considered his family. And he was frozen for years. He’s basically a Cybertronian Steve Rogers. A robot out of time. That’s why I absolutely had to add him on this list. At number 6 we have Que. I just know there are gonna be fans face palming at the fact that I even mentioned this guy. Which is understandable because he’s arguably 1 of the worst offenders in the “most ruined Transformers” list. For those out of the know Que’s actual name is Wheeljack who is major G1 favorite among the fans. He was a bad ass inventor bot who had these cool bulb ears that would light up when he talked. Unfortunately almost everything that made him awesome was stripped away. Apparently Steven Spielberg wanted the designers to make him look more like Albert Einstein which is made obvious by the nerdy glass, wild hair, and mustache. The name Que would be a nod to the famous James Bond character Q, who similarly provided his allies with equipment and gadgets. So they basically reduced Wheeljack into being this stereotypical nerdy inventor. And like most of the fans I was very disappointed with this drastic change. But do to him being called Que I was able to separate the characters and think of him as what he was called. I honestly grew to enjoy this robot. Unlike Wheeljack who’s inventions were for the most part were defective. Que’s creations were effective and always managed to work. He was a great addition to the Autobot roster. Sadly he didn’t get to stick around. During the battle in Chicago him, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe and Dino are captured by Soundwave and several Decepticons, including Barricade. He realized that the Decepticons were going to kill them, which proves to be true as Soundwave decided to host an execution. And this moment was downright brutal. “Bee… I think they’re going to kill us.” Que attempts to talk Soundwave and the others out of killing him and his friends. But he’s used as an example and shot twice in the back as his friends watch. Something that I noticed is how sad Bee was when this occurred. This shows that Que was 1 of his long time friends. It’s just sad that an old and defenseless robot like Que have to die so harshly when he was begging for his life. Jumping in at number 5 is Cliffjumper. Man this guy can’t catch a break. No matter what continuity he’s in he always manages to bite the bullet. We’ve been asking to get a live action version of the character since 2007. And when we finally get him he gets offed immediately. Which is sad because I really wanted fans who aren’t familiar with the character to see how awesome he can be. But anyways Cliffjumper and the other Autobots were forced to evacuate Cybertron via escape crafts, and intended to regroup on Earth when it became clear that they could no longer hold out on Cybertron. Some time later, the Decepticon hunters Shatter and Dropkick tracked him to one of Saturn’s moons, and attempted to torture him to learn Optimus Prime’s whereabouts. Though Cliffjumper refused to betray the Autobots, the two Decepticons managed to pick up B-127’s signal from nearby Earth. So the pair decided to go after him instead… but not before Shatter tied up the loose end by cutting Cliffjumper in half. I really felt sad because he died an honorable death. Not to mention we never really got to see what he was like in action outside of a quick shootout sequence at the beginning of Bumblebee. Number 4. Ratchet. 1 of the most reoccurring characters in the live action films. Ratchet is 1 of those characters who you have to put in the main line up of any Transformers show or movie. I mean who doesn’t gravitate to a medic robot who’s just as good at destroying vocal processors as he is fixing them? Although he’s a healer, Ratchet often finds himself on the front lines of combat and, on occasion, the last hope the Autobots have. You just know he’s made tough if he’s managed to survive through 3 films. Unfortunately his lucky streak came to a screeching halt during his fourth film. After receiving a message from Optimus Prime telling the Autobots to cease all human contact and hide, Ratchet seeks refuge on an abandoned cruise ship. But he is later found by agents known as “Cemetery Wind”, who hunt down the remaining Autobots with the help of Lockdown, a Cybertronian bounty hunter who travels the galaxy collecting souvenirs from different planets. As the agents and Lockdown find Ratchet’s heat signature concealed in a smoke stack, the soldiers place explosives along the smoke stack, which they then blew up, damaging Ratchet in the process. This is where we see our favorite medic mercilessly slaughtered by the same humans he vowed to protect. As he desperately tries to get away, he’s shot from behind. He stands up and tries to run away, but his leg is hit by a rocket, which blows nearly all of his leg off, except for a sparking stub. What’s disturbing about this scene is how confused Ratchet is. Because he tells the agents to hold their fire and asks “can’t you see I’ve been injured?” When he continues trying to convince them that he’s an ally of the humans, Lockdown shoots him with a sniper round. And the evil bounty hunter pulls the spark right out of his chest. I never thought I’d say this but when I bared witness to this heinous act I wanted Optimus to hunt down every last human involved and destroy them. And this is coming from a TF fan who’s always opposed to Autobots hurting humans. I guess that shows how much I cared for this version of Ratchet. Number 3. Optimus Prime. Man it seems like history is doomed to repeat itself. And this statement couldn’t be anymore true in the case of Optimus Prime. He’s basically died in every incarnation of Transformers. Which is why I call him Robo-Jesus. Because even though he gets killed off, he eventually rises from the dead. If I told you how many times this guy bit the big 1 we’d be here all day. Before we talk about his inevitable fate can we talk about this epic fight scene. I vividly remember being astounded by the awesome choreography that was put into the fight. If you’re a devout G1 fan you’ll notice certain references that were pulled directly from the 1986 movie. But after seeing that particular scene and how things were unfolding, I realized that Michael Bay may be referencing 1 of the darker moments from the old movie as well. During an uneven fight with Megatron, Starscream, and Grindor, Optimus proves how effective of a fighter he is when he’s on his back foot. He proves his incredible battle powers by fighting Megatron himself to a standstill, defeating Starscream and eventually killing Grindor by ripping his head apart. Unfortunately, while distracted with Sam’s well-being, he was killed by Megatron, who viciously stabs and shoots him while his back is turned. And man did this death play with my nostalgic heart strings. We literally see Optimus’ body lose color just like in the old cartoons. I absolutely hate seeing him die. What made it worse was how the military treated his body. I understand the guy is a fully metallic being but come on. He deserved better than that. Thankfully this death wasn’t a permanent 1. After a good stabbing of the Matrix of Leadership our boy was back on his feet. Coming in at number 2 is Ironhide. The battle hardened Autobot veteran himself. Ironhide was 1 of those Transformers that you didn’t have to worry about getting taken out. I mean before he landed on Earth he served as captain in the Cybertronian Defense Forces. And I don’t think they gave out that position for free. So yeah Ironhide was a more than capable fighter that I thought we’d see for a while. And looked like he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “Punk ass Decepticon” That’s until he met his unfortunate end in TF3 Dark of the Moon. After doubling up on his kill count while protecting Sentinel Prime, he was shot in the back by the same Autobot he thought he could trust. Unbeknownst to Ironhide and the rest of the gang, Sentinel made a deal with Megatron to save Cybertron from it’s destruction. Before anyone could react to this news Sentinel does a quick heel turn and shoots Ironhide in the back with his hidden cosmic rust cannon. This is probably the most painful looking death featured on the list. And it was the only plausible way for Ironhide to go out. He was too skilled to be taken down by your average Decepticon. Only a Prime that just so happened to be a double agent could put him down. The sad part about this death was the element of betrayal itself. As his body crumbled to dust the weapon’s specialist he asked Sentinel what he had done Man this list has been an emotional roller coaster. We’ve had to go back in time and watch some of the most painful and sad deaths. I’ve been expressing my thoughts on them and as all know I’ve been a strong advocate of expressing yourself. Thankfully Squarespace gives creators the ability to do this and so much more. If you’ve ever been hesitant about building a unique blog or website then you should probably check them out. They have a very user friendly format that takes you step by step on how to make your blogs look professional. And if you have questions that need immediate answers then fret not. Because they have 24 hour customer service. So come come on over for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. The link will be in the description. With that said let’s reveal the number top candidate on this sad list. Ending things off at number 1, is Jazz. It was tough deciding where I wanted to put this death on the list. But you just knew he was gonna be on it somewhere. Arguably 1 the most polarizing deaths in the live action TF universe. Jazz was the first Autobot to be killed in the 1st film. There was something weird about it. It happened so abruptly in my opinion. Not to mention that when he died nobody really acknowledged it until the very end of the movie. Hell Optimus Prime didn’t really seem to notice and he was literally looking at Megatron when he had Jazz’s parts in his hands. It was just weird. Anyways during the battle in Mission City Jazz attacked Megatron in order to cover the escape of several fleeing humans, but all he got for his trouble was being blasted by the Decepticon’s fusion cannon. The Decepticon leader tossed him through the air, then stomped him with the crushing grip of his talons. Rather than surrender he continued to fight until he was brutally ripped in two. In the aftermath of Megatron’s defeat, Ironhide somberly handed Optimus Prime, Jazz’s remains as Ratchet reported that he could not save their comrade. It’s at this point that you hear the sadness in Optimus’s voice. “Prime. We couldn’t save him.” “Aww. Jazz” You could tell that he had a good friendship with Jazz. I remember holding back tears in the theater during this moment. I felt I had to put him at number 1 because I feel he was killed off too quickly. Til this days fans wonder why he had to die first. Was it because he was a brother? Or was it because we needed that emotional death? Either way fans are eager to see him make his return to the big screen. Hopefully he sticks around longer the next time he’s introduced. But with that I’d like to conclude this sad list. It really reminded me that even those these movies feature mindless explosions and poor storytelling. They still do a good job of making us feel for these characters. Hopefully the trend of pulling on our heart strings will continue because the live action films seem to be back on the right track. But what did you guys think of the list? Did I include the robots that you expected and if not who would you add? Lemme know down in the comments below. If you want more Transformers videos I’d appreciate if you’d share this with all your friends and followers on different social media outlets. And if you’ve watched the video up to this point follow your comments up with #GoneButNotForgotten. As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up. It can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve my channel. But this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out. ♫ You’re at your best when when the going gets rough ♫ ♫ You’ve been put to the test, but it’s never enough ♫ ♫ Yeah! ♫ ♫ You got the touch ♫

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