Trevor Chats with a French Audience Member | The Daily Show

Trevor Chats with a French Audience Member | The Daily Show

– Did I hear somebody,
was there a French person who had a fiancee, is that? (audience claps) Very cool man, congratulations. Was nice. It was weird, ’cause
I was listening to you when you were
speaking and I was like, it’s weird ’cause fiancee
is French, isn’t it? (audience laughing) ‘Cause I know this sounds weird, but in my head you said, oh, yeah, no, and
this is my fiancee, and then I was like, what’s
the French for fiancee? (audience laughing) Is that a little
bit weird to you that in English you have
to say some French words every now and again? Right? ‘Cause like, that’s a
thing, like we do that. We’ll be like, fiancee,
entrepreneur, you know. Like think about it, we
do that, like touche, we just say that to each other
in conversation as people. Someone will say something,
you say something back, and you’re like, haha, touche. (audience laughing) But, like, I don’t
think French people, do you guys do
that with English? Are like French people just
hanging out with each other and it’s like, (speaking French) ahaha, you touch me, haha. (audience laughing and clapping) Do you do that? You don’t, right? It’s just weird. (laughs) It’s
totally weird to me. We just use other
languages in our language. It’s really strange. That’s exciting man, so– (man speaking indistinctly) Say again? – [Man] French fries,
they’re not French at all. – French fries are not French? I like how you said
that with passion. And French fries,
they are not French! (audience laughing) Trevor, I have to tell
you all of these secrets! The French fries are not French. But do you eat them in France? – [Man] Yeah! – So why you complaining? (audience laughing) (Trevor laughing) That’s funny, you
guys are also like, where are these
French fries from? They say they are from France. Jean Pierre are these yours? No, they are not! Michelle, are these your fries? No, they are not. They’re French, who
are they French from? They said they are French fries, but no French person
knows where they are from! (laughing) Oh man. What made you move from France. You said 17 years
you’ve lived in Detroit. What made you move? – [Man] Atlanta. – Say again? – [Man] Atlanta. – Atlanta, sorry, yeah, Atlanta. – [Man] I just worked. – You just walked? (audience laughing) Oh shit, did you say work? Oh, sorry, your accent,
’cause you said, no I did work, and then
I was like, God damn! I was like, wow, that’s one
hell of a journey my friend. You’re just like, one
day I was walking, I was walking by the
Eiffel Tower and I said, ah, I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen all this before. I’m going to walk
a little further. And then I walked and I
walked and I walked some more, and then a few years
later I was like, Atlanta! (audience laughing and clapping) Then I was tired, so I stay. There’s no reason to go back. (audience cheering) Oh wow. That’s fine, and then you
fell in love with Atlanta, and you stayed. – [Man] No. – No? (laughing) What happened? – [Man] It was 2001,
the bubble crashes, there was no jobs,
so I got stuck there. – Oh wow. (laughing) Oh man, so you go to Atlanta. The recession happens, so
now you’re stuck in Atlanta. That is so dope. (audience laughing) I feel like I should make
a TV show about you, man. That’s like a fun story. He’s like, I ended
up in Atlanta, and
now this is my life. (audience laughing) How did you make money? I became a rapper. In the ATL, I became the
only French trap rapper. (audience laughing) (rapping in French) (audience cheering) (“Daily Show Theme Song”)

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  1. Trevor Noah is the smartest comedien to make his mark, since Robin Williams.
    Her languages, esp Asian countries, use the occasional English word in conversation, in the same way that the UK has adopted some french' words.

  2. Touche was one of my iguanas names. She used to beat the crap out of FJ with her tail. He was a f**** jerk anyway. That's how he got his name.

  3. He does the french accent very very well 👍👍👌👌. But it would have been great as well to call them on stage. You're already cool n it'd been cooler…

  4. Oh Lord… This man right here though!!!! I think my ovaries just exploded a lil' bit… Just a smidge…. Damn, I think I am now suffering from spontaneous late term pregnancy with Trevor Noah's baby… And I've never met the man!!!

  5. We use TONS of English words the whole day long in France, way more than you use French words. And more and more each year actually. :)))

  6. I hear English sprinkled into Italian gamers’ speech sometimes. “Something something check-POINT something some la boss-FIGHT!”

  7. French people do use english words though like "meeting" and "popcorn" and "black" and "weekend". All of these words have french translations but french people use the english words.

  8. How many languages does Trevor speak? I have so enjoyed this young man & his perspectives. It my be unfair but as a man who speaks only American, I have always associated being polyglot with intelligence. No surprise Trevor continues to be amazing…

  9. "to french" is an ancient english (not british/celtic) word, that the Anglosaxons (Angeln and Sachsen, some ancient german tribes) brought to Britain after they conquered more and more of this isle… It means "to cut in small pieces", and is the ancestor of a modern german word with similar meaning: ausfranzen. "Franzen" hardly means anything in german, and just with the addition of the preposition "aus" it still has a meaning in german nowadays… French fries are potatoes cut in pretty small pieces, and then fried…

  10. We use business or businessman sandwich and many more English words, despite the fact that a lot of English words come from Frenc. But also Ersatz (German) kifkif (Algerian) or bled (Algerian)… 😉

  11. Talking about French fries I just came back from USA, North Carolina to be specific and I ate something new to me. Sweet potatoes fries. I am in love! Need to go back to get more 🍟

  12. Man! Noah is a genius. He can make anything funny. I simply love how he can do so many accents with such perfection. 😆👌

  13. This is utter rubbish – the French use loads of English words in their everyday life. You might like to try and guess what Shampooing, Lifting Relooking and Foot mean.

  14. Don't know if this frenchman has been in Atlanta too long but french people today use a lot of english words everyday. My favorite: working girls for women who work. Correct in british english but weird in american english.

  15. It's a pity the French guy did not say the truth cause we do a looot use other languages too in our own language😊.

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