Trevor Noah Invites You (and Donald Trump) to The Daily Show // Omaze

Trevor Noah Invites You (and Donald Trump) to The Daily Show // Omaze

Hello, President Trump. It’s me, Trevor Noah from The Daily Show. As you probably know, I’m offering the chance for one winner to be interviewed by me, right here at The Daily Show, and I just wanted to tell you, sir, that yes, you are also eligible to enter. I will fly you in from wherever you are, the White House or the golf course at Mar-a-Lago. You can even use it as an excuse for missing Eric’s birthday for the past 35 years. So, Mr. President, and anyone else who’s interested, please go to and enter before the deadline. By donating for the chance to win, you’ll be helping Education Changemakers who provide training and resources for a new generation of teachers and principals throughout South Africa. It’s an initiative launched by my foundation in partnership with the Young African Leaders Initiative, and it’s a wonderful cause.

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  1. Trump is a bumbling fool of a dick taters. Wannabe. His stupidity will destroy our democracy. His lack of character and adderal snortin anuse is detrimental to america s safety. God bless and impeach and imprison.

  2. Surely, after this daily commercial Trump is 100% enthusiastic to attend the Daily show, he probably send invitations for free to all republicans in south east US (hardcore republican states!!)
    Thank you God, "I lived to see this happening" Trevor Noah invites US president to his show + to donate some million checks to Africa for a good purpose….
    Trevor, I hope you don't expect any miracles to happen…."Christmas 2019" gone!!! Next Year again!

  3. Trevor – you would destroy him. You are WAY too smart AND… he has NO sense of humor!

    Then you'll wind up with one of his clever labels – maybe like "NOAH the BOA" – after you squeeze the life out of him in a battle of intellect!!!

  4. "Winners must not be residents of Belgium, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Italy, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria or Thailand."
    I can understand most of those, but what do you have against Belgians, Italians and Thai?

  5. Lolz, Trevor jelly of podcasts and do a hating on cast now wants Trump to play TDS Lotto, need better funny funny writers this stale yo

  6. That's not exactly fair
    "Fly you here from anywhere in the world"
    Well bitch I don't even have the capability to donate shit where I am

  7. If a Young mom name sweet, slept with an old dad name honey,
    she conceive a baby first name is Sweetney.
    What is the baby last name?
    For this Young baby sweet as honey.
    Trevor let's do riddles……

  8. I have to laugh at Trevor for even mentioning to Donald Trump he will be donating to education when we all know he can't read and also he only loves the poorly educated.

  9. And, just WHY would Chump be interested in anything that would benefit Africans from any part thereof? Umm, he wouldn't!

  10. I love this idea for a fund raiser. I wish I could enter because I would love to meet Trevor and be interviewed. My life has been insane (seriously if you google my name, I'm usually 3 of the top 10 results). But now I'm dying from stage 4 lung cancer and also have early onset Alzheimer's. Disability checks don't really allow much to live off of, let alone donate. But well, would also be a great place to spread cancer and Alzheimer's awareness because I am 45 and the chance of me getting either at this age is like winning the lottery. Sorry, I didn't mean to just go off completely, It's just a pity that I can't donate for at least a chance at it.

  11. This motherfucker makes racist comments all the time about white people straight to their face and these snowflakes just laugh right along

  12. Ask about the US and there HAARP weather weapon and how the other countrys think about it an the UNs take on the matter with whatever is currently available for "Data" that the US actually will release. Which is still a fuck load. But just a interesting quite topic that is currently on many mind's with the rising co2 an other environmental disasters we are capable of making with that. An also when's the last time we used it? The program was setup an run specifically in South Africa so that's an interesting topic for hurricane seasons;)

  13. I don’t care if I win, I trust Trevor, so I trust his judgment. Therefore, I will donate and support any charity or non-profit that he endorses and supports. ❤️

  14. "Winners must not be residents of Belgium, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Italy, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria or Thailand. "

    What's up with Belgium, Thailand or Singapore? O.o Why?

  15. Id totally be down to fly to america and newyork and check the whole thing out but hotdamn I am not in to do the whole interview thing. very big no from me but I appreciate the question.

  16. Seriously though, where would Trevor even start if he had a chance to interview Trump 1:1? There's just too much material to cover.

  17. Magnificent!! – tRump would jump (not literally) at this Media Opp. just so he can hear the "Clapping"!!! he is sooo Starved for affection 🙁

  18. Trump's Republicans's well funded terroristic gun-violence-and deadly ethnic religious hate-crimes-enabled hyper theocratic religiosity is a newish old form of crony capitalistic/fascistic Nazism. And Trump Republican Confederate sect are thus certainly not alone thus the modern REAL Nazis for that matter:

    Republican Matt Shea 'participated in act of domestic terrorism', says report

    The Republican Washington state representative Matthew Shea “participated in an act of domestic terrorism against the United States” and represents a threat of political violence, according to a report produced for the Washington state legislature.

    Shea is a far-right figure who holds extremist Christian, nationalist and Islamophobic beliefs. The report said it had made the judgment over terrorism by his actions before and during an armed takeover and standoff at the Malheur national wildlife refuge in 2016 in Oregon.

    The report further contends that in a document entitled the Biblical Basis for War, Shea “advocated the replacement of US democracy with a theocracy and the killing of all males who do not agree”.

    The report implicates other Republican politicians from western states in Shea’s activities during the occupation.

    On the first day of the occupation, Shea circulated a “military style operations plan”, codenamed “Operation Cold Reality”, via encrypted email to Cows members. They included the Idaho state representative Heather Scott, the Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore, Shea associates Anthony Bosworth and Jack Robertson, and Anne Byrd, whose husband, Barry, is the pastor for the secretive, patriot movement-aligned Marble community church in Stevens county, Washington.

    Shea’s instructions to members of the network included directions to “conduct reconnaissance … collect intelligence on law enforcement and government operations … establish counterintelligence and counter-recon teams”. A major target was the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Shea set out the goal of “putting pressure on federal, state and local officials to address BLM tyranny”, the report said. He continued to communicate with this network via email ..

    The report accuses Shea of participating in or condoning intimidation of political opponents, government officials, and minorities. The evidence for this includes chats between Shea and his associates first reported in the Guardian.

    It also alleges that Shea engaged in counter-surveillance of law enforcement agencies. At one point Shea emailed a “detailed extensive law enforcement confidential information laying out the command and control structure of Washington state law enforcement agencies”, including “rosters of local FBI joint terrorism taskforce (JTTF) agents, Swat team member lists complete with names and badge numbers and the joint harbor operations command (JHOC) building schematics”.

    Shea also engaged in militia training for “armed conflicts against federal, state and local governments”. He supported “the training of youth and young adults to fight a holy war”, as previously reported in the Guardian."

    Republicans plot violent attacks on political (anti GOP ) protesters

    A week before his re-election last year, state Rep. Matt Shea denied that a leaked manifesto he wrote was a road map for a holy war, one that would pit conservative Christian “patriots” against Muslim and Marxist “terrorists.”

    Rather, Shea insisted, the document titled “Biblical Basis for War” contained notes for a scholarly sermon on war in the Old Testament.

    But newly leaked emails, first reported by The Guardian on Wednesday, as well as a video on Shea’s public Facebook page, show the Spokane Valley Republican has had close ties with a group called Team Rugged that trained children, teens and men in their early 20s for religious combat.

    Caughran added that a Team Rugged event would offer “biblical teaching” based on the works of John Weaver, a racist preacher who has defended slavery, idolized the Confederacy and condemned interracial marriage. The Southern Poverty Law Center says Weaver “has recently become a leading proponent of training Christians for armed battle.”

    The event also would offer weapons training, Caughran told Shea. “Those who attend will learn combatives, the use of a knife in defense, close quarters shooting with rifle and pistol and how to work effectively in teams of 2, 3 and 4.”

    The party did not reelect Shea as its caucus chairman in November, following revelations that he had distributed a manifesto titled “Biblical Basis for War,” which calls for the killing of those who flout “biblical law.”

    At the time, a number of major donors, including Avista Corp. and the BNSF Railway Co., also demanded refunds from Shea’s campaign. He and several of his supporters have said the document was taken out of context.

    Previously, Shea was criticized for traveling to Nevada in 2014 and Oregon in 2016 to meet with armed protestors who were occupying federal lands at the behest of ranchers Cliven and Ammon Bundy. On social media, he has shared articles espousing anti-Muslim sentiment and talked of efforts to establish Marxist “counter states.”

    He has likened Planned Parenthood to Nazi Germany, pulled a gun during a road rage incident and called journalists “dirty, godless, hateful people.” His ex-wife accused him of physical and emotional abuse, and he is still fighting a defamation lawsuit for implicating a sheriff’s deputy in a triple homicide.

    Shea currently serves as the top Republican on the House Environment and Energy Committee.

  19. Just saying, if I win 🤔 will I still be flown from down under to meet Trevor. I’m ready with my dollars waiting for the yes go

  20. They're afraid that the American Voters might interfere in the American elections. Is that what they're saying?🇺🇸 >>>>Vote Republican Save America <<<<<🇺🇸

  21. It is a wonderful cause. Improving education will empower the country’s citizens and help build a strong independent economy.

  22. I hope one day to be on his show. I don't know if I ever will be or if he'll be interested in my profession but still, I'd hope some people who enjoy anime/manga content would find me.

  23. Wish i could participate 😊😊but back in my country we call this njaanuary😂i blv some day i'll be able to participate in such donations.Ameen.

  24. Why the Fk would TRUMP go on this liberal propaganda outlet? This guy spreads nothing but liberal propaganda and fake news! As for south Africa? Has this racist mentioned anything about the 10s of thousands of white men, women and children being raped and murdered with impunity? There is a genocide happening south Africa but it doesn't fit his racist anti white, pro white shamming narratives for millennial minorities and white youth.

  25. Of course you have to donate to be entered. I love trevor noah. He says what needs to be said. He is the funniest man alive and speaks at least 20 languages. But I can't donate to the cause even if I wanted to. So it fits into the narrative that only those who have money can be on the show or can be anywhere and it makes me sad. I love you trevor noah, but I can't afford the sweepstakes costs.

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