Trevor Noah Wants to Interview You on The Daily Show Set | Omaze

Trevor Noah Wants to Interview You on The Daily Show Set | Omaze

Hi there, I’m Trevor Noah, and I want to interview you right here, on the set of The Daily Show. Seriously! It’s all a part of an amazing initiative to support a program called Education Changemakers. and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’ll put you up in a fancy hotel in New York City, and I’ll even fly you out here. I mean, not literally, I don’t have a pilot’s license. Like, a real pilot with a real mustache will fly you out here, and then you and me will hang out. And you can even bring a friend with you! And if you don’t want to do that, you can bring me with you. Yeah. I’ve always wanted to meet me. I hope I’m nice. And it’s not just an interview. You and your friend will also get to hang out in the writer’s meeting and see first hand how the sausage is made. And that I mean literally. I have a department here that makes sausages everyday. It’s just better when it’s fresh. Then once the show is written, you’ll go to your VIP seats, you’ll watch the taping of the show and then—boom—it’s interview time. Me and you chatting on The Daily Show. For the rest of your life you can brag to your friends that your butt was in the same chair that Oprah’s butt was in. So to enter for your chance to win, go to Every donation benefits the Education Changemakers. It’s an incredible program that my foundation has launched in partnership with the Young African Leaders Initiative. It provides training and resources for a new generation of teachers and pupils throughout South Africa. So enter now, and hopefully I’ll see you soon.

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  1. Old folks don't have $$ to sign up….I would like to speak with you…I am a senior who is also a vietnam veteran, with a PhD and a retired surgical technologist…was also a teacher ( jr high, high school, jr college – english/math) and an engineer ( design, contractor, architectural) … I think we could find "something" to talk about…lol

  2. Donation page: “No donation is required to enter”

    Also donation page: “How much do you want to donate to enter?”

    Me: guess I ain’t gonna “win” that “chance”

  3. Just donated $50. Regardless if I didn't win or not, I'm so happy to see you giving back to the community especially when you're helping young children and giving them better access to education. This is amazing because it's something I see myself doing one day for my parent's country. Happy to be a part of this donation.

  4. You call countries like Latvia and Lithuania loser countries? Then you should probably stop complaining about Trump calling some African countries shithole countries. In my opinion: not funny.

  5. If you are really interested in making education better, you should check, it's the only universal study club. They offer students help with homework and writing assignments for free. Students all over the world can help each other and create groups to study from anywhere. And it's all free and away from all social media distractions.

  6. Wow, man.I am a huge fan of yours, from Casablanca, Morocco. I ‘ve just made my entry. I hope i will be the one who will win lol seriously, so i can get to know u,& watch how the show is made, visit NY…Wow…That w’d be quite a treat and fabulous dream come true…

  7. I was really excited to see this video. In my own mind looking back at my own journey, I felt I had a story to tell that could inspire. But after seeing all the donate $$$ for a chance to win a car I was a bit taken back honestly. I am not knocking the intent because it is awesome. but I personally don’t need another car. And I constantly find ways to help others in their journeys.

  8. As amazing as an interview sounds, I'm a very uninteresting boring person. People will want Oprah back if they saw a show that featured me.

  9. what a lovely idea! and a worthy cause! but doggone, now i'm hungry for sausage, lol. hey, mr noah, i'm too boring to be interviewed but is there a secure link to just donate? please do let me know. God bless.

  10. As soon as Trevor tries to do something for a cause his audience has to make it about them. Smh. This is why we can't have nice things like cheap healthcare.

  11. Not going to lie would love to be interviewed by him but….. pretty sure I'd ruin it with hysterical laughter which is my go to move when I'm uncomfortable. Oh well. I can still dream.

  12. so only for a certain population of people, the 30% who are not living in poverty. I love benefits but there's a lot of us who can't afford to donate.

  13. NO THANK YOU TREVOR, YOU NOT FUNNY YOU JUST LEFT WING LINE TOWER…U JUST HELD UP BC NO ONE WITH INTEGRITY WANTS TO WORK WITH THE DREK THAT WRITES THAT GARBAGE..PLUS UR HORRIBLE timing..dude seriously, if you had strong enough comedic instincts, you would push for better writing orrrrr write better urself..but seriously…ur accent can only do SO MUCH for ur act…u really come off amateur..ive been digging on stand uppers since WAAAYYYY BACK in the 80s richard pryor, eddie murphy, carson, george carlin,early half hour comedy hour, showtime at the apollo…and im GENEROUS..just try to be funnier, and less divisive..or keep being mediocre….lol..i wouldnt wanna come on stage with you or work with you if i was standing right next to you..yikes..just look what happens when they throw u into video game promotions..yikes, NOBODy liked it..AT LEAST CONAN comes off genuine…

  14. Well I decided to give a bit of money for it. I figure hey, if I win, great, if not, well at least the money is going to a good cause. If I do win I'd certainly enjoy the chance to speak on national TV about stuff. Got plenty to say, things not really spoken about otherwise except in small circles. Either way, great job on having this Trevor and congrats to the winner, whoever that may be.

  15. Ima do that, uh huh, me and Trevor kicking it at the W! Now that's Fancy, Manhattan baby!! And show side seats, talking with moi, a Bonafide Southern Black Belle! Call me Tre, I love NYC!

  16. Seriously you should lol I’m interesting! Oprah doesn’t omaze me-I’m a 68 year old teacher in Mexico who needs a donation because my pay is muy poquito.

  17. I appreciate the warning that there will dogs in the studio. I'd love to meet you, but not interested in being around dogs (phobic). <3

  18. A real pilot with a mustache? Guess she overslept! But no, really I wish you every success with your foundation work and gladly contributed to that cause

  19. Sorry bro I'm good just watching you on YouTube and plus last time I spoke about politics they tried to bury me so I'm just gonna watch from afar nice meeting you though 😂

  20. Man, I really wish you wanted to interview a sad man. We coulda talked conspiracies,… and games,… and ummmm. Lol….

  21. There is an option for an entry without donating if your poor like me. I recommend people try even if they can't afford to donate. It might turn your life around.

  22. Im broke than a mofu at the moment but you can pay me to chill. Put me up hole in a wall near a stripe with berries. Gonna need that money you were going to spend on that hotel in my pocket also. Dont need all the extra out crap.

  23. I love you with all my heart Trevor, but not sure I'm willing to add another awkward moment to my long list of awkward moments.

  24. If you could apologize to the disabled community and make a donation to an organization that helps people get service animals, maybe.

  25. Oh! It is not available in Belgium. 🙁 I'd love for a chance to chat and I promise I'd be interesting (whether in a good way or bad you would have to decide).

  26. If you interview me are you also going to get drunk and sexually assault me like you did that gentleman in the bar few months back?

  27. I want to know how does Trevor sleep at night these days, faking so badly on his show. He is clearly dying inside. God bless his soul… IN HELL. 😙🥳👍

  28. I don’t know if your offer stands for the whole world since I’m from morocco, but i’m going to take my chance.. it will make someone happy in the world anyway.

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