Trevor & Pro Gamer Ninja Play Fortnite on Mixer | The Daily Show

Trevor & Pro Gamer Ninja Play Fortnite on Mixer | The Daily Show

– Are we live?
– [Cameraman] You’re live! – It’s live right now? – [Cameraman] You’re
live right now. – Hey guys what’s going on?
This is me and this is Trevor and we are gonna
play some “Fortnite” on the Xbox and I’ve never
played on controller before. – I thought I was
bringing us in. I thought I was introducing.
– No you said– – Hey what’s up I’m Trevor Noah
and then I was gonna be like and this is Ninja, the legend. – We talked about this
for the last hour. – And then I was
gonna do the thing, but it’s, I mean do
it, it’s your stream. – Well now it’s too late.
– You can do whatever. – I mean you can finish it now. – I’m just saying–
– Now you gotta finish it. – Anyway, hey everybody,
what’s going on? This is Ninja, and he’s gonna
tell you what we’re doing. Now you do the thing. – This is Trevor, and
he was gonna tell me to tell you guys
what we’re doing. So what we’re doing is we’re just gonna play
some squad fills. We’re gonna have fun. He’s never played before, and I’ve never played
on the Xbox before. So we’re just gonna
jump right into it. ♪ A whole new world ♪ – I’m really terrified. I already did a warm up game.
– This is gonna be fun. – It was terrible, it was bad.
– This is amazing. – I couldn’t build.
– This is a new experience for both of us. – This is, this is. This is the content that you
guys subscribe for, truly. – This is wonderful. Day in and day out. – I don’t know what
any of this is. Hit the Y button.
– Who am I? Am I, okay.
– Boom. There it is.
– We’re matchmaking. – Just like that. Match made in Heaven. – Here’s a question
I have off the bat. Why do you have your
outfit and I like just, I look like I work for a living? And then you’ve got like this.
– Right. – You look dope. – Yeah I look awesome. Yeah so (mumbles)
– I was, no one like informed me
that there was an option to look cool. – You just gotta buy
a Battle Pass dude. $10. – Yeah but then I–
– You get a bunch of skins. It’s all right man.
– I don’t know man. – You’ll get there. – I just feel like, – You’re default. – I just feel like I’m
already at a disadvantage. – You are at a disadvantage. Usually people are very
aggressive towards players that have no skins. – Oh okay, well here we go. (chuckling) Here we go. – I mean. – So the point of this thing is to build really
nice houses, right? – Yeah, we’re trying to build
basically the greatest house and or garden. You know, you can pretty much
– Okay. just kinda do whatever
you want dude. – Oh this is nice.
– Build skyscrapers. – This is nice. – Look at this dude.
– This is nice. I like this game.
This is a great game. – It’s beautiful. – So this is what we do,
so we just run around and then we like– – So this is the pre-game lobby. – The what?
– The pre-game lobby. So right now
everybody’s loading in. We’re just chilling.
– Wait, so this not the game? – This is not the game. But it’s a good
way to get you in. Feel it out, that’s
what a wall looks like. There you go.
– Oh nice. – Yeah man.
– Oh nice, look at that, okay. – And if you hit B it’ll
pull out your building. – Wow
– But don’t even worry about that. – I hope the border wall’s not
gonna be this easy to break. This is not good. Okay here we go folks. – How do you crouch? Oh that’s how you crouch. (puffs) All right well this is gonna be, this is gonna be interesting. I don’t know how to mark, so. Okay don’t hit A yet, cause when you hit
A you’re gonna jump. – Do I jump for everybody? – No, no, no, no. – Oh, okay.
– You can jump apart. Oh our teammates are
marking Pleasant Park. – So what do we do, we jump?
– So that’s where we’re going. So we’ll wait until we’re
a little bit closer, and jump, all right. Then you just kina hold
down on your, there you go. – Okay, okay. – Or up I guess. Are you inverted? – Am I trying to get to the… – The marker, I mean yeah– – No, where are you? – I’m underneath you. – Dude you can’t
tell me these things when I’m falling out of a plane. You’ve gotta tell me–
– Dude trust me, you have a glider, you’re
gonna be perfectly fine. – Oh, okay. – Boom. Now just land on a house, or land on one of our teammates, hopefully they’ll protect you. – Just land on a house. – Yeah, just start looking
for some stuff dude. I already got a
Flint-Knock Pistol. – Okay. Is everyone in this
neighborhood our friends? – No. – Okay.
– It’s not a very Pleasant Park, even though
that’s the name of where we are. – Oh I should’ve just,
can I just open the door? Do I have to break
all the doors? – No, you can open it. – Oh, yeah, I’m
very destructive. Oh Lord. – Yeah, just open, you don’t
have to break every door. I did forget what I need
to, up, there we go. – Okay, so here we are.
– We’ll move this there, we’ll put this– – Do you switch to
your gun immediately? Or do you run around with your– – You usually run around
with your gun out. Or your pickaxe out, cause you need to melee
stuff and et cetera. – Okay. – I don’t know why I’m breaking all this stuff.
– Okay. – I’m not gonna use it. – This is nice, this
is very relaxing. – It is actually very,
you know sometimes– – This is really, this is nice.
– I know people that just let their kids
literally just destroy like trees and cars and just break stuff
– I would do that. If I had children, I
would buy them this game and just be like, take out all your
frustration on this game. Everything you don’t
like about daddy, you just bring it
into this game. – Sorry, I’m gonna
take that shotgun. – So that you don’t
choke me in my sleep. – That’s smart, that’s smart. – I mean that’s what
raising kids is all about. Just figuring out how
to direct their rage, you know what I mean? (gun bangs) I’ve only got one gun. It only has 20 bullets. Where do you get more guns? – You just keep roaming around. – Oh. Someone just built a wall in front of my face.
– Yep, this guy here. (metallic clanging)
(gun bangs) – Are these all our friends? – Nope. – Oh, Jesus. – Don’t worry, I got a kill. Boom, there’s your guns. – Thank you sir. – I’m just gonna pick one up, grab that. – Okay, pickup, pickup. (gun bangs) – Oh this is a nightmare. But it’s actually so much fun. (gun bangs) – So, did you, you didn’t
even try talking to that dude before you shot him. – Nope, you just basically, you know–
– You just like shot the guy. You didn’t even know–
– You shoot first, and ask questions later. – But how do you ask questions
when the person’s dead? I mean I feel like that’s a
flawed way to think about life. – Trust me, that’s–
(gun banging) – You wanna ask
questions and then shoot. Oh shit, is this person? I have no clue (gun bangs) who my enemies or
my friends are. If I’m shooting my
friend, I apologize. – I got an elimination. Or knock rather. (gun bangs) – Okay, I’m underground. I don’t know what
I’m doing underground but I’m underground. (gun bangs) – Oh my God, he was
going in for the melee and I got him. I’m gonna revive our teammate. Hold up, let me
build, let me build. Boom. (chuckling)
– Yeah. I found the underground
place you asked me to find. – This is working, there you go. Look at that, oh
you have a medkit! Can I have that? – I don’t even know how, yes. – This coffee is incredible. – Do I bring this to you,
what am I doing here? – Nah you can just,
you know if you want. Don’t worry I found
a medkit, nevermind. – Oh man, okay. – Okay the bad news is that
we’re not in the safe zone. – Okay.
– So if you look up there on the map you see
that little line? – The thing is closing, right? The Eye of the Storm? – Soon, soon, yeah. Look at that, Eye of
the Storm, you know. – This guy knows.
– Yeah but how do I get up? I mean the thing is the
stairs, there’s no stairs. – Oh yeah, you’re right. No there’s stairs right there. – Yeah, but then
the stairs just end in the middle of nowhere.
– Okay, hit B. – Oh, hit B. – Hit B, and then hit left. – Left.
– Left trigger. – Left trigger. – Okay, well that works. Okay I’m gonna come get you. – Okay. – I’m gonna (laughs) Operation save
Trevor, I got this. – I just built, oh
hold on, hold on. Okay, I’m out. – You got it? – Yeah I built a
roof on the floor. – Well perfect. – I think that
like, did the thing. It’s how I normally get
out of sticky situations. – You just build roofs? – Yeah, I build roofs on floors. – Okay. – It’s my tried and
tested technique. – Reload. – Is this dude our
friend? (mumbles) – Yeah. The fact that
you can see his name. – Can you kill your friends, no? – You cannot, there used to, you used to be able to. And then they removed it
because kids were evil and were killing everyone. Like betraying their
teammates for items and stuff. Dude I need healing. (swooshing) I wonder if I can win this
game without building once. – Explain to me why
you need to build? – Just to protect
yourself, right. Someone starts shooting at
you and you know you build. And it stops them
from shooting at you. It’s pretty ingenious. – Why don’t you just shoot them? – So if they have a
better gun than you., if they have a better shot. – How do you know they
have a better gun than you? – You can hear it usually. – You can hear the gun? – Yeah, so right now
I have an AK, right. And it sounds like,
where are you? – I see. – So like,
(gun bangs) You can hear that, but, it sounds completely
different, like a SCAR or a– – So you have to like
learn the sounds of guns. – Yeah I mean.
– I feel like you’re like the David Attenborough
of “Fortnite”. “That is the sound “of the AK-47 blasting
in the background. “Clearly superior
to my flintlock.” – Which by the way just got, oh, were getting landed on. – Wait we’re getting shot? – I think I just saw someone. – Wait you’re building. – I am.
– Oh wow, you’re like, – You’re like that
dude in “The Matrix”. – Neo? – Yeah that’s him, right? – I don’t think Neo–
– no I was thinking of the other one, who’s
it, the Architect or what? You know there’s
like that dude who– – Oh. – He can like see the things behind everything.
– The Architect. – It’s the Architect yeah? – Or the Key Keeper. – Yeah, one of those people.
– The Keymaster? – Yes. – I gotta re-watch those movies. Oh God, what’s the– – You know what’s weird to me
about “The Matrix” is, like– – Aren’t they doing another one? Yeah, I think they are. Neo is dead, and then like, Trinity is like, “I
really like you.” And he’s like, “I am
coming back to life.” That’s a bit, I mean. – Dude I loved that movie. – It was amazing.
– I loved all those movies. – I just think it’s funny–
– And the fact they’re coming out with another
one, phenomenal. I highly recommend it. I’m behind it. – Keanu Reeves can make
anything. I’ll watch it. – Are you a “John Wick” fan? – Yeah.
– Oh my God, how can you not be?
– Are you a fan of movies? Are you a fan of life? Don’t ask if you’re
a “John Wick” fan. Are you a fan of life? Even if you just like puppies
you should watch that movie. Just be like a pro-puppy movie. – It really is. – Instead of playing
those like sad commercials for animals on TV they
should just play “John Wick”. Just be like, “Yo,
if you hurt animals, “this guy’s gonna come for you.” That would be just
like a, you know. I think the SPCH
should think of that as a different technique. – Okay. – You are very far away from me. Are you driving? – There are a bunch of
people joining my party, and I don’t know how to stop it. Well I don’t even know
if I can hear them. Uh-oh. You know what, we’ll figure this out later. – Wow. I am being chased by a storm, and I can’t seem to, okay. Okay now I’m getting closer. – Okay, now this is a problem. – What’s the problem? – (chuckling) Someone joining
my party is talking, “help!” – Are you hearing like voices? – Yeah, I don’t
know if this person. – Oh shit someone
joined my party. How are people joining my party? – I don’t know. Dude this is bad. Well it’s not bad yet. Could turn bad though. – Please, do not join my– (dramatic music) Wait, how did you do that? – I have a grappler
for the Gotham City. – So I don’t have that? – You do not, you’d
have to find one. – So I just came
to Gotham with you, and then you have a
thing to fly like Batman. – Yep. – And then I just, Okay, no, no, no,
I’ve got a bat thing. That was nice. – You do? – Yeah I’ve got a bat thing. – Oh yeah, now you’ve– (off screen woman mumbling) I have no idea how to do
that, (laughs) I don’t. – What do we do? – Literally just
help me out here. – People are like
showing up at our party and we don’t want
them here guys. Can you help us? – There were no invitations, you didn’t get the invitation.
– We said like, only like friends.
– That, what’s that? – And then like, there’s like
random people in our party. – Look at that, get
’em out of here. Oh, hi. (laughing) Yeah, I guess we gotta,
– Oh this is nice. – I have no idea what’s
going on. (laughs loudly) I’m just trying to
play some “Fortnite” on a controller, so. (gun bangs)
– Oh no, he’s a friend. – You keep trying to
shoot your teammates man. No one’s ever gonna trust you. – You said shoot first
ask questions later. I shoot firs, and then I
go, “Are you my teammate?” (mumbling)
Like I’m following your rules. – Don’t you play on a
controller every day? – No, I don’t play “Fortnite”. – Okay. – Well then I’ll figure it out. – [Woman] Okay. – I mean if you don’t
know what you’re doing. (laughing)
– [Woman] Well I mean, I was closer. – All right, I’m just gonna
be in the game chat, boom. So people will just– – So is this where we’ve
decided we’re staying in Gotham? – We’re in Gotham City man,
I’m just drinking some shields. There are only 22 players
left we might win this. We might win this thing. Our first game. – [Online Kid] Ninja, Ninja! – Oh, someones
shouting “Ninja” at me. I’m not Ninja. – Oh boy. – I’m not Ninja my
little Scottish friend. It’s a little Scottish kid. – [Online Kid] Ninja? – He’s like, “Ninja,
Ninja are you there?” – Oh man this is unfortunate.
– I am not Ninja. – [Online Kid] Ninja. – No I’m not Ninja, I am Trevor. – I’m getting like really hot. – [Online Kid] Ninja! – No, I am not Ninja.
He’s screaming at me now. – [Online Adult] Ninja! – Now someone else
is screaming “Ninja”. – [Online Kid] They are cheated, (mumbles) knocks– – Here give me your
controller quick. – I think you owe people money. – [Online Kid] And
they can hear us. – Okay, boom. Just hit B. – We cannot hear you anymore. – I think we’re good now. – Forgive me my little
Scottish friend. We are on a quest together. He was like getting into it. He was like, “I think they’re
on a separate channel.” – Oh are you serious? – Yeah he’s like, “They’re
not saying anything “but they can hear us.” – That’s a great accent. – Yeah but I don’t
think it was Scottish it might have been
like I don’t know. Maybe like, somewhere north. – Somewhere north? – Yeah somewhere north
(mumbles) north of the wall. You know that’s the only
way I know the accents. Like, which side of
the wall are they from? – Okay, Okay. – North of the wall. – Are you? Dude my brain is like literally
not functioning today. And I apologize, are you
a “Game of Thrones” fan? – Yeah.
– Hmm. – You don’t like
“Game of Thrones”? – I loved it, I loved it.
– Oh. – I binged it, I literally,
are you ready for this? It was like a week
before the season finale. – No, don’t even say that.
– Or not the season finale. – You’re one of those people? – I watched all of it. – Wow!
– In like, two weeks. – Wow. – Caught up. – So you didn’t play
“Fortnite” then? – I was basically streaming
for like five or six hours, and then I would just
watch “Game of Thrones” the rest of the day. – Wow. That seems like
a very nice life. – It really was, it
was a great experience. – Okay, okay. This is really,
– Find the minis. – This is very therapeutic.
I think everyone should be playing this game,
this is very nice. – I agree man. – I actually think I’m just
gonna start doing this for fun. This is wonderful.
– You should man. – Yeah you just run around
and like, just you know. – If you wanna catch
some Vic Roys bro, we’ll hang out. – It’s very chilled out.
– Play some “Fortnite”. (gun bangs)
– That was you. – Now you’re shooting at me? – Again, I’m only, would you rather that
I shoot you by mistake, or not shoot someone cause
I think they’re my friend? – I like that, you know what, I’ll take that.
– You know what I mean? I think I’m going with the
safer approach for the team. – Smart. – By the way, if I die can
you bring me back to life? – I can, there are Reboot Vans. So I can grab your Reboot
card, and then bring you back. – Okay, this is good. How many times can you
bring me back to life? – Infinite, until
eventually the storm though closes in, and it will– – So if I die in the
storm, you can’t save me? – It depends on how much– – What if I get you an
umbrella, can you come save me? – It’s more of like electricity, so the only thing that will– – It’s an electric storm? – Yeah. – Why doesn’t
someone just fix it? Like why don’t they like, call an electrician and
then just like fix it? – Now that I think about
it you’re asking questions that need to be asked. – Like I’m just like
the kind of person who thinks of solutions.
– Who’s the guy releasing the storm? You know what I mean? We’re just here
trying to survive. – Yeah, like we’re
all killing each other instead of thinking about
why the storm is happening. Why don’t we all just
come together as people and be like yo, let’s fix this electric storm.
– Let’s fix the storm, and just, and that’s it. – Oh Lord. Have you left Gotham? – Oh yeah, we gotta go. You’re almost there
– Oh. – Just keep following
that circle, or the line. That’ll take you
right over to us. We might win this. – I don’t know how we’re winning but I appreciate that we are. – Only 11 players left, our
entire squad is healthy. – Okay. I see you guys at the
top of a mountain, and I am at the bottom. Not gonna lie I’m getting
a little bit of FOMO here. – Can you come up? – Yeah, I mean I’ll follow the. – Yeah we got little
ramps for you. – This is nice.
– A little path. – Oh snap! Is that like, what
is that like a? Is that like a
dildo, what is that? Oh no it’s, what is that? Oh no, it’s two bullets, sorry. False alarm.
– Yeah, it’s just ammo. – False alarm. – Oh our teammate’s moving out. – Oh we’re not safe here either. – Oh man this is. – Yeah you might as well
just run around the mountain. When you come, just run
around the mountain. – I’ll be coming around
the mountain when I come? – Yep, that’s exactly
what I was going for. You picked up right on it. – That’s what makes
good teammates Ninja. We’re on the same wavelength. (guns banging) Is that you shooting, or… – Yeah I’m just shooting man. I’m just trying to get
some shots in, you know? (gun bangs) Oh my God, my aim is terrible. Dude our teammate
is just going in. He might really carry us. – Oh shit, I shot
someone’s head. (laughs) That was nice. – Oh wait, you killed someone? I think so. I mean I shot them and
then they stopped living. So I think that’s what happened. (gun bangs) – Oh that’s not fair, he’s
got a rocket launcher. – Oh Lord. (guns banging) (laughs) I shot another person. They popped, that’s fun. They like, pop, and then
stuff comes out of them. This is very cute, I like this. Oh, someone’s, no, no, no! Oh, someone shot me, and
I think I’m gonna pop. Can I heal myself? I’m on my hands and knees,
what does this mean? – You are knocked, you are dead. – I’m dead? – Yep, I think everyone
on our team is dying. – Okay well, he’s on
top of this thing. – Yeah, I just can’t get you. – Oh Lord.
– There’s just no way. – So I can’t take my medicine? – Nope, when you’re
knocked, you’re knocked. – I am trying to put myself sort of where they are. I popped, I was killed
by someone named Douval. – Got one. No, no, no. (guns banging) I keep misclicking. (gun banging) – Wow.
– Popped his shield. (gun bangs) I’m just going for it dude. (gun bangs) – Oh, I see how the
building works now. That was amazing. (gun bangs) You are ruthless. – Bro, I don’t know
how I’m doing this. I think this is, are
these the last guys? – You are ruthless, this
is fantastic to watch. – I gotta go down there
and get some of this ammo. – Is that guy on our team,
the guy you are next to now? – Yeah, he’s on our team.
– Oh, okay good, luckily. (gun bangs) I can actually see
why people watch you. This is wonderful,
it’s like a symphony. I know this is
not your platform, but this is really
beautiful to watch. – Thanks man! (squeals) – I also like that you came
with your animal to the fight. I mean, I don’t know if it
helps you, but it’s nice. It just shows me who you are
as like a person, you know? – Oh my God bro, I
am choking so hard. Okay. – Well if you need any moral
support, I’m here for you. I don’t know– – Dude you have no idea,
you’re talking me through this. I appreciate it. – Yeah . That’s right you shoot him. – And airdrop here. Oh dang it, there’s
someone above us. And he’s getting knocked down. I need to put both
my headsets on. (guns banging) – This is very intense. Wow. It’s like Batman.
– Yeah just get that out of
the way, it’s fine. – But there’s no major
crimes being committed. Just people in a field. (gun bangs) (Trevor whistles) – This is happening. Sound is not very good. – Yeah, yhe sound is not– – It’s like
crackling in my ears. It’s making me
very hard to focus. (gun bangs) Oh my God, our teammate
just sniped that guy. (gun bangs) – These people are very
good at building things. Very very good.
– Just knocked another guy. He is clutching
it, and carrying. (gun bangs) – Wow. (gun bangs) – Well that didn’t do anything. That’s another one down. 2v2 situation. – This guy on our
team is pretty good. (guns banging) Wow, this is intense.
– No, he knocked me! He got him, 1v1! – He’s coming to you. – Oh my God, he might get me up. Get me up, get me up! Come on Hopper! – Oh, wow, he’s healing you. Oh man! I think we’re
playing with Jesus. (Ninja laughs) – We’re gonna get a win.
– Look, he’s doing the thing. – Look at that, boom, I’m up! I’m drinking– – That was pretty amazing! He didn’t do that for
me, but I mean whatever. But that was still pretty dope. I like crawled next to him,
and he just ignored me. – I’m just gonna spray it
until we win this game. (guns banging) Bro look at this guy, look
at these guys building. That should knock everyone down. How have I not hit
this guy one time? – [Trevor] What is he building? – What he’s gotta build. It’s up to me. We got it! – We won?
– Victory Royale Baby! – Wow, what just happened? – Wow! – How did I? Okay! – Is that– – Firs game ever, six
eliminations on the Xbox. – That’s your first win? – First one on the Xbox.
– On the consol. I think you were pretty dope. – Yeah man. – You know what was–
– You got two kills too! – Yeah, my favorite
part was how like, I died so that you
could get away. – Right.
– I mean. – You sacrificed, you
took one for the team man. And you know what, honestly,
everyone’s gonna remember that. – Big ups to Jesus on
our team by the way. – Everyone’s gonna
remember that. Oh, we have to start our own
party, is that how that works? – [Woman] Yep. – (claps) Little
fly dude, got it. Oh man, wow, this
is just amazing. (woman laughing) No seriously, there was a fly. There was a bug flying around! – We’re just trying to
start a round of applause. (clapping) That’s what we wanted.
– That’s really, thank you guys. Appreciate it, thank
you, thank you. – You guys took a while– – I’ll be here
you know, all day. – [Woman] What was it again? – I’m your shooter11. – Yeah I think so. – [Cameraman] Is there
spaces inbetween the– – Mm-hmm. – [Cameraman] The
words and the– – There’s not a space
after shooter though. I think it’s just
shooter, and then 11. I can’t believe that just worked.
– [Online Voice] Hi Trevor. – Oh, now I’m listening
to all the people who are in my party. Oh that’s why, because they joined my lobby. – [Online Kid] Trevor! – Ninja! You know what it sound’s like?
– There’s actually like, I think there’s like
20 people in my party. (laughing) Watch, check it out, watch. – [Cameraman] You didn’t
turn off auto join, huh? – I did not, look at
this. (laughs loudly) – Wow. – Look at this dude! I got it, I got it.
– That is hilarious. – [Woman] Go up to–
(Ninja laughs) – Sorry, this is just, can we just look at all–
– That is hilarious. – These are all these people
that are just joining my lobby. They’re just dancing
and flossing around. This is incredible. – [Cameraman] Y, press Y. – [Woman] I did it
as an Xbox party. – [Cameraman]
Press Y, hold, yep. Public, make it
private. There you go. Now no one can join.
It’s like you’re locked. – Perfect. – [Woman] But now he’s out, so. – So how do I join now? – Well, she’s got it. – Ninja! Is that how I join? I just scream your name?
– Yeah. – Ninja!
– That’s the key phrase. That was actually really cool. – Do people ever– – [Cameraman] But how’d
they join your lobby though? – It’s just open man. – Do people ever just scream
at you in the street like that? – Oh yeah.
– Same thing? – Mm-hmm. Yeah I have people roll
their windows down, “Ninja, no way!” – Ninja!
– I’m just like, “Hi!” (woman mumbles) It’s okay. I’ve had some people literally
get out of their cars, like at a red light. And then it turns
green, and then the mom will stop her car.
(Trevor laughs) And then the kid gets out for a picture, and she’s
like, “Hurry, hurry!” I’m just like. People are behind honking,
I’m just like “All right”. (woman mumbles) Yeah. – How good are you
at building on PC? – Oh, I’m incredible. – Is that like, where
you set yourself apart? – Yes. Dude listen, I could
build you the Taj Mahal. On PC. – Really?
– Yes, but I can’t on Xbox. I’m just, I have no practice. – So you don’t just
build the thing up? That’s not–
– No, no one really ever. You can actually build things. I can take you to
some spots on the map. There’s a pig on
the map right now, there’s a metal lama.
– Wow. – You can literally
build anything. – I just thought people
just put up, like, you just like, build up. – So yeah, that’s the
battle royale aspect of it. – Yes.
– But there are a lot of people that do
really cool stuff. And like creative mode, which means you go in there, and you can build, you know, awesome, really cool things man. It’s kinda like
Minecraft, if you will. But for “Fortnite”. – Minecraft with
a little bit of– – Call it Fortcraft. (woman laughing)
– I like that. You should trademark that. Fortcraft.
– I just did, boom. – [ Cameraman] Did you add him? – Huh, I have no idea
if we’re friends. I mean I think we’re
friends right now. – I mean I think yeah. – We’re definitely there.
– But this is the more important friendship.
– We don’t need to be on each other’s lists. – [Woman] But the problem is, I turned it off so
that other people couldn’t invite your
Xboxes, and now I can’t invite you to each other.
– Oh now we can’t even find each other.
– You know, I’m literally down to just sit here,
and just kinda talk. – I’m cool, if you would
just give me an axe here I would be fine. – Yeah, we’ve got a
lot of stuff to farm. I’m sure, you know, this
is some wood right here. Oh, metal maybe. Pretty deceiving. (laughing) That’s pretty deceiving. – [Cameraman] Do you wanna just, I can turn his
Epic app thing on. You wanna add him real quick? – So how long have you been
doing “The Daily Show” now? – We are now into year five. It was four years
on September 28th. – Right, congratulations man. – How long have you been
a professional gamer? – I’ve been gaming
professionally for 10 years. – Streaming for eight. – Professionally for 10 years.
– Yeah. – What did you start with? – “Halo Reach.” Well “Halo 3”.
– Oh, okay. – Yeah back in the day man. I was an–
– Do you still play other games? – Oh, all the time man. Mostly off stream for other games though.
– Right. – Cause, you know, streaming,
not everyone watches. I mean lately,
honestly at this point, it’s kind of great to just be
able to play whatever I want. – Right
– And a lot of people actually are starting to enjoy. It’s called variety gaming. Now I usually don’t
recommend that to streamers when they’re starting
off, because, like. – Just like focus on a game.
– Focus on one game, build up your community,
get a following. – Why do you think
“Fortnite” is so big? Like, just people watching it? I mean I think I know why. – It’s because they
like to watch people who are better than them, right? Do things and accomplish things that they could never do.
– Yeah but like, other games have people
who are better than you, but it’s like, you don’t care? “Fortnite” is like, I’ll
give you an example. – I think it’s like, shooters.
– Like when I watch you. – Mm-hmm. – Like, there’s something about
“Fortnite” that’s different. Like I can’t watch people play
Call of Duty in the same way. – Right, I agree. I think it’s because,
for me it’s like, the battle royale
aspect of it, right. Like when you’re join– – [Cameraman] You should
get a game invite. – When you’re watching
a battle royale, when you’re watching
“Fortnite,” it’s like a story. It’s a 15 minute story if
you make it to the end. Right, you’re watching
someone load into a lobby with 80 or 90 people
who you’ve never met across the world. You land in, you
start with nothing. You can follow it, You know what I mean?
– Right. – It’s very–
– Okay, okay. – And it’s not like
you die, you respawn. You die, you respawn. – It’s like–
– Okay, yes. There’s the journey. – The journey, and then–
– Is the person gonna die? That makes sense.
– Oh man! He almost died in that storm, but then we picked him up,
and then we revived him, and now we’re still in the game. And then you get the win, and then it’s like,
(relieved exhaling) – Okay, that makes a lot of sense.
– Because, and it’s yeah. After a Vic Roy, after a win, like, the viewership
on anyone’s channel it drops by like the thousands. So like. Like I used to have, you know– – [Woman] You should
have an invite. – Like I’ll end a game
after a crazy match. I’ll have like 50,000,
40,000 viewers, and then it’ll dip
to like, you know. You’ll drop like 10,000. Like 10,000 people will
leave after though, because it’s like. – Oh, cause the story’s done. – The story’s done. And then they’ll usually look
for someone else who’s like, kind of about to get, yeah.
– In the middle. Okay, right.
– Yeah, it’s nuts. – You can just jump from
like, action to action right? You can go to like, each game that’s about to end.
– Yeah. Actually Mixer has this
thing, it’s called, oh my God, the Hot Zone,
right, what’s it called? The zone?
– [Woman] HypeZone. – HypeZone.
– Oh yeah! Like you just jump into yeah.
– And literally, it literally, it just shows you who’s at the end of the game. And you can just watch the
stream the entire time, and like, new streamers pop
up when they’re about to win. It’s really cool.
– How long do you think it would take me to become
like really good at “Fortnite”? – Dude, if I were next to you, and gave you
everything you needed to like, just know how to play. I’d say like a week, if you
put like, a lot of time in. – But would you suggest I go PC? – 100% yeah. – Just because of the building? – Yep. – How do you feel
about auto aim then? – That’s a great question man. – I honestly, from playing
on this controller, I don’t think it’s
that big of a deal. – Oh, okay. – Cause, I mean,
that was a nightmare. But also it might be an issue. I don’t know what the
delay is with this monitor. But, I mean I don’t
mind it, I mean I aim pretty much perfectly on PC so. And it’s a lot easier to build. I mean I feel bad for
people who are trying to, you know, become
professionals when they’re, if they’re playing on, you know. – Console.
– Console, because you– – Yeah but the kid won the world thing on, I mean that changes. – Bugha was on PC. – The kid who won
was a consol gamer. – Bugha? Nn-nm. – No? They said this was a–
– I think maybe a consol gamer won the duos maybe. – Oh, okay, okay, I
hear what you’re saying. – Solos was Bugha, and he
was on mouse and keyboard. He’s actually using my
mouse, which was like, really hilarious. It was funny to be
watching and commentating, and seeing every single
person who was winning games with like, my mouse. (mumbles) – What do you mean your mouse? – I have a mouse, it’s
like the Ninja Finalmouse. It was like a collaboration.
– So you made a mouse? – It was a collaboration. Like, they were like, – Okay, okay. – “We wanna do this
mouse with you.” It was like, their
lightest mouse yet. It was blue and red
colors. It was really dope. Are we in, we’re good? – Let’s make sure his is
turned off though before. – Let’s just make sure
this is turned back off. – Yeah, so. – Before you get people
screaming his name again. – Dude, honestly, I kinda
wanna do that again. Let ’em in. – [Woman] Jesus,
we just did this! – It was so much fun and chaos. – [Cameraman] It’s
off, it’s not on fill. He’s actually the party leader. – Yeah, you’re gonna
do the same thing, get us into squad fills. That was so much fun. – [Cameraman] And
you want no fill? – No we want fill. Listen, we need teammates
who know what they’re doing. – [Cameraman] Do you want fill? So you guys are good now.
– That’s the reason we won that game. I can’t believe I won that game! – I won my first game
on “Fortnite” so. My record right now it 100%. – You have a– – I have a better
record than you. – You do. I would just put the
controller down at this point. – I could walk away right now. – Hang up the sticks.
– And always say that I have a better record
at “Fortnite” than Ninja. – Mm-hmm. – 100% win record. – We really should–
– That’s me. – I’m not even fucking joking, and I’m sorry I swear, I think we should
just stop playing. – We just end it here? – That is, you have
a 100% win ratio. Like, let’s just
mess around in like, creative or something
at this point. I mean, that’s actually come on bro, you can’t, you only are one and one. – Yeah, nut I mean like. – One for one.
– But the thrill though. I was having, did you see me–
– All right we’re going in. – Did you see me when
I smashed the thing? I just like, you know I. – We’re going in dude. You want it?
– I mean. I mean they talk
about the kills, but they don’t talk
about how many walls I destroyed in the houses. They don’t talk about how
many doors I broke down. – Where are those statistics? – They don’t like–
– You know what I mean? – I think like, they need
to add more statistics. Cause then–
– I agree. – Like, just killing and
not killing is not life. – There’s so many
other ways to help out, and be a good teammate. And that’s just not–
– Everything. – It just doesn’t show
that in the stats. – Everything. Appreciation, no one
appreciated the landscape more than I did.
– The moral, like you know, just. – The morality, you were
boosting us up dude. Talking us up.
– I was supporting the people. I was cheering you on. – There’s no stats for that. – There’s none. whoa, I changed. I changed to
another human being. – Yeah, yeah, so the default, you’re default skin, which
means that you don’t have any, you haven’t purchased any skins. So you have, you
alternate between five. – I see, okay this is nice. – Yeah, you’re Jonesy right now. – Oh that’s nice.
– He’s in a lot of the, he’s in a lot of the theatrics
and trailers and stuff. For new seasons and things. Are you a football fan? – When you–
– American Football? – I love the Playoffs. – Playoffs, no way man. That’s like baseball. That’s what you
say for baseball. – No, I can’t, like– – There’s only 16 games! – Yeah but here’s my problem. Here’s my problem in football. My problem with
football is like, they don’t do the cool story
thing from the Superbowl for every other game. In the Superbowl, they telly
you like, people’s life story. You want more life stories.
– Yeah, they’ll be like, “He’s running for his
family! You know his dad “is a big fan of the game!”
– Yo, we’re hopping out. – Are we jumping? – Yeah, we’re landing
at the same place. – So we jump now?
– Yep, yep. – Okay. – You’re.
– Okay. – Yeah, just take your time. – Where are you?
– Turn around. – Uh-huh. The yellow marker? – Yep.
– Okay. Okay. – Now I kinda messed up too, so I’ll be there a
little bit late as well. – Okay. Yeah, I like the
story behind things. Like, you see even this
game, you give it a backstory and I’m even more interested. – Man, this is just incredible. – You know?
– These players are so bad. This guy had a gun
and everything, and he just didn’t know
how to switch to it. – Wait he saw you,
and he couldn’t? – Yeah, he couldn’t
switch to his gun. – Maybe he’s also playing this for the first time on console. How silly of me. You know? – All right, here we go.
– Thoughtless. – Okay, I don’t
need to break this. – I’m out here
bludgeoning fools. – This is wonderful. – Oh, you’re doing
a great job man. – This is really
nice, thank you Ninja. I appreciate your
positive feedback. This is wonderful. Picking things up, moving around.
– I don’t think there’s anyone here either. Oh yeah, there is.
– Like a bad guy? (guns banging) Like an enemy or
friend, who’s here? – There’s an enemy. Somehow I hit him.
– Oh man. (gung bangs) Yeah, I hear people shooting. – Come on. This is so hard. – Imagine how much
harder it is for me. – That one’s just
jumping around. (gung bangs) – Are you shooting or
is someone shooting you? – I’m shooting, I’m shooting. – Where are you
shooting the person? Cause I’m in the gas station. – Oh, he’s south of you. – So is he like, in the
stuff that he’s built? – Yeah, probably.
– Oh, Jesus. – Yeah, he’s on you. – Oh Jesus. – Dude, that guy’s a mean guy. Don’t worry, we’re gonna–
– He just shot two people. There’s two of us crawling here. You killed me when
I’m on the ground! – We’re gonna avenge
you, don’t worry. – Wow! I should’ve quit
when I had 100%. Yeah, that’s him,
that’s the guy. That’s the guy. (gung banging) – Dude, he just crushed me. – Wow.
– It’s up to our teammate! Last guy, he’s going
for it, ye got it! – He got him. – Get me up! Oh my God, it’s happening. – This is amazing. – Oh, he looks so cool,
what skin is that? I have literally
never seen this skin. Oh, that’s gotta
be an Xbox skin. (guns banging) Oh my God, help. Run, run, run! – Yeah, I feel like– – Don’t worry, I’m
gonna grab your cards. You see that? Your cards right there. I’m gonna grab that. – Did someone just
throw a force field on the ground?
– Yeah, that is a bubble shield. Very “Halo”-esque. Did he grab both your cards? – It said “Reboot
Card collected”. – Yeah, we got your card,
our other teammate quit. – So like, you collected
me like a Pokémon? Is that what you’ve done now?
– Yep. – So I have to wait for
you to like, throw me out and tell me like,
to do something. – No, I’m gonna go and
get you up right now. – Oh. – This is, if you look,
yeah, you can see that. – That little van?
– Yep, that’s the little van dude. – Oh, I can only come back to life in the van.
– Our teammate just died. – Is that how that works? (guns banging) – Where is he? (gung banging) – That guy just disappear? – Dude, this is so hard. – Damn. – All right, well.
– They’re gone. – And there goes your
win percentage dude. Just like that, you are now 50%. Trev, I don’t think
that was the play man. But you know what? We can’t turn back now. I don’t have a time machine, so. (deep exhailing) You know, who are
you gonna tell? I wouldn’t even tell
the story at this point. We might as well just cut the stream
(Trevor groans) Cut the vid. I’m just gonna get on the
plane, I’m out of here. What are we gonna
talk about tonight? Not this. (laughs) Not this anymore, you know? There it goes. – Wow, that was, that’s hard. – It hits different, right? Now that you
realize the mistake. That you made.
– That was hard. – Now those guys are, you know? Maybe they’re on
their 100% win game. I’m a little disappointed. – So now,
– I expected more. – This is how I’m
stuck in the game now. Cause now I’m trying to get
it to like, 99% now, right? – Right. See, unless you, no. That’s just it man. If you can like, somehow
mentally convince yourself that you are this guy’s teammate.
– It’s over for me. – And that when
he wins, you win. I mean maybe you might
be able to sell it. – It’s over for me, I
just have to accept it. – Your “Fortnite” career
ended in less than 10 minutes. – What is your record? – Oh, I have no idea. – Like, what is– – I have like, 8,000 wins
or something like that. It’s a lot of wins. – That’s a lot of wins.
– Imagine this, I have 8,000 wins,
– How many games do you think you’ve played? – Oh! (puffs) 8,000 wins, probably
like 20,000 games. – Are you serious? – Oh yeah, dude. I mean, imagine how
many times I just die right off the rip, too. – Are you being serious? – Oh yeah, dude. – Oh, no, then I feel great. Then I feel like I am– – Whoa! – A professional
“Fortnite” gamer now. – I guess a 50% win ratio is still pretty strong.
– Yeah. I die off the bat. I’m still above average.
– If you lose again it’s gonna be 33.3%.
– Now I’m in. – Repeating, of course. – How do we shoot
the people again? What do we do here?
– Just hold B, leave the match, and we’ll
hop into another match. – Hold B. All right, this is it.
– This is fun. I actually might start
playing on controller. – This is it people, this is it. All these people out there. Shooting me while
I’m on the ground, on the ground, he shot me! Oh, he’s gonna know. – The paddles felt
good, imagine– – He’s gonna know me.
– If I can start building with the paddles. – Gonna shoot me while
I’m on the ground? Okay, anyone can shoot
someone on the ground. – Right. – Do I just jump back in? – Yep, we’re good man.
– All right. Don’t shoot me when
I’m on the like, thought he was a
hero and everything. – Dude, how do I get to the settings again? – [Cameraman] For
the controller? – Yep. – The actual Xbox? Are you rebinding the–
– Yeah, I wanna rebind it to build
– You gotta go to actual, – Settings, Xbox
accessories right? – Yeah. – That’s it, right there. – Oh yeah, there you go. And now configure, and hit that. Set to defaults.
– I did. – [Woman] Yours are in the case. – Oh, okay, I was
wondering, I was like, I feel like I’m missing things. – So, you’re gonna go back. – Okay, this one, right? It’s this one.
– And you can map it to be different ones, right?
– I want this one to be B. – So, primary is switch it.
– This is a nice controller. I like this. – Just hit that.
– [Woman] That’s the Elite. Me too. – I just did.
– Mm-hmm. – [Woman] It’s out in November. – Oh.
– It’s beautiful. – So yeah, now change
it, choose a button. – B.
– To change it to. – Boom. – And that’s good. So that’s B now.
– All right. – That’s your right paddle. That’s what you wanted, right?
– Yep. – Okay, now what else? – That’s all I’m gonna need. – All right, there you go. – Baby steps. – Oh, wait.
– It didn’t work. – [Cameraman] Huh? – It didn’t work. – [Cameraman] Oh, that’s
why, because it’s on three. You wanna be on profile one. Now does it work?
– Nope. I’ll be fine. – All right, we’ll
figure it out next time. – Look at that. See man. You’re taking down trees
already in the lobby. – We need more trees
though, I mean. I feel bad every time
I chop down a tree. Do they have an option to
plant trees in “Fortnite”? (laughing) You should be able
to like, plant trees if your gonna be
chopping them down. – You’re just an idea
machine right now. – I’m just that kind of person you know?
– You’re trying to destroy the person who’s
creating the storm so we stop running from it. – Yeah. – And now you’re trying
to plat more trees. – Well we chop down
trees every game. Why don’t we plant more trees?
– We’re going straight down. – We jump? – That’s so brilliant. – Well, I’m just saying like, for the environment,
like, I mean, you know? – Trevor Noah 2020. – We just keep chopping
down the trees. I just realized something Ninja. – Hmm? – I actually still
have my 100% record because I only died
as that random dude. I haven’t died as the first
woman that I played as. She is my real avatar.
– Oh my God. You’re right, okay. – So this is like a whole new world to me.
– That is a nice little workaround there. – Well I think it’s the truth. Workaround or not, I
think it’s the truth. And that’s all
that matters to me. (laughs) We here with an enemy, right? There’s a guy who’s
not our friend. – There are a lot
of people here. I don’t know why our
teammate marked it, I just decided to
land with them. – Oh Jesus. – Yeah, well.
– Look at that. – Oh, you’re already dead? – Yeah, because he had a gun, and I had a stick
that chops down trees! – Yeah, well you know what?
– That’s why. That’s why, how
does he have a gun? We just got here. I have a stick, I have a
thing to chop the trees. – We got this. – If a tree attacked
me I would’ve been
like, oh wow, I won. But I mean like, come on. – I’ma get you up, don’t worry. Even though I have no shield. I’m probably gonna die.
– That makes absolutely no sense. (guns banging) – I hope he’s in that room. – Damn. You shot that
person in the butt. – What is happening? What’s my gun? (Ninja whistles) – Good Lord, what did
he shoot you with? – I avenged you. – Thank you. I really do appreciate that. I hope you told him what he did
to me before you killed him. – I did. – Cause I think like,
sometimes the lesson needs to be learned, you know? You can’t just like,
kill the person. You should shoot them, and then
when they’re crawling around just tell them why
this is happening. (Ninja laughs) Do you know what I mean? – Like, you did this, That’s why.
– The moral of the lesson. That’s what it needs to be. They should like, release like, a moral
of the lesson weapon. Where you shoot the
person, and then it’s like, “This is why you are now dying! And the moral of the lesson is” – Don’t shoot people without talking first.
– Yeah, but I didn’t have a gun. Can you hear where
they’re going? Is that what you’re doing? – Yeah, I’m trying to listen. But it’s very difficult.
– It’s not the best audio. But it seems like you can
hear where they are going. I don’t know who
our teammate is, but I don’t like
where he dropped us. I’m just gonna put it out there. (rapid gun banging) Wow. (gun banging) Wow. – That worked out somehow. – That was really nice. (van honking) – Someone just rebooted,
so I can’t reboot you. – Oh, they… Are they gonna bring
me back to life? – No, I’m gonna have to
try to bring you back. (guns banging) There’s like, eight
people above me. (gun banging) – If you just stay here and keep wrapping your arm though
you should be fine. (gun bangs)
Wow, that was amazing. Ninja, I think I’m gonna
become one of your fans. This is fun. (gun banging) (Trevor laughs loudly)
– Oh my God! What is happening? I’m doing it! – That was amazing! Oh man! – I’m actually doing it chat! – Oh, that was so amazing. – All right, now I’m
gonna get you up man. – You just built a wall in
the middle of a gunfight. And then he had to break
the wall, then you shot him for breaking the wall, wow. (bullet whizzes) – I just got sniped dude.
– What a beautiful story. – Are you kidding me?
– This guy has a gun from a volcano. – How am I supposed to beat him? – Can we not establish
some sort of like, level playing field? The guy has a gun
from a volcano. – It looks pretty cool. – Yeah, it does. – They added weapon
skins to the game man. They’re really awesome. – Yeah, you know what
weapon skin I had? The one that chops down trees. That’s the one that I had. (chuckles) – All right back out man,
we’ll do a couple more. – All right, let’s do this. This is it. – I’m somehow actually good. – I’m just gonna cancel my show today.
– Well I’m not terrible. – We should just cancel
the show and just do this. – I’m down.
– And then I’ll just tell the people that I was sick or
something, and I couldn’t do “The Daily Show.”
– That’s great man. I’ll be like, “Yeah,
Ninja was supposed to.” I’m gonna say you got sick, and that you got me sick.
– You know what, that’s great. Let’s just go back
to your place. – I’ll go, “Ninja got sick,
and then he got me sick “and we couldn’t do “The
Daily Show” that night.” – Yeah. I’ll order pizza.
– And then, yeah. – Well we’re in New York.
– Do you ever eat while playing? – Oh. – You do? – I stream eight hours man. I stream eight to
10 hours a day. Of course I eat while playing.
– So you eat while playing? – Well, I mean, I’m
not like (smacks lips). Like, I’ll–
– That’s what I was wondering. – I’ll like, box up. I’ll put myself in a little box. – And you’ll eat? – And then I’ll just eat, yeah. (laughs) Yeah dude. – Do people know
you’re in the box? – I man, yeah. Usually when you see
someone who’s like, when you just see a box
in the middle of nowhere. – There’s someone in it. – It’s pretty damning evidence
that there’s a guy inside. – You know what’s funny
is, that’s also life. If you see a box somewhere,
there’s probably somebody in it. – 100%! – That’s something I’m
just gonna like, remember. – Yeah man. Right, yeah, so– – How close do you
have to be to someone for the shotgun to like, work? – Here, where are you? – I’m here.
– Ah, okay. That shotgun, you wanna be really
close because it shoots a lot faster.
– Oh. – So like, right
here, this’ll work. – Like this range? – Yeah. – That’s like–
– That’ll hit. – Okay.
– That’ll hit like, 60 damage. So two of those
would knock me out. – Okay. So we’re dealing
with 100 damage, yes? – Yep.
– Okay. (gun banging) I don’t think we should
drop into that place again. – Dude, the guy marks
it, you know what I mean? We gotta just be good teammates. Follow through.
– Wait, wait. So we go where the person, if the guy puts a
bad mark we go there? Wouldn’t a good teammate–
– I mean, if I knew how to mark I would. Oh wait, I can mark. Here we go, let’s go… Oh shit, I pressed
the wrong button. All right, well we’re
going to the same place. – Oh, we’re jumping? – Yep. – Okay. – That’s on me. – Oh shit, there’s
a lot of people. – Yeah, there’s a lot of people. Salty Springs is one of the
most aggressive spots to land. – Ah, I see. – Which is stupid. Because it is the worst place that has the least
amount of loot, and the least amount
of materials to farm. I hate landing here. – Why don’t we just run
away from this place? – You wanna just
do our own thing? – Yeah. – All right, follow me. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Where are you?
– You’ll see me. Right there, boom, you got me. – Okay.
– To your right. – To my right.
– Yep. More right. That’s not me. – Where are you?
– And there. I’m just gonna chill here man. Let our teammates
do their own thing. – Okay, I got you.
– You know? – Yeah. I respect my teammates, but at the same time
I also respect life. And I don’t wanna die. – I hate Salty Springs dude. This is like, I think it’s the greatest
decision that we’ve ever done. Look at that.
– Whoa! I jumped and then I lost–
– Oh, you like, landed on a tree or something? – No I just lost life
for jumping or something. How do you whip out your? Where’s my Batman thing? (gun bangs) – Oh, you can’t do
that everywhere. – Oh, this is, that was painful. – All right, so now
we’re just kind of alone. We’re close to Fatal Fields. – Mm-hmm. Okay. Here we go. – Oh, our teammates
are alive, actually. – Okay. – God, I forgot what it feels
like to play with rumble on. You know?
– Yeah. – I’ve been playing on mouse
and keyboard for so long. – They don’t rumble? – (chuckles) No, no rumbling. – You should hire someone
to just do rumble for you. – Actually dude, you know what? – You should just get somebody to like, stand next
to you, and then just do rumble whenever rumble
should be happening in the game. Now, I’m gonna pitch myself
because it was my idea. I can be–
(Bullet whizzes) Oh shit. I once again have a
tree chopping thing and there’s a person with a gun. – What is this man? I’m dead now, this
guy’s got a Plunja! He’s got my pickaxe. – How do I not have what I have? Oh, there we go.
– There you go. – Okay. I have no weapon
though, tis is horrible. – There you go, you’ve
got a pickaxe though. You’re really close to me. Oh, dude, that guy is
actually really weak! You might be able to
run up and hit him. Actually, just wait.
– Are you being serious? – Play the waiting game. – But there’s a guy with a– – Yeah, they’re about to fight. You gotta just chill. I’m gonna need you
to grab my card. You see how the
timer’s ticking down? 70 seconds. – I need to get that before
the 70 seconds is up? – You need to get there, and then hit X on my
card in 70 seconds. You do have time though. – Okay
– There’s a guy in there. I think he’s just chilling. Our teammates are just
chilling in Salty, so they’re not
coming to help me. So I need you. – Okay. – Another guy just
got eliminated, so you need to be careful. – Okay. (distant guns banging) This is very tense.
– Yeah, just keep looking at, I need to see if there’s
anyone over there. – There’s a guy up here. – Oh yeah, well good eyes. ’cause I didn’t see him. Oh, he’s got a heavy sniper too. That’s a big boy
– And there’s somebody shooting from the other side.
– You might be able to just sneak in and grab it. Damn. – You mean sneak in
and grab your thing? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay. – Come on. Just nice and do not stop,
you have to keep crouching. – Okay.
Because they’ll hear you if you don’t, he might
hear you anyways. You’re gonna have to jump. Jump over the rock.
(gun bangs) Oh! He got you!
– Oh! Jesus! (Ninja laughing) Yeah, he heard me. – He did hear you. – He definitely heard me. – Man, I appreciate
the effort though. – Gog damn. – Here, let’s back out ’cause our teammates
aren’t gonna be able to, well I guess you
can’t back out yet. I just literally, I would just pick apart the Elite
controller all day if I used it and put it back together. It’s so much fun. – [Woman] It’s the best. – It’s so great, this is
probably one of the most comfortable controllers.
– So I just have to like, wait and watch myself slowly fade away.
– Well you could have start. And then, oh, nope, nevermind. – No, no.
– Our teammates got wiped out. So yeah, just hold
B, leave the match. – [Trevor] Someone
came and eliminated me. – You know what dude, we’re
gonna do our own thing. We’re gonna land far away.
– Yeah. I want you to take us to the
place that you took me before. Remember when our
relationship started Ninja? – I do. – It was beautiful,
and it was peaceful. – It was.
– I remember a time when I had time, there
was an ice cream truck. You remember the
ice cream truck? – Yeah.
– I like the ice cream truck. And we went, and I found guns. – You got us those Fudgesicles. – I had my own house,
no one was in it. – It’s great man.
– And we had a good time. – We had a great time. – That’s when I had 100%.
– You were really starting to come into your own. – That’s when I
had my 100% record. – Yeah. – Now I started following
people into jump sites, and I have died twice. – That’s a great breakdown. – So. – And very true. So yeah, we’re gonna go to the same place
– I would like you to take us to like, you know?
– I’ll take you there man. – Take me to your
favorite spot Ninja. – I’ma take you there,
to my favorite spot? – Yeah, you know, the
place that’s like, nice. – I don’t know if we’re that far into our relationship yet
where I’m gonna take you to my favorite spot.
– Well take me to a good spot. Take me to a spot
where you go like. – I’ll take you to a good spot. I’ll take you to a
spot where I take all my first timers.
– We’ll both be comfortable. But you know, we’ll
get to know each other. – All right. Nice little spot, okay. – You know. Get to work through my weapons. You know, feel what’s going on in the game. – We’re kinda just throwing
you right into this thing. You’re handling it like a champ. – I had a sniper
rifle last time. – Yeah. – I haven’t had a
sniper rifle since. – We gotta get
you that same gun. – That’s what I need. I shot somebody. – You know what,
you had a scoped AR. We gotta get you that one,
you’ll be really good with that. – I had two kills, since then,
I have been killed two times. I think the other way around–
– I just can’t help but wonder how much better your
life would have been if we just stopped when you
were at that one for one man. – See like this gun I have now. – Awards.
– If I can get this, this would be good. – You like that gun? – This is nice. You shoot the people. I mean, look at this. It’s stable. – That’s like, my
least favorite weapon. – I hate it as well. (Ninja laughing loudly) – I prefer like, the
other one that you were saying we should get.
– You know what? I actually hate that gun too. It’s terrible. (laughs) It’s funny you mention it, okay,
actually I keep forgetting. How do you place the marker? Right bumper, boom, we’re
going right here dude. – We’re jumping? – Nope, you see that marker? – Where’s the marker? Okay, I see it. And then when do we jump? – We jump now. – Jump. You put a marker
in the water, yes? – Yeah.
– Okay. – We’re gonna go to the boat. – Okay. – There’s also a town next to it.
– I can’t swim well. – Well don’t worry, the
water is very shallow. – Ah, okay, that’s nice. Like some of my friends. – You just gotta be… (laughs) I see a llama. Have you ever seen a llama? – No. – He’s right here. – Do I jump onto this boat? – Yeah.
– Okay. – I mean, should I even
go for the llama though? Like, I’m just gonna die. I can’t build.
– Okay. This is a safe place
to be is on this boat? – I don’t think there’s a
single person here either. We have time. We’re gonna have
time to farm man. This is gonna be great. I’m getting this llama.
– Okay. – This is my first
llama on Xbox guys. – Drifting, drifting, drifting. So if I see a person’s name,
it mean’s they’re my friend? – Yep.
– Okay. Okay this is good. This is nice, oh, look at me. – There you go man.
– Oh man! I’m the only person
on this ship. – Our teammates just landed.
– I am the captain. Ninja, look at me! I am the captain. – What a great movie. – That was an amazing movie. – Look at me. – But there’s no guns, I guess, it’s cause it’s a pirate ship?
– There is guns. You gotta find them,
you gotta find them. – Do I just keep breaking
things to find it? Or is it gonna be, just
in front of my eyes? – So there’s floor loot,
and there’s chests. – Okay, I found some guns. – What is it, oh,
it’s a shotgun. But it’s a tactical shotgun. – Yeah, okay, so, it’s honestly
the worst gun in the game. – Right, is there a shotgun
that has no tactics? Is just like a simple one that I can use?
– Like a instant kill anyone.
– Yeah. – That is in front
of me shotgun, yeah. That gun is removed. – Oh, there’s a golden chest
with lots of things in it. That was nice. – Oh hello, gimme that. Blue pump, hi, how
are ya? (laughs) – My backpack is full, but
I’m not wearing a backpack. What does that mean? – Well, you know,
you’ve got the holster. And then you’ve got, you know. – Oh, so it’s not like
a physical backpack. – Correct, you
know, you’re asking really good questions. – Would you swap a
Flint-Knock Pistol for a tactical shotgun? – You can, I would
say, on Xbox, yeah. It’s actually pretty good. – Okay, so I keep the Flint– – Yeah, Flint-Knock, and you wanna ADS it
too, when you use that. – Aim down sights, got it. – Trevor, you are just surprising me more and more.
– Hey man, I pick these things up quickly. There’s a Batman grapple gun. Should I use that? Do I need that? – No.
– Okay. (rapid gun banging) This is nice, look at us. Just full on pirates over here. Pirates of the
“Fortnite” Caribbean. – Get knocked idiot. Bah, bah, bah, you’re dead! Back to the lobby. – Wow. – You now, sometimes I
can be a little toxic. That’s okay though. – I know what it is like
to die, and so I no longer will mock people
that I have killed. – Yeah. – I think empathy
is the biggest thing I have learned from “Fortnite.” – Well that’s surprising. And great to hear. – Yeah, it’s just
like, you know. Knowing what it
is like to be shot when you’re on the ground makes you less likely
to enjoy shooting people while they’re on the ground. (Ninja chuckles) And that is the
lesson I have learned from this game.
– It’s a lesson man. I think that, you know. There’s always a
lesson to be learned every day while
playing video games. You just have to, you know?
– Oh wow. This water’s shallow,
but I can’t run in it. This is–
– Yeah, you gotta just keep jumping. – Oh man. Okay. – This is like, very relaxing. Playing on the controller. Like, I’m just–
– Oh, is it like, completely different with the– – Oh yeah man, when
I’m on PC I am just– – I have a shield potion,
but I cannot pick it up. – Oh, you have to
drink those, hit R. – Well how do I
drink it when it’s? – Well you have minis
on you right now. So you can drink right now. – So I should drink them?
– Yep. – Okay. – Well you just picked that,
no don’t drink that one! Hit X, and then
yeah, right trigger. – Okay.
– Boop. – Oh, right trigger,
my apologies. Okay.
– You’re good. So you gotta go left bumper.
– Right trigger, right bumper. – Left bumper, boom.
– Oh, go back to that. Okay, cool.
– You’re on it. Boom, drink them up. You can drink two, and
then you drink (mumbles). – What are the ingredients? Do I know? Like what are the long term side effects?
– Hell if I know. – Am I just drinking
this stuff– – Long term side effects are empowerment, false
confidence because– – I like that. – You’re gonna think
that you’re unbeatable. – Okay, “Small shield
limit reached.” So should I swap it
out for the big thing and come join you?
– Yep. – All right. – You can drink that
now, the big one. – Oh, drink the big one?
– Yep. – I see. Oh wow, this is nice. – So you are now
at maximum health. – I like that it
shows you how long it’s gonna take you
to drink something. I wish we had those timers
on everything in life. Sometimes I start
drinking something, and then I’m shocked
by how long it took me. – Right. – You know like, sometimes
like, you’ll drink like, your tea or coffee,
and you’re like, “Wow, that took me a lot
longer than I thought.” – Right.
– I think there should be
timers, on everything. – I don’t understand
the hype behind tea. I just don’t. – You don’t understand
the hype behind tea? – Yeah.
– Wow, Ninja. – Maybe I just haven’t
had a good tea. I just feel like it
all tastes the same. It all just tastes hot.
– Wow! – And herbal -ey. – Is every gun the
same in “Fortnite”? – No.
– Yeah, that’s what you
just basically said. Imagine if I just said, “I
don’t know what the hype is “behind some of these
tactical rifles. “They’re all the same to me.” That’s basically what
you just said to me right now
– I apologize. – There are, my friend. There are teas in this world
that will blow your mind. – Really? Well I need to have those. – I make a ginger
honey-lemon tea that, I mean. – It’s just to die for? – You will become
an opera singer. That’s how good it is. You will be like, people will tune
into Ninja’s streams to both watch
“Fortnite” and opera. They will call you the
“Fortnite” of the opera. That’s what it’ll be.
– Wow. – You’ll do like,
a full production. – I mean, I’m gonna
need some of that. – No, I’m serious,
I’ve got like, tea– – No, I’m literally gonna
need some of that in my life. Can you make me some? – There are teas, yeah. Have you ever had
a liquorice tea? – Dude, I don’t like liquorice. – Oh, yeah, then no. You shouldn’t have
a liquorice tea. (Ninja laughs) ‘Cause it’s like drinking
a lot of liquorice. – I mean I just
don’t like honey. I mean I enjoy good honey. You know what I’m saying? – But you don’t
like honey itself? – I don’t like, I
don’t know, lemon. Lemon teas. They’re
just gross to me. – Okay – You know what I mean? – And also, I only drink
tea when I’m sick, so like. I feel like whenever I–
– Oh, whenever you drink tea, you think of being sick. – I think of being sick. – That makes sense. That makes a lot of sense.
– You know? All right, just
follow our teammates. – Okay. I’ll be there in a moment.
I’m trying to get some– – Where do I find more guns? I only have like, two. – You’re not very good
at finding weapons. – No, I’m not. But if you wanna find
trees, you call me. I found so many trees. I feel like this game is bias
against people who find trees. Yeah, I’ve only found two guns. And then every other gun
I find wants me to trade. Like, there’s a
tactical shotgun, but I don’t wanna trade that. – Yeah, don’t. – Can you only carry
two guns at a time? – No, you need to, when you find another weapon, – Yeah?
– You need to switch to your bandages. – Yeah. – And then drop your
bandages for the gun. – Drop my bandages for the gun. – Yeah.
– So like that? – Yep, boom, now you
have three weapons. Also, the storm is coming. So you have to start, yeah. – Oh shit, the other way. Oh Lord. Oh Lord, am I hitting
the right direction? Yeah. (gun’s banging) Oh man, this is stressful. Is this what living
in Florida’s like? – It is.
– Good Lord. Oh!
– Have you done the Florida challenge?
– I can’t run faster than the storm. Oh man, I am dying. – You’re good, you’ll be fine. You have a medkit too.
– I’ll make it? – Don’t use your medkit until
you’re out of the storm. – Okay, but I can’t catch the– – It’ll stop, you’re almost out. – You’re like a very reassuring
weatherman, thank you. – You’re welcome. One of my many
attributes, you know. Reassurance. – Yeah, this is very
painful according to my little health bar here.
– So yeah, it’s not raining. Actually there is a
little bit of rain, but it’s mostly lightning. Just walk it off,
you’ll be fine. – There we go, you
sound like my uncle. “Just walk it off boy, “you’ll be fine.
– Just walk it off man. – “What happened?” I got
caught in an electrical storm. “Oh, just walk it
off, you’ll be fine.” Do I drink my stuff now? – Yeah, use–
– Use my bandages? – Yeah. Bro, what did I just hear? – Okay. Okay. Okay, this is good. This is nice. (guns banging) – I just, this sound,
this audio is horrendous. – How good is your
audio normally? Oh shit, someone’s
shooting at me. – It is usually impeccable. – But that’s my friend. Why would my friend shoot at me? (guns banging rapidly) Oh Lord, oh Lord! (gun banging) Good Lord, is this the same guy? BigApe Jack 517, I will find
you in real life my friend. And ask you how you did that. That was impressive,
that was nice. I can’t front. Well my friends got him though. I think my friends got him. Oh jeez, someone’s
dropped my friends. – No, I choked.
– “Fortnite” is an emotional rollercoaster. – This is so hard man. – One minute, everything is
just so nice and peaceful. And then–
– Welcome to “Fortnite” dude. – Yeah, and the
next thing you know, someone’s building a house
on you and shooting you. – And our teammates
knocked as well. And that’s another loss. – All right. – [Ninja] Can we just
go back to when we won? – I’m done. – Yeah. – I have a 100% record as the, – Who was it? – As the woman. As the black woman
with the camo pants. She’s the best.
– I call her Rihanna. – Rihanna, I’m number
one as Rihanna. That makes complete sense.
– She looks great. She looks identical. – Cause I was working
the whole way through. Work, work, work,
and I wan killing it. And I then I became
the blond dude, and I think the blonde
hair gave me away. People can see me from far. – Yeah, they don’t like
blondes in this game. For some reason. – No
– Oh look at that! What’s that?
– I don’t know. – Oh, this is the Battle Pass I think. – People are–
– Look how cool that is man. Like, isn’t this cool? – I’m in a music video, I guess? (Ninja laughs) This is nice. Yeah I think I’m, I’m in a band, with guns. – Oh yeah, that was the
Battle Pass advertisement. So.
– Okay. – All right man, well
thanks for playing bud. I appreciate it. You did great. – This was–
– You did great. Two eliminations. – Yeah.
– A Victory Royale under the belt first playthrough.
– Can i tell you, FIFA is a lot more
calming than this. – Oh, really? – This is like– – You wanna play FIFA? – Can you even play FIFA? (Ninja chuckles) – I’ve never played FIFA.
– Yeah, that’s, (both laugh loudly) – I was like, that’s– – But let’s figure it out man. Let’s figure it out,
let’s just jump into it. – I will play you
one game in FIFA, But I mean like, – So we’re playing
against each other? – No, play like, with you. How would we play with you? I wanna see if there’s a way to play with you.
– I don’t think there is a way to do that. I think I’ll have to beat you. I’m switching it up dude. – Let’s do it. One game of FIFA.
– Were switching it up to FIFA dude. I am sweating, can
I take this off? – That was really stressful.
– Cause I’m pretty sure my mic’s on it, you know what? I’ll just– (cameraman mumbling) – Oh really? – [Cameraman] Yeah, you
gotta play with one box. – Oh, okay. So we’re gonna play
as teammates on one– – [Cameraman] Yeah.
– Okay. – Who’s box are we playing on? (mumbling) – What, you’re just gonna
move one controller over? – [Cameraman] To the
other Xbox, exactly. – Oh, okay, this is nice. – Why does yours keep? Oh, English, is this our team? – No, just keep it on English. That’s the language of the game. – Oh, that is brilliant. – Yeah, you get to pick the
language before you play. Sometimes I will pick Spanish. – Just to, – I think the commentators
are a lot more fun. – Oh, dude, they are. For sure
– They’re like, just exciting. – You must have an
Xbox Live profile to continue without saving. Oh, we are playing, is this– – Yeah, accept. Oh no, we’re on your box. – Are we?
– I think, are we? – [Cameraman] Yeah,
you’re both looking at the same (mumbles). – But who’s, you’re in control. (off camera people talking) – No, we’re both controlling.
– [Woman] We should put them both on Trevor’s, cause
he has a FIFA account. – It doesn’t matter really. – I don’t think
it really matters. – I’ll just jump online and just be a random thing.
– Let’s just jump right in. – Let’s see if we can find one. Let’s see, what will it be? Here, Co-op Seasons, let’s see. – So you play FIFA. – Yeah, I jam FIFA hard. I play everything. I’ll play “Fortnite” now
that you got me into it. – It’s fun man. – I think I know what it is. – Hit me up whenever
you want a game. – Oh no, we need to like,
set up a whole thing here. There’s like a thing
and a thing, it’s fine. We’ll do this on another
day, he’s my friend now. – We’re friends. – So we’ll do this
on another day. – It’s true. (off-screen people mumbling) I already know his
deepest secrets. – Because I like, we have
to login to the thing, and like, the active profile. And you know.
– Yeah, honestly I’m down
to just call it. – No man, I’m fine. – Let’s just have a coffee, and just chill.
– I’m fine. You know.
– Make me some of that tea. – I built houses. Someone,
(Ninja mumbles) collected me.
– This is awesome. I had so much fun. I go a Victory Royale my
very first game on Xbox. – We should’ve quit after that game.
– I told you man. I literally was
like, “That’s it.” – You did say it, but– – End on a high note. – But I think the journey
would not be the same. The thrill of victory,
the agony of defeat. – Yeah, I like that. – Without it, we are not heroes. – I like that. – You see, this is the
beginning of our “Rocky” movie. That’s what you’ve
gotta understand. We started off, we were
winners, we were the champs. Then we face hard
times together. Trevor and Ninja. There was a little
bit of tension. You know, there was the
part where you said, “Come and sneak to my body.” Even though you know
it would kill me. And I did it. (Ninja laughs)
I don’t resent you for it, but I’ll never
forget that moment ’cause I was safe
behind the rock. – I’m known for– – I was safe behind the rock. And then Ninja was like,
“No, you can sneak.” I couldn’t sneak. And the guy shot me, but I don’t resent you for that. But that was a moment
of tension in the story. And then I think what then
happens in our journey is we come together, I get better, we’ll go through the little
“Rocky” training montage. I build a few stairs, and
then I run up them like Rocky. – And then we’re in another situation.
– And then what happens is in the same situation, – You kill them all.
– And then you be dead. – You wipe them out.
– And then I’ll be hiding, and I’ll say, “I’m coming!”
And you’ll be like, “No, this time I want you
to save yourself Trevor! “Don’t do it again!” And I’ll be like, “No Ninja.” And I’ll leave,
you think I’m gone. And then I pop back up when the guy’s trying to
shoot you in the butt. And then I save your life. And that’s how our story ends. – That twist was incredible. – You see what I’m saying? – I like that. – It’s only the
middle of the journey. So thank you for tuning in.
– Yeah. To the beginning
of this journey. This is only the beginning. Trevor and Ninja. What a team name, powerful. I mean the Ninja one
sounds a little whatever. But Trevor, whoo.
– Yeah, we gotta work on it. – If ever there was like, – Strong
– a warrior name. It’s Trevor! And Ninja coming. Trevor, like that’s. – I can see it. There’s a lotta bass in Trevor. Who shot you, Trevor! And who shot you, Ninja. It’s not, I’m just saying. Trevor sounds like the warrior name.
– Sound’s good. – But we can’t change
it now for the brand. My dude, this was
too much fun, man. – Yeah, this was a lotta fun. (upbeat music)

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  15. This guy ninja doesn’t know how to have a conversation or take a joke like bro. Dude was so focus on winning he didn’t even go and revived my Baby Trevor 😭

  16. this wasn't a good team up, would have enjoyed seeing Trevor something relaxing ( like get over it xD) and him just talking like in BTS

  17. That's why i don't watch nigga he literally thinks gaming entertainment is all about gameplay. He barely talks to his audience… that's why he's a dead streamer.
    I feel bad that his career died down so fast

  18. Love, love Trevor!! I can't believe I sat here and watched the entire thing, just to hear Trevor's commentary 😂 Ninja can learn something from him, stay humble my friend😊

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