Tropic Thunder (4/10) Movie CLIP – Rick Peck, Hollywood Agent (2008) HD

Sorry, man. Ow. Ow. Ow.(grunts in
stifled anger)This is your fault,
you limey fuck!You shit the money-bed,
my friend.Hey, les,
I understand
if you’re angry, But I am dealing with
a bunch of prima donnas!
Clowns! Tugg speedman,
he can’t cry!
He can’t cry!You know how you
handle an actor?
They whine about anything,You pull down their pants
and you spank their ass.You spank
that ass, les.
What? Spanking a child
turns him into
a little snot. Fear makes him a man. I know a place
where a man’s
worth is measured In the ears hanging
from his dog tags. The real deep shit. You wanna make
this movie right? That’s where you take
your pansy-ass actors.Who is this guy?Les, that’s four leaf. Sergeant
four leaf tayback.
I wrote the book.Oh.You’re a great american.This nation owes you
a huge debt.Now shut the fuck up
and let me do my job!Look, cockburn.
Yes.From now on, my fist
is gonna be so far
up your shitholeThat every time
you have a thought,It’s gonna have to tiptoe
past my wedding ring.Take control of your actors,
or I will shut you down.Diet coke!

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