Trump Can’t Even Get Impeached Right | The Daily Show

Trump Can’t Even Get Impeached Right | The Daily Show

Donald Trump and the Democrats are heading toward
an impeachment showdown. But will it turn out
to be a blockbuster, like the movie Avatar, or will it turn out to be
a total waste of our time, like the movie Avatar? Well, to help break it down, we turn to our senior
impeachment analyst, Desi Lydic, everybody. (cheering and applause) Desi, what do you think this
whistleblower complaint means for Donald Trump’s presidency? Trevor, this whole thing
has me so mad. Look, i-if these allegations
are true, then our president– and forgive
me for using the N-word here– is a complete nincompoop. Oh, you had me nervous
for a second. Uh… Yeah, I agree. I agree. I-I think everyone is angry that the president
abused his power like this. Okay, take it easy, Maddow. I’m mad
because our dipshit president can’t even get impeached right. He’s wasting his one impeachment on taking down Joe Biden. Joe Biden
will take down Joe Biden! The guy’s already gaffed himself
out of two elections. Look, when it comes to Biden, all you have to do is just wait
it out and he’ll go away. You know? He’s like a cold or my parole officer. That guy is so obsessed with me,
by the way. Actually, I think that’s legal. So-so, wait, D-Desi, you-you don’t think
Trump abused his power? No. If anything,
he didn’t abuse it enough. Look, you only get
one impeachment. You got to make it count. Presidents used
to understand that. Andrew Johnson defied Congress. Richard Nixon had
the Saturday Night Massacre. Bill Clinton got a BJ
in the Oval Office! Head! Mouth candy! The old Pac-Man. -Pac-Man?
-Yeah. You know. (mimicking
Pac-Man chomping sounds) O-Okay, I-I get it. Okay, I get it. -Yeah, I g– I get it. I get it.
-(mimicking Pac-Man death sound) -(mimics chomping)
Okay. All right. -(stammers) -I get it. You don’t…
-Look, okay, my point is, Trevor,
Trump has blown it. He might get impeached
for gossiping on the phone like a little bitch. (cheering and applause) I mean… it’s a waste
of a wonderful opportunity. It’s like when I gave my husband
a hall pass, and he used it to kiss Karen
from the PTA. Karen! You know what I used
my hall pass for? I murder-(bleep)ed
Pierce Brosnan! Okay, Desi, that is insane. I know! Karen! From the PTA. Desi Lydic, everyone.

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  1. If it’s true. That’s TREASON. Bill Weld a Republican has said the penalty for Treason is DEATH.
    A Republican said Trump should get the DEATH PENALTY. I’m down.

  2. S r b
    They would just have him on protective custody/ see if I had let him "protect" me // they would've just shit on him/and told me ,"he's a Mason" "…..he works for us"/ /he might retire early ,…for gossiping …..

  3. I know for a fact that the Democratic party wishes that tragedies could come our way, so they can find an excuse to impeach Trump and get back in power. Whenever their is conflicts in the government , it's always the people that pays the ultimate price.

  4. wait. does Trever hate the live action Avatar movie? or does he just have a love/hate relationship with the James Cameron one?

  5. Other blockbusters that were also total wastes of time:

    Any Star Wars in modern times

    Ok Rogue 1 was good. But thats it.

    Just sayin.

  6. Bwoy. I feel like I am watching a Jason Bourne movie. These republicans defending trump talk like gangsters sending out coded message to their members against the whistle blower. Dont they repect the law that protect whistle blowers?

  7. You people are completely obsessed with this guy. This is hilarious and pathetic at the same time, but it’s probably the result of low IQ thanks to the horrible North American educational system.
    Unfortunately, this hysteria and sensationalism is jumping over, so I came to realise that humanity as a whole is not just stagnating, but intellectually degenerating. Donald fucking Trump brought a whole industry to not just spread lies, become partisan and behave like a kangaroo on cocaine, but he brought the Democratic Party to destroy itself. It’s unbelievable, you creatures are the personification of retardation.

  8. Why wait till the last year of his time in office to impeach him?

    You guys could have done this on his first and second year at least

    Four years and you guys are still bitching over nothing

  9. Shut the fuck up about joe Biden that's the problem with democrats they are to busy back biting each other for power that they have let this traitor rum rampant across our country. Who cate what this chick got to say about Biden focis on the real problem trump or stfu

  10. She actually has a point of sorts, and I'd love it if we get the chance for history to remember t'Rump as the stupidest of the stupid, the pettiest of the petty. Can't stand Desi Lydic herself, though, or just about any of the correspondents through the decade+ of The Daily Show -with the exception of Jaboukie White, whom I adore – because they are all one-trick ponies, just one-note exercises in snideness. Which gets tedious as hell.

  11. In under 20 seconds of this video…. That moment when you realized how much of a nerd you are…😳 Avatar vs. Avatar

  12. After nearly four years, we have an impeachment? Y'all ain't serious!! Leave the guy alone and let him finish his term..

  13. When she said forgive to say NWord Here!!!
    Me: oooow!!! shit!!!!
    Her : "nanga poo "
    Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. We can't truly take back the B word! It will have sexist undertones well into the future–and I think that's Desi Lydic's point. And we got Trump because populist politics are on the rise due to the blurring in people's minds between the left and right and again the fact that people implicitly and explicitly find men more likeable than women in studies–see Samantha Bee on what people are saying about Elizabeth warren's 'likeability.'

  15. Trevor bitches about our president and country all the time but his home country is a complete mess. Shame on all you who support this guy.

  16. If you want to use Nazi Germay style politics … use it the corect way.
    Why are 2 incapable emptyheads on tv over there?
    It looks like a theatre show.

    Stop being modern Nazi Germany!!

  17. If anything it will just be a hard blow to his ego knowing he got impeached for talking on the phone and not for wanting someone assassinated

  18. It is bit unfair for Biden though. He did nothing wrong in Ukraine, all the contrary. The Biden conspiracy has been debunked. The unfairness is for some comments, not so much the comedy. Trump was rather trying to set Biden up, creating the dirt out of nothing for his own (Trump) special political interest, which is graver than just accepting dirt offered from, say, Norway! 
    Trump's action toward Ukraine is just disgusting. Did they got their Javelines? Can they fight back against Russia now? Trump, as the commander in Chief should have been arrested and judged by a Military Court after Helsinki. Also, a guy who say "I love Kim Young Un". What does that mean?

  19. We need to stop talking about all the stupid stuff Trump does…it’s something new everyday…Biden, Bernie and Warrenis are dino’s…we need a generational leader

  20. If I was Clinton I wouldn’t have said no to a slurpy at the office…what guy can blame him…he is married to the H…logically women prob don’t blame him

  21. The GDP is higher than it's ever been the unemployment rate in this country is lower than it's ever been oh, the wall is getting built, Obamacare was ruled unconstitutional oh, he signed in real prison reform, he signed in a bill That Forgives over 30, 000 injured warfighters federal student loans oh, and he just signed another bill into law that gives a couple million or billion to fight autism Karma oh and the Ukraine president came out and said there was no pressure from the United States or a withholding of military aid so frankly y'all can kiss my ass and join another 4 years of this man because well Trevor Noah thinks he knows what's going on he doesn't that's why every night it's something else about Trump and yet he still our president and our country still doing better than ever shocking isn't it

  22. Yeah its funny but all this bullshit impeachment does is making him reelect as his racist base will do anything to stop democrats. This makes them more energize.

  23. Please help #PaySlipBanSA get mentioned on #TheDailyShowwithTrevorNoah Like #TeamWarren we are challenging employer power in the most unequal society in the world #SouthAfrica Our petition is here Awesome homie Trevor Noah, your fans back home need you! Bheka ekhaya!

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