Trump/McConnell Supreme Court Poses New Threat To Roe V. Wade | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump/McConnell Supreme Court Poses New Threat To Roe V. Wade | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. At what point do you need to honor the rights of the baby to live? You have to give an answer in weeks or months. Then try to defend it.

  2. the world is already overpopulated as it is, now they want to try to take away a womans choice? America the land of the free?? i think not…

  3. Big deals keep on turnin' – Proud Donald keep on burnin' – Trollin', Trollin, Trollin' on the liberals – Grabbin', Grabbin', Grabbin' on the wahmen! TRUMP 2020

  4. So are you guys ready for Trump 2020? Because it's coming. Comment sections and the ignorance therein will make sure of that.

  5. Blah blah blah. Don't worry Democrats, they won't stop baby killings. Too much money involved. This is just a scare tactic for votes. Kavanaugh is on the supreme Court, and he hasn't done a thing, because he won't.

  6. Keep it simple. I don't want to be told what to do with my body so women shouldn't be told what to do with their body.


  8. Abortion has been a genocide for black Americans. 30,000 per year in NYC alone, and they are fully half of all abortions. 15 million black abortions in the US since 1973.
    Where have Maddow and all the other white liberals been with their righteous indignation on that topic?

  9. 🌐Face it are you fake news people and all the democrat candidates running for president, your all unelectable. Just an election reminder to all liberal bias fake news morons in bed with corrupt democrats at NBC/MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS Fake News.
    Facts: President 🇺🇸Trump has delivered on what he promised if elected back in 2016.
    1. Booming US economy again, now the best in the world now.
    2. Lowest US unemployment in 51 years.
    3. Brought back jobs and business to the US.
    4. Rebuild our US military that Obama and the Democrats depleted.
    5. Seal the US border and build more walls.
    6. He Lowered my Federal Taxes in 2018 too.
    7. Booming US stock market. All my investments are up 35 to 45% since Trump took office and new record highs monthly.
    8. Trump promised to bring our troops home from 19 year endless wars in Middle East and is now doing it. If some democrats and republicans want continued wars let them send their sons and daughters to fight and die most Americans had enough. We spent $9 Trillion in taxpayers money in those wars.
    9. President Trump & our Brave Military took out another Top ISIS terrorist Al Baghdadi.
    10. President Trump gets my conservative democrat vote again in 2020. MAGA 🇺🇸

    Bias Fake News folks now please tell me what have democrats done since President Trump was elected? Lie and conduct one witchhunt after another trying to divide the country and impeach our duly elected president that wasted taxpayers money. Sorry all you sore loser fake news folks and democrat snowflakes if the truth hurts. 😔

  10. Problem : people who declare abortion outlaw won't lift a finger for sexual education and free contraception. And I don't really get why the Supreme Court should rule about that. Nine judges, appointed for life by presidents ? They are not représentatives of citizens. Same in France with the Conseil Constitutionnel. General de Gaulle was anxious to avoid what he saw as an american drift leading to a form of "government of judges": for him, "the only supreme court is the people" . Michel Debré specifies the other goal: "What we need is a weapon against the deviation of the parliamentary regime". But in France, the big decisions (death penalty abolition for example) are made by the Congress, it's simpler because we are not a federation of states.

  11. Stop whining democrat kooks. In California and New York, you will always be able to dismember a baby in the mothers womb.

  12. Abortion is evil, don’t wanna have kids ts called birth control.
    It’s not your body, it’s a baby’s body.
    Adoption is an option,
    And if you can’t afford to have kids again birth control is pretty cheap, and yes there are ways to always make it work. If the male uses topical and a female uses the pills.
    Kids are expensive yeah, so mabe let’s start killing the ones who are born as well, I mean they don’t have longterm memory until 2!

  13. MSNBC fake news media leader anchor lesbian Rachel Maddow is always trying to put immorality to be alike morality …apparently she doesn't know the difference at all

  14. Do you NEO-LIBERALS have a fracking clue now?
    Just asking for a nation of people who DO NOT make the 6 figure salaries you do.

  15. Wow,I can't imagine this even being a conversation in the 21st century,wtf is it with people always wanting to control other people's personal decisions or beliefs? I'm assuming this is all rooted in religion and we all know which countries are led by religious indoctrination,Iran,Saudi Arabia,Yemen, Afghanistan and many many more,will we be adding the USA to that list?

  16. Rachel Maddow is the #1 greatest asset to the republican party. How could one person be so stupid, ignorant, racist and ugly.

  17. legal or illegal abortions will continue, whether you're pro or con, they've been happening since the caveman days. Too bad people would rather rescue a cluster of cells than a living woman. The man who got her pregnant should be prosecuted as much as the woman

  18. Nine Democrats. sit in on the impeachment hearings out of 233 Democrats.

    What are the other 224 House Democrats doing, these last three years?

    Collecting a Government paycheck for doing nothing.

    How do you show up for work & get a paycheck for nothing. Your name isn't Hunter!

    That's my Opinion Whats Your's?

  19. Abortion is not a women's choice after it has nerve endings and can feel pain. At that point it's a human rights violation.

  20. The great thing about voting Democrat is that the more you elect of them the more rats and turds and needles you have to throw up in the air like money out in the road!!


  22. Abortion is legalized murder!! God stop these sick wicked ungodly people from killing their own innocent babies! OVERTURN ROE V WADE and stop this curse upon our nation. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  23. I dunno why people are so hard up on abortions. I would be broke in child support if chicks I partied hard with didn't get abortions.

  24. I hope it dose get over turned. Abortion should only be used as a medical procedure to protect life. It should never be used as a form of birth control because that is murder plain and simple.

  25. Now you have to pick.. to whose what side what team what party the left or the right the smartest stupid make an educated guess if you happen to have one.. flip a coin the dirty North or the filthy South… Truth or dare right or after; wrong. You have chosen…
    Artificial intelligence letting THE bots do their thing type correcting for you in real time.Nobody can understand the political discourse!
    People with limited intelligence.
    With the exception tell no lies.
    Don't believe the lies.

  26. I was recently told by another man that the reason women want the right to abortion is because they want to control the world. And here I thought it was because they want the right to decide what happens to their own bodies.

  27. MSNBC is desperately trying to keep their stronghold on controlling the narrative on who Americans vote for. They think you're that stupid. Don't let them win.

  28. RBG is about to kick the bucket and we will get yet another seat on the court!!!! Just wait and see what the dems think of too pin on that gal/man.

  29. If Trump goes after Roe vs Wade, it won't be for the moral conscience or religious principles he doesn't have. He'll do it just to remind his stupid sycophants how powerful he is.

  30. The planet is over populated as it is. You force these people to keep the child and it’s only going to result in an abandoned, neglected or dead child. Women should never let someone else decide what they should/could do with their OWN bodies.

  31. I have 2 serious question for pro choice supporters. Are you 100% certain that committing an abortion is NOT an evil action of committing murder of a human being? If so, how can you be sure?

  32. There 👏🏼 is 👏🏼no 👏🏼 difference 👏🏼 between 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 Taliban 👏🏼 and 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 religious 👏🏼 right 👏🏼

  33. LGBT Gestapo Demands Stop Christmas because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. Everyone who reads about it in the Bible by ear, is required to be imprisoned for violating the rules of the LGBT Gestapo.

  34. I think it is funny that most atheists brag and boast of their objectivity and intelligence, yet all intelligent people know that pride is incongruous with objective perspective. Even smart people can be struck blind by pride.
    God is smarter than you; Get over it!!

  35. There is much work to be done. Much Politically Correct insanity to be swept away. Much DC corruption Clinton-esque type corruption to be rooted out and flushed out and exposed. Much raiding of the Tax base to be prevented. One man can not do it all. We need more Trumps. Vote Trump in again. This is only the beginning. signed Ex Democrat. Have a nice day.

  36. This is partly what the Resistance to Trump is all about. It's not that he's Republican it's that a dictator is in office taking away women's and minorities rights.

  37. They cry, "Its a life! It's a life!" When that life comes into the world they cry, "It's not my responsibility!" and then complain about "welfare moms" and cut social benefits.

  38. The original Roe v. Wade decision is flawed!!!
    It's not the WOMAN'S body we're talking about. It's the BABY'S body that gets dismembered and sucked out of the womb!!!
    50-million babies since Roe v. Wade!!!
    Half of them would have grown up to be women!!!
    So much for women's lib and feminism!!!
    Which one of those little babies might have grown up and discovered a cure for cancer???!!!

  39. I have to disagree with you on this one Rachel! Roe vs Wade was a poor decision on the part of the court and it's time for women to keep their pants on!

  40. Rachelle has clearly lost her mind like Ginsburg. So conservatives have the court and they haven't overturned it,,,soooo crazy Rachelle

  41. In my opinion, the philosophy that should be used here is not whether abortion is morally right or wrong, but whether the right to have an abortion should be taken away from all women.

    True, abortion involves the death of a living being , but if you take away that right, then many more people are going to turn to unsafe, unconventional, and outright brutal measures to prevent the birth of their child. Legalizing abortions, in turn, keeps women safer and affirms their right to their body.

    True, there are other ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy , such as the use of condoms, birth control, and Plan B. The problem is, not everyone is educated enough sexually to know the full implications of their decisions while others simply cannot access these prevention options at the time of intercourse.

    A woman's body–especially in a country founded upon the protection of individual rights–should be hers to choose how she alters it. Until the umbilical cord is cut, the baby is still technically a part of the mother. I'm ashamed at how many of us have resorted to telling other people what they can and cannot do to their body. And in the end, the only societal harm that can arise from abortion is at the hands of the mother herself, where a lot of the time, she risks her fertility and sexual health for an operation that allows her to decide the course of her life.

    #ItsTheirRightNotMine !


    We are living in a world of Confusion and it's about time we call out these fraudulent Representatives of this country

  43. MSNBC and the DNC are corporate lying scum. Tell us why they discredit and smear Tulsi. That should be your breaking news.

  44. Please Stop to refer everything with the Past. Its Not the Past. Its 2019. People have Changed, the world has changed. And the Economic Situation in the 70s,80s and 90s was better. Its now easier to Tell the People that the deepstate or The mexicans are the reason for their poverty cause There is a poverty. No poverty, No one to blame.

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