Trump Stops Sondland’s Testimony & Dems Protect the Whistleblower | The Daily Show

Trump Stops Sondland’s Testimony & Dems Protect the Whistleblower | The Daily Show

The big news today
is that the White House has taken its fight
with Congress to the next level: officially sending word
that it will not participate in any aspect
of the impeachment probe. Yeah. Which is crazy. Like, Trump can’t just decline
to participate. Like, this is not
the Vietnam War. -(laughter)
-And this new tactic… this new tactic
threw everything for a loop. Because, you see, today
was meant to be the big day when Congress would hear
testimony from Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the E.U.
and Jeff Ross stunt double. But just before the C-SPAN
camera started rolling, the White House pulled the plug. We’re following breaking news
this morning, and it’s moving quickly–
the White House blocking E.U. ambassador Gordon Sondland from testifying to Congress
just minutes before he was supposed to appear
on Capitol Hill. He was set to testify
behind closed doors as part of an ongoing
impeachment inquiry into President Trump, specifically about
his interactions with Ukraine. Democrat House Intelligence
Chairman calling the move to keep Sondland
from speaking to lawmakers, “strong evidence
of obstruction.” Wow. Donald Trump’s White House
blocked an ambassador from testifying to Congress. What a completely
innocent thing to do. -(laughter)
-Yeah. Yeah, I bet Trump was probably just scared
that that ambassador would exonerate him too much. You know, Trump’s like, “I got
to maintain my bad-boy image -if I’m gonna run
these streets.” -(laughter) So… at the president’s behest, Sondland pulled out
of this impeachment hearing, which is a big deal. Because although many people haven’t heard
of Gordon Sondland, it appears that everything
Trump wanted from Ukraine went through him. There’s almost no one
who was more involved in pushing the president’s
priorities in Ukraine than Gordon Sondland. NEWSWOMAN: Even before
President Trump spoke to the president of Ukraine, Gordon Sondland, the
U.S. ambassador to the E.U., had been pushing the Ukrainians to commit to investigations
Mr. Trump wanted. The ambassador to the E.U.,
Gordon Sondland, worked behind the scenes
to help carry out Trump’s wishes in Ukraine, a country
that isn’t even in the E.U. Okay, that’s your first red flag
right there. Trump’s ambassador to the E.U.
was getting involved with a country
that isn’t in the E.U.? That’s not his jurisdiction. Yeah, that would be like Santa
doing the Tooth Fairy’s job. That’s not cool.
Yeah, ’cause then it’s just a creepy old man standing
over your kid’s bed. Yeah. You’d just be like,
“What are you doing?” He’s like, “Whoa-ho-ho-ho,
nothing weird. I’m just… “I’m just buying
your kid’s teeth. “Okay, now that I say it out
loud, it sounds words. Ha-ha-ha. The Tooth Fair, eh,
goddamn it, that guy kills me.” And the reason Congress
is so intent on having Sondland testify isn’t just because he was at the
center of this Ukraine scandal. Right? It’s also because
he has text messages that show what was going on
behind the scenes. NEWSWOMAN:
Text messages given to Congress show Sondland
and another diplomat discussing a possible link between investigations
and aid to Ukraine. NEWSMAN:
On September 9, Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat
to Ukraine, texts: Sondland responds: Adding: NEWSWOMAN:
Taylor texts Gordon Sondland: Sondland responds: -(laughter)
-Okay, I… I don’t know if these guys
are guilty or not, but you have to admit those
texts look hella suspicious. Yeah, because
the only time you say, “Stop texting,
let’s talk on the phone” is when something shady’s
going down, right? It’s 2019.
No one talks on the phone. The only reason to talk
on the phone at all is to wish your grandmother
a happy birthday or to commit crimes. Or to commit crimes with your
grandmother on her birthday. Just like, “All right, Nana,
you tell me who wins at bingo and I’ll take care of the rest.” At the same time,
I don’t blame Sondland for wanting
to shut down those texts because do you see
what’s happening there? The guy he’s texting with is being so explicit
about everything. He’s like, “I don’t think it’s a
good idea to commit this crime”” It’s like,
“Yo, yo, yo, yo.” You know who he reminds me?
He reminds me of that one guy on every bachelor party
group chat who has no chill. Everyone else is playing it cool
and he’s like, “I am excited to do
the cocaine tomorrow, guys. See you at the cocaine
and the hookers.” It’s like, “Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Delete, delete, delete.” Now, in response
to the stonewalling, the Democrats have issued a subpoena
to Ambassador Sondland. But that may
take months or longer to wind its way through
the courts. In the meantime,
Congress is also hoping to hear testimony
from the whistleblowers. And, remember, there are now
two whistleblowers, right? There’s the first whistleblower
who has secondhand information, and the secondhand–
and the second whistleblower who has firsthand information. And then, of course, you’ve got
the confessions from Trump, which, I guess,
is small-hand information. I don’t know how this works. Now, normally,
normally getting testimony from a whistleblower might
not be such a big deal. But this time, they’re talking
about taking extra precautions to conceal
this person’s identity. And it could be because the
whistleblower is just shy, or maybe it’s because the president has implied
they should be executed. I don’t know.
Either way… Democrats are looking
at some novel ways to ensure
the whistleblower’s safety. TV REPORTER: The House
Intelligence Committee is taking extreme measures
to protect the whistleblower from a president itching
to learn his identity. And this country has to find out
who that person was, ’cause that person’s a spy,
in my opinion. TV REPORTER:
There are growing concerns about the whistleblower’s
safety. It’s still unclear
when the whistleblower might talk to lawmakers. But the committee
is considering using and offsite location, limiting staff and members
who could be present. TV REPORTER:
Possible steps include a remote location
for testimony, and perhaps masking
the person’s face or voice. Wow! Masks and fake voices
just to make sure that Trump doesn’t know
who this person is. Seems a bit extreme. I mean, all they really need to
do is disguise the whistleblower as Trump’s daughter, Tiffany,
and he’d be like, (mimics Trump):
“Who is this person? I’ve never seen her
before in my life.” (normal voice):
Now, I understand why Congress is being
so careful here. This is serious stuff. I also think at the same time,
this could be a big opportunity
for the Democrats. Because, I mean, if you’re gonna
be disguising the whistleblower, why not just take this thing
one step further and turn it into
the TV event of the year? ANNOUNCER:
Coming soon, a top secret
incremental hearing in the impeachment process will have everyone asking: who is
the masked whistleblower? A sworn testimony that will
have committee members and our celebrity panel
guessing. I’m so freaking confused
right now. -I don’t know who I am.
-(cheering) (whoops) ANNOUNCER: This fall,
everyone will be asking, “Who’s behind the mask?” ♪ ♪ The Masked Whistleblower. Coming soon to Congress.

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  1. Sondland would just lie to congress to protect Trump anyways. He's got the job as ambassador to the EU because he donated to the Trump campaign/inauguration. He has no qualifications for the job. I'm surprised the Europeans haven't said about Trump and the US, "When America sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're sending people with a lot of problems. They're bringing crime. They're bringing corruption. They're rapists."

  2. Trevor, are you really like that Chinese assistant reporter called you 'Idiot' And African Fool? Really Bad!
    If just a piece of comedy news, at least have some' Spin'! My Goddess! 🙁 Not funny, it is a description! and Insulting! Silly! 🙁

  3. The US meddled in the elections of over 88 other countries…including the 1996 Russia presidential election which got Jelzin re-elected – which led to an economic downfall of Russia – that lost over 27 million decent Russians during WW2 because of western fascism (no, I do not mean the fascists Stalin got rid of and which Western fascists falsely call 'Stalin's victims'…but never mention their racist and anti-Semitic views…).

  4. A spy? Fuck that trumps a disgusting peace of shit he’s threatening death on a patriot exposing him of investigating joe Biden but trumps done the same thing with his family and friends so this a complete political move which is illegal also who the fuck goes to these Lengths to investigate a person who has ran his campaign into the ground with just media keeping afloat and who probably will forget he’s running for president eventually
    Also they break the law and help their families because their all closely related so that’s why the media Dj congress aren’t attack joe……Andrew Yang 2020

  5. this incompetent fake moron is running USA into the ground just like he has all other businesses- he has to use us Americans to foot his bill because he couldn’t do it on his own. He couldn’t win, couldn’t reduce much less maintain our deficits- he’s increased our deficit by 50%!!!!! inept weirdo has buried our children and grandchildren in debt. Ruined our earth, fucked our allies and belittled, groped and criticized women, made fun of handicap people, mean and evil towards people of color, kids, LGBTQ, (am I forgetting someone?)- not just spreads but ENDORSES de-bunked conspiracy theories – yet his spineless GOP asshats won’t stand for anything but the all mighty $$; What does it take to get a rise?
    As a registered independent- Republicans need to buck up – come on
    y’all – this is a big fucking bi-partisan issue!
    DT is using our taxpayer money and resources for himself, not our country.
    We’re getting sold out!!!! And we are paying for it in so many ways! wtfu 😩

  6. So I read and I read and I read I read all of these comments so many people are frustrated The Scholar describes gridlock'd process people basically are fed up and have points of view describing the reaction to negative behavior of the president and my conclusion is real simple what is United States of America going to do after he is
    Remove by the citizens of the United States

  7. Trump says he is the most transparent president ever. btw narcissists always think they are the best, smartest, etc.

  8. Inquiry not impeachment….factly, shows msm dembs are actually stupid. Funny and true lol Who needs to join a Schiff circus… its pretty embarrassing anyone who participate a fake impeachment! Lol

  9. Why would they have closed door hearings. Let America see and Trump would be more willing to cooperate. I know you’re not American Trevor but yes he can because it’s a cute

  10. If anyone who reads these comments knows Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or Trevor Noah; now is the time to encourage them to organize a “March for Sanity” or something like it. If there was ever a time for tens or hundreds of thousands of people marching on the mall, it is ASAP.

  11. Trevor, I know you like to be funny, but let's go back to just Ferguson and count how many people have died for spouting the truth. Don't forget to include people who spoke out against Putin.

  12. first they block from any testimony, then people are just going to wind up missing and dead and magically there are no witnesses.
    Its like a fucking mob movie…

  13. How does any American in their right mind still support Trump? You would have to be some kind of stupid to think he's anything other than con man.

  14. Why should they participate in a sham?
    They have the “whistleblower”. They have the transcripts. Go prove your case. They already ignored the testimony of a Ukrainian witness because it favored Trump. They don’t wanna hear that.

    This is nothing but a political hit job.
    Use you politics to impeach him so it goes to senate and they say….yeahhhh…no. Buh bye demonrats.

  15. now agent orange is trying to change the whistleblower rule so it helps him but, sorry agent orange all those good & best people mostly locked-up now didn't tell u about WB! what they r is good hard-working Americans who saw some shit that they couldn't unsee! now tell the union & week later she's dead & what would Karen Silkwood say if she was still alive I cry every time I remember Karen she put her head up was fighting the government all by herself & they killed her! the dirty union turned on her that was not enough protection for Karen she might still be alive now

  16. You all are so brainwashed by CNN it’s pathetic. There is corruption beyond anything you have ever imagined. Democrats are ruining our country!! He absolutely can decline!! Tell me how many of you would ever go to court without your witnesses or your lawyer. That’s exactly what Democrats want!! You are full of BS. I can’t stand how you let CNN tell you what to think.

  17. There is no fucking “whistle blower “. It’s a Democrat ploy sent to distract voters and intimidate Trump. It won’t work because it is a lie

  18. Some good news today:

  19. Folks, all of this is really not funny. It is horrific. The US, my adopted US is gradually being taken apart. This Country was great, the greatest. We are now leaving our allies to die? How is this possible? Even the people who support Trump must realize we should not do this.

  20. Just because you lie for a living Trevor, doesn't mean everyone does. The ambassador was clear, there was no quid pro quo. How that can be read as there was quid pro quo is just wishful thinking by people who are used to dealing with liars in their private lives.

  21. I feel like that reality show trailer for the masked whistleblower… "them" using a puppet to tell us what "they" think humanity is really like.

  22. The fact that America’s people aren’t actually rebelling and physically removing Trump from office is the real embarrassment here.

  23. Until someone actually does something to hold trump responsible for anything, why shoud they care? They know that the law does not apply to them. Please, please, prove me wrong. There is no justice, the law only pertains to those that follow it.

  24. Bullshit! He didn’t do anything wrong just like he did nothing wrong in the Mueller report. Democrats are wasting America’s time and money.

  25. So they won’t participate? So the House can hold hearings without him or his minions. If Trump and his supporters don’t want to defend themselves, fine. Then when he is impeached he has only himself to blame. Oh wait! Trump never accepts responsibility. He’ll blame Hillary and Obama.

    A quid pro quo is not necessary. Soliciting help with elections from foreigners is against the law, quid pro quo or not. The foreigner doesn’t even have to participate, the solicitation is illegal anyway. It is also illegal to accept help offered by a foreigner, again with or without a quid pro quo.

  26. The world has been laughing at us for years, this presidency is just the cherry on top. Trump should have never even gotten past the first few rounds in the Republican party.

  27. cant wait for the netflix series comes out. the one they did for oj was great but this one seems to be oscar worthy.

  28. i am 54 years old,and in my lifetime there has never been a president quite like this,i think Trump needs a psyc eval

  29. Everyone will be asking who is the whistle-blower? And whoever finds out and reveals it will be committing a felony. Have fun in prison.

  30. #nomorebidentime

    Trevor, please recognize the two real human candidates in the democratic primary. Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. The rest of the field is just politics of the DNC crowding the box to divide Bernie's base amongst supposed 'progressives'. Mayor Pete is to pull the gay and millenial vote, Kamala is to pull people of color, Elizabeth is pulling the medical reform vote, but each one of them, if elected, will pull an Obama and kowtow to Oz the Great and Powerful. And each of them will be brought into the light in the general election and the country will vote Trump once the people see their real characters . That Joe Biden is being held up by the DNC for this long is evidence they are planning a Hilary 2.0

    Even after three years of Trump the DNC is showing us they would rather allow Trump to win then let a real progressive sit in office. Which really is just showing us that our two party system is about as effective as the district attorney/public defender set-up we have in this country.

    Bernie has a record of standing for this democracy and he speaks truth. He is not beholden to the puppetmasters. If anyone has counted the cost and paid it, it is Bernie.
    Tulsi has seen the cost of endless regime change wars and she is unafraid to say no to the military industrial complex. She also has cultural roots that most Americans are missing these days. And she is a strong woman in a time where real and true feminine power is on the rise.


  31. Indian here. A little confused, it was Obstruction of Justice(Sondland thing), why Democrats can't use that. I don't understand it.

  32. So how come the republicans were on board with impeaching Nixon who has committed far less crimes then Donald trump in terms of affriars. Literally Donald trump has 5 huge affrairds some of them can that he should have been arrested for and serve jail time, yet after Watergate they were willing to impeach Nixon???

  33. The President has called bankruptcy many times. If he gets impeached, you think he is going to give a FUCK????
    He has no shame. He is BOUGHT to the highest bidder…

  34. Texts are free knowledge under law and admissable in court. However, most states are 2nd party recording, that have to be announced and agreed on both parties. So texting is never smart….

  35. Be patient. Our man just needs a little bit of time to rewrite part of the Constitution to let him do whatever he wants.

  36. Slow moving law means it is not really a legal issue but a political card for the comming election. It does not take so long to see if there is a crime. Everyone is innocent until proved otherwise.

  37. Slow moving law means it is not really a legal issue but a political card for the comming election. It does not take so long to see if there is a crime. Everyone is innocent until proved otherwise.

  38. Slow moving law means it is not really a legal issue but a political card for the comming election. It does not take so long to see if there is a crime. Everyone is innocent until proved otherwise.

  39. Sigh…. Daily Show shilling once again for the BluePilled with half-assed quotes and soundbites. Such fake news… And this show is quite open about it in their description: "Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture."

  40. Astounding that ANYBODY can fall for Trumps con that he's some kind of tough guy with any intellect at all. My belief is that he was put in place to dismantle the Constitution and weaken America's democracy. All they needed was a compromised stooge whose self absorption will overpower the good of country… somebody gutless with a complete lack of morals, common sense or temperament that would be guaranteed to make all the wrong choices everytime. Donald Trump is that guy! His supporters are gullible, ignorant and mad at the world for evolving.

  41. it's funny how they care about these whistle blowers, but when it's snowden and the others everyone wants them captured and imprisoned for high treason. fucking joke

  42. The laws are passed by Congress, any time the branch that make the laws have to protect witness because the president which is also another branch is doing shady shit U knw the country has a problem. Wat next a civil war?

  43. Clandestine USA 🤓🦇Prime Minister Giuliani has decreed:🚫🍑🚫🍑for my no quid & Perfect Calls/Tweet Master 🧛‍♂️ Lardship Donald Trump. TRUTH=NO CRIME – if you believe it.  Away, Democratic Reps. from the facts "kangaroo court".  Be gone!!

  44. Trevor what are you white or black? I bet around white people you are white then when you are around black people you are black

  45. Even better: if dems are going to hide the true identity of the whistleblower, why not mask them into Trump.


    So, it will be as if he is telling the truth.😉😄

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