Trump Withdraws Troops from Syria | The Daily Show

Trump Withdraws Troops from Syria | The Daily Show

Over the last few days, the impeachment case
against Donald Trump has seen a number
of big developments. A second whistleblower
stepped forward, damning text messages from American diplomats
were released, and Rudy Giuliani was caught
going through Joe Biden’s trash. Yeah. He wasn’t looking for
dirt, he was just hungry. Now, if you were facing the biggest crisis
of your presidency, what would you do? Probably lay low and focus
on putting out this fire. But you see,
you’re not Donald Trump, because if you were
Donald Trump, you would start
a whole new fire. We’re following breaking news
from Syria. In a major U.S. policy shift
this morning, American troops are pulling back
to make way for Turkey’s planned invasion
of part of northern Syria. Video out this morning shows
American forces leaving an area along Turkey’s border. The abrupt change follows
a phone call last night between President Trump
and Turkey’s president. Top Pentagon officials
telling Fox News they were blindsided
by the move. Okay, this is just insane. At 11:00 p.m. last night,
President Trump announced– at 11:00 p.m.– that the U.S. would be pulling its troops
out of a key part of Syria. Even crazier, is that
he didn’t tell the Pentagon. Yeah. They were blindsided. That’s like not telling NASA
you’re gonna blow up the moon. That’s their thing. They’ll just be phoning you,
like, “Uh, sir. We have a situation. It appears
the moon has exploded.” He’ll be like, (mimics Trump):
“Oh, yeah. That was me. Consider the werewolf problem
solved.” (normal voice): “Sir,
there’s no werewolf problem.” (mimics Trump):
“Exactly.” (normal voice):
Now, Trump’s decision to leave this area of Syria
may not seem like that big of a deal,
but it really is. Because, you see,
American troops in Syria have been protecting
Kurdish forces from Turkey. Now, you might be like,
“Well, why do we care so much about what happens
to Kurdish forces?” Well, because the Kurds
have been essential in America’s fight against ISIS. This is a major shift
with a potential for major nation security
implications, which some Pentagon officials
have tried to talk President Trump out of. These Syrian Kurdish forces have been America’s
strongest ally in taking back territory
that ISIS had captured. These forces also
are holding many of the 10,000 ISIS fighters
that have been captured. Turkey sees these Syrian Kurds as a terrorist insurgency, and has long urged the U.S. to stop its support
of the group. So this morning,
President Trump is now giving the green light to Turkey for
a military operation that would clear these Kurds
out of northern Syria. The United States now says
the Kurds are on their own. The Kurds say today, they have
been stabbed in the back. Okay, I know there’s a lot
going on there, but the main takeaway
is that Trump’s decision has now put America’s
Kurdish allies in danger. And after a move like this,
you can’t blame America’s allies for thinking America’s word
ain’t shit, right? It’s sort of like how AppleCare
claims it’ll protect you, but then when you take
your phone in, they’re like, “Uh, sorry. This doesn’t cover
broken screens.” And you’re like, “What do you
mean, it doesn’t cover screens? “The whole thing is a screen.
That’s the only thing. The phone is a screen.” (laughter) So, Trump’s
surprise military move has now put the Kurds at risk, and without the Kurds,
ISIS could make a comeback. And not in, like,
a cool, small part in a Tarantino movie
kind of way. Not that kind of comeback. Which is why it’s no surprise
that Trump’s own allies have started abandoning him. NEWSWOMAN: Trump’s former
UN ambassador Nikki Haley tweeting, “We must always have
the backs of our allies if we expect them
to have our back.” We’re completely abandoning them
to die. I mean, they could
absolutely be slaughtered, and this is unconscionable. This is so unacceptable. -A disastrous series of events.
-Well… I hope the president
will rethink this. NEWSMAN: Critics of the decision
include top Republican senators Mitch McConnell
and Lindsey Graham, McConnell saying today
an early U.S. withdrawal would only benefit
Russia, Iran and Syria. That’s right.
Even Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader
and jack-o’-lantern in December, has come out condemning Trump. (laughter and applause) Although, like, I’ll be honest. Mitch McConnell
is so unemotional, I don’t know if his words, like, have ever made anyone
change their mind, you know? He’d be worse at talking down,
like, a jumper. You know, just be like,
“Well, don’t do it.” (mumbles) “Think about all the beauty
in the world.” (mumbles) So, everyone from Fox & Friends
to neck flaps and friends have spoken out
against Trump’s military move, and in response,
Trump tweeted earlier today, “Relax, mother(bleep).
I got this.” NEWSWOMAN: Just moments ago,
President Trump tweeted… (reading): Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
No, no, no. No, no, no. Before you judge Trump,
he is technically correct. There is nobody
who matches his wisdom. He is correct. (cheering and applause) I mean… No other person… No other person had the wisdom to stare directly
into a solar eclipse, huh? (laughter) So, if you’re a member
of the Kurdish forces right now, you’re probably a little nervous because you got ISIS coming
from one side and now Turkey coming
from the other, and you’re probably wondering if there’s any way
to get Trump back on your side. Well, I do think
there is one option. Kurdish forces,
you need to phone Trump, and you need to tell him
you have dirt on Joe Biden, but if he wants it, he’s gonna
have to give you military aid or, as I like to call it,
a Kurd pro quo.

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  1. First George bush senior betrayed the Kurds and they ended up gas to death by Sadam now Trump. Kurds where the only force which we could trust 100% in Middle East and our stupid commander in chief in his “wisdom” done something so stupid that no one going to trust the US in the Middle East. (Turkey going to slaughter Kurds and ISIS going to regroup in this “safe zone”)

  2. 🚩 NOT FUNNY … What ??? You had innocent civilians; especially, Christians under your wings to protect, Mr. Trump! To defend the helpless is a "Mandate from Heaven," yes indeed. Pat Robinson was right! Now, Trump, you will see the wrath of the Senate! May your own Republican Senators replace you for Mike Pence! … And God help us now if at the General Election, a Democrat President gets into power !!! They are anxious to further increase abortions, taxed economy, and gay cause ! …. As a God-fearing person, I am dissappoint in you, Mr. Trump :/

  3. How much more proof do Trump Supporters need for them to realize that Donald Trump is completely incompetent? Even his most loyal sycophants at Fox and Friends and his political lapdogs are condemning his decision.

  4. This freaking egomaniac orange man needs to be kicked out of the WH before he creates more damages to the country and the world. Impeach and remove him asap!

  5. The Kurds did not help us in Normandy…. WTF!!!

    What else does Trump have to do to get fired? Set puppies ablaze in front of the camera?

  6. Please read before critisizing Turkey

  7. Please keep something in mind the Kurds are America's allies in the war they were given weapons of all kinds to defend themselves believe me they're not Toothless they can defend themselves

  8. kurds should leave the field to turks. they have no chance against 2nd largest military in nato. its stupid if they try to fight back 😀

  9. t-that whole fucking tweet….


    Like my mind feels like we are in some disillusional narcissistic super-villains lair

  10. Good US created new enemies. Kurds arent like rest of the people in middleeast. They will fight back and just Salahuddin kicked European ass.

  11. Rich idiot plays millions lifes! This is over extremely dangerous, not only for US but for the whole world!
    Why it takes so long to finally impeach him!?!!
    This is just madness. Person can't even talk properly, for god's sake!!! What is happening in the world???

  12. Let's not forget….there are two Trump Towers in Istanbul Turkey. This is all about HIS wallet! GREED RULES….he's not screwing his own income because of us piss ant Americans! Get a grip….It's HIS money…he ain't fucking with that!

  13. …well…I support his stupid move this time.President Trump…please trust your "Great Wisdom" and let those tired soldier go home we will handle the ISIS.

  14. While African slavery trade was on it’s pick, Turkish Ottoman people were having african governors and were sharing as same right as white peoples do! Turkey knows well those area! And they were the master ! There is no any kind of Kurdish Turkish racist war! Only Turkey against terror whatever you call it is name ! When Soviets located Cuba how America paniced for their border security?! If U want to know turkish muslim people just go Turkey ! I believe you Trevor Noah, that You will respect Ottomans and their children!

  15. Stop calling them Kurds. SDF are just terrorists. Yes there are some Kurds fighting for them but there are more Kurds fighting against them both in Syrian opposition and in Turkish Army.

  16. Nikki Haley, so the country that has the second biggest army in NATO is not your friend but a small group of poorly organized armed men is.

  17. Trevor, it is not just about US policy priorities or US relationship with Kurdish. Why you emphasize on this, I don't understand. Don't you US people understand people are dying by this bombings no matter what ethnicity they are. There are not just Kurdish ethnicities in the region. Also, Turkey aims to forcefully send back Syrian refugees in Turkey to those areas which have no infrastructure, no education opportunities, nothing. It will create a loop and ISIS might come back if you don't give people any decent living conditions. They ll turn more into religion and became more extremist. Also, Russia is part of the plan.

  18. The heck is wrong with Americans, the (PKK,YPG) are freaking terrorist murders rapist who are stealing arabs land even though they are only 8% of syria the deserve what they got Trump did a good job
    (yes I'm mid eastern)

  19. 1.İnvade iraq accusing they have nuclear wheapon but when finished, ups there is no wheapon
    2.Leave the ammo behind when leavin iraq and create a terror group called isis, now the have the ammo
    3. When this isis do some terror act , tho wins: first you have a reason to fight against and second now the weatern countries and people hate islam and muslims more than before, grate!!!
    4. Build a group from kurds which leads by the head of the terror group(as us too announces it as a terror group) called pkk/ypg/sdf (what ever) and make them look like fighting against this isis. They are not fighting becouse isis is stepping back and so called sdf is moving forward(part of a big plan)
    5. This sdf of course will threat the unity of Turkey, becouse SDF is the other name of pkk-a terror group in turkey
    6. Of course turkey will not accept this move and they will attempt to stop it

    Well you may ask why? Of cour rebuilding the middlle east and making an area that israel able to move freely. Remember those fiels are belong to jews according to their beliefs. And who is running america, or who cant you criticise in america: Jewish loby!!!

    Wake up america, wake up…

  20. You know Trevor Noah is a shill for the Military Industrial Complex, when he's lockstep with the MSM narrative. Ask yourselves: At what point is ok to bring the troops home? When the lying Pentagon says there are no more weapons of mass destruction? Guess what?! That'll never happen!! EVER.

  21. Why do u call them Kurdish forces,they are terrorists even considered by the US itself but they can support Terrorists in Turkeys backyard what if they were at The US Mexico border and Turkey was supporting them…Would you be happy about it

  22. Trevor…Trevor…every two weeks another “impeachment” drama shows up made up by the Democrats. He is going to mop up the Democrats in 2020. You are so sad as a comic because you have nothing with President Trump. He makes you look like a di*k.

  23. God called: 'Judas, you are forgiven. You wouldn't believe the betrayal that just went down today! Your betrayal only killed one innocent man, but holy $h!t this man's betrayal is now leading to a genocide!'

  24. Such a shame to see such one sided commentary on this show.
    Allies? I don't see the PKK/YPG/SDFe etc. on this list.

    In the order of joining NATO:

    1949 – Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States.

    1952 – Greece, Turkey

    1955 – Germany

    1982 – Spain

    1999 – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland

    2004 – Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

    2009 – Albania, Croatia

    2017 – Montenegro

  25. Trump talks about a pull out but all the world sees is American soldiers fleeing Turkish forces and leaving their allies to die. I guess home of the brave isn't that great of a description of America anymore

  26. I seriously want to know what the fuck has been going through Trump's head all this time. Why does he do the things he does? Is it just for the hell of it? What's he trying to achieve? I don't understand!!1

  27. I hope the Kurds know that the vast majority of Americans do not support this decision. We need to go back and help them, ASAP!!!!

  28. I feel so bad for the Kurds. They put their necks on the line for us and we abandon them like plastic trash. I want to say that I do not support this. I support my friends in battle. Screw Trump. Fight hard my friends. 🙁

  29. The damage he has done to America's international standing in 3 years will last 100,
    and he's not even finished.
    The magnitude of the destruction this one man has and will cause, is not just unprecedented, it's unfathomable.

  30. SDF/YPG does not represent Kurds.

    They are just an affiliate for the PKK terrorist organisation, accepted by US and other intelligence agencies, admitted by US officials many times. There are many other Kurdish groups fighting against them in Syria.

    There are about 15 million Kurds living peacefully inside Turkey, hundreds of thousands of them actually sought refuge over the last decade, many Kurdish government officials (including a former president) and you still make it seems like this is Turk vs Kurd?

    Stop playing word games, and call it like it is – a military operation to clear our border from terrorism. The numerous terrorist attacks on our civilians over the years were carried out by terrorists who trained in Syria, which has been a breeding ground, and used as a launching pad for terrorist groups.





  33. Liberals: "we're tired of perpetual war! America is a country of warmongers"
    Trump pulls troops out of Syria
    Liberals: "We need to keep US military in Syria!"
    Make up your fucking mind.

  34. I’m Kurd and trump and USA betrayed Kurd again we fight for 6 years and now that’s what we got , But we will fight and we will never give up, bje kurdstan ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  35. How is it possible that one mans ignorance/business plans, can just take over the command and *uck everything up?! How many have to die because of the stupidity of the American people?!!! Getting him out of the White House is LOOOOG overdue!! wake up!

  36. Great and unmatched wisdom…
    Great and unmatched narcissistim, maybe.
    GTFOH, Spanky.
    Impeach & remove this shit stain on our grt nation!!!!

  37. Who needs enemies when your „best friend „is the traitor…….Us the land of the free……..sorry maids……..Trump fucked everything up……..maybe in the beginning of this heartless,soulless betrayal of tough loyal supporters the us will not be inflected but the real inflection will be much more heavier in the future.Trump Isa bloody dickhead,not interested in a peaceful world,only interested in his personal uneducated way of „golf living with his billionaire buddy’s“….this bloddy moron is a poor painting on the fascist wall……

  38. Anyone think it's weird the news is allowed to just blatantly tell military plans to the public? "So we are going to pull out so Turkey can invade…" cool so uh… does Turkey watch our news because you just told the whole world the battle plan…

  39. What invasion???!!! Turkey is securing a safe zone for over 4 million Syrian refugees who have now lived in Turkey for ages!

  40. I'm a Turkish man and I'm living in Turkey. First off all I am not a Erdogan sporter. I hate hım as much as you do. Turkish people do not hate Kurds. There are more than 10M Kurds in my country, my neighbourhood, my home. My mother is Kurdish. My girlfriend is Kurdish. They are living among us we see Kurds as brothers, sisters. We marrying with each other. We are not enemies ,we are not killing them like your media and your politicians says. Please do not believe anything the media says. I love every human being but if that human being iş getting armed and starts to attack to my country my people my soldier then I have a problem with that human being. Turkey is not killing Kurds. Turkey killing only terrorists. PKK-YPG are terrorist organizations. They are Kurd, yes but what kind of? İf you getting a gun in your hand and starting to attack to my brother, my sister to my country then you are no longer welcomed here. You are a terrorist. Just bc Kurds in YPG-PKK terrorist groups helped U.S fight another terrorist group it doesnt mean they're no longer terrorists. They are terrorizing my country since 1978. Check the history do some research pleas look it up on Google before you say anything. PKK (extansion of YPG in Syria) killed 35.000 th. people in 28 years in Turkey. They made thounsands of armed attacks on civilians. Just look it up suicide bomb attacks in the years of 2014-2015-2016-2017. They were trying

    to take east part of my land and called it Kurdistan and they failed the father of Kurds and the chairman of PKK-YPG terrorist organization captured in 1999 in Nairobi Kenya. He is in jail in an island in Turkey. So They failed and now they're trying to build an terrorist country near my country. They are not some peacefull people who wants their own lands like your media says. We are not going to let any terrorist group to build any counry near Turkey even if we have to kill them all. Turkey and Turkish people is not afraid of any kind of thread. Peace at home peace in the world like Ataturk says but İf any country wants a war (like Trump says in his tweets) bring it. İf you have to know a one thing about Turkish people we don't give a fuck. We don't give a fuck about dead. We don't afraid to die like literally. Turkish people can give up on their lives like it's nothing. İf it's about our soil, our flag, our home. Women children will fight back in my country. We are not like any other nation. Not like the 4 million Syrians that abondoned their country and run to Turkey. We are not like Iraq not like Afghanistan or Libya. We do not run, we die in honor.

  41. First of all, I love this guy he is hilarious..
    Secondly, the fact is there is a big difference between Kurdish people and armed terrorist PKK/YPG/DSF groups….
    Western media is intentionally calling all of them as Kurdish groups….

    ISIS has damaged Turkey more than any other country…. It is ridiculous to even think that Turkey is gonna let those ISIS dogs escape… Having said that Turkey until now is the only country who attacked ISIS on air and on land.. and in previous two little operations almost 5000 ISIS militants were killed…
    US should have trusted a NATO ally to fight these ISIS dogs, where is the sense in arming a documented terrorist group (PYD/YPG) to finish off another terrorist group….
    There was clearly a game being played by US trying to place a terrorist state in Southern border of Turkey… and Turkish intelligence apparently got it and that is why they insisted…. so the Turkish army will not get out from Northern Syria until all the ISIS/PYD/YPG/DSF are cleared from those lands, so that 3.6 million refugees that are in Turkey could be sent back to a safe zone….

  42. Finally PKK, YPG, & SDG will extinct. Our(America's) biggest, strongest and reliable ally is actually Turkish Govt. Trevor, you don't have to worry about ISIS because Turkish govt. will eat them low life murderers alive. They'll be wiped off from face of the earth thanks to Turkey 🇺🇸🇹🇷🇺🇸🇹🇷🇺🇸🇹🇷🇺🇸

  43. Turkey has 10 million Kurdish oriented Turkey citizens. Turkey is not against Kurds. Turkey is against USA -UK supported PYD YPG-PKK groups that have been getting power since gulf War , whom wants to make a Kurdish state at (Turkey-Iran-Iraq-Syria) by not using politics but using terror in region. Thoose groups are frightining people by their arms and they changed demography by terror in last 30 years. Thats why İran, Turkey even Esad or other Arabic oriented Syrians are against them. Only way to stop terror by guns is using guns again. Nobody has the right to change demography by guns, like Israel done in Phalestina

  44. People stop acting like you give any two fucks about the Kurds. You all crying like a bunch of pussies. Where were you when the Kurds took the weapons from Iraqi Christians two weeks before ISIS came? Then abondoned those same people they disarmed when ISIS Invaded? The Kurds have been causing genoicide for 100 years. Why don’t you cry about that? Trump 2020 bitches

  45. Turkey is the second largest army in NATO.Did you what I say ? NATO.Maybe you didn't understand, I'm repeating.TURKEY IS IN NATO YOU FUCKERS WE SUPPOSE TO BE YOUR ALLY !!!

  46. Another proof that the US is a backstabber. Never trust the US as it always works only for it's interests and can even get it's friend killed in the process!

  47. Hey Trevor when will u talk about Ecuador, and how the militsry was sent on protestors when the back up of MiKe Pompeo. He is literally killing and injuring thousands of Protestors!

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