Trump’s Defense Team Plays Dumb – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trump’s Defense Team Plays Dumb – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

I’m always amused by
how Trump’s defense team tries to obscure the real reason the impeachment trial is happening. Like Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, when he’s up there and he’s
like, “Why are we here? Because of a phone call?” No, it’s because of what
was said on that phone call, and then what was done
after that phone call, and before the phone…
Like, that’s why the people are there. He’s making it
like it’s just about the – “It’s ’cause of a phone call? Huh?” You know? It’s like… I would love to do that at trial. “Why am I here? Huh? Because I walked into that bank?” “Well, and then what did you
do when you were in the bank?” “That’s not the point!”

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  1. this is the same argument his base has been making.. wahh why is he getting impeached over a phone call? ITS WHAT IS SAID ON THE CALL. Theyre totally brainwashed. I work with some of them they end up asking ME why he is getting impeached.. i tell them do your fucking research lmfao, they have no idea what is going on.. most are straight up blind devotees to this mega-dotard.

  2. Jay Seculo (spelling?) imitated by Trevor reminds me of Riley in R Kelly episode from The Boondocks.
    RIP Reese Witherspoon

  3. If there was a REAL jury, trump would be impeached and jailed. Yet we have a jury of criminals deciding on weather or not to convict their mob boss.

  4. Beware the pitfalls of a charasmatic leader.. They can inspire a willful ignorance that has the potential to destroy everything it touches.

  5. Watching their defense now, it's so pitiful; pure soviet whataboutism, trying to replace Trump's crimes with the manufactured Biden "scandal"; but even if Biden is guilty (which he probably isn't, because Republicans are liars), Trump is STILL guilty of asking Ukraine to release those details to help his own campaign! IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER IF BIDEN IS CORRUPT OR NOT, TRUMP ALREADY IS!

    This is what Russia and other autocratic, corrupt governments do: they manufacture and release scandals to hurt Democrats at key moments. The Biden scandal is something Trump's team was manufacturing to deploy to steal the 2020 election, just like they stole 2016 with "her emails" (ugh @ any idiot who fell for that…I didn't!) and now they are trying to deploy it early to weasel out of impeachment.

  6. I really like Trevor Noah and Obama. . . 2 days ago, I made an Obama Impersonation. . . Please watch it here thanks

  7. Oh, Trump's defense team is illogical? Good, then the managers shouldn't have any trouble winning this case.

    24 hours on incessant, repetitive accusations with NO direct evidence or mention of a crime. Now THAT'S logical. Dr. Spock type shit, in fact. Smh.

    Lord ha' mercy.

  8. "Biden was wrong for holding money to get someone fired, so my client withheld money to get the Bidens investigated? If one is wrong, both are wrong. Only one case is being heard. Seperate case against Biden.

  9. Convicted fraud and 6 time business bankruptcy Impeached President Trump is a crook and the malversant Republican party are accessories to his crimes through their cover up.

  10. The tribalism is so bad in the US. About 80%+ of all comments on this video are EXACTLY mirrored on republican favored channels.
    Neutral way of seeing things: As the republican party has the majority in the senate, it would come close to a miracle if they remove Trump from Office.

    EVERY democrat has to vote in favor plus they need 20 republicans more to get the needed majority.

  11. Parnas and now Bolton will not let it die…
    They will keep adding more fuel to the fire. It's hilarious how they are sitting on evidence and controlling media senate and everyone in the country.

  12. Don Lemon, the guy who likes to fondle himself and wants you to smell his fingers after! (Total wacko) talks "playing dumb" , "between the scenes"?? LoL 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump20 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. The GOP is constantly drinking and eating from the Trump dump trough and apparently have grown accustomed to the taste. They have no sense of good taste or manners. They can't see beyond the stench where they've stuck their snouts. Poor fools are all headed past the truth to the slaughter or off a cliff with their evil hero.

  14. This guy actually thinks he's fuckin funny. Literally ALL this guy has is TRUMP he acts like he hates him but wouldn't have anything without him. This man is just so not funny. All his jokes are about trump I can't wait for trump to get out of office just so I never have to see this ugly unfunny piece of shit. Literally everything she says is about trump. Why don't you get some new material. We get it. Your black you don't like trump. I have a joke Donald Trumps still fuckin president

  15. That propaganda is all about making a specific group of people nod.
    „Yea! Just because of a frikken PHONE CALL! Can you BELIEVE it? SMH!“

  16. Will Smith: "What the hell is happening!?"
    Gene Hackman: "I blew up the Building!"
    Will Smith: "Why!?"
    Gene Hackman: "Because you made a phone call!"

  17. The White House legal team could say anything and the vote would go down party lines anyway. Why are they going with the stupidest defenses?

    "They want to overturn the election," etc. is not how anything works. That's a fundamental misunderstanding of basic civics. That's not only dangerously incompetent for a lawyer, I wouldn't trust that person to graduate junior high. They would probably fail a citizenship test.
    Here are the only answers I can come up with.

    1) Mike Pence is unelectable. The less you think about the Pence's unusual relationship and dangerously backwards ideas, the better.

    2) All that, but Mike Pence is more efficient in the shadows. Like most cabinet members, the stuff they're doing, or not doing, is horrifying. There's just this giant distraction that's always a tweet away from disaster to keep us occupied.

    3) Like I said, this will probably fall down party lines, so a win is pretty in the bag. It's not a true victory unless they demonize their opponents. They want to overturn "your" vote, Karen. They're going to find Hillary Clinton and make her president because they're jealous of how big a victory Trump had. They've always been jealous. All those fake stories are proof of it. You're too smart to fall for their deep state mind tricks, because you follow the real news. It was a perfect phone call some secret deep state, Soros-paid agent "whistle blew" over. Look into our gaslight, Karen, trust us.

    4) Donald Trump has a time machine and knows the exact words they need to say to win in this timeline. They don't make sense to us, but that's because we haven't lived the other 14 million timelines.

  18. check out Guilty guilty guilty Pryor does impression of I' sure someone is schifting in their pants or peeloseying all over theirself

  19. But the note you wrote the teller was perfect. It was a perfect note. The most perfect note. You wrote a perfect note.

  20. The "phone call" isn't even the straw that broke the camel's back as the straw keeps piling on and it's frankly not even the worst or most public thing the Trump administration has done. It is, however, quite emblematic of a consistent pattern of leaving utter political devastation in the wake of a personal goal with definitive negative effects on the long-term viability of American political influence just so Trump doesn't feel personally like a loser as it discredits decades of work by career diplomats just to get loyalists in a position to do personal political favours and tosses credence over to an active enemy of the United States just as a deflection. And the credence sent that enemy's way is so consistent as to be suspicious.

    And even putting all THAT aside the internal logic of some of Trump's defenses are pretty ludicrous. Ukraine hacked the election to help the Democrats by hacking the Democrats and leaking their private emails? Then the Democrats sent the physical server to the people that hacked them? And thus Trump wants the Ukrainian president to implicate his own country in an attack on the U.S. which was a critical ally they had no possible reason to attack as they depend on U.S. aid to defend against Russia? And the continued aid is contingent on indicating that Ukraine is America's enemy?


  21. I had a mini flashback to Episode 10 of FOR THE PEOPLE While watching the impeachment trial and Trump's defense attorney said "why are we here" … I remember thinking did he steal his defence from a TV series

  22. I wonder how repuplicans will fare after trump has inevitably exited the political scene. Won't future voters remember how they acted? I understand party loyalty but they must have at least disillusioned some of their former supporters. Will the trump supporters they gained continue supporting them if there is no trump in the picture anymore? Somehow I doubt it. But looking at how humans can sometimes act against all logic I won't be suprised by anything.

  23. Trump's team are saying "Yes, he robbed that bank, but he gave the money back when he got caught, so no harm, no foul, right? Even if it was wrong, you can't impeach him for taking a trip to the bank! This was the most PERFECT trip to the bank, that has EVER happened, under ANY President!""

  24. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🗯️😋

  25. #Republicans will follow #JIMJONES and make more cool aid they are a cult not a party can't think for themselves


    It's time to save our democracy! Do you have the intellectual honesty and integrity to do the right thing? I certainly hope so! History will not look kindly to those that fail to uphold our constitution! WE ARE WATCHING!


  27. Trumps defense summarized to "NU Uh you lyin" LOL

    Sir there is a wall between us and our neighboring country. You have divided this country in ever way possible.

    "nu uhh. You can't prove it" LOL WHAT!?!! Are you.. Are you mentally challenged 😁

  28. We all know what he did. Congress knows what he did. We all know Congress knows what he did.

    Congresspeople in the GOP know if they $#@* this up, they better hope Trump gets reelected… because they’ll need him to give them cushy jobs in the White House… we’re voting them out for being just as corrupt as Trump!

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