Trump’s Impenetrable Wall Isn’t So Impenetrable | The Daily Show

Trump’s Impenetrable Wall Isn’t So Impenetrable | The Daily Show

Donald Trump, the 45th president
of the United States, and the only president
to wear a weave. During his time in office, there have been several issues that he has been
intently focused on, things like cutting regulations, pulling out of Iran,
and legalizing flag marriage. But the one issue that he cares
about more than anything else is his big, beautiful
border wall. You know, “Build the wall.
Build the wall.” In many ways, the wall is
the son Trump always wanted: it’s taller, stronger
and somehow smarter. And now, now the president
is trying to groom the next generation
of border wall lovers. TV REPORTER:
A White House Halloween party reportedly featured a station where children were encouraged
to help build the wall with their own
personalized bricks. Yahoo News says
the party took place at Eisenhower Executive Office
Building, which is used
by White House staff. Okay. Okay. People might be
pissed off about that, but wait until you find out that
the kids were also encouraged to find dirt on the Bidens.
Trump was like, (mimics Trump):
“I got a Kit Kat “for anyone who brings me
Hunter Biden’s password. I call it kit pro quo.” (laughter) (normal voice): But, yeah,
I think we can all agree that children on Halloween should not be building
a border wall. The only way that’s appropriate is if the kids
were building a wall over Rudy Giuliani’s
office door. Then it’s okay.
Then it works. So that was on Halloween. Right? That was on Halloween. But it seemed like this was
a wall-themed weekend for Donald Trump,
because on Friday, at a rally in Mississippi, the president
was boasting once again about just how impenetrable
his border wall is. This is a very serious wall. This is the exact–
everything they wanted. I said give me the
specifications for the wall. They said, “Well, sir,
we’d like steel, but would also like concrete
and would also like rebar.” I said, “Well, what do you want?
Which one? So I did all three. (crowd cheering) Because it’s a different form
of cutting. You can cut through steel but
you can’t through the concrete, and then you can’t through
the hardened rebar. We got it all. And, “We also need see-through,
sir. Got to see
who’s on the other side.” That makes sense, right? (mimics Trump):
“Yeah, that makes sense. “You got to have
a see-through wall “because if the wall
is not see-through, “the only way to know
what’s on the other side “is by yelling, ‘Marco’
and hope they yell, ‘Polo.’ “That’s the only way. -“But… But…
-(cheers and applause) “Some Mexicans
aren’t named Marco. “A lot of people
don’t know that, folks. A lot of people
don’t know that.” (normal voice):
But, yes, on Friday night, Trump gave his usual
unhumble brag about how nothing
can get through his wall. And you know how, in a sitcom, when they cut right
to the next scene? Uh, well,
cut right to the next scene. According to The Washington
Post, Mexican smuggling gangs have repeatedly sawed
through sections of Trump’s new border wall. Smugglers are using
a cordless tool known as a reciprocating saw
that pretty much sells at hardware stores
for as little as $100, and when you fit it
with specialized blades, the tool can pretty much
slice through steel and concrete barriers
within minutes. Yep, that’s right. Just after Trump bragged
about his super wall, we learned that smugglers
have been cutting through the new border wall
with basic tools that you can buy
at any hardware store. And I honestly
wouldn’t be shocked if the guys at Home Depot showed
the smugglers how to do it, because… ’cause those guys
will help you with any project. Yeah, they don’t judge.
They’ll just be like, “Hey, buddy,
you need help with anything?” You’re like, “Yeah, uh,
I want to open a safe that’s not in my house.” It’s like, “Okay,
you’ll need a power drill. “Aisle seven.
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Is this a bank safe?”
“Uh, yeah.” “Oh, then you need a blowtorch.
Aisle five. Aisle five. Also zip ties for the guards.
Aisle two. My man.” (cheering and applause) Now… Now, you might think
that Trump would be humiliated by the news that smugglers
are cutting through his uncuttable border wall, but clearly,
you don’t know Trump. When asked if he was concerned
that people were able to cut through the border wall
he has been touting for so long, this was
the president’s response. I haven’t heard that.
We have a very powerful wall. But no matter how powerful, uh, you can cut through anything,
in all fairness. You know, cutting…
cutting is one thing, but it’s easily fixed. One of the reasons we did it
the way we did it, it’s very easily fixed
to put the chunk back in. But we have
a very powerful wall. But you can cut through
any wall. Okay, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. For four years, this guy told us
the wall would be impenetrable. But now he’s like,
“Yeah, of course. You can cut through anything.
Of course.” In a span of few hours, Trump’s wall went from being
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to literally any other guy
named Dwayne. That’s what just happened there. What happened? Huh? -(cheering and applause)
-And also… And also, if Trump is saying
he built it on purpose to be something that’s easy
to open and then close, it isn’t a wall. My man, you’ve built a door. (laughter and applause) I feel like that’s where
this whole thing is headed. Trump’s just gonna
come out like, “We put a door
on the southern border. “So much easier. “They can open it, “but afterwards,
it can also be closed. “And who’s gonna close it?
Mexico! Close the door! Close the door!”

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  1. the only times in the history of man a wall has kept people out of another country has been when armed guards are willing to kill to defend the wall.

  2. "You put the chunk back in." El Trumpo Pendejo's utter stupidity and complete lack of logic have become a neverending source of amusement for me…

  3. God bless the president of the United States of America in the name of Jesus Christ…..dios bendiga al presidente de Estados Unidos de América…demócrats are evils puppets.😈mi amigo ya usted es una persona adulta para estar con esas inorancias.ponte pa número.

  4. YAWN….Trevor is a typical feminine liberal ''man''…His show is lame, and he's a RAGING hypocrite..
    He leaves his shit hole country,because it sucks..Then comes to America and cashes in, then whines about America and capitalism…..What a weak, idiot hypocrite !!!
    Thank God, Trump will be re-elected easily !!!

  5. So where is the video showing where they cut through. Could it be that its the old wall that they have been cutting though for years?

  6. Let's make fun of the barrier to importing liberal voting blocks through illegal entry when there's a legal way to enter the country; so much comedic substance.

  7. Every time Trump recounts someone speaking to him and claims they addressed him as “sir” you know a bullshit fake ass story is about to follow!

  8. Having them build a wall is like teaching them it's okay to kill people trying to run away to save their families lives
    Don't forget the wall can be adjusted to shock . trump built a connect the dots wall and signed it with a sharpie .
    Where's Americas money trump and why haven't you showed us the resent holes that are in your wall. WHY have you forbid and ordered your guards to take photos or let anyone else get pictures ? ? ? ?

  9. You know that the wall is not even closely to being built. They built like a tiny portion and lie saying it has been built.

  10. I think back to when the Congress offered him extra money for aircraft, sensors, and personnel, which older border Veterans wanted as more effective and portable to areas of need, and he shut down the government to extort for this wall.
    I remember the insistence on height and spikes, doubling the cost, to defeat ladder use. Now, the very things he was warned about, have happened. They must pay to repair wall sections even before annual maintenance.
    In the past, anytime something did not live up to bid promises, penalties and prosecution followed. What about now?

  11. Imagine immigrating from south africa where you grew up during apartheid, moving to the best country in the history of the world, and mercilessly attacking it. Whatta meme

  12. BOMBSHELL !!! Volodymyr Zelensky will probably come to Washington to personally testify in the House and clear definately ALL THOSE biased Official's Personal " Interpretations & UNDERSTANDINGS " of this * PHONY phone Call*. That will definitely trash ALL the DMS scam conspiracy. FAKE NEWS and Schifty Schiff will flip like a dog chasing his queue.

  13. It's 2019, anyone who thought that dumb ass wall was a good idea shouldn't be able to make adult decisions. What a great businessman, billions eaten away by $100

  14. For those that don’t remember, Jerry Falwell, the televangelist used to go on TV and tell people that if they sent him money, he would put their name on a brick in their university. Do ya think the build the wall thing came from Jerry.

  15. Oh yes….all trump supporters now staying quiet ….speak up fuckers! ur supreme leader needs your unconditional support…what happened to all those ballsy talkers and supporters…..finally you realized he's an idiot and you have been supporting a moron all these years….it's ok take a breath we forgive you. Come to the smart side

  16. If you guys love the new daily show like i do 😁
    ull also love this show on mr noah ps im also from south africa

  17. You built a door😅
    You can open it but then very easy to close it😂😂
    Oh thank you my Lord for telling me how doors work😂😂

  18. And people if you can call them people still following this fool so call them blinded being lead by the seeing eyed Trump mistaking his crowd for a fire hydrant please get a real 🐕 dog !

  19. Facts walls never worked, The Great Wall of China and Berlin Wall, even the walls in biblical times failed. The alternative is to put bodies on the border. The President can activate the National guard and us the reserves to rotate shifts. Tanks,land and aerial drones. Divert $60 billion from the failed wall, give to the military.


  21. The traitor in chief should talk to the former East Germans about walls, with guards, dogs and machine guns and it could not stop people either.

  22. for so long, ive thought that mercury and gallium could be used for subterfuge on barriers ,

    this is fucking stupid, we are annoying the non human animals migration paths who already has to deal with humans wrecking their homes up
    Mexico needs us to lift them up by their bootstraps
    because we bullshit about how great we are all day
    but if we actually helped in a way that wasn't war

  23. Obviously people can get through the wall. It's so much harder now that it's much easier to patrol and respond to the technology they also use(cameras and "stuff"). Symantics. The wall helps our country so much. Be grateful a politician is doing something to benefit OUR country. Not Latin America

  24. Kids get extra candy if they bring Rump dirt on the Bidens. So sad, it's not just funny but it's believable if not true.

  25. This was debunked as fake news. A single tool won't cut through steel and concrete. You would need a minimum of 2 tools.

  26. I'm sure enterprising Mexicans are reselling the the cut out chunks of border wall for raw materials as well.

    Meaning right now, someone in Mexico is building a wall, and the USA is paying for it.

  27. All of you give chump Trump more power when you make it your daily;;;;; and what does John Stewart think about your segment on Hilary killery do…?

  28. Didn't someone already paint a huge later on The Toupe in Chief's wall prototipes? Not to medion the tunnels, lol, the orange man is so beyond retarded, and so are his delusional supporters.

  29. build the wall so the mexicans dont become the next negros in the fields ever wonder why negro is a bad word ever speak to a mexican and ask them what they know about black ppl and by the way how do you say black and what do you want to do here in america for work ever ask a ***

  30. I'll tell you what this is in the USA. It's a regular serf revolt like in the Napoleonic or Renaissance eras. It started with a party near the British Invasion and the LSD test and these neo-peasants mean political turnover through drug berserkers. Come and take my books and my in-debt account! Filthy peasants. Just get the military, already. I'll even join this campaign! They're too stupid and unorganized to declare it, or the longer they don't the more damage gets done.

  31. Trump should takeover the California Peninsula by force after he consolidates control over the California Peninsula he should then proceed to ethnically cleanse the California Peninsula of all of the people currently living there by killing them all off using MOAB bombs and then leaving none left alive in the entirety of the California Peninsula lastly he should then repopulate the California Peninsula by offering free US citizenship to anybody and everybody of pure European extraction from both Europe and the worldwide European diaspora to populate the three newly commissioned cities created in the California Peninsula. Right before the takeover of the California Peninsula commences Trump should issue an executive order baring any and all foreign or domestic civilians from ever taking photographs or filming in any and all active war zones in which the US is actively involved in and also any and all foreign or domestic news outlets should be barred from ever reporting on and or taking photographs or filming in any and all active war zones in which the US is actively involved in.

  32. Lol idiot! Trevor expects security is a one layer solution. Either that or he's working with the deep state to make others think stupidly!! 🤦🏻‍♂️ So obvious it's getting insulting!

  33. Please, being following you seems the start, talk about Bolivia and how OEA, is doing nothing to fix the communist problem in Latin America, guess where are they going next???

  34. Shoot the illegals once they breach the wall. Simple. Treat them like they treat USA women and children attending a wedding.

  35. 4:07 so chump went from impenetrable wall to strong wall to eh it's strong but it does have its flaws… and the American people should feel happy their money is going towards the repairs? …. so chumpy when is Mexico supposedly going to start paying for the wall again?😂😂

  36. Is me but doesn't Trump contradicts himself. He will say one thing one day and then turn around and says the complete opposite and then he'll say that's not what he means but that's not what it was meant to be he is confusing.

  37. I think Hilary is paying this show also ,it looks like Obama channel with no joke's , CNN family in Clinton's pocket ,the daily bullshit

  38. I’m American and I would cut through that wall as well if it meant a chance to feed my kids and a better life for them ,,but this guy is hilarious

  39. You’re the idiot that’s affected if they get through the wall built by Americans. Jesus idiocracy is becoming a reality.

  40. As appealing to my Scottish roots the thought of bricking in Rudy the Consigliere, that's defacing public property, a waste of precious office space, and a whole litany of other reasonable objections based on the clear need for efficient government use of resources. But, yeah… Oh, and, just by the way, can you please next time introduce us to his elocution trainer? I doubt it was the standing expert — spot on, except he missed out the locked knees! — because I clearly understood, within a cogent framework, everything he said.

    No surprise here that Trump's wall people neglected to subject their design to the Sawzall test.

  41. What have you done about it asshole it's assholes like you that divide the country you need a good ass kicking right in your fuckin mouth weak fuck socialism asshole

  42. Freaking YouTube, why have you played this same video 4 times today alone? Yesterday 3 or more, I get so tired of YouTube autoplay. Play something new for me plz

  43. They should build a wall next to a prison cell if any gang tries to cut down the wall then they will be attacked or get caught from damaging u.s property

  44. He could give two s&@ts about this stupid wall, it was a promise made and a contract fulfilled. Yet these knuckle dragging numb nuts still worship him.

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