Trump’s Mideast Move Creates Mayhem | The Daily Show

Trump’s Mideast Move Creates Mayhem | The Daily Show

In a normal administration, an impeachment inquiry would be
enough drama on its own. But the Trump presidency is like
a Black Friday sale happening at the Fyre Festival–
pure chaos. Because while
all this impeachment stuff is tearing America apart, Trump is causing
just as much mayhem overseas. It all started last week, when he made an abrupt decision to pull troops out
of northern Syria, which everyone slammed. Right? Republicans,
Democrats, Fox News. Even the Joker was like,
“All right, I love chaos, but this shit is insane.” Well, now it turns out
the thing everyone warned Trump would happen is happening. REPORTER:
This morning, chaos in Syria, as President Trump orders
all remaining U.S. forces to leave
the north of the country. Turkish forces hammering
America’s Kurdish allies with the help
of radical Islamist militias. The escalating violence
now forcing 100,000 people
from their homes. Turkish artillery
also exploding just 250 yards from an American Special Forces
post on the border. REPORTER 2: It appears
Turkey used alleged terrorists as shock troops
against U.S. allies, the Kurds, until they collapsed and had to call on President
Assad to be their savior. Amid this chaos, ISIS is trying to regroup. Hundreds of ISIS members
and supporters have broken free
of detention camp. Sweet Jesus. Donald Trump is the only person who can find a way to make
the Middle East more chaotic. Turkey invading, Kurds fleeing,
ISIS escaping? Like, the Middle East
was already a geopolitical Jenga tower, with everyone trying
to figure out the right move. And then Donald Trump comes in.
He’s like, “What if we moved
the whole table?” And Trump,
Trump has justified his decision to pull out of Syria by saying that this is all part
of his larger plan to bring American troops
back home. And that makes sense. Right? What doesn’t make sense
is that home seems to be another country
in the Middle East. And as U.S. troops
have been pulled back from the border area
of northern Syria, President Trump is sending
an additional 2,800 Americans to Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon deploying
fighter squadrons and two Patriot batteries and other aircraft
to bolster Saudi defenses. This comes in response
to last month’s attacks on Saudi oil facilities
that the White House has blamed on Iran. We are sending troops and other things
to the Middle East to help Saudi Arabia, but– are you ready?– Saudi Arabia, at my request,
has agreed to pay us for everything we’re doing. That’s a first! Yeah. Yeah, he’s right.
That is a first. I don’t think America has ever
rented out its military before. Like, that is a wild thing. He’s selling the military
and other things? What are the other things?
Does anybody ask? Nobody? What is, like–
What, does he just, like, sneak Eric into the shipment? He’s just like,
“You take this and Eric.” “Dad, why am I…”
“Shut up, Eric. Go now.” It’s weird that you can rent out
America’s military. You know what I would do
if I was Mexico? I would raise a bunch of money, and then I would hire America’s
military to do a coup on itself. Yeah. Then the people
would just be like, “Mr. President, our military’s
taking over the White House.” He’d be like, “I know.
And who’s gonna pay for it? Mexico.” -(applause)
-So… Trump says he’s done
with the Middle East, but, in the same breath,
he says he’s sending new troops
to the Middle East, which is really confusing. So, to help us clear things up,
we go now to our senior war correspondent,
reporting live from the Middle East,
Desi Lydic, everybody. (cheering and applause) Desi, this administration seems
to have very mixed messages about America’s role
in the Middle East. There’s only one message
I’m getting, Trevor, and it’s, “Dear world,
America first. Prayer hands emoji,
bald eagle emoji, America.” Look, President Trump
is just fulfilling his promise to pull U.S. troops out
of the Middle East. And, you know what,
it’s refreshing. A lot of men say
they’ll pull out, but they don’t. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me seven times, I have seven kids now. But-but, Desi, but, Desi, even though this was one
of Trump’s promises, you have to admit
that his decision has turned the Middle East
into a total shit show. Oh, Trevor, the Middle East
has always been a shit show. It’s like a Waffle House
after 1:00 a.m. Like, it’s not America’s job
to get involved. You have the Kurds, the Turks. I-It’s such a nuanced,
complicated situation. It’s not something
America can solve. Okay, but if that’s
America’s position, then why send thousands
of troops to Saudi Arabia? Because, Trevor,
it’s the Middle East. It’s America’s job
to get involved. Yeah, it has so much potential. It’s like a Waffle House
at 8:00 a.m. You have Sunni Muslims fighting,
Shia Muslims. It’s-it’s a very nuanced,
complicated situation that only America can solve. D-Desi, it seems to me
like Trump is simultaneously pushing
isolationist and interventionist policies
in the Middle East. What? No! No, no, no, no, no.
That’s crazy. I mean, that’s impos…
It’s like being a-a person that’s black and white
at the same time. It’s impossible! Well, actually, uh, that’s-that’s not impossible,
Desi. See, Trevor, here’s what
you need to understand. Trump promised to get America
out of the Middle East, which he’s done in Syria. And now,
by going into Saudi Arabia, he has another opportunity to pull America’s troops
out of the Middle East, delivering on his promise twice. Because you can’t pull them out if you don’t keep
thrusting them back in -just again and again and again.
-All right, thank… thank you. -Again, again! -Thank you. Thank
you, Desi. Thank you, Desi. -Thank you so much.
-Desi Lydic, everyone.

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  1. It's not Trump's fault, they are their own people. Sometimes things have to get worse for OTHER people for them to reorganize and group up to become better. If we constantly implant our will and indoctrinate every country, then they won't be independent. They must fight for their own. It's not Trump's fault that people are dying because we pulled out, it's those people's fault for not fleeing that they're dying. If you condemn pulling out our troops to save their lives, then you're encouraging regime change that occurs as a result of our stay. Don't be hypocrites America, and Trevor Noah, we know you hate white people you racist fk. I don't think you'll last very long because you're a ticking time bomb.

  2. OMG This pile of shit is running a goverment with a business mind!!! Fuking shitty realitiy shows on USA. U guys dont need to watch comedy shows on Netflix any more, just watch the news!

  3. Everyone is pinning the problem on Trump. How did he become president? What kind of a system/voter base creates this mess? Who enables him?

  4. Trump was like : I bring isis down, I can certainly bring them out , and money needs our help, I mean Saudis. And I love McDonalds.

  5. World, 2008: Finally! Bush’s presidency’s over! Never again will they be able to elect a dumber a**hole.
    USA, 2016: hold my beer

  6. I hate to say this, BUT Trump will make U.$. pay for all the wrong it has done. Thank You Racist WhyPeople for making America Great. You did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!

  7. to withdraw from Syria is a wise decision, efforts to bring down Syria regime was a big mistake, it created ISIS, killed too much people and millions of refugees, let the local geopolitical powers to shape a balance by itself is the only way to get peace and stability for long term, US is strong, but not God, look what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the invasion of US making these 2 countries better, definitely not…didn't US learned any lesson from Vietnam war?

  8. Trump is part of ISIS this was his whole plan when he became president. He pointed fingers to divert and accused others as isis members

  9. I wouldn't expect any payed supporter of Trump like Fox news etc to make any logical argument but any normal "salt of the earth" poor white american who still supports Trump, please give me one reason why you still do? He destroyed your lives, closed job opportunities, caused you more taxes and less for the rich, no health care, and now he's literally dealing with the troops so dear to your hearts. Please explain..

  10. I can't laugh at this. We're letting our allies get slaughtered and helping Isis regroup. We deserve whatever hell comes to us.

  11. There are 11,000 ISIS in holding camps in northern Syria. That is how much the Kurds were doing for us. This is a rolling catastrophe. America, the betrayer.

  12. well, if u think about it…
    USA cannot afford two wars…broke gov

    oh and greetings from SAUDI ARABIA
    a country that will be among the first world countries, sooooooner than the world thinks.

  13. The middle east is a jenga tower because of Israel and the US.. the Arabs have done nothing to deserve this genocide thats been happening for almost 30 years now..

  14. Trump just handed Syria to Russia.

    Betraying the Kurds so they ally themselves with our enemies…

    It is a move that is BLATANTLY AGAINST American interests. He's obviously following orders from Putin.

    I'm actually amazed his generals didn't say "uh screw you sir we're not going to turn our best ally into an enemy"

  15. Why are our soldiers dying for political ideals when we can have them die for money? They equally dead, but we get the $$$.

  16. Okay Since when pkk/ypg groups are the USA best allies !

    And if so wtf the USA is protecting a terrorist organizations !

    Wish that people read and learn before they speak up

  17. Ah! Now no one will ask why Obama gave weapon to terrorists in the first is not Trump who created this, Obama is behind all these chaos..

  18. What is the problem? The region is destabilized, job done! No need to continue the chaos, the US administration has started. That is just beeing economical…as long as the troops stay with the oil fields, everything is fine.

  19. Drumpf 😈 🔥 and ALL The GROSS OLD PERVERTED REPULSIVES 😈 🔥 are DEMONS 😈🔥 Only DEMONS 😈🔥 would do the HORRIBLE EVIL things they do!! 😈🔥 They ALL belong in PRISON 😈 🔥 Better yet in front of a FIRING SQUAD 😈 🔥

  20. Its gonna take the next president years and years to fix the total chaos Trump has created. He is the worst shit president ever

  21. I thumbs down this video cuz the blonde was really really unfunny. It hurt my ears from the time she started talking to the last second

  22. Turks will not let Syria end up like the other countries USA invaded.
    And i see improvement on USA. They are defending a country with oil reserves rather than invading thats a progress to me.

  23. And this is why I find it so hard to find this show funny anymore… There's nothing funny about Trump treating the US military like a group of mercenaries, there's nothing funny about leaving your closest lies against an army of psychotic zealots for slaughter at the hands of an autocrat, there's nothing funny about propping up murderous backwards theocracy. This isn't funny, stop trying to make it funny for fucks sake.

  24. Trump wants this, just to take focus off his impeachment. It's like the movie Wag the Dog, only more horrific because it's a real war.

    We are truly at Idiocracy levels of surreal insanity. Except the fictional president in that show (who was black, so this should make Trumptards doubly angry) was much smarter and more presidential. At least he knew when to get advice from those smarter than him and follow it.

  25. I dont know, George W. Bush also found ways to make the Middle East more chaotic. After all, that 2nd Iraq War is the foundation for ISIS… just saying…

  26. As a Syrian Kurd who has lost several relatives in the war against ISIS I am only grateful for the American people for there continuous support but not to this clown.

  27. American should mind there business .no business for America in middle east only to employs their youth in middle east as solider ,,you cant fool us oll ..shit to them

  28. Erdogan promised trump to create chaos to distract americans from the impeachment… which of course is also in his favor…

  29. Saudi and Iran are having peace talks as we speak and Trolland Dump is displacing 100.000's of people and letting IS out. Ffs the imcompentencies are reaching dangerous levels, impeach that fool for the sake of humanity ASAP

  30. 😳 Hey Donnie perhaps you could print out price lists, 😤 surely theres a few countries that would like to order a few drone strikes. 🖕

  31. Trump killed many thousands of people with this move.
    And if he's re-elected he'll start a war with Iran and kill hundreds of thousands more.

  32. This is not funny anymore. We talking about people's lives. ISIS is regrouping? What kind of a person is this? Really, am speechless.

  33. Congratulations Americans, you officially rented your military to an authoritarian country!
    Exactly 1 year ago, they killed Khashoggi. And you know where they'll use your beloved troops?
    Here we go – Iraq about to repeat

  34. American poeple must be ashamed of this, how can they be not?

    Their president is a worldwide clown and the clown rents outs soldiers as if their souls are for sale, thats really disgusting.

  35. OH, MOTHERF***ER! What the hell happened, America? How could such a great nation go so wrong for so long? I mean, you had some controversial presidents in the past who were either assassinated or it was at least attempted and now you can't even remove that clown from office? Wake up! This is not a PRESIDENT, this is not even a man, it's a clown!

  36. Leading a Rhetoric ? This Started with #Libya #Revolution maybe if u stopped dropping Bombs as a Solution and sit down for serious technology #Sharing and Economic Prosperity. The Middle East is Calm Baby 🖕🏾Get a life, The U.S and Europe is looking at a Lawsuit So Big 🦅

  37. Get that big orange child out of office!!! He is the stupidest idiot narcissistic creep. “Sending our troops and other things???”

  38. I don't know, but maybe, just sayin', this is the time, american military just stood up and removed this idiot by force. I mean, this guy is clearly unfit to rule, to lead anybody. Americans wonder "Why, why so many people around hate us?" well, maybe now you understand, because this is not the first time the US fu*ks somebody over.

  39. First of all, fuck Syria! Assaad was chemical bombing his own people as Amerikkkas ally. Where was all this outrage? Hope he says fuck Israel next. We constantly have kids over there dying and being crippled. None of this is in defence of Amerikkka they can't throw rocks that far!

  40. Renting our troops out is sugar-coating the situation.

    There’s a reason countries don’t pay each other for military aide… he’s turning our military into unwilling mercenaries

    If the Kurd’s had offered to pay for our services, would we still have withdrawn?

    Or is the real reason we’re being moved to Saudi Arabia because we have a vested interest in defending the oil fields/refineries there…

    Nothing is about peace with this administration; it’s sickenly 100% about profit and fleecing other countries for their money

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s likely always been that way in terms of our presence there, but at least we had the veil that we were there to do some good (at least good intentions… not sure how good we’ve ever been for that region)

  41. What's worse than the might of the US army in the hands of an incompetent fool? The might of the US army in the hands of the highest bidder.

  42. What a hypocrisy !!!??

    1- Kurdish parties PKK, PYD are listed as a terrorist organizations in US, UN, EU and Turkey as well , they killed thousand of civilian Turkish people and occupy Arab cities.

    2- The Syrian who fighting with turkey against Kurdish parties now, are same people who fought with her against ISIS last 2 years, how in the hell they could be a radical Islamic forces.

    Hate TRUMP as you like, but that doesn't give you the right to fake the truth.



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