Trump’s Ukraine Scandal and the Moral Blindness Defense | The Daily Show

Trump’s Ukraine Scandal and the Moral Blindness Defense | The Daily Show

The president
is facing impeachment and it’s all because
of this call with the president of Ukraine. Which makes it even stranger
that Trump is the one who released the transcript
of that call where we clearly see him asking
Zelensky for the favor. But now, we’re finding out
that his people told him not to release that transcript because even they knew
how bad it looked. There are a lot
of White House aides who did not want this transcript
to be released. Many argued against it. They worried
that putting it out, uh, would be problematic
for the president. It wouldn’t be as good for him
as he expected. You had a real internal debate. You had Secretaries Mnuchin
and Pompeo arguing against it privately
and also publicly. He believed
that releasing the transcript would-would exonerate him,
would be exculpatory. The conversation, by the way,
was absolutely perfect. It was a beautiful, warm,
nice conversation. (laughs) You know, I can
safely say I’ve never heard someone talk about a phone
conversation that way. (mimics Trump): Absolutely
perfect, beautiful and warm. (normal voice):
Like, I actually feel bad for every other call Trump
has to make from now on. It will never live up
to that standard. He’ll be on the phone with,
like, the leader of Spain, and he’ll just be like,
he’ll be like, “Well, Donald, “I just want to say thank you
for the time. I think we can all agree
this was a great call.” He’s like, (mimics Trump):
“Actually, it was just okay “’cause you should have heard
my call with Ukraine. “So perfect, so beautiful. “It was like the Ivanka
of calls. “This call… This call,
on the other hand, “is more like an Eric,
totally an Eric call. It’s mine,
but I’m not a big fan.” (normal voice):
So for more on the decision to release the call,
let’s talk to a man who makes illicit phone calls
all the time, -Michael Kosta, everybody.
-Thank you. Thank you, Michael. (cheers and applause) This… This call, Michael, -seems to be the thing
-Yeah. that could get Donald Trump
impeached. Yeah, Trevor,
Trump is in trouble, which I understand better
than anyone. I was once impeached out of
a Denny’s at 3:00 a.m. So you were kicked out
of a Denny’s? Yes, but impeachment
sounds classier, so… Okay. Uh, Michael,
here’s my question, though. Clearly,
Trump’s aides didn’t want -this transcript to be released,
right? -Yep. So why did the president think
this was such a perfect call? Like, how did he not see
that what he did was wrong? Well, it’s simple, Trevor, because Trump didn’t do
anything wrong. -W-Wait. What?
-Yeah. Trevor, to do wrong you have
to know what’s right. In the same way
that without darkness can you really have light? Without the weak is there might? Without a gym,
could there be a Dwight? (laughter, whooping) -Please, don’t. Don’t…
-(cheers and applause) Don’t-Don’t encourage him. Kosta, everyone agrees that the United States president
asking a foreign leader to dig up dirt on his
political rival is wrong. Okay, but Trump doesn’t know
right from wrong, so, technically,
he can’t do anything wrong. You can’t blame a blind man for driving on
the wrong side of the road, so you can’t blame
a morally blind man for committing crimes. Yeah, well, I certainly wouldn’t
let a blind man drive. Wow– racist. But… But it doesn’t matter because America voted to let this morally blind man
drive the presidency, and now we have no choice
but to sit in the back seat and pray he doesn’t crash
into too many old ladies. Michael, Michael, no,
it is totally different. Blindness isn’t a character
trait, it’s physical. So is moral blindness. In fact, it’s genetic to the
whole Trump family, okay? Don’t forget Robert Mueller
let Don, Jr. off the hook for colluding with Russia
because he didn’t know colluding with Russia
was a crime. He walked away from that
a free man and then he locked himself
in his car. So you’re saying Trump
shouldn’t be punished because he doesn’t know
any better? That is ridiculous. No. No, Trevor.
It’s inspiring. If ignorance is
the ultimate legal defense, then we should all strive
to be as ignorant as possible. That’s why, for the past week, I’ve been unlearning
how to read. That way, I can’t get in trouble
for not paying my bills or ignoring divorce papers, or disregarding restraining
orders from Denny’s. Jesus, Kosta, I-I feel like
unlearning to read seems like a lot of work. No way.
It’s as simple as A-G-V. Michael Kosta, everyone.

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  1. The plan was that the minions would explain to Z the deal: if Z wanted the aid, he would have to make a public announcement that he was going to investigate Joe Biden. And do it before he was going to Washington, so he would have to repeat the announcement on US TV. The purpose of the call was only to make it clear to Z that the deal came from Trump himself, and to confirm to Trump that Z would comply. However Trump's staff carefully scripted the call so that it would do its purpose, but without actually mentioning the quid pro quo. The plan was that, in fact, he could use the transcript to defend himself if someone accused him of that.
    That's why there were so many staff listening in to the call, including many who had no business doing so. They were all mortally worried about whether Trump would manage it.
    And that is why Trump has repeated a dozen times that the call was "perfect" (rather than "innocent", "ordinary", etc.): because he is convinced that he followed the script perfectly. He was in fact directing that statement to his accomplices, who were mad that he slipped that "though" that blew up the plan.

  2. Michael Costa hit the nail point-blank on the head!!!!


  3. You guys seem not to understand Trump -The Chosen One aka False Messiah aka Anti-Christ aka The beast aka Dajjal….. You call him Old Dotard Mentally Deranged [email protected]@@ Moron Fear And Loathing And Lying’ etc… sad….actually he is a genius….stable genius that is. Believe it or not…yes he is. And genius is always born with an ''upside down mind''. So, to understand him just take the reverse of what he said. Eg if he said that he does not collude…he really meant to say Yes he collude When he said I got a Big Button…and it Works…that really mean his Button is Small…and it doesn't work…If he says you are doing a good job…just start to pack up your bags… isn't that plain and simple to understand….

    Why did I say he’s a genius? Well…. he has been a Russian mole for so long. The CIA didn’t know about it. He has been laundering Russian Mafia money. The FBI didn’t know about it.

    He has been evading taxes. The IRS didn’t know about it.

    He has been grabbing pu&&ies. And Melanie didn’t know about it.

    AND he won the election. Doesn’t that make him a Genius? Awesome !!!….go…… man … go….. build the wall Build the Wall……….. Build the Wall………… To know Trump you got to first google the word "'Idiot''

  4. Weirdly enough there was talk from a smaller channel awhile back about donald going against deep state democrats and trying to use this info he supposedly had on them which could be why hes trying to push for certain investigations but in the same sense by being foolish as he is or maybe backwards smart he could possibly help block corruption on a deeper level by being very open almost like an example to get us to pay more attention to it . Not in any way saying its legit but after seeing how things have been going since i watched that video months ago its made me wonder since i personally dont have a political side per se

  5. on the west coast we try not to stay up too late because of the mosquitoes…… for the fear of the West Nile Virus….. on the East Coast the Republicans do not come out after dark for the fear of 45 his virus…… I can see mr. Rubio has been exposed….

  6. SKRAIGHT UP DONALD is Trying to get impeached he got himself into something he can't get out of unless hes removed from presidency

  7. You can't blame a blind man for driving on the wrong side of the road after giving him a driver's licence and allowing him to drive – Trump.
    You should blame yourself for giving him a driver's licence and allowing him to drive in the first place – Trump voters.
    And if you didn't give him a driver's licence, well you can only blame him for driving in the first place, no need to get into driving in the wrong side of the road… – non Trump voters.

  8. you all work against Trump becauses he refuses to fight Israel wars. Stupid media brained washed generation laughing like hyenas

  9. Trump had his lawyer and Pence make the blatant quid pro quo phone calls, so he didn’t need to get in to the details of his favor on his call. He figured all the back channel discussions hidden, this call would show no crime. Except of course, this is Trump we’re talking about. Not exactly a mastermind, just a con artist.

  10. And now we learn approximately 20 minutes of the transcript is missing. Republicans are evil, vote them out, now and forever, they are a malignant cancer that must be removed to save the body (United States) that it is destroying, now & forever, or watch the body (United States) die.

  11. The call was an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. A perfectly executed call. A Flawless call. Nobody knew a phone call could be made so well. Obama never could of made a call this flawlessly. Trumps an idiot..

  12. Its rather simple like the tRump… This was how he conducted himself his whole life.. Lies, exaggeration, using "leverage" to gain advantage. .

    Which is all completely fair in the corporate world.. but FORTUNATELY the Orange 45 is too arrogant to know the difference and assumes he has the biggest a-brain.. in the room. Na na na hey hey hey goodbye

    He will look great in an orange jumpsuit!

  13. "To do wrong you have to know what's right
    Without darkness can you really have light
    Without the weak is there might?
    Without a jim could there be…a dwight?"

  14. There was a statistic about marriages in the United States claiming only 50% last, or stick to their vows.
    Our president is on his THIRD marriage, that lines up with the impatient slanted foreheads' moral of our country. Thats gotta be weird, where money is a corrupter of moral values and it easily shows.

  15. When you elect a man with a very small pea brain what do you expect. Look over the last 4 years or his whole life he has made stupid statements, done stupid things, and run businesses to the ground. He has been washing money for Russian oligarchs since 1988 and look how he has sold the United States to Russia and Putin

  16. Lying and corruption are an integral part of US politics, the voters are so used to it they see it as normal behavior in politicians or officials Gov appointed positions. Just another day at the office, nothing to see here, move on. Who is going to win? Eagles or the Jets?

  17. FINALLY!!!

    Acknowledgement of the fact that Muller had found guilt of collusion but had decided not to pursue it. Acknowledged not on CNN, not in the mainstream news, but on a comedic show.

    All the Democrats had to do in questioning Muller was to state what Chump had said about no finding of obstruction or collusion and ask if such statements were true and then ask Muller to state in his own words if obstruction and illegal collusion had been found. But they wanted to get fancy instead of down to business and bungled it all. Typical. These are the same people who are now supposedly looking in to impeaching Chump and have the bonus of being able to take Pence right down with him, making Pelosi the first female president if it should happen before the Sanders inauguration.

  18. This is disturbingly accurate. The American people knowingly elected an ignorant, racist, mysoginistic, narcissistic compulsive liar who has since turned out to be all those things and so much more. But he STILL has a disturbingly high level of support. So the Dems do what the founders fathers would have supported and impeach. It’s clear to me that a third of the US would rather have Trump than support the Constitution that they claim to love so much.

  19. The only transactions he has made for 50 years were extortion. Why do we have problem with it?? A lot of us knew he was a snake.

  20. I remember learning all the way back in middle school that ignorance of the law is not a defense, the law still applies. Now that I'm older, I'm realizing that this was only partly true – it only applies to 99% of people. Apparently, for the top 1%, ignorance is a get out of jail free card.

  21. Hello I noticed you like to go on people's YouTube chattels I know Jeff and his roommate Joshua good people Jeff has strippers every night him and his roommate are moving next week I don't get involved thanks

  22. no, not everyone agrees that asking a foreign government to help in an investigation against a possibly corrupt politician is morally wrong. and if you think that, maybe you are the one who is morally blind and is just following the person in front of you.
    what actually is morally wrong is coercing them into helping you by withholding help that was not supposed to be held back.
    also, donald trump IS morally blind, at least when it comes to his own behavior. it is part of his personality and i feel like it should be taken serious, not made fun of.

  23. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you didnt know murder was wrong, it doesn't excuse you of it.

    There are plenty of people that have been successfully fined for fishing without a license or jailed for trespassing even though they didn't know it was wrong. 😋

  24. The sad part is, Trump supporters could watch this and be like, "Hell yeah! You can't impeach him because he doesn't know any better. He's an outsider. 🙄"

  25. "Yeah Trevor" writers, Could you at least can modify a little bit that intro for everyone every time you do this segment?

  26. Adjectives: idiot, moron, stupid, jackass, dingbat = Trump
    This makes third world countries laughs at the US even more! Perfect, beautiful…excellent that!

  27. This idiot talks about a phone call as. It was a bucket of KFC. usinj adjectives for a phone call that are off the wall.
    This dude is scared and highly confused.
    What a nightmare.
    Bruno Brizzi Maccaferri.

  28. Ignorance of the law does not mean that u can break it and get away with it! Besides, the president better know the law, same as everyone working in the wh!

  29. … but… what this REALLY says, when you give it thought?
    Fuck the whole, "who is the whistleblower". To hell with, "where is the leak coming from!"
    So, they thought it was a bad idea to release the transcript.
    Russia? The 2 women & NDA's? (YES, it does matter when you have a man that will make a deal FOR & ABOUT ANYTHING!)
    Sexual advances… AND THE PEOPLE HE "PALED" AROUND WITH? How would a braindead being NOT see that?

  30. D. J. Trump is bringing the word imeach into the world´s languages. Impeach in spanish is "en durazno". Each time someone is ejected from a bar, you can lie by claiming you are being impeached. Trump is a great philologist by enriching global civilization by engrossing our excuses and alibis.vocabulary.

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