Trump’s Weird One-on-One with George Stephanopoulos | The Daily Show

Trump’s Weird One-on-One with George Stephanopoulos | The Daily Show

One of the things that makes President Trump so unique is the
way he interacts with the media. He doesn’t give many traditional
press conferences, you know? He mostly just shouts
at reporters in front of a helicopter or takes a few questions
when he’s with a foreign leader or, his favorite,
just shares policy ideas at the drive-through. Just like,
“Let me get a burger. “No lettuce, no pickles, and no deal with Iran!” It’s like, “Okay, sir.
Do you want fries with that?” “The Iran deal?”
“No, sir, the burger.” “Okay, ’cause if the Iran deal
comes with fries, I would be open to negotiating!” But what’s also interesting
about Donald Trump is, sometimes,
he’ll switch things up and he’ll give one reporter
total access to him for an entire day. And the latest example was with
ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. And one thing we learned
from this interview was that Trump may not like
intelligence briefings or cabinet meetings
or reading in general, but he loves giving tours. The Oval Office
is such a special place. Show us around.
Famous desk. TRUMP:
Oh, that’s a very famous desk. That’s the Resolute desk. You have your choice
of seven desks. They have seven desks. They give you pictures of desks. They give you
pictures of carpet. -This is the Ronald Reagan
carpet. -Mm-hmm. They give you pictures
of the drapes. You see the drapes?
They say– I think we have 12 sets
of drapes we can use. Here’s your new Air Force One. Gonna look incredible.
It’s gonna look sleeker. What’s the biggest personal
touch you’ve put on the office? I’ve put a lot of ’em.
Uh, the flags. You didn’t have flags
to any great degree. (laughter) It’s like the-the weirdest
episode of MTV Cribs. “Yeah, you know,
these are my flags. Yeah, yeah.
This is my desk.” That is a lot of flags though,
right? And it seems innocent.
But when you think about what Trump does
to flags in public, I don’t even want to imagine
what he does when they’re alone. Yeah. Those flags
were probably like, “Stephanopoulos,
take us with you! Please, Stephanopoulos, please.” Trump spends so much time showing George Stephanopoulos
around you’d think that he was looking
to sublet the Oval Office. But since he had a member
of the fake news media there, he also used the opportunity
to hit back at them and their phony reporting. I watched your show
this morning. I watched Good Morning America. And they had, uh, something
about, uh, the polling. And it’s really suppression
polling. It’s fake polling. But, in that case,
it was just made-up polling. -And I had– I-I had
the same thing… -Made-up? Made-up. I mean
they give you phony numbers. They give you numbers. They said that
they have access to numbers, which I don’t believe
they have access to. Trump basically treats polls the way some people treat
their bathroom scales. You know? Yeah, when
you’re happy with the number, you’re like,
“Yeah, this is science. “I mean, that’s what I weigh. I mean, this-this technology.” But if the number
is not what you want it to be, then you’re like, “This is–
This shit is going back “to Bed Bath & Beyond! “That’s not– that’s not right. “That’s not right. Is this pounds or kilograms?” Unfortunately for Trump though, there’s one poll that he
couldn’t blame the media for, because it was done
by his own campaign. REPORTER: The Trump campaign’s
internal polling shows the president trailing
former Vice President Joe Biden in critical
battleground states: 39% to 55% in Pennsylvania, 41% to 51% in Wisconsin, and by 7 points in Florida. CBS News has learned
the Trump campaign fired several pollsters after those internal
polling numbers were leaked. (laughter) Oh, man. So Trump learns
that he’s behind in the polls, and he responds
by firing his pollsters. Which makes sense to me. It’s like how I used
to have Ebola but then I fired my doctor,
so I don’t have Ebola anymore. Yeah. I’m just a regular guy
who pees out of his butt. My favorite moment
from this interview, my favorite moment,
was when Trump talked about releasing his tax returns. Not because I think
he’ll actually release them. At this point, it’s more likely
that he’ll release an album of duets with Hillary Clinton.
No. What made this thing interesting
was that, while Trump was talking, someone in the background
coughed. And just watch what happens
after that. They’re after
my financial statement. The Senate. They’d like to get
my financial statement. At some point,
I hope they get it. -You’re gonna turn it over?
-No, at some point– I might. But, at some point,
I hope they get it, ’cause it’s a financ– it’s
a fantastic financial statement. It’s a fantastic
financial statement. And– L-Let’s do that over. -He’s coughing in the middle
of my answer. -Yeah. -(chuckles): Okay.
-I don’t like that, you know? -I don’t like that.
-Your chief of staff. TRUMP: If you’re gonna cough,
please leave the room. MAN: Get a shot of–
You know, I’ll come over here. -Just… -You just can’t–
you just can’t cough. -Just to change the shot.
-Okay. -Boy, oh, boy. Sorry, Mr. Trump. Okay, do you want to do that
a little differently then or…? -Yeah, we just changed
the angle. -Okay. -Yeah. Thank you.
-So, at some point… So, at some point,
I look forward to– Frankly, I want–
I’d like to have people see my financial statement, -because it’s phenomenal.
-It’s up to you. Yo, are you serious? It’s like a real-life episode
of The Office. He’s looking at the camera.
The camera’s going over. I half-expected Dwight
to pop up onscreen and just shake his head. (laughter, applause) But you have to give it
to Trump. He might not be
a good president, but he is a fantastic
television professional. He knows his angles. He’s giving
them different line readings. He’s changing it up.
“They’re coming “for my precious tax returns,
and I– “Wait, who’s coughing?! “All right,
let me take that again. “They’re coming
for my precious tax returns. All right, that was the one,
that was the one.” And, by the way, I don’t think
it was a coincidence that his chief of staff
just “happened to cough” right when Trump was talking
about releasing his tax returns. Yeah, that didn’t sound
like a real cough. It sounded more like a…
(coughing): “Shut the (bleep) up about your taxes.” That’s what that was. (cheering and applause) So, that was Trump’s one-on-one
with ABC. And, really,
this makes it clear why he doesn’t do interviews
very often. Because, in one interview, he contradicted himself
on the polls, he flipped out
at his coughing staff, and, worst of all,
he somehow managed to look shorter
than George Stephanopoulos. So I think it’s safe to say
tomorrow’s interview will be back
at the drive-through.

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  1. You can see the smile on George Stephanopolis face at the beginning….he's probably thinking "Dumbass….I worked here for many years before you ever set foot in the place…."

  2. No, I'm not going to turn the financial statements over, but I hope they get them, because they're phenomenal.

  3. He not giving over his taxes but he hopes they get ahold of them because they are fantastic? What? Are they running around the globe like Carmen San Diego?? This is a case of saying one thing and really meaning the opposite. He’d piss his pants if those taxes were released. You know he would!

  4. Totally unrelated to the video topic, but i looovvvvveeeee Trevors tie. It's a gorgeous shade of blue and really pops👌

  5. They weren’t fired because they brought in the negative numbers, they were fired because someone leaked them to the press.

  6. THE GREATEST FOOL ON THIS PLANET…poor trump…a pity to see how ridiculous he is! What a SHAME for America! Oh God !!

  7. WARNING !




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    May God bless you to be one of His 🙂

  8. Rewind this video to 2:51… Doesn't trump's ugly 3-chin face look like the arch-nemises of Deadpool, but instead of Deadpool with a goatee, he's an Oomp-Loompa with Deadpool eyes (sorry Ryan Reynolds, unlike trump, the world loves you)

  9. President Trump has 3 wives (2 are ex-wives) and they all support him. Even though he is divorced from 2, they still are part of his family. Ivana is his first wife and she was/is a great mother to their children. All 3 children love their father and he loves them. Marla is also very nice and she loves her daughter and the daughter loves her father and he loves his daughter. I heard Marla talk in a video and she is such a sweet lady full of love. Melania is a very sweet woman and so humble and she speaks only good of her husband and their son is also a good young man. So when we see all of these facts of a family that loves each other then we know that we need to support our President who is a great family man who is loved by his family and who loves his family. I don't think he is racist. Yes, he may say things that people don't like but at least he is pro-life. When he says things that we don't like then we need to examine as to why he said that and find a loving solution.

  10. His definitely smarter then you. Some of your jokes are the dummies I ever heard. Should I judge someone by one wrong word they say? No! I don't care what Trump say as long he keeps his promises and does what he says and last important thing is keep moving forward, grow our economy rebuild America, roads, bridges, schools, airports and so on leave something good for generations to come.

  11. Who paints has face like that? Trump looks like a cartoon.. Everything about politics is a joke anyone can be president.

  12. Stop attacking and persecuting a great president! How about the many great things he is doing for our nation? I can't imagine what a mess our country would be if you were the leader of this country. A shallow show.

  13. Guy: sniffs
    No one:

    Trump: THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! accordion motions Kick him out! KICK HIM OUT! finger guns He ruined my moment. finger guns and accordion motions Two seconds of my life I can never get back.

  14. I'm sorry dude but you just sound like a f*** total phag get off your knees and act like a man and by the way go back to South America PHA get

  15. This blows. Trumps the best damn thing that ever happened to the US! He raised the dollar, the unemployment is the lowest it's ever been and he increased the income from the tolls. Jesus people must be completely brainwashed by this bought media. It's real sad how ignorant people are. :'(

  16. Trump should be on Jerry Seinfelds coffee show.
    He’s so funny.
    A drive in a big big truck to a McDonalds to get everything on the menu except coffee.

  17. he fails to supply his tax returns, then finds a way to re-imagine that it's somebody else's fault, i.e., "they haven't come across them." uhhhh, yeah they haven't come across them because you are not making them public! he is truly such a great case study of narcissistic personality disorder that he should be included in all psychology textbooks. jeez.

  18. the fact that Trump is aware of multiple takes is surprising. Because he has a tendency to speak, act, and look like a BLOOPER

  19. I hope 2020 gives us a mature and intelligent president. I'd love to see another Republican candidate win over Trump. That would blow his mind.

  20. Trevor Noah is the pinnacle of projection… he literally hates himself. Seriously this guy tries so incredibly hard to twist information around to bash Trump, then gets validation from his audience. Trevor Noah is insanely insecure and jealous of Trump!

    … btw he thinks he’s little Obama.


  22. I'm not a fan of trump. He's crazy but the polls are most Def rigged. Who the hell still uses land lines?? The oldest 10% of the coutnry?? Anyone really watching this election will tell you Biden is the least likely candidate to win out of any of the top5 democratic candidates

  23. I dont know whats worse, the fact that so many people let themselves be completely swept up in this whole "fuck trump" hysteria thats being pushed by the left to the point where they can be outraged over something as insignificant and utterly meaningless as this situation – The fact that this shit is even NEWSWORTHY today – or that so many Americans have become literal sheeple ! I mean come on guys, i dont really fuck with trump like that anyways but the fact that so many of you actually think a guy who is worth BILLIONS and became the POTUS is, in fact, a complete retard ?? How does that make any sense at all? Look, at the end of the day i want trump to SUCCEED while he is on office because if he does well that means WE do well, the fact that you have so many people who are all identical idealogically attacking one single guy who happends to disagree with them should throw up red flags in your brain. Maybe they are right? maybe they are trying to manipulate you? Venture outside of the bubble of facebook/youtube politics and find the facts for yourself. When in doubt, just take a step back and examine the situation in its entirety from a NEUTRAL standpoint…AND MOST OF YALL ARE IN SERIOUS DOUBT right now so please … use your critical thinking and try it.

  24. Just proves how much smarter he is than people generally give him credit for; which is exactly how he takes the wins in his life. Honestly he's been playing from the bottom of the deck his e n t i r e l i f e and now he's here in charge. He's a professional motherfucker, most of his competition is NCAA at best and nobody seems to get it.

  25. He sounded so ridiculous… Trump is a living parody of everything wrong…and we thought Bush was going to be the peak of that…Woah.

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  27. SKY show a different story. You love fake stories and news. That's what you are. You show us your a full blown racist.

    My thoughts.

    Peace and love

  28. The greatest is the tears of you mentally ill pedophile loving liberal Democrats having to watch the greatest president of our time and you fucks get to cry as trump shows off his office. Get a huge towel for your tears.

  29. George is very familiar with the Oval Office, what with all those Monica Lewinskys he did for Bill Clinton in there! 😙

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