TT Movie: Sonic Goes To Sonic

TT Movie: Sonic Goes To Sonic

Hey Sonic, what’d you do hey tails nothing much, I’m bout to watch TV, though oh ok well solve this! You have 15 seconds or else its gonna exlode!!! only 15 seconds?!? yep! COME ON SONIC! I CANT DO IT TAILS ;-; NOOOOOOOO!!! Wait Tails it never blew up ah uh yeah you see I was just kidding April fools Not even a April fools yet Yeah, that’s just watching TV Hey, are you a blue hedgehog is your name Sonic and are you hungry? What do I have the perfect place for you just head on over and grab a bite to eat and? Sonic for more information call 1-800-Vector WOAH! they named the new restaurant after me Um no, not really actually not not at all you want to get the new super sonic burger tails I’m not that hungry Sonic, but I guess good. Let’s go We finally made it tails Tails what are you doing? I’m fine like we should have done, but tails I like this car though Yeah but without this car we could have gotten here 20 minutes ago! yeah that may be true but this car is all blue and has white stripes SUPER FAST SUPER COOL tails tails stop it Tails look at that menu. There’s so many options So what are you gonna get? An order of mozzarella sticks and a small coke They have the best mozzarella sticks The-The best mozzarella sticks? Oh yeah their really the best in town in town? You’ve been here before well, yeah of course sonic, of course i’ve been here before. Everyone in town has been here before look I’m even a Rewards member is my gold card from Sonic How come you never told me about this tails Well, I figured you already knew I mean everyone here basically knows about this place everyone. Everyone knew besides me? I guess so Gold go Rewards member how did I not know oh man? I don’t know what the pick. There’s so many options Okay, I think I’m ready (in depressed voice) Hi all right welcome to Sonic. I’m gonna take your order hello I like a super sonic cheeseburger with extra super and that’s a bacon, okay And I also like mozzarella sticks. I heard the best in town You know what make that two mozzarella sticks and a small coke. Ok would that be all yeah? Okay, that’ll be $34.17 What thats insane! wait sonic don’t forget to use my gold reward card We’ve finally got the food here you go home tails yeah Oh my god, is that Sonic I finally found him AHH YEAH! WE FINALLY CAME BACK! i know these mozzarella sticks are gonna be the best in town sonic! Trust me They’d better be tails because I waited forever, I know I did take a while sonic anyways What only two mozzarella sticks?!? Ordered two ordered that too much No, it’s not necessary I know it. Yeah, why don’t call for anyways? Oh Hey panda, what are you doing? Nunya what none of your business so unless you’re gonna make me an all-white panda Which is certainly my business and don’t talk to me well those route This is a super sonic burger with extra bacon and extra super Am I Sonic no the name super C knows Super cinahl’s that’s go backwards is Sonic that that’s so stupid hey Hey guess what my name is What is it? Yep guess what that spelled backwards is what bandar? Freaking stupid I sound Whatever to step aside kill you yeah woo This that’s sonic stop backwards I’m going to get revenge for you, Maria. I swear it My stomach it. Doesn’t feel too good You oh dear God. I’ll be right back ah Much better you you’re the one who was Kilauea, and I’ll never forgive you for this faker or sonic or CentOS Whatever your name is doesn’t really matter since I’m going to kill you you Think you can kill me. Yeah, I lie Okay Make you wait to tell sorry about those mozzarella sticks He’s gonna be so jealous that I ate them, but they were just so good. Hey Sonic whoa Saiga I’m liking the new look especially the new color Anyways, just wanted to tell you that I finished eating those mozzarella sticks and man They sure were the best in town like always here take aways with my fingers Yeah, there’s not much realistics right there. I love sign mozzarella sticks. Sorry you can have anybody but uh Maybe next time Anyways what you’ve been up to are you to conquer the world, and I’m gonna kill you what? Sonic know the name sent us super Sid knows oh It’s not prepared to die oh My stomach I gotta go bye. Okay freak. Oh my god. Oh my god Oh Thank You Sonic Sonic, are you okay? Oh? Thanks? Oh? Goodness Tails yeah, you’re making all these weird kinds of noises and Things, would you do here tails? I don’t even know what happened to me all I can remember is even that burger and then I’m here well There’s this one person that said he was trying to kill me they say masseuse say no Okay Sorry, he was on this couch Sonic sonic tails tails tails was all over the house. Where is he go on let me at him maybe on a pool Buddy calm down you’re standing almost where you were standing, but he was so tall enormous and and he was a Golden and shiny he had like red eyes But he was glowing it was really strange two tails. It sounds like my super for Super Sonic No, no, no you went by the name of sin of Thanos yeah really wait Wait a minute Juno’s sonic Sin owes sonic see nose backwards is Sonic Yeah, cocktails, uh-oh Hi Sonic um Quick question buddy. What was the last thing you remember before you ended up in the bathroom? Hmm. Oh, I’ll just take it up bite at that delicious burger and and Huh now that I think about it, that’s it Burger caused him to be sin knows Hey Sonic um Do you promise me that you’ll never order that burger again? I think it just had a little bit too much super for your stomach to handle uh Tails as long as I get those much rather sticks Then oh you got yourself a deal all right Sonic’s don’t order that burger But I promise you I owe you some mozzarella sticks all right deal. They sure we’re pretty good Yeah, whoa, I never had the chance to taste them though. Don’t worry, buddy. I’ll get them for you

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  1. Hehe surprisingly this looks like the Sonic I go to, it looks exactly the same, even though I live in New Jersey

  2. Sonic said he wanted to conquer the world and he killed Shadow and Panda so does that mean he transformed into Fleetway Super Sonic?

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