Turkish Horror Invades Hollywood

Turkish Horror Invades Hollywood

Meet Biray Dalkiran. He’s a filmmaker–a pioneer of horror movies
in Turkey–and he’s just invaded Hollywood. His new film “The Crossbreed,” about a married
couple who investigate a sinister village and become the victims of a half-demon child,
is shooting now in LA. Now horror may have been a Hollywood staple
since the dawn of cinema, but in Turkey it’s still a relatively new genre. Before 2000, there is only one or two horror
movies. But it was half horror movie, half funny movie. And even those were essentially remakes of
American horror films. But Dalkiran’s award-winning first film, “Araf,”
about a woman haunted by the ghost of her unborn child, helped spark the horror genre
in Turkey. Though he didn’t necessarily plan it that
way. I’m not so clever. I didn’t make any calculations. If I make a movie it would be, like, good
for me, bad for me… I am making music videos and advertisements. One day we are talking with my crew, they
say, “We will make a cinema. It will be a horror film.” Why? Because, well, I love horror films. But he didn’t have enough money for a feature
film. Instead, he came up with a creative way to
get the most out of his commercial and music video crews. I say that this month, I have three commercials
and four music videos. I won’t pay anything for feature film working,
but that crew will work on all of the commercials and feature films. If you accept, you have got seven jobs. If you don’t accept, you haven’t got. They said, “Hm… Okay.” We are making a music video, a lady is singing;
after that we are making a horror movie and a ghost is moving. But after that, the producers see that a horror
movie is good box office. In 2010 he revolutionized Turkish horror again
with “Cehennem 3D,” the country’s first 3D movie. And to make it he brought in a specialized
crew from Spain. I work with my director of photography nearly
6 months about the 3D. Everything is perfect. We shot the movie, it’s looking good, the
script was good, the acting was good, everything good. But near post-production, the producer say
that “your crew is so expensive. I’ve got a new crew, we will do it.” The producer and his new team worked behind
closed doors, with Dalkiran appealing unsuccessfully to view their progress. Ultimately, he wasn’t able to see what had
become of his film until everybody else did: when it came out in theaters. I see it. 3D is perfect, views are perfect, acting is
perfect. There is no music, no effects! But I’m proud of it, because I am always trying
to learn something new. Only 12 countries can make 3D movies. In Turkey we get to participate in one of
them. Thanks in part to his leading the way, horror
is now a mainstay of Turkish cinema. Right now, every year there are more than
20-25 horror movies. It is really big number. Nearly 20 percent of the Turkish cinema is
horror movies. Now that he’s helped established Turkish horror
as a genre and has directed several award-winning movies and TV series, shooting horror in Hollywood
is his latest challenge. My motto is, if you don’t say something new,
don’t make movies.

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  1. "Turkish Horror" is nothing but repetitive Islamic mythology. His movies are not creative or diverse. He is not credited as a horror master in Turkey. There is no horror in Turkey anyways. All that scares us are djinns djinns djinns, and nothing more.

  2. I don't respect turkish horror movies. Simple because they are just take genie and add some jump scares to it. It is usually a way to easy cash.

    And genie is probably the only Islamic thing you can use for horror. Oh, and there is magic which actually caused by genies 😀

    genies are everything: you use them for magic, they can possess, they can shapeshift etc. And it's name enough to scare someone in turkey, most people don't even call its name and just refer them as "3 letters"(genie=cin).

    So, they are really easy cash and since everybody believe in them you can still use Blair witch way: we used real genie sounds from archives.

  3. Hello guys, may i ask you what's you relationship with Turkey. I mean you talked with director of Cuneyt Arkın movies etc

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