TURNING POINT – short film (4K HDR) | Joe Penna

TURNING POINT – short film (4K HDR) | Joe Penna

Four seven, can you… Four seven? Crew four seven, come in. Do you read? Hilltop, do you read me? Hilltop, this is Donovan – four seven. Do
you read me? No way. Come in. Four seven, do you hear me? Four seven, this is Hilltop. Do you copy? Four seven, this is Donovan. I copy. Paul. Paul can you hear me? Oh God, it is good to hear your voice, Victoria.
Listen, where are you? Have you heard from anybody else? Victoria, what’s most important right now is we know your location.
What’s your 20? Do you know where you are? Paul, the crew. Did they make it back okay? You’re the first to check back in. Do you know where you are, Victoria? I’m in a house about a mile south of the dropoff. We got… swarmed and… I got separated and kept myself alive. I still have the samples with me. Okay, that is great news.
I’m gonna put a crew together. It’s gonna take a little while, okay?
Stay there, don’t go anywhere. – Paul?
– Yeah? I was exposed. Oh God. Did you take the Velosol? I did, I did. I…
I did but my suit’s breached. I don’t think I got a full dose.
The team… this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have pushed for this.
Paul, I’m so sorry. Victoria, listen. First of all, it’s not
your fault, okay? Now, I need you to focus. Are you feverish?
Coughing up any blood? Anything like that? No… no. Good, that… that’s great! All right, I gotta make some calls to try
to get you out of there in a couple of hours. You call me anytime if you start showing signs,
understood? Okay, yes. You just hang tight. You’re coming home soon. Thank you. Four seven, this is Hilltop. Four seven, come in. Hey Paul. Got some good news, Victoria. Alexandria is sending a crew from the safe-zone.
It’s gonna take a bit longer, but they should be there by tomorrow morning.
How’re you holding up there? Have you heard from my team? Nothing yet. Do you have enough supplies for the night? It didn’t work, Paul. I’m showing signs. Paul?
Uh… yeah. I heard you. Umm… the crew. The crew’s already on its
way. Uh, they’ll… Look, just give me some time to figure this
out, all right? All right, I’m gonna put my radio on standby
because my battery’s about dead. Paul? Yeah, I’m… still here. Can you find Carson for me? Of course, yes. Uh… give me… give me about an hour. Four seven, this is Hilltop. Four seven, this is Hilltop. Do you copy? Do you copy? Victoria?
Victoria, can you hear me? Hello?
I can hear you. Hey. Hey honey. Do you, uh… are you in pain? No. No… You’re not gonna believe what I found. I think I found strawberry jam. Of course. You’d be the one to find it. I found like 20 jars of it. It’s like, who the hell needs that much
strawberry jam, right? Yeah. No wonder we can’t find it anywhere
else. I love you. I love you too. Hey, uh… Paul needs to talk to you about… Yeah, okay. Hey, Victoria. Um…
The crew is going to be at your location at 9am, alright? Understood. I will make sure that I am not a threat. Now I– let them know ab– the pos– Hilltop? Hello? Hilltop, come in?

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  1. Bem daora o efeito da câmera indo e a mina "pulando" para a próxima tarefa dela. Extremamente bom o curta, parabéns!

    Ah sim, a atriz está de parabéns também, ótimo trabalho.

  2. 3 seconds into some sort of apparant "save the world" mission and the "last best hope" is crying.

    This is why you don't send women to do shit like this.

  3. Well done! Of course then the inevitable….what's next? Damn it. This is why I sometimes hate short stories – I have to come up with my own answer.

  4. Here's my theory.
    I think she is about to lunge at the people at the end.
    Firstly, when she changes from really bad to pretty normal looking, she has no reaction that a person in their right mind should have had. She should have been confused, like wtf I'm normal again?? Or if she knew the infection made you normal again before getting worse, she should have known to stay tied up. Maybe she lost all memory. either way, they all lead to her getting herself shot.
    Another thing, in the behind the scenes vid, their storyboard of her in that scene has her looking even more like she's going to lunge. (1:22 of BTS)
    The main character and the radio person also seem to know a lot about the infection. They both know the symptoms and techniques to counter them. It's so engrained in her that she wakes up in the beginning and immediately knows what to do.
    When she is sane, she know the correct procedure. Before she turned crazy, she knew to tie herself up to not become a danger. After the weird part where she seems better, she unties herself, which was foreseen to be a dangerous action.
    For those reasons, I think she was in a state where she was going to attack, and that one person on the left was ready to shoot.
    What actually happened? Nothing, since it was a film that ended there.
    Fantastic job with the film, I am quite impressed, @MysteryGuitarman you always go all out and make stuff no one else spends the time to do. <3

  5. This was pure pathos and terror. Even though it's never made clear exactly what's happening, or where, when, or why, it's impossible to escape Victoria's fear or despair. Well done.

  6. So lovely to see such a high quality film on here! Gives me inspiration to work hard in the movies I'm gonna make for YouTube! 😀

  7. fantastic film. What kind of budget did you have for this one? Was it all motion controlled or just the cloning and a Fischer Dolly?

  8. No-one that sooks on special missions would ever be selected in the first place……….not very believable lucky it was free

  9. this is like something from stranger things

    holy crap this was amazing I just finished watching it just wow

  10. Looks like shit for being 4k HDR and why does every helmet have to have LED lights in it, you wouldn't be able to see shit with lights shining in your face.

  11. Joe Penna is awesome. I just saw "beyond" for the second time, went on Joe's page and saw this one. I realized after a minute I had seen this one too, but watched it again, and it was great again. The actress in this film is very talented, she was also in the film I mentioned, beyond. Great stuff

  12. That was haunting. Absolutely beautiful.
    Also, how do you end up at a cliffhanger with so many possibilities at once?

  13. Plot twist: she's the host AND cured herself! xP

    Seriously tho. This movie pissed me off, esp the end. If she'd survived, she was still screwed due2 the crew man on the L. Otherwise, if she died ill, she went way2 painfully.

  14. I just watched this after you linked it in the AMA today. This is really good! I loved the transitions and the lighting and the make-up work. 😀 I look forward to Arctic, when it's out. (Sadly, I don't think it'll be in any theatres near where I live).

  15. Jade Harlow is an awesome actress. So much emotion. So few words. I believed her! I hope to see her in more projects!

  16. An interesting treatment of a very uninteresting and over used theme, zombies. I mean that as a compliment. I watched all of it.

  17. So sick of the "last minute twist & fade to black" cop out of most of these shorts. Why make her recover just before it, it adds nothing.

  18. Wish you all the best in your future film making, but for me this was a waste of time. It had no heart. I'm a film fanatic so I'm not easily moved. I've been spoiled by all the masters of cinema. You'll probably be successful for the larger audience, but if you want to move people like me you're gonna have to risk it all and put your heart in it. I wish you a great career in movie making.

  19. Joe and Ryan im very proud of you too for making these shorts then after making Arctic.. You are making inspiration me and my friend.. and also hope, cause my situation is bit hard for me because of living a 3th world country (aka shithole :)) so keep going guys.. Maybe some day we can catch you and order beers to you 🙂

  20. ** Another young male director given another huge opportunity to make another male directed film of a woman in peril who needs saving by a hero. Die patriarchal myths die once and for all, the hero is out of control of an old archaic Greek/Roman hero-myth-archetype that is now just a huge disease on this planet. Patriarch RIP, you are almost finished at the 11:55 pm hour.

  21. I hate to say this,
    but I knew the outcome when
    she had become infected.
    Eradication of the deadly virus
    had to be 100% on the part
    of the dispatch team.
    Predictable outcome.
    How sad.
    I know that she knew this. ☑

    Another thumbs up for Mr Joe.

    +Richard+ 🍀

  22. That was pretty good, I could watch an entire movie length feature of something done like this!

  23. Weirdly, while she was,
    Knocked out,
    she was breathing the air, without her helmet!
    why does she need it now?
    Why do all these films have hot girls in them?
    Put a big breasted girl in there to get infected!
    I find the bigger ones,
    ugly as hell!
    Put them in there,

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    Sucesso cada vez mais e crescente pra vc, brother!

  25. Obviously she was not a threat. While one lowered his pistol at the end, the other person pulled their hammer back… Were they going to kill her anyways?

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