Tutorial 1 – Remove a picture background in 5  seconds

Tutorial 1 – Remove a picture background in 5 seconds

Go to file new document 8.5×11 is going to be fine for this
tutorial go ahead and click ‘ok’ all right, now we want to create text box lets draw a text box over this whole page and let’s right-click on this text box And then we’re going to select text frame options or ctrl+b And then we’re going to change the number
of columns up here to ‘2’ okay so this is going to be like a magazine or newspaper-style layout in order to kind of see what it’s going
to look like with text let’s go ahead and ad some if you right-click on the text box you want to go down to fill with placeholder text and now indesign has just created some dummy text it doesn’t make any sense, it’s just gibberish but it will work for this tutorial so let’s zoom-out a little bit and to kind of make it look like a magazine we’re going to select this first letter
with the text tool and under your paragraph options let’s, uh let’s increase this to a ‘2’ Actually, let’s increase that to a ‘3’ so that has kind of a magazine look to it all right knowing that tech stocks all taken care of perhaps they said our picture for this one I may be easing that fear he did a file place the promotions want to us let’s a premature to share with the white background
or something that’s continuance or something with has quite a bit of contrast
between the object and the background and i’ll make you a little bit easier for
in his eye and I met detective if not you can always do it manually it’s going click on the pair okay and Russia’s crooks who replaces it’s now at a picture of the pair of their
what’s %uh it’s going to make this a little bit bigger you can I tired and that person is right here or you can actually just %uh tried one of
the edges while holding out control and shipped to the
same time what’s the right now all right however care in there let’s go ahead and %uh do the magic it’s looking a little %uh jagged your talents
Clinton tried over for a preview and I’m comparing the media for what the picture
looks like okay this is the fun part so we want to do is go to object cooking past with the pictures selected we return our preview so we can actually see
what it each of these a options that is work with
a detective edges and as you can see it is dropped out the background now there’s a little bit of light on the issue because the %uh in design privilege finds everything looks no sir so if we want to actually it’s get a better idea of what’s going on
here he was a man on a carrier and let’s go back to you object cokie that is and now you can kind of see the white is slow
the right there we had a placard that read be really easy
to see but a we can do as you can change the threshold and if you increase the threshold certainly a more more big picture but we want to do is use just take a little bit more on he’s the torrance such as keep a rate there quick okay can we resume now as you well know old when
every have the emancipation will so it did they’ll change of my sign in dinkins’ you
now so here’s a pair if you want to see you two points what the heck with the past is
gone out he’s the editor of selection school quick comment there and you can see exactly world the well the past hour and you can see this being a reporter he really didn’t take it oh yeah they do gillooly closer to it he’s address less control in certain flu point sir it’s we get a a final image what you’re happy with the King is this guy here to %uh all right here’s that aren’t there and uses Kerry here okay said are still a little better you can get more pulled her out it if it happens
to be a little bit more complex or the design is that a poor job taken aback
right now but this period in decent shape so let’s go
ahead and go on to the next ad we want bill the from here the issues are tax route you can click the trouble here we’re still have a slight you can go to one
though to extract I have to express what did it’s going to quit on wraparound objects and you can see now the tax is wrapping around
this care we really have a pretty nice effect we got
the what are there we have prepared the three sides appear at this point for me to live there well more impact let’s assume out a little bit to many it feel for it now let’s do the the last %uh last the facts let’s stop it off with the interruption he’s a little joel of some the bottom here as far as the color we’re going to go to swatches and this joke we want to be those show as far as the filled with have black brown fifty percent and now we’re going to use remains the a feather
to object object no script of treason against US each one is doing our numbers Clinton in here in army pressing up and down
or to quickly see how much %uh how much we need at forty of the desired effect I think %uh I think we’re going and she is a and for this one the contrary and lorena lying to use have attacks also
a wraparound history so let’s go back to our tax route click on a wraparound objects and now we have pared I bring about a shadow if you want to you can go ahead and use the %uh your selection school at points with the and told the had incomplete old and this quick about two points in here Frank I think you know the effect of have
an by taking out of it some do and I miss Clinton budget pointer
here this is adding points I may go back to my dress like control and to start a take these points a movement sister dragon man buchanan keep getting around to get the desired effect there’s going to be as too terribly complex for discussion on him how you can actually %uh use the draft selection to lenora to modify
our past he could have passed it in critical being passed from scratch you can
have been designed to a foreign but we’re really do here is we’ve created
a bite out of its members had a Texas compound raft inside of the pair we have to do anything and share with nafta
move tax around and as if we don’t listen let’s say for a shock we would still have this big box rehear the
attack should be wrapped around that box not the objects

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  1. LMAO! no wonder how it will be if you add in the title "how to Remove a picture background in 10 min" it will be an hour long O_o

  2. thats easy too,simply use the Quick Selection tool and drag it over the person, trying not to delete the city, quite simple

  3. fuk these niggas u did well on your tuturial my friend thank u …some ppl just arent grateful enough and to make it worse they actually watch it haha dumbasses

  4. @bigdan087 ye, just use photoshop extract tool. its an easy effective tool and the results are way better than this even on the most complex images.

  5. "He's the torrance!" 4:15
    "Can we resume now as you well know old when every have the emancipation will, so it did. They'll change of my sign in dinkins' you now"
    "So here's a pair." "what the heck with the past is gone out!" "He's the editor of selection school." "Being a reporter, he really didn't take it." "Oh yeay they do! Gillooly closer to it… the King is this guy here!" "it's going to quit on wraparound objects" "No script of treason against the US!" 7:39

  6. There are a lot of political subliminal messages in this tutorial. I see you are a monarchist who is very much distrustful of the liberal democrats. I know who Kerry and Clinton are, but who is lying Lorena? (7:48 – 8:04) And who is Frank? Why do you miss the Clinton budget? I thought you were a monarchist! Sister dragon man! So you think NAFTA is just moving tax around, too?

  7. hilarious voice recognition subtitles I'm glad I'm not an ESL student trying to decipher this tutorial. It's totally engrish worthy.. much applause for the subtle revenge on the east for all those electronics manuals.

  8. I Use Digimax,Im 12 And I Wanna Know To To Take A Picture(Eg A Face) And Put It On A Completly Differant Background ?

  9. You can't see my face right now but I am soooooo happpy. Thank you for doing this video on how to delete the background of the image. This just save me!!

  10. you can insert clipping paths from photoshop that are named for indesign to select…so that really makes the photoshop comment inaccurate if the image was prepared for indesign in photoshop

  11. I love the subtitles… they get evermore strange and inaccurate as the video evolves 🙂 Being a newbie in the design-world / design software I must say I found it useful… thanks. Any ideas to where I might find good, free tutorials for InDesign?? cheers….

  12. @Saadified360 in hindi its means mad 🙂 but these videos are really helpful..we are so grateful to these people who upload videos and help us…

  13. Now i know why my paths did not work. because i was using the wrong pointer! Should have the Direct selection tool (A) selected before defining paths.

  14. This clip is 9min because it fully explains the concept about removing backgrounds. Now that you have the knowledge, you can quickly remove backgrounds as you develop your skills in the program. Surely everyone understands this. Right?

  15. far too long .. just wanted the main aim .. why all the prelims?? the vid said remove background .. this is the thing about you tube .. people put tutorials on specific points then wander all over the shop .. took 180 seconds to get to the 'fun part'..which was about a second long .. jeez

  16. What's with the captions? you say"start draggin' em in" the caption says "sister dragon man". if this is a joke it's actually kinda funny cause there's way more than just that one.

  17. Thanks for this video. Exactly what I needed. Been using a different design program and started a new job where we are using indesign. I am going to be a hero Monday!


    go to OBJECT > CLIPPING PATH > remove white
    2 SECONDS.

    after that, simply wrap text around object, add shadows using effects etc.

  19. all I did was click the image, go to "objects" > clipping path > options > type: detect edges and I was done.

  20. That all you do, holy shit I've been messing around on Ai and Ps for an hour trying to get rid of the white background of an image. Thank you!

  21. Thank you! For those who are in a hurry:
    2:55 for removing background of a picture
    6:15 for wrapping text around the non-square picture

  22. When I click on "detect edges" the background does not vanish. Instead, the background remains and the entire box is outlined with a brown line. Does anybody know why it didn't work?

  23. This is really a nice video, all the things explained very well and i understand everything!!
    Thanks!For more nice tutorial you may visit clippingphoshop's website


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