Twi film, English captions: Talk to your kids about sex! (“The First Step”, Global Dialogues)

Global Dialogues Yuba! Celine! Don’t be late, huh! Bye, Mum. Bye bye. Bye, Mummy. Bye, Celine. One of the children must have dropped it. What’s this?
Grrrr. Tell me, how do you let things like this
go on here in my house? Oh yes. It’s always MY fault. Sorry about your uncle. Oh yes, thanks. He didn’t even
believe in AIDS. Not at all. How old was he? About 25. When it comes to AIDS, the world is
upside down: Older people bury their kids, and kids are often better informed
than their parents. Do you think they know everything that we
learn about AIDS at school? I doubt it! Therefore, kids must educate their parents! Imagine it: “Dad, Mum! Open your
notebooks! Take dictation. Quickly!” I just cannot believe that you haven’t had
that talk with your kids yet about sex and AIDS! It can’t be right. Tell me you’re joking. The right time hasn’t come up yet. The right time is NOW! What if your son tells you he’s HIV positive? And if your 16-year-old daughter
tells you she’s pregnant? Huh? I believed she’d learn all that
from her husband, like me. Oh, I don’t believe my ears! That attitude leads to young girls
becoming mothers, girls who don’t have the slightest idea
how their own bodies function! We were never told about those things
by our mothers, you know. That is just a lame excuse. The real truth is simple, as you know well: It concerns your children’s health,
their lives, and you’re feeling nervous. I don’t know how to do it. Listen. I’ll tell you how I
went about it, talking to my kids. It’s not nearly as difficult as you think. I know you have all the courage and the creativity
necessary to talk successfully with your children. Hey young man! Yes? I’d like some petrol, please. Serve yourself. Getting up early, is better than running.
Getting up early, better than running. [Radio:] You say that more than half
of all Africans living with the AIDS virus were infected before the age of 25.
Why is that? There are many factors. One is that those who should provide young people
with the necessary information just aren’t doing so. Especially parents. Young people want their parents to talk
to them about AIDS, but that’s very rare. Right. A long voyage begins with just one step. But why are boys like that? For that, you’d better ask your father. Global Dialogues

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