TYLKO NIE MÓW NIKOMU | dokument Tomasza Sekielskiego | cały film | 2019

TYLKO NIE MÓW NIKOMU | dokument Tomasza Sekielskiego | cały film | 2019

COLLECTED THROUGH PATRONITE.PL – Please repeat the oath after me.
– Right. – I, Anna Misiewicz…
– I, Anna Misiewicz… swear by the Almighty God… the essence of the Holy Trinity… that I shall answer all the questions… that I am asked in my case… truthfully
and to the best of my knowledge. I swear that I shall keep all
the questions and answers confidential… and I shall discuss it with no one… except for the authorized persons… pursuant to the decision
of the Bishop of Kielce. So help me God… and this holy Gospel… that I am placing my hands upon. – Amen.
– Amen. TELL NO ONE What did the kitchen look like?
Messy, dirty. With a lot of mugs, plates, frying pans
dirty from scrambled eggs, burnt milk pots. A lot of cleaning anyway.
And it was the same every single week. One girl would clean the floors,
the other do the dishes, another one would dry and put them away. Dust. That is the way it was. – Seven-year-olds hired to help?
– Seven-year-olds, yes. However, after some time, because I had been such a good girl, I was, you could say, promoted. It meant that the priest
invited me upstairs, he took me from all the cleaning… and told me that I would help him
count money from collection baskets. I remember his shoes. I guess, I mostly saw his shoes then. They were black leather moccasins.
Very quiet. And it was really impossible to hear if he was already going up the stairs,
or not yet. If he was already downstairs,
or not yet. He only told me that I was special. Did he lock himself in the room
with you too? Yes. He touched… Touched my breasts. He masturbated himself with my hands. Kissed. Until today, when… When I can smell milk,
I feel disgusted. It is because he
would drink milk very often and I was left with its aftertaste
in my mouth. He constantly kept repeating the word:
“more, more, more”. And when he was finished,
he would leave the room. And pretended
as if nothing had been going on. I feared if he was going
to be back once again or if that one time
was enough for that day. I really wanted it to be over
after one time. I didn’t want him to come back. He was certain
that I would tell no one. I am convinced
that I was not the only one. I am convinced
that when the second grade finished and the next school year began,
other children went there. Children younger than me. I am convinced
that there was more of it. HOUSE OF RETIRED PRIESTS IN KIELCE It’s somewhere here. – It’s…
– There’s a turn, Tomek. OK, I’m turning.
That’s the building. But there is no entrance,
because there is a fence and no gate. – It’s at the front.
– Somewhere from the street. – I’ll drop you off on the other side.
– This is the place? – Retired Priests, right?
– Yes. Tomek, wait a second please. All right. What would you like to tell him
if you could meet him? I would like to tell him enough,
so that he would be aware that what he did… That he destroyed my life. That, for me, he does not even deserve
to be called a “priest”. It’s open, you can come in. Thank you. God bless. My name is Anna Czarna.
This is my husband. We had an appointment
with reverend Jan A. Please come this way. But where should we go?
Can you take us there? One minute.
Recently, he hasn’t been going out much. I understand.
Well, today it’s awful outside. – Good afternoon.
– Please come in. Good afternoon father. – Anna Czarna.
– Hello. Do you remember me, father?
This is my husband, Marek. – Do you remember?
– Certainly. – Certainly?
– Please have a seat. – Can we?
– Yes, please. Father, I’ve just been meaning to ask
how old you are now. Quite old. I’m joking that… Actually, we have known each
other since I was a little girl. Six years old. So, it’s been a long time. – And I am 39.
– She was a good child. I was? Really? So, now, I am all ears. Father, I wanted
to look you in the eye. I think that it is the last time. What do you feel being here? Fear. The same as every day, when I attended primary school here. Since it all began with Reverend A.
Fear. The fear is becoming bigger
with every step. I don’t know why. After all,
he is not here anymore, but… I wanted to ask why.
Maybe you could explain this to me? Now, that I am an adult woman
and a mother? Sometimes I touched a knee
or kissed someone, or something like this? That was not just „something”. – That was…
– Well, what else? It was kissing that should not
have happened, you know? I was seven or eight years old. FATHER JAN A.,
FORMER PARISH PRIEST IN TOPOLA – There were also other things.
– What things? You touched me
where you were not supposed to. My private parts. Father, do you understand that
it really scarred my adult life deeply? It is difficult for me
to talk about such… Well, for me too. In my examination of conscience,
I often wonder… I should have never done it, should have not touched
or kissed you… – Well no, you shouldn’t have.
– No, I shouldn’t have done it. I know I shouldn’t have. Some stupid passion. Exactly why I wanted to ask you about it,
because it is really difficult for me, believe me,
really difficult emotionally, however… – I just need to go to the toilet.
– All right, all right. Yes, he masturbated himself
with my hands. I used to come to this gate. We all met here at the gate. The priest opened the door
and we entered. I would climb up the stairs,
to that right window. In the room, there was a bed,
a cabinet. A carpet. And that’s all. My behaviour
is not an act now, just… I often say mass, because it… After all, there was no wish
expressed to the contrary… For those that I have hurt,
I often say mass. I am not saying
that it is paying for this… I regret it profoundly.
When I was in hospital in Kraków, then, as I say during confession, I was reformed. And since then…
and it’s been quite some time now, I have not touched another… But this does not justify anything. Things happened, it was a time of… I’m sure that…
it was the devil who took his toll. – Do you know at what cost?
– Excuse me? Do you know at what cost to me
did the devil take his toll? Do you know
that I still have nightmares? That I am unable to sleep at night? We used to go to church
this way every Sunday. – What’s going on?
– Nothing, it’s all right. It’s this presbytery…
I haven’t been here for a long time. A very long time. Somehow,
I can remember everything now. And now… Father, I have actually
told no one about it. I still carry it inside me. Here, on these steps,
where the fir trees are now… I don’t know if they are spruces…
No, they’re probably junipers. Here, we had
our First Communion photo taken. We also had our photos taken here,
on this side of the church. I felt stressed, because I didn’t know
what the priest was going to do with me. But he just acted
as if nothing had happened. But I was under great stress,
because I didn’t know how… As a little girl, I feared
that the photo would show that there was something between us,
as teenagers say now. And we shared a secret in those days. Oh, excuse me. – God bless.
– God bless. An apple, canon. – Thank you.
– See you. I’m sorry. But, father, why me? Why was it me? Even setting aside
those other children or little girls. Why was it me? Can you answer this question? In my case,
maybe it was for the lack of… So, these male issues finally came up
when I was of certain age. I don’t know. But the fatherly love
manifested a little. And then it turned into this… this attraction… physical attraction. Father, you masturbated yourself
with my hands. FIRST HOLY COMMUNION SOUVENIR It is difficult for me, what I did.
But what now? What should I do now? Why didn’t you come with this earlier?
Why only now? Because I was afraid.
I didn’t have enough courage. – But you were already an adult person…
– Yes, I was. Why couldn’t we approach this,
when I was still able to, – I was still before my old age…
– But what would father do? What’s the difference
in your opinion? If it would have been
20 years ago or now? I would compensate it somehow, right? – If I were younger…
– Are you talking about money? No money can compensate this.
It is inside. TOPOLA
– Good morning. – Hello. Father Jacek.
– Tomasz Sekielski. How can I help? I’m working on your predecessor, I think.
Father Jan A. I’m working on some material. – What? – Oh nothing, good. – Why nothing good?
– Good. But what happened? Nothing.
Today he actually admitted having sexually abused
eight-year-old girls. – Who?
– Father Jan A. But he’s retired. He admitted to abuse which happened
when he was a parish priest here. But what happened to him,
something with his head? – No, he met his victim.
– My God. There came a moment of something… I don’t know how to call it. When I succumbed… Well, girls, because I had never fancied a boy, right?
Never in my life. Probably there were more, right?
Not only me and Monika? It’s not that it was some kind
of occurrence or it was common, where I would invite everyone
and abuse them. But some…
There were some more… But I won’t say who else. Just as you said, God is just and I fear His justice. – Rightfully so that you’re afraid.
– I am, really… If I were in your place,
I would also be afraid. Awful, awful… Saying sorry to you
is not enough, but… at least humble apologies from me
if you don’t… Maybe you can accept
my apologies for today. – If you allow me, I’ll kiss your hand…
– No, no. I accept your apologies…
but no. How can anyone feel sexual desire
towards an eight-year-old girl? – It’s perversion.
– It’s perverted. It’s just…
I teach here, at this school. I teach children.
These children love the priest. The priest is for them someone like… Like Jesus. They know about it.
And that’s the way it should be. Did God… or Jesus Christ
make a move on children? They must have taught you something
during those years at university right? I’m sorry, but I need to go. Marek, if you could,
because I’m really agitated. Father, I hope that God will judge you
justly and appropriately. God be with you. I really apologize you for everything.
I really, really regret it. – Please forgive me…
– Then do, regret it. – I couldn’t take it any longer.
– It’s enough, that’s all… Ania, you were so brave,
really, girl. Fuck, trust me. I knew that it wasn’t only me.
I knew it. I was only guessing,
but he confirmed it. What a shithead. What a shithead! If I had come to him earlier,
when he was still in the parish! What did he want, to pay me?
So that I would stay quiet? – Does the bishop ordinary know?
– No, not yet. So far, we came here,
where we will… – The bishop needs to be told, right?
– We will report this, of course. We need to decide
if you should go there alone or if Marek, our producer,
should accompany you. Marek was present
during your meeting with father A., because you wanted support
and you didn’t want to confront him alone. – He said was your husband.
– Yes. Do you also want him
to go with you today? I think so. It’s because that when Marek was there
when I was confronting father A. I felt…
His help is invaluable. It was really necessary
and made me feel better. I knew I had support.
I knew someone was next to me. And it was
extremely important to me, so, if Marek could
also go with me today, it would be great. Of course, Marek will also try
to record this meeting, so that we have a proof
of how this conversation is proceeding. KIELCE
MARCH 2, 2019 – I think you’re waiting for me?
– We think so. Regarding the official issues,
I will inform you that… Because you do want
to make a statement? That’s my first such visit – so I don’t know what to say.
– I will tell you. I need… – I just want to report it.
– Report the case? I want to report it, because I think
this is the right thing to do. – But…
– I’m an adult and mature enough now. – It’s time.
– We should be alone. – This is the husband?
– Yes, he is. Formally,
this is how it’s usually done. I understand. You may feel more at ease,
as well as we. I won’t feel at ease. – For me, it’s always great stress.
– It makes it easier for us – with such interventions.
– I understand. And it would be better if we were alone
when making the statement. Marek was asked to leave
because of church regulations, which say that there
can only be two people, the victim
and the delegated priest. So, I made a statement, signed it,
he made corrections, that if something was incorrect, I signed it
and the procedure was initiated. WARSAW I will report a justified suspicion
that crime was committed, court injunction was disobeyed
pertaining to working with children ARTUR NOWAK
LAWYER and also that parish priests committed
petty offenses by not checking if a person that was to work with children
during the retreat programme had been sentenced
for pedophilia. There is such an obligation. It is enforceable.
That’s an indictable offense. Finally, I want
the prosecution to determine how it is possible
that the supervisors who assigned this priest
to the retreat programme or approved it, aware of his sentence,
because he didn’t just fall from the sky, and his crime,
still sent him to the retreat. Does the Polish Church fulfill
its obligation to explain this case? If anyone is actually following the work
done in the Episcopal Conference and around the Episcopal Conference, but really fairly and on an ongoing basis, they will notice the entire effort that had been devoted
for over ten years now. It turned out
that the priest touched girls. – Where he shouldn’t have?
– Yes. All this during classes. JOANNA
MOTHER OF ZOSIA – The children were seven?
– Yes. – Religious education?
– Yes. We had colouring pages
and we coloured. – Religious ones?
– With Mary and similar. And I asked
if I could use some colours. I remember that the priest
sat next to me and started touching me. He was telling me something about Mary
and just started touching me. I couldn’t move,
I just listened to his words. I understand that it was not only
about knees or stroking? – No. – But those mostly… – Private parts.
– I see. – Hello.
– Here. Welcome. Hello. Artur Nowak. There were three victims. – Three people?
– Yes, three. And they were subjected to this acts
several times. It if it proven that these people
committed these acts, will they be removed
from the clergy? Now, from my experience, I can say that in each reported case, a very precisely determined and, in a way,
model procedure is applied, because we have had
some years of experience. The suspension of the priest,
examining the diocese and reporting it to the prosecution
if a crime was committed. WARSAW METROPOLITAN CURIA A man appeared… – Priest?
– A man, priest. He seemed nice and pleasant. At the beginning of the meeting
it appeared that they were bothered deeply,
that he had been removed. First, they said
that they would handle it. Take appropriate measures…
But will we ever find out about it? Do I have any influence?
Any insight, right? HOUSE OF WARSAW ARCHBISHOPS – And what?
– And the answer was no. – We had no influence.
– And we wouldn’t find out about anything – and that it was their internal matter.
– When he understood we won’t let go and we started pushing
that we would not agree to this, the tone changed. It’s also closed.
Damn, everything’s closed. At that point we heard that we should be mindful
of the consequences of our actions because we were acting
against the institution of the Church. We should take into account a court case,
because we were hurting a person. Hannah from the Book of Samuel,
who conceived a future prophet… HOMILY OF CARDINAL KAZIMIERZ NYCZ …she took him
to the Temple in Jerusalem. What did Hanna’s stance teach us? Hannah taught us, that what God gives… JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU …and God gives to a woman,
God gives the family a child, go and offer God. In order to remember the truth anew and that is what Hannah
wishes to remember, that the child does
not belong to her. The child belongs to God
and is a gift from him. WARSAW METROPOLITAN CURIA – Hello.
– Hello. I have documents for Cardinal Nycz,
but I don’t know how to given them to him. You can leave them,
but he will be back in a week. Only in a week?
Did he travel somewhere? I can’t.
Maybe, I will send it by post. – And his secretary?
– No, also in a week. In a week? Thank you. Firstly, a letter from Mr Nycz
was received. Excuse me
for my manner of addressing. – Cardinal Nycz?
– Mr Cardinal Nycz. DANIEL
FATHER OF ZOSIA It’s difficult for me to utter this. I saw his surety
for priest Darek Olejniczak and since the Internet was
already available, I looked him up. SURETY And it turned out that this… the accused at that point,
was sent to another parish. – In the vicinity of Warsaw.
– To a parish? Yes, to work with altar boys. – Altar boys?
– Yes. DISTRICT COURT What to do in such a situation?
We went to our lawyer, and he said:
“At a next court hearing, we need to apply
for a precautionary measure”. A measure preventing him
from working with children. PLEADINGS – Did you do it?
– Yes. Fortunately, the court granted
our application during the hearing and enjoined him
from working with children. JUDGMENT – And the judgment?
– Two years and three months. He got two years and three months
and we also applied for… – Prohibition of contact?
– Yes, so that he could never
work with children. Did the court approve? Yes and it was in the operative part
of the judgement. – Did he go to prison?
– Yes. Did you try to find out
what was going on with him? – Right now? He was released recently?
– He’s still a priest. He’s in a missionary centre
as an unassigned priest. In the Redemptoris Mater
Missionary Centre. And I fear that they are waiting
to send him on a mission. I hope that in Poland this ban
on working with children in care centres and being close to teenagers
will remain in force. – The Gospel of the Lord.
– Glory to you, Jesus Christ. ST. JOSEF PARISH IN MALBORK
DECEMBER 17, 2018 OK, all children,
come closer to the altar. Now, let’s have a homily… It won’t be graded.
I want to talk with you a little. Come closer. On the carpet, it’s a little warmer. “REDEMPTORIS MATER” MISSION SEMINARY
WARSAW Hello. – I’m looking for priest Olejniczak.
– But he’s not here. But your website says he’s here. And what if he’s here?
He’s an itinerant. – In what sense? Does he travel?
– In what sense are you asking? Firstly, I would like to congratulate you, because your parents and guardians
found time and positively motivated you
to come here to our church. What do you want from priest Olejniczak? I wanted to ask him how is it possible
that he is banned for life from working with children
and I can show you the judgement, but he’s involved
in the retreat programme? – Sir, there’s no way.
– Then, let me show you. – He’s not conducting classes.
– How would you know that he’s doing it? Is it possible for him
to somewhere by himself? Definitely not. An angel was sent.
Can you remember this Bible scene? When was angel Gabriel
sent to Mary? And he talked to her,
when she was busy in her Nazareth home. He says: “Rejoice, Mary!” PARISH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY
BIAŁYSTOK, DECEMBER 21, 2018 Praised be Jesus Christ. – Forever, amen.
– Brothers and sisters, It’s an incredible grace for me
that I can be here among you. I’d like to sing an advent song. If you know, please join me. Jesus is coming,
in his splendour almighty, glorious – Father Dariusz came in here.
– This building? Or here? From the front. – Probably through the presbytery.
– But no, he didn’t. This way, left. – He went between these buildings?
– Yes, here. It won’t waver Your powerful throne,
you’ve been here for ages Good day. Father Dariusz? – Who are you?
– I’m a documentary director. I’d like to ask
why are you breaching a court injunction? Excuse me. In his splendour “Excuse me” and he just closed the door. – But where is he?
– He’s there. – Where exactly? Is this the entrance?
– There, where I went. – He has a room, right?
– He’s in the room, but he locked it. Probably won’t open. – Are you looking for someone?
– Yes, father Dariusz Olejniczak. God bless. He’s here.
He’s conducting the retreat meeting now. No, no.
He locked himself in his room. Because he has a final judgement for molesting seven-year old girls. – Really?
– And he’s banned for life from contacting, raising,
teaching children religion and so on but he’s conducting lessons here.
We’d like to talk to him. Do his supervisors know about it
and how come he’s here. – I’ll knock on his door once more.
– We have the retreat meeting there. There are many priests.
He won’t open. Father, can you come here for a moment? – Can you come here for a moment?
– Does father… Hello, Tomasz Sekielski.
I’m inquiring about Dariusz Olejniczak. – Good day.
– Good day. He has a final judgment.
Dariusz Olejniczak. Binding for ever and, except for the fact
that he was sentenced for two years… – Who?
– Dariusz Olejniczak. – Father Dariusz Olejniczak?
– The one participating in the retreat. – What kind of a judgement?
– For molesting seven-year-old girls. – What are you talking about?
– I’m serious. It’s here. And here it says: “against the accused, for life a penal measure enjoining him
from pursuing the profession of a teacher and conducting activities connected with raising, educating
and looking after minors”. I was in Malbork. He has recently been there
and had special classes with children. I have an important issue
for the parish priest. I’ll give him back to you
in a moment. How did he get the permission
of his supervisors? It’s not that a priest
just decided to move away. Łukasz. – We’re done here.
– Come here for a moment. – We’ll talk later, all right?
– But with whom? – Excuse me?
– Father! I have just one question. Under what procedure
can such a man come for the retreat? – I just wanted to know.
– I don’t know. Thanks. PARISH OFFICE – Later…
– But who can I talk to later? ST. JOSEF PARISH IN MALBORK
DECEMBER 17, 2018 Maybe you’ll go and ask him
if he can say that in front of the camera? It seemed that he couldn’t. After a brief talk,
that’s what I understood. – Finally he may just leave.
– Still today. Please record.
You’re real bloodsuckers! – No.
– Come on. – Good day!
– Father, come on. – We came to politely ask…
– Politely? – Are you picking on the priest?
– Yes. – Because he was in prison, right?
– Yes. He’s banned from spreading
the word to children. There are no children here. I didn’t know that this priest… I was in Malbork, where father Dariusz
was conducting the retreat for children. Only children.
Do I have to show you the recording? Maybe you will become a priest? Even though today
no one wants to be a priest, because priests are now done for. They have a bad reputation
and all of them are sick and bad and they should be all locked away
in mental institutions. Or they should confess
and then be shot dead. That’s the best method. I’m a psychologist and in my line of work
I have contact with people who were sexually abused
when they were children by members of the clergy. We wrote a book with my husband
on pedophilia in the Church and the topic was so difficult for me that after we finished it,
I was so fed up with this that I just felt
that I could not take it any longer. So for me, a psychologist,
it is a burden. I cannot imagine how difficult
it must be for the victims. How do you handle the fact
that your husband is so engaged in helping the victims
of pedophile priests? – No, it’s just not…
– Oh, come on. – You’ve already started…
– It pisses me off. – So tell me how does it piss you.
– You’re entering a minefield. – I know, but you started.
– No… – You started it yourself.
– No, because we’ll break up. – How…
– Will you take me? – Sure.
– I won’t answer this question. – First turn the camera off.
– But why not now? Because it will show
the dysfunction of our marriage. Does it anger you that Artur
devotes so much time to this case? It angers me that it became
his another addiction. – Do you suppose that he…
– Forgot where the boundaries are. That he wants to help somewhere,
but he forgot… what is happening in his own family. But this is a way
of dealing with reality. His way of dealing with his childhood experiences. Why did begin handling the cases
of victims of pedophile priests in terms of trials and legal aspects? I am a victim
of a pedophile priest. That who hurt me was a family friend. I was really fascinated by him. These were the old days.
He had a Fiat 126. He would drive me outside the city. Asked thoroughly about masturbation.
Hugged, touched me in some places. When I was small,
I wouldn’t even think about telling my mother that something had happened. We treated the priest as a king. – How old were you then?
– Eleven years old. Then, there was another priest,
because that wasn’t my only experience. That priest is now deceased.
We would go to Stadniki. It was a town
on the way from Kraków to Zakopane. There was the order
of the Priests of the Sacred Heart. And we a priest
from this congregation in Kraków. Father Franciszek. He would buy us beer
in Pewex with his dollars. Chocolate.
Generally, he would give us money. And then, he came in the morning and just put his hands
and touch the groin. People find it hard to understand that when you’re a teenager
and a priest is doing it, you’re wondering:
maybe these are just some jokes? Focusing on the Church only
won’t do anything. But this is a group
that should be a symbol for others. – Yes.
– Where it should be 100% pure. Authority and purity
continue to be a constant challenge, which, however, overlooks
the existence of original sin. We think that we can create
a paradise in this world, but it’s not going to happen. Does the Church want
to co-operate with you? Do they share documents?
How does it work? No, they generally
do not want to speak. They don’t inform me
of any dates. I inform the Curia if that’s the wish
of my client, otherwise it makes no sense. – Hi.
– Hi, hello. So, it’s time to go, right?
It’s a little cold. How was your journey? – I was there.
– Come. Honestly, I have not come
across such a case and I had met over 100 victims. I have worked with many of them in ecclesiastical courts
and I haven’t come across a case where they would be asked
if they needed any help. There are more and more trials. In one district court in Bydgoszcz
there are now two or three complaints. Submitted normally, to be reviewed. There’s really much more. – Mariusz prosecuted further, right?
– Yes, yes. This is a this type of a case,
you know… – Because he is after conviction.
– And last resort appeal, yes. That appeal is included. It just shows how it goes. A common court sentences him
to go to prison immediately, and the ecclesiastical court
acquits that priest. But in my canon law
I’m not a party to a case. I was born in a small town
of Kartuzy, Pomerania. When I was 13, I was invited by my confessor, father Andrzej, to the presbytery
during my confession. Here, in the back, there is
a confessional where Srebrzyński… PARISH OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY
KARTUZY …convinced me to visit him. It’s right here. There’s pressure here.
The pressure of this painting. The pressure
of the Final Judgement. That you never say no to a clergy man. A priest. But how could I have known
that it would continue this way? I didn’t know it. If I had known it,
I wouldn’t have come here. I only remember
that I came to the presbytery. When I entered, he closed the door
and locked them with a key. I sat on the sofa,
he sat next to me and… he had a sort of a pendulum. And he said: “I want to check
if your stomach is also healthy”. I laid down, as I remember. And he checked if my stomach
was actually healthy, in his view… He also undressed himself.
First, he pushed away my trousers. He held my hand and told me… Forced me against him. And started showing me
what to do and… I didn’t really know
what was happening. He had some toilet paper
behind his cabinet. I didn’t know why back then. Only after he was finished… did I realize
why he had brought it. That was my very first
experience in life… with sex, having an orgasm,
feeling physical pleasure. I didn’t really know
what had happened. I lost my dignity,
I didn’t know who I was. After you were raped by the priest, what did he tell you? Not to tell anyone
about what happened. Not to say it,
even during a confession. Not to confess it. When I left there, I was thinking
that it would not happen again and that i won’t go there. Then, suddenly, in eighth grade… Srebrzyński became
my religion teacher. He was there again since September. We were in the choir,
in the new church. He stood in front of us. He told me to stay longer, because he had something
to handle or do. He told me to get into his Fiat. We’re going to the new presbytery. There’s still the cross of Srebrzyński. A bed was here. Also a mattress. A furnace here.
Everything was cramped here. Fuck. The passage was here. You could hear and see what was going on.
I haven’t been here before. It’s impossible for the priests
who lived with Srebrzyński, as next-door neighbours,
not to know that boys visited him
and something was happening there. It is impossible. The priest invited me and my friend,
an altar boy, to the presbytery, one Sunday, to give us presents. Helping families
was really common then. Priests would offer presents
brought from the West. These different presents
were stored here. Presents brought
from Germany, America. It’s scary here.
Spider webs for so many years. Damn it. This old rack is still here.
There were many cartons here. There are just bad ghosts here.
Everything stayed the way it used to be. This, what happened here…
Jesus. So hard to believe.
It gives me the shivers. He told me to undress myself.
Put the shirts on and take them off. “Maybe these trousers fit?
Maybe these pants fit?”. And so on. – Were you naked, too?
– Yes. I wasn’t at all aware
of that moment. It just continued. The priest just asked me
to try everything on. And I don’t know how it happened,
but he appeared in his bathrobe. I froze a little.
I remember being really surprised. The priest must have sensed that,
because he said: “Don’t tell your mother. Or else, she will rip off your willy”. Then, he touched my “willy”,
let me put it this way, and groped me. That was shocking. Probably the entire world of a child
was ruined then. It collapsed. I went home.
I told my mother about it. My mother didn’t believe me,
because in those days – people just wouldn’t accept it.
– She was in denial? Yes, she was. After this, I said that I wouldn’t go
to the altar boys. I wouldn’t be an altar boy. Me participating in Church life
as an altar boy was important to my mother,
so she didn’t agree. And… several months later,
I automatically stopped eating. I went to hospital once, twice,
three times. I became anorexic and that priest
came to us for a pastoral visit. That same priest, Srebrzyński. He told me to fall on my knees
and swear on the cross that I would eat. But it didn’t help.
It didn’t help, so I continued to… I swore, but I still felt
that I had to oppose somehow. It caused a critical situation,
as my heart muscle weakened. I had IV in hospital.
It was almost fatal. Only one thing helped me to get out. Out of that situation,
that predicament. I went to a sanatorium in Gdańsk. That’s how that period ended. – But you almost paid with your life?
– Exactly. Unable to get out,
I rebelled internally. I stopped eating as a child. How many times
did you go to Srebrzyński? I never counted,
but it wasn’t five or ten times. It was more.
Definitely more. I’ve never told anyone about it, until I couldn’t take any longer. and tried to commit suicide. Here, in 1987,
on the second day of Christmas… POVIAT HOSPITAL IN KARTUZY …an ambulance brought me here, after I had taken pills and tried to commit suicide. At that time, my parents found out for the first time
what had happened to me. NO ENTRY THROUGH
THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT They were informed by the doctor who tried to find the reason for my attempt. And then he confessed that he was a victim of sexual abuse committed by a priest. Something “positive” that happened was that doctor Drewla wrote a letter to bishop Marian Przykucki, of Chełmno at that time, about what I had told her. I even considered
telling the parish priest, but I didn’t believe he knew nothing,
so I left him out. I think they had to know. I wrote the letter to the bishop myself. That Srebrzyński had abused me,
that I had been raped. And I received a reply from the bishop that he knew all about it. “Dear doctor. Thank you for your letter
of January 7, 1988 and informing me
of this sad situation. I’m sorry that it happened. I’m familiar with the case. After the retreat programme,
the priest was moved to another place, under the penalty
that should this crime repeat, he’ll be deprived of the possibility
of performing his priestly vocation. I pray to God to protect you
and your hard work and give my blessings
for a prosperous new year. Father Marian Przykucki,
Bishop of Chełmno”. Addressed to my doctor. 28 years passed. 1988… In 2016, he was removed from the clergy
under the Decree of Francis. A joke. Just a joke. Thirty years… and I’m still not a party to the case. I received no answer from the bishop… even though, in 2013, I informed the office of the Curia
in Toruń. I told the parents about the situation. His father went to the
prosecutor’s office, but he was sent away
empty-handed, because Marek was already 18. He would have to do it himself. My father told me
that they went to Gocłowski, bishop Gocłowski. And nothing happened. Years later, we found out
that he was moved to Wejherowo. then to Czerna,
a small town close to Czersk. Then to Papowo Biskupie. Then, much further,
to Mszano, close to Brodnica. He was a parish priest there
until 2013. Over ten victims of Srebrzyński came to me personally. Recently, father Srebrzyński
was seen in Mogilno. During the procession
for the century of the Lady of Fátima in June 2017. There, in a full liturgical garment,
he participated in the procession. He wasn’t supposed to,
because in October 2016, he was removed from the clergy
by the Congregation for the Faith. “Parishioners in Mogilno and Wszedzień worry about the functioning… Holy masses, confessions, for many years
within the Mogilany Deanery, of ex-priest Andrzej Srebrzyński. The Chancellor of Curia in Gniezno,
Zbigniew Przybylski, told a reporter that holy masses celebrated
by Andrzej Srebrzyński were valid, albeit celebrated
in an undignified manner and, in his opinion, sacrilegious. Absolution he gave was void. And Srebrzyński explained that one remains
a priest until the end of their life. That was his explanation in court, where he only attended
one hearing in Świecie. Pretending all the time
not to know me. But the confrontation was recorded. Yeah. – Do you remember the confrontation?
– I do. I will always remember it. In life, you have to bear
the consequences of what you did. Why should I suffer now, because I have problems
in everyday life? I regret it with all my heart
and keep repeating this every day. I kindly ask you for consideration. Then, you have to give up your cassock
and ask the Church for forgiveness. But that’s not a solution. Not a solution?
This Church is poisoned. Why is it poisoned this way? The God will judge us on this. Now, let’s go to Mszano. Here, Srebrzyński stayed quite long. Almost 20 years in one place. Where I found out
that one of his altar boys committed suicide
after he came back from church. LIVED FOR 14 YEARS MSZANO
KUJAWSKO-POMORSKIE VOIVODSHIP Tell me no more of that priest.
He was… – Awful, right?
– Judas! All what he did here, I don’t understand the law,
that he’s still unpunished. No, he’s not. You know that my case
is not over yet? That’s awful. Tragedy.
And he wasn’t punished? But now, there was something.
In the programme? On TV? Yes, I was there again.
On Polsat. You must be mentally tired.
I’m not surprised. You know, my wife left me
and so on, because… – It’s all gone.
– Yes. – But how… it was Przemek?
– Yes, Przemek. They said he hanged himself
because of him. – Talk to this guy.
– Who’s visiting? – I came with my friend.
– The one sitting there? – Make some coffee.
– Tell him to come in. Is he going to stay there?
Alone, in the car? He couldn’t stop himself,
that man. RESIDENT OF MSZANO But what to do?
Bishops kept him and what? – What else to say if Suski…
– Signed this… He said he’d go to the bishop,
so I told him: “Just go there!”. – Suski?
– The bishop of Toruń. – Now he’s gone.
– Retired. Bishop Suski was accused
of covering pedophilia. That accusation from the report
given to father Francis… FATHER WIESŁAW ŚMIGIEL,
– Why? Because father Andrzej precisely followed the instructions
of the Polish Episcopal Conference, so when accusations
were made against him, plausible accusations,
he was instantly suspended. I was in Toruń, so I’m telling him, because I have known this priest
for 40 years. And he said:
“What are you going to do?”. “You cannot access Suski”. I say: “My nephew,
my son’s cousin was molested. I went to the bishop who said
he won’t do anything to him”. Half the village wanted to go. I asked: “Will you come?”.
“We’re coming with you”. When I went, everybody ran away. – I was left alone, like an idiot.
– Yeah. But I told the bishop some.
And he goes: “Oh, my.
You would have to prove it”. I say: “Dear bishop, I’ll bring
three parents in half an hour”. “Oh no, it’s already 10 o’clock”. – It was after…
– The confirmation? There were some ceremonies,
which ended before 10. “It’s 10, so it’s time to rest”.
That’s how he got me. CLERGY: GIFT AND MYSTERY
THE THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE IN TORUŃ My boy had been an altar boy
for a long time. And at some point
he refused to go to church. He said he wouldn’t go
because he touched him. I reported this to the dean. The dean informed me
that he had reported it to the bishop. – Suski was the bishop then?
– Yes. RESIDENT OF MSZANO – Did the bishop react?
– Nothing from the bishop or bishops. HOPE IS THE DEAREST COMPANION IT’S NOT WHAT DIVIDES US,
– Hello, hello. Good day.
It’s Marek Mielewczyk. Hello, Andrzej. – Yes?
– I have a question. I received a letter from you
last week… Since when are we
on a first-name basis? That’s what you had always whispered
in my year, to use your name. Clean your ears. I wanted to talk to him
about what he wrote. FOR 30 YEARS,
HE NURTURED HIS “REVENGE”. In the letter, he says that I keep
calling and blackmailing him or attempt to threaten him.
That’s never happened. WHAT DID THIS POOR AND SICK MAN
PROVOKE ME TO DO? I had never called him before. EVIL CAN MEDDLE
WITH HUMAN MINDS SO STRONGLY! That’s why I think that… he shouldn’t treat me this way. I’m calling the police
for stalking me. I didn’t tell my wife
about Srebrzyński. I didn’t tell her before the wedding.
I told her much, much later. When she found out that… I had been abused and continued
going to Srebrzyński later… she said:
“Why would you go there?”. It hurt me badly when she said
that she was disgusted with me. That actually… It was my fault.
“It’s your fault”, that’s what I heard. “That you went there”. GDAŃSK
CHAPLAIN OF “SOLIDARITY” Often, when the dignity of clergy men,
both the living and dead, HOMILY OF ABP SŁAWOJ LESZEK GŁÓDŹ is under fire of accusations,
claims, slender from communities
hostile to the Church. Often excessively, blindly. For media coverage. We judge too quickly.
Please prove it! FORMER PRESIDENT If they prove something like this,
then everything is possible, but for now I don’t believe it. We were friends
and I didn’t see anything like this. It’s improbable. He cannot defend himself,
because he’s dead. He’s buried under
so different people are waking up and saying rubbish.
Please prove it. The Republic of Poland
was born in 1918. Today, we’re celebrating a century
and no one thanked the Church. We are even being humiliated. Mostly, I’d like to thank the president. For bearing witness, first, in favour of father Jankowski
three days ago, which we really appreciate. And today, for the words spoken
about father Franciszek. I’ve known the president
since the 80s. Already in 1980,
I was the chaplain of “Solidarity”. And he was the leader of “Solidarity”. How old were you
when you met father Cybula? VICTIM OF FATHER CYBULA It was… He came after the service
to President Wałęsa. I cannot remember exactly… – Maybe 1996?
– Yes, when it ended… – In 1995, Wałęsa lost the elections.
– Yes, yes. How old were you then? Twelve. FATHER CYBULA, FORMER CHAPLAIN
to always include me. The president and I came so often,
also unofficially. But he always had
to underline my presence. He was happy. Did your family
get to know father Cybula well? Yes, they did.
He would visit our house. At first, there was a kind of hugging. Touching my head,
ruffling my hair. What was his next step
in getting closer to you? In Gowidlino. We went away
for the weekend together. I think I was resting in one room. And he… called me. I remember until today.
“Come, look what happened”. I went there concerned. “What’s going on?”. He was standing there
with his trousers down. And he said: “Look, it doesn’t want
to come down, what should I do?”. And his penis was sticking outside. Smelling badly. He took off my pants. He told me that without ejaculation
there was no sin. He told to hold his penis
with my hand. He took mine. And he crouched in front of me
and took my penis to his… his… mug. – You were around 13?
– Yes. Twelve, thirteen. I told myself
that it was only this one time and it won’t happen again. – But it did?
– Yes, it did. Quite often. I would come here.
He would take me here. – What a lowlife.
– How many times were you here? Very often.
It’s impossible to count. Over that many years… Now, let’s turn left. – Left now?
– Yes, left. There’s a church.
He celebrated masses here? Yes, he did. Now, he’s probably doing them
at home himself. This one, here.
With a red roof, yes. – This one?
– Yes. Hide the camera. – Good day. Can I come in?
– Of course. Here, by this bathroom.
Do you remember, father? You called me and told me
you had something “sticking out”. CONFRONTATION
NOVEMBER 30, 2018 That was just a joke. For fun, but… You were also laughing, as if… just connecting,
but nothing in the wrong direction. It wasn’t that…
What, did I tie you? And you’re a slave now?
No, it wasn’t that direction. I’m talking about the physical contact. As I told you, it broke… what we did on the bed,
or kissing the genitals. well, that really… That… Father, I wanted you to know that… But it never crossed the line… that you could now… But father, you just said
that there was no ejaculation. – Yes. There wasn’t.
– There was no ejaculation. Because you were so masculine
and no one could hide it… Let me say that you had… you had… appetite and modesty at the same time. I think that we would gift each other… because it was so… but… But what do you want? “Father, I want you to caress me”. A little caressing and… we would be back to our things. Whenever I could,
I gave you something. I’d give you some money,
you can keep it. I don’t want money. I don’t, thank you. Let’s be honest. Not all sexual offenders, abusers,
are pedophiles. A pedophile
has deviated sexual preferences and they cannot,
even if they really want to, feel satisfaction
from an intercourse with an adult. They are only aroused
by children. However, in the majority
of cases at hand here, these are pedophilia acts
committed instead of something else. Because of some sort of availability,
convenience or the lack of interpersonal resources, children become victims. I was angry at myself
and at others. Because you are a child
and you cannot explain this rationally. And later, why…
Why did I still go there? Why didn’t I instantly… You’d have to experience this. People are wondering: “But why did he go there
if he was being hurt?”. It’s actually
a very complex mechanism. A priest says:
“I’m teaching you love”. He doesn’t say:
“I’m hurting you”. He doesn’t use force, sits him on his knees
and abuses him. First, they groom them, so there is cognitive dissonance, where, on one hand,
the child needs it and, on the other,
feels that something is not right… PSYCHOLOGIST not the way it should. God bless. Welcome. To the right, where the light is. – God bless, welcome.
– Hello. Please, have a rest. METROPOLITAN CURIA OF GDAŃSK
DECEMBER 10, 2018 Now, please stand up. Please read the oath
and place your hand on the Bible. Text of the Oath. I, ********,
swear by the Almighty God, the essence of the Holy Trinity, that I shall answer the questions
that I am asked today by the commission established
by the Archbishop of Gdansk, Sławoj Leszek Głódź, regarding father Cybula,
priest of the Gdańsk Archdiocese, truthfully and I shall testify
as God and my conscience tell me. I shall keep all the issues
I am asked about confidential. So help me God and this Holy Gospel
that I am placing my hands upon. Amen. What kind of acts are you accusing
father Franciszek Cybula of? How could we put it? What happened?
First, something general. I was about 12, 13, at my home in Gowidlino… I was there for the weekend, maybe. He called me and told me:
“Come, look what’s happening”. And suddenly he was there,
with his trousers down and a stiff penis. He took off my pants and said:
“Let’s check if yours will also be stiff”. He took it off
and started masturbating me. Then he crouched, took it into his mouth
and told me to also take it in my mouth. How many times did something
like this happen in Gowidlino? Numerous times.
Until I was 18 for sure. – It…
– You were a young man then. An adult, 16-17 years old.
Didn’t you react in any way? – Didn’t you told him…
– Trust me, if, since I were 12… How could I look into somebody’s eyes
if he had been doing this for 12-13 years, when he was fascinated… That’s what people asked.
Why? I was just ashamed and thought
that it had to be this way. You can definitely call it
a victim syndrome or the Stockholm Syndrome
and we tend to be surprised that children go back
to their abusers. They’re coming back
for the same reasons nowadays abused wives
don’t end their relationships. And we’re comparing children here that have no skills to deal with it with adult women who are educated, who have mature coping skills,
and can handle many things emotionally, and yet, they come back. GOWIDLINO, POMORSKIE VOIVODSHIP
FEBRUARY 20, 2018 – Good day.
– Hi. Tomasz Sekielski.
I’m looking for father Cybula. – Can I talk to him?
– It’s impossible. He’s in a coma.
We’re waiting for an ambulance. What a shame. – Then he will be taken to hospital?
– Yes. – OK, thank you.
– I’d like to help, but I cannot. Thank you very much. – It had to happen now.
– So, it did happen. A stretcher. Why are they covering him? Is he dead? I think they have a corpse. FUNERAL OF FATHER CYBULA
FEBRUARY 25, 2019 Dear participants of the funeral. Father Franciszek
served God for 51 years. In 1990, he became the chaplain of the President
of the Republic of Poland, and then one of the chaplains
of the Military Ordinariate, bringing Christ
to the servicemen. He served, among others,
in the garrison church in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz
and the Cathedral Basilica. He was a member of the Cathedral Chapter
and an honourable prelate since 2009. I certain that Christ will welcome
our brother with these words: “Well done, my good and faithful servant!
Let’s enter the joy of thy Lord”. He was a good priest
and a good person. Kind, modest and quiet. That’s how we want to remember him
in our hearts, memories and prayers. I’ve just read that Głódź
will be celebrating him. Where he knew all about it. Because, when we were…
When was it reported? At the beginning of December. He knew about it,
he saw the recording. He knew perfectly well…
I showed them the recording. Well, I don’t know. He didn’t react.
As if nothing had happened. If that’s how they treated me,
how did they treat other cases? They just hide everything
and will cover it, as always. What about those baptized,
those after confession? Is there anyone who’s counting it? Only God, whom he served. He’s the one who will count it all. The period of prescription
for criminal claims is 30 years. I have a lot of such people. That’s another problem,
as 90% of my clients have cases where it’s too late. There’s nothing to do
in criminal or civil law. Alternatively, you can initiate
some church procedures. But if you do it quietly,
they won’t do anything to that priest. We just need fireworks. WARSAW
MARCH 14, 2019 We got used
to this ideological slogan, which says:
“pedophilia in the Church”. This slogan, quite neatly chosen, was supposed to point to the problem and weaken the authority of the Church and, consequently, destroy the trust the congregation
put in the hierarchy or the general trust placed in the Church. I think that everyone has something
on someone in the Church. If one bishop suddenly decided
to be the just one, they would have something on him. Look, I don’t remember any situation, where one bishop criticised another one. This church system, when it comes
to protecting the victims, when it comes to justice,
just doesn’t work. Why do you think it is? Because the Church is too entangled
as an institution. Actually, knowing numerous stories,
I can say that that most bishops from our episcopacy are guilty of transferring priests
from one parish to another. This is the problem of institutionalized
protection of perpetrators. Because of the decision
of these bishops some children, who are now adults, have damaged lives. They will never be OK again. It it hadn’t happened, those people from Bygdoszcz
wouldn’t have gotten hurt. “Father Paweł Kania placed me
in a Liturgical Service to the Altar. I was ten. You could say
that he had noticed me then. I was so happy.
My dream came true. I finally became an altar boy”. In September 2005, Father Kania was detained
by the police in Wrocław. It turned out that there was a priest
who offered boys PLN 100 each. That priest was detained.
In his parish, they found child pornography
on his personal computer. Numerous photos with minors. He was detained for 48 hours. JANUSZ MAZUR
LAWYER Then, his attorney asked the Archbishop of Wrocław to grant the priest personal surety. Archbishop Gołębiewski,
who held this position at that time, agreed at first,
but then quickly changed his mind, but soon after
another surety was issued by a retired archbishop Gulbinowicz, who produced
this personal surety in writing. Even though they knew about it, they decided to send him
to the Bydgoszcz Diocese. They decided to hide the priest who was discussed in the media regarding children, pedophilia
and child pornography. There is some private correspondence.
The consent of the supervisors to transfer the priest indefinitely, to another parish, another diocese. Hurting children
is overtly allowed here. He will go to a new parish,
start teaching religion. When Paweł Kania
came to Bydgoszcz in 2006, he received his own canonical mission
from Bishop Jan Tyrawa to teach religion and to teach it in Bydgoszcz
in junior high school no 13. At the same time, he took altar boys under his wing in the Parish of Divine Providence
in Bydgoszcz. “Father Kania
often took us to the cinema. Very often, throughout the entire film,
he would stroke my thigh. With some breaks, gently. He would grasp the knee of anyone
who sat next to him, stroke their leg. When he took four boys to his car,
he did the same. He caressed the thigh of the boy
sitting in the front. We didn’t really like it. We all fought to sit in the back. And when the parents already trusted him,
when he began working on the children, journeys started,
some longer, some shorter. Of course, parents approved them. Parents tell their child:
“It’s such an opportunity!”. “Come on, it’s a priest!”. “In July 2009, maybe a week after
removing father Kania from Bydgoszcz and delegating him
to the Diocese of Wrocław, Kania came to Bydgoszcz
and called my mother to ask if he could take me away
to the lake for the weekend. Of course, my mother agreed. She always agreed
when he asked her for something”. But was he back
in the Diocese of Wrocław? Allegedly, he was in there since 2009. He’s performing the priestly service. “We slept in a caravan.
There was one bad only. And horrible nights. The hands of the priest
under my shirt, in my pants. Kania went a step further.
He touched my penis. Only for a moment.
He retracted quickly. I pretended to be asleep”. How can you separate the fact
that the same priest had his hand in a child’s pants
half and hour ago and now he’s giving Holy Communion? And celebrating the mass? That the priest and his supervisors
allow this? I think they should answer for this. Very severely.
Because it’s their fault. – But who should be responsible?
– Bishops. Their conduct and failure to act
are their guilt, which allow me to draw
legal conclusions for my client. Their guilt is the basis for the compliant
that I submitted on behalf of my client, suing only two Church institutions: Wrocław archbishopric
and Bydgoszcz bishopric. What angered me the most
about this situation is that he threatened Arek that if he won’t agree to travel together,
when he was raped, he would also abuse
his younger brother. “He threatened me: »Tell no one about it
or I will tell your parents everything. If you refuse to go with me,
I will take your brother.« Michał was 11 then. The father called my mother
that he came across a great trip to the Canary Islands
and it was at a great discount. My parents were thrilled.
I went save my brother. We had one double bed. I told the priest that didn’t agree. That I wasn’t going to sleep with him.
That was it. I think that it was the first time
when I stood up to him. He found another room,
with two beds. What about the night? The night was a nightmare. I defended myself. I tried to push him away,
but he was stronger. He would lay on me
and take my penis into his mouth. He just laughed at my resistance. At my helplessness. He did not only rape me at night.
Sometime, also after visits to the beach. In the afternoon, in the morning. Many, many times for seven days”. It just drove me crazy. Father Paweł K. is still a priest. He’s now serving
a 7-year prison sentence. Wait. A priest sentenced for pedophilia
is still a priest? Pope Francis said clearly that if because
of any of the bishops, a pedophile priest is transferred
between parishes or dioceses, this bishop should simply resign. If bishops of Wrocław and Bydgoszcz caused such a situation,
then sorry, but… Changes at the positions
of bishops of Wrocław and Bydgoszcz should’ve happened
a long time ago. Did they? No!
The Church is doing well. Polish bishops actually behave
as wealthy princes. They’re not backing down.
They deny the facts. Although we know
the bishop is covering a pedophile, officially he says:
“Of course no, zero tolerance. We tell it everyone!
Pope Francis is right”, and so on. We will be grateful
that when you perform your service WARSAW
MARCH 14, 2019 to the society, become the voice of the victims, who demand certain justice and who also want our contemporary world to be more human. Of course, they will be full
of declarations and empty words: “How come? Zero tolerance policy
is obvious in Poland. There is no pedophilia in Poland! It’s the problem of the rotten West.
They are corrupt. Here, everyone is a saint. We all have our weaknesses,
as bishop Gądecki says, but we need to realize that the original sin
affects everyone. From theological perspective,
you could say that these are the acts of evil, it’s the original sin or that people are somehow
inherently damaged. That we all have some inclinations,
both to do good and evil. Finally, you could assign it
to the propensity to do evil, which is inside all of us. Be merciful for us
and the entire world For the sake of His sorrowful Passion. Be merciful for us
and the whole world Father, do you know that father Adam
is banned from celebrating masses? SENIOR PRISON CHAPLAIN In public chapels.
This is my private chapel. – Our friends come here…
– Who sent him here? – The bishop.
– Exactly. This place is secluded. There is no holy mass here. – But anyone can come here.
– These are only our friends. Father Adam faces very serious charges
and yet he can celebrate the mass. What’s more,
he hears confession from people. – And it’s good.
– And he has contacts with children? – Do you think it’s all right?
– Yes. This is my private home. If I had children… My siblings come here
with their children. I never hide children
from father Adam. Honestly, I’d sooner
hide them from you. I’m not afraid
that Adam will corrupt people, – and the bishop hid him here.
– Exactly, Why? – If…
– These are church procedures. You live in a cave or what? Fuck, do you really want to spend
your entire Sunday chasing Adam? Go away. But when the bishop sent him here,
to you, as a punishment… – Yes, to me.
– Then, do you really think że najlepszym pomysłem jest,
aby ktoś, na kim ciążą… We all know Adam here.
These are prison officers. We all know each other here. But do you think it’s a good idea for him
to celebrate masses, hear confessions, and administered the sacraments?
Communions and so on? Sure.
Here, privately, in my house? It’s okay then? – I decide in my house.
– All right, I’m just asking. – All right.
– Fuck… You must really dislike the Church. The Church has to be really firm in punishing and combating evil. We’re all people.
Anyone can fall. You have to remember one thing. Crime is an awful thing.
I know something about prison. Someone who…
People do evil, I do it, or any of us, remember,
these are evil things. And we don’t ignore crime. While making this film,
you see exactly how much people from one village,
community or town oppose. It’s not that there is
a weird phenomenon connected with Vatican,
with John Paul II. – Maybe it strengthened it?
– There is just such a phenomenon that a family does not believe
that their uncle may be a pedophile. This nice uncle? Impossible!
He always brought us sweets. Or a brother.
How can a brother be such a criminal to sexually abuse his own sister? I think that it is… This double standard or hypocrisy do not only apply to Church only. – Next question.
– Good day. Bartosz Filipowicz, Fakty TVN.
I wanted to ask: if there were 382 priests
who committed these acts, what was the actual number
of victims that you know of, a statistical one or the actual one? Well… The data regarding victims
that you ask about are provided here in detail. In dioceses,
345 is the overall number. In monasteries, 280. Can I confirm
that these are all the victims? I can’t confirm that,
because I don’t know it, right? These are the victims
that were reported to the bishop
or a higher monastery supervisor. The office
of the Religious House in Licheń. Good day.
I’d like to contact father Eugeniusz M. Do I have the correct number? Yes, you do, but father M.
is receiving rehabilitation in Łódź. – In Łódź?
– Father M. is not here, in Licheń. When will he be back from Łódź? It’s hard to say. He’s supposed to have his rehabilitation
next week also, from Tuesday. – Until when, I don’t know.
– I see. Thanks. – Of course.
– Bye. The office of the Religious House. Hello, is this the Religious House? Yes, good day. I’d like to contact
father Eugeniusz M. Father Eugeniusz is absent.
He went away. “My story is weird. It got mixed up
in my unclear memory. It’s weird, even impossible. Scary, as any story of this sort. It’s been many years now. If I was to put them together, count them,
then it’s been almost 40 years. The world was different back then.
Other reality. Some time after the martial law
was announced. The Church was something back then.
An important institution. The rock of freedom. Great priests are heroes.
Personalities. Freedom fighters. I don’t remember how the custodian
of the Licheń sanctuary appeared. He would send letters to people telling them about the places
where Mary manifested herself and that they were building
great sanctuary for the Sorrowful Mother. Oh, how it sounded back then.
What effect the letters had! Another great hero. I read his letter as a child. Quite sensitive for that matter,
I believe. That man, and it’s hard for me
to say his name, asked for money for the construction. I took my savings and sent them. Then a personal letter came in,
thanking me and inviting me to Licheń. I went there with my mum
and something strange happened during the morning mass. It was at a field altar.
At the end, I heard: »There is a young person among us,
who gave his money for Mother Mary.« What a shock! Such a remarkable person
talked about me at the altar. SPOKESMAN OF THE SANCTUARY OF MARY
IN LICHEŃ STARY Father Adam speaking. – Tomasz Sekielski. – Good day. Am I speaking
to father Adam Stankiewicz? Yes, it’s me. How can I help you? I’m in a meeting. I’m calling regarding
father Eugeniusz M. I want to ask
about the charges he’s facing pertaining to molesting minors. Please, talk to the secretary
of the province in this matter. – All right?
– But he’s living with you, right? Please, talk
to the secretary of the province. – Father, can you…
– Thank you. “I was invited to help spread the cult. I came to Licheń again. This time alone. I was to address envelopes
and attach stamps. I don’t remember
how it happened… I just remember steep wooden stairs,
leading upstairs. A door and a room. A long one. To the right,
there was a door to another room. To the left, another one.
I remember it clearly. In the first room, to the right, there was a desk next to the wall.
A bed to the left. I was invited for the evening. It wasn’t only one evening. How many were there?
I cannot recall. He was standing at the desk,
telling me he knew energy medicine. He threw up his hands and pressed them
against his body, naked. Then, he laid on the bed. If there are nightmares,
that’s one of them. If there’s hell, it was there”. Father Kiniewicz speaking. I’m calling regarding
father Eugeniusz M. I know that he was charged
some years ago for sexually abusing minors,
at least one person. I wanted to find out
if the procedure was already over, because as far as I know,
his guilt was admitted. Can you confirm this? I can only say that all legally required reports were communicated to the Holy See and both the congregation
and father M. subjected themselves to the Holy See in this case. What was the decision
of the Holy See? I’m not authorized
to disclose details. “He locked me few times
by opening the door on the left. There was no window there.
Only a bed. He locked it at night. In the morning,
he came back from the church, where he celebrated masses,
and let me out. I’m telling my story
after many years. I wouldn’t do it
if it wasn’t for Pope Francis. I described everything
to his supervisors. The provincial was really kind
during our talk. The case went to Vatican and, allegedly, that man was removed
and banned from contacting people. I don’t know what’s the truth. I know that his monument
with John Paul II is still in Licheń. Why is this story weird? Today, I am a priest.
For may years now. Why? That’s a supernatural story. I’m telling it
for other victims like me. So that they know
that they’re not alone and that I carry this pain
with them and for them”. Was father M. found guilty? As I said, I’m not authorized to disclose any details, but I can state that everything that had to be legally reported, was reported. In compliance with legal requirements,
the Holy See rendered a decision and we subjected ourselves to it. But don’t you think
it would be better to inform the public
about the decision of the Holy See than just leave people guessing,
speculating? You know, I’m a spokesperson. It’s not my place to issue opinions on the decisions
made by my supervisors. Hello, Karol Wittenberg.
I wanted to make sure of something. What percentage of the cases
presented in the statistics were reported by the dioceses
to the enforcement authorities? The number of cases handled by state authorities amounts to 44% of all cases. Those below 15 and older. Yes, but my questions was: what percentage was reported
by the dioceses of their own volition? Such data… I’m asking how many times
did the dioceses themselves report the cases of their free will? We don’t know. It’s evident that the problems Pope Francis
is facing combating pedophilia, covering the problems, that it’s something that dates back to the times of John Paul II. It’s not meant to show that our saint pope was guilty. We just need to state clearly
that he was unable to deal with it, because he would listen to the side
that favoured blocking such cases. Why didn’t our pope react? There are no facts to support
accusations against John Paul II. Until 2001,
and it is not common knowledge, the Church adhered
to another document on pedophilia, – called Crimen Sollicitationis.
– Yes. It was a secret instruction telling bishops
to keep cases of pedophilia hidden. Keep them secret.
And it was in force until 2001. Twenty years
of the papacy of John Paul II. – Isn’t it discrediting?
– You know what? – What was the law in Poland?
– I’m asking about the church law. We need to be honest.
Church is a part of the society. For 20 years that doctrine ordered
to hide the cases of pedophilia in the entire Church,
all around the world. Since 2001, throughout
further years of the papacy, a reverse doctrine was adhered to
and the pope knew about it, but he did nothing or not much. Only today, Pope Francis
is apologizing the victims for the decades of negligence. Does it allow us to consider verifying
the holiness of the pope? Of course not!
Dear editor, ladies and gentlemen. If, in 2000, we had the information
and knowledge we have now… – But…
– Excuse me. We didn’t have this knowledge
because of the Church, since a secret decree was in force,
ordering to hide such instances. Is pedophilia present
only in the Church? Our Father, who art in heaven… Monuments of the pope
are everywhere. Everyone says “our pope”.
They all invoke him. Remember him.
And here you’ve got such a surprise. I’ll tell you that, generally, I’d like him not to cause
all this friction, you know? The great Cardinal Dziwisz
is giving a speech on TV. If he could talk to me as a person.
Looking me in the eye. Didn’t they know what was going on? Didn’t they read papers?
Didn’t they receive complaints? That they didn’t receive them?
Where did they get stuck on they way. I’ll tell you that the Polish media… With normal media,
they would be standing at his door. In a normal country, there would be
20 cameras, 30 journalists. – Non stop.
– And just tell him: – “Father Cardinal”.
– How could it be? “Pope Francis said that Jean Paul II
order to hide everything”. They do nothing.
And they write that: “Dziwisz broke the silence”.
What silence? What did he break? He broke nothing. Well, there’s another issue
of immaturity of our journalists, – instead of pursuing you for interview…
– I talked with her about it today. …how he touched, fuck, grabbed you.
Lady, go and ask Dziwisz. This is more important.
I’m just one Marek Milewczyk. One Artur Nowak. She only heard about many things
for the first time. It was a shock for her. You have to state it normally: I was molested,
you were molested. We aren’t nosy journalists.
We just want to know, as people. Do we deserve some truth?
Shouldn’t we talk about it? We didn’t come here in ill will. – You know what I mean.
– Yes. Without any negative emotions. No, I don’t need an ode
that they personally admit their guilt. But, you know… That’s it. This is number 19. So 18 is opposite. There it is. „Nardotto”.
It’s his secretary, right? Maybe it’s open? No. Let’s try again in some time. Maybe they went to some mass
or something. That is the will and desire
of the Holy See. So that, as much as the victims want, they would be heard. To talk with them as often
and as willingly as possible. Let’s try now.
Maybe he will be there now? I don’t know. There’s some light. Something upstairs. – Hello? – Hello?
– God bless. I have a question. Is it possible to meet father Dziwisz? – Cardinal is absent right now.
– Absent? – Will he be back today?
– He won’t be back today. He won’t? OK, thank you. What should we do? – What can you do?
– There’s nothing you can do. The Primate of Poland, Abp Wojciech Polak.
refused to participate in the film. The chairperson
of the Polish Episcopal Conference, Abp Stanisław Gądecki,
refused participation. Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz
did not respond to our request
for participation in the film. Abp Sławoj Leszek Głódź
did not respond to our request
for participation in the film. Bishop Jan Tyrawa
did not respond to our request
for participation in the film. We received the following e-mail
from the Polish Episcopal Conference: „Dear Editor, we would like
to thank you for your correspondence and inform you that,
for many years now, the Polish Church has taken measures
to prevent minors from being hurt and we inform the public
about it directly. Since we have been
receiving information on your lack of objectivity
when preparing your materials, we wish to exercise the right
to refuse to comment. Thank you for respecting it. Best regards, Office of the Polish

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  1. Tomek brawo! Wolałbym niemieć okazji Tobie gratulować za film o takiej tematyce. Puki co myślę że wyciągnięte ręce kleu po dzieci, ziemię, władzę i pieniądze trzeba szybko up….ć bo doprowadzi to ponownej inkwizycji. A mówią że islam zły. każdy z nich powinien odbyć karę wiezienia w zakładach karnych ze starymi garusami, tak z 5 lat, nie na ochronkach. Tak, z normalnymi złodziejami. Do krwi, przecież jest napisane w legendzie o apostołach OKO ZA OKO.

  2. Przed kilku laty w edycji Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders („Klasyfikacja zaburzeń psychicznych”) Amerykańskie Towarzystwo Psychiatryczne nastąpiła istotna, a przy tym niepokojąca zmiana dotycząca statusu pedofilii.
    Amerykańskie Towarzystwo Psychiatryczne zaszeregowało pedofilię jako orientację seksualną. Do tej pory pedofilia miała status zaburzenia psychicznego. I choć dalej instytucja ta przestrzega przed pedofilią, to traktuje ją w łagodniejszy sposób niż w poprzednim raporcie.
    Tak jak APA (Amerykańskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne) uznało w połowie lat 70-tych homoseksualizm za „orientację” pod ogromną presją aktywistów gejowskich, tak teraz, pod presją aktywistów pedofilskich, którzy publicznie deklarują chęć na seks z dziećmi, zmienia pedofilię jako zaburzenie psychiczne na orientację seksualną.
    Pozostaje mieć nadzieję, że krok amerykańskiej organizacji nie będzie wstępem do oficjalnego uznania pedofilii za „preferencję” i wpisania praw pedofilów do systemów prawodawczych.
    Pozostaje mieć nadzieję, że krok amerykańskiej organizacji nie będzie wstępem do oficjalnego uznania pedofilii za „preferencję” i wpisania praw pedofilów do systemów prawodawczych.

  3. jak ten mężczyzna jako dziecko walczył całym ciałem z kłamstwem, dla matki widać ksiądz był ważniejszy. Tu nie trzeba mieć wyższej edukacji żeby widzieć cierpienie swojego dziecka.

  4. Those little girls or women were just scared it's not their fault they been used by priest who they trust and their families trusted too. Even if they would tell nobody will believe them and the priest would accuse them of lieing and people will call them names not the priest. Every one would believe the priest not the girls or women. It's sad but it's true.

  5. Unfortunately you can not trust nobody even prists and nuons this days and please believe your children and don't leave them with nobody. I feel so bad the little girls been pulled through.

  6. I believe all those people because they're not looking for money for fame just for Justice but unfortunately many times there is no justice because those people who did those bad things for kids never been really punished what they done to them

  7. Wow they just basically covering up and just moved around the priest how sad is that everyone covered up and still was doing bad things to kids or young people.

  8. Already before this film, human imagination was far advanced from reality and after film

    "ONLY DON'T TELL ANYONE" the peak of the imagination, gossip from space is at its zenith, I will give

    example, a film on YOU TUBE: "Barbara Borowiecka was the victim of priest Jankowski tells"

    It's about the absurdity that Barbara B. presents, which gives reflection on truthfulness

    her statements, according to Barbara's prelate priest Henryk Jankowski walked dressed in a white cassock in the eyes of the onlookers and rituals

    children on the street, in the yard, the children squeaked, screamed, ran away, I understand my mother

    they were on the bench, in the windows, they watched what was happening to their children, the priest drove the children to the cage

    staircase, to the basement or the attic, sexually molested them there and mothers who from the windows

    they should hear and see what was happening not responding. If the mother sees the priest chasing

    her child, runs after the child into the building and does not react it seems puzzling (?)

    And why should a mother know this fact, from a simple conclusion, how to chase a child

    this child usually reacts with screaming or crying, for the mother it is an impulse to check what's up

    It is happening. Mrs. Barbara reports that she was used by Father Jankowski in such a way

    20 times. According to what Barbara says, it can be inferred from the mother of these children

    they knew it was happening but did not want to react. Literally, Father Jankowski for

    floor, ceiling molested the children of these mothers, according to Barbara's account.

  9. Mario Madias, cytuje Ciebie zmieniajac jeden wyraz: "gosc robił dzieciom potajemnie zdjęcia, mając zaledwie 18 lat. Stracił prawo do nauki tego zawodu, zanim zaczął się go na dobre uczyć. Teraz siedzi w więzieniu przez najbliższe 12 lat" Powiedz Mario, dostal wyrok 12 lat wiezienia za robienie zdjec? Bo cos tu nie rozumie (?)

  10. Juz wyjasniam na wasze zyczenie, miedzy 1990 a 2018 rokiem 382 ksiezy i zakonnikow mialo skrzywdzic 625 dzieci.
    Stan duchowienstwa polskiego wszystkich szczebli w tym okresie srednio wynosil 53000 duchownych, co daje nam mniej jak 1% pedofili w polskim Kosciele Katolickim. Zaraz uslysze ze spoleczna, samozwancza komisja ustalila ze wedlug nich to musi byc co najmniej 22% 😉 Tylko ze ja bazuje na statystykach komisji rzadowych a nie jakis tam bajkach urojeniowych grupy spolecznej.

  11. Mam 25 lat i jestem osobą wierzącą , praktykującą. Wszyscy jednak wiemy, że takie rzeczy się niestety zdarzają i naprawdę nie rozumiem jak w dzisiejszym świecie może dochodzić do takiej bezkarności! Absurd doskonały! To wszystko jest jak zły sen, który trwa i trwa….. Wielki szacunek i brawa dla ofiar, które potrafiły o tym wszystkim opowiedzieć ! Mam nadzieję , że wszyscy doczekamy sprawiedliwości. Pozdrawiam

  12. Wstrząsający materiał 😧 musiałam go w pewnym momencie zatrzymać, i obejrzeć go dopiero następnego dnia, bo było to już dla mnie za dużo 😣. Niestety te dzieci nie miały komu o tym powiedzieć, bo zapewne w tamtych czasach gdyby rodzice usłyszeli, co mówi ich dziecko o księdzu dostałoby srogą karę, teraz wszystko w tych ludziach pękło 🤐.

  13. Po obejrzeniu filmu jestem w szoku jak ktoś kto głosi słowo Boże może dopuścić się tak ciężkiego grzechu jakim trzeba być człowiekiem . Podziwiam Panią Annę że miała w sobie tyle odwagi by stanąć twarzą w twarz z swoim oprawcą … Pana Marka i innych którzy zostali skrzywdzeni przez księży . Po tym co obejrzałam i usłyszałam nie wstydzę się powiedzieć że pedofilia wśród księży powinna być surowo karana i nie powinni do końca życia założyć sutanny bo nie są godni jej nosić .

  14. Dlatego nie chodzę do Kościoła, żeby mieć wiarę wcale nie trzeba tam uczęszczać, Bóg jest wszędzie! , Ci koloradkowi wojownicy wiary powinni gnić w więzieniach, w najgorszych celach w celu wykonania na nich wyroków śmierci poprzedzające odbąbaniem jaj!!!!

  15. I am explaining to your wishes, between 1990 and 2018, 382 priests and religious were to harm 625 children.

    The state of the Polish clergy at all levels in this period averaged 53000 clerics, which gives us less than 1% of pedophiles in the Polish Catholic Church. Immediately I hear that the social, self-proclaimed commission has determined that according to them it must be at least 22%;) Only that it is based on the statistics of government commissions and not some sort of delusional fairytales of the social group.


  17. "so these male issues finally came up" and blaming it on The devil.. Wtf Such a sick man..
    These are not an MALE issue, AI know alot of men without this issue, men Who Would make sure this man was not alive if he ever did The same thing to their sons or daughters.
    This is not a małe issue, that man is a pedophile, he has pedophile issues and many religious leader are just like him.. They go into this Line of work Just for The fact that They have power and That They have close contact with kids. 🤬🤢 I Would never let my kids go. Near a preist or any kind of religious leader. I Will protect my kids and keep Them safe.

  18. 14.09.2019 znowu był atak PEDOFILA tym razem 13 miesieczna dziewczynka . Pare dni wczesniej dziennik obwiescił o Pedofilu ksiedza nad chłopcem . Czy to sie kiedyś skończy ?! Żąd nic dalej nic nie robi , to co obiecywali przed wyborami nie jest realizowane . Powinniśmy My ofiary zacząć walczyć mamy przeciesz Siebie i Armie Polakow co nie są obojetni w naszej sprawie. Pedofile to ESESMANI kturych trzeba zgładzić , a My dzieci ( ofiary ) badzmy silni nie bujmy sie nie wstydzmy to NIE NASZA WINA!!! Badzmy Powstańcami brońmy inne dzieci . Zbierzmy sie na wiejskiej i domagajmy sie tego co nam żąd obiecał . Prosze zrubmy to dla innych dzieci by je chronić !!!!!!

  19. Pasterze i kaznodzieje wszystkich religii oszukują swoich "wiernych", a Kościół R-K chroni sprawców czynów pedofilskich wśród swoich "pasterzy".

  20. Przed filmem "TYLKO NIE MOW NIKOMU" ludzkie opowiesci o pedofili w Kosciele Katolickim

    na ogol byly calkiem bzdurne i malo w nich bylo prawdy, natomiast po emisji tego filmu

    mamy teraz cos takiego jak film na YOU TUBE: "Czy w STREFIE 51 przetrzymywano OBCYCH?"

    gdzie opowiesci z bajek przenikaja sie z prawda, z tym ze tej prawdy jest niewiele.

    Tak to wyglada w naszym spoleczenstwie. Osoby zaburzone psychicznie tworza nowe i

    nastepne bajki… 🙁 Pan Tomasz S. ma problemy z selekcjonowaniem tych informacji.

  21. Obserwuje duze tendencje z robienia pedofilow ze zmarlych juz duchownych, jest tego coraz

    wiecej… Z dwoch zasadniczych powodow, daje to komus zadowolenie (nawet jesli nie jest

    to prawda) no i zmarly nie obroni sie juz. W tych dzielach glownie dominuja osoby zaburzone

    psychicznie. Tak sobie pomyslalem ze to jak dla mnie dosc dziwne ze komus nie przyszlo

    "jeszcze" do glowy zrobic z pedofila ks. Jana Kaczkowskiego, co stoji na przeszkodzie

    aby zrobic z niego pedofila, ksiadz, no ksiadz przeciez.

  22. Shame. Shame on the whole religion, shame on people.. All of those pedophiles should rot in prisons being fu**ed by their mates every single day..

    Sending all good from Slovakia, good job boys!

  23. Obejrzałem film i jestem wstrząśnięty materiałem, który został przedstawiony. Pewnie jest to namiastka tego co się dzieje w polskim Kościele. Uważam, że pedofilia w Polsce nie powinna uledz przedawnieniu tak jak jest to w innych krajach. Współczuję ofiarą tego co przeżyli i gratuluję odwagi. Przeniesienie księdza z jednego miejsca w drugie nie rozwiązuje problemu. To jest tak jakby przenieść przestępcę z jednego miasta do drugiego i czuje się dalej bezkarnie. Bracia Sekielscy bardzo dobry materiał mam nadzieję, że film wyostrzy czujność naszego polskiego społeczeństwa dot.kwesti pedofilii. Pozdrawiam

  24. Before the film "ONLY NOT TELL ANYONE" human stories about pedophiles in the Catholic Church

    they were generally bullshit and there was little truth in them, but after the broadcast of this film

    we now have something like the YOU TUBE movie: "Were ALIENS kept in ZONE 51?"

    where stories from fairy tales intertwine with the truth, with this truth is not much.

    This is how it looks in our society. People with mental disorders create new and

    next stories … 🙁 Mr. Tomasz S. has problems selecting this information.

  25. He observes the big trends in making pedophiles from deceased clergymen, it is growing

    more … For two main reasons, it gives someone satisfaction (even if it is not

    it's true) and the dead won't defend themselves anymore. In these works mainly disturbed people dominate

    mentally. So I thought that it is quite strange for me that someone did not come

    "yet" to make a head of a pedophile priest Jan Kaczkowski, which stands in the way

    to make him a pedophile, priest, priest after all.

  26. Panie Sekielski. Czekamy teraz na film o pedofilu Sadowskim i branży artystycznej latami ukrywającej jego proceder. Czy jak zobaczę muzyka, artystę itp – to mogę za nim krzyczeć "pedofil" jak robią niektóre półgłówki za księżmi. No. Panie Sekielski odwagi ! 🙂

  27. a na Forum Kujawsko- Pomorskim Gazety Pomorskiej ktos cały czas spamuje tematy związane z kosciolem. Ciekawe ile kosciol Rzymsko- Katolicki płaci za zacieranie sladow

  28. Katolicy są pełni nienawiści dla innowierców, całkiem jak kościół R-K od wieków im wpaja. Potem pójdą do spowiedzi i ustawią się w kolejce do pedofila, który właśnie "zaprosił dziecko na plebanię ". Alleluja!

  29. Dobrze dobrze…
    Tylko dlaczego jeśli ten ksiądz się tak zachowywał to dlaczego ona tam wracała ???
    Mądra dziewczynka po pierwszym razie by już tam nie poszła !!
    Widocznie jej też się to spodobało !
    Ja nie bronię księdza broń Boże !
    Ale po co tam wracała ???

  30. 1:39:40 , cwaniak za…any , nauczył się cwaniactwa w więzieniu ? Na klate nie potraficie przyjać tego co narobiliscie ? Przez to co ci księża zrobili ludzie popełniali samobóstwa . Wkurza mnie to niesamowicie jak taki cwaniaczek staje i " u mnie prywatnie to może" . NIe może , powinieneś się tym brzydzić . Kawał gnoja.

  31. Coś okropnego, nierozumiem jak takie sprawy można zamiatać pod dywan, jak można udawać że nic się nie stało? Jak można robić takie rzeczy dzieciom? Bezbronnym, nieświadomym dzieciom!! Jak można chronić takich księży?!?! Powinni odpowiadać za swoje czyny! Pomimo, że jestem osobą wierząca, to ciesze się że o takich rzeczach coraz więcej się mówi. Ludzie, zwłaszcza starsi, ślepo wierzą we wszystko co ksiądz im powie, no bo to przecież ksiądz. Co trzeba być za człowiekiem żevy najpierw robić takie rzeczy a potem bez skrępowania odprawiac mszę i mówić innym jak należy postępować, jak żyć.









  33. "Wreszcie rzekł Człowiek: «Uczyńmy pasterza na Nasz obraz, podobnego Nam. Niech panuje nad pospólstwem, nad dostępnością nauki i wiedzy, nad myśleniem ludzi i nad wszystkimi narodami pełzającymi przed żłobem!»
    Stworzył więc Człowiek pasterza na Swój obraz,
    na obraz Człowieczy go stworzył:
    ustanowił pomocników pasterza i powierzył im dzieci.
    Po czym Człowiek ostrzegał pomocników, mówiąc do nich: «Bądźcie ostrożni i ukryjcie się, abyśmy nie zgorszyli stada i abyśmy uczynili następne narody sobie poddanymi; abyśmy panowali nad wszystkimi ludźmi, nad bogatymi i biednymi i nad wszystkimi narodami pełzającymi przed żłobem. »
    I rzekł Człowiek: «Oto daję wam teologię przynoszącą panowanie nad całą ziemią i wszelkie wpływy, których owoc ma w sobie nasienie: dla was mamona będzie władzą.
    A dla naiwnego pospólstwa będzie pokarmem wszelka teologia pasterska». I stało się tak.
    A Człowiek widział, że wszystko, co uczynił, było bardzo dobre dla Niego."
    *EDYTOWANO w celu dodania źródła parafrazy i zaznaczenia parafrazy za pomocą cudzysłowia
    źródło tekstu parafrazy:
    Biblia Tysiąclecia
    Księga Rodzaju
    rozdział 1
    wersety 26-31

  34. Komentarze typu "pedofile są wszędzie",albo "zwerbowani księża" służą rozmyciu pedofili kościelnej! Przecież to plucie w twarz ofiarom!!!

  35. "Brawo. Wreszcie ktoś postawił się KSIĘŻOM-SPRAWCOM, BISKUPOM i PAPIEŻOWI i powiedział IM prawdę. Aż ICH zatkało i nie wiedzą, co ODPOWIEDZIEĆ. Brawo."*
    "Układ, który umożliwia pedofilię w kościele, musi przestać istnieć." **
    W internecie beczą ….
    Na ulicy milczą…..
    W kościele przytakują ……

    * cyt. ZMIENIONY Monika Kawa
    **cyt. marzen a

  36. Niestety ale w kościele było dużo kapłanów co działali dla SB i byli funkcjonariuszami Państwa. Taka jest prawda tego filmu. To nie byli prawdziwi kapłani z POWOŁANIA Panie Siekielski polecam; @t

  37. Kiedy oglądałam pogrzeb ks. Cybuli i słyszałam słowa o tym jakim to dobrym był człowiekiem i kapłanem brało mnie obrzydzenie.

  38. Przedstawiono Jaśniewielebnemu Pasterzowi II akta czynów pedofilskich polskich księży – oświadczył "Widzę i wierzę, zanieście to do archiwum…"

  39. To jest paranoja. Jak to jest możliwe że wiemy o tym jako społeczeństwo dość często byliśmy świadkami wydarzeń i tak nie można urealnic logicznych następstw. Czekam Czekamy.

  40. Często Księża okazują się pedofilami ja się cieszę że mnie to nie spotkało a ta pani w filmie która była wykorzystywana to powinna powiedzieć jak była jeszcze małą dziewczynką powinna powiedzieć rodzicą jak było naprawdę dobrze że pan Sekielski zrobił taki film może księża się trochę przestraszą i nie będzie już takich przypadków pozdrawiam 😉

  41. Kler, cokolwiek by nie robił, nie musi się obawiać nacisku opinii publicznej. Kościół sam manipuluje opinię publiczną, poprzez wpajanie ludziom pojęcia wiecznego potępienia.
    Opinia publiczna nie ma sankcji, jakie może zastosować wobec kleru. Katolicy lub ci, którzy się za nich uważają, nadal ZE STRACHU (właśnie przed opinią publiczną) finansują klechów i Watykan, płacąc za sakramenty lub na wszelkie potrzeby kościoła. Wszyscy podatnicy w Polsce współutrzymują kościół ze swoich podatków (konkordat). To nie kościół boi się ludzi, to ludzie – boją się kościoła. Bo od wieków są poddawani indoktrynacji, nie zdając sobie nawet z tego sprawy….

  42. mr. Tomasz and Marek, great job with your effort putting this film in a day light and getting closer to the truth about abused innocent children by priests and how much effort Church is using to hide the truth and protect their "broken god people"

  43. Kto usuwa komentarze? Jakiś pożeracz tekstowy grasuje? Może wzrastająca moda samounicestwiania dotarła i tutaj? 👀👀👀
    Edit: poprawiono słowo wrastająca na wzrastająca.

  44. Jak to się stało, że licznik wyświetleń prawie stanął w miejscu? W pierwszych dniach mieliśmy lawinę wyświetleń, a teraz praktycznie nie chce drgnąć. Jednocześnie znam wiele osób, które ledwie słyszały o tym dokumencie i go nie oglądały. Czy jest możliwe, że w jakiś sposób podpompowano popularność tego dokumentu?

  45. Gdyby NIEKTÓRZY FANATYCZNI KATOLICY choć połowę swojej energii i zaangażowania, z jakim "bronią dobrego imienia swojego kościoła w aferze pedofilii", włożyli w walkę z instytucjonalnym tuszowaniem i ukrywaniem tych czynów przez biskupów i Watykan, to problem pedofilii wśród księży i duchownych Kościoła Rzymskokatolickiego w Polsce szybko by się rozwiązał…
    (także) z korzyścią dla (jeszcze potencjalnych nowych) ofiar.. ….

  46. nie to że bronię księdza bo sama jestem nie wierząca ani rodziców bo sama nim nie jestem, ale jak edukować 7-letnie dzieci przed tym by alarmowały?

  47. Katolicy protestują
    "Odzyskajmy nasz Kościół” – pod takim hasłem w czwartek w Krakowie oraz Szczecinie odbędą się milczące protesty przeciwko publicznym wypowiedziom niektórych biskupów.

    „Jesteśmy katolikami. Czujemy, że coraz rzadziej w Kościele rzymskokatolickim w Polsce słyszymy przesłanie Jezusa. Zamiast o miłosiernym Bogu płynie do nas głos pełen podziałów i niechęci do innych. Część z nas boi się iść na niedzielną Mszę w kościele parafialnym, nie chcąc znów słuchać słów pełnych lęku, a nierzadko też – potępienia i nienawiści” – piszą na Facebooku inicjatorzy protestu, który ma się odbyć w czwartek 10 października o godz. 17.30 pod kurią w Krakowie na ul. Franciszkańskiej oraz w Szczecinie pod bramą wjazdową do seminarium duchownego

    Organizatorzy spotkań, wśród których jest między innymi znana katolicka youtuberka i dziennikarka Jola Szymańska, tłumaczą, że przestali czuć się w Kościele jak w domu. Chcą, by pociągnięto do odpowiedzialności osoby dopuszczające się pedofilii oraz te, które ją tuszują. „Sprzeciwiamy się próbom lekceważenia problemu pedofilii i przemocy seksualnej w Kościele"
    źródło: rppl

  48. UDAŁO MI SIĘ…….. :)))

    @ manus dei
    Gardzę takimi jak ty, którzy próbują wywołać strach przed "Bogiem" u innych ludzi. Chociaż rozumiem, że tak cię nauczono.

    (Myślisz, że z takim nickiem po łacinie wybijesz się z tłumu?! Albo będziesz "ewangelizowac" ? Naród "nie kumaty" jak w średniowieczu, "nie piśmienny i" "nie czytaty" ? 👀👀👀 Chcesz "TRWOGĘ SIAĆ , stając się karzącą RĘKĄ BOGA" ?)


    Taka samą metodą, jaką ciebie zindoktryzowano, próbujesz zastraszyć ateistów. To metoda kościoła, sprawdzona i skuteczna od 1700 lat, jak widać…

    "Bóg, który wszystko widzi"
    "trwoga, to do Boga" (nawet w "mądrości ludowej" jest już ta GROŹBA)
    "zmiękli na łożu śmierci"

    Doskonale rozumiem, że nie jest łatwo uwolnić się od myślenia, uformowanego w długotrwałym i wszechogarniającym procesie indoktrynacji, kolokwialnie zwanym "praniem mózgu".
    Dopuszczenie myśli, że jest się poddawanym temu procesowi, jest już bardzo, bardzo trudne lub prawie niemożliwe (Kto chce się przyznać przed sobą, że daje z siebie robić głupca?!) 👀


    Zgłębiajac różne kwestie w kontekście afery pedofilii w Kościele Rzymskokatolickim stwierdziłam, że nie tylko ten kościół, ale cała religia chrześcijańska opiera się na kłamstwie.
    Idąc dalej, wszystkie religie są kłamstwem.
    Bo religie i kościoły powstały na bazie ludzkich potrzeb, a nie – istnienia jakiegokolwiek bóstwa.

    Żal mi ciebie, ale pomoc jest możliwa tylko wtedy, kiedy odważysz się myśleć samodzielnie.
    Do tego musisz sobie uświadomić, że twoja WIARA jest ŚLEPA
    ("wiem, nie muszę wierzyć" – sama tak przed miesiącem twierdziłam) Co znaczy ŚLEPA WIARA ?
    Nie będę za ciebie myśleć. Albo zaczniesz sam szukać wyjaśnienia tego twierdzenia albo nie mamy o czym gadać.

    @ Monika Kawa
    Boga nie ma, wymyślili go sobie ludzie. Potem ludzie zbudowali cały kult wokół tej fantazji…
    (krótko, bo dłuższej wypowiedzi nie ogarniesz).. :)))

  49. Katolicy w Krakowie i w Szczecinie w milczeniu zapalają świece, żeby "Odzyskać swój Kościół". Jeszcze nie zrozumieli, że Kościół nigdy nie należał do nich, lecz do kilku "cudotwórców, którzy przemieniają wiarę w złoto".

  50. Pedofilia "zdarza się, dzieje, istnieje" we wszystkich zawodach, nie tylko w kościele. W kościele pedofilia boli nas najbardziej, bo powinniśmy móc ufać księdzom. Jest to straszne. Ludzie są grzeszni i słabi. Nic nie usprawiedliwia czynów takich ludzi. Nasz kościół jest zbudowany na zdrajcy i mordercy… Mimo wszystko, proszę, nie traćmy zaufania do Boga i do jego dzieła na ziemi. Nie nazywajmy wszystkich księdzy pedofilami i zbokami, tak jak nie nazywamy wszystkich lekarzy złodziejami. Nie traćmy wiary w ludzi, mimo wszystko…

  51. Nechapu, jak spachani zavazneho trestneho cinu PEDOFILIE a ZNASILNENI, tresta jakoby cirkev? Cirkev ma sve zakony? Je to stat ve statu?
    pro tyto

  52. Oglądam już któryś raz i stwierdzam, że sytuacje przedstawione w tym dokumencie to tylko czubek góry lodowej. Pomimo tego filmu nadal niewiele jest robione w sprawie pedofilii. Bo jak inaczej nazwać sytuacje gdzie ksiądz klepie po tyłku dzieci, które przygotowują się do komunii i to na oczach całego kościoła… Nikt nie zareagował, nikt nic nie powiedział, nikt tego nie zgłosił.

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