U Kathe Hero Full Movie – 2019 Latest Telugu Movie – Kovera, Himanshi

U Kathe Hero Full Movie – 2019 Latest Telugu Movie – Kovera, Himanshi

As a sportsman… …I desire to see every
Indian strong and healthy. Tobacco destroys health and vitality. Tobacco is harmful and
life-threatening in every form. Shun tobacco if you
want to lead a healthy life. That’s what I do,
and I want you to do the same. Let’s fight against tobacco. While standing in the slip… …my goal is not to miss
a single catch. Because that could
mean defeat for our team. Smoking and chewing of
tobacco can ruin your life… …so be careful not to lose
your good health. Be good. Stay away from tobacco. It is sad to get run out
when you are batting well. It may be caused
by your own weaknesses… …or your partner’s mistake. Tobacco is harmful to you. When you smoke,
the people around you inhale it too. Be safe. Stay away from tobacco. Don’t get run out. Khaine, Ghutka,
Tobacco, Pan, Pan Masala… …are a big menace to our country. They are the leading
cause for mouth cancer. This patient has tongue cancer. We removed his larynx. We have left it in God’s hands. We removed Rekha’s tongue
and lower jaw. We had to sell both her gold bangles. Tobacco destroys families. Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health. Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health. It causes cancer. I understood that
you’re fighting for the country. I’ll take care of this case,
don’t worry Abhimanyu. Madam, the case is closed.
– What? Abhi, you’ve to be alive.
You should live. Abhi! Wake up! Abhi! Abhi! My name is Abhimanyu,
SI of a small village called Rudravaram. When we face death… …entire life comes alive
in front of the eyes. I started my life as an orphan. I fought with the underworld… …and is in this situation today,
reason is… The question that haunted me
from childhood. The answer to the question is… Mother Teresa Orphanage Home. This is my house and school. They are my family. People who understand us in life… …whom we like, are very few. Nandu is one from them. Though I’m happy that
she found parents… …I felt very sad that
she is leaving me. But every week,
she would come to see us. Rishita, will Nandu come now?
– Don’t worry, she will come. Hi!
– Hi! Nandu, do they take good care of you? Yes, Abhi. Shall I give good news? Good news?
– Yes, Abhi. Because of me being alone…
I’m dull. Mom and dad asked me
if I have any friends… …they said they will bring them too. I told your name, Abhi. Really?
– Sure, Abhi. Hi!
– Hi Nandu. Nandu! Nandu was burning
in front of my eyes… …I didn’t know the reason
and I went through hell. This incident haunted me like
a shadow for many days. Have it, dear. I don’t want. Nanny, who killed Nandu?
– Some terrorists. Where do they stay?
– I don’t know. Why are you not eating? Nobody is telling about them,
teacher. Abhi, nobody knows
who they are and why they stay. It’s a big underworld mafia. Is it, teacher? You only find out.
– How teacher? You become a policeman
after you grow up and find out. You first eat. So, I’ll become police, teacher. That day I decided,
my target is to become a police. Left! Right!
– Left! Right! Want to get in first shot? No man got it in first shot till now. “Deadly weapon is burning.” “Mahabharat is going to take place.” “My word is law.” “My song is historical.” “Deadly weapon is burning.” “Mahabharat is going to take place.” “Time has given me birth,
earth has nurtured me.” “Who knows me?” “My shadow is my partner.” “There is no bigger loafer than me.” “If you say
I can’t achieve anything in life.” “If you ask me to take up
the challenge.” “I will bring the sky down
to earth for you…” “…and show you stars.
Come! Come!” “Deadly weapon is burning.” “Mahabharat is going to take place.” “Deadly weapon is burning.” “Mahabharat is going to take place.” “Deadly weapon is burning.” “Mahabharat is going to take place.” May I come in, sir?
– Come in. Good morning, sir.
– Morning. Sir, I came to know that
postings are getting confirmed. I’m very much interested in working
in Anti-Terrorists Squad. I collected many details
about underworld from childhood. So, please consider my request. Look Abhi,
your posting is already confirmed. Anyway, why do you want to deal with
underworld and terrorists in the beginning? First work as SI
at some police station. Got it?
– Yes, sir. You would be casual
for only first two years. Later on you’ll know
how difficult police job is. So, don’t worry and give your best. Okay, sir. Abhi.
– Sir. Don’t feel disappointed
for not getting the opportunity. You just need to create an opportunity
with whatever you have. Yes, sir.
– Good luck. Bye, sir.
– Go head. Are you the new SI, sir? Yes.
– Your name? Abhimanyu.
– God bless you with a long life. Hope all your wishes get fulfilled. What is the matter? Tomorrow is August 15th. Making arrangements for flag hoisting. At what time? 8 AM.
– Yes, sir. When did we get freedom? 1947, August 15th. Oh! Time? 12AM.
– Yes, sir. Many people fought and won independence
at 12 in the night. We would sleep happily,
wake up in the morning… …and do flag hoisting at 8AM and 9AM
as per our convenience. Independence Day
has become a holiday. Sir, tell us what to do?
– Make announcement. Flag hoisting at Rudravaram
police station at 6 AM. Call the media.
– Yes, sir. Invite the elders of
the village as chief guests. Sir, everyone will come
but not the President. Isn’t he an adult? Sir, he won’t come
if there are no drinks and woman. Because previous SI and President…
celebrated Independence Day by drinking. Sir, the twist is, the old SI got
transferred because of the President. President’s son and his batch… …would rape the girls
who were alone on boat. They tried to rape a girl recently… …and she jumped into the river. Fishermen saved her. Next day at police station… President, his son and SI…
didn’t let her file the case. Her father went back crying. Sir, you know what
the President did to the SI? Is she your wife? No. My husband. They transferred me to combing area. Nice stroke he gave.
Take out the vehicle, we need to go. Well…
– What sir? I though you will do something. You’re like a soiled 20 rupees note. You don’t have any value. Hey, send dry fruits to the new SI. Come, let’s go.
– President is a rogue, sir. New SI in town.
– Sir. Tell the President that he will face
my wrath if he doesn’t turn up. Okay, sir. New SI… …is celebrating flag hoisting
in a grand manner. All the villagers…
from intellectuals to fools are attending. He’s there.
– Kodi! You’ll be finished.
– No use scolding him. Deal with the new SI. Will he spoil our midnight
just because we got freedom at midnight? Shut up! He invited us
as chief guest for flag hoisting. Greetings, SI.
Keep the snacks in sir’s jeep. You’re new and you planned it newly. Whenever a new SI comes,
it’s a tradition to visit my house. Since you’re new
so you didn’t come, that’s why I came. Policeman has nothing to do
with new or old. Kick the criminals
and throw them in jail. So, it is better if your tradition
is stopped. Sharp. He’s talking sense. You need to come to my house
tomorrow night for dinner. What’s the occasion? For a sumptuous meal. I’m not a guest, I’m a host. So, let’s find time and plan
lunch and dinner together. Constables, is everything ready? Come for flag hoisting. Not you. Him. How was that?
– You’re superb. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Okay, tell me the cases. What cases, sir? Rajaratham’s hen went missing,
neighbour Pullarao is the suspect. Three chairs are missing
from Mr. Ramana’s house. Complaint against her co-sister-in-law. Balu’s cycle bell is missing,
case filed against his brother-in-law. I asked for cases,
why are you telling jokes? Sir, these are the cases
we are filing since many years. What is that sound? Saraswathi Vidyaniketan. They teach orphan children. Don’t know whether God exists
in temple or not but… …headmaster is the God
of this village. He is providing education
to many orphans for free. Jai Hind! Greetings.
– Greetings. My name is Abhimanyu,
new SI of this village. Very nice.
Have you come on some work? I came to meet you. I’m an orphan.
When I was studying degree… …I struggled for basic needs. Daily I would think that
nobody should become like me. I couldn’t stop myself from meeting you
after learning that… …you’re educating so many students. Sir, you’re very great.
– Hey, nothing like that. Idea is mine. Many people are helping me. For example, my entire staff
is working for very less salaries. Many NRIs are helping
according to their capacity. Many people like this… Hey, hey… What, Shashi? Sorry, sir. Sir, that girl… My staff, English teacher.
– Oh, okay. Can I meet your staff?
– Of course. Mr. Gurumurthy, our vice-principal.
– Greetings. Introduce our entire staff.
– Okay. Thank you, sir. Thank you.
– Please. He’s Krishnamurthy.
– Greetings. Pawan, Latha…
– Greetings. Malathi, she is Shashi.
– There’s nobody. See below. English teacher.
– I’m Ashtalaxmi. Why do we want Ashtalaxmi? Tell about this girl. Look how he is staring. Come. Come, sir. Sir.
– Who are they? Sir, we caught them
while playing cards. I’m not in a mood, Rajaram. Send them away.
– Go away! Go away? You think we’ll keep quiet
if you say you’re not in a good mood. I’m Belt Babji, you know. Wait. – You know us?
– Hey! – Why do you stop me? Belt Babji? What is belt? Belt means…
– He’s got five belt shops. All five shops were lost
and one belt remained. That’s why everyone calls
him Belt Babji. Well, what keeps you busy? I mean, I wake up in the morning… …and flirt with girls near
river Godavari. In the afternoon…
– Playing cards in President’s fields. Stop it…
– In the evening… Liquor parties with dance. It’s very nice.
– You’re indeed busy. Take this bull away… …and tell him to clean the rooms.
– Okay, sir. Why did you call me bull? You’re the future of this country.
Why do you say you won’t do? SI sir, talk with respect. Why do you abuse me?
– I’m not abusing you. Not abusing? Take signatures
and throw them in cell. Okay, sir.
– Hello! Can’t read? Rajaram, he can’t read.
– Sir, you’re lucky. Good morning, guys. Geneva. 24th October.
UNO summit would take place here. Presidents of 22 countries… …are attending this international summit.
None should go alive. Security would be very strong. Our target would also be very strong. Underworld has to rule the world. None should survive
if this operation were to happen. By seeing our blast… …from public to politicians,
everyone should fear. The top 20 countries…
should get disturbed financially. We should hold a grip on them. Then we will be the world rulers. Wasim Bhai is the man behind
the latest bomb blasts in the city. Not just India, but many other countries
are trying to catch him. The NIA team has announced that
he will be behind bars very soon. Crime is increasing in the country. Sir, you said you will tell Shashi
about the students I asked. Sir, have you called me? Our SI sir came to admit… …some students in our school. Take him and do the work.
– Okay, sir. Thanks, sir.
– Come. Hey! Why did he come again? He came to admit students. Students? Where are they? There, in the front. Admitting students in school? Hey, enough of watching, now show. Will give you a tight slap. Shut and watch. Rajaram.
– Sir. Oh, he’s come. They are the children I talked about. Are they children? How come they are children? Why do you say like that?
See how cute they are. Not you, it’s me.
– They are our children. Our children? Right.
– Why will others think? Anyway, is this how you talk to girls? Talk to me if you want. Aren’t you a girl?
– Stop. What is this?
– Shashi, you teach in school. I teach lessons in station. So, you’re mummy to them,
and I’m daddy. Wow! Father gives punishment
and mother teaches discipline. Grandfather to play with children. Headmaster is there, Ashtalaxmi. Nice reply! Hey, you learn studies from mummy
and come to station in the evening. Daddy, we’ll not come to you,
we’ll stay with mummy. Oh! They are also talking like you. Upbringing, Shashi. Okay, do as you say.
You stay with mummy, I’ll come to you. We’ll stay with mummy
and study well. You take them along. Come. – Hey!
– Come. Oh no! Why didn’t you do homework? Are you playing?
I’ll teach you a lesson! Tell me. What is A for? A for ANR, B for Balaiah,
C for Chiranjeevi. Tell more, M for Mahesh Babu,
P for Pawan Kalyan. Well said! Great! Superb! Shashi, they seem to be our children. I don’t know, I’m studying. What children are they? They don’t listen to me,
they don’t do homework. They are not listening to me at all. Like rain drops on bull, whether
you scold them or punish them… …only one reaction. See their faces.
– It is my mistake if they didn’t study. Rajaram! Belt. Maybe daddy will beat himself.
– Yes. I’ll beat my children
and take the punishment myself. No, daddy! Don’t beat! Daddy! Please! I have understood. Not because I’m not studying. You’re beating with different intention.
– Shut up! If anything goes wrong again…
forget studies. I’ll kill.
– No. “Greetings, sir!” “Don’t punish us.” I thought many things.
What to do? Babe, without any partner,
where are you going alone? Please don’t do anything to me. Oh! If you co-operate… …it will get over soon.
– Okay? Who is he? Welcome daddy. Kill him!
– Kill? Belt will be cut. Daddy, I’m not related to these goons. I came for party. They were teasing the girl
and I said no. Okay, bye. Hey, why are you afraid of him? He is Police! He has a big gun. I’m sorry.
Daddy, I’m going to school. If you touch any girl again… I’ll not.
– If you get on the boat… I’ll not, sir.
– Bullet… Enters inside of me.
– Come, Rajaram. Idiot got frightened! She would come by 6pm from town. Today she didn’t come yet. She didn’t even call us. We called her
but her phone is switched off. I’m afraid, sister-in-law.
– Don’t worry. Be strong. She’ll come. I’m trying.
You don’t feel tensed and give us tension. How will I not get tensed? Ashtalaxmi, what happened? Mother, it is…Boat… Boat has broken down. It took time by the time
it was repaired. Your daughter has returned
home safely, don’t worry. Thanks a lot. Friends, job, love… …my life was moving at a speed of
120 happily, but a phone call… ….has put brakes to my thoughts. It remind me of my goal. It changed my life. Nobody should come or leave
without our knowledge. All details are in this file.
– Okay. Hello.
– Hello, SI. The headmaster in your village
is an international criminal. Who are you?
– My details are not important. Arrest the headmaster once
and then you will know. Hello! Hello! Who is it, sir?
– Some anonymous call. He says school headmaster is a criminal
and telling me to arrest him. Sir, our village President is
at loggerheads… …with the headmaster since long time. I doubt President.
– I see. Bhim.
– Sir. Keep an eye on the President. Inquire about the call.
– Okay, sir. Rajaram.
– Sir. Keep an eye on the school too. Why sir?
He’s a very good person. Do what I say. Hey, where are we going? Come, I’ll tell. Hey, stop. Will you tell or not? It is…to meet Abhi. Going to police station. Why are you feeling shy? Did Abhi take you on bike only
because you got late that day? No.
– What? So you and Abhi..
– Shut up! Abhi is a very good person. What happened that day was… That’s why
I’m going to say thanks to Abhi. Anyway, what is it with you?
You seem to be showing interest on Abhi. Hey, nothing like that.
– Okay, come. Sir… Hey! Why is she leaving
without even looking at the face? Feeling shy, sir. Shy! Then she should lower her head. Maybe she’s hesitant.
– Then she should tell. How will she tell?
That’s why she came with friend. Along with confidence,
one should have patience in love. You don’t have patience
when you’re in haste. Excuse me?
– Yes. Thanks a lot. Had you not come on time yesterday…
that’s why my friend… Anyway, why is the friend going
without looking at me? First listen. Thanks is mine. She gave this chocolate. Sir…
– It worked out. Where are you going? Stop!
– Stop, stop. “You’ve come like a moon.” “You look so cute, O dear.” “Like a parrot…” “You are enticing me.” “Like my dream girl…” “Like a dream come true…” “My warmth in winter…” “One who stole my sleep.” “In my heart…” “…you always reside.” “For my love…” “I need your help.” “You’ve come like a moon.” “You look so cute, O dear.” “Like a parrot…” “You are enticing me.” “Like my dream girl…” “Like a dream come true…” “My warmth in winter…” “One who stole my sleep.” “O dear, look here once.” “I am a perfect partner for you.” “Don’t ignore me, give me a look.” “You’re a sweet girl.” “Many strange things in both eyes…” “…you’ve shown me, O dear.” “With a single smile…” “…you’ve created stir in my heart.” “What is your confusion, O dear?” “Why don’t you fall for me?” “Why are you upset, O dear?
Why do you make faces?” “Why are you so stubborn?” “How should I express,
my love, O my dear.” “If the sky falls down in love…” “…your beauty will get married.” “My life has just now begun, O beau.” “Give your consent…” “…and accept me once.” If you ignore the caste and traditions… …I liked your attitude very much, boy. That’s why I don’t have any objection
in getting my daughter married to you. I’ve a problem. Seetharathnam’s proposal
got little bit delayed… She’s the lone girl. Will you get her married
without asking her decision? I like it, grandfather. Women are dominating. We sent you to teach students
at school… …and you have learnt love lessons
from that guy. Grandfather,
nowadays this is common. For this you… I’m not saying, in our colony… …do they allow people
from other castes? Why don’t they allow, grandfather?
Recently… Peru Shastri’s daughter
had inter caste marriage. Foolish fellow!
He’s spoiled the colony. Grandfather, you don’t act hasty. Except you, the entire colony
has agreed with this proposal. That’s the new trend!
What do you say? Yes, grandfather
– Oh! You liked it, so go ahead. But one thing. I’ll hang myself
before she gets married. Grandfather!
– Hey, don’t touch me! Don’t touch me. Hey! You idiot! Why are you entering my room? Stop. Grandfather!
– Shashi! Grandfather!
– Grandfather! What happened to the old man? What happened?
– Don’t talk. I liked the boy very much. He’s perfect match to our Shashi. Our research on underworld
and their activities… …is almost complete. They are more advanced
than us in technology. In simple words, we are using 3G, 4G
but they are using 8G. Oh! I see. Hello.
– Don’t you understand when I tell? Why aren’t you arresting the headmaster?
– Who are you? Why should I believe your words? What’s the guarantee that
you are telling the truth? Sometimes life depends on belief. You should believe me.
Criminals live amongst us. Arrest him.
– I’ll be in front of you with evidence. Hello! Hello! Oh no!
– Can’t trace. Maybe satellite call. Who’s it? One person is calling saying
headmaster is a criminal. Number is not displayed,
also can’t trace it. I don’t understand.
– Do one thing. Continue the call for more than
two minutes next time. We can trace him easily. Take all the details.
– Yes. Tell me, sir.
– What is the President doing? Doing some work at Sawmill here. I received unknown call again. What is it, sir?
– I’m here from one hour. President didn’t make any call. Who else if it is not President?
– I don’t understand the same, sir. Okay, do one thing. Bring headmaster
to the station by telling by name. Sir, it might be a problem
if he is brought to the police station. Do what I say.
– Okay, sir. SI sir.
– Good afternoon, sir. Come. Greetings.
– Greetings. Sit. Thank you. Why did you call me to the station?
– Well, do you have any enemies? Enemies to me? No. Why are you asking like that? I mean, I’m receiving unknown calls
about you since few days. Saying that you’re a criminal and
doing some crime in the guise of school. So, I called you for it. You need to be careful. You need to come to the station
whenever we call you. Okay. Is there anything else?
– No. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Greetings.
– Greetings. Hello.
– DGP here. Sir.
– Why did you call master to the station? Sir, it is…
– I don’t want any explanation. See that you don’t repeat it.
– I’m sorry, sir. Mind it.
– Okay, sir. Rajaram.
– Sir? DGP called up.
– Is it? Well, CI or SP should call. Why did DGP sir called for headmaster? DGP sir and headmaster
are classmates. Is it? – He attended last year’s
anniversary function too. Thank God, marriage is fixed. Okay, do one thing.
– Tell me, sir. Tell our personnel not to go to
headmaster or school. Okay?
– Yes, sir. Check! Sir, you’re playing on both sides. Our game becomes easy only
when we know the opponents game. Get a chair.
– It’s okay, sir. My marriage is fixed,
I came to give the card. With whom? Shashi?
– Yes, sir. You should definitely come. Okay, definitely. All the best.
– Thank you, sir. Wow!
– Stop, stop. I’m not your student
and this is not school so that I’ll stop. I’m your teacher today. Stop over action, I’ve a doubt. Doubt? – First night will take place
only if it gets cleared. First night is arranged
to clear doubts. Not this doubt.
– Then? How did you convince
my grandfather that day? That’s family’s personal matter.
Why to discuss now? Why can’t you tell
my family’s personal matter to me. It is not that…try to understand. Will you tell why are you doing
over action now? I got it. I know only women have the right
to shout in bedroom. I’ll tell. Are you trying to convince by force? I will not agree
even if you fall at my feet. I will not agree even
if you hold my hands. What is this scar? Caused by knife.
– How did it happen? It is… In those days I was involved in fights. Anyway, I don’t want to remember
the bloodbath? Should I remind about the bloodbath?
– What? Your lover Sukku…
his father cut your hand… I don’t remember it.
Anyway, seven generations of our family… …never fell in love. One minute. What is this? Looks like Sukku. Hey foolish fellow! By citing caste difference… …you gave up on you love. Are you going against their love now? Look, boy is very good,
don’t miss him. Will you accept
or should I come there? What’s the need for you to come
for such a small matter, Sukku? You said boy is very good. Okay for me.
– This is what happened. Enough? I told the truth
that I hid inside me. Now I’m walking away
from first night. Abhi. Abhi… Come close. Close? How nice it is?
– What sir? Not going to office? Don’t feel like going. Go.
– I said I won’t go. Don’t force me. Hello?
– SI. – Hey. Who are you?
– Are you enjoying? Talk carefully.
– Why is a DGP calling for headmaster? What if he is a classmate? What’s the need to monitor? Did you arrest him?
Think over it, SI. Quit the job if you can’t do.
– You don’t know me. Then show what you are. Abhi. Abhi.
– Who is he? Why is he calling? Is he telling the truth? What I learnt from inquiry is,
DGP is a Bengali. So how can DGP
and headmaster are classmates? There’s something to think in this. Did you find something? On the basis of anonymous call… …is it justice to enter the house
secretly and search like this? Didn’t I tell you that I’ll co-operate
in every possible manner? Sorry, sir. I didn’t come here
on the basis of that phone call. I received a call from DGP office
after you left the station that day. In the inquiry, it was found that
you and DGP are classmates. DGP studied in Calcutta. And he’s a Bengali. How come you both are classmates?
How? I came here to clear that doubt. I’m the student of the Presidency college,
Calcutta. Sorry, sir.
– We’re good friends. I’m a policeman,
it’s become a habit to suspect. Now I got clarity.
DGP sir is calling for you. Someone is making wrong calls
about you and irritating us. I’ll close him first.
Bye, sir. Sorry, sir. Open! I’m a policeman!
I couldn’t get convinced so easily. You’re under arrest. Hey, come to headmaster’s
house urgently. Start immediately. Move!
– Okay, sir. Come fast. Sir, emergency call.
– What? During this hour! Sir, we found seven fake passports
in our village headmaster’s house. I’ve arrested him too. What are you talking, Abhi?
– Sir, I’m talking with complete evidence. I’ve even sent those seven passports
through fax to DSP’s office. It will become a big issue
if the villagers learn about it. Sir, I’ll shift him to Rajahmundry
if you give security. Who will come at this hour?
Shift to a nearby station. Hey, you go. Go! Hey! Sir, sir… Move! Move!
– Sir, sir. Who told you to bring an international
criminal without security? – Sir, it is… What should I answer the press outside? Sir, I’ve passed you the information
before the attack. I’ve even sent you fax.
Everything is on your table. I called up the CI, he told me to shift to
the neighbouring village without security. What are you talking? Sir, he called me and told me at midnight.
– You’re suspended. Sir…
– Go to the hospital immediately. Thank you, sir. Sir, sir… Sir, Rudravaram headmaster
escaped after arrest. What’s your comment on it?
– Is he an international criminal for real? We started inquiry… …on who carried the attack.
We’ll arrest the accused in 24 hours. DGP called up for bringing you
to the station only for two minutes. What if he arrest him and take him away? That’s why I carried out
the fake encounter. You’re an ordinary school headmaster. Why do you need a gun? Mohammed Afzal Khan from Dubai. Michael from Malaysia. Abdul Kadar from Abu Dhabi. What are these passports? Who are you? Did you get the job
in recommendation? Gun is found. Passports are found. Without investigating and collecting
the evidence and submitting in the court… …you are asking who I am. That’s why I got doubt. Anyway, I’m not a kid to give answer… …immediately after your questioning. A criminal. The answer you want… …lies in these passports
that you found. Find out if you have guts. But the answer to your question
is not as easy… …as hiding me after escaping me. You’re kind, not possible by you. Leave it. I’ll do and show it. You can’t do. It’s my habit to do it
when somebody says I can’t do. I didn’t get this Khaki uniform easily. You’ve hurt my ego. I’ll show you its horsepower. I’ll close this case in seven days
and send you to jail. If it doesn’t happen… …I’ll remove this Khaki uniform. Until then… …take a break. Headmaster with seven fake passports is
arrested in Rudravaram village. Not only that, he is alleged to have links
with underworld don Wasim Bhai. What is the police doing? We told long time back. Of course, I need the information
immediately, okay? Bhai
– Who has arrested him? A new SI Abhi. What are you doing till now
when the incident happened last night? I’m coming. You be ready to see how violent
it would be if I react. I’ll be in front with daddy. I’ve alerted everyone from
state to central. Can catch anytime. Bhai, give me some time, I’ll come. Vikki. – Bhai.
– We can’t trust politicians. Make arrangements for going to India.
– Okay. Where are you?
– In our village, sir. One headmaster in our neighbouring village
is arrested and is missing, you know? Sir, you’re Home Minister. Sir, why do we need about headmaster? Bhai called from Dubai
regarding headmaster. Bhai?
– Yes. You don’t worry, sir. I’ll catch him. Sir, anything serious?
– Yes. You remember 9/11?
– Yes, I do. 26/11?
– How can we forget it, sir? Attacks are happening,
we’re arresting many people. Yes, sir.
– After 9/11 happened… …if we alert air force… …they are coming from seaway… …if we alert navy,
they’re coming from public. I doubt there is some master brain
behind all this. Waiting for him from 8 years. Mastermind?
– Yes. Before 26/11 attacks… …after decoding radio frequency… …the only name that was revealed… …Mohammedgul Afzal Khan. There isn’t any clue about
his looks or hideout. If my doubt is real
then he’s the mastermind. So how to catch him, sir?
– This file is for the same. One person got arrested
last night in Andhra Pradesh… …with seven passports
and has escaped. One name from those passports… …Mohammedgul Afzal Khan. Is it him?
– Don’t know. But if it’s the same person… …we can find out everything about
impending October 24th operation. Because he could be
the master brain. Hello Meenaxi.
– Hello sir. You’ve to immediately shift to Rudravaram.
– Okay, sir. Yes, I’ll go. Greetings, sir. Mr. Gurumurthy, you seem to be here
since the school started? Yes, sir. What do you know about him? Sir, he told us only about school
and children but… …never about his personal matters. Mr. Murthy,
to whom this school land belongs to? Where would they get money from?
– Sir, he was looking after the accounts. We don’t know anything. Bhim.
– Sir. Take Mr. Gurumurthy along. From whom this land was purchased… …when was this land registered… …is it registered or not,
where does he hold accounts… …I need all details by evening. Okay, sir. Madam, sir is calling you. Me? Was he going anywhere other than school? Who does he have to go? He used to go to Rishikesh
during summer holidays for yoga. Rishikesh? Good morning, madam.
– Straight to the point. When did you arrest the headmaster? 12.30 in the night.
– When you informed your superior? At 1.30. When did the attack take place? Around 2 o’clock. So, in one and half hour…
arrest and escaped happened. Do you suspect anybody?
– No, madam. Did anyone see?
– No, madam. Did headmaster call someone? No chance. I was beside him. So who gave the information
to the people who came? God? Don’t know, madam.
– Don’t be smart. Did you at least try to catch them? I was already injured,
jeep got stuck in the attack… It was almost impossible, madam. By then I already informed
all the highway check posts. Tracked. But couldn’t get. Your logic is fine. You took leave
after such a big incident. Need to suspect you for it. Madam, I didn’t take personal leave. I took professional leave,
I’m on duty. I collected lot of details
about him in 24 hours. Headmaster’s school details and
account details are there in this file. The interesting fact found
during investigation… …is that he goes to Rishikesh
every summer. Does he come to your ashram?
– He comes every year. Would anyone come to meet him
or was he going out to meet someone? Nobody came. He goes out every
Saturday and Sunday. He stays here on the other days. He would be back on Monday. As far as I know, he visits different
countries with those passports. I’m a normal SI so airport authorities
didn’t co-operate with me. Didn’t give me any details. But something is there, madam. We should get all the footages
and inquire them. Good job.
– Thank you, madam. The case will be taken over by NIA.. …and will be working together.
– Okay, madam. You may leave now. By the way, Meenaxi Nair. Nice meeting you, madam. Keep him under observation. Madam, just now you said good job? Why is it so? We’re searching the criminal and he is
searching for criminal’s background. He’s doing the job that
is not related to his position. Either he should be sincere in duty… …or must be helping the criminal. Rajaram. – Sir.
– NIA team is in the village. Okay, sir.
– They’re handling the case. Okay, sir.
– So we ought to be very careful. Okay, sir. Good afternoon, sir. Seems to be very tried. Are you afraid? Feeling sad? Or appeasing me? No need. Sir going to Rishikesh… …and touring the entire world
from there… Brought… …I brought the entire data. Case would be almost closed. I think unable to eat. Khaddar shirt, specs… …innocent face… …eternal smile… …by seeing you,
I feel like saluting you. I still feel you’re a good person. Good person? Osama Bin Laden… You know him? He looks like a Baba giving discourses. Charles Shobaraj. He looked like a male model,
he was a dream boy to girls in those days. There is a negative point
in every person. They only know it,
it is very dangerous. If they show it outside,
can’t tolerate. Okay, leave all this. You’re an orphan. You don’t have any background. You’re not a Commissioner or SP.
After all you’re just a SI. You won’t even get a medal
if you arrest me. So what do you want to show? Every person in this world
who achieved something in this world… …had no background. Except courage.
Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh. Alluri Sitaramaraju,
they all fall into this category. So, don’t see position or personality. Capacity! I’ll show how much I have it. Laugh! Laugh!
Wait for another five days. I’ll reveal your true colours. You may enjoy then.
– All the best. Food is good.
– Home cooked food. Since its good for health
so I got it prepared personally. Hello. If you take much care… …help me cross Bay of Bengal
from here. Not for free. I’ll settle. Settling doesn’t mean
giving you medal or promotion. I’ll give you so much that… …your coming generations would
live without working hard. Offer is good,
but I’m unable to connect. Because I’m not corrupt.
Take care! I said I’ll talk.
– I need all the details. Okay.
– Greetings, SI sir. President, what’s the matter? Brought the entire village along,
moreover acting obedient. You called me fool, I tolerated. You’re calling headmaster
a great and good person… See what he has done now. Why are you giving riddles
when I asked you the matter? Should I remind something from the past? Is it an item song to recollect
all the time? Forget it! Will you shut up? Look at your face! Look at your face first.
– By the way, what’s the matter? It’s nothing. Our people are unable to tolerate
the police atrocities. They’re asking for permission to
conduct Goddess Nookalamma carnival. If you give permission
then they will celebrate happily. Since President is asking
I’m giving permission. Venkanna! Turn this side! It shouldn’t fall with our Anasuya’s dance.
Tie it properly. Come on. Will it not fall with her dance?
– Okay. Silence! “I’m the sweetmeat from Palakollu.” “I’m the delicious sweet of Peddapuram.” “I’m the rose milk of Rajahmundry.” “I’m the laddoo of Ravulapalem.” “My body is like rum.” “I’m young and provocative.” “If you praise me a little…” “I will give everything to you.” “Show your prowess afterwards.” “Get ready for the game.” “In the kohled eyes,
under the moonlight.” “Hug me in the dark.” “My body is like rum.” “I’m young and provocative.” “Come…don’t instigate me and leave.” “Come…
don’t go after showing your beauty.” “I think my game is over.” “My heart is beating faster
after seeing you.” “It wants to be friends with you.” “It wants to intoxicate you.” “Boss, you and I will race together.” “Your class and my mass make good match.” “I’ll build a house in your arms.” “Let’s decide the winner now.” “My body is like rum.” “I’m young and provocative.” “If you praise me a little…” “I will give everything to you.” “Show your prowess afterwards.” “Get ready for the game.” “In the kohled eyes,
under the moonlight.” “Hug me in the dark.” “My body is like rum.” “I’m young and provocative.” Do you shoot videos on
all occasions in the village? Yes, sir. I shoot for everything. I want the entire footage right now.
– It’s in the office. “Don’t miss me.” Go and keep it ready. Go.
– Come. We don’t have time.
Using face detection technology… …separate the entire footage of
headmaster. Quick! Okay.
– Out! – Yes. Come, I will show you. Oh! Abhi!
– Coming. Come inside.
– Abhi. Yeah, coming. See this.
– Zoom it. Yeah.
– I had never seen him before. See the belly. Who is he? Raghav Rao from neighbouring village,
he works in the city. Come.
– Okay. Are you Raghav Rao?
– Yes, who are you? Rudravaram SI. Greetings, sir.
– I am from the neighbouring village. I know. How do you know headmaster? Headmaster is a great man. He helped me get this job. Not only that, he got my children
educated too. He found a good marriage proposal
for my eldest daughter… …and performed
her marriage last December. We were down financially,
but he made our lives better. Out of gratitude I meet at times.
– Oh. I feel very sad that such
an incident happened with him. When did you meet him last time? August 15th.
– Did he give you any cover? Cover? This cover? He gave one cover during my daughter’s
delivery and gave some money in it. Not only me,
he helps many people like this. Okay. I’ll call you if I need something. Okay, sir. – You might be required
to visit the place for investigation. Okay, sir.
– I’ll call you. That’s fine, you stay back. Bhim! Check all the belongings. What is happening here? Bring her daughter to the station,
she will tell the remaining details. Okay?
– I tell you. It’s a big money laundering
scheme in India. Based on the car number,
from one car to another… Sir, purse…
– Money changes hands. How much money is there
in the entire building? Around 3,000 crores.
– 3,000 crores? What’s the connection with headmaster? I don’t know that. Sir! Bomb! Go away! Go away! By the way, who are you? Thousands of crores illegal money… People working for you… Bombs that would blast with one switch… What have you planned? Who are you?
Terrorist? Mafia? Maoist? What are you doing to my country? War! We rule the world. War is inevitable. Nobody can stop me. Life has no value here. I don’t have the time to think of
the people you’re talking about. This is my war. War strategy planned by me. Everyone plays to win. But only one-person wins,
and that’s me. Me! Abhi, lion that hunts… Snakes that bite… Jackals that attack,
are found at every place. You cannot face them. Go away! Go to some faraway place. Why should I go? Let’s see. Let’s see who wins. Till now I thought who you are. I’ll think hereafter. I’ll find out who you are
and who is behind you. I’ll kill the lion, snakes and jackals
you talked about… …and destroy the war strategy
planned by you… …I’ll make you accept
Abhimanyu’s victory. Every word spoken
with experience is valuable. Since you stayed with me for some time,
so I’m telling you. No! Don’t be so stubborn. A stubborn person doesn’t listen
to the king. What if the king is stubborn? Wait and see how it would be. Hey! Hey! Hello!
– Fear! Fear in your eyes. It’s nice, Abhi. That’s me. I know daddy is with you. Hand me over or… I heard you are newly married. I think your wife went to temple just now. Go. There is no time, Abhi. Rajaram.
Pick up the phone. Rajaram! Hey! Madam! Madam! You go, I’ll take care. Rajaram!
– Sir, I feel very proud… …to be a part of this case with you. Sir, you’ll win. You’ll win. I believe in it. Rajaram! Rajaram! Rajaram! Are you crying? I should have killed your wife,
but I only spared her. Hand over daddy. Or else next…
is your wife. You killed Rajaram. I doubted you from the beginning. You played well with us. Good job. Don’t act smart. Give me your phone. For how much you settled the deal? Who else from
the department are with you? You know how big a crime it is… …to let off an international criminal? Where is Wasim Bhai?
What’s the game plan? Lift the phone. Speaker. Tell me where daddy is. I’ll tell the address, write it. Rajahmundry Hospital Road. Anybody can give the address of
Chakravarthy Theatre. There’s a ‘No Entry’ board outside. Don’t get confused. It’s been long time
since the movie started. You’ll find your daddy
if you come in five minutes. Else you won’t find him anytime. What the hell! Why did you tell the address? Wait and see! Kill him! Where have you gone, Abhimanyu? Enough, Abhi.
Enough of everything you did till now. Stop it. It’s not your life alone now. Your wife is there with you. Think of her too. Hey, listen to me and leave the job.
Try to understand. Hand over this case to NIA,
they will solve it. We can’t tolerate
if something happens to you. We’re not talking like this
to hurt your ego. We’re pleading. Try to understand. Shashi, at least you tell him
to leave this case to NIA. What are you thinking? To leave this case or not? Leave it. I was afraid from the day
you took up this case. I was more afraid of your safety than… …your winning this case. After seeing Rajaram battling for life,
I became more frightened. One day, you too… No. But Rajaram had faith till
his last breath… …that you would win
by forgetting his life. I felt courageous then. When your constable
trusts you so much… …then how will I tell you to leave
this case for being your wife. What would happen at the most?
Will you lose? Will you die? Fine. It is better to die
than flee out of fear. Don’t leave this case. I realised how selfish we were
after listening to Shashi. We will be there behind you.
You go. One minute. Give your hand. “Rising storm…” “…has entered you.” “Rising storm…” “…has entered you.” “Enthusiasm to achieve…” “…has taken over.” “In this fight every moment
the game of destiny…” “…there is only goal.” “Anjaneya!” “If the goal becomes the journey…” “If you make every possible attempt…” “…like a rising sun…” “Anjaneya!” “Rising sun…” “…has entered you.” “Enthusiasm to achieve…” “…has taken over.” ‘Anjaneya!” “In the anger…” “Thoughts are nil…” “Target is hit straight.” “In the sky, the lamp of stars…” “…surge ahead
by showing light in the dark.” “In this fight every moment
the game of destiny…” “…there is only one goal.” “Anjaneya!” “If the goal becomes the journey…” “If you make every possible attempt…” “…like a rising sun…” “Anjaneya!” “Rising storm…” “…has entered you.” “Enthusiasm to achieve…” “…has taken over.” Didn’t expect, right? I thought of killing just a while ago. You’re still alive only because
daddy is with you. You know who we are?
You know what underworld is? You know our capacity? Within a blink of an eye… …we can wipe out all the countries
in this world. Will you play with us? Tell me where daddy is. Will you tell or should I kill you? If I don’t go now,
if I don’t bring your dad… …you will kill me in a minute. My wife will become alone. Friends would feel sad. Life will be ruined. But still I don’t mind dying
for the country. This is my feeling from inside. What is there in my country? In this wind, in this water… As far as I know,
every person who died for this country… …must have faced this moment. Person who got frightened stayed
at home… …the one who has put up a fight… …entered history books. In this moment… I will also fight, face… …and challenge. Abhimanyu! How is Abhimanyu, doctor?
– Don’t worry, he’s safe. Sure? Thank you. Meenaxi.
– Yes, sir. Where is Abhimanyu?
– He is in ICU. Here’s the case file, sir. – Let’s go.
– Okay, sir. What’s happening? Why do we have
to believe this Abhimanyu? Meenaxi Nair,
until we give a clarification in this… …Interpol cannot proceed for that. We need to show
some proof regarding this. Sir, please come with me.
– Okay. Wasim Bhai. The most wanted international criminal. Why is he here? It’s not safe. Don’t worry, sir.
Hospital is under our control. Not even an ant would enter
without our knowledge. Sir, can we consider this
case seriously at least now? Yes. I’ll talk to the higher officials
right now. I’ll talk to PM if they don’t agree. Entire world should know this matter
by tomorrow morning. – Sure, sir. I’ll take care of all the
international operations. All the best.
– Thank you. Take care.
– Send official letter to NIA. I’ll proceed further
and talk to all Prime Ministers… …and Presidents all over.
– Okay. As soon as possible, I’ll arrange it. Sensational case of headmaster
is going to conclude today. Who is this headmaster? What is the link between him
and the seven passports? Is he an accused or not? Many such questions
would be answered today. Wait, wait. At present,
I too don’t have any information. I’ll give information to the media
after the meeting inside gets over. Is everything ready?
– Okay, sir. The Chief Minister
and all the officials have arrived. Will be reaching in five minutes. You can get some rest here. No, I’ve to go. Good morning, Honourable Chief Minister,
Central Minister… …and all the ministers and officers
present this morning. For the past few days, from Rudravaram
village to capital Delhi… …the one question chasing everyone… Who is headmaster? And the answer is Arjun Prasad. CFO of the underworld. The Chief Financial Officer
of the underworld. Mafia calls him
as daddy with love. Mr. Finance Minister,
what’s the budget of our state? Two lakh crores. How many people are doing the audit? 120 people. You know the budget of underworld? Two crore crores. If 120 people work to
audit two lakh crores… …then to audit two crore crores… …how many people are needed?
One person. Only one person! In a remote village… …in a small village called
Rudravaram… …sitting in an office
and using laptop… …stock market
and everything is changing. From the budget required for
a bomb blast… …to the budget of ISI… From the budget of IPL… …to the budget of election fund… …he is deciding the entire math
by sitting in an office. The most surprising fact is… …he designed a separate banking
system for the underworld… …and is managing the entire
operations from there. Don’t you understand
the banking system? I received an ATM card from the
watchman who died at the parking lot. It has given a twist to this case. It is a normal ATM card. It didn’t have any account details
in the database. Card wasn’t working. After removing the sticker outside,
I found it to be a black card. Highly technologically designed card. I saw the CC footage.
Watchman gave this card in a Paan shop. After searching the Paan shop,
I found this swiping machine. For thousands, Paan shop…
for lakhs, cloth stores… …for crores, parking lot… In simple words, they’re running
a big banking system than Swiss bank. And you know one thing,
in the Kaaba towers of Dubai… …it is happening under software
and development authorities. Leave all this, sir. Even our Home Minister
holds a huge account in this. Sir, will you give your purse once? What nonsense you’re talking?
Why should I give my purse to you? Vivek…and this is the black card
I’m talking about. This the underworld banking system
designed by Arjun Prasad. It has the entire transactions details
carried out by the underworld. It’s servers, all over the world… …in seven continents
and different countries… …are maintained very securely. Another important thing is… …the IP address of these servers
change every second. It is not possible by
anybody to hack them. Because their passwords
are stored in cloud data base. And coming to the point. This is Home Minister’s account,
this is his balance. These are the transactions
he did last night. So, we can see all the details
in this banking system. Not only him,
there are many people in this list. I couldn’t believe, I searched for…
clues about them. It was in vain, and then I remembered… …he told me that he studied
in Bengal university. I went to Calcutta. I inquired there and found that… …in 1987 batch…
Arjun Prasad was topper in CA. A genius turning into a criminal
if he acts against the country… …is given by Arjun Prasad. What about the phone calls?
– Yes. This case started
with an anonymous call. Such a big genius… …how did he get caught with
a small anonymous call? I thought over it. I decoded the entire calls
to find the base… …an interesting fact was revealed.
It was… The phone calls were made by
none other than… …Arjun Prasad. Hello! Case should have some clarity. First you called a school
headmaster mafia don. Next you called him gold medallist. Now you’re saying that
he made the phone calls. Is he a magician to do all these? Listen to it from him. Greetings. I am disciple of Financial expert… …Siddarth Sen. The lesson he taught me… The advice and path showed by him… …has brought me here. Can I come in, sir? Come in. Hi Arjun.
– Sir, sorry to disturb you at this hour. It’s okay. – Sir, this is my thesis
about the underworld. Three years of hard work. Project U. Project U?
– Yes, sir. 1990 Mumbai blasts,
we lost our families. You lost your leg. Sir, we’re living as dead people
since then. Sir, somebody came and ruined
hundreds of families with bomb blasts… Should we live in despair
by remembering it? You received many awards
and rewards in Financial field. I am a gold medallist in CA. Sir, it is not correct that we too… …live helpless lives like others.
– What do you wish to say now, Arjun? Sir, what did you tell in the recently
authored book on third world war? Why to discuss it now?
– It is needed, sir. Please tell me. It’s been 50 years
since second world war took place. All countries are trying
to avoid third world war. They are holding many summits
and conferences. But what they don’t know is… …third world war has already begun. It’s called underworld. Travelling with us
and instilling fear inside us… …to damage our financial market
and make us slaves… …is third world war. Terrorism is the consequence of it. Bomb blasts.
– Yes, sir. You’re absolutely right, sir.
That’s why to stop it… …the weapon that I designed by
working hard day and night… …is this Project U. Sir, we need to fight the underworld. But it is not possible with weapons. It is possible with thoughts, sir. They’re trying to destroy
our financial market. But what if we destroy
their financial market. Based on the information given by
my friends working in America… …they’re converting all the cash…
into a digital format. It means, in coming days,
all transactions… …would happen online
and not through cash. So the dealings of underworld… …by converting into digital format… …and by designing a special
banking system for them… …if we destroy it finding
the right time… Sir…it is… That’s the biggest bomb blast
on underworld. Excellent Arjun. Your project U… …your thoughts,
forethoughts are superb. But who will do it exactly. Sir, let’s give this to the government. They will train an IPS officer
and send him to them. He will implement everything. It’s impossible, Arjun. Sir…
– Because… …this is the lone and longest battle… …to be waged against
the underworld. Anyway how will an IPS officer
knows about… …banking system and financial market?
– Sir… You should do it. Me?
– Project U. No, sir. I can’t. Let’s give this to the government. This will reach the underworld the next
moment we hand it to the government. You should implement this. You! Sir, no… sir, sir… – You should…
– Sir, we will talk tomorrow. Please, sir. – Arjun! Arjun!
– No, sir. I praise to thee, Mother! A very good morning to you, sir. Sir… Sir… Oh God! Oh my God! Arjun, I know my death
will cause you pain. But convert the pain
into duty and not into tears. Arjun, I know
what I’m asking you to do. I’m telling you to face your death. One who cannot become a soldier… …has no right to talk about war. I need to practice it before telling you. If my death can stir any idea
in your mind for the country… …if my death can inspire you
to finish the underworld… Fight the underworld
and implement the Project U. Arjun, the victory that
you will achieve in future… …I’m seeing it today, right now. One last word. Silence of one genius person… …is more dangerous to this country… …than the atrocity of 100 people. Love you, Arjun.
Siddarth Sen. “I praise to thee, Mother!” “I praise to thee, Mother!” “Rich with thy hurrying streams,
bright with orchard gleams.” “Cool with thy winds of delight.” I left this place…
and in 1994… …I joined as accountant
under a don in Mumbai. In two years… …from 2000 to 2004… …I designed banking system
for the underworld. I started a school in 2005
in Rudravaram. From there… From there,
I operated this system. We were able to get all the details of the
underworld in the pen drive given by him. With the help of Interpol
and PM’s support… …we were able to get to
arrest all the people… …and seize the properties. And work is going on. Hey, give your phone. Bhai.
– Vikki… …the bomb blast planned by us
should succeed. What bomb blast, Bhai? No money for flight tickets, credit card
and net banking are not working. I’m moving around in underground. It’s better if you also escape. And Wasim Bhai is under our control. Above 2,300 criminals got arrested. Two crores million rupees seized. Finally, financially…
underworld is closed. This is my goal, my dream. That’s why I remained
incognito all these years. I lived with my dreams. Today I achieved it. One who stood in front and helped
this Project become victorious… It’s not me. This one. This young and dynamic
police officer Abhimanyu. This is Abhimanyu’s victory. His achievement. A great job. Well done, Abhimanyu. Feeling very proud to have you
in department. No, sir. I didn’t do anything. He did everything.
There is something you don’t know. No.
– Before leaving… …he left his two-year-old son
in orphanage. He didn’t look back after that. 23 years… He spent in finishing Project U. Once the Project U
was completed… …he came to the city again… ..to see his son. Inquired in the orphanage. After learning that he is becoming SI due
to his anger against the underworld… …he got him posted at Rudravaram
police station. He saw his son’s patriotism
on August 15th. He noticed his ability… …in solving the village problems. He found that he is capable of
doing any work if provoked… …he challenged him to find the person
in the seven passports. I found it. From my childhood… …I grew up in orphanage. Faced many problems. My hunger problems… …I didn’t know who to share with. If I were to face my parents… …I felt like holding
their collar and ask… …why they left me as orphan
if they can’t look after me. But today I proudly say that
my father is Arjun Prasad. CA batch topper
who sacrificed his whole life… …for the sake of his country. Your sacrifice didn’t go waste. Abhimanyu! Catch him! Father… Father!
– Call the ambulance. Father..
– “Mother, I praise thee!” Father… – Son…
– “Mother, I praise thee!” “Rich with thy hurrying streams,
bright with orchard gleams.” “Cool with thy winds of delight.” After achieving the goal… …there is no value for life. Father! “Mother, I praise thee!” “Mother, I praise thee!” “Rich with thy hurrying streams,
bright with orchard gleams.” “Cool with thy winds of delight.”

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  12. this is only yevarage movie not high expectations in this movie. diniki antha bomma ledu. emage vunna agrahero yicinema chesthe yicinema superduper ayyedi.but a chance miss ayyindi.

  13. Yes, very nice movie
    Subhalekha sudhakar GAARU has to come out from his shell of friends and family etc…
    The best performance by subhalekha sudhakar Music is EXTRAORDINARY.
    Remaining cast n crew needs to be changed.

  14. Tollywood ante eppudu aa 4,5 families heroes Kula rajayikam kadu !
    Inka Chala talent undhi prapancham lo
    Plz encourage dis type new heroes

  15. A well done job. Congrats to the whole team, both on screen and offscreen. Wishing you'll a good future career.

  16. Very good ,nice strong film story ,& grateful voice of hero ,, very good story ,& writer ,i appreciated to all industry , teams , &YouTube , thanks..

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