UCG Short Films: Drive ©

We were created with a desire to work and
work hard at something we believe in. God gave us all talents and He expects us
to use them. Our talents are the fuel that drives us. Our talents are on loan from God. In Matthew, there is a parable about a master
returning after being gone for some time, and asks his servants how they’ve handled
his money while he was away. Two of the servants took what they were given
and multiplied it. The third servant dug a hole in the ground
and hid his master’s money. Much like the master, Christ will return and
hold us responsible for what He has given us. Some people are blessed to use their talents
at work, which can be very satisfying, but much more satisfying, more fulfilling, is
directing your talents towards the will and the glory of God and serving His people. It may be hard to find your place at first,
but ask God to show you what you’re good at. What excites you? Is it organizing events? Working with your hands? Music? Art? Then ask Him to show you where you can use
your talents. And in all things we must stay humbly close
to God. Try to imagine a world of people truly using
their talents, doing what they are passionate about, and following God’s way as they go. Open your heart to new possibilities. Let God use your talents and passion to drive

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