UFO Official Trailer (2018) Gillian Anderson, Sci-Fi Alien Movie HD

UFO Official Trailer (2018) Gillian Anderson, Sci-Fi Alien Movie HD

United three six seven preparing for takeoff, please advise copy that three six seven standby What is it? You are one of the brightest students I have ever had and you are failing my class Did you hear about this? Flight operations were temporarily suspended this afternoon after reports of a mysterious Aircraft hovering above the airport I’m gonna need the footage from this entire facility. I want all those passengers in conference room A We now believe that it was a small drone No way it’s way bigger When I was a kid, I saw something these lights outside. It wasn’t a drone. The guy on TV was lying You don’t Automatically jump to the most extreme explanation. This isn’t some textbook problem. It’s more complicated than anything you’ve ever seen before This terminal is crawling with federal agents. Why would they still be here if they figured out what it was? We need to shut him down FBI is monitoring our computers Why didn’t I see this before? -think it’s some sort of signal? That’s binary they’re using math is a way to communicate and if I’m right it’s coming back There’s an opportunity to take a giant leap forward everything is riding on it What are the most important questions in the world? Is there a god? Are we alone in the universe? if anyone answered any one of those questions, it would change everything. Are we alone in the universe? if anyone answered any one of those questions, it would change everything.

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  1. Since War Of The Worlds, the (ship-)horn sound of the tripods has been copied all over the place, but I must say, this clip has, by far, the most fartiest variation to date. And then there's of course the echo-y drumbeat…Guys, I'm getting bored, stop using that same sound library.

  2. And there's me thinking it's an reboot of the 1960s Gerry Anderson T.V. series. Still… it's got Gillian. 🤩

  3. Project Blue Book… UFO… why is this suddenly becoming popular again? And how about another season of The X-Files?

  4. Ничего не понятно, но чувак с усами с Пояса Астероидов из Пространства :))

  5. Pay attention people. This movie is a test. Interesting how they decided not to base it on a true event. There have been several true ufo incidents.

  6. Why is it , It’s always some regular Joe/ Civilian that break the code to communicating with Extraterrestrial. Same cliche as always. Nothing original to see here.

  7. Gillian Anderson, in a role as a skeptic of UFO's?! There's a new part for her!
    About time somebody brings the O'Hare Airport incident to the masses. That is without a doubt beyond "reasonable" explanation. Hundreds of sightings above the airport, from passengers, pilots, communications tower operators, and now "the small drone" above the international UK airport that shut it down for 2 weeks, also seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people. Many visually trained people that know what a little drone looks like. Absolute crap.

  8. There's maybe 10 seconds of UFO (half of that reflected in a windshield)… and yet this movie kicked ass. If you're not of the masses that is…

  9. This is one of the best UFO movies I've seen. It seemed really authentic. It is worth adding to your collection. I love the Eureka moment by the professor!! It reminded me of Elle in Contact when she first heard the signal.

  10. I've just watched the movie. I like it, but what i can't understand is how the f#$k the aliens could know the coordinates on earth. I mean, are the coordinates a human measure to locate places? How could aliens know that, exept if someone human could teach them. I agree that mathematics is the language of the universe, but shouldn't alien mathematics be different from ours? food for thoughts

  11. No unfortunately there is no God.
    When we die, we are buried or cremated, and our Family mourns us.
    No we are not alone in the Universe, but thankfully the vast ocean of space separates us from the Wolves, hopefully long enough for us to prepare ourselves.

  12. Spoiler Alert

    Great movie, but I hate the ending. Why would you want to join forces with the FBI that is holding information back to the public? Fucking hate this kinda manipulation tactics in movies where the government always wins.

  13. The general anxiety attacks typically portrayed in these pathetic renditions are getting very boring. ZZZZZzzzzzz Next …

  14. Spoilers: There is no God… oh wait it changes nothing… because everyone just pretends like there still is.

  15. I kno u think Im full of shit, but this might be the most important step forward that humanity has taken to gt proof. This movie RESONATES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Acabo de Ver UFO (Ryan Slinger 2018). Tiene un papel Gillian Anderson (la Sculley de Expediente X), pero no es la protagonista. La verdad es que me ha sorprendido agradablemente. Es ciencia ficción del mejor estilo. Se basa en la investigación que hace un joven estudiante de matemáticas sobre un avistamiento OVNI en el aeropuerto de su ciudad; la trama se desarrolla sobre los pasos matemáticos y detectivescos que va siguiendo, en paralelo con el agente del FBI encargado del caso. Como digo, está muy bien. Hay versión doblada al castellano, lo que en este film es de agradecer. Muy muy interesante.

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