UH-OH: New Trump Tax Docs Show FRAUD

UH-OH: New Trump Tax Docs Show FRAUD

So the Trump tax documents are starting to
filter out and it’s instantly terrible for Donald Trump. The evidence of financial fraud that we believed
for years was exactly what tax documents would reveal. Now, this is not Donald Trump’s tax returns. I know that there are people who maybe misunderstood
the headlines around this. This is not Trump’s tax returns. Pro Publica has obtained some Donald Trump
tax documents and they show exactly what we’ve predicted for a long time, which is that Donald
Trump is playing very fast and loose with the value of assets and profitability that
he claims depending on whether he’s trying to impress a lender or avoid taxation. Specifically, ProPublica has documents that
relate to a, they relate to, I believe it’s for Manhattan buildings that Donald Trump
owns. And they obtained these documents through
freedom of information act requests. And the documents were provided because, uh,
these documents were made public because Trump appealed his property tax for the buildings
in question every year for, in some cases, nine years in a row. And so what ProPublica was able to do, very
solid investigation was take the tax records and compare them with loan records, uh, that
Donald Trump’s lender, ladder Capitol made public when they sold the, the debt. But this isn’t just generally saying to a
lender, Oh, my building’s worth 50 million. And then saying to the IRS, the building’s
only worth 25 million. That is something I’m sure Donald Trump is
doing. A and Michael Cohen told us that that’s what
Donald Trump is doing, but this is actually more Donald Trump is actually lying about
how much rent the buildings are taking in, which is a much more calculated and specific
type of lie. Some might call it fraud, and in fact, the
number of real estate professionals are calling it exactly that. So here’s one example. Donald Trump told his lender that the buildings
earn twice as much rent. That one building earns twice as much rent
as what he told tax authorities in the same year in 2017 okay? Both can’t be true. Those are lies. This is financial fraud. Another example, Trump’s building at 40 wall
street. I would walk by this building every day because
our a David Pakman show studios in New York city, we’re like a block from Trump’s building
at 40 wall street. I’d walk by it every day. Trump told a lender that 40 wall street went
from being 59% leased to 95% leased in a period of a few years. But then around the same time that he was
telling the lender it was 59% least, he told tax officials that the building was 81% leased. Now we’re still trying to figure out what
the advantage to doing that is. There may be a disincentives to have empty
buildings, although I need to research a little more about New York city, a tenant, landlord
law and restrictions and provisions. Uh, but whatever the impetus was, it doesn’t
make sense. And that’s what’s immediately revealed by
these documents. Sometimes the exact motivation for the discrepancies
is not completely clear. Does he want a stronger position to receive
money from a lender? Does he want to minimize tax liability from
the, uh, from the, uh, government, the state government of New York? But in other cases, it’s not totally clear
what the impetus is for each lie, but ProPublica went with everything that they uncovered to
a dozen real estate professionals and the real estate professionals were basically unanimous
in their assessment. Number one, there is no clear explanation
for this, but number two, these discrepancies are, and this is a quote, versions of fraud,
which would not be a surprise to anybody who’s been following this. Now this type of fraud can lead to criminal
charges. It’s very unlikely that it will because nothing
has been sticking to Donald Trump. But note that Trump’s former personal attorney,
Michael Cohen and Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, are in prison in part
for falsifying tax and bank records, some of which relate to real estate all in the
service of uh, at least when it comes to Michael Cohen, Donald Trump. So this is very serious stuff. The big picture, the big picture is that this
is called double bookkeeping. Fraudsters typically do this, they maintain
one set of books. That’s the set you show certain entities and
there’s another set of books that is either your private set of books or the one that
you keep on hand to show other regulatory entities depending on what is most advantageous
at the time. Really solid investigation by ProPublica. And under that, I mean, look, you look at
just a few buildings and it’s immediately clear that something isn’t right. This is just four buildings that they looked
at. Imagine if we were able to actually get Donald
Trump’s tax returns, what might be in there? His voters might not care. Sure, but it would be an absolute treasure
trove. It’s almost like Trump knows that his tax
returns going public would be absolutely terrible for them and possibly implicate him in crimes. So he’s going completely out of his way to
do everything you can to prevent their release. Exactly. As we’ve been saying for years back all the
way since before he even started the general election debates against Hillary Clinton in
the 2016 campaign, will we ever see the tax returns? I don’t know. I don’t know, but I hope that we do.

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  1. Al Capone went to prison for … tax fraud.  I am pretty sure one of the last Italian NY mafia files went to prison through forensic accounting.   In no way  am not comparing Trump is Capone here, my point is sometimes tax and accounting fraud can send one to prison when nothing else will.

  2. However, of all the hundreds and thousands of videos about Trump, I have never seen one addressing this basic point: Trump speaks to specific groups who have been ignored by other politicians. Excuse me if I don't describe them correctly, but please accept my point. Disenfranchised "middle Americans", particularly white males, who are not well-educated and previously held manufacturing jobs which have now moved overseas. The wealthy elite have basically sold out America for their own personal financial gain and the politicians gave generally been silent while the middle class has been gutted. Pensions and financial stability are lost, and stress and pressure is ever-present. The status, power and influence of the United States is eroding and China has conducted an economic war against the US and Western Europe, destroying manufacturing and stealing intellectual property.
    If you take Trump away from these people, they have nothing. That's why they cling to Trump no matter what. Why is no-one talking about bringing these people back into the fold and restoring their finances and dignity? Instead, they are berated as idiots and fools and are offered nothing. Unfortunately, Trump is not their answer, but at least to them he is singing their song. No-one else is singing their song. Obama and Biden allowed themselves to be bamboozled by Xi of China who came to the White House rose garden and lied to their faces about having no plan to build and militarize islands in the South China Sea so they can control commerce and keep the US off the Asian mainland. STILL Biden is silent on China, so he is not the answer either.

  3. No surprise here! Old "Teflon Don," nothing sticks…YET! One lie begets another and another on and on ad nauseum. Narcissists will never take responsibility for their own behaviour, So – they lie, project, deflect, distract, etc. Good job getting these docs!

  4. I don’t get why these people can get away with this kind of fraud for years, but, if I want to buy a modest home, just to live in, I have to produce paystubs, proof of employment, credit ratings, insurance, cash, etc etc etc.

  5. "I think I'd take it"": In an exclusive interview, Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents
    –Lucien Bruggeman, June 13/19

    “I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” Trump said then. “If somebody called from a country, Norway, ‘we have information on your opponent’? Oh, I think I’d want to hear it.”

  6. In terms of occupancy rate, it isn't just a matter of different times of year or month?
    You could achieve that non-fraudulently (dishonestly perhaps still) by taking by taking figures from move in vs move out days, perhaps even different times of the same day on a move out date (if they have stipulated days to end the lease).

  7. I'd bet Trump's not alone in this kind of thing, though he may have taken it to a larger scale than most. This is the kind of thing that should be routinely audited, not just looked into when someone reaches the political heights. Bust these frauds on the state level before they get that kind of influence.

    And just to keep fraudsters from building up fortunes.

  8. And yet America still don't do anything, still in office, still telling lies, still a criminal, and america does nothing

  9. Don't start learning German. Oh, you'll say, so many words that look and sound just like English! Pee of 🍰! And, then, after learning fun words like Brot (bread) and Kartoffel (potato), you'll hit the grammar and wonder what the hell did I get myself into?! Don't,. Do. It. By then it's too late. Trust me!

  10. Be careful attributing this sort of thing to Trump. Obviously this sort of thing was conducted by his lawyers or fixers or whoever, so the responsibility lies with him and he should pay the consequences for it. But the problem with attributing this stuff directly to Trump in this way is that it gives his idiotic followers more fuel for their delusion that "he's just a super genius doing things to avoid taxes."

  11. David, this is OUTRAGEOUS!! What's next? You'll reveal and debunk that Toadstool never actually read the Bible and the Constitution? 😅

  12. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this wasn't fraud. I think Trump is literally, not just politically, a pathological liar. I don't think he possesses the capacity to honestly give information to lenders or business interests about his properties, regardless of whether or not it benefits him.

  13. Add it to the list of all the other frauds Trump perpetrated. This will be old news in a couple of days.
    The only hope is for New York State to investigate and prosecute after the next democratic president is sworn in.

  14. TRUMP is going to fire his tax preparers, and hire Giuliani to ask some of his Russian associates to help trump to ….. oops , they just got busted. Oh , well .

  15. Everyone who values logic, and ethics, already suspected this. Those who don’t value logic, and ethics – ie, Trump supporters – won’t care. That’s the sad truth.

  16. apps for German = 👎… The grammar is so much harder than Spanish (which is supposed to be the easiest language for English natives to learn) and so different to English, you really need to take classes. I know native English speakers who have lived in Germany 10+ years and can still barely order in restaurants (they work in a science, ie English speaking institute). My point is, it's not really a language you can pick up. A German speaker who taught English (in German(in Germany))

  17. And does this surprise anyone?
    The man is a crook.
    The more they look at his finances, I guarantee you will find felonies all over the place.

  18. He's been doing this since he started owning those buildings I believe. If I remember correctly, he's been through Litigation regarding his crap lease contracts as well. SDNY is NOT his friend, as it shouldn't be, he's a criminal. So, I'm hoping TAX DOCS get released soon. Obviously he needs to be "fired".

  19. After Mueller looked up Trump's ass, scoured the IRS, ECT. NOW THIS… JUST LIKE THE LAST ACCUSATION… A NOTHING BURGER.

  20. So what that he is a fraudster & a thief, he is a good president, he is bringing the country together & uniting us like never before

  21. It's almost like he became president because he was trying to hide from his tax returns. LOL.

  22. Trump doesn't know what the truth is anymore. When he's breathing, he's committing fraud but herr orange king enjoys absolute immunity due to corrupt, cowardly prosecutors.

    It could be either double- or triple-bookkeeping:
    – one set for SEC (for publicly-traded entities)
    – one set for the IRS (tax collector)
    – one set of real books

    Double-ledger bookkeeping is a different concept, an innovation, typically partially ascribed to the Medicis, that allows reputable businesses to be sure their (real) books are correct.

  23. Keep a weather eye on the Northern Illinois (Chicago) district…Trump had been using the law firm of Ald. Ed Burke to get favorable tax treatment for his properties in Chicago. Burke has been charged with extortion.

  24. Umm hmmm. Funny- Trump accuses everyone ELSE as being crooked or lying…. Hes about to get as humiliated as America has felt since he took office.

  25. Donald Trump, living proof there are two justice systems in America; one for the rich and one for the rest of us. The FBI has known for years as the state of New York that Donald Trump commits fraud, is a con artist, most likely has done embezzlement and money laundering, and other actual crimes, but has failed to investigate and charge him with anything. It’s almost like the US government really wanted Donald Trump to be president because they could’ve stopped this decades ago. So strange to me.

  26. And …… we haven't even seen the depth of fraud going through his Deutchesbank transactions.
    or his Miami condo realestate transactions…..a mysteriously endless money for golf courses.
    Con-rade Trump ! Snake oil salesman, huskster , fraud .

  27. Jeez. It's really good that H.Clinton wasn't elected. America would have been bogged down by investigations. She also would have started wars with Turkey and helped ISIS. Thank goodness that didn't happen.

    Trump has been caught commenting a sexual act on a horse

    trump supporters
    I mean….. Hillary probably had sex with a cow. Also horses are cute af

  29. It’s not terrible unless there are consequences. So far, he’s been getting away with everything.

    Hoping his time of conning everyone is finally coming to an end.

  30. Yea it's clear to me hes a god dam crook plane and simple if it was one of us every day person we would go to jail, he's lying ass crook plane and simple

  31. Well that's it. I thought the non disclosure agreement (bribery) with a porn star right before an election was ok, but cheating the IRS is where I draw the line.

  32. DP: I do NOT know why you are not above 3M subscribers. Your productions are among the finest representations of fact sans sentiment. Keep up the gr8 work – to paraphrase Field of Dreams- 'as you build it they WILL come'.

  33. Basically it's more of the same. Trump goes on and on about other countries not paying their fair share, all while Trump has never paid his fair share

  34. Trump, much like the Dons of the mafia has to cheat in every way possible and will be brought down by the simplest of things eventually

  35. Trump is so crooked he needs Giuliani to help him screw his pants on in the morning while he snorts adderall through a corkscrew.

  36. Hello, my name is Donald J. Trump.
    The J stands for jackass. I'll burn down the white house if you dont stop investigating me. Pootie said I could be king of America. Bring me a coke.

  37. Ironically enough none of trump’s Deplorables would be allowed to live in any of his properties. He wants to keep them in their rusty trailers uneducated like the minions they are.

  38. A year ago, when his CFO was reported to be cooperating with investigators, I thought his goose was cooked. But I haven't heard anything about that since.

  39. You can absolutely guarantee that these frauds have been going on for decades and in all of his properties. He no doubt learned how to do this from his dad. He is a liar and a cheat on a national scale and should be behind bars. This is tax evasion – the same thing that sent Al Capone to prison.

  40. Trump will turn over his taxes after he and Bill bar redact 90% of them and then say to his cult “ you see, there’s nothing to see here, it’s just partisan evil Democrats harassing me”

  41. What I don't understand in all this, is what does all this tell about the IRS? If making the records public will show fraud, then the IRS must already know this, right?

  42. A complete and total crook. Trump is rot… a cancer to our morals, laws and democracy. We need to amputate this decay from society or zap this degenerate with radiation.

  43. A complete and total crook. Trump is rot… a cancer to our morals, laws and democracy. We need to amputate this decay from society or zap this degenerate with radiation.

  44. People say it's 2 percent, some say it's 5 percent, it might be as high as 10 percent….
    Trumpty Dumpty and numbers…sigh

  45. why is it that it needs to be public before revenue office investigates and lays charges? this is the fraud of substance; not what he lied to lenders/investors, wherein corporate law does not have much bite and those lenders/investors might not care much, as long as his daddy keeps paying his bills

  46. Part of the reluctance to release his tax returns is probably that they could trigger large scale default and foreclosure on his properties. The lenders can likely terminate the loans for cause once they have evidence of fraud used to obtain them.

    I.e. yes, he's guilty as hell, but probably more worried about losing everything. Frankly, that would be the perfect end for this vile and hateful piece of crap, penniless and in prison.

  47. We knew Trump was committing tax and insurance fraud, we just needed the documents to prove it. Trump's future is in prison; post-President.

  48. The question is how has Trump been allowed to get away with fraud for all these years? It's not like he has only just started doing it since taking office, he's probably been doing it for decades.

  49. Not at all surprised and sadly I don't think it will make a blind bit of difference. Trump (and his cronies) do not acknowledge US law.

  50. Chumps supporters don't care .all they're concerned about is corruption in government & draining the swamp. IRONIC BUT TRUE

  51. Hahahahahah you are just making up lies like all the rest of the fake news media outlets his taxes haven't been released this just shows how pathetic ignorant you people are. Trump won a presidential election that was rigged against him by almost everyone in the government and you stupid losers still can't accept that and guess what he is going to win again in 2020 I can't wait to see all you leftist cucks crying in your soy lattes,its been great comedical entertainment for the last three years and I'm really looking forward to five more years..oh yes and please keep eating yourselves alive with your virtue signaling,sjw cancel culture bs your democratic party is in chambels it is turning to socialism and communism and trying to take away constitutionally protected rights of citizens. This will only guarantee Trump wins in 2020 but I guess libtards are stupid to figure that out… KAG TRUMP 2020

  52. yes they will and delusional dem supporters are fucken losers and will always be losers because you are nothing but drones following the lies

  53. everyone does that muther fucker even politicians wow is that all you got go find something more damaging fuck ya's loser your a loser David Pakman loser

  54. You have to question how the American system enables cheap snake oil salesmen,known fraudsters and multiple bankrupts like trump to blatantly get away with this..I remember watching a documentary years ago here in the UK and about him over inflating the worth of his property to get loans…classic fraud,how is it so easy to perpetrate?

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