Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint Released | The Daily Show

Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint Released | The Daily Show

That’s right.
The whistleblower’s complaint has accused the president
of soliciting foreign interference
in America’s election, which is really bad for Trump. What’s even worse, is that
this entire complaint is only nine pages long, which means people
might actually read it. Hell, if it had a few pictures, Trump himself
might even read it. ‘Cause you guys, you guys don’t
remember, but that was one of the big problems with
Robert Mueller’s report. It was, like, 500 pages. Nobody wants to read 500 pages. You could give me the secret
to eternal life, but if it’s 500 pages long,
I’ll be like, “Yeah, I’ll just die.
It’s fine. “I… Yeah, just bury me
in a gold coffin. I’m fine.” Now, this document reiterates a lot of the things we already
saw in the transcript of the Trump-Ukraine phone call, but it also goes beyond that. Like, you know how Trump
and his allies keep saying there was no pressure
to Ukraine? There was no pressure on them
to investigate Biden? Well, the whistleblower’s
complaint says differently. There was an understanding
with Ukrainian officials that to get a meeting
with President Trump, they had to play
by some ground rules. And those ground rules dealt
with having to talk about the Biden investigation. When you go to the
whistleblower complaint where it says,
“Multiple U.S. officials “told me the Ukrainian
leadership was led “to believe that a meeting
or a phone call between “the president
and President Zelensky “would depend on whether
Zelensky showed willingness to play ball,” George. That’s right.
According to the whistleblower, Trump refused
to even speak with Ukraine unless they agreed to play ball
and investigate Joe Biden. And this must
have been confusing, right, because to Ukraine,
“play ball” means soccer, but to Trump, “play ball”
means chasing the meatball that fell out of his sub. (mimics Trump:
“I’ll get you, meatball. I ate your family;
I’m coming for you.” (normal voice): Now, Trump
and his defenders are saying that the whistleblower’s account
is fake. All right? Because they say
that the whistleblower is basing all of this
on secondhand information. He didn’t hear the calls, and
he hasn’t seen anything himself. They also point out that the president of Ukraine
himself said yesterday that he never felt any pressure
from Trump. Although,
if you actually watched the Ukrainian president say it, you might come up
with a different impression. I think you read everything. So I think you read text. I… I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be involved to Democratic open elections
of U.S.A. No. Sure, we had, uh… I think, good phone call. It was normal. We spoke about many things,
and I… So, I think– and you read it– that nobody pushed it.
Pushed me. -Yeah.
-In other words, no pressure. (laughter) Okay. Okay. I don’t want to contradict
the president, but I-I don’t think
the translation of that was “no pressure.” That man seemed like
he was under intense pressure. I mean,
he actually said the line, “I don’t want to get involved.” I mean,
that’s not a comfortable phrase you ever say
when you’re comfortable. “How you feeling?”
“I don’t want to get involved. I’m so comfortable.” You can’t ask him that question
in front of Trump. It’s like asking the hostage
how he’s being treated while the kidnapper
is right next to him. “Uh, how are they treating me? “Oh, it’s, um… it’s amazing. Yeah, uh, last night,
they even gave me toilet paper.” (mouths) “I love it here.” (laughter and applause) You can’t ask him
in front of Trump, man. (cheering and applause) So, the whistleblower’s
complaint accuses Trump of pressuring the Ukrainians, while Trump and his people
say they did nothing wrong and that the call he made
to Ukraine was completely fine. In fact, Trump himself said,
“It was perfect. “Completely fine. The most perfect call ever made
of all time.” But here’s the thing. If there was nothing shady
about that call, then why did
the White House staff work so hard to make sure that it never saw
the light of day? This whistleblower was hearing from people
inside the White House. “These White House officials
who told me this information “were deeply disturbed
by what had transpired in the phone call.” And then he details
how there was an effort to lock down the phone call
to make it sure that only a very limited number
of people would have access to it,
so they put it on a separate… basically, a separate server.
(chuckles) -Um… -Yeah, they took it
outside the normal channels and put it into a channel
that is normally reserved for highly classified,
compartmentalized information. For the most highly, uh,
classified information. You see, now,
that’s-that’s highly suspicious. Because if the call
was “so perfect,” why did Trump’s people want
to get rid of it immediately? That’s something you only do when you’re trying
to hide shady shit. Like, if you came home
from school and your parents told you that
Grandpa died of natural causes and, “We threw his body
in the river,” you would have
some follow-up questions. You’d be like,
“Wait, why’d you throw it away?” “I-It was natural.
We’re just… we’re just like, ‘Grandpa needs to go now.
Like, right now. Right now.'” So, basically, White House officials
heard the phone call and then moved the record of it
from its normal computer to a more private server
so that nobody would see it. And, yes, this is a new scandal
about a private server, #ThrowbackThursday. (laughter) -It, uh…
-(applause) Really is interesting. Wouldn’t it be nice
if this was the meet-cute that brought Trump
and Hillary together, you know? Like, he just calls her up like, “I finally understand you,
Crooked Hillary, We’re the same.” (laughter) But the biggest revelation…
the biggest revelation about this private server
isn’t just that it contains the phone calls
with Trump and Ukraine. It’s that it might contain
many more. The complaint adds that
this was “not the first time” White House officials
used an extra secured server meant for classified and especially sensitive
information. That means calls
with other world leaders were set aside, covered up. Who are
those other world leaders? That’s right.
Who are these other leaders? What are the conversations? We thought
this was just a Ukraine story, but that secret server
could contain multiple conversations Trump
doesn’t want anybody to hear. And nobody has access
to those calls, so there’s no way to find out. Or, at least,
there was no way to find out. Because, you see,
The Daily Show has a secret spy deep inside the White House. Melania.
And thanks to that spy… (laughter and applause) …we’ve been able
to get our hands on a few
of those embarrassing calls. “Not good, folks.”

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  1. lol  and dismissing the true corruption. Biden and his son Hunter, 50K/month in BURISMA Ukranian energy company at the time of being investigated for corruption. Daddy made it go away….lol  Biden out….next!

  2. Trevor Noah u are always full of shit how much u getting paid from Democrats ? U are disgrace to free press ! always undermining the president …never ever I even once seen u speaking positively about Trump, ho I see u want bring your amigos to country but Mr T making it hard ha …? All u eat is Mexican shit and talk shit !!!

  3. I didn't watch this clip. Did Low-IQ Trevor notice that President Trump asked the favor about Crowdstrike and the Server — NOT about the Quid Pro Joe and his crooked, punk-ass son? Did Low-IQ Trevor at least have THAT much integrity?

  4. So, is a “perfect call, it was beautiful.”
    What is that supposed to mean?
    Bank robber: “It was perfect. It was a beautiful heist. So I can’t be guilty. It was perfect.”
    And “who told on me? They should be sentenced to death, because it was a perfect robbery.”

  5. Usually I don’t think of myself as a conspiracy theorist. But am I really the only one who has thoughts of Trump (or better: one of his spin-doctors) to have fabricated the whole thing, just to make the Dems look silly (and so win the re-election), as well as to filter the renegades in the GOP? We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath for a true and effective impeachment.

  6. Ukraine Dude sounds like TRUMP when he was talking.. which means ITS ALL BS coming out his mouth.. the talks were good, you know we talked and it was good.. a good talk we had..

  7. Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker himself just told. Trumps daughter who twitted and i quote : The Force is strong in my family. Refering to her kids Halloween costumes Hamill responded YOU SPELLED FRAUD WRONG. #GOFORCEYOURSELF. You go Mark!!!💖💗💗💗💗

  8. Vatecine ke pure document check kare UK apke nation ke liyea pope ka kasa istemal karta tha and EU ke liyea bhi hitlar harne ka ya ist war harne ka ya nepolian harne ka karan bhi yahi tha

  9. Who gives a shit about Biden? I'm not bothering to vote if Biden is the other option. Are we really gonna repeat Hillary's nonsense? Get the fuck out of the way you stupid man and stop hamstringing your own party.

  10. Real conversation: when am I going to taste the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich, or any chicken sandwich by the food chain for that matter? I never ate in ff restaurants and this time I made desperate trips to Popeyes and one time, I only got biscuits which I finished on my way to work..all four of them! Yikes! Has anyone ever tried it is it it just a scam?

  11. Putting non-classified data on a classified server to prevent embarrassment is against the law. Anyone who works with sensitive information concerning the federal government knows this.

  12. Obama: "as a nation, we should stand together.. merry christmas!" Conservatives: "HE WANTS TO DIVIDE US, AND HE HATES CHRISTMAS!!!!"

  13. Dear Trevor
    With all due respect, I find your jokes about Trump adequate and all, but why do you mess with Melania. She is punished enough being married to this unspeakable orange person. Please leave her out of it.

  14. The secret to eternal life is in the Bible. That's 1200 pages. I'll save you the trouble of searching for it.

    God loved the world so much that he gave his only born son so that whoever believes in Him should not die forever but have everlasting life. John 3:16

  15. "I am gonna tell everyone hitler was german" Is soo good because so many people don't know that he was Austrian. LMAO

  16. G said that he is not stupid. Yes, I
    agree fully…. please open more of your mouth… wider and bigger, please.
    He was the Mayor of NYC? Unbelievable…..

    G and T are birds of the
    same feather…. They shit together (whenever they open their mouth)

  17. Naaah Trevor, he just couldn’t speak English properly, so, clearly it was pressure of using the language😂 Russian accent gets me all the time😅😂

  18. "I am gonna tell everyone hitler was german" Is soo good because so many people don't know that he was Austrian. LMAO

  19. He does not get that he is not even allowed to speak about Biden (nor about any other candidate) with foreign persons.

  20. What in the hell does Trump need with a private server when he an open book. Trump is a rat and a traitor and everybody knows it, but the fascist extremist groups love it. Trump was trouble before he became president, and we all saw it coming too. While Obama was working as a president, Trump tried to throw shade on Obama's character, and he had the nerve to falsely assert that Obama was not a citizen of this country which was enough to ruin his candidacy for the presidency. Trump's assertions about Obama's citizenship and his birth certificate were complete lies. Trump's lied in an attempt to boost his candidacy that he had been planning for a long time. A plan to create political and social discord which incited racism, and racist shooting sprees during Obama's administration. All of Trump's false allegations about Obama's citizenship and a birth certificate were a racist response to him as the first African American President, and everybody who voted for Trump knows it.

    Also, the people who didn't vote for Trump knew it too. However, Obama was one of the best presidents in presidential history. Nevertheless, If we can elect scummy traitor for a president like Trump who invites world leaders to look at us as a nation of backstabbers like himself, then maybe it is time that we elect an honest, intelligent and competent lady to be president whom we can trust to run our country. Moreover, Trump went from bad to worst. Trump has recently, attempted to stressfully extort and politically blackmail the president of Ukraine to provide him some detailed bad information about Joe Biden, who is now running for president. When does it end with Trump? But as citizens of this country, we had enough of Trump's dastardly character, and it is high time vote for a new president. You're damned stupid if you don't.

  21. So we are going to blow this way out of proportion but not a single Democrat is going to talk about Joe Biden and his son accepting money and favors from Ukraine? Lol Democrats and liberals are the most ignorant, bigoted people in this country. Get your head out your asses people, you're being fed another fucking lie and eating it all up.

  22. trava plz give the guy a brk we here in Africa love you out there ,but plz try to talk about some of our most African dictator(Cameroon president Paul Biya)

  23. Not a good idea for a world leader running for office to do terrible stuff like this. I am ashamed cause he represents all Americans. We are a kind, giving, loving and proud people. America is the greatest. Bless America USA. Recall that chant lock her up. Well looks like it has come back to haunt him. Change the her to the chant. Is it fair. I wish he would stop calling people names and saying to people's face, you did a good job and then you turn your back and call them names.

  24. HILARIOUS!!! And very true…trump had to say "no pressure" as if they were going to quote him, and not the VERY pressured Ukranian Pres. LOLOLOL…

  25. Yeah like it would be suspicious if we heard Osama Bin Laden was dead and then we were told "nah we tossed him off a boat"

  26. Very interesting, but regarding the joke at the end, that had to be the single shittiest Trump impression I've ever heard.

  27. Yeah it is funny but this is bullshit. We have such level of corruption here in Ukraine that Zelensky would be nevet concerned about talking about such things. For him its just like “phew – of course its ok to order someone. Not guaranteed that i will do this but its ok to speak about it.” So… this is very speculative

  28. I agree with their sentiment about Ukraine pres. 2:14
    It's def a high pressure situation!
    But I really wonder if the sound of cameras clicking we heard was REAL…
    Was it just edited into the clip by the show for dramatic effect
    To make it look like something more sensational than it really was.

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