Una Ragazza Piuttosto Complicata – Film Completo Full Movie Multi Subs by Film&Clips

Una Ragazza Piuttosto Complicata – Film Completo Full Movie Multi Subs by Film&Clips

A RATHER COMPLICATED GIRL Story and Screenplay: freely adapted from
The March Back
by Albert Moravia Production design: Editors: Music: Director: An oxygen cylinder.
What comes to mind? A bomb? A missile? The lung of a man of metal?
A robot? Now… a vital breath
is released from there. Then the valve is closed. The silence is unavoidable. You know how to use it?
Like this. What do you think, Alberto? – Will it do?
– I don’t know. The vials of
5 or 10 cubic centimetres? I don’t know.
Call the house. No, I’ll do it.
You take the cylinder. – Is it broken?
– No. Now I’m just like Eve.
I need only the apple I’m looking in the mirror. I spend hours looking at myself nude,
you know. Won’t you answer? I’m telling you I’m naked
in front of the mirror. Sometimes I don’t think
that I’m me. It’s like I’m somebody else,
understand? So I greet myself,
make my acquaintance, begin to want myself, bit by bit. There’s just one thing
that’s not right. D’you think my breasts are too small? Do you like my breasts? I love them the way they are. Helpless, and so small. Greta, can you hear me? Why so long without calling?
Two months. Why are you like that? Claudia, answer! – I understand, you’re with a man.
– What makes you think so? From the tone of your voice. Tell me if you’re with a man. – Who is it this time?
– You see people everywhere. You’re obsessed. I have a feeling
that someone is listening There was one here with me
between the sheets. Who used me ruthlessly
like a thing. A thing with legs, arms,
breast, tummy, but always a thing. I like it that way.
Do you mind if I talk like this? Yes. Then I’ll make you suffer.
I like the idea. Why not come here, Claudia? No, I have to go to church.
To Sant’Andrea alle Mura. God will punish you. Aren’t you afraid of God? Reply, woman! – Who is it? – I told you
that someone was listening. – But who is it?
– God. – Good news?
– No. – Well then, the vials, 5 or 10?
– Take them both. What’s the matter? Me? I was thinking about life. It’s a continuous provocation. – Place it here. – Where?
– Here. Just like that The light…
Yes, it bothers him. Come in. Come here. – You only look with your eyes.
– I must dash to the university. But it’s occupied by students.
Go to your brother. No, there’s an Academic Council
to discuss the situation – Even for assistants. – Go to him
for a moment. – I can’t, it’s late. Are you here too
to buy antiques? – Do I know you?
– Yes, Claudia. I must say I can’t remember.
Who are you? God. What God? – And you came all this way?
– God is everywhere. Ah, yes, of course.
I forgot. For me too,
I’ve intercepted phone calls. But they weren’t interesting. Did you hear it all? From when you said you liked
gazing into the mirror. – And then what did I say?
– I think: “My breasts are too small?” “I like them.
I love them just as they are.” Helpless, poor darling,
and so tender” Could you continue? “There was one,
who used me like a thing.” “a thing with breasts, lips,
hips, legs, but always a thing.” And how did you image me? So many ways.
Blonde, with a painted face… But always naked. Don’t go away. Here you can fix it
a pedestal with a statue. Or a support for a lamp
or a vase of flowers. – Or for a plant.
– You could also put a chair. But I ask too much. Don’t make me play the part
of the unscrupulous priest. I have to help
the orphans in my parish. You know what Caraveri
of Genova offered? 500 thousand! – What about 400? For me.
– I can’t. Only 500 thousand. Okay. Show me the pictures now. Ciao, “voyeur”.
Come on, follow me! – Did you use him too, like a thing?
– Who, the priest? Ah, you…! No, that was nothing. Not my type. And then…
I am a little frigid, you know? Maybe I’m completely. Perhaps you didn’t because
you’d already done it before. With him that you used like a thing. – You said it to Greta on the phone.
– I just made it up for Greta. – Why?
– Don’t ask too many questions. – However, I’m a great liar.
Want to see? – Yes. – Are you scared.
– On the contrary. – So you’re happy with everything
about me. – I guess so. Love, love, love,
desire, desire, desire, I want you, want you, want you,
Take me, take me… And that’s how it goes.
I lie on the bed, offer myself to you, and you take me.
OK, let’s try it. – De Falla?
– Boring. I’d prefer something Baroque. Albinoni. Come here. Let’s see. What do you think, Miss,
does it suit him? It goes with his beard and blue eyes? Right, then Albinoni. You’re looking at me? Certainly. The tips of your breasts are wrinkled. Because it’s a little cold. Take off your watch
or you’ll scratch me. You’ve had appendicitis too. Did they treat you better?
You’ve a smaller scar. Let’s make a swap. Albinoni, you’re a dead loss! No… no… It doesn’t matter. It’s not important. Do you really feel humiliated? But you’re not satisfied. Sometimes a woman
doesn’t mind at all. Indeed, the lure, at times. It means the man feels it
even too much. – I wanted you. – Whilst you were
listening to the phone you wanted me, because you didn’t even know who I was. But now you know me,
you’re disappointed. – Reality is always a little less.
– No, it’s not that. And you heard mainly Greta’s voice. She has a beautiful voice.
Too bad she squints, and is so tall. Still feel bad? Tell me, how you imagined her? I’ve no real idea. Surely a few years older than you. – Elegant, intelligent…
– More or less. – Would you like to meet her?
– Yes. No. You’d fall in love with her. Sorry, you’ll have to hide
for a moment on the terrace. – But why?
– Go! – Who coming?
– Come on, stupid! – Okay. There he is. And capable
of waiting there until the morning – he wears out his shoes.
– Is he any trouble? – No, he likes to spy on me.
– Who is it? Someone who wants to marry me.
His only merit. He’s called Pietro. Alberto, light me a cigarette?
they’re in my bag. Let’s play a joke on Pietro? Go out by another way, so he’ll
be waiting hours tormenting himself. Or you could sleep here?
You can sleep here. I was expecting so. Why do you need a gun? Why are you nosing into my business? It was in the bag. I bought it from a junk shop
a year ago. I wanted to use it for
a certain painting, pop art. But then I changed my mind. – And you keep it in your bag?
– Yes, why not? Hey! Look! Have you ever been with a man? – Not yet.
– No? – Why not try?
– Old prejudices. But it’s tempting. Otherwise it would be like a car
out of fuel. Now you know who I am. – See you again? – If you believe it’s
worth it. It seems pointless to me You’re right. However, we are united
by a special bond. – A failed intimacy. – Ciao.
– The door is just on your left. – I don’t want Pietro to see you.
– Okay. Ciao. The priest’s in there?
Do you want to meet him? The doctor said
he’ll only hold out for a few days. Have you already imagined
the man you’ll have after him? – Me?
– Of course. Our brain works by itself,
there’s no hypocrisy as with words. – You’ll already have figured out
your life as a widow. – Stop it! So you have imagined him. And before you realise it,
you brain has described the scene. Various scenes. You meet a man on a journey,
or introduced to you by chance. Or maybe a friend who wants
to take your mind off your seclusion, invites you to her house,
and there, it’s him. – How did you imagine him?
– Perhaps the opposite of you. Come here and eat something,
everywoman. – No. – Do you want me to believe that
you’re not hungry after a day? No.
– You deny that you’re hungry? But look at these pickles
that have always been your passion. – You’re disgusting! – Do you want some
advice, Marina? – No! – Wait. So as not to suffer, try to describe
what happens in front of you. And inside you. As if you were a spectator. Try. Come, look. The evening shadows
invade the silent rooms. Everything around us
brings back other times… other lights, other voices. Marina. Marina. Now he’s alone. It’s very hot. You want a drink. From time to time… Thoughts surface, to disturb
the lonely consciousness. Thoughts which surface and disturb the solitary consciousness. No. The lonely consciousness. Marina! Marina! Why! Why! Why aren’t I strong enough?
I’m so afraid! Can I stay a few days here? If you’ve still got blood on your hands
from some crime, you know where the bathroom is. However I’m not a freeloader,
I intend to contribute to the costs. Tomorrow I’ll paint your portrait.
Repay me by posing for me. Before, I shared
the studio with a friend. but we disagreed over politics. It made life impossible,
so she went away.. It’s a beautiful object. With a single shot one could end
the story of years and years of bitterness, of hate. Or years of love. The weapon has a soul. A soul of lead and steel. And when it reveals itself,
it takes the place of yours. You said it well.
You love this weapon. If I take it away,
would you mind? – I think so. – Why?
– I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it. – But who would you want to kill?
– No one, I think. But revolvers kill. Maybe having a weapon at hand
gives me a sense of security. Try to tell me
What you had in mind when you went to the store
to buy the bullets. I just thought of
buying the bullets, Doctor. But why? Are you saying that
I was thinking of killing someone? – Now that I think about it…
why not? – I would say… No, no, no.
Let me think. Perhaps I’m really hiding
such an idea. Unconsciously. Go to sleep, Alberto. – You know what? I’d never noticed.
– What? That I had this unconscious idea. – And the victim, who would it be?
– You need a victim, right? Indispensable. Pietro? I’d be the first woman
to want to kill her only suitor. Greta. Strange, some of the conversations
you have late at night. I wonder what
we’ll talk about tomorrow. – Good night.
– Good night. – Couldn’t you sleep?
– I heard footsteps. – That was me. I was thirsty and
went to get something to drink. – You talked in your sleep.
– What did I say? You look tired. Rest now. Tomorrow morning
I’ll let you sleep late. Pietro was here just now. He wanted to see you. He lets me do anything,
but wants to know, experience. He understood that I have
a special interest in you. But can’t stop me being near you
if I want. That’s Greta. Last night I kept thinking
about the gun. I’ve often thought of
how it would be nice if she died. I’d already thought it. It was two months ago.
Sure. – It was a Sunday.
– Why did you think it? I remember it was terribly hot Maybe I got the idea
because it was hot or because it was Sunday,
I don’t know. – Who is Greta?
– My father’s widow, my stepmother. And why d’you want to kill her? That’s the thing.
I must have a motive. Tell me, aren’t you afraid
of being unwittingly involved – In a crime?
– In what way? If I deceive you so that
you’ll kill her for me for example. – It depends.
– On how much? What particularly interests me
is the thing. Let’s try and find a motive. You could kill to avenge your mother,
betrayed by another marriage. I don’t even remember my mother. Greta could have stolen
the affections of your father. – Did your parents love one another?
– It was a lousy marriage. My father had lots of women.
He didn’t give a damn. Next question? – What are you thinking?
– I’ll tell you I think that Greta
is in love with you. Exactly. Loves me to death. I was that age when I met Greta. In the beginning
it seemed that she hated me. Often punished me for little things. I remember a few slaps
for no good reason. All of a sudden she changed. She started to be interested
in me from morning to night. Helped me with my homework. Helped me and helped me. Meanwhile she stroked my hair. I bet you remember
the touch of her hand. Perfectly. Like this? But then how did you know? One evening she told me
she didn’t feel well. She invited me into bed with her
to continue studying. You must tell me everything.
Leaving no stone unturned. Every gesture, every moment of anxiety. Come, try, Break your feelings down
to the tiniest detail. Don’t miss anything. It’s all here. – What’s all here?
– Existence, life. Pay attention to everything. Now, for example. I smell your perfume,
see the vein throbbing in your neck It’s created a special
erotic atmosphere between us. Just because you are telling me
your first… experience of love. I don’t want to talk about the past. Do you think she’s had
her little experiences? They grow up quickly, round here Instead she’s probably innocent
like I was before. Hey, you, girl! Come here! Hey, listen! – Me?
– Yes, I want to speak to. Come here. – What’s your name?
– Viola De Santis. – Where are you going?
– Home from school. – Where do you live?
– Over the railroad. Get in, we want a chat. – We’re from the TV.
– Yeah. We’re looking for new faces
for a competition. New voices. Can you sing? – I improvise a bit.
– Get in. Let’s go. No, boy no. No, boy no
Don’t laugh at my love It’s not a game, when you play
You know how to make me cry From tonight I’ve put my life
in the hands of a boy No, I’ll put it no more No, boy, no
You won’t put me With the ten dolls
That you no longer like Oh, no. Oh, no. No good. He’s right,
you don’t have a great voice. Come on, don’t look like that.
Here. Here, it’s yours. And now…
we’ll see what we can do. Meanwhile, you should answer
a few questions. – You have a boyfriend?
– Yes, a friend of my brother. – How old?
– 24. Have you kissed? And what else have you done with him? Listen, if you want us to continue, do what we ask you. We must become true friends. Yes. You lie to your mother and father,
but to us you must tell the truth. But why? We’re looking for a girl.
A girl, special, different. You could be different
from all the others. But we need to know all about you.
Got it? So, what happens between you
and your boyfriend when you’re alone? – Have you done it?
– No, not yet. Perhaps it would be
Ok for the other one? You’re joking.
Not physical enough. But I find her just right. – How are you in a swim suit?
– Fine, I’ve some photos from the beach. Take off this dress,
so we can see you. Over there. No, I’m sorry.
I think you’re a bit ridiculous. Let’s go. Let’s go. Wait, don’t go!
Wait a minute, please! Here, go and console her. Tenderly wounded, humiliated,
desperate. Like a small animal
mistreated by its owner looking for a dark corner
to be able to hide. So many tears. No! Not here. Not now.
Go away! She’s upset.
Don’t you see? Let’s get out of here,
go to your studio. I want to go home. You see? What do they want, these two? They’re from the TV. But on TV you don’t go nude.. It’s not allowed. – What is it?
– They gave it me. Why? Tramp, slut!
I’ll tell your father. Bastard! Whore!
Clear off! Let’s all go now to the TV.
No? And I say yes.
No! No! I want to know what
you wanted to do my girlfriend! A little girl!
A minor! We’ll take their license plate number. After.
Let’s have a little artistic nudity. No! No! No! Not this!
I’ll hate you if you let him do it! Claudia, run! Get down! – Get going!
– We’ll denounce them to the police! You’ll end up in the papers! In jail.
Who do you think you are! Ciao, gorgeous. Their motorcycle! Why weren’t you happy with it? He didn’t exactly smell nice. I feel like dying. – Was that a brothel?
– Yes, now it’s even worse. A continuous coming and going.
See the corner room on the third floor? There was a suicide.
She hanged herself from the pipes. And another was killed.
The cleaner found her. Pushed the broom under the bed,
and saw an arm protruding. As the scene of a crime, it’s not bad. What a shame. There’s no one
to see us from the window. I’ll close the blinds,
so it looks more sinister. That’s it. Look, there’s a sort of scratch. It must have been
where she was hanging. You know after the business with Greta,
even I wanted to do it. Not out of shame…
Rather, yes, out of shame. I hated her and hated even myself. I felt alone and lost.
How stupid. I don’t want to think of it any more.
Hold me. It must have been horrible. It breaks the cervical vertebrae,
it’s over like that. Hey! No, panties, no… It must be the redhead
who came in earlier. No, don’t give her a face. I thought you were
a natural redhead? Let’s leave her suspended in space, a voice is enough. – Like Greta’s voice?
– Yes. But who are you.
I don’t seem to know you. Neither do I. I don’t know
how I ever came to be here like this. – Ah, no?
– No. – I only ordered a Coca Cola.
– Silly. I like being with you.
And you, why do you like it? Because I feel guilty.
I’m cheating on Pietro. And it’s wonderful! A girl like you
in a place like this. – Are you crazy?
– My mother always came here. – Eh?
– Mummy. Love… Yes… yes… What a man, what a man…
You drive me crazy. No, no, no panties… It was her in the next room.
It was good, right? Come on, Fausta,
do it again. No, no, I can’t resist.
What a man, what a man! She’s nice.
I met her in the drawing room opposite. – Of course, we were playing canasta.
– To raise money for charity. But that was Pietro!
He was spying on us. It was him! Perhaps he was tailing us
because he likes to suffer. – Did you shoot me right to the end?
– Yes. But that was me? I disgust you? No! I’ll put it back in its place. Don’t worry,
the neighbors are away for the weekend. But why did you do that? I knew it. Now you’ll begin to investigate. The unconscious ideas,
secret thoughts, the impulses. D’you think that I don’t understand you? – What do you understand?
– You want to know how it will end. It’s like you’re at the movies
and I’m the film. – Your film.
– And I’m yours, right? What interest should I have for you? Agreed.
But if I look at you like a film, Try to do the same
with what happens to you. This thing you have inside,
this hatred, try to see it as if it were
a play, a book you read. You can do that,
but I’m not like you. Why did you shoot? To lift
this submission to the weapon. The gun that’s loaded,
and woe to whoever touches it. Better not shoot. Just to lift this subjection. Now the weapon has become
more familiar, friendly. Let’s just say
that I shot at my reflection… and as I was thinking, as I was there…
on the screen. And that perhaps, yes, that… It was like…
I was still in the arms of Greta. And I was angry at everything. I don’t protest
for that which we’ve done, perhaps to get back at anyone,
with Fausta, for example, but because I was deceived,
I had to do it. I didn’t have any choice. Only she has chosen.
And she has hurt me. Damaged me! Why not call her? In my opinion you’ve got to stop running
away from her, or you’ll go crazy. Hello, Greta? It’s me.
I wanted to hear your voice. I’m with a friend.
No, not Pietro. He’s someone who wants to meet you. That which you’ll like most
in Greta will be her eyes. They’re beautiful and she knows it.
She’s also proud of her hands, of her arms,
of her body.. She’ll love you more than me,
I’m sure of it. Everything depends on how
you edit the film. For example… If I have your face smiling,
like so. and then point a gun
and your face becomes serious, it means you’re frightened of the weapon.
Let’s try the opposite. First the serious face,
then I point the weapon, and then you smile.
What does this mean? That you aren’t afraid
of the weapon at all. Suppose I have an indifferent expression
whilst you peel the fruit? and then suddenly Claudia appears, nude,
and you seem upset. – What does it mean? – It means
that the appearance of this nymph has upset me.
But if I’m looking serious first and then the nude nymph and then I peel the fruit indifferently,
what have you said? I’ve said that the nude nymph
stimulates the appetite, not the senses. I adore the nude.
I always have done, since I was a girl, when I was studying painting. Then I gave it up, if you aren’t
talented enough, it’s better to stop.. I’m not like Claudia. But I still remember
the first model at the academy. I was 18 and she was 20.
She was a farm girl. So clean, magnificent. She walked amongst us
like a Queen. And we in shoes, skirts, ties,
pants, sweaters, so ridiculous! We were really like her subjects. Heil! Hello, spy! You mean to say that you don’t care? That Claudia makes love
with that boy? Even with you, right? Hi! Ciao! – Who invited him?
– I don’t think he needs an invitation. Now they’ll go…
and make love. Right now the only veil
that protected the nymph fell. Now she is naked, naked before him.
Do you mind? Claudia is grown up. And I haven’t
cared about her morality for a long time And even if I disapproved
of this sexuality… – A bit like a supermarket!
– So you disapprove of men. Not the men, the manner.
But it’s a matter of taste. There’s some misunderstanding,
I didn’t mean to invite you to follow me I’m not too formal, you know? Listen, you’re not disagreeable. You’re young
and you might even please me, but I’ve another man and
don’t want to behave like a girl. What does it mean, that smile?
Can’t I have a man? – Name? – Daniele.
– Age? – 40. – Profession?
– Doctor. Is that enough? You’ve made him up. Look, I know you want
to stay here with me, but I don’t. It’s funny, usually Claudia’s boys
are different from you. – What do you mean?
– You seem so uncertain, insecure. Even if you try to hide it. Excuse my frankness. And now a little rest,
quietly and alone, if you’ll permit. If you don’t know how to pass the time,
take some shots in the garden. The flowers are a riot of colour. And you do nothing? No! No! No!
You only know how to watch! You’re a coward! So ends the career of Mr. Pietro. You were magnificent. – But why the slap.
– Because he’s a coward. I’ve left him. It’s over. What happened? I wanted him to speak to Greta. To make her understand that
she should let me live my life. But he didn’t have the courage. – Are you frightened of Greta?
– Some things you don’t know. For one thing, she has my money. How do you think I live?
Alms. And then she blackmails me.
Always threatening suicide. She’s already tried. Once I saved her, just in time. – Why did you save her?
– I don’t know. Today I don’t know if I’d do it. But now she no longer
thinks of suicide. She likes to live now. Don’t let’s talk about it anymore,
at least for five minutes. It’s like there’s a pall of gloom. Marcella, put it on the table. Tell me, did you try it on with her, eh?
How did it end? She told me she had a man,
to whom she’s faithful. Of course, what else could she say? Listen, tell me the truth. It’s not a thing of the past.
it’s still going on. I mean, even now, you two… – Are you excited by the idea?
– Yes, but answer me. No. I won’t answer. – Shall we make love?
– If you insist…! You know I’ve discovered
the perfect crime? You drown the victim
in the bathtub at night and then take them to the beach
and drop them in the water. Accident. No, they could determine the
exact time of death, so your plan… Even if they did. We could say
we went for a midnight swim. We quite often do.
She was taken ill, etc. – It might even work. – You think?
– I believe it might. It’s a plan that has
the advantage of simplicity. Anyway, I thought
you’d do it all by yourself. And you watching? No, sir. And after I’ve told you that
I should have implicated you in a crime. So don’t complain. Who’s complaining? If you look closely there’s
something disturbing about a bathtub. It looks like a coffin. I’m glad that
you’ve got rid of Pietro. Claudia. It’s hot,
go for a walk in the woods? We could even take a dip. Ok. – Coming?
– You go with her. I’ll follow later What are you thinking? Go with her. If the wind drops tomorrow
we’ll take the boat. and go as far as the headland. Do you remember how many times
we’ve swam there? Why shouldn’t I love her? She wants me, I have to return it. I love Greta.
From this moment I love her. I’m fond of Greta.
I love her. I read a science fiction book. It should take effect,
repeated day and night. Especially when you sleep. I’m fond of Greta.
I love her. I’m fond of Greta. I love her.
I’m fond of Greta. I love her. – Why did you fill the bath?
– What? – The bath.
– Ah, the bath. I wanted to take a bath,
with this heat! I love Greta Do you think that Greta noticed
that I spied on you in the woods? I don’t know, she’s changed
mood suddenly. I love Greta… – You didn’t tell her?
– What? That I was spying on you. You’re a bit odd.
What an idea! I was thinking. What were you talking about? I don’t remember. I love Greta.
I’m fond of her. I love Greta. Alberto, stop. Go back to your room. – Can’t I stay with you?
– No. – Why not? Because now I’m going to her. She asked me. She has a headache and
asked me to keep her company. – Hello!
– Hello. You see,
you’ve got to go. Must I go?
By yourself, darling? Yes, I’m staying here. – Did she ask you?
– There’s no other solution. Since she’s immortal,
I’ll love her. The recorder works. The persuasiveness
of the message is irresistible. – I love Greta, I love Greta…
– When I see you again? I don’t know. I’m leaving the studio, you know? It’s over, my carefree youth! Hi, guys. Hello. She goes for a ride every morning. What happened? – Last night?
– Yes, tell me. No. So it’s like that? If you still want to spend
a few nights at the studio, it’s rented till the end of the month. No thanks darling,
I don’t want to take advantage. I’m sorry to send you away
without having made love again. Don’t worry. This is the film of you and Greta.
What shall we do with it? Do what you want. – See you.
– Ciao. The pine forest is deserted
and more silent than ever. The South-west wind
blows from the sea. In your soul the natural colours
assume tones, both desolate and grey. A white spot on the green. A woman. One obstacle, a hindrance. There, in the middle of the road. Why not at the side?
he asks himself. It was a crazy idea,
not even formulated, which crossed his mind. Press the accelerator, remove from the road,
this obstacle. But it was simple!
So simple! The terrible thing
is to touch the victim with your hand. But if you don’t touch… Everything happens
and nothing happens. She was knocked down. Perhaps we’ll never know,
who did it. A hit and run, according to the man who found her. Go, Alberto. I’ll call you. I’m happy to be in the brotherhood
because I feel so alive. I’ve always loved life so much and it
was unbearable to love it no more. In the brotherhood I found it, because I also found,
myself as a man. And it no longer matters that
I don’t do what I did before. – The important thing is that I’m alive.
– Turn it off, Marina! My relationship with reality
is that of a happy man… – Alberto.
– Eh? He’s there again. That man who was
looking for you yesterday. I don’t know him.
I’ve never seen him. What shall I tell him? Tell him I’m not here.
I don’t want any trouble. Alberto. I was the fiance of Greta. – Can we talk?
– Why? I’ll tell you. – The day before the accident,
you were at the house, right? – Yes. Greta called me.
That evening, before going to sleep. It was our habit.
A good night, you know? She told me that you’d
shot some film of Greta. – If you could give it to me…
To remember. – Yes, I understand. – Could I have it?
– There’s not only Greta in that film. Yes, I know. Greta told me. She was accustomed
to the oddities of Claudia. Here, send it to this address. Thank you and sorry. Listen. What do you mean that
she was used to the oddities of Claudia? Greta told me that you
were filming her on the sly. We laughed about it. Even if these things for you and me
are rather distasteful. I say this without
wanting to offend anyone. But you’ve asked me a question
and I’ve answered it. Good morning. – Ah, there you are!
– Of course I’m here! So why don’t you answer the phone?
Why not open the door when I ring? Because I don’t answer to anyone.
I don’t want to see anyone. This is a psychologically
difficult moment for me. I’m in a phase
of great creative enthusiasm. Greta’s death has freed me
of all my inhibitions. Right now I’m blooming. Shall we spend today together? I’m sorry, I’ve an appointment.
I’m getting married soon, you know? With your dear friend Pietro? But I returned his slap
before accepting. – You could thank me.
– For what? Since the death of Greta has
freed you from all your inhibitions. – Then, thanks to her.
– No. Thanks to me. Let me get this straight. This mysterious hit and run
would be you? The killer was you? – Stop it. Don’t play these jokes.
– And you were playing with me. – And the gun?
– I threw it away. Oh, yeah, you no longer need it,
now she’s dead. You’ve ruined my day! Everything was great
till you climbed down the window! Anyway, I don’t believe you. I ran her down, I did. Accidentally. On purpose. To make you happy,
I’ll believe you. You know,
you’ve got a sick mind.. But you asked me, right? Me?
I never asked for anything! – I never asked you…
– Sssh. You were always talking about
killing her, how, where… But I… I… I never meant it! It was a game between us.
To play together. Nothing more. Nothing more. No. You’re ugly. Yes, you’re ugly. I mean, you will be soon. You’ll soon be wrinkled. Perhaps get fat. It seems to me
you’re someone who ages early. And I don’t even
like your paintings either. I think you might be right. When will we see each other? – I’ll call you.
– When? – Don’t know. You can leave
by the door this time. I prefer it this way. Who was that girl?
D’you know her? You couldn’t even begin to imagine! Wait here. – What can I get you?
– Mint ice. Pietro’s a bore,
I realised immediately. Yesterday whilst he kissed me, he asked: Tell me who you’re thinking of. Not “what” but “who”.
He realised I was thinking of you. She doesn’t seem happy
with the situation. Only does it for the money. Listen, why not make friends? – Do you think we could?
– Try. Look at her.
Keep looking at her. There! – You see, someone like us.
– And now? Ask for her number. Five… Five… Two… One… Four… Seven You see? We’ll call her this evening. You’ve had your time. Now it’s over. Don’t you agree? No? My eyes, not my eyes! Do you understand me now,
to forget my wife? But what’s all this, Alberto? What? My quarrel with him?
Nothing, nothing at all. Forget all this! It’s her.
It’s she that won’t let me go. Want to know? She has this idea,
fixed in her mind. Out of the whole world,
she’s chosen me. Wants me to commit a crime. Wants me to kill a person,
a woman. And makes me to understand it
in many ways Takes me to her house,
we make love. And makes sure
that I discover by chance that she has a pistol in her handbag. Then she talks of this woman.
Pretending to be persecuted, psychologically tortured.
But… really, it’s just a matter of money. Then she shows me the house
and even the woman from afar. And meanwhile… she observes me,
to see if I react. And repeats that she’s overwhelmed
by the idea of killing this woman. And watches to see
if I’ve taken the bait. It’s not possible. I tell you it’s true. Even now.
Why d’you think she’s with him? To make me understand that
either I do what she wants, or it’s over between us. And you? Me? I’m enjoying it! She can’t fool me!
Another perhaps! Not me! Not me!

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  1. se anche Jean Sorel si fa manipolare da una ragazzina , figuratevi oggi in italia con tutti i morti di figa che vi sono, i danni che riescono a fare ste donne furbe e criminali che rischiano solo il culo altrui di qualche fesso che gli fa da cavalier servente, cane da riporto e lavori sporchi vari!

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