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  1. One of these days an actual bus is going to plow through it and while everyone laughs, tragedy strikes. 

  2. Roll on the awards for Pepsi. Waiting for the bus made fun 🙂 Exemplar use of mixed media and HCI (human computer interaction). Please do more campaigns like this!! 

  3. This is fake, how I know? I recognise one person in this and he is an actor. The young black man acts in a web series. FAKE AS HELL!!!!!

  4. Team

    Which company was responsible for installing this solution of Augmented Reality
    I will appreciate any updated related to this subject.

    Thanks in advanced,
    @German Medina Neria 

  5. this illusion only works good from one angle unless they used some kind of 3d tecnology but then they needed more than only one camera…

  6. La tecnologia raggiunge livelli sorprendenti! Queste reclame non mi dispiacerebbe vederle in metropolitana o in attesa in posta… sai come passa il tempo!

  7. Castle Wars – Fun Augmented Reality Game

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  9. Even though I don't drink soft drinks (bad for the heatth), this is a fantastic video and great music. Love it!

  10. Отлично придумали . что бы сократить время ожидания транспорта !

  11. You can check also this Augmented Reality App on your Android Phone Its called
    AR Barbarian – The Augmented Reality Experience

  12. Oh, on another topic, I like the idea of the digital advertisement for the shelter. I saw the news about that today. If nothing else, it gets people's interest in the shelter in a fun, unexpected way and I'm sure the ability to interact only heightens the interest level. I'm not too sure about a kiosk-based adoption. That sort of reminds me of Carvana. 🙂 Some things should still be done in person.

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  14. Seems like there's a time coming soon, when people may not be able to distinguish the difference between Augmented Reality and True Reality. Well played!

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