Unbelievable | Official Trailer | Netflix

Unbelievable | Official Trailer | Netflix

(sad music) – [Officer] I know this is hard, but I need to ask you some questions about what happened. – He tied my hands. He said if I screamed, he’d kill me. – No signs of forced entry. Doors and windows were locked. No DNA. Not a single neighbor
saw or heard a thing. – He brought a blindfold
but nothing to tie her with. Would a shoelace even hold her? – You think Marie made up the attack? – I’m pretty positive that it happened. – Pretty positive or positive? – They just kept asking
me the same question. “How come your story doesn’t add up?” I wanted to go home. – I don’t have a victim here. It’s bogus. She made it up. (intense music) – [Reporter] We are on the
scene of a violent attack. Police say a masked assailant broke in while the victim was sleeping. – He said, “You need to be
more protective of yourself.” (camera flash clicking) – Black mask. Bindings. Early morning attacks. – I think he’s done this before. (gun firing) – Aurora. 18 months ago. Intruder. Black mask, backpack,
tied her up, took photos. To date, he’s not been caught. (intense music) – You see the pattern. There’s a rape. New evidence, new leads, and then one by one they
dry up until he hits again. – This one we’re figuring out on our own. (intense music) – What if he knows stations
don’t talk to each other? As long as he only hits once in each town. – You could have detectives from eight different departments investigating eight identical rapes with no clue they’re all
chasing the same guy. – Victims are all over the map. Old, young, different races. So he doesn’t have a type. – Sure he does, women who live alone. – [Officer] This guy is out there preying on the most
vulnerable women he can find. Where is the outrage? (intense music) This is not something people get over. This is something they
carry with them forever. (intense music) – Even with people that you can trust, if the truth is inconvenient, they don’t believe it.

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  1. Unbelievable yeah, Unbelievable, that you were in my heart you were in my head, now you're waking up here in my bed WHERE ARE MY LIMELIGHTS AT?? 💚

  2. That would suck if someone did something to you or something happened and you told police and they didn't believe you and you had to live with that for the rest of your life.

  3. The podcast ' This American Life' covered this story a while ago. Shocking story. More shocking to learn it really happened.

  4. Bring back the OA NETFLIX..You’re getting rid of all the good shows and keeping crappy ones ..people are gonna get tired of it pretty soon

  5. why don't they carry a gun? when I lived in Cd. Juarez I used to go to sleep with a knife easily accessible when there were rapists jumping from house to house abusing kids, I was a teenager back then.

  6. why don't they carry a gun? when I lived in Cd. Juarez I used to go to sleep with a knife easily accessible when there were rapists jumping from house to house abusing kids, I was a teenager back then.

  7. why don't they carry a gun? when I lived in Cd. Juarez I used to go to sleep with a knife easily accessible when there were rapists jumping from house to house abusing kids, I was a teenager back then.

  8. Looks great but I've got this uncanny feeling that after watching this 2 and a half minute trailer I've now seen the entire film.

  9. Lol now they are making movies where noone believed the woman because of no evidence backing the claim only to find out that she was telling the truth GASP!

    Now, i want a movie made where the guy didnt rape the woman and it turns out she was just psychotic 😁🙌🇺🇸 but something tells me that movie wont get made as it doesnt fit netflixs agenda. Because of course theres no cases out there where a woman put an innocent man in jail? 🤔🤔🤔

  10. The incompetent men cops. The brave, alpha female cop. The idea that when a women's accusations dont make sense they are still telling the truth. The racist black, anti-white shows. The shows that intentionally cause more teen suicide. Netflix has an evil agenda to brainwash and destabilize its viewers. I officially hate this company now.

  11. Wonder if there'll be a companion piece, which shows the struggle men go through after false rape accusations? That shit can ruin a person's life as much as rape.

  12. "You're unbelievable!" That's EMF, for you millennial cucktards. Most rape claims are false. Unbelievable – exactly.

  13. Thank you Netflix, for showing this story to the world. I cried so hard when i read about the hell Marie had to go through. Not only was she raped, no one believed her story. Her 'bestfriend' outed her by disclosing her name and picture to the world, her so called mother was the first person to accuse her of lying, the police practically bullied and hounded her into changing her statement of rape. She was scrutinised by the media, branded as a liar and made to look like she had mental problems.

    Imagine how hard it must've been for her. I applaud her for still having the courage to move forward with her life. I also wish her happiness and peace.

  14. We are so ecstatic to see Netflix's continued commitment to telling survivor stories!! From "Audrie & Daisy" to "Roll Red Roll" and now this film, they are leading the way in survivor-driven content!! <3

  15. I remember reading this story. Pretty sure the first girl, who was made to recant, was from Seattle. The story caught my eye because it was local. Fortunately it changed a lot about how our station approached rape complaints. Still a long way to go though.

  16. Wow. This looks intense! I had no idea that this was even based on a true story! Where the hell have I been? I'm going to watch it no matter what.

  17. And it's sad that shit like this happens in real life. Woman all over the world gets accused of making up rape stories. Sad

  18. oh my god i remember reading about this! not sure if the movie general plotline will be similar to the true story i read but with the cast and the acting so far, i cant wait to see it also scared because i remember how freaked out i was that literally no one could catch the guy for so long and how eerie he was

  19. Cool! Finally a show about a crack squad of women detective, solving women rape cases and promoting "Listen & Believe" bs logic. Will the perp be a women, or a trans-man, or person in a wheel chair …. naw lets play it safe … it is 2019 after all, the age of woke and generation snowflake & safe spaces … the perp is going to be a white man, mystery and case solved.

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