Unbreaking America: Solving the Corruption Crisis

Unbreaking America: Solving the Corruption Crisis

We are witnessing a total political system
failure in America. If you’re anything like me you may find
yourself constantly overwhelmed by everything that’s wrong with politics. And when I say politics I’m not talking
about Democrats or Republicans. I’m talking about the flaws that exist in
our political system regardless of which party is in power. And I know, it’s hard to talk about politics these
days, but look: The government is ours. We pay for it, so it needs to work for us. And right now it doesn’t. And I mean it really doesn’t. So, what’s going on here? Is it Russian meddling and social media? Is it him? Is it her? No. Those two were the least popular presidential
candidates since they began keeping track of such things. Only 4% of Americans have a great deal of
confidence in Congress now. Just 4%. America is no longer even considered a full
democracy. We are witnessing total political system failure
in America. Which is the complete opposite of what our nation’s founders had in mind. So I’m going to show you three lines that
show what’s causing this failure, how we can fix it, and what you can do about it. So, here’s your first line. What I want you to do is take any issue you
really care about and picture it on this line. This line comes from a Princeton University
study that shows how public opinion influences the laws that Congress does or doesn’t pass. They looked at eighteen-hundred public opinion
polls over a twenty-year period, and we took their data and plotted it in this chart. See this horizontal line? That shows public support for a law amongst
average Americans. This vertical line? That shows the likelihood of the public support
leading to the passage of a law. When you plot it for the average American,
you get a line that looks like this. There’s your issue sitting on that line. If there is zero support for a law, there’s
about a 30% chance that Congress is going to pass it. And if there’s 100% support for something,
the most popular thing ever, there’s still a 30% chance that Congress is
gonna pass it. So the line is horizontal because no matter
how much support there is among average Americans, there’s still a 30% chance that Congress is gonna pass that law. Princeton determined that the “preferences
of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant
impact on public policy.” How in the hell does this happen? Consider this. Politicians are spending up to 70% of their time
raising funds for re-election after they get into office. Why? Because in order to win a seat in the Senate
in some races, you would have to raise $45,000 every single day, 365 days
a year for 6 years to raise enough money to win. Now consider that only .05% of Americans give more than $10,000 to politics, and then you see why politicians have become completely dependent on that .05% of Americans (billionaires and special-interest groups!) who fund their campaigns. Meanwhile, you’ve got lobbyists writing our
laws and donating to the politicians who pass them, we have a two-party duopoly of Democrats and Republicans that makes it so that independents can’t win, while the American people are leaving the
major parties in droves. As you can see here, nearly half of American
voters are now registered independent. And then there’s gerrymandering, with politicians drawing the boundaries of
their own voting districts into crazy shapes designed to prevent competition. Today only 14% of House campaigns are actually
competitive. 86% of them are not. And we wonder why young people feel that their
vote doesn’t matter. I’ve covered a lot here, but it all adds up
to this vast ring of influence over our elected leaders. It’s a corrupt system in which “We the
people” have “near zero” influence over our own government… And that.. is sad…. That is not the country I feel like I
grew up in. But what’s worse is that by allowing this
to happen we are causing the failure of the most important issues facing our nation. We’re wasting trillions of dollars a year
on fraud and abuse in our own government. One in five American children live in poverty. Our healthcare is the most expensive in the
world. We have more people in prison per capita than
Russia and China. We’re losing jobs to the rest of the world. And we’re not even doing enough to keep our air and our water clean for our children. America was founded on the promise of self
governance. But instead we have statistically non-significant impact on public policy. So the question is how do we unrig this system? I’m obsessed with this idea. Not just of unrigging it, but actually fixing
it. That’s when I met Josh. This is it. This is the issue behind the issues. If we fix the system, we’ll have so much
more power to fix everything else. So I spoke to some of the most brilliant
people in the country, constitutional scholar Lawrence Lessig, Zephyr Teachout, and dozens of other constitutional scholars and experts and strategists. They all said the same thing: You could pass a law that would stop political
bribery and fix our broken elections — and if you could do that, you could wrest
power away from the corrupt establishment, and put it back in the hands of the people. Here’s how you fix our broken elections: End gerrymandering with independent redistricting
commissions. Create ranked choice voting so third parties
and independents can run and win. Implement automatic voter registration and
vote from home. And here’s how we can crack down on political
bribery: Overhaul lobbying and ethics laws, and close
the revolving door so politicians can’t be bribed with high-paying job offers. Mandate full transparency of political spending
so we know who’s trying to buy influence. Give every voter a $50 or $100 tax voucher
so politicians spend time fundraising from their constituents, not just that .05% that
I talked about earlier. If you could pass even just some of these
reforms, you would undo that ring of influence, and begin to reinstate “We the People” as the most important influence over our elected leaders. So we took all of these reforms, and put them into a model law and named it the Anti-Corruption Act. And get this: 87% of Americans support making
the Anti-Corruption Act the law of the land. Look at the breakdown: 91% of Democrats and
83% of Republicans. It’s incredible. Now, you might be thinking, 9 out of 10 Americans… Surely Congress will pass it. But on this issue more than any other issue, it’s like asking the fox to put a lock on
the henhouse. Politicians won in the current system, and
they have an incentive NOT to fix it. So we need to go around Congress — in this
case, by passing anti-corruption acts in cities and states all across America. Now, every time I say this, people look at
me and say: “How does passing city and state laws lead
to fixing all of these problems with the federal government?” Can I do this part? Go for it! So, first of all, the US Constitution gives
states sole control over how elections are run — even federal elections — so when we fix gerrymandering or election
laws, that fixes the federal election in each state. That means that by going state-by-state, we
have an immediate impact on how we elect Congress and how we hold them accountable. But there’s more… and that brings us to
our second line. This line is from a Bloomberg News study. It finds that throughout American history,
passing state laws leads to federal victory. Let me show you what I mean. This chart shows the number of states over
time that passed laws giving women the right to vote. When it hits the right side of the chart,
that’s the federal victory. Okay, now I want you to watch the blue line. We’re gonna do this again with interracial
marriage. There were a few states in the Northeast that
made it legal, decades ago, and centuries go by And we hit this blue line where all of a sudden
there’s a rush of activity, which leads pretty quickly to federal passage. So here we are again, with same-sex marriage. One state, Massachusetts, for many years. A couple decades later we hit that blue line:
a jump in state activity and federal passage. This isn’t about these issues. This is about a winning political strategy. The crucial finding in the Bloomberg study
is that a “key event, often a court decision or a grassroots campaign reaching maturity,
triggers a rush of state activity that ultimately leads to a change in federal law.” So, fixing this problem IS possible. But how do we create our trigger moment for
this issue? Well, the “Grassroots Campaign” from the
study? That’s RepresentUs. We’re bringing conservatives and progressives
together to pass Anti-Corruption laws all across America, using three strategic innovations: right-left coalitions, calling out corruption and building a movement. A big movement. And I’m gonna break them down for you. Can I do this part? No. First, right-left. This is how people self-identify
in America. This isn’t party identification, this is how you feel politically. And as you can see, its 25% liberal, 36% conservative,
and 34% moderate. But for the past 40 years, on the reforms
I’ve outlined, it’s liberals speaking to liberals, using
liberal language, with liberal messengers….. Liberal…. I just had to say that one more time. And you’re just not gonna change the political power structure of America with 25% of the people. Fixing corruption requires that we enlist
all Americans, liberals, conservatives, and moderates –who, as we’ve shown, overwhelmingly
support reform. Number two, corruption. When we talk about money in politics, gerrymandering,
democracy, campaign finance reform… most people just tune out, but people are
fired up about corruption. And number three, we must build a movement. A big movement comprised of all kinds of people
from all across America, fighting to pass anti-corruption laws, and then make sure they are implemented and
protected. So again, liberals and conservatives working together,
corruption, and build a movement. This is the foundation of RepresentUs. We believe the government should work for
every American, not just a handful of billionaires and special-interests. But it’s not just an idea. In a few years, we’ve already racked up 85
wins all across the country. And if we can get those 85 wins to 850 wins, we can fix our corrupt political system, save
America, and get to work on fixing everything else
that’s broken in our country. This is how we build this movement big enough
to trigger that “rush of state activity that leads to a change in federal law….” And that brings us to our last line. Right now this is you and right now these
are all of the ways that you can help us go state-by-state, city-by-city to fix the corruption in American politics. Volunteer and join a RepresentUs Chapter
— or if that’s not your thing, join the Common Wealth to make a monthly donation in support of someone who does volunteer. 100% of your money goes straight to passing
these laws. Not to overhead or our expenses. Every voice matters. Your voice matters. If you do nothing, nothing changes. But if we all do a little. We can win, together. So the only question left is this… Will you cross that line? Join us at www.Represent.Us

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  1. Just want to set the record straight on a few things:

    1. We have never received any funding from George Soros.

    2. "Full democracy" refers to the term used by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It's the term they use to grade the health of a democratic government globally. You can read the report here: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/01/25/us-is-no-longer-a-full-democracy-eiu-warns.html

    3. The US is a constitutional republic and a representative democracy. Since most Americans do not refer to our government using the full qualifiers, it's widely accepted that democracy and republic are interchangeable.

    4. Yes, we know some of you don't like Jennifer Lawrence, but would you even be here watching this video if not for her?

    If at the end of the day, all you want to do is finger point about liberals vs conservatives, about imaginary George Soros funding, or argue about the terms democracy and republic, then maybe you aren't looking at the bigger picture. We've got big problems in this country that stem from a rigged system that screws over ALL of us, and it's going to take ALL of us working together to fix those problems.

  2. RISE UP American people!!!…You don't have to put up with the Chronic Coruption…Don't just sit back and let the CORUPTING forces use YOUR TAX MONEY for their actions…If you want more inward investment..start to campaign for BETTER

  3. 1. We are a republic, not a true democracy ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXYF5dH2G0o ). 2. It is always sounds like Socialism ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHC9UKvrP2M ) and Bernie should know, he is a socialist ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apC4UBKlXMw ). What is socialism you ask ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KLKpcVHhQY ). Any questions?

  4. Don't panic, America. It's a natural process. Part of the cycle. Democrats and Republicans are dying of cancer, creating a vacuum that will be filled when we finally get sick enough of them to start organizing around them.

    Are you sick enough yet?

  5. Jennifer Lawrence is very confused. We were NEVER a "full democracy". We are a republic… and we are NOT a socialist nation.

    Lawrence, 27, was still an ardent Clinton supporter partly because of her status as a career politician.

    “I’m like, ‘I want a career politician!’ I wouldn’t hire an assistant
    if they didn’t have experience,” Lawrence explained. “We’re talking
    about the president of the f—king United States!”

  6. Why listen to Marxist ideologues explain what "full democracy" means and why they think we need to respond to non Americans criticizing the USA for not being a "full democracy".


  7. Proclaiming that “the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists,” McChesney in 2009 told the website SocialistProject that “unless you make significant changes in the media, it will be vastly more difficult to have a revolution.” This was “one of the core issues,” he explained, “that any successful Left project needs to integrate into its strategic program.” A campaign “to democratize the media system so that people without property can play a much larger role in the media and in political life,” McChesney added, would likely result in “a marked shift to the political Left.”

    In 2002 McChesney and Josh Silver co-founded the “media reform” organization Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund. Both men continue to serve on the Free Press board of directors.

  8. She thinks Mother Nature sent the hurricanes to punish America for voting Trump.


  9. Only six companies own all the corporate main stream media in the entire country. They report on the same stories, same wording at the same time. The media, Jennifer, is the arm of corrupt politicians. There are hundreds of examples where we have been lied to by the media, with the help of politicians for over sixty years. The latest duo lie was Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians murdered, 2300 soldiers killed and a trillion dollars unaccounted for. Corrupt main stream media for 18 years and career politicians lied to us. And yet, not one ‘Hollywood ‘type said a word. Not one influential celebrity has tried to expose this 18 year lie. I’m not knocking this video at all. I just wish the media, Hollywood, celebrities, musicians etc. would clean up their own backyard. The corruption is powered by the corporate media. This was the master plan designed by Johnson in the 60’s. I understand the need to expose corrupt politicians. But, if you’ve got the balls, start exposing the media. No Hollywood type will ever do that.

  10. This is what happens when people look to the government to tell them how to live. The ultimate self-governance is to live your principles instead of merely voting for "the right people" and abstaining from substantive social living.

  11. 75% of the National Budget is taken by the Military!
    World 🌎 is out of Enemies!
    CIA creates all the worlds problems!
    Protect South America!

  12. We should declare election day as a holiday so it’s not rigged against those can’t take time off.
    I’m not sure about giving people $100. They’ll be manipulated into giving that for “wrong” candidates

  13. The system needs to be fixed for sure but there is another fundamental issue here. We’re impatient and want quick fixes. Our system is deliberately designed for evolution, not revolution. It is through changing public opinion that we can change the system.

  14. These problems, and a simple solution has been around for over 100 years. NO CAMPAIGNING. Simple. You want to run for a position? You have to answer, with avid davitt, questions that were voted on, by the legal, US American citizens. The results are given, and people vote for who they want. You neglect to point out that corruption has always started with liberals, specifically socialist/globalists. Liberals are for the phony diversity bullshit. Liberals are for giving homosexuals more rights than others. Liberals are for letting illegals live off of the social security funds of legal working US Americans, and take job training and jobs away from veterans. Liberals are for the deviant pedophiles being classified as another sexual orientation. Liberals are for more than 2 genders. You holywood actors are incredibly ignorant.

  15. The fact you have far left liberals like Martin Sheen and this crazy lady promoting it makes me very suspicious of this movement.

  16. It starts at City elections, County elections as well as state and federal. Screw these stupid labels. Embrace Independent thought.

  17. Because lots of American political are rubbish and dam they only creat enemy’s everywhere in the world, but look at their people suffering still the hungry children in America🤔 really and people pay health care so expensive, I’m so lucky our NHCS are so good and is not like American health care, people pay so much for it and for who is the benefit.? The riches family so USA keep out your hands on our NHCS we don’t need you to invest in our Health services

  18. that's why TRUMP is in office.. WAKE UP!! America is now happy.. i don't listen to actresses or actors point of view.. STICK TO UR JOB ENTERTAINING US.. DON'T PREACH TO US ACTRESS.. what's ur background to speak from?? nothing..
    RepresentUS u speak like a true Liberal.. not happy with the results?? where were u when Obama was in office?? Right…

  19. The problem with Hollywood sending this message is, THEY are majority of the problem. We have Trump trying to call out or Drain the Swamp and 95% of Hollywood is fighting against him.
    JLaw is one of them fighting him, Hollywood still wants to push the narrative, If they'd get on board and fight corruption like Trump is, then maybe we could all get on board.

  20. Trump anti-pope that's the problem that's the reason for the impeachments Jesus was killed by the Romans Jesus was condemned by the Jews and a court of law to death the Bible Revelation 13 2 chapters 18

  21. This F-ING Bitch has bad mouthed the POTUS before she took this stage! Just another LIBERAL LACKEY reading a script written by the deep state . . .

  22. I agree with almost everything this video had to say. The population of the United States in 2018 was 327,167,434, so if you gave everyone a hundred dollars to invest in causes they like, then that would come out to 32,716,743,400 dollars. Now, this figure includes people under 18, but the figure would still be in the billions. Everything else is great, and sounds great, but the figure is really high. Plus, by the time the politicians, and big business have had their way with this bill, it will be a shadow of its former self. We shall see what happens

  23. We need change ASAP and to stop career politicians that get rich on our dime and then do nothing really for the American people. That’s the truth!

  24. President Trump has spent the last 3 years packing the Federal Courts with cronies (and these are lifetime appointments); So, don’t look for any justice there. As far as as Grass Roots movements go, 90% percent of the coverage is limited to a MAGA rally, because they’re so irresistibly grotesque. The U.S. is the world’s first post industrial Banana Republic, the leader of the Third World!

  25. #TRUMP2020 President
    #YANG2020 Vice President

    WS = We Singularity.

    When we consider String Theory as we often hear the "What is consciousness?" question come up. The idea that each individual is somehow connected to the Cosmic Intelligence perhaps the facets of which, in my mind, even smaller than the neurons in our brains, even smaller than a supersymmetry component riding within the "alternatives we don't know about," that can/do bring symmetry the Dr. Jim Gates (Ref: https://youtu.be/IUHkhB366tE ) here brought up in quartering the pie, two slices, having the buckets having content (Particle Physics and Forces), two slices being (so far as to our knowledge, our ("intelligence") being empty.

    Question being, can that emptiness somehow be the consciousness we can't explain what is… as of yet?


    I got to working for what was then NYNEX phone company, as an SET, Switching Equipment Technician. Soon after I became the "go to guy" figuring out what was wrong with the then analog alarm telemetry systems used in Manhattan NYC. My office now called Network Monitoring & Analysis. Coming to understand "addressing" in the data packets was being ignored in the cards (millions of them throughout all the Central Offices in Manhattan). It was purposely being ignored as both low-level management (supervisors) and union blue-collar switching equipment technicians and others knew that this alarm telemetry being sent to Centers verses being attended to by the 24/7 manpower working at each Central Office was definitely going to reduce the manpower needs, i.e. jobs.

    When I focused our analysis around this "addressing" problem insisting through our test procedures that we log the name of the supervisor at the time and location our non-service effecting alarm telemetry tests were being conducted, the efficiency of this system jumped up from 40% to 98% efficient and correct. NYNEX was pushing a reduction in force in low-level management and these supervisors knew the jig was up.

    My point is that We YANGGANG can increase likewise the support for Andrew Yang being nominated for POTUS in the Democratic Primary Election 2020.

    I call my "addressing" solution, an "action based solution"… OurName4Freedom.

    Just as the technicians throughout all the Manhattan NYNEX Central Offices had to immediately start paying attention to the correct setting of the (like I said, these were analog days) addressing the eight dip switches that uniquely identified each card (piece of switching equipment in the NYC Telephone Company), that's exactly what OurName4Freedom does for We The People.

    And… OurName4Freedom is profitable to each of We The People so, very much like Andrew Yang's, Freedom Dividends.

    Go to the .ws I address here.


  26. Voters Voucher = Democracy Dollars, one of the 170+ policies proposed by Andrew Yang.


  27. I thought America was the land of intelligent and brave …
    it clearly seems like we are being mislead constantly which makes us stupid.
    Not brave to stand up for wrong doings of politicians.
    The statistics are horrifying
    Great video
    My compliments

  28. May I add: People 100% lie when the truth won't give them what they want. They lie to themselves, and of course to others, and get very angry when the lies are exposed.

  29. American political system, is broke! says Hollywood star puppet. Oh boy…you guys are so fucked up in the states, 🥂

  30. I forget about the 639 billion dollars American Gov. will spend on your military forces. Yeah WAR, that's something important, military health. Nothing more urgent than science of killing, techonological advances for mass destruction weapons around the world, keeping the fear among the rest of the world. Lovely.. , ouh! and the lands you stole 400 years ago to the indigenous people, yeah…God bless America. What a blessing. 🦅🗺️🥂 🤔

  31. Nope…ranked choice voting throws this whole thing off for me. It's rife with possibilities for hanky panky on recounts. Oh and all the social media is pushing it…so that tells me something right there. I'm going with the founding fathers model.

  32. Where does the Federal reserve banking system fit in here? Who controls the money has the power. Central banking? Fractional reserves? Modern money mechanics? It's front and center in this fight. No mention?

  33. Oh, geez, political thoughts from Harvy the Larvey’s Award winning Mattress telling us “deplorable” Americans the Truth (from a girl who must not have read the script from the “Hunger Games” Gotta Share this!!!

  34. It "AINT" just America. Im in Canada and my government is seriously fucked up. What about Europe ? All democracys are corrupted by the international globalist jew. Their talmud describes exactly this effort.

  35. The elites wont allow real democracy …..they cant…..they would lose control…..and they arent going to do that. The last time this was done the elites destroyed it.

  36. This is the "OTHER" problem ….is people being persuaded by logical trickery and peer pressure like "political correctness" to believe bad things are good things. This is how destructive and damaging and pernicious and subversive brainwashing has become. This phenominon is how evil has made the truth indistigushable from its evil efforts to cause chaos and destroy uniqueness. The fact that people view bad destructive attitudes and perspectives as progressive and good is the real danger and the most subtle incideous and dangerously destructive phenominon we are being subjected to and it is this that will and has caused the greatest damage in the long term and in the short term but especially the long term. And it is the long term effect the forces of evil are working towards as they manipulate the ignorant oblivious feeble minded masses towards their goals with false principals of morality and ethics and economics and law and reason. And regardless of the truth of the arguements or evidence to the contrary of those that see the danger the forces of evil will not hesitate to demonize anyone in any way that threatens their agenda to remake the world in their sick satanic image.

  37. Why only come up with this now?? Why did you not have this brilliant idea during the Obama years? Is Mizz Lawrence not a outspoken Trump hater anymore? Yeah sosialism always starts off by saying it is for the people.

  38. Career politicians are the problems. Stop voting for them. Trump's a businessman and gee, guess what, he's disrupting the rigged system and drawing the swamp.


  40. wow truly a breath of fresh air. A movement, a real movement towards real solutions. I'm choked up each video I watch cause it's a break from the norm. Tears of joy to help rinse away the bitterness in my heart. Go Represent"""""

  41. She claims she is supporting non partisan politics she is lying, ask is she a prolife supporter, then ask if she is a feminist, then ask is she a climate change denier , then ask does she believe there are only two genders, and the list will go on, she only wants to brainwash young people so the democrats can gain power, watch Dinesh Desouzas documentary the big lie. To see who the democrats really are.

  42. America was NEVER intended to be a democracy ! Democracy is the last thing this country was to be ! America is a REPUBLIC , and democracy is the enemy of a Republic, under the rule of law !

  43. I have an unprecedented case of being eliminated from my private property by government using chemicals weapons with intent to injure. The chemical assault was ongoing for over 5 years. The effects the chemicals had on my body were torturous. My condition is chronic. I have a life sentence of suffering by living in my own skin. My property was taken as I was forced to flee to escape certain death. When I fled I was blind and homeless for the following 4 years. The Feds advise no violation of Federal law has occurred. Private property rights are Federally protected. I need assistance in putting my documented evidence into a video. My only defense seems to be my 2nd amendment right. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10o7BgegCaQc5BVIqEabn4KD_9fBbjaf2Xb6TP6F7iX4/edit?usp=sharing

  44. Interesting. Creative. State laws will ignite a change. Repeal the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. All politics should be local. Please continue your inspiring conversation.

  45. Now that you know this, you know why a Political Revolution is needed! Now you know why IF you really want a better country and a better world, you NEED TO VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS.

  46. https://www.redbubble.com/people/yesman/writing/9291114-spankthemonkey-dot-com-or-the-case-for-internet-government?asc=u

  47. Vote every Corrupt career politician out especially Democrats who no longer represent the American people. We are a REPUBLIC not a democracy.

  48. et dire qu'il y a 2 ans je me suis réveillé je vois des choses que le gouvernement nous cacher depuis longtemps depuis ce jour j'ai jurait de détruire ce système et sa tombe bien le peuple commencé à se soulever contre leur diriger un peu partous dans le monde mais ses n'est pas suffissent ils fon taper encore bien plus fort et en ce moment même j'ai beaucoup de choses à dire sur les acteurs et actrice car je suis de leur conter et quand je vois les acteurs se faire harceler constamment par les médias de masse sa me dégoute.

  49. Without Christoanity and Jesus as center man cannot rule himself..Theres no centerline no jistoce or morality..Right now a living baby on the table has no life rights..It wont stop there.Soon if you cant pay your bills you will be deemed unworthy to life….Thats mankind and his intellectual idiots…We the people let this happen and demons are overseeing our destruction..How many gave their lives for just rule and free society…Many many troubles of Corperate world verses the people..Really the elotes are sick of leading us and would like the public to disappearbwith a few conforming to their demonized lifestyle..Your ad has all the right moves except of no God how can we trust your motives

  50. would it help at all if we hit one of those giant X-Men/Avengers emergency alert beacons?

    oh btw
    @RepresentUs are looking for X-people ♨ ♛ 💥 👦 👧 💕 💗 🌊 https://represent.us

    expose the corruption

  51. Please help fight corruption in Alabama and revenge porn. https://www.change.org/p/hays-webb-stop-police-corruption-in-alabama-revenge-porn-lies-and-blackmail?source_location=topic_page

  52. In Canada we have the same problem! You can also add Great Britain, France, Germany, etc. All of our founding fathers and mothers must be turning in their graves!! Love the video, the concept, the dream!! Strength in numbers!! There is one key item that you must remember– "THEY WORK FOR US, WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE"!! Thank you Jennifer, Josh, Joshua and your team!!

  53. We are a Constitutional Republic, and most laws destroy Constitutional rights, including the 2nd Amendment.

  54. We need Term Limits which is largely agreed upon by all sides-Democrat’s, Republicans & Independents. I’m curious why this isn’t at the top of the list? If it were, then this is absolutely something I could get behind and support. Just please be very careful about who you have as the face of this movement. For this to work- sadly, you cannot have people who publicly make blanket statements about what side of the political isle their on without alienating half the people.

    We are a Republic and it’s time we ALL come TOGETHER & restore order back to the We The People! For that reason alone…it is absolutely something I can get behind but we NEED to add term limits to this so we can kick out these corrupt CARRIER politicians.

  55. I'm conflicted. I agree with everything she says, but I can't forget about her flirting with Harvey Weinstein on national television… So, corruption is acceptable in Hollywood, but not the government?

  56. Hmm these guys are making a lot of sense, I wonder which political views they respresent?? "Look at how fast women's voting, interacial and same sex marriage got passed after we all came together!"

  57. Hard to believe when I see shit like this


  58. First of all we were never a democracy get yo facts straight. We are a republic and need to act like it this is what the founders setup which is why we have a senate which represents the state. Our house is the democracy within the representation of each state. A hybrid version that is focused on the republic first and democracy second. Don’t believe me learn about Congress. Upper chamber senate lower chamber house, and yes in that order they are not interchangeable as you suggest. One has more power it is called the senate who has judicial power but not to the extent of the judicial branch….meaning supreme court!

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