United – Picture day: Next livery edition

United – Picture day: Next livery edition

We’re in Van Nuys, California today to get
imagery of the new United livery. As far as formation, you will be the lead. Flying whiskey alpha. United 2693 you guys up? We’ve got you, we have you in sight. We’re going to join up. The biggest skill set you need for this type
of flight is experience with formation flying . Ok we’re at 15,000, 230 knots. We get as close as 10 to 20 feet. This is our office for the next five hours. We’re going
to enjoy every minute of it. The camera is inside the airplane. The only part of the camera that’s outside
of the airplane is a small prism and the prism sends the image up through
a periscope into the camera. You’re going to start at about his eight o’clock and drive in and you’ll drive right into the logo
and go to about a 3 o’clock. Copy that. Ready when you are. I’ve done five of these including today’s and I guarantee you today I have got
the best job at United Airlines. Nice clouds. Very pretty. I’m liking those broken clouds. I know. Me, too. Great job you guys. Amazing. Just had
a great day. Thank you. Thank you very much. You’ll be cleared again. LA will be waiting
for you on 135.5. Ok thanks. Thanks for all the great work.

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    This video was wayyy better:

    Also this livery was Iconic than that one:

    All other United liverys are better except the new one!

  2. Its really cool to see behind the scenes of how these videos/pictures are taken. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You know what? I’m not gonna fly this shitty Airline, everyone from crew to ground staff, especially those at EWR. Oh man, come to United if you wanna know what does the word Vicious stands for.

    Who cares about livery though? Eva Air use oldest livery, yet their quality is 5 Star. Only Garbage airlines care about outlook.

  4. Terrain ahead, pull up!

    Edit: this is the A320 warning ⚠️. The Boeing one is TERRAIN TERRAIN PULL UP PULL UP!!!

  5. I love United airlines! The service is 110% great and the cockpit crew was nice enough to let me do the shutdown checklist! Thanks so much for the great service! Keep it up

  6. How about spending that money doing something about the terrible customer service instead of this.

  7. More like stolen from Continental livery. You should bring back your old red and blue livery, United. Stay true to your roots, not Continental's. You bought them out, they lost.

  8. Most boring basic livery I have ever seen. Unbelievable that United paid a marketing team to come up with this.

  9. They should paint all the MAXs right now so when they can fly again, they are all in the new livery

  10. Y’all can rebrand as much as you want, as long as your flight attendants are tored old bags and act like bitches I will NEVER be flying this airline again. Seriously, worst US airline. I pity anyone flying this airlines internationally

  11. Mix of Jet Blue and Copa Air. They really should have stepped away from the color scheme. It's cheap and boring. But I guess that's on brand.

  12. I believe that most planes are white for heat regulation and durability of metal it’s also easier to spot dents and cracks to avoid troubles , personally I think the plane is beautiful and enjoyed the video And loved the pictures ! That plane with all the camera equipment is very impressive as well 😊

  13. Is that a 737 max8?! Can’t wait to go on that joy ride.
    Stall prevention programming: ‘oh look a penny!
    *dives straight into the ground.

  14. thank goodness you're getting rid of that ugly gray.. I am a huge fan of engine views on my flights and now I can look at a beautiful blue engine!

  15. The new livery may be an improvement over the current one but that isn't saying much. United proved once more that they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to marketing. This livery still has the two problems of the current one which is that it's too simplistic and it doesn't include the classic United tulip in some form or another. They should have combined the globe and the tulip in some fashion and made a more detailed design of the "United" on the front. The Battleship livery is still the best one United has ever had by a long shot. The best thing about this video was the behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot with the chase plane.

  16. Cool video but maybe worth investing the millions spent on new paint on figuring out why jetblue has a +60 pt gap over United in net promoter score.

  17. Wonder full livery i cant wait to be a pilot and i am thinking to join United or british airways or maby Norwegian air shuttle

  18. Don’t let the livery distract you from the fact that United beats you not the competition

  19. At first I thought it was no difference. I just thought the letters are larger and darker. I was not paying attention to the globe. And the engines are blue. That is a great new theme color! Keep up the good work United!

  20. When I first saw the video for the livery reveal I supported it for the most part. It mirrors the B787s and B737 MAX 900s in my opinion with the "wave" of the runway grey on the bottom of the fuselage, which ive always been a fan of. The only part I was on the fence about was the tail. Im assuming it was just because of how dark it was in the hangar but the globe didnt look right in contrast to the tail itself. Seeing this video really shows off how beautiful this livery is. Ill be looking forward to seeing it flying overhead in the future.

    Long story short: well done United, you delivered a stunning new livery 👍

  21. Now that there is a brand new identity, I think it's time for some more retrojets: Continental globe livery but with Continental printed on the side instead of UNITED on a 777-224 or 767-424, United rainbow on a 767-322, and United battleship grey on a N777UA.

  22. My credit card got authorized for $50 for watching this video.

    After calling United, the customer service rep punched me in the face (which I didn't know was possible on a phoecall)

  23. @united The worst airline that I had to travel… the tickets were bought of 15 days in advance and today the flight was canceled without prior ad, didn't send any email, in the counter didn't have solutions, only two girls to resolve a lot of complaints. They do not care about the customer, and their schedule, connections, appointments, etc.

    Terrible service! Appalling attention! Dreadful experience ever.

  24. I just came here to tell you to be ashamed for what you did to that Chinese doctor „re-accommodating“ him when you were overbooked.
    It’s so disgraceful.
    When I first saw the video I would have bet money on the fact that surely there must have been some misbehavior on the passengers side becoming aggressive or abusing other passengers, the crew or the marshalls.
    It was with utter disbelief when I read about the events that led to dragging him of the plane like a pig.

    Your company sucks.

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