Unlikely lines from kids’ films & TV shows | Mock the Week – BBC

Unlikely lines from kids’ films & TV shows | Mock the Week – BBC

Unlikely lines from kids’ film and TV shows. (AS PAUL CHUCKLE) “To me!” Yes, Piglet, I know you’ve been playing with Pooh in the woods, ’cause you stink and it’s all over your hands. The Brave Little Toaster’s owner was about to take him on his wildest adventure yet. All the way to the Brave Little Bath. (HIGH-PITCHED GIBBERISH NOISES) …said Pingu. “Sorry,” said his mother. “What the fuck are you talking about?” This is Blue Peter, and I think we can all agree we should have taken him to a hospital by now. Oh, look! It’s the Teletubbies, or as they’re otherwise known, the fat family from Gogglebox. Thomas the Tank Engine was happy. He’d joined Thameslink and hadn’t had to do anything for over a month. It’s the family with eleven fingers and twelve toes! Yes, it’s the Inbred-ibles! So it turns out “flowerpot men” is no longer politically correct, and they will be henceforth known as Bill and Ben, the Gays. Buzz, something’s wrong with Woody! I just keep pulling the string on his back and he keeps going, ♪ White people! ♪ “Up next, In the Night Garden.” “Can you stop calling it that? It really puts me off.” Kung Fu Panda. The least racist hero of all time, as he is black AND white AND Asian. “ET send nudes.” Look! Bagpuss has been updated. Now he’s Dyson Bagless Puss. “But Quasimodo, what makes you think you need to see a back doctor?” “Uh, I have a hunch.” Harry Potter, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I’m pregnant, the good news is I’ve learnt the Abortus spell! That won’t go in. That definitely won’t go in. Nah, I’m Willy Wonga. £10,000 or I take your piano. (AS BATMAN) “Robin, do you know if Alfred has a charger for an iPhone 8?” The Adventures of Low Batt-man. What is Peter Rabbit doing in the garden? Mummy was sure she’d left him in her bedroom drawer! Spongebob went to the Crab Shack and met up with all his spongy mates, and they could all agree that Contraceptive Sponge had had the worst day. This week on Paw Patrol: Rocky gets hit by a car, and the driver has to finish him off with a rolled up A-Z.

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  1. So Frankie Boyle can make jokes about Madeline McCann or Shannon Matthews disappearance and also joke about jade goody but yet Ed Campbell gets alot of hate for saying something To Me that was hilarious.

  2. Am I the only one who didn't find the two women that funny? I'm sure by BBC logic that makes me a sexist pig of some sort but I just plain and simply didn't find their jokes that funny.

  3. Andy told his mother that his favourite toys are Woody and buzz and then Andy's mother said that they are her favourite toys as well

  4. This is so funny, but Hugh's joke about Thomas the Tank Engine was the funniest of all.

    I made the 3000th like 🙂 .

  5. This is an art attack.
    This is an art attack.
    Would ya fuckin’ help me, I’m ‘avin’ an ‘eart attack.

  6. “Blakksksksubuaubhjabkanniwnjiwbhbbllslkahccg” said Pingu
    “Sorry” said his mother” wtf r u talking about”

  7. To me…

    I'm done. I'm tapping out … Enjoy the rest of the video everyone. 🤣🤣🤣

  8. I know I'm a minority when it comes to British television, but as an American I didn't get that first joke

  9. Woody and buzz were upset when Bonnie grew up and replaced them with new toys.
    Also called Woody and buzz.

  10. Nish Kumar proving that they are not arned in advance of the topics. Either that or he's even worse than I thought.

  11. Tiff certainly has got a cracking set of tits. What I could do with them if I had a plastic sheet, and a bucket of baby oil…🥰🥰🥰

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