UPCOMING MOVIES MARCH 20 2015 | Carmella Picks New Movies 2015

Hello Fellow Filmigos! Carmella DiCorno Here And welcome to my first week of Top Dawg! Since you have probably seen some of the new movie trailers This is where I’m going to talk about all the new movie releases Coming out this weekend And then I will try to pick the TOP DAWG of the group And guess how much it it will make in its opening weekend If I guess it within 10 million dollars I’m going to shave off David the Blogger’s beard! So let’s have some fun! Insurgent ooh, the anticipated sequel to Divergent! The Gunman Sean Penn is a sniper caught in the crosshairs Do You Believe? Are you there, God? It’s me, Carmella. Danny Collins All Pacino Hoo-Ha! OK! What’s my TOP DAWG? INSURGENT! And according to my calculations It will make… 60 million dollars!!! Do you agree? Think I got a shot at David the Blogger’s Beard? Feel free to write your comments down below! And join me next week to find out Be sure to subscribe to our channel Hit LIKE! Thank you my fellow Filmigos! Can’t wait to see you next week! BYE!!

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