Us Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

That’s a classic right there. What does “I Got 5 On It” mean? It’s about drugs. It’s not about drugs. It’s a dope song. Don’t do drugs. Get in rhythm. There you go! There you go! I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten. Did you hear Gabe got a boat? Zura: He’s kidding, right? He is not kidding. Hey, I think it’s vodka o’clock. Oh, yeah. Where’s Jason? Jason? Jason! Where were you? I didn’t know if you were lost. Stick with me and I’ll keep you safe There’s a family in our driveway. It’s probably the neighbors. Trying to scare my family? Hi, can I help you? Zura… Put your shoes on. If you wanna get crazy… We can get crazy. What are you people? It’s us. They look exactly like us. They think like us. They know where we are. We need to move and keep moving. They won’t stop until they kill us… Or we kill them. Be careful.

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