US Trailer (2019)

US Trailer (2019)

Thats a classic right there What does I got five on it mean? It’s about drugs It’s not about drugs. It’s a dope song; don’t do drugs Get in the rythym There you go! Can’t believe how big they got!
Did you hear Gabe got a boat? He’s kidding right?
He’s not kidding. Hey, I think it’s vodka o’clock.
Oh, yeah! Where’s Jason? Jason?
Jason?! Where were you?? I didn’t know if you were lost… Stick with me and I’ll keep you safe. There’s a family in our driveway.
It’s probably the neighbors
What, y’all scared of a family? Hi, can I help you? Zuri… …put your shoes on.
If you want to get crazy… We can get crazy What are you people? It’s us. They look exactly like us. They think like us. They know where we are We need to move and keep moving They won’t stop until they kill us… …Or we kill them Be careful…

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  1. To be honest this movie is in no way comparable to the masterpiece that was Get Out. It's kinda illogical and boring although it does have an original story.

  2. Fallout 3 meets fallout 4 then child is born then you take that child and abuse it with call of duty ghost and breed it with iDubbbstv and you have a perfect child Ian Carter

    And I love that child like my own

  3. this movie is soooo good, for real, if you're here and you're interested in watching this movie just go for it, you won't regret

  4. every time I watch this trailer, I can't but open a secnd tab for YoungstaCPT X Ganja Beatz ft Stilo – Every Thug. they killed the sample of this track. South African Hip Hop

  5. I'm bored of haunted houses/supernatural, monster, zombies and slasher horror films. They are SO repetitive. Nothing unique. Different movies using the same idea and clichés over and over and over, over 30+ years. Just look for the horror films of the last years.
    That's why I like movies like Us. In the trailer, it looks like another home invasion film, but it's so much more than that. It's not simply a horror film. It's a movie you have to watch at least twice to fully understand the meaning and all the symbols appearing since the very beginning. And the social message is relevant, something we need to talk about as a society, especially in the USA.
    Plus, the performance of the actors, the music and the production were great.
    It's a film to make you think, to make you talk. It doesn't need to have all the answers because you HAVE to think (a huge difference with common horror movies, because usually you don't need to think to understand them; they are pretty simple).
    If you don't understand the movie message, I recommend you to look for it in the internet. People from the United States need to understand and think about the problem.
    As the Tethered introduced themselves: "We are americans".

  6. This is the story of underground doppelgangers that rise up to take over a world that never saw the invention of the gun, or anything more dangerous than scissors.

    It's well shot, but aside from the kids, the acting is not very good, and the characters' actions make little sense. And that voice that Nyong'o puts on for her doppelganger is beyond obnoxious.

    Severely overrated movie.

  7. I seen this movie yesterday to be honest it ain't scary you don't have to scroll down the comment might be a spoil alert if you haven't seen it

  8. The movie was ok but one thing that didn’t go with the movie was the song I got five on it??? Were the producers high when they made this movie and came up with the song??

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