There isn’t any way out of this! What are you doing?! Let him go! Drop him! Surrender and you’ll live! You’re outnumbered! Think about this! You will never escape! We will fire! Let him go… Now! I will not be denied. OPEN FIRE! Blast him! Incoming! He’s still got him! Blast him! I’m hit! Brother! Reinforcements coming! Now… You will answer for your treachery. Keep firing! We’ve got him! There is no escape. You will suffer for your deceit. Answer for your failure to save… HER! I destroyed your enemies. Forged for you an empire. Yet… Like the Jedi, you have left me a mere shadow of what I was promised. You have taken… EVERYTHING! EMPEROR:
“Everything?” Foolish boy. You grieve for a dead wife of an insolent Jedi. Your precious Padmé’s fate was YOUR choice! Just as your fate is MINE! Such a pity. How much grander and more powerful you could have still become. If you’ve but had the temerity to embrace the path set before you. YOUNG ANAKIN:
I made this for you. So you’d remember me. It will bring you good fortune. PADMÉ:
It’s beautiful. But I don’t need this to remember you by. My caring for you will always remain. Anakin… Padmé! And that… EMPEROR’S VOICE: Is why you will never… Defeat… Me! As long as you let your feelings anchor you. Forever shall you remain weaker than I. Always the servant. Always the slave! Young Skywalker! Anakin! Anakin! ANAKIN! ANAKIN! Lord Vader. You have an urgent message. My Lord? Proceed. The Emperor demands your presence at once. Lord Vader? As he wishes. Guards… Leave us. What is thy bidding… my Master. You are distressed, my friend. I am fine, my Master. Are you now? Your anger radiates like a whirlwind… Yet… Unfocused. No. Not unfocused. Hidden. You are trying to hide your rage from me. Why? I see. Then what is your hesitation Lord Vader? Give in to your anger! Strike me down! I have no such wish, master. PATHETIC! A mighty Sith Lord crippled by melancholy and indecision! All due to the attachments of a Jedi! There is no attachment. Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him! Did you?! Yet Skywalker’s powers dwarfed yours! Did they not?! No?! Rise, Lord Vader. It is the way of the Sith to destroy all who stand in our way to power. To eliminate our rivals… Is it not?! Who stands in your way, Lord Vader? Who holds you back? Keeps you subjected and decrepit within that armor? Anyone? If so… Only your hate will eradicate him. Use it. I… Cannot, my Master. That is why my disappointment with you grows by the second! Embrace the choices that have brought you here! Revel in them. Or forever live in the shadow of Anakin Skywalker. Now… I have a task for you, my young apprentice. There’s a great disturbance in the Force. A powerful Jedi survives in the Mid Rim. He must pay the price for his betrayal. As you wish. He hides on my home planet of Naboo. And of course… That of the late Queen… Padmé Amidala. It is no coincidence. He draws you there because he knows who you are, Lord Vader. The clones there report he wields an amethyst blade. How is that possible? Power. That’s how. And you and I both know this particular Jedi wields a great deal of it. I will finish what we started, Master. Will you? I wonder. Eliminate this Jedi. Pledge yourself to the Dark Side fully, Lord Vader. Relish in the gifts it bestows upon you. Only then will you be able to cast off the chains that bind you. And achieve a power as never before. Only then will you be able to destroy the rival before you. Then I will not fail… Master. EMPEROR:
Commander. Prepare my personal shuttle. I seem to be afflicted by a sudden touch of nostalgia to visit my beloved Naboo. CLONE TROOPER:
Omega, watch over there. Yes, Sir! Attention! COMMANDER FOX:
Welcome Lord Vader. The Jedi’s barricaded himself in the catacombs and sealed off all of the entrances. So we had to blow our way in. But now of all the troopers we sent in… None have returned. Lost troopers do not concern me, Commander. I want that Jedi. I will use the 501st. As you wish, sir. COMMANDER FOX:
Make way for the boys in blue. CLONE TROOPER:
Right away sir! PADMÉ’S VOICE:
Go, go, go, go! Blast him! Brother! Behind you! WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS! HELP US!

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  1. I've never seen this before but I must say it was awesome if this was a full time series id go out of my way just to watch it!!! Amazing job 10/10👍

  2. If you guys want an amazing fan film check this out it uses practical effects and puppets and the aesthetic's are brilliant, it feels like the original trilogy.. The story deals with the origin of Jabba's Rancor. Its way better than this one, and chooses practical effects over cheap CGI

  3. 11:51 the ost and the sound of this trooper marching gives me an unquenched thirst for a looped version, it's so short but has given me countless eargasms

  4. Now that the Joker is a success, maybe the world will finally get an R rated Vader movie. If it's half of this quality, it would be glorious!

  5. I am sorry but people actually liked this crap. Ok, in all honestly, of the budget was small, then this was good but if it was big, god damn it is shit then.

  6. Mano….me arrepiei com essa produção!! Muito incrível!! Impressionante mesmo!! Darth Vader visto de uma forma, como nunca vimos. Perfeito!!!

  7. Настал момент когда фильм созданный фанатами может конкурировать с профессиональными картинами.

  8. Would have been better if they didn't show any faces. The emperor and Padme could have had there faces shadowed under their hood or something. Also little Anikin was hilarious, should have filmed him from behind. Still thought it was a good video tho.


  10. I think they should make it into an actual movie but give Darth Vader the red eyes he had in Rogue one and make it very Epic battle last all day all night and he the Jedi uses his past a memories Padme against them to overcome Vader but fails but wait till that video game Star Wars first the Fallen order comes out and find out what all their powers are added into the movie but let there be a Jedi Knights part one's and all kinds like the Jedi Temple make it like episode 3 when he raids it at the Jedi Temple but they are highly trained pawns and the Jedi gets burnt like Vader did crippled is badly a star killer was on the Star Wars Force Unleashed 1 video game and was and was and was rebuilt by rebels and neither has a blue lightsaber or a green lightsaber but during the fight the Jedi has mind-tricked the entire Squadron down there and two fighting for the empire when all of his Squadron got killed he was forced to use the Stormtroopers against Darth Vader and Darth Vader took them all out with these as if he crushed a lightsaber with his bare hands or his robotic hands if you will pulling the arms and legs out of their sockets or putting the pistols to their own chests and taking fire upon themselves or having them face each other against the wall and executing themselves Darth Vader picks up all their blasters that the Jedi and shoot it at the Jedi and the Jedi deflects each Blaster back at the pistols destroying them but how did how Vader defeats the Jedi he cripples the body by crushing the bones breaking them and that's why he needs to be rebuilt and his arm was cut off from the bone and they built his bones how they did Starkiller in the game so the Jedi uses Dark Side powers only to serve the Jedi you might say he's just as powerful as Starkiller Vader finds him again and sends the troopers from the video game of the episode 3 game where they got blades attached to their arms assassin's what I believe they're called and they give that Jedi one hell of a fight and better since Terror Troopers to deal with everyone as they fell by the Jedi Vader shows up and as the Jedi has the upper hand any Invaders the one who kills them

  11. Holly crap! This film is better than any of the newer stuff, and on par with the original trilogy. Absolutely fantastic! Bravo!

  12. If it was up to me, all rights to Star Wars would be handed over to the people responsible for this masterpiece.
    Absolutely fantastic work.
    11/10 👍

  13. What a pity Disney won't pay attention to this excellent work.
    It's too obsessed with – Moral posturing & Political Correctness.

  14. Decent fight scene at the start, kind of ruined by all the bs vision stuff. Dialogue between the emperor and Vader is terrible though. Cool visuals

  15. Emperor: “Yet Skywalker’s powers dwarfed yours”

    Vader: “Well he still had 2 good legs and an actual arm…. he was an actual person”

  16. I love how because it’s only 8 months after ROTS, they are still using the republic cruisers and the clones are still in clone armor and Vader still uses Anakin’s star fighter

  17. Vader fears real combat to kill Palaptine. Though a formidable warrior Vader is, he feels that one miscalculated step in killing Palpatine will lead to unimaginable suffering beyond what he already endures. I personally believe that Vader can take him. The reason I say Vader would win is because he still has a part of him connected to Anakin as the man who lost his wife, children and became disfigured over the deceit of Palpatine. That would generate a hatred with unimaginable power still latent and due to surface unexpectedly if Vader unleashed his full fury.

  18. just this 16.18 mins of an fan made film is better than anything that Disney puts out. Well done whoever put this together…you deserve some recognition. Dialogue needs a bit of work but 7.5/10….considering empire 9/10….a new hope 8/10…..R O the Jedi 6.5/10…the rest should never have been born.

  19. Holy shit that was the greatest thing I have ever seen I can’t wait for episode 2, CGI and acting was amazing, the story line is looking awesome

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