Vardi Wala The Iron Man Full Movie | Kannada Dubbed Action Movies | Tollywood Action Movies

Vardi Wala The Iron Man Full Movie | Kannada Dubbed Action Movies | Tollywood Action Movies

STATUTORY WARNING Cigarette smoking can lead to cancer.
It is dangerous. Consumption of alcohol
is injurious to health. Why did you take the trouble of coming? Had you sent for me,
I would’ve come myself. Please sit. Be careful. For the independence and
the betterment of our country.. ..our ancestors have
struggled really hard. Hence, we have come walking
so far for the betterment of our state. To meet you. Look Mr. Gowda, a respectable
son is born in a respectable family. Similarly, a freedom fighter
is born in a freedom fighter’s family. The more special
your Ganesh is for you.. ..the more special
he is for us and the state. The home minister of
the state requests you.. bring an eminent police
officer like Ganesh here. The state needs him. The sooner you send Ganesh
the better it will be for our people. He has written IPS exams.. ..just to serve the public. How can I refuse to you? I will surely send him. But before that.. ..I have certain conditions. Tell us, Mr. Gowda.
– When our country got independence.. ..Mr. Gandhi had told that our country
will become country of nonviolence. The people had believed it too. But it is turning out to the be wrong. There is only hooliganism,
fraud, corruption everywhere. I don’t see honest politicians,
justice or humanity anywhere. Seeing all these things, I made
my grandson IPS to serve the nation. Our family doesn’t
need government salary. All of you have to promise me.. ..that no one will
interfere in Ganesh’s duty. He will do his duty with
full liberty and do it his way. If you agree to the condition.. ..I will be able to send him to you.
– Sure, Mr. Gowda. We promise you,
there will be no interference. Sir, what do you know about Ganesh?
Please tell us, sir. Ganesh will rejoin the department,
won’t he, sir? He surely will.
– When, sir? – Very soon. He may rejoin anytime now. Please. Sir! – Sir, just one question! What’s this, sir? CM,
home minister, DIG and so many people.. ..are demanding to bring Ganesh back. Who is Ganesh, sir? Why he’s been given so much publicity? He is an honest servant of the public. He is another form of justice. People today are upset with police. He loves the people.
I wonder how people respect him so much. I have no words to describe him. Have a look at his service for the
public and you will realize it yourself. Hey, who are you? – Ganesh! My father gave me a name,
the same name on my bike too. The chariot changes the direction
of the wind, but when Ganesh comes.. ..there’s tornado. What did you say?
You are like a tornado? Then show us your power. If you have the guts, fight me.
Otherwise, get away from here at once. Get going from here. We have dealed with many like you. Who was he? Shall I tell you, sir?
– Tell me. – Kempe Gowda. What do you know about him?
– He was the founder of Bangalore. And what have you been doing?
– Destroying it, sir. Come on, get started. Now, who is he? He was the caretaker of the entire area. Sir, I will tell you.
He is Mr. Visvesvaraya. Do you know what he built?
– He built a dam.. ..and setup many factories. He did many great things
to make the country proud. And what have you been doing?
– We are bringing a bad name to them. Come on, get started. Who is he? We know him. We have seen him in movies.
He is a famous actor. In spite of seeing him in movies,
you didn’t understand the story. Tell me, what should I do with you? I’m warning you for the last time,
mend your ways. After you die, your statue should
be built in some park or ground. You should set an example for the
future generation, do something as such. If you don’t mend your ways,
you are finished. Ganesh has no time to make
fools understand over and over again. When it comes to commitment,
I don’t show mercy. By the way, people like you
get scared just by hearing my name. Sir, you should’ve warned before
thrashing us. – I felt the same too. But what do I do?
You deserved to be thrashed. You would see sense
if I just warned you. But I will still try next time. Officers, there are no words like fear,
danger or problem in my dictionary. All of you have to become like me. I don’t know how and what you will do. But the public must get
your service immediately. When a person comes
to you for protection.. ..don’t bother if whether
or not he has filed police complaint. Firstly, save his life
and that’s your duty. In case of road accident
or an emergency case.. must always be prepared. You cannot give lame excuse
of your phone not working. The ambulance must reach the spot
within 15 minutes of the phone call. It is god who grants us life.. ..but it is our duty to safeguard it. You people make a living
by selling things on streets.. ..hereafter, there is no
need for you to bribe anybody. Corporators. – Yes, sir. Register all the street stalls
in your area in the corporation. Fix the amount of money
they will pay every month. Only then they will
be able to live in peace. This will reduce corruption
and increase government income. Every school, college, office.. ..whether private of government sector,
check if there is security for women. Ask the management to keep you updated. If someone told you or asked anything.. ..tell him it is Ganesh’s
order and it is compulsory. “Ganesh!” “Ganesh!” “There is power in his talks.
He is jet not plane.” “His style is great.
Everyone is safe because of him.” “Hey. – Ganesh!” “We want. – Ganesh!” “Grand. – Ganesh!” “The brand. – Ganesh!” “Hey. – Ganesh!” “We want. – Ganesh!” “Grand. – Ganesh!” “The brand. – Ganesh!” “There is power in his talks.
He is jet not plane.” “His style is great.
Everyone is safe because of him.” “He great. You are a winner.” “You are killer in style.” “You are the nawab of this state.” “You never tolerate injustice.” “You are famous everywhere.” “You put an end to your enemies.” “You touch the sky.
You pride is unique.” “Everyone salutes you.” “You are the Lord,
you are the Almighty.” “Best. – Ganesh!” “The best. – Ganesh!” “The man. – Ganesh!” “The star. – Ganesh!” “Trend. – Ganesh. – Legend. – Ganesh.” “Command.
– Ganesh. – Mister. – Ganesh.” “You have the power of a lion.. your blood.” “You have strength of
elephant in your shoulders.” “You do what your heart says.” “Your attitude is unique.” “We will say it again and
again that you are powerful.” “You never miss your target.” “You are best of friends.
Everybody loves you.” “Your praises are heard everywhere.” “You are our hero.
Nothing compares to you.” “AM.. – Ganesh.” “PM. – Ganesh.” “CM. – Ganesh.” “Emblem. – Ganesh.” “AM. – Ganesh. – PM. – Ganesh.” “CM. – Ganesh. – Emblem. – Ganesh.” Good morning, sir. Who gave this file to me? – Me, sir. I gave it, sir. Sir. Sir, good morning. Salute, sir.
Sorry, sir. I’m late. Here, sir. You? – You? I mean, my name is Bahubali. For you. Just for you,
I have been appointed personally. PA, personal assistant, to help you. Please have sweet, sir.
– For coming late? No, sir. I got married last week. I returned from honeymoon.
It is for that occasion. – Oh. Sir, please have more. What for?
– Sir, I am absent most of the time. On whose guarantee? – Mine, sir. Guarantee that I want to beget a son. I want to educate him and
make him a good doctor, sir. Give me guarantee.. – Tell me something.
You are so short, who gave you the job? I had to bribe, sir.
– How much? – 6 lakh rupees. I very well know your
father used to be a laborer. Then where did you get so much
money from? – I had to take loan. On what guarantee? – With the
guarantee that I will get married. What has marriage got to do with loan? Sir, the in-laws give dowry. – I see. Tell me something. If somebody
kidnaps your wife, what will you do? I will get married again, sir. Sir, if not her then some other girl. Like they say
‘if not you then your sister’. I will make my second
wife dance to my tunes.. ..otherwise,
I will dance to her tunes, sir. Sir, god has granted us life, He
will also show a way to make a living. Forget it, sir. Life goes on. – Let’s go.
There’s a small case, let’s solve it. I’m every ready, sir. After girls in Bangalore
college finish classes.. eve tease them
standing near the tea stall. When they try to protect their honour,
you force up on them. And when the police come looking
for you, you run for your life. You try to jump off the
building and we shoot you.. ..and then you fall down screaming.
It is an old game. The same old game of police and robber. I’m bored of this game. Let’s do this. Let’s change the game. Bali. – Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Ready, sir. You have one minute. Wear the handcuff and
get into the jeep yourselves.. ..and you will reach the lockup safely. Your children will meet you,
give you food and get back home happily. Otherwise,
I will kill all of you right here. Think about it. Your time starts now. What’s this, sir? The brats obeyed you? Not just them. Even the notorious goons
suffer the same fate. – Great, sir. Some get scared on
just hearing my name. That’s the power of this uniform. Yes, sir. I have a small request, sir. When you have to kill
someone in an encounter.. ..please let me know in advance. Why? – I will apply for leave, sir. There are many families who
rely on Bahubali. Please, for my sake. Let’s see.
– Thank you, sir. No problem, sir. Sir, I get leaves again and again. Your senior, Ganesh,
he is crossing his limits day by day. Is he Mahatma Gandhi to fight
for the betterment of the country? Many like him have
come and gone in the city.. ..but he doesn’t know
our boss who rules the city. Don’t you remember for
what you have been appointed? To take bribe and relax back at home. Stop looking at me. Release our men. The FIR has been registered,
I cannot release them. Do this. Release them and put
someone else behind the bars instead. Change their names in the
FIR and release them at once. What are you waiting for? Release them. Stand up! Idiot! Sit down, with more pride. He misbehaves during my absence.., you must show
more attitude than me.. ..only then there will
be value for this place. Don’t forget why you
have been given this job. We must stand up when people
come to us with their problems.. ..and not in front of these
goons who pollute the society. They should be finished. Hey, Ganesh! – Hey, don’t yell! Everyone here knows my name.
– You don’t know our boss Pratap Kale. I don’t care who he is. No matter how
dangerous he is, I will never spare him. Listen to me carefully
and pass the message to him. Go tell him that I have
summoned him here. Get going now. What you are doing is wrong. – So far,
I have not done anything wrong. But if you don’t go from here at once,
I don’t know what wrong I will do. Inspector,
show him the way out in my style. Hey, get going from here! I won’t spare you. – Shut up. Oh my god! The bike is really heavy! Oh my god!
I’m dead! – What are you doing, Bali? You fixed the puncture, instead of
riding on it, why did you come pushing? Who would even ride it, sir? Had I come riding on it.. ..I would’ve fallen down, broke my hands
and legs. My life would’ve been ruined. Sir, I just got married.
I am yet to build a family. – All right. Move aside. – Sit, sir. Take rest. – Resting is like adjusting. Sir, I have been exported from above. Ever since I have come to earth,
I have been adjusting everything, sir. All right. I will leave.
– Okay. Thank you, sir. Sir, don’t ride the bike like a cycle. But why? – If it gets punctured,
it is I who has to get it fixed. Sir, don’t take risk! What did you say? You dare to lock horns with me? How dare you? You have been acting smart these days. If you mess with me, I will kill you.
Understand? No! Hey! Don’t you know it’s a crime to create
ruckus in public places? – Get away. I will do what I feel is right.
Who are you to question me? Do you know how to read and write? Take a good look. Oh. Ganesh. Great. So, you are god? I’m not god, I’m His avatar. And I don’t say that, people here do. Hail Lord Ganesh! Are you from North or South?
– South, boss! Don’t lock horns with goons
from South else I will hack you. Like the public, stand far
away and just watch what’s going on. You must fear Kale’s men. I’m from North and you are from South. Be in your limits. North, South, East,
West, it is only Ganesh’s law everywhere. This Ganesh rules
every street in the city. There is no one in this
world who can show me my limits.. ..then what are you, after all? – Hey! If you were in my limits,
I would’ve blown your head. This is not my limits
hence I shot your hand. Hey! Take him to the hospital immediately. Otherwise,
he will never be able to use his hand. Sir! What’s going on?
I heard you have arrested Pratap’s men? They committed mistake, sir.
– What mistake did they commit? They just hit a man.
– For you, it is a mere thing. But for me, it is a crime.
– All right. Let bygones be bygones. Release them. – Give me in writing, sir. There is no need for it.
– Then I’m sorry, sir. I won’t release them. It’s your senior,
the commissioner’s order. Release them. – This is the
biggest drawback of our department, sir. PC is slave to sub-inspector.. ..sub-inspector is slave to inspector,
inspector is slave to ACP.. ..ACP is slave to DCP. The entire department has
become slaves to one another. From constable to DCP, if they stop being
slaves and do their duties sincerely.. one can stop our country
from being the best country. Not you, even if the DCP orders me,
I won’t release them. Not mine, it is Pratap’s order. If you lock horns with him,
let be your position.. won’t be able
to even live in the state. I’m not living in
the greed for position. I’m living in the faith of this uniform. All I have is two pairs
of uniform and a suitcase. Send me to any part of India,
I will survive. The entire country is my house. I will live even if
I eat one meal in a house.. ..but the houses won’t end. Locking horns with Pratap
will be your biggest mistake. Pratap’s goons, Pratap’s stooge,
Pratap’s slaves. What is he, after all? When we arrest some,
they say they are Pratap’s men. When there is fight on any street,
everyone mention Pratap’s name. Even you are chanting his name. I think even you have become his slave. But I won’t become his slave. I’m ready to face him.
Call me whenever you want. Boss, why do you often come
here and feed meat to the eagles? I am following the scriptures
of Lakshmi with devotion. This eases your problems.. ..and the enemies will
never be able to win over us. Eagle is incarnation of goddess Lakshmi.
She is my deity. They are always quiet before me. Because they know how violent I am. Boss, Ganesh is not releasing our men.
– Who is Ganesh? Newly appointed ACP in the city. When I mentioned your name,
he insulted you. He told me to tell you to
meet him at the police station. Young blood is hot. It shouldn’t boil much. Do one thing. Bring a flower
garland and a basket of fruits. Let’s befriend him. I am not able to do it. I actually can’t trouble myself. I’m fond of troubling others. Strong body. Looks original. People who see from
far away are doubtful. But when they come close and see,
they realize it is original. That’s interesting. I’m crazy about movies. I heard you are not releasing my men.. ..and also threatened to
present Pratap Kale before you. Here I am. People usually come
to my house to meet me. You are the first person
I have come to meet. You are very lucky. Give me the garland. They say, when you met
a person for the first time.. Look here. Put garland around his neck.. ..and present him with fruits,
it deepens friendship. Drinking fruit juice after workout
is considered to be good for body. You have brought fruits
at the right time. Take this.
Make juice and offer to everyone. Ganesh. You would’ve seen
people cutting ribbons.., see the person who sever heads. I’m famous for it. You must be habitual
of praising yourself.. ..but for me, there is no need at all. You will see my visiting card
on every criminal’s face in the city. From a kid to an old man,
every man will give you my details. You got the answer to your question. I liked your style very much. I’m very happy. Love you. Commissioner, when did Ganesh join
your department? – It’s been two months. Any marks, remarks?
– There are no remarks. There are many marks.
He became ACP in every circumstance. From a street vendor to a college
student, he is a role model to everyone. People respect him more
than the police department does. People have given him names like Mysore
Challenging Star and Little Rebel Star. Facebook, Whatsapp,
Google, he is popular everywhere. By the way, what’s the matter? I have been ruling this area
with the power of my strength. No one has ever locked horns with me and
the one who did, I have finished him. For the first time,
I found someone who is equal to me. His attitude, it’s dangerous. No one has ever dared
to talk against Pratap Kale.. ..but he threatened me. If I bow down before his attitude,
I will lose my identity. People will stop fearing me. You will quietly find
out what his weakness is. Our work is complete. Even the budget we quoted for
the construction has been approved.. ..then what was the need
to come to the racecourse.. ..and watch how horses are made to run? You fool. The budget for the racecourse has been
approved but what about our commission? Oh, I see. Then watch closely. Go on. I want to present a
nice gift for my girlfriend. Wow! Oh my god! Chikoo! He is running faster than the horses. Even Rajdhani Express
is not as fast as him. Wow. A boyfriend should be like him. He is incredible. – Let me see. Did you really like the horse’s legs?
– Take a good look. You are talking about him.
He is incredible. His name is Ganesh. Newly appointed IPS officer
in Bangalore. – Officer? Him? Yes. – It was my childhood desire
to fall in love with an inspector. Love? At the first sight?
– Isn’t it possible? No, I didn’t say you can’t fall in love. But to fall in love with him,
you need to fight a battle. If you win,
he might probably fall for you. If you lose, you can also regret. You need to think about it. But what will you do?
– I will propose to him. Look, don’t drag me into this. Come. – Oh god. Hello. Yes madam, tell me. You go on, I will talk to her and come. Hello. – Hey. – Tell me, madam. Allow me. How is your dog? What? It’s sick? There is dengue everywhere. I will give you a doctor’s number.
He also treats dogs. I.. I can’t hear you. I could hear you all this while. Hello? Stop pretending.
Stop the melodrama. Let’s go. Hello. What are you doing? Why are you barging
into the police station? What do you want?
– We want to meet your sir. Boss is very busy, you may please go. Tell him his wife has come. Wife? – Wife to be. – Wife to be? And who are you?
– I’m his brother-in-law. Brother-in-law to be.
– I see. Brother-in-law? – Yes. You both are siblings only if
your skin complexion will look the same. Forget that. What is it to you? If she is his fiancée then I’m
his brother-in-law to be. Please go. All right. I will call him. I will call him right away.
Please stay here. The name Bahubali doesn’t suit him. What did you say? The name doesn’t suit?
– No, I was not talking about you. Excuse me, sir.
Your wife has come looking for you. Wife has come? – She says so, sir. Your brother-in-law has also come along. One is black and the other is white.
They don’t look like siblings. Send them in. Sir is calling you. Thank you. – Sir is calling you too. What is this? A stick?
– Not stick, it’s a hammer. I got it. All right. Go inside. Idiots. The prime witness.. – Good morning, sir. I’m Chikoo and she is.. – Priya. What brings you here? – Well, we.. She is here to propose to you. – What? She keeps blabbering.
She says she is in love with you. Since when? – When you were
running with the horses this morning.. ..she saw you and her heart
has started chanting your name ‘Ganesh’. Even you say something. Should
I tell him everything? – I love you. I have started loving you so much. Why? – I don’t know. I have just fallen for you
and I’m crazy about you. You have to love me too. Why should I love you? – Can’t
IPS officers or engineers fall in love? Is there a rule as such? – No. In that case,
what is the reason for you to refuse? Do I lack in anything? My hair,
eyes, lips, they are incredible. I look perfect and
my height is also perfect. If we stand together, we will look as if
we are made for each other. – Yes, sir. Nothing is matching. Is height all that matters? We should also have
feelings for each other. I like girl who wears sari, dot on
her forehead and bangles on her wrists. Above all, she must behave like a girl. I don’t like girls like you. Get going from here. – What do you mean? I mean, I’m not interested in love.
Find a guy of your interest. I told her the same thing.
One can never mix beer in wine. Wasn’t that a good example, sir? No, I was wrong. Let’s go. I will get thrashed because of you.
– Hey, Mr. Ganesh. I don’t care, I just love you.
– Let’s go. What are you doing? Come. – And I have also proposed to you. You have no option other
than falling in love with me. I will beat you. Chikoo, don’t I look beautiful? Our respective heights match too. He won’t find a beautiful girl like me. He will miss a good chance. We will make a wonderful pair. Firstly, he is a farmer’s son. He must’ve seen a girl wearing
such dress for the first time. That’s why he was talking
about culture and tradition. But I have an idea. Wear a sari,
he will surely fall for you. Sari? – Yes.
– I don’t know how to wear a sari.. ..and you suggest me to wear one. It is a game of intelligence.
It is so easy. – Really? – Yes. Before coming here,
I used to work in a sari showroom. I used to make all
the girls wear sari myself. I used to deck the mannequin at the
main door like my girlfriend everyday. I used to do it myself otherwise
the food never used to get digested. Please help me. Come. Uncle, stop. Uncle, please stop. Please stop, uncle. Uncle, please stop. Please, uncle. Uncle. – What happened?
Are you late to school? No. – Then? Uncle, look what has happened to him. Oh my god. Sir! What happened, sir? Sir! Uncle, nothing will happen to you. We have reached the hospital. It was a minor heart attack. We are treating him,
everything will be all right. Nothing to worry. Nothing has happened
to your driver uncle. He will be fine in half-an-hour. Let’s go. You need to go to school,
I will drop you. Never mind, uncle. When I get late on the other days
and when my parents have no time.. ..the same driver uncle waits for me. Can’t I wait for him
for just half-an-hour? Allow me to wait until
he recovers. Please. All right. Nothing will happen to you, uncle.
You will be all right. Don’t cry. You very well know what
I am here to talk about. Parents get their kids admitted in
a good school so that they study well. They hire vans so that the
kids don’t face problem commuting.. ..but in the greed for money.. ..the trustees of the school don’t
appoint proper drivers in school vans. They put 100 kids in the vans
that has the capacity of only 50 kids.. ..that’s why mishaps take place. And similar kind of mishap
took place in my jurisdiction. I just want to say one thing.. the school trustees
or the owners of the vans. It is necessary to have a
spare driver in all the school vans. There should health checkup
and eye checkup every fifteen days.. ..and every driver should
be provided with health insurance. Whichever school it maybe, it has to
follow all these rules right from today. Sir! – Sir, one question! Sir, what is the reason
for so many rules? School students faced problems yesterday
because the driver had an heart attack. What is the reason for passing the rule? I become a policeman
to serve the public.. ..the reason doesn’t really matter. Are you confident people
will follow the rule? Everyone has to follow the rule. Otherwise, the license of the school
will be cancelled within 24 hours. Glory to Mr. Ganesh! 3, 4, 5.. Hey! What do you think of yourself? Who are you to make the rule of
having an extra driver in school vans? God cannot get to every place. Hence, I’m His permanent
PA to serve and protect the people. If you want to keep your post permanent,
don’t cross your jurisdiction. There are 120 schools in Karnataka.. ..if there are 20 vans in one school,
in 120 school, there will be 2400 vans. That means 2400 extra drivers. If the monthly salary of
one driver is 15,000 rupees.. ..then there will be a loss of 3 crores,
60 lakh rupees every month.. ..and 43 crores and 20 lakh in a year. You only think about money. But I think about the kids who
are more than life for their parents. Now, I will tell you my calculation. 120 schools, that’s 2400 vans.. ..30 kids in every van,
so totally 72,000 kids. Every kid pays 10,000
rupees every month.. for 30 kids, it’s 3 lakh rupees. 25,000 rupees loan, 50,000 rupees for
diesel, 25,000 rupees driver’s salary.. ..even after an expenditure
of 1 lakh rupees.. still have 2 lakh rupees left.. ..and I’m asking you
to spend just 15,000 rupees. Your license won’t be cancelled.. ..if you follow the rule like others do,
otherwise.. ..I will cancel it on the spot. We have invested crores of rupees.. ..we’ll have to think about recovering
the money. – I’m a policeman.. ..I will only think about the public. So you don’t know much about me, do you? I have no time to know about myself.. will I find
time to know about you? The time will come for that.
– I will think when the time comes. You are throwing your weight
around because you are IPS. I am not afraid until
I have people’s support. I will see until when
people will support you. I don’t know if people
will continue to support me.. ..but I am not afraid of you.
Do whatever you want. All right. No matter how hard you try.. ..but you will be finished.
It is Kale’s promise to you. Hi. You were running with horses yesterday,
why are you running alone today? You were two yesterday
but you have come alone today. Why? – Yesterday,
you said you like girls wearing sari.. like the bangles, hence
I have decked up traditionally today. I practiced all night
only then I could see results. I hope you liked it. Did you like it? You thought I will fall
in love with you if you wore sari? That’s what you said yesterday.
– I said girls look good in sari. When did I say I like girls in sari? What do you mean? Actually, you girls are
choosy about your boyfriends. You prefer a guy who is IAS or IPS. Then how can I fall in love with a
girl without knowing anything about her? I have already told you
my name and about myself. Will love happen if
you just tell your name? My girlfriend must look like a princess. She must come in my dreams,
there should be madness and craziness. We must talk about joy and sorrow. She must often trouble me.
That’s what I desire. But if you just wear
sari and come before me.. can I fall in love with you? Should I come in your dream
leaving all my work behind? Do you expect me to leave all my
work behind and fall in love with you? If you impress me, I can think about it. If you want me to fall in love with you,
you need to strive hard. What are you doing here at this hour?
– I have come in your dream, sir. How can you come in
my dream when I am awake? I don’t all that, sir. She wants me to come in your dream,
hence she has brought along. She is feeling shy to come here.
Please go have a look, sir. I have come in your dream. Hey, if you bring a dream board,
will anyone come in the dream? Get going from here. Listen to me, sir. – Go away. Where will I take her at this hour? My family is very strict. The entire dream getup
is just to impress you. Please say yes at least now.
– Just shut up. What melodrama is this?
– You are doing melodrama not I. – Me? Yes and you are blaming me. And when you come in my dream,
I tolerate you all night. You know that? When did I come in your dream? Come in my dream again
and I will tell you. “O Priya.” “Where are you going?” “You are walking
away stealing my heart.” “Your rosy cheeks.” “Why are you tormenting me?” “I cannot live without you.” “You also fall in love with me.” “I have become crazy.” “Take me into your arms.” “I want to spend my life with you.” “Where are you going?” “You are walking
away stealing my heart.” “Your rosy cheeks.” “Why are you tormenting me?” “Wherever you go, I will follow you.” “I will make you sit in
palanquin and take you along.” “You are in my heart.” “I will leave the world for you.” “When you look at me with a smile.” “The lamps in my heart light up.” “Darling, we met.” “Don’t go away from me now.” “I’m crazy about you.
What spell did you cast on me?” “I want to spend my life with you.” “Where are you going?” “You are walking
away stealing my heart.” “Your rosy cheeks.” “Why are you tormenting me?” “You are my love.” “You are my love.” “You are my love.” “I have decided to make you mine.” “I will become your lover at any cost.” “Let’s write the story of our love.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “When I look at your beautiful face.” “I lose control over myself.” “Beloved, I will leave
this world if you asked me to.” “I desire that you
take me into your arms.” “I want to spend my life with you.” “Where are you going?” “You are walking
away stealing my heart.” “Your rosy cheeks.” “Why are you tormenting me?” “O Priya” Mother nurtured you and
father showed you the right way. After getting educated and becoming an
officer, the government paid you salary. Like we are sincere towards
our mothers who nurtured us.. ..are we also sincere
towards our duty too? Sir, we are sincere towards our duty.
We fulfill our duty with sincerity. Mr. Ashok.
– Sir, there is no problem in my area. We are doing our duty sincerely, sir. Next. – Everything is perfect, sir. Next. – There are no
complaints in my area, sir. Mr. Bali. – Yes, sir. Okay, sir. Tell me, madam.
– Sir, I’m from Babunagar. It’s not even a week
since my daughter got married. Some miscreants came on bike and
snatched her wedding chain and necklace. I studied in ITIL, my mother has cancer. I am the only bread
winner in the family. My only source of livelihood
was auto and someone stole it. I’m from Gyanbharti, sir. I sent several applications
to the government for a cycle.. ..but I never got one. My friends
presented me a cycle on my birthday. It got stolen last night, sir. The public comes to the
police to lodge complaints.. ..for the first time, they are
lodging complaint against the police. I apologize to you on
the behalf of the department. I promise you that they
will never do it again. You may go. – Thank you very much, sir. Inspector in Bapujinagar,
Shankarnagar, ITIL, Gyanbharati.. ..RR Nagar should come in frontline. Remove your cap. Until you are wearing
the police cap you are on duty.. ..and when you remove it
and I slap you.. ..that means you have
forgotten your duty. Put up two mobile police
stations in every area.. ..and whatever complaints you receive.. ..solve them in the
very mobile police stations. Even if one case comes to me.. ..I will remove your police cap.. ..and I will slap you. Is that clear? – Yes, sir! Don’t you have common sense?
– Aren’t you ashamed? If you trouble us,
we will lodge police complaint. Please stop troubling us. Look there. Go! Go! Go! Boss. Let’s go from here. He has made life miserable. Run! – Quick! Ganesh everywhere. His bike has made our lives miserable. How many bikes does he have? Ganesh has only one bike. The rest of the bikes belong to his men. The bike has made our lives miserable.
Let’s steal it. Look, what I have brought for you.
It is Ganesh’s bike. It has a good price in the market. I can’t sell it in open market
hence I have brought it here. Tell me a good price for it.
– I will give you 50,000 rupees. That’s very less. 75,000 rupees. – It is not junk.
– The price is too much for it. Do one thing. Be happy. Give me 1 lakh rupees for it.
– Who will pay 1 lakh rupees for it? I will give you! No one in this world
can quote a price on Ganesh. Whether it is more or less.. ..he fixes his own price. My price in the market,
they know better than me. Tell me how much do you want? Would you
like to buy it in wholesale or retail? You decide. – Forgive us, sir. We won’t do it again. – Listen. Did you get scared if I will shoot you? No, sir. – I don’t know if
you’re lucky or I’m in good mood today. I don’t remember if I have
advised anybody without thrashing.. ..I will still give you time till 9 am.. ..all the members in your gang.. ..must apologize for your crimes only
then I will give you a chance to live.. ..otherwise, I will have
to send your bodies for postmortem. Hey you! Take the bike back to the place
where you brought it from. – Okay, sir. Here they come. Greetings, sir. I will visit
Lord Ganesh temple every Tuesday. I have the key to the bike.
– Sir, it’s duplicate. It is bound to happen in business.
It’s a gift to you. Where are the rest of the people? Bali. – Yes, sir. We don’t know what you have lost. Whether it is a small
or big thing or vehicle.. ..identify your belonging,
sign here and take it. Listen, whoever keeps up their promise.. ..I like them very much. I don’t want to arrest and punish you.. ..because it is not my style. If a person wants to reform,
even god gives him a chance. Similarly, I am giving you a chance too. Reform before it is too late. Who do you think you are? Police department has
serious rules and regulations. How dare you take decisions
without consulting higher officials? Hello, Mr. Ganesh. I’m talking to you. I’m sorry, sir.
I don’t understand what you are saying. Will you please say it in Hindi? – Being
IPS officer, don’t you know English? You are right, sir. I was born, brought up here,
I will live and die in this very place. It is the public who looks after us.. ..we get to know their joy
and sorrow in Hindi language. People in other countries
speak in their mother tongue.. ..but we feel disgusted. What is the need to
speak in other language, sir? There is no rule which says.. ..after becoming IPS officer
one has to know English. You are crossing your limit day by day. You are imposing a new rule.. setting up mobile
police stations in every area? Do you own the state? If that was so, every police station and
check points would be named after me. Whatever I am doing,
it is with my money.. ..not with department’s money.
– But why? You want to become popular?
– I’ve always been popular, sir. The public has given me this position.. ..and I don’t break their trust, sir. No matter who it is, the one who
does a good job, appreciate him.. ..elders say it, sir. Hail India! Sir! How dare you smoke cigarette? You were talking about limits that day.. you know in whose
limits you are in? – I know, sir. If you knew then why
did you come into my limits? It isn’t kingdom to
seek permission to come here.. ..nor you are a king.
– I’m the king here. Even a dog has to seek my permission
to go in and out of this area. Don’t you know it is
university campus? – I do. Do you how to read and write? – I do. Then read what’s written there. Cigarette or tobacco
products is prohibited.. ..within 100 meters of school surrounding. It is a punishable offence. 101, 102. Now, I’m 2 meters away,
can I smoke cigarette now? I spared your one hand for use.. ..had I broke both your hands,
you would never smoke cigarette. Hey Bali! – Sir! The truck driver had mentioned his name
that day, right? – Yes, sir. It’s him. What is your name? – Mahabalesh. What? – Mahabalesh. – That’s right, sir. Book him under that
case and file FIR. – Hey! How dare you? Come on. Come on! – Sir! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh!
– What’s the occasion today? Today is Ganesh’s birthday.
– That’s right. But who are they?
– They are his fans. – Fans? Is he movie star? – He had helped them. We are not sure if the public
who supports a politician real of fake.. ..but Ganesh’s fans are real.
– Let’s go. Glory to Ganesh!
– Happy birthday to you! Today, I’m congratulating
you from the bottom of my heart. I did the same when
we met for the first time. But you shunned me. Moreover, you threw attitude. Ask them to leave. I’m everything because of them. Even my parents can’t ask them to leave. So how can I? Shall we go inside the talk? – Okay. Look, if you have the grace of
big people like me, you will live long. I tried to make you understand
that many times, but you didn’t. That’s my attitude,
people call it style. Don’t you think you are crossing
your limits? – I don’t care. What brings you here? Listen, I can live without my wife.. ..but I cannot live without my men. Release my men. – I cannot release them. Lawyer, show him the paper. Bali. – Sir. Yes, sir. Come. Open. – Open? Shut up. Come out. Boss, he thrashed us badly. A garland is a strange thing. One gets it on birthday
and on the death day too. It was given by my fans,
I will live long. Remember, I know how to put garland
and snatch it as well. You can snatch the garland
but not my life. So far, you have only seen me.. ..but now,
you will get to know what I am. After I get to know you,
you will get to know me as well. Understand? Both of us are in a fit of rage. Happy birthday. “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you.” At home, my wife annoys me.. police station,
my colleagues annoy me. Sir! Greetings, sir. – What happened, Bali?
– Nothing, I’m joining duty, sir. Okay. – Thank you, sir. Greetings. Greetings, sir. What happened? – I want to
ask you something, sir. – Go on. Cold war has started
between me and my wife. Why? – Sir, if I don’t become
sub-inspector within two months.. ..ride bike in 100 kph and
apply brakes in front of my house.. ..she won’t make me a father.
She is threatening to divorce me. To threaten and get the job
done is the policy of every wife. Sir, please don’t talk about threaten.
I have become a joke because of that. Sir, she threatens me for every little
thing. I don’t understand what to do. Sir, obedient husband.
– What do you mean? I want to become an obedient husband. All right. How can I help you? – Please
help me in becoming sub-inspector. Sub-inspector must know
how to ride bullet motorcycle. Bullet motorcycle? No problem. I am going to driving school. I’ll also
learn how to ride bullet motorcycle. Please help me, sir. It is not so easy.
How will you put center stand? How will I put center stand? I will shorten the center stand, sir. Otherwise, I will put side stand. If that doesn’t work,
I will hire someone to put the stand. Sir, please help me.
– All right. I will try. Go. Thank you, sir. Sir, when will you do it? Go. – He is getting angry. Sorry, sir. Greetings, sir. – Greetings. My name is Ramappa, sir.
– Tell me, Mr. Ramappa. Sir, I am a sweeper
at a railway station. I have been doing
it for the last 30 years. The government pays me
a salary of 16,000 rupees. The government pays me salary.. that I maintain cleanliness
in the railway station. But today on TV, I saw you
brooming and picking up garbage. For the first time, I felt that
there will be progress in the society. So, I am here to meet you, sir.
– I’m very glad. Is there anything else? Sir, on the 25th of every third month.. ..a container leaves from
Yeshwanthpur railway station.. ..which contains illegal
goods and nobody is aware of it. I complained to the railway
department about it several times.. ..but no action was taken,
hence I had to come to you. I have great expectations from you, sir. All right, sir. I will take your leave. Ram into him! Hello. – Pratap Kale. Tell me. – Hey! There is no dearth for girls. Not 200,
I’ve the capacity to send 500 girls.. ..but I’m worried about the money.
It shouldn’t go to anyone’s hands. You may take 10,
20, or 50 crore rupees.. ..but I should get back
the remaining money safely. Who are you? Whose money?
– My money! None of the notes
has your name or photo. But it is still mine. – I’m going to
handover the money to the government. If you have the guts,
mention your name and take the money. Hey! Ganesh! There was smuggling going
in our state past several days.. ..which got exposed
because of Mr. Ganesh. It is a pride for Karnataka
police department. Are you happy about the operation?
– That’s right. Karnataka police is
famous all over country.. ..and because of Ganesh,
it has become more famous today. Ganesh did it single handed.
– Sorry, sir. There is also a government
employee behind it. The credit should actually go to him. Who is he, sir?
– I will tell you when the time comes. How many girls were
saved in the operation, sir? Do you know anything about them?
– We saved nearly 48 girls. We will find their families
and hand them over to them. What is the amount of money
that has been seized in the operation? Who does it belong to and is behind it? Have you found out? – Whoever
has done it, he has used else’s names. We have arrested many
people during the operation. The investigation is on. As soon as we find out the truth,
we will let you know. What if you didn’t find
the owner of the money? I will talk to the home minister
and bring it before the press. Today’s headlines. The people of
the state are happy with Ganesh’s work. Inspector Ganesh saved
innocent minor girls. Along with them, 250 crore rupees
were also recovered as well. The home minister has appreciated
inspector Ganesh for the success. Because of police officer like Ganesh.. ..along with the department even
our government has been appreciated. We hope that he will
continue to do good job. I’m proud of our Karnataka police. It is only because
of Ganesh our government.. ..has been successful in
seizing black money worth 270 crores. The government has decided to invest the
money for the betterment of the people. I’m very happy today, Mr. Ganesh. Newspapers, TV channels, media persons.. ..were insulting
our department everyday. They used to find
loopholes in our duties.. ..and abuse instead of applauding. This is the first time because of you.. ..the police department has
gained so much honour. – Thank you, sir. Sir, whether or not
people appreciate me.. ..I will continue to do my job.
– If there is a police officer like you.. every state,
in every district of our country.. ..the image of the police department
will change to something else. I’m very proud of you, Mr. Ganesh.
– Thanks a lot, sir. One more thing.
On the Republic Day, January 26th.. ..the chief minister
will be hoisting the flag. I handover the work.. ..of the parade preparations
to you and your team. – Sir. I expect you to do well. – Sure, sir. What happened, sir?
Any problem? – No, no problem. You may go. – Okay, sir. Sir. Parade attention! Parade straight march by the center! Straight march! Parade, general salute! Present arms! Parade order! Parade, move to the right! Right turn! Parade, turn right! Very good. Your parade was good today. I wish that you’ll keep up the
discipline same way on 26th January. I had told you that until
you wear a police cap.. won’t back out from duty. Today you’ve proved it.
I’m happy to see it. I wish that police of our state
become number one in the country. Mr. Ganesh, remove your cap. – Sir? You are not a real police officer. You are a fake IPS officer in Karnataka. Remove your cap. Officer, remove his flaps. Mr. Arun, arrest him. We have to summon Ganesh in
front of the magistrate in 24 hours. The case file should be complete.
– Yes, sir. Greetings. Welcome to Praja News.
Now for the headlines. While practicing for
the parade of republic day.. ..police officer and police
commissioner of the city.. ..arrested Ganesh who
was organizing the parade.. front of other police officers. This is very shocking for everyone. Details of why he has
been arrested is not known. An honest police officer
has been arrested.. ..we learnt this from a video message. We have to wait to know the truth..
– I was waiting for this day. Now I’ll show him who Pratap Kale is. We have to see how the public will react
seeing honest police officer arrested. Ganesh has been arrested.
I just heard it on the radio. Your honor, this man named Ganesh.. ..has been working
in the police department.. ..from past 7 months
and 12 days as fake IPS. He has been presented in the
court to know why he did all this. Mr. Ashok Naik,
do you have to say anything about this? Like the public prosecutor said,
this man was working as fake IPS.. the name of Mr. Ganesh. We learnt from CBI.. ..that this guy was working instead of
Arjun who was appointed by the central. Mr. Ganesh,
would you like to say something? Whether I tell it or not,
you’ll know the truth one day. To know the motive
behind Ganesh’s doing.. ..I give two days to commissioner.. enquire about this
case and summon him in the court. This is court’s order..
– Sir.. – Sir.. – You arrested Ganesh.. ..but you didn’t tell
the reason to people. We arrested him because
he was a fake IPS officer. Sir, why did Ganesh do so?
What was his motive behind doing this? We’ve got two days to find out.
You’ll know the truth. The great assistant commissioner of
police, Mr. Ganesh alias Praveen Kumar. Where are you from? – From Sitapur. My grandpa’s name is Vitta Gowda.
He is a patriot. He is a famous freedom fighter. My grandma’s name is Sita Devamma. What’s your education?
– I am a degree holder. There are many ways to help people.. there any special
reason you chose to be policeman? When one wears a police uniform.. ..then people question you less,
but answer more. What was your motive behind doing this? If my motive was wrong.. ..I wouldn’t have taken 7
months and 12 days to get arrested. Did you do a preplanning
before doing this? I was planning for the same,
six months of last year. Last question. – I won’t
answer any of your questions now. Keep the records ready. – Sure, sir. Sir, sir.. did you find out
anything about the guy named Ganesh.. ..who became a fake IPS,
who is he and where he is from? The investigations are going on. Please. Did you find out who sent him here and
what was his motive behind doing this? He doesn’t have parents. His grandparents were freedom fighters. The investigations are going on.
Okay? Please. Do you know, we toiled hard
to make this country independent? Britishers put us in jail. Still we didn’t give up. We are getting fruits of our labor. The entire state knows
that my grandson is doing right. I want the police and
government to know this. I shall leave.
It is time for me to teach the kids. Sir, what do you teach children? I teach children to
walk on the path of truth. How are you? – Better than you.
– You will be better. Because I sent you to jail.
They’ll take care of you properly. You know that a goat is
well-fed before it is sacrificed. I am practicing the same. Your attitude had become my headache. Pratap Kale’s headache. Karnataka government is in my pocket,
then why are you overacting so much? I told you.. that’s in my blood. Get a blood test done, you
won’t find it now. – I don’t need that. Whether today or tomorrow.. ..I have the guts to destroy you. What will you do with your
guts being behind the bars? If you are a real man,
come out and send me behind the bars. How long will you roam free?
– The lion looks good behind the bars.. ..and the elephant looks good in chains. Lion will have only
one way to come out.. ..but elephant can go anywhere. It goes anywhere it likes. Wait for me. I will meet you soon. Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Down with the government! Engineer madam, how are you?
What’s going on? – I am good. How are you? – I’m the same. You tell me.
– Since you’ve gone away from me.. ..I don’t feel good. What has happened. You’ve lost your mind. Even after all this happened,
you still love me? I didn’t love you because.. are an IPS officer.
You got me wrong. When you joined your duty,
a girl had met with an accident.. ..and she was in need of
blood and you gave it to her. Do you remember? I am the same girl. Do you know, very few people
come close to a girl’s heart. Like her parents,
because she feels safe with them. I experienced the same thing with you. Then I didn’t think about
anyone else other than you. I just wish to lead
my entire life with you. Whether you love me or not,
I will always love you. Whether you like it or not,
this heart will beat only for you. Once again, I love you. Glory to Ganesh! People have come out on streets
as Ganesh has been arrested. Even college students are supporting
them. Come, let’s know their opinion. What’s the reason for
you to support Ganesh? He is an honest and
gutsy police officer, sir. Do you think Mr. Ganesh was right? If he had wrong intentions, he wouldn’t
have thought about betterment of people. This is conspiracy against him. Grandpa, grandma, how are you? How are you, son?
– What’s wrong with me, grandma? I am fine. – Son, don’t lie. They don’t value good people here. I am sad about that. Don’t know what will
happen to this country? Sita, this place is made
to keep good people of the country. Do you understand? The good people who have
got released from here.. ..they have created history. Our son too will do the same. Son, never step back from your way. Promise me. I shall leave now. College students,
auto drivers, and public says.. ..Ganesh has not done any mistake. What do you have to say?
– What do I say? Ganesh has not only cheated the law,
but has cheated the government too. So, it is impossible
for him to get released. Sir, what do you have to say?- It is
true that people think he was right. But from the view point of law,
it is wrong. Krishnamurthy sir,
you know the law very well. What do you have to say? The inquiry that is taking
place inside the four walls.. should be done in front
of the public in people’s court. If this happens, I am sure
Ganesh will be proved innocent. Like Mr. Krishnamurthy said, this case
should be brought into people’s court. Only then there are chances
that Ganesh will get released. Public will play important role in it.
– Down! Down! Public demands that Ganesh’s decision
should be taken in front of them. People have come out on the streets. They demand that the decision
should be taken in front of them.. ..and not inside four walls. Labors, auto drivers, farmers,
from different parts of the city.. ..have come out to support Ganesh. We will continue to protest
until Ganesh doesn’t get justice. The government has to give in. We won’t back out until
you give justice to Ganesh. Do you have to say something about this? I am thankful for their
concern and respect. I have a request for everyone. Please don’t break any law. Be calm. I will get released soon. As per the demand of the public.. ..should the decision of
Ganesh’s case be in people’s court? Do you agree? He has done good work. Sir, how can you say that? He has
cheated the government and the police. If government supports such people.. ..then there will be
many Ganesh in this country. Sir, like they say,
Ganesh is not a bad man. The truth is that
he has not done anything. He helped the public.
So, we have to do justice to him. What justice can we do?
Can anyone do as they please? If such people exist, what’s
the use of someone getting educated? What’s the need of law and order? Look, we didn’t call this
meeting for you people to fight. Tell us, is there any
rule in constitution.. which we can solve
this case in front of public? Sir, law exists for the
betterment of the public. Public also knows that courts
have been made for such cases. Even we know that you don’t
get results by wandering to the court. When the court is unable
to solve any case.. ..the case can be forwarded
to people’s court. It is written in our constitution. Mr. Chandrashekhar. – Sir? You go and make arrangements
for people’s court. – Okay, sir. Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Mr. Ganesh, people of our state
wish that the decision of your case.. ..should be taken
in front of the public. Do you have any lawyer
to fight your case? Sir, I don’t have any lawyer. I will answer all the questions myself.
Sir, public will support me. – Okay. Proceed. – Mr. Ganesh,
IPS is a known position of our country. You have insulted the position. You can’t do this alone. Tell me, who is with you? Whatever I do, I do it on my own. How could you take
such a big step alone? Sir, there’s a reason for it.
Six months back on 1st July.. IPS post was vacant
in the Karnataka Police Department. The central government had written
a letter to appoint a good officer. It was published in the newspaper too. On the 12th of same month.. ..central government sent
a fax IG of Karnataka Police. It stated that they
have selected Mr. Ganesh. It also stated that, you need not
appoint him according to the procedure.. ..and appoint him directly
and make him join the duty. Sir, the sad part is that, the fax
didn’t come from Central Government.. ..but from commissioner’s next room. The one who sent it,
his name was Ramappa FDC. He got retired 7 months
ago and died 2 months ago. It took 7 months and 12 days to find out
if the fax was original or duplicate. Just think how many years they’ll
take to get justice to the public? There are many people
who’ve done their IAS and IPS.. working hard and
with a dream to serve people. Gandhi fought for our country. But he was not an IAS. Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat
Singh also fought for the country. Even they were not IPS. What they did was right. What I am doing is also right. What I did is wrong,
then what they did was also wrong. Sir, one doesn’t need education
to fight for the country. They need a good heart. Mr. Ganesh, there are
many other ways to help people. Then why did you choose
police department? You have become a
culprit as per the law. Sir, I am a farmer’s son. My grandpa is a patriot.
Our family does farming. Whether sad or happy.. ..we worship our motherland. I met the agriculture minister
to get loan to the farmers. They’ve kept a budget of 140170
crore separately in this year’s budget. Eight or ten people amongst
you go to Bangalore with Ganesh. You know how the government works.
It may take some time to get loan. Mr. Gowda, what if we don’t get loan? Ganesh knows what step
to take if you don’t get it. Son.. – Grandpa, I understood. You want me to go to the city and
do their work, right? It will be done. You are bidding farewell to him such a
way as if he’s going to fight a battle. He’s going to the city. He will return.
Why are you flattering him? I am bidding farewell
as I worry about him. I am scared that some girl
may eye my brother in the city. She is right. – Yes.. – Stop, stop. Hope you remember? – Yes, decorative
dots, earrings, and bangles, right? My darling brother,
hope you won’t forget. You don’t help me
or give me food on time. You just demand.
– Because I am your only sister. Listen dear, I won’t be
happy if I don’t get it for you. Fatso, it’s been two days,
we’ve not watered the crops. Take her along and finish that work. Okay brother.. – Shall I leave? Bye. – Take care. – ‘I went to
Bangalore to get loan for the farmers.’ ‘Like I had told them,
my sister and Prakash.. ..went to the farm to water the crops.’ ‘I had given them that work.’ ‘I always wanted my sister to be happy,
so I never gave her any work to do.’ ‘I don’t know why I told her that day.’ ‘This was the biggest mistake
of my life.’ – Can’t you help me? Charu? Charu? It is not the time to joke. Charu? Charu? Charu! Charu! Charu? Where are you? Charu? Charu! Where are you? Charu! Charu? Charu? What happened to you? ‘Everything got over until we think where
she went and what happened with her.’ ‘People who worked
in our farm raped her.’ ‘They didn’t understand what to do.’ ‘They had only one way.’ ‘So grandpa,
grandma, and Prakash took Charu.. ..went to the police
station to lodge a complaint.’ What’s your complaint? – Some
thugs misbehaved with my granddaughter. Misbehaved?
You mean raped? Is that so? – Yes. Tell me how many of them raped you? Sir, they were six of them. – Six men? Did you see? – No, sir. You? – No.. – Old woman, you? – No. You mean, no one saw. What’s your name? – Charu. – Charu. I am not getting high seeing you. Where did they touch you? Did they touch your legs, your waist.
Looks like, they’ve kissed you. Or anywhere else.. whatever it is.. ..tell me everything clearly. Are you a policeman or pimp? Why are you asking such questions?
– Details.. I want details, old man. What are you staring at? Tell me. How many of them hold your
hand and how many hold your legs? Two of them were holding my
hands and two were holding my legs. What about the fifth man? Oh, I understood. Leave it. You mean, all the five of them.. Where did they hurt you? Can’t you tell me? Oh, they had fun with you. ‘Even after she told everything that
inspector refused to lodge a complaint.’ ‘He sent everyone from there.’ ‘The next day when
they went there again.. ..he told her to tell
everything in detail.’ Girl, tell me everything in
detail what happened with you. Come on. Two of them were holding my hands.. ..and two were holding my legs.
Then five of them.. ..raped me one by one. They tore my clothes. Not only this.. ..when I started screaming.. ..they threatened me. They said.. – Hello? Sir? I will be there. – ‘After
hearing the entire story again.. ..he told them to come in the evening.’ ‘Then they went there in the evening.’ I don’t remember what you said.
I forgot. Tell me again. Two of them were holding my hands.. ..and two were holding my legs. ‘Just think, a girl hesitates
to tell about her pain.. front of her parents or siblings.. ..but when the police questions her
again and again, what does this mean?’ Still she told him everything.. ..but the officer told them
to leave saying he didn’t have a writer. He refused to file a complaint. She couldn’t bear this insult. – Charu? She hanged herself
and committed suicide. Charu! Charu! What have you done, Charu? ‘Since childhood he considered
her as sister, after losing her.. ..which brother will stay quiet?’ What happened to her?
– Sir, nothing happened to her. Look, my sister is sleeping peacefully. Sir, she’s sleeping peacefully. Sir, she used to hit me with this hand.. ..and used to force
me to tell her story. She’s become silent today. Sir, you wanted to know
how many hold her hand, right? Sir, ask her. She will answer you. Sir, whenever she walked,
I could hear the jingle of her anklets.. I can’t hear it. Sir, she’s become silent. Sir, you wanted to know
how many hold her leg, right? Sir, ask her. She will answer you. Charu, when his wife will be raped.. ..or his sister is raped,
he’ll question her in detail. Like he had asked you Charu. Sir, why will you be concerned
about poor people like us? Sir, you don’t protect us. Sir, you question her.
Charu will answer you. Sir, ask her. Sir, ask her. Why don’t you ask her? Scoundrel, have you become deaf? – Hey! I am quiet, this doesn’t mean you’ll
blabber anything. Are you so angry? Will you hit me? Hold this. Kill me.. Kill me.. ‘I just went out for two days.. ..but what I had not even
thought in my dreams had happened.’ ‘My friend who was always with me.. ..and my beloved sister
who used to feed me.. ..I had lost them forever.’ Son, let’s go.
How long will you stand here? This is not just our problem.. ..but the entire country. Becoming a policeman doesn’t mean that.. ..he increases the
stars on his shoulders.. have to remind
them of their duties. Do you know,
our country was not so weak? If everyone works honestly.. ..our police can become the
biggest strength of our country. But today the public fears
to lodge a complaint in the police. Because police has turned the
police station into gambling store. There’s no proper law and order. They made your sister tell
about the rape again and again. What else she could have
done other than committing suicide? How did they rape you, who touched you.. ..was that rape..
they asked her such questions. They said, it would take years
to get justice if we went to the court. They didn’t file a case. Dishonest police officer
didn’t take any action. We should be proud
hearing the word ‘police’.. ..instead, we curse them. We fear them. But I am faith.. ..that if the police do their duty.. ..with honesty,
this problem will be solved. ‘After hearing grandpa,
I got the passion to do something.’ Your honor, tell me, am I wrong? Was that police inspector right? Had he been, my friend and
my sister would’ve got justice. This is not the problem
of just our city.. ..but it exists in every district,
state, in our entire country. Rape incidents are
increasing day by day. It is not stopping. If this
continues our country won’t progress. If you think what I did was wrong.. ..then I am ready to undergo
any punishment you give me. Before taking any decision about this.. ..we wish to hear the
opinion of the public. Their decision is very
important in this case. So that injustice is not done to anyone. So, if someone has to
say anything about this case.. ..we grant permission to the public. Sir, my name is Ramaswamy. He is incarnation of
god that we worship daily. He is our Lord Ganesh. Every auto driver
is leading a happy life.. ..with his family and
eating two square meal.. is because of Mr. Ganesh. It is because of him
that goons left the city. The only good thing what the government
officials do is, pass in the exams. Then they only do bad work. But Mr. Ganesh.. ..did wrong by becoming
IPS without appearing any exams. But whatever he did a good job. Ganesh uncle is very good,
please don’t punish him. After hearing what the public
has to say in the people’s court.. ..this court has decided that.. ..the way police treated
Ganesh and his family.. crossing the
limits of shamelessness.. was because of that Ganesh was
forced to become a fake police officer.. that he can get the weak points
of the government in front of the court. Whatever he did was because
of cruelty done by policemen. The law and order of this country.. more important than
the decision of the public. So, Ganesh has to pay a fine of 1 lakh.. ..and one month in jail. Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! “There’s a chaos everywhere.” “The lad from Biraj is here,
careful with your pot.” “Careful with your pot.” The power of the chair,
table, and this baton has gone. But my power remains intact. Cap. Until you wear this lion cap,
you have power and attitude. Once you remove the cap,
no one can save you from my wrath. Not even god of death. What a dialogue! Whoever is wearing cap,
come here and remove it. Bahubali, it is said
that this cap has power in it. But why can’t I see it? My father gave me a name,
that is on my bike too. Chariot changes the
direction of the wind. When Ganesh comes, there’s a tornado.
What is this? Girls respect me as
the dot on their forehead. If you touch girls, you’ll be..
Hey, who is it? The star given by the public is on my
forehead, this is just its reflection. Star shines because of the moon.
I am sun, I’ll burn you. People who have blessings of the fan,
lives long.. I have the power to reduce your age.
My power is more. Hey! The power is more. He came with this
power to compete with me. Where is he? If you wish to wear this
cap permanently on your head.. ..then you have to listen to me. Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Glory to Ganesh! Greetings, sir. – Greetings. Son, when you get released from jail.. ..I thought you would take
me to the Chamundeshwari temple. Will you take me? – Sure, grandma. Why did you stop the car here? Grandpa, the food that
you get here is very tasty. Come, let’s eat. Grandma, I’ve seen many movies.. ..but I have not seen
any couple like you till today. You both have food, I will be
back in five minutes. I’ll be back soon. Okay. Where is he? He was here, right? “Darling.” “Darling.” “I am the queen of your heart.
Come and talk to me lovingly.” “Darling.” “I am the queen of your heart.
Come and talk to me lovingly.” “Darling.” “I am young. I am crazy about you.” “Take me, we’ll dance in the midnight.” “I will take you to heaven.” “I will forget the entire world.” “I am the queen of your heart.
Come and talk to me lovingly.” “Darling.” “I am the queen of your heart.
Come and talk to me lovingly.” “Darling.” “All my lovers are standing in a line,
but I like you the most.” “Shall I chat on Whatsapp or call you?” “Take me into your arms,
you won’t get this opportunity.” “Your eyes are intoxicating,
let us get high.” “Let us get lost in your tresses.” “You are my parrot.
Don’t go away from me.” “Don’t stop me,
I am going to the lane of love.” “I will take you to heaven.” “I will forget the world.” “I am the queen of your heart.
Come and talk to me lovingly.” “Darling.” “Can you blow my whistle, babe?
Can you blow my whistle?” “Can you blow my whistle, babe?
Can you blow my whistle?” “You won’t find such a figure,
you can look in the entire world.” “I’ve been made lovingly.
Everyone wants to get me.” “My beauty may make you go crazy.” “I will play Ringa
ringa roses with you.” “I will endure all
your attitude in love.” “You belong to me. You are my beloved.” “Our pair will be a super hit.” “I will take you to heaven.” “I will forget the entire world.” “I am the queen of your heart.
Come and talk to me lovingly.” “Darling.” “I am the queen of your heart.
Come and talk to me lovingly.” “Darling.” Hey, are you feeling sad that I’m alive
though you sent so many men to kill me? Kid, actually the thing is, if
you add 0 in front of 1, it remains 1. But if you add 0 after 1, it becomes 10. I have a habit of adding 0 later,
not in the front. My mother told me that the
one who keeps 0 behind is number one. You know that very well
that there’s a vast difference.. ..between 0 and 1 number. So, don’t try this again. Or.. Did you understand? The one who messes with
Pratap Kale doesn’t live long. Sir.. – Greetings, sir. – Greetings, sir.
– Bali, what are you doing here? Sir, after you left, Kale
and his men have destroyed the city. No one believes in law. Everyone are worried because of that. Whatever you did in our
city for our betterment.. ..after you left, everything got ruined. The license that you got
us for transport business.. ..he cancelled it and forced us to work.
– Yes, sir. They are telling the truth. What do you want me to do? Sir, you become IPS officer.
– I’m happy to see you. But it is not easy to get that position. He will have to pass IPS exam. Can’t Mr. Ganesh pass the IPS exams? It is very difficult. – Why, sir? A guy studying in
7th was very brilliant. He appeared for MA exams from Madras
University, and surprisingly he passed. When a 10th grade guy can
clear MBBS at Gujarat University.. ..that too he topped, you tell me.. ..why can’t you pass
if you give IPS exam? You are right. But it is not easy for
Ganesh to become an IPS. There’s a procedure. Chief minister or
governor of the state.. ..will request the
President of our country.. ..only then he can appear for exams. Then we all will go to
Bangalore and share our concern.. the chief minister’s
public program. We’ll tell them to give
that post to Mr. Ganesh. Yes, we will surely tell him. IPS is a responsible
post of our country. We can’t allow anyone
to cross the limits of law.. ..and can’t grant permission
to anyone to write exams. When we have the rights
to choose a CM of our state.. ..then why can’t we have rights
to choose police officer to protect us? We can’t select anyone
as per our choice. Sir, who appeared for exams in which
state and how they got permission.. ..all the details are in it.
Please decide after reading it. Sir, he’s right. If this reaches
the president with CM’s application.. ..then Ganesh can appear for IPS exams. Sir, what about the application given to
the President? Will Ganesh become IPS? The public of our state tried
to get Ganesh and trusted him.. ..and seeing the law
and order of our state.. ..Ganesh has got the permission from
President to appear for the IPS exams. Greetings, sir..
– Don’t greet me. Just sit. Sit down. Chief minister,
I don’t know how you’ll do it.. ..but Ganesh shouldn’t
become an IPS at any cost. This decision is taken by the public. Hey, it was my decision to make
you sit on this chair, not the public. If you wish to stay on this position,
you’ve to listen to me, not the public. What do you mean? Like you said in front
of the media that.. ..Ganesh got the permission
to appear for the IPS exams.. have to tell the
media that you made a mistake. If I listen to you and stop
Ganesh from appearing exams.. ..then not only my position.. ..our government will fall.
– If you permit him.. ..then I will make the government fall. If I don’t permit,
the public will do that. If I permit, you’ll make it fall. I will permit him,
let me see who does what. You mean, Ganesh will
appear for the exams? – Yes. You are born to serve people. Nothing can go wrong with you. You will pass in this exam. Sure.. – The soldier
protects its motherland.. ..God never disappoints such people. You will be successful. Take this. Thanks, grandpa. I shall leave now. Viewers, as you see Ganesh has come
to the hall to appear for IPS exams. People have crowded this place.
Everyone are here to encourage Ganesh. Mr. Ganesh.. are going in speed.
This is not good. This is not speed, but attitude. IPS exam is not easy as farming. Commissioner, I am very adamant.. achieve what I want.. ..I stake my life. I don’t even think. Public wants to see me on that chair. There’s not much
difference in you and me. You are 71 and I am 27,
you’ve already become a commissioner.. ..and I will become ACP after this exam. There’s a small difference,
the designation will change. People will applaud for you.. ..but they’ll whistle for me. You are experienced.. ..and I.. Anyways, forget it.
I am going to appear for my exams.. ..wish me best of luck. No problem.. all the best, Mr. Ganesh. Ganesh’s IPS exam is going to start. Everyone are waiting outside exam hall. You’ll know in few hours
if Ganesh passed or failed. Chief minister gave him
permission to give IPS exams.. ..he thinks he will pass. It is
not fifth grade exam, it is IPS exams. I failed so many
times in 10 grade exams. He is giving IPS exams.. write.. write.. Ganesh’s exam started
at 10:20 in the morning. The results will be
announced in few hours. Thank you, sir. – Ganesh’s IPS
exam results are going to be declared.. ..everyone is waiting. We’ll know
in some time if Ganesh passed or failed. The checking of Ganesh’s
IPS exam is over. The results are declared and he passed.
– He passed! He passed!
He passed! – I saw, he passed. What do I do? Do you support him or me? So what he became IPS? He did not
become prime minister of the country. The public is very
happy as Ganesh passed. To appoint him as IPS again.. ..chief minister and home
minister have reached his house. When will Ganesh join duty? Very soon.
He may join anytime now. Please. He did so much becoming a fake officer.. he is a real officer.. ..don’t know what all he has planned. Thank you. – Welcome back, sir.
– Thank you. – Welcome back, sir. Hello? – Pratap Kale..
– I can’t compete with you.. ..but I can tell him your dialogue. My father has given me a
name and I have given it to my bike. The chariot changes
the direction of the wind.. ..and when Ganesh walks,
there’s tornado. – Hey! Who are you?
– Whoever you spoke to was a fake IPS.. ..who you will speak
to now is original IPS. Sir.. Hello. – Congratulations, Ganesh. Ashok.. – Sir? – Make a FIR
on Pratap Kale Group of Constructions. Seize the building by mentioning
illegal storey without permission. People who lost their lives
while making the building.. will pay
their families 15 lakhs. Highlight this point in the FIR. Greeting, sir. – Greetings. Sir, we are poor farmers. When we go
to sell the vegetables in the market.. ..goons and thugs threaten us. Sir, earlier we used
to get a good price. Sir, they loot us by putting
duplicate weighing scale. Sir, you tell us what do we do? Keep it here..
– Greetings, boss. – What is it? East, west, north, south,
and center, I’ve heard your name.. You talk too much. – I talk too much? Sir, I said the right thing.
– You are talking nonsense. You mean what I heard was wrong? I’ve heard rumors that
whoever comes here becomes rich. I don’t like to listen to people.
Just tell me what you want. Why did you come here? – I
heard you give nice price for grains. I’ve brought it.
Shall I show you? – Yes. Look here. I’ve brought it. Keep it here. Sir, see it yourself. Chhote! – Yes, boss? – Weigh the truck. Here. It is 18 quintal. Sir, bill. – Give him the bill. Just check if everything is okay.
– Yes it is. It must be correct. Here is your bill. Here.. take this. Bali.. According the government budget,
the lot should be 102 quintal. Then how can it be 18 quintal? Who are you? – Your father, Ganesh. Assistant commissioner of police! In one lot,
if you calculate 24 quintals.. ..into 50 quintals of load daily,
it will be 1200 quintal. If you calculate the entire month,
it is 36,000 quintals. You steal grains from poor farmers.. ..what can a farmer do
instead of committing suicide? Every day one of the farmers
commit suicide in any village. You take 15% of what you give them.. ..then how can they repay the loan.. ..and take care of their
family in the rest 15%? Who is the owner? Pratap Kale. Officers.. Put a notice and
seize all the shops of Pratap Kale here. Hey, get her here.. – Leave me. You rejected the goods of my
company saying it is of low quality. Let me tell you, the work going
on here is not of a sugar factory.. ..but it is hospital. If they buy material from people
like you and construct the building.. will collapse in
2 years instead of 100 years. Are you making Taj Mahal
that will be erect for 100 years? After all it is a government hospital. The government doesn’t run for 5 years.
There’s no guarantee of anything. Just sign the quality papers..
– If I listen to you and sign them.. ..and if this building collapses,
I will be cursed. You are thinking about the people
who’ll die if the building collapses.. ..but I am thinking about killing
you before making the building. I don’t like to raise my hands on girls. Drag her and make her sign. If she doesn’t sign,
chop her hands and get it to me. My timing is correct, right? They show it in films that policemen
reach late after everything is over. But I am a little different.
I come before. Look, like we respect our country flag,
we should respect girls too. If you insult the flag,
it is like you insulted me. If you insult a girl,
it is like you insulted me. Moreover, she is my girlfriend. I want to ask you something. – Go ahead. You say you don’t love me..
you scold me all the time. Then why did you fight for me,
why did you come to drop me home? If there’s nothing in your heart,
what do I think this as? Police.. There’s no rule in law that
I have to save only my girlfriend. I didn’t know my dream
boy fights so well. You don’t know anything about me yet. Give some time, you’ll know everything. “There’s a temple in
the front and a road beside.” “There’s a wheel on the road.
Wheel means bus.” “Bus belongs to my friend.
I travel in it daily.” “Darling, come soon.
I am waiting for you.” “You don’t care. Why do you trouble me?” “You make me restless.
You awaken desires in me.” “There’s a spark in my heart.
I’ll leave the world for you.” “I will fall in love with you.
I am your hero.” “Where are you lost?
– My heart belongs to her now.” “Where are you lost?
– My heart belongs to her now.” “There’s a temple in
the front and a road beside.” “There’s a wheel on the road.
Wheel means Bullet.” “My king is on the Bullet. My king.” “Oh, what a style. His smile is killer.” “I don’t know what’s special about you.” “I have given my hand in your hands.” “I am crazy about you. You make
me your queen. We’ll write a story.” “I belong to you.” “Where’s your heart lost?
– I don’t know when I fell in love.” “Where’s your heart lost?
– I don’t know when I fell in love.” “Since I’ve met you,
my destiny has changed.” “You have brought happiness,
I don’t have any sorrow now.” “I will listen to you.
You mean the world to me.” “Wherever you are,
it is my destination.” “I like you. I want to be with you.” “Our pair has become
famous in the world.” “No one is a Japanese doll like you.” “I lose control on my heart seeing you.” “O beloved, you belong to me.
You belong to me, O beloved.” “Your talks are sweet.
I want to play Holi with you.” “Tell me once that you are my beloved.” “Where’s your heart lost?
– I don’t know when I fell in love.” “Where’s your heart lost?
– I don’t know when I fell in love.” “Since I’ve fallen for you.
I have forgotten the world.” “Meet me once, I will love you more.” “I’ve become restless.
Stop fighting with me.” “If you agree,
there’ll be spring in my life.” “My beauty and youth belongs to you.” “God has made you for me.” “Since we’ve met,
the flowers of love have bloomed.” “There shouldn’t be any arguments.
It will be fun living with you.” “O darling, you belong to me.
You belong to me, O darling.” “Your talks are sweet.
I want to play Holi with you.” “Tell me once that you are my darling.” “Where are you lost?
– My heart belongs to her now.” “Where is your heart lost?
– I don’t know when I fell in love.” Hey, pack lunch box for your boss. Eat this. What are you watching? Eat this! What happened?
You couldn’t eat one morsel. Millions of children eat the same food. Hundred children ate this food
and are admitted in the hospital today. If it is proved that
children had food poisoning.. ..or if anything happens to them then.. Let them die. It is natural. People die during flood and Tsunami.
This is the same. Since you’ve worn
this original uniform,.. ..I don’t know what’s wrong with you,
you are after me. You support labors,
farmers, and drivers.. ..what do you want?
– I am here because of their support. I used to work to
take care of my family. I support farmers because
I was a farmer myself. If our farmers don’t
harvest for one year.. ..then the entire country will starve. I support drivers because
our country runs because of them. One day if drivers don’t come on work.. ..then all your accounts
will get bankrupt. I agree..
whatever you are telling is true. Can I eat my food now? It’s getting cold. – Get up. Chhote.. – I told you to get up! If we find traces of poison in food,
you are done for. Your countdown starts now. If I don’t shatter
every bit of your kingdom.. ..and make you plead
for a morsel of food.. ..and make you beg of the streets.. ..I don’t deserve
to be called as Ganesh. If you don’t find a
job in the entire city.. ..then there’s a vacant position
of a watchman at my house. You can come and join duty anytime. What did you say? Think about it,
my dialogue can become reality. Good morning, sir. Good afternoon, sir. Good evening, sir. Help me! Help me! Sir.. sir.. leave me. When did you get pollution test
for your vehicle? – Sir, three days ago. Sir, they are mixing petrol
with kerosene everywhere. Put 10 liters of petrol in this can. We can’t give it in the can,
government doesn’t permit. Okay, then put it in the vehicle.
– How many liters? – 10 liters. It is done. Officers, which measurement
is perfect and which is less? Sir, we found adulteration
in Pratap Kale’s petrol bunk. Pratap Kale’s bunk is enough
to destroy the entire city. Seize all the petrol
bunks of Pratap Kale. Boss, why are you meditating
in front of Ganesh’s photo? I am trying to concentrate. But Ganesh is disturbing me. I will disturb him now. What about Shankar?
– Let him be inside for now. We have to uproot Ganesh now. What do you mean? – Donkeys are kicked.. ..but intelligent people
are handled smartly. I need to be alone now. Don’t disturb me. Go away! Our Ganesh is looking so
handsome in police uniform, right? He is our grandson after all. Sir, I’ve become a watchman. I am doing my job honestly. Sir, will you take your
grandparents’ dead body home.. ..or should I deliver it home? Sir, I am a watchman,
so I have to be honest. Sir, I did my job honestly
as a watchman, isn’t it? Sir, you go to DIG’s office. Sir, what’s the matter?
– Play the video. Greetings, Pratap Kale TV. Breaking news,
I am your watchman speaking. I have done by job very honestly. What was the dialogue? The chariot changes
the direction of the wind. When Ganesh comes, there’s tornado. When Pratap comes, there’s Tsunami! I have kidnapped the daughters
of all the officers in the department. Whether it is constable,
sweeper, or DIG.. ..everyone’s daughter is
calling out to their brother Ganesh. Are you coming? Look here. It is a matter of your sisters’ dignity. Not only this,
your girlfriend is also here. If you are male, come and save them. Had you done your duty
as a policeman properly.. ..your daughter wouldn’t
have been there today. Boss, he is here! Hey Pandu, come on, let’s go. Leave! Hey, kill him! Bullets got over. Your life too! Look, you’ve come
here to save the girls.. ..I have hidden them in the container. You have only five minutes to save them. If not, they all will die. Hey, hurry up. Leave. No.. Stop. We appreciate Ganesh’s courage. So the government which
gives bravery awards.. the brave soldiers every year.. ..will be given to
Ganesh for his bravery. Our government has decided it. Along with this,
he is promoted as Deputy commissioner. Keep it up. – Thank you, sir. Sir, I have a request. – Tell me. Whether IAS or IPS.. ..or any government job.. ..give them rights
to do it with freedom. Only then the country will progress. Sure, I will surely try.
– Thank you, sir. What is this?
– My resignation letter, sir. Why resignation? The responsibility that I took to
serve people by wearing uniform.. has been completed. If any demon comes again.. ..then I will join duty again. Thank you, sir. Mr. Ganesh, I want to become like you.
What do I do? You have to study and become smart. You have to think about
people than yourself. You have to respect your parents. People who protect us.. ..and feed us.. have to salute everyone. Come on boy, salute.

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    16 “क्योंकि ईश्वर दुनिया से प्यार करता था,  कि उसने अपना इकलौता पुत्र दिया, जो कोई भी उस पर विश्वास करता है, उसे नाश नहीं होना चाहिए, बल्कि अनन्त जीवन प्राप्त करना चाहिए। 17 क्योंकि परमेश्‍वर ने अपने बेटे को दुनिया की निंदा करने के लिए दुनिया में नहीं भेजा था, लेकिन इस वजह से कि दुनिया उसके ज़रिए बच जाए

    "सभी ने पाप किया है, और भगवान की महिमा से कम आए हैं;" रोम अध्याय ३: श्लोक २३

    "पाप की मजदूरी मौत है, लेकिन भगवान का मुफ्त उपहार मसीह यीशु हमारे प्रभु में अनन्त जीवन है।" रोमियों चैप 6: आयत 23

    "मैं रास्ता, सच्चाई और जीवन हूँ: कोई भी पिता के पास नहीं आता है, लेकिन मेरे द्वारा।" (जॉन १४.६)

    "मसीह हमारे पापों के लिए शास्त्रों के अनुसार मर गया, और वह दफन हो गया, और तीसरे दिन वह शास्त्र के अनुसार फिर से उठ गया" 1 कोर। 15: 3-4

    इसके लिए मेरा [क] वाचा का खून है, जो पापों की क्षमा के लिए बहुतों के लिए डाला जाता है। मत्ती 26:28

    रोम 10:
    9 यदि आप अपने मुंह से प्रभु यीशु को स्वीकार करते हैं, और अपने दिल में विश्वास करते हैं कि भगवान ने उसे मृतकों में से उठाया है, तो आप बच जाएंगे।
    10 क्योंकि मनुष्‍य धार्मिकता के प्रति विश्वास रखता है; और मुंह के साथ स्वीकारोक्ति मोक्ष के लिए किया जाता है।
    13 क्योंकि जो कोई भी यहोवा के नाम से पुकारेगा उसे बचाया जाएगा।

    "इसलिए, जब से हमें विश्वास के द्वारा न्यायोचित ठहराया गया है, हमें अपने प्रभु यीशु मसीह के माध्यम से ईश्वर के साथ शांति है।" रोमियों 5: 1

    उद्धार, पापों की क्षमा, किसी को भी उपलब्ध है जो यीशु मसीह पर अपने भगवान और उद्धारकर्ता के रूप में भरोसा करेगा।

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