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Smoking and Drinking is injurious to health. Sir, give me some work plz. Vasham Dr.Vibhuthi Nag, received 9000 calls
in our Charan TV studio. From Big Bang to BhagavathGita, from Old stone age to the present, callers spoke some concept they liked. Dr.Vibhuthinag is going to repeat the
caller name and the topic the caller spoke. Are you guys ready to watch
this new sensational happening? Namaste, Hello everybody. Welcome to your favourite show
‘Unbelievable Yet True.’ Unbelievable Yet True 10 days, 150 hours, 900 calls on each day, total 9000 calls, and a new topic in every call. Can anyone memorize all the calls? Man’s memory has infinite possibilities, yes, anything is possible says, our challenger Dr.Vibhuthi nag.
Welcome sir! We have representatives from Limca
Book of World records here as Judges! So, lets start the game, call 040- 2007640, and select a number between 1-9000, Dr. Vibhuthi Nag will repeat
the message in the call.>Hello, Welcome to the Show. Hello, this is Krishna murthy. Your program is very interesting. Thank you,
please tell us the number you chose. 956.
– 956. Call number 956, Shankara Sastry
from tirupati. He recited the first poem in
‘Bhagavatham’ Telugu version.>Call number 3176, Shakespeare’s Quote ” We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”>Hello.
– Morning, Aravind. To call this early on a weekend to
say good morning, is harrassment baby! Cut it, switch on the TV first, they are telecasting an interesting program. Distance of light year, 9.4605284 в 10**12 kilometers Wow. I can’t believe it. The film ‘Pather Panchali’ released in 1955
directed by Satyajit Ray, is based on the book by Vibhuthibhushan Bandopadhyay
in 1929 titles ‘Pather Panchali’. last one sir, Limca book of records
representatives will tell you the number. 5983.
– Call no 5983. The fundamental rights of
Indian constitution. Right to equality, Right to freedom, Right against exploitation, Right to freedom of religion, Cultural and Educational rights, Right to constitutional remedies, and, Right to live. Wow, Impressive. I can believe what i saw today! How is it possible sir? I am yet to digest what I saw today, all of you saw that professor left
without answering the secret behind this. How would it possible? Lets ask the famous sciencist Dr.Siddharth who did
lots of research on Human brain capacity for his views.>Before Vedas were printed in book format,
they were spread by memorizing them, so ancestors remembered
all the scriptures byheart. If we can activate out subconscious mind
in the right way, we can remember every incident
that happened in our life. Even I am interested to know how
Dr.Vibhuthinag did such a feat! Dr.Sidharth, thanks for sharing
such valuable information. Let’s meet next week in a new episode,
your Gayathri Bhargavi from Charan TV.>Yes.
– How is the program sir? Quiet interesting! you can wake me up for these programs, well done, keep doing it. Thanks for the permission sir. Hey! we thought of meeting
your brother on his birthday. It seems you are very eager to meet him. Ofcourse, need to impressive your
family members one by one, might help later! Sorry baby, to impress him is impossible. Why?
– Because he hates me. Dude, your birthday celebrations
started a week early! You bagged a silver medal in the olympiad! I bagged a bronze man.. Lets party man! Congrats mate! Man, we are friends for years, but i never understood one thing,
you never enjoy your victories! I really dont understand.. why? My elder brother won a gold medal
many years before. Oh!
– Yup. you can call your parents and say
you achieved something, and they will feel proud, But I cant! because my
elder brother did everything! But Someday I will prove
I am better than him, we will celebrate then. Thats the spirit man. Bro!
– What? I am planning
to ask Neha out for a date. Wow! Finally. Carry on.
– Do you think, she will agree to go out? Dude, you are the smart, tell me if she doesnt,
I will come and handle it. No please! I will handle it. Sure?
– Yeah, sure. I completely believed in you meghana. That’s why, I gave you this project. But, you messed it up! So you are blaming me for everything! Yes, ofcourse. Sir, you cant make me the scapegoat, everyone accepted the solution, if it is not working now, it is everyone’s mistake not just mine! What are you saying!
You are the project manager, you are responsible for the project! I am sorry, you can leave now. Did you order anything? So this is your project then, give me your requirement documents! Don’t insult me Arvind! I have been working on it for three months! I know you are good, but, that doesnt mean you can do everything! Okay, Do you any have
any other option option? Ok, take it. Thank you. Well baby!
– What? you need another Sandwich? No, I need a big treat girl!
– Oh, Aravind. You were saying something like,
I am just good or something! Hope you understood that I am the best! Yes sir,understood, you are the best! Be careful there Maggy, if you give me something simple,
I am sure I will mess it up! One minute!>Hello, Meghana. I fixed the code. I know you can do it Meghana, you just needed a push, this takes our company to a new level! It’s not our company,
I am leaving the company, and I will take our clients with me, Sorry, it’s not our’s.. It’s mine. you back stabbing.. You know me well sir, I am not interested in Power and posts! I helped you as a friend,
I didnt expect anything in return. Oh plz don’t say that guruji, Only because of you,
I came out of depression. I know you helped me as a friend,
and you didn’t expect anything from me! Then, why are you forcing me to meet CM. After watching your program, he requested me
many times to join you as a disciple. He is under lot of stress, You know about our situation, right? Okay, I will think about it. Great sir, Thank you. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, DSP. How are you?
– Very good, sir. Professor, this is DSP Manoj. He rescued me once from a naxal attack! I already told you.. Manoj, he is Professor Vibhuthi Nag,
doctorate in Yoga and Psychology. Professor, I heard a lot about you sir! Oh, I am a simple professor! But, I really heard a lot
about your adventures. Absolutely professor! He is intelligent, honest, and, more over he don’t know about fear. The most fearless guy I have ever seen. He can do anything..
– Nice! Okay Professor, I must leave now, Professor, please think about
the favour I asked! – Sure. Nice meeting you, DSP.
– Pleasure is mine, sir. Can you join me for a walk?
– Sure, sir. But you have to walk a bit slow, I am not an young man like you. You have to walk a bit slow.
– Sure, sir. You are promising me your word! I met you somewhere. Yes sir, we met during Mahesh suicide case. Yeah, you are his colleague, right? I remember the case,
we closed it treating it as a suicide. But I still have my doubts. Lets meet up sometime and
discuss the case once. Ok?
– Sure, sir. I will give you a call. Arvind, who is he? He is saying about suicide case. He is a DSP, lets talk about it later. Is your shopping done?
– Yeah, let’s go. Boys! Dheeraj! Hi! Sit here bro. Dont over do it. Happy birthday bro! Thank you bro, Thanks a lot. This is my friend Meghana.
– Hi. Hi.
– Happy birthday, Raj. Thank you.
– Congrats for the silver in Olympiad. Congratulations! Didn’t Arvind tell you, he won a gold! What is this bro, last time
you bought a cake and chocolates. This time nothing? I thought cake is too routine! I always wanted something but couldn’t
ask my dad when I am a student! May be Raj must have it! What? You made me curious brother!
What is it? Surprise! Just go and watch. Wow! Wow! Thank you bro, Thanks a lot. How is it?
– It’s really good. Dress is from Meghana. Thank you Meghana, sorry about the sarcasm! We always fight like that.
– It’s ok. He would not have brought you here
unless he is serious. There should be fight in the home. I am ready to sign the witness papers. lets discuss who is going to
take the pillion seat first. First look at that. This is our regular hanging spot. Very nice. I enjoyed the date a lot. Me too, it was a good day. What are you doing raj?
– Come on, let’s have some fun. Come on. Idiot. I never saw such cold blooded murder
in my ten years of my service! Did the murderer drew all these! Sir, this is not a murder! This is suicide! What? Are you sure? 100%, he locked himself up in
this room for three days, he shot himself. Oh god, I can’t even imagine the pain. I think his mental condition is
very much disturbed. I know him personally doctor,
he is mentally very strong. Wonder why this happened! You know that Hitler
committed suicide, right? Everyone has a breaking point. She hit me buddy! Dude, this is 1323rd time
you said this, let it go. This is the first time
you are loosing money! Show! Brother, you woke up early to play cards? No buddy! We are awake from the night! If I knew studying is this much fun,
I wouldn’t have quit! Cut it and throw the newspaper first. Dude, do you remember this guy? He was our chief guest to our fest! DSP Manoj, right?
– Yeah. He said much on that day. He spoke about that never say die,
attitude, blah blah.. How come this fellow committed suicide? The news is all over the newspaper! Buddy, don’t tell me that you are
developing interest in suicides now! What is it mate? What are you doing man? This is a puzzle, if you solve this,
you will get a hidden message. You are a sherlock and
Moriorty is sending you messages? You are thinking too much
and imagining this stuff. Why are you laughing? Look here. These numbers show the rows
and columns in a matrix. This is insane. what?
– Nothing, what next? Let’s draw a spiral here in
fibonacci sequence. I L L.. Illuminate. Illuminate.
– But what? Look here. M I N D.. Mind. Dude, this is awesome. Now you go, get a paper
and you too solve this. Is everything alright?
– Yes, bro. Hey Arvind, when did you come? Just now! Can she be normal ever again? I know your are feeling bad. But, I don’t want to give you false hopes. I can’t get her out of the shock
she suffered. Only a miracle can save her. I understand doctor. But, don’t worry. We have a good news. Those sudden Fits stopped now,
you can take her home soon. That is really a great news doctor. Thank you very much.
– You are welcome. Okay I need to examine the patient. Please go out.
– Sure. Come. No brother, you almost covered
all the hospital charges. It is not trouble. Mahesh would have done the same,
if I am in this position. I am very happy that aunty
is recovering soon! Bye.
– Ok.>Hello!
– Hey Maggie, where are you? Where else? In my room. Full free for few days,
thanks to my resignation! How about dinner tonight? Surething, see you soon. I am getting very good response
from clients, Arvind. They are continue with my start up. I dont know how to thank you Arvind? You saved my career and
added colors to my life. I should thank you too, Meghana. I wanted to leave everything here
and disappear. What?
– Yup. I was about to resign my job
and leave the city! Thanks to you.
You filled me with new hope and love! You never mentioned anything about this
till now! Tell me what happened? Arvind.. Arvind. I still dont want to talk about that.. All I can tell you is, I dumped
a friend when he needed me. Because, I was scared! Are you talking about Mahesh? What happened to him? Forget about that, It is better for us not to discuss
about him! I am not ready. We all made our share of mistakes. Did I ever tell you the story of Nahusha? Nahusha?
– yes. Nahusha is the name of a snake right? He was a king before, such a mighty king, that he was offered the post of Indra,
when Indra was in exile! He reached a position,
which no other human achieved! Then, why did he become a serpent? Mistakes, like everyone he has his faults. He lusted ‘Sachi devi’ wife of Indra. He made the saptha rishis
to carry him in a palaquin. He kicked with his foot, the great rishi
Agasthya who was carrying him! THe rishi cursed him to live like
an ordinary serpent on the earth! And, then he fell down and down
and down from heaven. Pity!
– The story began there. Do you know the greatness of Nahusha? He believed that every downfall
is a secret of success. He compared both Indra’s position
and changed like a snake as the waves. The wave should get the energy every time. With that confidence he announced
as he will win. And, said to other gods also. You are an angel Meghana. My father used to recite a story named
‘Nahush ka Pathan’ when we were kids.>You are showing me a new angle everytime, makes me surprise. “Past is being as a fog..” “If it immerse you as the sorrows..” “Inside this many days..” “You came as the morning..” “And took the rays of the smile..” “Wipe off with your touch..” “Feeling as I did a sin..” “I carried a lot of weight..” “When I was in darkness..” “Light is being as your look..” “My courage is in your form..” “We will again reached to the heaven..” “All the dreams become true and
all the truths become the dream..” “Love means joining of
two hearts together..” “Oh my darling! Love is a miracle..” “It connects you and me like this..” “What a feeling inside of my heart..” “It speaks your name only..” Hi, Bro. What a surprise bro. You should have called before coming, right? I thought of calling, but forgot! Catch it bro. Tell me, what’s up? I am working on few puzzles bro. Numbers and codes. Please look at this problem once. These are duodecimal numbers,
replace with Atomic weights, You get the chemical compounds! Shit.. Wow! How did you guess this bro? I tried to solve this for a week! I didnt get this idea at all. There are no specific rules and
regulations to solve these puzzles, Just hit and run! and you know that I am good at this stuff! Thanks a lot bro. It was a long time we met
like this and had some fun. Yes, bro. We fight with
each other all the time Yeah, this became a habit. Anyways.. Cheers. To new beginnings then! New beginnings! Sir asked me to come now,
I need to talk to him. Okay sir, Vibhuthi Nag sir is in there, you can meet minister sir,
once he leaves. Vibhuthi Nag? who is he? Another minister? No. he is minister sir’s guru!
he wont do a thing with guruji’s consent! Oh, Another Babaji.. okay Loot all public property and
rush to baba’s feet, and the public again
elects these fellows! To hell with this!>Hello, One minute sir. Sir CM sir’s phone! One minute, Guruji. Sir, tell me,
you called me at the right time. Did you talk with Guruji? I already spoke with him sir. I will remind him again. We can’t rush him sir.
Lets hope he will accept. Bye, sir. Guruji, CM sir called me again. He reminded me again again to
arrange a meet with you. Will tell you soon. Bye. Sir!
– DSP saved my life once. Yes sir, we know!
He is our role model. I can’t believe that he commited suicide. Any clue on that case? It is going no where sir. It is a complete mystery. You know he is single, and not a clue on his mental,
physical condition as well. I met him recently in a park. I didn’t see any abnormality in him. He looked perfectly normal to me. Anyways keep updating me about the case. Sure sir. Harsha!
– Sir. I introduced to dr.Vibhuthinag on that day. Guruji who just left now in the car. He can look at a person and
grasp many things. Meet him once, he might give a clue. Sure, sir.
– Good luck. Dude, what is this? We left all our works and
are wasting time on these puzzles! This is not time waste mate. There is some secret hidden
in these puzzles, One is true. If we solve these as said by the professor
we can achieve Super brain! That’s ok. I am get tensed. You know how much I like you right? But when that old man showed
some special interest in you, I felt angry and jealous. Jealousy is nothing new to me. I feel it everytime I see my brother. But don’t ever say
we will fight for these silly things. Did you solve the puzzles I gave you? Yeah, it took a week. But finally did it. Do you know what they are?
Musical nodes! But, one thing. No idea why professor wants
to do with those musical notes! What about you? I too solved one, it was an integral. After solving it and drawing the
graph, I got the Image a yoga position! Dude, 10 missed calls from your brother. Later! Sorry to disturb you sir. Your friend, Home minister prathap
sir asked me to meet you! This is regarding?
– DSP’s suicide! He thought you might give some
insights about his death! He met you few days before his death right? yes yes.. We met in a park! Come on in.. Let’s talk inside! Yes, proceed. Did you notice any abnormalities
in his behaviour? When we met him he was good. but you see,
his assumptions are all wrong and may be that led to this suicide! What assumptions?
– He believes that he is fearless. Yes, he is the most daring cop I ever saw! That’s the problem. Daring actions come out of fear! There is lot of fear in him! I told him the same! An intelligent, honest and fearless man.
He can do anything! It’s a very powerful statement. Tell me officer,
do you believe that you are that type? Well I can’t comment about intelligence. And, I try my best to be honest! But I have to say one thing.. I am fearless! You mean, you are fearless. well I have my doubts about your statement. Then you didn’t understand me! I understood you completely. you are not as brave as others say, I see fear in your eyes! Is this a challenge! You know, I am missing adventures nowadays! Tell me professor! Is this a challenge? You are very eager to
know the truth it seems, Then do one thing. Can you come over to my place tonight? Sure professor, at your service! Catch you to night then!
– Okay. I wanted to test the concept
of Fear on a fellow like this! Come in Manoj! Sit in front of please! As you say professor. Yes professor,
you were saying something about fear! I still see fear in your eyes. Come on,professor,
don’t keep repeating the same words, if you think you can scare me with
these spooky things and your dress! Try something new! Fine then. You tell me
why do you think you are fearless! Well, I fought ten naxalites
all alone with almost nothing! I spent a night in a graveyard all alone
again, to bust a drug transaction! I didn’t even fear for atleast 1/2 second. It’s more like showing off Manoj.
Try something new! You don’t need to tell me about the fear. I will show you what is Fear! Only a coward needs a weapon! Keep it aside. And look at this! You are thinking as the fear is in darkness. No, it is in the lighting only. You are thinking as the fear
is caused by others. No, it is with in you. Fear is with in you. Fear is with in you. I will leave now professor,
I should go! Take care! Dont worry officer,
I won’t do anything to you. I will explain you everything! All you need to do is, listen with patience and concentration! It’s enough. Can you do it officer? Definitely professor! Keep looking at it, and breathe. Take a deep breathe. It’s all about breathing! It’s all about breathing! It’s all about breathing! Take a deep breathe. It’s all about breathing! Take a deep breathe. It’s all about breathing! Take a deep breathe. Take a deep breathe.>Just came to hostel. Where are you?
I will call you back! Neha, I am Sorry.. I am sorry.. Look at my eyes. I am sorry.
– It’s okay. Come. I need to tell you a lot. What are those?
Why are you hiding them? Nothing bro, nothing! Where is Raj?
– He just left on some work! He is not even picking up my calls. Tell me the truth.
What are you guys upto? No, nothing like that bro. What is all this? Tell me the truth! Bro, we met someone, few days ago. So, you guys solved that puzzle. Yes, sir.
– Come in. Who solved this? You or you? We as a team solved it!
– Together? This is not a team work. If I say I will take only one of you,
the guy who solved this. What will you do? We both will leave, sir. Really! Let’s go.
– Wait, wait. You can work together as of now! But, I don’t think this will
be possible for you later! Whatever it is,
we will be in it together. We will see. So, tell me.
Why did you come here? To learn what you promised in the Ad! I came to learn that.
– Good. Knowledge will give you the brightening. So, tell me what do you think about mind? Your mind is your true teacher. What ever you learn,
you learn it from your mind, If you able to decode your mind, you can decode anything in the world! How is that possible professor? I can teach you that, in return you solve me more puzzles!
That’s all. No offenses sir. How can we trust you? I will demonstrate something for you, get that cloth and tie my eyes! One of you stay here and
the other one go to the next room, drop any number of items
you like on the floor, I will come and pick them up
in the same order! Ok?
– Go. You guys are clever.
– Wow. This was just a small demonstration! I can teach you much much better stuff! Symbols, numbers and words. That’s the game! Come back solving
these three puzzles, I will teach you Hypnotism! We will do anything, if you promise us
to teach everything you know. Seriously.
– Good. I too used to be very inquisitive like you. You are smart! Yes sir, we will solve these within no time! Good luck then, I will be waiting! I will see how much
you take to complete this. Yes, sir. Ok?
– Ok. By the way,
I forgot to ask your names! Raj, Dheeraj. Good.
– Come. He gave us 3 puzzles to solve, We could solve only 2 of them. So I solved the third puzzle
for you guys then! Where is that fellow? Did you meet him again? Yes, bro. Oh, my favourite students! I assume that, you solved the puzzles then!
– Yes, sir. We did it. Very good, I know. You have a lot of questions to ask me. but I wanted to test what you are capable of,
before telling anything about this! I came from a small village,
my father is a poor mason. I too would have become one, if I hadn’t had this will,
to learn and improve! How did you develop this interest? And, how did you learn all this? A group of conjurers gave a performance
in our school, when I was a kid! I attracted to them. I ran away from my home following them! With just 10 rupees in my
pocket, I stole from my father! I was thirteen years old then! I found the troop and joined, it was fun for few weeks, and then I understood, that they are performing just some tricks, they didn’t have any special powers. I asked a conjurer, if we can do them in real? He said only a monk can do it. And, they are in Haridwar. May be he said it out of sarcasm. He taught me to search. I reached Haridwar. I started searching
for the Yogi’s and Sadhus! Hungry. There was no food to eat. I did everything to survive, I participated in Animal sacrifices! I even ate a human dead body
along with Aghoras! You did one hell of an adventure sir. you are saying this because I succeeded, or else you would have said, its
the dumbest thing you ever heard! Is it? I learnt a lot from them. but still I need to learn a lot. Now, I am learning some secrets from a book. so if you help me in solving
few puzzles in it, I teach you what I learnt! Thats the deal!
– Yes, professor. It’s a deal. These are a bit tougher
than the previous ones. Lets see what you can do! You promised us to
teach hypnotism. Do you forget it? Nothing wrong in expecting stuff
in return for the work you did. No need to learn from me. The puzzles you solved, they give
you the power to control others. The position you drew, it’s a pose to awaken ‘the kundalini’! Look at this flower. The compound
you found activates your subconsciousness. Funny thing is its made
out of Datura seeds! Anyone can make it in their home! The music nodes.. it’s a shamanism method
which is prepared by the Mangolians, to reach out for higher
spirits! It takes a man to the next level. These three as a whole takes you to
another level of understanding, you can make people do
whatever you want them to! Come, I will teach you to play the tones! Come, I will teach you the music nodes. Let me have a look at those puzzles! Don’t try to struggle, Let it go! I can free you from this path of pain! I can free you! Consider me as your teacher, and follow my words. Come here every week.
– Ok. By the way, I forgot to ask your name!
– Harsha, Professor. To be out of pain means,
to become my slave! Dude, this is awesome! She did whatever I told her to do! Really?
– Yes. She did whatever I told her to do! We can control our professors. Oh heck.. We can control anyone! Yes. We will rule! All we need to do
is to follow the professor! Brother.. Do you have a match box? What hero, don’t you have time to answer us? Are you deaf man? Are you playing with us? You think you are a superman? They were just just asking
for a match stick, right? Are you listening to me? ghhfg If I had not acted like a coward,
he wouldn’t have disappeared! Why are still holding on to it, It is over right? No. No, Its not over yet! What means that? Is Mahesh back?
– No. Raj.. Raj.. Why do Raj involved in this? The same thing what happened to Mahesh
is repeating to Raj! Now Raj is in place of Mahesh. We have to run away from here. We have to take raj away! Arvind, whatever it is,
we are not running away. How if a guy of your callibre runs away? Tell me what happened? Whatever it is
we both are going to fight it! Get my diary on the cupboard. Yeah! Success. Mahesh, he is my best friend
from my college. We paired up to do a prototype
of a solar lamp in first year. And there was no looking back! We decided to continue
our work on solar energy. We wanted to play our part in this world in
developing new technology in renewable power! We both took our jobs in R&D of
a famous solar power company. Excellent Arvind and Mahesh! The progress you achieved
in such limited time is wonderful. You will be going to US next month to present
this idea in our head office in chicago! Be ready for that. Congratulations once again.
– Thank you. Congratulations once again. Everything was just perfect as we wished. We thought as just perfect. But things slowly started to go wrong! How come you bunked the office today? You know we need to finish lots of
work before we leave to US, right? You can do it well enough arvind.
I can’t come to US. I am taking this month off. What are you talking? You are skipping the trip
after working so hard on this. What’s happening? Not now, let’s talk about this later! He used to keep doing something
with those match sticks, or, used to keep staring
at those blank walls! I thought I can set right
everything once I am back. But, Your hand.. it’s too cold! How did the trip go? Hope everyone liked our idea! Yes, it was a big hit!
But, you tell me this first. What are you upto?
What the hell are you doing? What’s happening? I am playing a game!
A high risk game on life. You know me, right? I always wanted to tell you everything. But, I didn’t want to drag you into this! But I messed it up.
I don’t understand what to do? Please stay with me this evening.
I need you. What are you talking? Tell me what has happened? I will tell you everything. But,
please stay with me this evening. I will tell you everything.
Will you stay with me? Sure, Definitely. Let me rest first! Thanks Arvind! I really got scared after listening
to his strange words! Arvind, Arvind.. Come with me! Arvind.. Come with me! I tried to give many excuses to myself. That I was tired, exhausted from jet lag, that
Mahesh never shared this with me from the start. But, the truth is I dumped him! And, I am the reason he isn’t here anymore. I did a mistake Mahesh, a grave mistake! I did a mistake. Mahesh, when did you
learn this new technique! Just now professor,
I just solved a new chapter! Wait, I will show you. This is a great job Mahesh. Come, let’s go for a walk. I will teach you a new technique!
– Ok, sir. This is very tough, professor. Dont worry Mahesh, practice it. If you can learn this,
you will advance a lot in our quest! I will try my level best sir! Mahesh, I did a mistake. I should have waited till
you solved the last chapter. Now I am stuck. Oh, God help me. No! I am the god! All I need is some luck. I need to find that one guy, who can solve the last chapter! Where are you? Yes, found it! “UNCOIL THE SERPENT OF LIGHT
– In TV program. Oh my god! He is super human. What shall we do now? The only thing we can do is to contact him!
– But how? Many solved this puzzle already, how many days you took to solve it?
– One day. Not Bad.
– Actually one hour! Till now only one guy
I know solved it that fast. Who is that guy? Can I meet him? He isn’t here anymore, else I wouldn’t
give this Ad in newspapers. You wouldn’t be here. Come on.
Let me see how fast you are! Solve these puzzles also! So, You think I came here to
solve these puzzles for you? Not just to solve these puzzles. They are the secrets of
the hidden potential in you. You can achieve anything with this! What do you want? Professor, I came for my weekly dose. Yes Harsha, I was waiting for you. Keep working on these,
I will be back in an hour. Harsha, how are you feeling now? Feeling very peaceful, professor. I am very lucky to find
a teacher like you professor. I crossed the path! Trust me completely! I can help you out. Sure professor, Thanks a lot. Remember onething. As a token of gratitude to your guru,
you have to do whatever I tell you! Tell me professor, anything you say! Will ask you when I need something,
Let’s go! You gave up already! I thought you will be working
on the stuff I gave you! You can’t pretend to work
once the work is done. Finally, after a long wait,
I found the guy I am searching for! You will be my prodigal student. Together we will discover.. We are done Inspector,
you can leave now! Thank you, professor. Will meet you next week. You might have already understood this, is you can help me in solving these puzzles, I can show teach you to wake up
those hidden talents in your brain! what do you say! ask me what ever you want, your secrets,
desires, anything, I will get it done! I want you to keep my brother
away from this. Who is that?
– Raj. Oh, is he your brother? but even If I want to exclude him now,
it can’t be done, the process started! Then teach me everything, maybe I will know find a way! Sure I will.. but as I said its going to be, Quid pro quo! Who should help to each other. I met some sages and aghoras like that. Finally I was hired by few europeans, who came to research the sciences of India, when ever they went
into forest to meet sages, I used to carry the lugguage for them. They recognized my quest for
knowledge and sent me to Gemany, I came back to india and joined them
again after my formal education. They recorded everything they learnt in this
book for 40 year before they passed away! The source of all mythological mysteries! But, they went away. The last man Alexander Caine
gave me this book. What do you see? Art, music, science, intelligence! Power?
– No. Interesting.. Let’s start! What happened?
Did you solve the puzzles? No man, I went to solve
our attendence issue! Are you dumb? We can get a degree from
any university with any score. Understand that thick skull!
You are wasting time on Attendence. Try it, only if you are serious, else back out, I will handle it myself. I solved your attendence and you are
planning to push me away from this, Let’s see! Let go off everything. you just have to forget yourself. You have to come out of yourself, and look at yourself like an outsider,
only then you can understand yourself. I generally don’t meet anyone, But, I found the information you mentioned
on phone very interesting. That’s why, I gave you the appointment. Even though I learnt these personally, I still can’t believe
all this scientifically possible. Whatever is discovered, we label it as science,
whatever we didnt we label it as Magic. You know,
Science is just a part of spirituality. 100 years ago, If I told that a man can fly from
one place to another, people would have laughs, now there are aeroplanes
and we are calling it science. Aeroplane is a thing! But, super natural powers to a Man? That mayn’t be impossible
to an ordinary man, But, I met a guy 400 years old in himalayas. They can easily control the energy changes
at some distant places sitting at another place. Black magic is
a kind of childish game to them. If you can awaken your Kundalini, you can achieve anything. Kundalini can you take you to unknown
heights or push you in a deep Abyss. Thanks. sir. I will do
more research on kundalini. I spoke about a Book with you. Three europeans, a musician,
a mathematician and a botanist wrote it. Vibhuthi nag told me that Alexender cane
gave it to him on his death bed. There is some hidden secret in that book, my friend already lost his life, I am worried about my brother now. I will enquire more about Alexander Caine, I will immediately update if
I come to know any information. But, you should be very careful, Arvind. If your mind weakens a bit,
it will drag you to the dark side! You will oscillate from good and bad phases! Damn.. We are going nowhere! How can we learn more from
the professor if we cant solve these! What shall we do now? Arvind! Hi, bro.
– Look at you. What happened to you?
– I am good, bro. Actually working on a new project, so, a bit busy! Must be an interesting project then! Very interesting! Okay brother, take a look at this. What do you see in that? What is this, it doesn’t
look like a project! No no.. It’s not my project. it’s a puzzle, I already told you about this. I don’t have time for puzzles, I am very busy! Please bro.. just look at it once… please This seems very tough. Keep it here.
I will try later. Tough? You didn’t even try properly! I said I am busy. What are you saying? What happened to that new beginnings? Everything is a lie then! I know you are purposefully
not helping me. God damn you. Now, I understand. you always want to be the top guy, and you are afraid, that I will do
something better than you. Cut it out.
– Yeah, I will. I really believed your words last time,
that’s my mistake. Thank you and good bye! You loser! Playing video games and running
after professors for attendance. Won’t you ever do something useful? What happened now? Did Arvind solve it or not? No, he didn’t even try! Son of a b***h! What do we want actually? Someone to solve puzzles. Solve it for? If we solve the puzzles,
professor will teach us some more. That too, from that book! Book! Book! We can learn it ourselves from the book,
without him if we have the book! If we find the book? Yeah, we can learn it ourselves slowly! Dude, it is very risky. Raj! All I need to do is to
take you out of the equation Raj! The book will be mine. You can achieve unbelievable powers
by awakening the Kundalini. but you need an experienced teacher, someone like me to help you! Do you feel it? Do you feel as
if your soul came out of your body? come, let’s go for a walk. Guruji! You have to do us a small favour! What is it? You have be an Honorary Adviser
to our state planning commission. I already told you that, I am not interested in these positions! Exactly, that is why you are worthy of it. This state can gain a lot from
a visionary like you. Please sit in the meditation room,
we will discuss there. Go.
– Thanks. CM, sir.
– Yes. He is practising Yoga here for a month. Why are you doing this, professor? It’s not about why I am doing this. The question is will you be
a part of this or not? I know your answer. But, still think it over! You will be a part of the
ultimate power on this earth! Let me know your decision tomorrow.
– Sure. Keep concentrating! Did you get the book?
– No. Lets forget all this,
we are friends for a long time. I never remember any
arguments between us, but we are fighting because this. Do we need all this? I know we can get everything..
these things are taking controlling us. Lets stop all this. What did you say? By leaving all this and play second
fiddle to my brother all my life. You are telling that, right? That is what you want, right? He directly met the professor
and learn everything. He followed me and found everything About the professor and his researches, And now, he is trying
to replace my position. I will get the book somehow. This much happened? I will be with you.
We will get that book anyhow.>Yes professor! Tell me. I found out some details about
those European professors. I am mailing you everything.
– Thank you, sir. So.. David Bellard,
is a French musician. Wendel Kirsch, a botanist from Germany. and they are in
Alexander Caine’s team mates! They went missing in the himalayas
and no one knows what happened! But, I think I know! What might have happened Arvind? The quest for knowledge
got replaced by hunger for power. And converted as the selfishness. they killed each other. May be Vibhuthinag eliminated Caine!
And, got the book! This is what the book is doing to them! What is it doing to them? The book slowly takes over
control on us, it has life it it. Only a yogi with the right mind
can use this for everyone’s welfare. But ordinary people like us, it is making us as monsters! and the only goal of everyone
is to rule the world! and this leads to his downfall. Thank you, professor.
You gave some very valuable information. You saw what happened
to those who lost control! For example, let’s take Harsha,
a police officer, He will feel something is wrong
when he is out of trance, and he will be out of trance when
there is high Mental and Physical stress, but will be back to the old phase soon! He will run to his Guru for weekly dose. How to make them normal again? Mahesh must have been in intense depression, I don’t think I can cure such cases, but people in early stages
can be definitely cured! How to face them professor? Theoritically, if we can activate
our subconscious brain, no one can harm us! But it is just theory, I never faced a situation like this and I don’t think
I have that will power as well. Did you read John Nash Biography
‘Beautiful Mind’ by any chance? No, professor.
– He was able to do it. His love for his wife and
his wife’s love for him, really helped him to get out
of his Hallucinations. Got it, professor. Thank you.
– Good luck.>Hello!
– Meghana, you have to do something for me. Yeah Arvind, Tell me. I want you to go Raj’s room.
Make sure Raj and Dheeraj are safe, if possible send them away
somewhere seperately! Why? What happened?
– They are in danger! If it fail which I am going to do, then, it will effect them. Or else they may get
problem from the professor. Don’t ask me more questions. It’s important to save them. Go there and save them. Will go right away! Art of Hallucination. You almost gave me a heart attack! I would have saved you. I doubt you. You were teaching my brother. You don’t need me any more! I know you came to my home. I also know why you came there! Don’t worry, I liked your approach! Your brother is intelligent.
But, I want a guy who is like you. I need someone like that, he who can take extreme measures to learn! Can you be that?
– Yes sir, I can. Where is Dheeraj? He is worried about his weight,
he is jogging daily. Good for us! Here is the first half of the book,
I made a copy for you, If you want this full version, you have to prove
you can do anything for this! Can you prove it? Whatever it is, I will do it professor. I know about you very well. Next time you meet me, I want you to be
the only guy who knows about this book! There won’t be a third person. Ashoka eliminated his own brothers
to become a king. I don’t ask that much of desires. I am just asking you to remove a friend! Can you prove your efficiency? I make you as a king. I am the Chanakya and
you are my chandra gupta! Got it?
– Yes, sir. Why is the professor here? Nothing, he just came to check our progress! What are those papers? Nothing, some old stuff. What are you guys doing? You guys lost your senses completely. Vibhuthi Nag is controlling you! I am waiting for you. I am chief advisor to this state now! Come, let’s play a game. What is the duty of a teacher, professor? What do you make out of this? I want to control everyone
and create Chaos, right? No! I am going to control Chaos
and bring peace to this world. Every dictator thought like this I think! But, they did different things. Few mistakes might have happened! But I can show this world the right
path, I can give wisdom and free them.
Only I can do that. Everyone has to find
their own path professor, There is no fixed path! Why are you talking like this? Why are you supporting
these lowly creatures? Check! It is not your mistake,
don’t blame yourself. Aravind knew about this and
that’s why he didn’t help me. Where is he? Don’t tell me he went alone
to meet professor! Come let’s go.
– No, you can’t move in this condition. I will go and check! Take rest. Feeling better now? All you need to do is, to solve the puzzles in last chapter, then we will know all the secrets. And, then eliminate everyone
who knows about this book! Only you and me should know about this book! I already started to tie the loose ends. either Raj or Dheeraj. You take a look over of the other one. Okay, professor. Harsha, time has come to return the favor. Keep a track on Arvind. I should know every moment of Arvind! Oh excellent, your are back then, Thank god,
Raj and dheeraj are also safe. They are in hospital now. Who told you to meddle into this? Arvind, don’t fall into into his trap. Vibuthi Nag is controlling you. Get out off his trap. Don’t solve this and make it easy to him. You know too much about this.
You are my enemy now. Arvind! Arvind! Arvind, no, no. I don’t think you can forgive yourself, once you come out of this trance, Arvind. Try to come out of it! Kill me, it is not a problem. But, remember what happened
with Mahesh once. Arvind! You suffered for months
after Mahesh’s suicide. Can you really survive
after doing this to me? The wave collects energy for evry time. If I suffers with the problem,
when will I get energy? ( Poem ) Raj and Dheeraj, both are safe now.. Let’s get away from this place. You always used to say, You wanted a simple life, right? Let’s start some small tuition
to a kids in a hill station. Let’s get away from here. Simple.. Simple… Its so simple and
that is the reason everyone missed it. A girl came to his room. he tried to kill her, but, he stopped suddenly. Something happened. They hugged each other. and he is writing something again! He might have solved the last chapter! Harsha get him here, with all those papers he is working on! I won! You know that I come to kill you,
why did you forgive me? Your real intention is not to kill me,
you are just following an order. Vibhuthi Nag promised you peace. But, he gave you pain. A true guru teaches Love, not hatred and he never asks you to kill. He teaches you the truth, but doesn’t fill you with lies. I hope you understood this now! I don’t understand
why I followed him blindly. What happened to me? Forced depression! Vibhuthi is behind his death! DSP was my inspiration. I am really sorry bro, really sorry! Sorry is for strangers, bro. You stood by your friend till the end. But I left mine in a selfish manner, You are much better than me, I am proud of you. Come, let’s take Harsha to room. Take rest, Harsha. We are yet to finish the job, come let’s go. No.. This is impossible. Shall we play the game again professor. No cheating this time! Sure, Sure. Did you complete the last chapter? Yes.
– What is in it? Is it a chemical that
gives you eternal life, or a composition that gives
you unstoppable energy or a yogic position that can
help you see future! What is in it? Nothing like that. I need to ask you something. You keep calling yourself as a teacher. Can you tell me what is the
greatest gift to a teacher? Good and dedicated students,
that’s the best gift! I dont know how you know this answer. But, you are correct. Do you the need of
a good student to a teacher? To share his knowledge to the student. But, what are you doing? You are creating dead people. You found a motivated student an year ago, what did you do to him? He was your favourite student. He solved many puzzles for you. and, you are using his work right now! When you understood that he is improving
fast and will over power you soon. So, you misguided him! You made him a scapegoat! This is a lie. Who are you? This is a lie. How do you know about this? Kundalini syndrome,
isn’t that your secret weapon. You misguided him,
and made him commit suicide. You murdered him. You are not his teacher,
he is your teacher, You are a student.
You killed your teacher! You committed to ‘Guruhathya.’ I won’t leave you. I won’t leave you. I won’t leave you. What professor? The peace and happiness
you promised to everyone. Now, you don’t even control your anger. Are you the one who rule the world? Harsha, come in. It’s time to save your teacher. Now is the time to prove your Loyalty. Kill this fellow, kill him. I shouldn’t have done it. I killed Alexander Caine,
my first teacher! My love for knowledge, is overpowered by love for power! I commited the worst sin,
I killed my Guru. Alexander caine knew that you will kill him, as he killed his friends
for this book. He repented a lot later. The secret in the last chapter is love! “It is better to conquer yourself than to win
a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels
or by demons, heaven or hell.” Alexander ended the final chapter
by mentioning Budhdha’s quote. We don’t need power to
conquer this world, Love is enough. We are unable to understand
such simple thing. I completely understand it now. My quest for power killed
the humanity in me. But the love of your friends saved you, it remains as you. else, you too would have become
another Vibhuthi Nag. But I understood it a bit late! “Past is being as a fog..
If it immerse you as the sorrows..” “Inside this many days..” “You came as the morning..
And took the rays of the smile..” “Wipe off with your touch..” “Feeling as I did a sin..
I carried a lot of weight..” “When I was in darkness..” “Light is being as your look..
My courage is in your form..” “We will again reached to the heaven..” “All the dreams become true and
all the truths become the dream..” “Love means joining of
two hearts together..” “Oh my darling! Love is a miracle..” “It connects you and me like this..” “What a feeling inside of my heart..” “It speaks your name only..”

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