Vatos Locos (Full Movie, HD, Crime, Thriller, English, Gangster Mafia Film) *full free movies*

Vatos Locos (Full Movie, HD, Crime, Thriller, English, Gangster Mafia Film) *full free movies*

Check this on mijo we got fucking ten boxes right now. One of them is fucking full of sugar if fucking works all the time That’s 10% We’ll get an extra in their pocket homie. So what do you think? It’s a good idea? Huh? Yeah, let me call my bitch Hola, chica como estas Yeah, I got to stop I got candy Hey what’s going on sample sample? Hey, mr. Miyagi So what you like that shit or would hey, I ain’t the boss Wu Kings the boss. No, Danieli Oh Sounds like you don’t hear He says it’s not bad so you gonna buy a lot already have Hey, what happened man another sample, what do you mean bro? I got a go man. There’s a lot of cops out here man I know Hey fucking found goof on food shit. What the fuck he said man He says it tastes like candy Meat. I saw Gnostics puto jana tetrazini pinche puto pies, Janeiro, Brasil puto Marcos imitation hasta Sarah One Pablo Vasquez, my father was a good man pero on to vato loco tambien He loved me and my brother oh very much How are you kids on you guys are Sad to realize at the age of 12 that the best part of my family was my drug dealer father and the worst my junk and mother I’m gonna call the fucking police that call me Come here kids I Heard some sorry. Well, you don’t go me mom. Don’t worry about him. He’s gone Joseph. We’re okay It’s gonna be a while I listen money for your mom. Okay, let’s compare costs on losers, okay? Stevan, I want you to be in charge. So you listen to him Why not me cuz she’s smart He’s gonna be the next president Listen was three times nine Sometimes I think he’s not even my son. Are you guys talking about you go mijo mijo mijo. I Left a book somewhere around here. Oh, here it is See this book This book is like Alturas TECA, I want you guys read it. It’s gonna help you guys make better decisions in life No quiero que si an locos como su mama Read it before reading it can help you guys Can take care of each other Porque go eat. I Love you guys. I love you. Okay. Just remember go to school finish. I’ll be back for you guys. Okay? Go finish you guys food Okay Jimmy your dad’s gone up there again trouble Thanks uncle downstairs So, how do you like me now, huh? I think you’re cute all of a sudden Hi forget towards its in some please Thanks, so I could bring you to this fat public cholesterol place because they like that ugly cholesterol she is there Take it to a very expensive place. Okay next time. Okay. Hey, so, where are you going? Why it’s really? Sorry, I won’t eat them fucking traitor bitch Hey, you didn’t take a fortune cookie You know what it says the fact Hi in viola, you cheek Why don’t you go back to Mexico, hon you go back to Europe my grandparents were born here, so he’s just a Teacher I hate you because I’m not a rat plus. I got a good idea that incident changed my life I was moved by revenge And I couldn’t beat that white cracker alone. So I did the right thing. I hired somebody else to do it for me What’s it did to raise money I had to advertise the fight so people would gamble and I would give my share Everybody was getting to know the fight The real money would come from selling boosts to all the kids So I had to give my mother’s booze and sell it by the shot Mommy come here. What are your uncle Hey What do you a cop or something? See like a rent-a-cop or something like that See so are you taking a kid? dean’s office Principal yeah, what do you do? He was a sound alcohol to all the little kids What’s your name me home Yes that one Where’s your mommy Joe she’s a drunk, where’s your puppy he left? Come on man I’ll give you five hundred dollars. You let him go you don’t make shit here Yeah I’ll have bet they’ll come tomorrow drop you fine. Call it even okay, let the kid go All right. Sounds good Smart. Okay. I think that booze go have a good time at night Who thought of the fight you don’t want to thought of selling the tickets you don’t want to thought of selling the booze All on your own head nobody told you what to do I’m gonna give you my number. My name is Mickey Solis My mama She’s from Monterrey. My dad was an Irishman. They used to drink a lot too. I know what it feels like. All right You call me if you need anything. All right go hey you come up with any new ideas right up down kid Rolle was right. The only thing left was Mickey Solis Mickey was like a father to us. He took care of us and we took care of him like a family I Had a respectful job now. I was managing a company Mickey help me honor we helped him back Hae-in deal always around my bitches Unlap upbeat. Hey, baby. I told you not to put these nuts on the work, okay? Intimidate the customers A me huh? How’s my little girl? Listen go in the back get the accounting done. These guys are driving me nuts or late. Alright. Okay, you miss your daddy Okay. I love you. All right. Bye Hey, Moe, hey hermanos. Come on Stan Hey those guys get the boxes. Ready dyed chingon, man Mohan I got a lot of stuff going on man. I’m really sorry. I’m late you Know the stores doing. All right got hit by the recession, you know, it’s a little bit I’m starting up this new business. I got my warehouse in the back and I’m starting a tea pot gonna have a holiday Doggy biscuits, that’s my new thing and I want to know if you could give me a blessing Come on in man Da connects you stop Okay set it up Mickey tu sabes que te conozco por muchos anos it is not hinder poderoso muy importante Yo creo que es tiempo que te tiras estos business tienes tu familia to see hoes no teens casseras to No, Mas Hey, you guys are late again. What the hell? Every damn day man. I love you, but come on Mo he Ain’t got a wife man. I Got my daughter. I got Esteban, but I will select my kids Yeah, oh my brother’s here, and I got a lot of other people counting on me You see that girl to register She’s 22 and I’m almost 40 but I love her I Mean, I really love her. I got a lot of people a lot of dough to make every month You can’t expect me to retire this young man making know signing gum Brujo Pero me sentimientos son muy sensibles a dedicado toda mi vida miss polly – no fumo no Tomo a 70 on yo que no tengo ningún tipo de relation Konawaena mujer Well at mono I’m a different kind of guy But I want to thank you for coming today and give me a blessing okay Gracia, man Miki tu sabes que tengo mucho respectability pero todavía not allow me rendition He’s having a bad day hey whatever you guys doing hey Jingle, man so Where you guys Lee it’s my bad Mickey ro had a little trouble last night Yeah, right Always sticking up for someone I bet you were out of time, but he was laying you had to get him out of bed He was drunk, huh? You don’t want to rat on him, huh? I don’t believe you you got show up on time. You work for me. All right, this is a fucking business. Come on Gino man 100 boxes man. These guys are always fucking late you always in the late train. I was on a late train, man When is this guy get here the super super super calm Maybe let’s get out of here. You know, it’s a good for this place. Can’t stand this country Don’t hate the player hate the game bitch Did you wire the money from France yet Uncle Gillette built sex with me in her pants on me. She what you see, you know, fuck He’s got a dumb face Bonjour Monsieur Dubois, Sabah Saffy don’t own cage at all. Oh Okay, GC gets combat fair, man. Oh okay or not Staple ooh girl You must be snake Well King, you come highly recommended by my Hong Kong associates. I’m the best at what I do But I’m not here for compliments Little privacy here darlings If I was gonna take you out I would have done so already Word around town is Cost of your services are somewhat steep I’m not just a hired gun But a trained assassin and the artillery I bring to the table isn’t exactly Chinese fireworks Yeah, honey in the car She’s half Mexican half Chinese She could take out five guys Just like that what happened? You were 12 years ago. What happened on my watch? Fair enough. I’ll have the money wired to your offshore account Wait a minute What makes you think I can trust the fucking sand nigger like you take a look Tada cheapo I Did some work for your father years ago he gave me these as a token of his appreciation for my services. I saved his life Your father was an honorable man, I vowed to protect you same way I protected him Back in Busan parking pasa You gotta concentrate me on it for nothing wrong you ain’t got shit on me motherfucker fuck the bastard Well, well, what do we got here looks like I got the biggest bust in the decade Got a little liquor over here. Hmm, that’s good What’s that shit See you’re doing a little gambling win a little money, huh? Tattoos think you’re real tough You know what I’m gonna cut your fucking legs off now get the fuck out of here what with a 12 year old Is that any way to talk to a cop Fuck you I’ll blow you away Hey officer My people are upstanding citizens We’re just having a friendly game of poker. So why don’t you back the fuck up? Yeah, well your friend tells me you meet here every week. Looks like a coke crane to me Looks like you dropped an ounce, you know You guys aren’t gonna go anywhere unless you deal with me and I deal with you So, how can we help you well let’s say 5,000 upfront in cash Hey I want you to see something flick up there, but fuck you, baby I’m gonna blow your fucking greasy brains out. You fucking you. Fuck you Make you soulless finds out about this you’re fucked Now get your fucking pig ass out of here now get the fuck your gun Man I love this music it reminds me of the time before the beaners took over one beaner – – beaner These fucking cholos telling you If it’s not the cholos, it’s the chinks if it’s not the chinks, it’s the niggers fucking tired of this job What the hell got stuck up your ass detective me my mother born in LA, you know back then Things were different Yolanda Oh a lot different. You think I like taking brown bags From little brown man. I mean you got up You gotta make money My ass, you know, I got a Purple Heart Fuckin beaners. I got nothing 20 fuckin years and nothing and they got everything what I’m a beaner – yeah Beaner What do you think is gonna happen with that table, I know my people you went about it the wrong way We could have been swimming in the meadow right now, but you fucked up In a china town lately, I’m Mexican. I Hear the economy’s doing real good over there There she is again There she is again little butterfly little butterfly Baby, you gotta learn how to use a gummy I like guns. I don’t like guns. I was gonna come back to bite you in the ass Oh, give me a beer money, okay genius beautiful Oh Miss hey. Hey, where’s my fucking phone? I can’t find it in her car enough What would I do without that little bet I wouldn’t do none without her maybe I get shot at some mom Hey boys, what’s going on? Well, they’re gonna steal it All I’ll say on Are you still selling services for a million? This is a kind of music. I used to listen to when I was your age, baby Now I’m just selling dog biscuits, you know But hey, I was wondering if you could help me on my accounting. You guys are listening Bullshit rap at that bullshit. I will help you when I’m ready now I am ready Nos vemos I’ll be right back in Hey, that’s that one I Heard what you did the other day Oh G told me Samatha told me got off him. Oh, he told me the line is it? That’s right home to see I knew you had it in you and they won I Saw something you See I’m getting old homes. I Know I look good. Oh Yeah, boy, I got liver spots and shit. I got fucking my kneecaps a shout-out. I got shout-out fucking back You still got a bullet inside their? Mercy homes. Well, that’s ok. Hey, you believe me, don’t you? I’m gonna go take my hand and take her over to Vegas She likes Vegas she likes the show, you know what I mean? I love Vegas. Why are y’all Vegas? She lost her ass last time you have to get it back. Hey Listen I Can’t go until I handle some visit, you know what I’m saying before I go ticket to the kilo. I’m thinking maybe you’re the guy Me, huh? Yes that go take care of the store. Okay Maybe huh? See homes I got some problems with the chinks over in Chinatown macdennis They’re coming and seeping into my territory macdennis And I go over here and talk to myself over here in Chinatown, but you know what? I’ve been known to have a little bit of a Temper. Oh, yeah, I don’t want to spray blood all over your head grows and then fucking what is it chiming chiming? What the fuck? Is that shit called home? So that’s one won’t send you over there no high school education boy and all that shit senior here talk to him Be a diplomat you Left them a little motherfucking chink motherfuckers know this they don’t make a deal with you I’m gonna send a rocket right up their fuckin chink ass And then it’s no problem What a road Well look at the ceiling you Know my brothers in there linking your father’s shoes. I do all the work and he gets all the credit So, can I take you to dinner so shit I already ate How about a movie I don’t like movies Well, I guess I’ll catch you next time then he was a little kid Holmes When he was a little boy I knew he had something Him and his brother out there selling his mama’s alcohol on the schoolyard sell them fight see Take care of things when I’m gone. Don’t worry about a thing. I got everything under control Scratchy under going with you Let me tell you someone grassy other mom See Graciela, she’s been with me She’s been born no mom. I Cook the bread is launched dinner She’s the only woman I trust only woman I really love You try to hook up cut your face off Unless you respect her. I might let you marry her Superman what a fool Graciela, let me have a minute alone with my brother You know, what? Do you think you are so smart, but your brother Keeps talking about you behind your back. He’s still my brother Just doing that because he likes you That’s another thing also in my father knows he keeps hitting on me. He’s going to kill him. I Hit on you too. That’s a print They look familiar, oh Yeah, yeah, well I Mean all you Mexicans look the same to me. Anyway, that’s funny. We think the same thing about you people We’re not here to fucking debate We’re here to make a fucking deal a deal well The last time I remember trying to make a deal with a Mexican That fool trying to pawn off sugar for cocaine Then he stabbed me So that incident made me a little bit suspicious of your race, I hope you can understand I caught up with him down in Chinatown Splattered his brains all over a fucking sneeze guard You remind me of his face Maybe you know him he had one of those uh wetback double names. It was one Pablo Pablo Pablo, that’s right Juan Pablo that’s got nothing to do with this business deal And I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about But we’re here to make an offer So we all don’t wind up with our brains over a fucking sneeze guard I’m listening We’re willing to allow you into certain areas of our territory But anything you sell you buy from us, uh-huh You see I’m just having a slight little problem seeing the upside and all this for us You’re not offering us any exclusive parts to your territory. So You can just walk into the same area Sell your drugs meet the demand Then pawn off all this shit, but you can’t move on us We’d be willing to give you several premium pieces of our territory You can trust us I see So in letting us provide you with all the infrastructure you subsequently reduce all your overhead costs cost of street soldiers lower management You guys can actually start making some money Not bad, but allow me to make one proposition before so You see I’m Chinese You probably don’t need to see my eyes to figure out that much we Chinese Like to preempt all our business deals with some sort of a gesture of collateral So you would just allow me to slice a slight Just a slight little bit Can you believe this guy he was actually gonna let me snip off his fucking ear Son, I like you already. We have a deal But she killed her father you’re gonna let him get away with that You need to start thinking shit through brother If we started war we’re all gonna end up dead I’m not gonna bring Nicky a Graziella to our personal shit. So this is about your arrangements with Mickey, huh? What arrangements you avoid? the war You get the job? And you marry Griselda You knew I loved her you could get the job. Let me get the girl. Hey, man, listen to you. We’re family homes I worked hard for what I deserve Sometimes don’t even think of my fucking brother man. Everything I do is for us man. Everything you do is for you Now you got the job. You got the girl And all I got is your shadow Yonder vendhya, I’m tired of that fucking guy. Okay, my partner Just get us in look at Luke get us in Ready to sell em out. I’m ready Alright, I don’t know we could choice you. Hey, I’m fucking Mexican It’s about time. You got up there fucking why she hey, you gotta be careful You got something coming with those chinos? Fuck those zipper heads welcome Sientate me Hey jefe, yeah, why you puttin blanks in that gun? They’re not all blanks you see just the first one You know I’d do that Someone comes in my control. No oficina They get in my desk they give my gun Nothing comes out I got a chance for a miracle Someone took a bunch of shit from one of my warehouses Last night I don’t know who the fuck it is, but The only people that got that kind of information people close to me. You see that fucking bitch cutting into him with Or that fucking Judas cop we had on that take or a redheaded old ass partner Don’t ever fucking trust a woman man Except that bitch right there. She got my back on, babe I’m gonna simply eat over here and cut up a couple of egg wheels See how they respond if they respond It was them who did it if they don’t respond it wasn’t Somebody fucking did that shit I’m gonna find out Go ahead and stop and see Bette though. He’s got a little present for you. All right Hey If those fucking chinos did do that shit, you know, what’s gonna happen, right? She caring didn’t matter I thought Moses mothers Never seen Mickey leaving anybody the way he’d leave you be Take that cane think you can you know, you can I Knew she would be my wife. I Wasn’t gonna get any happier than this in my life? Perfect wife not to become a CEO other pieces were coming together for me for the first time hermanos de la musica Shit man, you know, I Know good at this speeches shit, you know I’m very proud tengo mucho orgullo por eso Calientes in the car. She’s crying, you know those wonderful Monterrey. They’re always kind of waiting shoes. You know, I I’m gonna give her away today, you know Yeah, I had a few too many what are you giving your daughter away somebody’s so special like her Friday you both Okay, I’ll give you my blessing, you know You know a man’s got to do what he’s got to do this daughter. Gotta get married. Let her go, you know, I Can’t think of a better person to do it with it’s day one And you know my store I’m gonna keep it. I’ve been running this place build it up work my fingers to the bones Started my other business and I want to get that warehouse I’m gonna give my warehouse a dog biscuit business To my daughter and my future new son. Take care of it. That’s the one a lot of work Leave it up. All the drinks are on me and just don’t touch the menudo cuz I got it on sale tomorrow God bless you both. Gracias Now hula Whatever you know, what’s his name red hair motherfucker. Yeah piece of shit motherfuckers too much confusion The devil is the author of confusion Send my love little me this time Need to calm down homes, it’s my engagement day vato what’s wrong with you boy. I Just want to wish my brother a good luck on this happy day. I Hope you a happy life the woman I love Let’s hear it for Gus. Yellin Esteban You knew I loved Graciela a lot But it’s all business right? You see something you want you Don’t matter who you gotta fuck already get it. Even if it’s your own brother is I get to choose who I wanna be with Even if I didn’t love your brother, I wouldn’t love you. I just don’t feel like that about you it don’t matter Fucking over you Maureen on my ship. I realized I’m too good for you buta. I Mean it don’t matter shit you Hustonville. Come on jump your fucking teeth. Are you talking to me like that? Give a fuck about me. It’s my engagement that you didn’t even give a fuck Is that chink ass motherfucker killed our papa? Oh, I’m never coming back. Good go If we switch that music up What what’s up? Oh, come on Gil a call a Tune hi. Hey You’ve just disrespected. Mr. Woof woof Yugi fuck You just disrespected Mr. Room guys In Hong Kong there would only be one way to settle it this beauty I guess the asshole won but you shoot the son-of-a-bitch You’re Armenian right you guys are some smart motherfuckers Get the shit cleaned Verga puto Vale’s verga. No every Fuckin cop. No, why would I do that? You guys got me on video? You got something that belongs to us what you got something that you owe me No Hey detective blunder, yes, but those locals Want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us a little gift for you Spanning money. Hey, I needed that. Enjoy yourself the cash Yes, Devin why you are working for me cuz of is so hard Because your dad yeah you are going to be my husband I Thought your sister was supposed to be at the airport Shaking wait No, you can wait as a matter of fact your cuts up until we get to London Hello, this is Ray Stefan’s brother I work from Nicky so nice. I Got a proposition for you. I remember you Can we meet? Sure Of course, we’re gonna meet Santa Monica Pier. I’ll be there 30 minutes Where are you going? I Don’t know yeah, I think it’s something big since Warner has been able to do anything on some Kinda grass the other but he’s changed now. It’s more mature Panetta will get you into trouble for no reason. He’s my brother. I I gotta give him a chance Look, I know he’s got a temper But he loves us And I trust him What the fuck is their homes It’s Chinese food. Boom Mexican homes in our gang Represent our culture. You need to be more open-minded a Hey, would you get this fool? Mickey gave it to me before he left. Can I try it? Of course, brother? Taking that word for a while of course better people. What the fuck are we doing here? Fuck you you fucking chink. I’m picking your ass out with me. No, you wait. Oh You fuck you set me up row with the gun down, bro May I You ever heard of Ling she amigo fuck no well First of all, it’s Chinese you might understand it better as The drip dropping of water or water drops You see my father. I Thought otherwise this great man. Great guy just a little bit too ruthless for me Which is why I grew up to be the different kind of man that I am today I’m a lot more generous a lot more Push a gun down Take him up Get the fat way out of here Satan hot Domo hype you know, you gotta Joyce angle is only gonna go with her But sugar and all the gas sticks, let’s go Oh Mom hey It means the mirror. I see I’m gonna stay They had to do I’ll go to stay one eschaton un corazon. Pero más importante So spirit to a smooth when you never dad Claro que si Hi, MA. Hey Mr. Temple is like a majestic on say hallo. Creo que es. Una when a decision. Hmm. Yes Not a preoccupation hi, excuse me Hi, do you guys have a new dam son or dumplings? Sorry by the restaurants are very close and we just serve Mexican food Well, that’s kind of fucked vamanos mija Guys you guys can kill me. But if it’s something happen to her all of you you die I’m scared Come on baby come as casinos almost like Vegas, I gotta stay close to my business. Come here baby, Salam Mia I haven’t slept in 10 years You need to left I gotta get that phone what I gotta do What are you doing You need to relax, oh I’m gonna punch you finally get a woman who makes me calm around here By my Bachman Mercy on us pinky video Come on Mickey pick up your fucking phone, man Everybody always thought of him as the lesser brother, but roll had managed to fuck me over big My best men were dead. I was missing 200 G’s most important I was missing my wife I Had no clue where the fuck my brother was or how to find him In a way I would have been proud of role but wasn’t so fucking pissed off the only advantage I had was Raoul and the chink still probably thought I got killed I Had to move fast before they figured out what happened Mauri gone With all kinds of shit with a mac-10. We got a question about m16 we got Three Chino tranquilo I know the kid he’s good for his word What you got the door and nothing on me man Drop the gun fit it works for Mickey Mickey solice Yeah, boss Nicki’s daughter’s missing my Ruka he’s the boss Fuck the fight let the man talk. It’s a long story. My brother fucked me over with the chinks. I Made it out for you guys a deal To us Fifty thousand each, but I can’t pay you till the job’s done And I can’t promise you guys are coming back alive You see that Holmes Oh Your face tells me that you are troubled I Don’t want to start a war But I feel that I have no choice What is the way of going spiritually a man must go forward from where he stands? He cannot jump to the absolute. He must evolve to it at any given moment of time We are what we are we must understand the consequences of our actions Wholly through this acceptance. Can we begin to evolve further? We may select the battleground but never be able to avoid the war We have the fucking Texas going crazy Someone’s in trouble my daughter, come on shit what’s going on? My sister her wedding gift come on, bitch How you doing baby you told me leaving it’s ridiculous stinks Got a lot of work today Queen Isabella so I’m gonna say this once and once only you did not step from here onwards anywhere within 10 meters of In my perimeter, do I have myself clear? Son of a bitch will you go answer the fuckin phone I feel like this Is Scary yeah, well, it is what it is. Well, how did we end up here? How do we end up here This is what we do You know what? I know it what don’t recognize me no more. I’m a businessman. Hey, hi. Oh boy mo Liam Hale You bought my whole wall no, lazy fool Step attached to me through the fucking cheek warehouse fucking cop You know, I used to play football I always scored a goal but sometimes I miss I can’t wait to fucking over. Be real fuck it So even a thoroughbred it’s pick like yourself and throw some game Should’ve picked me Graciela. I Loved you I Love you so much Hermano Get up get up Who taught you how to fight it You want some love bitch Took my girl in mono. Why do you have to be this way? Okay, I’m fucked Yeah Holmwood yogi Peach apology, no trouble motherfucker Let her go how many bullets you got in that thing man. Fuck you How about we play a game if I win I? Get the safe from your office. I lose Baby girl over there gets to go home with pops How the fuck can I trust you? Come on, man? I’m Chinese We shit with honor and we come with honor We ain’t like you fucking chalupas. Let’s play a little bit of Russian roulette then huh? Huh? It’s empty So how many bullets you got Enough to play a game Ready You stupid fucking stuff You listen up to me now kid the time it takes for you to put a bullet through his head It’d be five times as much time. It takes me to twist the fuck out of that girl’s neck right now Let her go Let it go it was a blank motherfucker How do you say goodbye in Chinese So I can Let’s go now who that’s coming let’s go But those locals you live for your God you live for your family you die for your gang I’m really sorry about your brother man. I know must be tough. He’s not my gardener Sorry about your girl Nikki Romano I grew up on these streets I’m used to stuff You know when I was a kid I used to watch the news of my little hour Lita used to go get found at Busan I used to watch They used to show how the gangsters were the bad guys They’re always evil But the politicians they were good guys. Here’s the propaganda machine talking about the buckles Everybody in La Quinta. Everybody’s a bad guy a gangster a horrible evil And by the same token the reporting now the president’s Bush Clinton all these motherfuckers man We’re going over there dropping off Chicanos over there. He rocky told him killing hurt little kids the same forgotten And I saw the fucking hypocrisy’ man, and I said to myself. You know, what? There’s a devil in every bag and Micky hadn’t heard anything from Ricky or burrito are they okay? Don’t worry about boy he’s doing Ricky Those are real

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  1. This movie, while interesting from an action/drama aspect; this is shot through with racism. Raciam especially againat white folks.

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