Veeram – Tamil Full Movie | Ajith Kumar | Tamannaah | Vidharth | Devi Sri Prasad | Siva

Veeram – Tamil Full Movie | Ajith Kumar | Tamannaah | Vidharth | Devi Sri Prasad | Siva

Welcome sir Alagappan! my name I’m the new peincipal of this college I have another name too.. Arima Alagappan there was a big battle students with 1000 weapons on one side a single weapon on the other side sir! that single weapon? i can’t permit all this I heard that very often problems occur in this college hereafter that won’t happen. Honour me What’s happening here? as usual both the groups are fighting who’re they? the group commiting the crime is MLA’s son’s the group punishing them is by Vinayagam’s brothers don’t spare them call their parents let me give them the TC no sir call anyone but not anyone from Kumaran & Senthil’s home already A & B blocks are burning up fierecely if you call anyone from their home then B & C blocks also will start to burn are you trying to frighten me? ask them to come I say oh my God! what? the first and second brothers of Vinayakam have come where? look there stop everyone 2014! this battle also… forgive them sir brothers unkowingly.. Why do you break the limbs
of every Tom, Dawood and Hari? At this rate, all the bone setters
in Puttur will own Porsche cars! Which is Vinayagam’s house? This one, sir Sir, Vinayagam…! Good afternoon, bro Eat well and enjoy
every morsel served Okay, bro What, I say?! Look at his fair complexion
I’m sure he’s a fair person also Relish this delicious meal Mayilvaganam bro, serve him
some more mutton gravy How well he takes care
of the needs of his guests! Such an amicable soul Serve them generous helpings of
leg piece and lamb chops You are looking at only those
who are serving the food Look at the faces
of the invitees Why are they crying? Is the food too spicy? It’s not about food being spicy
but what savages they can be Did you all enjoy your meal? Yes, bro Any complaint or
anything lacking? No, bro Mayilvaganam bro…? – Yes, big bro
– Close the gates Shall we begin? All we read about in the papers
is lash, thrash, whip, wallop! Don’t hit me Yov! I can’t keep
quiet any longer Where are you off to? To complain about this
to the district collector Shift to reverse gear
Look over there Sendhil, take your time
They should feel the punch This whole hitting session
is like a cricket match That man slurping a drink, snacking
and tracking all the whacks… …is the district collector Vinayagam’s best friend Subbu Is this man who plays betting games
befriended by the district collector? Vinayagam, your show
was simply super today Next match…? Not to worry, you’ll umpire
the next match too! Thank you
Thanks a ton I got drunk in the market
and raised havoc, sir He misbehaved with a girl That chap lent money at
atrocious interest rates That’s why you are punishing them
But clarify my doubt, please Why feed and then make
mincemeat out of us? Only if your stomach is full
can you bear the blows, right? You look very tired Yes, bro Serve him another round
of our gourmet meal Oh not again!
Let’s run from here If I see the same faces
next week again…! Mr Vinayagam…? I’m here to arrest your brothers
responsible for the college riot Why do you laugh
so mockingly? Bail Perumal…? Objection Mr Khakhi cap! Even a crow has to ask me permission
before crapping on top of this house! Okay, bro? Even a lice has to take permission
from me to crawl into their heads! How is that, bro? Look at me, Mr Lawyer Come to the point, I can’t
stoop down to that level! They’ve beaten up
a politician’s son Is he so special he can’t be
touched by us lesser mortals?! According to the ‘feast and fist’ case
of the fearsome 4 brothers… …who aimed to maim
the nape of the neck …threw a centipede to
dent and damage his cheek …anticipatory bail
for all their misdeeds Don’t we remove the clothes
on the clothesline before it rains? Similarly, we take a bail
before breaking bones Wrong direction, inspector
Don’t enter, please exit Pick someone your size like
the carom players in the street corner Why do you break the limbs
of every Tom, Dawood and Hari? At this rate, all the bone setters
in Puttur will own Porsche cars! – Bro?
– What? Let us rent the top storey
to the High court And the ground floor
to the police station Then we can occupy
the middle portion Why this brainwave? Because I’ll vanish into thin air running
from court to police station 24x7x365 Hello…who are you?
You look like out-of-towners? We came to see yo- Is Sachin Tendulkar here? Sachin…? We thought he lives here
May be we got the wrong address Having come all this way
why don’t you have lunch with us? – Oh no! Not lunch
– What did I say wrong? “If type-cast as ‘man with no fault’
take it with a pinch of salt” “Even if we’re branded as bad boys
don’t curse or criticize” “If glorified as gold, don’t verify
with a magnet to identify” “Even if stamped as tin
don’t have a run-in” “Buttons from our shirt might
come undone in a fight” “In a fight our sound
will fill the air and resound” “Only in the enemy’s body
will bruises be for all to see” “On our side always is
unquestionable justice” “1-2-3-4-5” “With us don’t try
your wrong side drive” “1-2-3-4-5” “We don’t buy
your wrong side drive” “Heart is pure as white can be
No spot or stain you’ll see” “Cutting remarks, our wisecrack
as good as we get we’ll pay back” “Our white attire attractive
Our gang alert and active” “To help out we won’t be
shy or fuss over our dignity” “In our home town come and see
in a tent-theater any movie” “Whatever the film may be
we rule as hero actually” “1-2-3-4-5” “With us don’t try
your wrong side drive” ‘Gotcha…today’ ‘Bro is chasing us
Run…save your souls!’ ‘Don’t, bro’ ‘Listen to me, please’ “Bravo…brave the crowd
24×7 dance, sing out loud” “Playful minx by the dozen
we’ll knock sense to quieten” “You bet!” “Mini-mischief devilry
Energized hunting spree” “We’ll be food to appease hunger
Paddle to the waves whenever” “Off-key and unruly are we
But hearts filled with purity” “Crow white, crane has black torso
Trust us when we say so” “1-2-3-4-5” “With us don’t try
your wrong side drive” “1-2-3-4-5” “We don’t buy
your wrong side drive” With all our sweat and tears we sow
the seeds and toil till we harvest You snatch it from us
at rock bottom price And line your pocket
with a huge profit Is this fair
on your part? Why are you lamenting
your throat hoarse, dear? Why don’t you
bend and yield? Instead of bowing to your
unreasonable demands… …we are better off
hanging ourselves to death If that’s your wish
why disappoint you? Don’t…please don’t – Spare him
– Please don’t do this Now tell me, will you hang
in mid air with your legs thrashing? Or will you bow down and obey? To survive in this market
in Oddanchatram… …it isn’t enough to
just have a wish list You should be petrified
of me…Vanangamudi “Last night…wow…phew
Tonight wonder who?” My dear nephew Vinayagam Long time since you visited us,
Marikonzhundhu uncle All 5 brothers, like sissies
do all the household chores But you are so stubborn
about being single I intend putting an end to- Our brother hates
the word ‘marriage’ Swine! He is stressing out
our brother unnecessarily Mallika’s granddaughter
is a sizzling stunner Just nod your head
and I’ll fix the alliance Looks like this uncle goat is
holding a sickle in his mouth… …and begging to
be slaughtered! You are so exhausted
after all that travelling First eat, we can
thrash it out later! Mayilvaganam bro…? Arrange a grand feast for our uncle Feast ready Bro, he’s our blood relative What did he say about blood? He wants ‘mutton blood fry’
served specially for you Go ahead
I’d love that What a spread! How I wish a lady
had cooked all this Then it would have
given me a greater kick Kindly adjust Okay, I am adjust Silence please
Don’t disturb This is the bonding
between uncle, nephew… …and the non vegetarian spread I can combat 1000 thugs
with sickles in a single stroke But this pure affection you guys
are showering on me… …makes my eyes well up with tears Go ahead
Finish up Wait and watch
what else will tear! – No, no…enough
– Some more, uncle? I’m full
No…thanks Superb meal All I need is some betel leaf
for my taste buds to turn a deep red Watch the fun, everything will
turn red even without betel leaf How can that happen? Mayilvaganam bro…? Yes, bro…? – Close the gate
– Immediately You want me to rest
peacefully for a while? Actually I want you
to rest in peace for all times! You can’t digest the fact, we are
as united as hand and glove? Do you want a wife to
walk in and create a rift? What, I say? I’m sorry, nephew Throw him as far away as you can If anyone dares to step in
trying to match-make… …I’ll send you to the cemetery
without an iota of mercy – Younger brothers of mine
– Our big bro! Don’t get it? You prefer my speech
to my performance?! Okay, spit it out In your ‘bachelors’ association’… …will you take me in
as a bonded laborer? Bail Perumal, what
kind of question is this? My dearest friend! Alamelu, I must tell you
something very important Go ahead, all ears – Let’s break up
– Whaaat? The day I got adopted as
Vinayagam’s 5th brother… …I coerced myself to
control my 5 senses No love, no marriage, no flings
or affairs from now on forever? You bit me under the pretext
of kissing me in that piss-alley You should have
thought of this then Please understand
my feelings, sis Sis…? Don’t you call your boy friend
‘bro’ after you ditch him? Likewise sis…sis…sis…sister Sis…sis…sis However much you shake me
upside down, my mind is made up Rascal…scum bag…sleaze ball Sweety sweety tweety – Younger brothers of mine
– Our big bro! You ditched me and
I loved you so much You won’t prosper, you’ll be
a bachelor all your life How long will we play
this hiding game? When will you marry me, so the world
will know about you and me? I’ll erect canopies in 3 streets Slaughter 300 goats
Print 3000 invitations Everyone in Kannivadi… …should be bowled over by
the grandeur of our wedding You’ll be clean bowled first You spoke like a celibate sage
in front of your brother And here you are busy kneading
the dough to make doughnuts! I’ll tell the whole world about
your doughnut rehearsal in the boat Shanmuga, do you know what
your brother Muruga is up to? Listen to me for a moment Just go Let me tell you about
his hanky-panky stuff Are you deaf or what? Why are you hell bent on
chasing me from the scene? Are you bathing
in your birthday suit? ‘Caught red-handed’ I just couldn’t hold
my breath beyond this Shall I try to go
down under again? How many days has
this been going on? 4 years – 4 years it seems
– 7 years! Tell me the truth Which school are
your kids studying in? We belong to decent families Yeah and we are from
slimy steamy families All because of you
I ditched my poor Alamelu I won’t let you
get away with this I’ll twist it into
your brother’s ears Let go of me I have a blister on my leg Bail, we’ll get Alamelu
married to you How long will you think? Quick…quick So that you can continue
your quickie in that duck pond? Telling your brother… …is as good as switching off
the water heater with wet hands Both will shock
the life out of us What to do? If we copy in school and
get caught, what do we do? We report to the teacher about
the other students who copied also Same formula will work
with your brother too Just a minor change We won’t get the classmate
caught, but the teacher We don’t get you Like us, we’ll make
your bro fall in love too Can that happen? I’ll make it happen Do you like the ice cream? Yes, very much You’re too young to be
bribing her with ice cream? Go and study – Let’s go
– Bail…why? He’s rapping that boy’s head with
his knuckles for an ‘ice-cream love’ Look at his salt and pepper hair
and his age, no connection at all He is ‘head’ of this entire area! Who will fall for this head? I found out how
his hair turned grey The tea stall owner gave my bro
black tea every 10th minute – Bhai…?
– Come out Why are you bringing
the roof down now? To fatten your wallet selfishly
you turned Vinayagam bro’s hair grey Using the remaining ¼ black hair
as bait, we will get him a bride Promise us, you won’t give their bro
tea anymore, we’ll spare your shop Why are you grinning, bhai? Your brother must have been 15
or less, when he came to work for me He’ll wash all the dirty glasses
from morning till night At lunch when I give him
a food packet he’ll run home… …faster than the speed of lightning I’d ask him
what his hurry was? He’d say he has to give
this food to his younger brothers I’d ask ‘what about you’?
His reply, ‘I can manage with tea’! God has willed it He lived on tea and
raised you boys to this level He is used to drinking my tea
I’m also used to giving him tea Try to muck it up
any which way you can Our bro has given
his whole life for us He has been so selfless We don’t need
any pleasures in life Whatever it takes
let’s get him married Is that possible? Yes, every human in this world
will have a personal love story Even Hitler had an Eva Your bro also in his youth
must have sung a duet like this “Shall I build a house with your sari
For us to live in ravishing rhapsody” “Shall I tailor a blouse
with windows-” How do we find out
about his lost love? There must be someone who knows
your brother like the back of his hand… …waiting for us
with bated breath! Have the children slept? Oh…! Have you locked
the front door? Ohh…!! What about the back door? Ohhh…!!! Have you closed
the bedroom door? OHHHH! – Collector sir
– Open the door You didn’t close
the window, dear? You are butting into
my bedtime with my wife Is it fair on your part? I agree
Not at all Answer our queries
and we will scoot If you don’t, we will
wake up your kids Why are you blackmailing me? You’ll have a ball
with your wife Our bro should be
a bachelor cracking nuts, huh? If your brother is stubborn as a mule
to stay single, how can we be blamed? That’s why we are here to learn
about our brother’s childhood antics When he was young,
did he love anyone? No love, lust, affection
Only fight, falling-out, friction Think…tell…blurt it out Wait, let me rewind Can’t keep looking at your face for
too long, so please spill the beans Vinayagam and I were in 6th grade
in a school in Nagapattinam There was a fancy dress
competition in school ‘Koperundevi from grade 6
will dance as alvar saint Andal’ “Bowed eyebrows in style
Red full-lipped smile” “Dark tresses plaited long
Coral body swaying along” Her name is Koperundevi
Isn’t that a lovely name, Subbu? Koperundevi This is for you Lemon drops!
My favorite candy, Vinayagam Hey Kopu!
Let’s go How many times I’ve told you
not to call me Kopu…?! Subbu, guess what? It seems
Koperundevi’s pet name is Kopu Kopu Kopu Kopu Your brother followed Kopu
like Mary’s little lamb Let’s go immediately Wherever Koperundevi is
we’ll find her and kidnap her And get them both married Come on
Let’s go…go…go What will you do
to the remaining 4? Which 4? Koperundevi’s husband
and their 3 children What do you mean? She has settled down in
Sivaganga with her family I met her last month
during my camp visit Only 1 route and that is now
closed as a dead end Highly unlikely he will tie
the sacred thread around anyone’s neck Ask your bro to tie a turban
on his salt and pepper head Wait, I just feel your bro is taken in
more by the name than the girl Find him a girl
named Koperundevi Introduce her to him
Vinayagam is sure to fall flat Hey come on…do it! Inspector? You want us
to ‘do him in’? Boys made for chaos
and commotion! ‘Do’ as in sign
your conditional bail Mr Lawyer, ensure they sign
promptly on the assigned dates Otherwise I’ll transfer
all their cases on to you Clarify any doubts
you have right now Will you flip through all your files
for a Koperundevi and let us know We want to fix a brave bride
like the Pandya queen for our brother – Mr Lawyer! What’s wrong with them?
– Experts at stripping my dignity ‘Because your name is Koperundevi
you have an affinity to temple sculpture?’ ‘Or due to your interest in sculpture
your parents named you Koperundevi?’ ‘Listeners, we are talking to Koperundevi
who is in Adikesava Perumal temple’ – Let’s go
– Where are you off to? ‘Tune in to hear more about
temples same time next week’ Where is the Koperundevi
you just interviewed? – Over there
– Grab her Who…Koperundevi…? Koperundevi, careful Koperundevi…take care Koperundevi
Lost and found! Let’s think how to couple
Koperundevi and your brother Have the children
gone to school? Oh…! Have you shut
the front door? Ohh…!! – What about the back door?
– Ohhh…!!! Did you close the window? I have shut even
the bureau door! Then okay Why are they calling me now?! Hello? We found Koperundevi
Your plan is working Really? She works as a conservator
restoring statues and sculpture Is that so? Using your influence to restore
our temple, you should bring… …the restoration group to our town
and make them stay near our house Our brother should
meet her casually Oh! Like that, huh? Listen carefully
Do this immediately Otherwise you can’t
enjoy your feast tonight! No…no, I’ll ensure she stays
right next door, happy? I’ll comply to all your wishes Open all the doors OHHH! He should be
enjoying with his wife But he’s busy nodding
his head to elegies Doubt…doubt…doubt
Marriage…doubt, no doubt Keep quiet Wait, let me call him What can I do
for you, district? I want a favor from you Tell me Ladies’ restoration group has
moved next door to your house They are good friends of mine They have entered the house
but they don’t have the room key It is on your table
They are waiting for it Yes, I see it Just hand it over
to them please Are you mad or what? Am I a jobless piece of junk? Treating himself to peanuts
is a job according to him? This is why I have jobless ‘Bail Perumal’
on my payroll to run these petty errands That was a royal dig at you, no? Just watch me cover up using
our friendship as an excuse All you have to do is take the key,
go next door and call out ‘Koperundevi’ A beautiful girl will step out
Just give the key to her and exit The friendship we share- Cut…! You could grant half day leave
for being humiliated like this Are you such an ‘ivory dome’?! – Yov?
– Yov…huh?! You hyped it sky high saying my brother
will fall flat into Koperundevi’s lap! He just cut your call now
with no reaction of any kind – Shall we knock it off?
– Drill it in? He’s a collector, you dimwits You’re saying it like
it is some loo door? I know Vinayagam
from when he was a kid If that tender love has
knocked his heart’s door… …just watch he will
stop the song now Bingo! You were bang on He’ll now shoot up from his seat
like he has been branded and burnt He just did
Spot on! He’ll walk a few steps east Yes, he is walking Now he’ll pick up the phone Phone rang Vinayagam, what’s up? District, what’s the name you said? – Vinayagam
– Not my name You mentioned
some girl’s name to me Oho…o…oh! Koperundevi Koperundevi I’ll hand over the key myself Ohhhh-o! Don’t bother
I don’t want to hassle you As if I won’t do even this for you For our sake it seems! Okay, go ahead
Plan one won First time in his life bro is
looking at himself in the mirror Was he looking at a brick wall
and shaving all along? Collector is not
picking the phone How do we get the room key? First let’s go in
Take your luggage Where are you going at
this time of the night, bro? I’m just stepping next door
to give the key How can you do all this?
Let me hand it over instead Looks like you aren’t destined to
eat what your brother’s wife cooks Only this swine’s culinary skill Let go! Check if the milk
is boiling over Let’s take a sneak preview
of your brother’s love-entry Koperundevi! This is plan number 2 “Bowed eyebrows in style
Red full-lipped smile” “Dark tresses plaited long
Coral body swaying along” “With pretty feet
interlaced petite” “In this birth you’ll reach
the eternal feet of Divinity” – Who is it?
– Koperundevi…? Yes, that’s me
How can I help you? Collector asked me to
hand over this key to you Oh! Thanks Oh wow! Did some bug bite you? Feeling proud of myself Then tell us
before you wriggle! Why pat yourself for
doing a good hustling job?! Hello…? Do you have
any pet name? Uh…Kopu Kopu I thought I had to
give the car a hard push Looks like ‘love-bug’
will race by itself Move aside…move Stand to one side – Good afternoon, sir
– Greetings, bro Greetings, sir Tender given for renting
of shops in the market And transport charges for the market
in Oddanchatram, Dindigul district As it is the last day for accepting
tenders, anyone can apply Go ahead and file
Tasildar wants applications How can I hold
this post year after year? Take courage in your hands and apply You bow your heads like this
even my wife will brand me a villain! Open the cover
and read its content Looks like I take
the post this year too Sir, 1 more tender
has been submitted You…? Huhhuh…! My dear 24K, you suddenly took
a liking for post and position? I’m not here for personal glory
but pissed off by you playing dirty You took the Govt for a ride I kept quiet You’ve started hitting the farmers
below the belt who are below poverty level There’s a limit
for all atrocities Only the farmer will fix
the price from now on Do you have
your phone on you, 24K? I do – Is there signal?
– Should be Okay Tell me, Sendhil 30 of our lorries are
missing en route, bro Don’t know what happened Do you have
your phone on you? I do – Is there signal?
– Should be Okay Hello? Dad…dad? Vinayagam brothers
have kidnapped me Dad, they are threatening me
with a knife, somehow save me You hauled my 30 lorries I picked up
1 single car of yours Looked inside, only then we realized
we picked up your spoilt brat of a son too ‘Much’ is not the criteria
‘Which’ is what counts What, I say!! Since Vinayagam has bid higher than
Vanangamudi, we have decided to give… …the contract to
Vinayagam transports Vinayagam Like a re-sharpened knife
you are razor sharp and smart Which caste do you belong to? If you think I am Thevar,
I am the brave Thevar If called Nadar
I rule the land as Nadar If branded as Dalit
I am scheduled caste If Vanniyar, then
I’m known for my valor If Gounder, my heart
will be in our soil If you think I am an Iyer
then I am a Brahmin Whichever caste you think of
I belong to that caste Blood cannot differentiate
caste or community I belong to
the workers’ class Thank God, somehow I managed to
set up your sis-in-law-to-be next door Collector did the needful
You pulled off nothing! Watch my welding-wielding tactics Some rowdies are acting up
with Koperundevi in the temple Please rush to her defense, bro I’ll go there, right away Bail, what’s the plan? I’ve set up 4 rowdies
to enact this drama Now rowdies going Follow me Bro coming Beating people up is
your brother’s hobby When its a girl in a mess, he will
chase them from pillar to post! Seeing his punches she will gaze into
his eyes and he’ll love-talk with his eyes And love will blossom This seems too old-fashioned I saw a multi-lingual film last night
This scene happens in every film It will definitely work out Impossible
It won’t Isn’t she part of the brush-job
of Koperundevi’s group? What is she doing here? – How will it, baby?
– Listen to me, honey Let my bro get married
Only then we can- But what I’m saying is- Dai…dai…what is
happening here? Nothing You think I can’t differentiate the mouths
puffing a beedi and playing the trumpet? When did you
activate this sim card? I’ll tell you, his brother
gave just the room key But he connected the cooking gas,
cable TV, water and the whole works How did you ‘link-in’ with a baby face
screwed up like you’ve been injected? Stop kneading please, it is
not exactly an enjoyable sight! Why won’t it work out? Actually Koperundevi
hates violence of any kind She’s as delicate as a flower She gets scared
at the slightest sound If she saw your bro fighting
she’d run a mile from him Yov Bail!
How could you- BRO…?! Bro…? Stop She’s here
Follow me That side Quickly Hey there!
Rowdies Be quick Listen to me
Stop…stop Treat yourself to goodies
for Rs 10000 I paid you No fight No…no…no…no Why do you squeal
as if you are ordering… …fried momos in
a Chinese restaurant? Fight cancelled Shift to reverse gear If we accept money, we don’t
reverse on our assignment Wait…wait Hello? Did you stop
the gurkha rowdy gang? They seem genuine, they are
not taking no for an answer What’s he saying? Give the phone
to their leader 1 moment Okay, sir
Yes, sir Fine, sir I’m a lawyer and
they didn’t listen to me What did you say?
How did they agree? Now why are they
taking out their weapons? I get it Begin the show I am sorry
So sorry That’s okay, nothing has
happened to you I hope I’m on top of the world Okay
Take care The red and white combo
looks great on you Oh fine! But I am so sorry This red and white
combo suits you too This isn’t red
It’s my blood Blood…? If your brother’s wife
has to occupy his heart… …we have to enter
her home before that Only God can
show us the way You bet, God will
come and show- Hey! Not only will God
guide us, He will also… …accompany us in
our ‘mission possible’ Ani…? Before we get
your brother married… …starting with pinching her cheeks
Sendhil will make her a mother! What are you doing here? Who are you? Good morning, girls Good morning
Tell me She wants us to
repeat our greeting Good morning, girls I asked
who you are We are your neighbors Why hype it up
as if you are from Egypt? Back up…back up We are Vinayagam’s brothers We want you to make
this statue brand new We only work on temple sculpture
We can’t undertake this, please leave Silikku who didn’t know to dance used
the sprain in her legs as excuse it seems! – Leave this place
– Wait, ma’am Whether house or temple
‘work is worship’ to me I’ll do it for you Thank God Girls, come inside Time is 6:30 now How did you guess so accurately by
looking at the sky and not your watch? Not the sky
My brother is his sun dial Brother…? Hmmmm! What the hell did you
make me drink last night? This goddamn hangover is
hanging on to me so tight Don’t move an inch
Sit where you are, bro The sun’s rays will
bring you to earth What’s he doing? Deep meditation He’ll pick all 6 chakras and align it
into a straight line, just watch There are 7 tantric points
in our body, you left out 1 I’ve given a wheel
to be restored! Shut up How long will he meditate? Depending on his rounds What round? He meant going around
the temple in Oddanchatram How many rounds
did he go last night? Nine Then till 9:00 a.m Nice quality Our bro is always
first quality Don’t make such a racket Why? You’ll disturb
his meditation True…true Let’s go Our plan is working out What are you doing here? We wanted to check
if the statue was ready Only 4 hours since
you gave it to me It’s been FOUR HOURS
since we gave it!! Return of Silikku
and her sprain! Why do you keep
disturbing her? Will you come out in the road
in the evening, madam? Why? To get run over
by a lorry! Aah! Now it is
sharp 12 noon No watch
You did it again! My bro talks to
birds at that time Turn that side and see – Will it weigh 3 kgs?
– Sure, bro Make half of it as chicken fry
and the rest chicken curry What is he telling that bird? Come up with
something credible ‘Oh this world is bad, filled with
sinners so watch out when you fly’ He is advising
the bird with affection In fact migrating birds
will ask him the address… …to Vedanthangal you know! Why is he so fond of them? All a matter of taste Uh…taste…? Our brother likes
birds very much Excellent This one won’t do
for mutton curry Let me check this one This chap is ideal
for spicy biriyani Yes, bro Why is he lifting 1 goat and
then picking up another one? Won’t that goat feel left out
if he is partial, madam? Aahhh! You forgot to
say ‘excellent’ Excellent Slow on the uptake! Oh! ‘Kozhi’…my brother’s hen Did he say Virat Kohli? Shut up – Hello…?
– Hide Will you come here please? I meant you He advised you so much
and how can you disobey…?! Bad bird This is your last warning I’ll hand you back
to him in 1 piece I’m sticking my neck out
for your safety How dare you
glare at me?! This is your final warning I’ve reprimanded her She won’t cross
this compound wall She’ll listen
to you hereafter Take care Why are you looking
so weird, bro? The girl next door looks pretty
but she talks to birds May be she’s wacky Poor thing! Brother is stuck strongly to
her heart as per our operation But in bro’s heart
she has loosened Wave your wand, Bail! Let’s change tactics Black vampire, go and
irritate that white ghost How do you do, madam? Poor thing – Bro…?
– What happened? There is a beautiful girl over there
I went up to her and complimented her She bought me food and
then beat me up black and blue Excellent matching, someone in
Oddanchatram thinks like our bro Who is that ‘damsel of a sister-in-law’? Who is it? Look over there Our Koperundevi, bro The kite is flipping
Likely to get intertwined today I think you will be
mincemeat today – Why?
– Look there Don’t be scared
Hello Koperundevi…! I am so proud of you I’d say even envious Right? Congratulations Why did he say
he’s proud of me? Tell her Plenty of rotten tomatoes
in the basket in front of you But not even 1 rotten tomato
in what you’ve picked in that basket Proves you are
from a good stock He praised you
as a good ‘picker’! Okay…okay, enough
of your appreciation Welcome…please come Haven’t you lit
the lamps in your house? We intended to, but the lorry driver
walked away with the match box! Idiot! We don’t have any
lamps to light We have surplus
We can give you We have 4 knot-heads who can
help you in this lighting task Come in…please come If only your brother sees this angel
who is here of her own accord- Shakthi, don’t halt suddenly Hey! Bro is back God is sitting by our side Come, my dear prince! Look at this angel
and slip into her lap! Why is he slipping
even before seeing her?! Why do you drink Vinayagam? Oh God! He is tanked! Whom are you looking for? God who was sitting
next to us has disappeared! Hello! Please come here – Mayilu bro
– Comin- Tibetan tingsha bell…go back Why is the floor so slippery? Tipples himself and topples over
blaming the floor to be slippery I’m lighting all the lamps here
Can you lend me a hand? If you switch on the tube light
it won’t be so dark Your brother talks as if
he is Thomas Alva Edison! Today is the ‘festival of lights’ If we light lamps, auspicious
events will automatically follow Really? Come Ko-perundevi
I will help you Looks like it’s working out Look how beautiful and
bright your house is now Yeah…yeah! I’ll take leave Greetings, bro May you always be
happy and healthy Your cooperative society should
work smoothly under your leadership Now that you’ve taken over
everything will be fine, son That’s the truth Hello…? My dear 24K, you seem to be
very pleased with yourself? You robbed me of my post It was something I treasured
very close to my heart I intend robbing you
of your brothers… …whom you regard
as very dear to your heart They are running helter-skelter
clutching on to their dear lives I’m having a whale of a time
hunting them down Kill them Run…don’t stop You’ve gathered at the same spot
like as if you 4 fellows planned it! Not 4
We are 5 Five…? Who is the 5th? One who doesn’t fear anyone
who deserves a high-5 always! Look over there Did you come to escort your brothers to
the graveyard worried they’ll be lonely? Today the chapter of Oddanchatram
Vinayagam brothers is closed If you didn’t deliver punch dialogs
sporting such a frizzy moustache… …it would lose its fizz! Okay, fine, you did a neat job But you are under the delusion
you brought them here, right? That is wrong You are way off target
They brought you here Why did you run with tomato chutney
not wiped off your face after breakfast? That’s blood, bro
They hit me Did they hit you? All the folk drums
will have a field day Bro…let me do the honors – Will you do a thorough job?
– I’ll do a soooper job If you bend your elbow and hit
his head you’ll feel a shooting pain Aim a few inches lower – That’s the way!
– Wow! You’re awesome, bro Bro, what about us? Hmmmm! Why do you target the same place? Aim for the nose If his nose bridge breaks, he’ll bleed
and drop down dead in fright He isn’t falling down? 1-2-3 Don’t hit him, Sendhil Thanks a lot, bro Even if he is your worst enemy
you shouldn’t stab him on his back Aim for his chest
standing face to face Raise your hand, hold
the nape of his neck Twist your legs high
and strike, bro Punch Pummel him How sad…poor thing Hit him Bro, let’s pour petrol
and strike a match Waste of fuel Throw him onto a railway track
He will be pulverized to pieces If I nod my head they’ll plough
and embed you into the soil If I see you again here, you won’t
wonder why you stepped in here You’ll curse yourself
for having been born! “Apple of my eye, who are you?
Are you a kulfi ice-cream statue?” Like a bandicoot binging on
dried-fish, you look so happy Me and this fair girl
are getting married Whose photo did you give
the bride for her to say ‘yes’? Bro…?! Move, your face looks like
the close up of a mongoose Why are you pulling Mayilu’s legs? Nothing…he is getting married, bro Bride looks super
Take a look at her photo, bro Really? Bhai, 1 tea for me
1 Ragimalt for Mayilu Let’s go inside,
relax and talk How can I sit in
front of you, bro? – Getting married?
– Yes, bro Hasn’t my face become real bright
knowing my marriage is fixed? If you get married
your face will be bright But if you don’t… …your whole life
will be bright! You’ll never hear a baby’s cry
or laughter in your house 30 years later, you’ll hear
only 5 old men coughing! You don’t want to get married Because you think your wife will
ruin your bond with your brothers I don’t have any siblings Why shouldn’t I get married? Note this point, Your Hono- Good question Aren’t your parents alive? Yes She’ll ruin your relationship with them Let me tell you short and sweet
Sharpen your ears and listen You are you
She is herself You get married You’ll have to change for her sake
and she’ll re-arrange for your sake And both of you will get estranged! Think deeply Go…go…go Already his face looks like
he has got electrocuted What’s he putting on
a shock reaction for? Bail…tell us what to do next Objection, My Lord Injunction of contribution
of this cause unbelievable What are you bellowing for? You know our neighbor Koperundevi Yes I believe she loves you Whaaat?
Love…? Who told you? I heard from these boys What she lit that day was
not ‘the festival of lights’ But light of her love That girl daily… …every minute …every second …thinks only of you as her ideal
man and restores all the idols How will you respond? – I’ll meet her face to face
– Haaahn! – Without hurting her
– Haaah I’ll explain tactfully
it won’t work So what if your brother’s
wicket goes for a toss We still have
Kopu’s wicket in hand Let’s go Hello? Come in 1 minute, let me
‘open’ her eyes Not eyes, it’s time for you
to open your mind ahead! What are you saying? What do you think of the ‘head’
of our house, my elder brother? Heart of gold Handsome Majestic and magnificent
I haven’t- That’s enough…enough Is she serving you gravy or what
for you to say ‘enough…enough’? Tell us some more
of what you feel What do I say? How long will you keep
your love to yourself? Open it…open it I say Love?
ME?! I’m not in love
with your brother What a surprise
twist this is?! Watch my shock-twist now Loosen up…loosen up You don’t love him Their brother is
the one who loves you! My plan is working out
Watch her reaction Why is she walking
like our brother now? Will she also start
talking like him? I’ll meet your brother personally And I’ll tell him upfront tactfully
all this won’t work out Kopu’ka, Vinayagam brother wants to
tell you something very important He wants to meet you at
the dam tomorrow at 9:00 a.m Tell him I’ll be there at 8:00 a.m ‘She’s in such a rush
to reject our brother’ ‘God knows what
will happen tomorrow’ Your bro stands as far away as 2 sides
of a volleyball court with a net in-between And these pairs are glue-stuck
like some porn models! Hands off…hands off – I wan-
– I called yo- Bro, the onion and peas
are ready for deliv- Hang up, you pea brain! What I wanted to say wa- Bail, I’ve never
seen him run like this He has just started
chasing a ‘dupatta’ He’ll soon upgrade himself to
sari, salwar, gargra choli…! Hey…hei…hei Hello- Sir, can I have
my ‘dupatta’ back? Come…come and
get it if you can Run…catch up with him Oho! He’s following me Go fast, my dear Sir…? Don’t let them catch up…faster Go…go We’ll catch up You can’t
even if you try! Look at my bulls and
how strong they are! Sir…?
1 minute Where is my ‘dupatta’? What’s this, dear? Look what I got for you You are so beautiful you know Don’t make me blush! Why should you feel
shy with me, nutcase?! What do you think,
seeing them together? I can’t think of anything Love has no age barrier I think you should have
pinned your ‘dupatta’ Long live our
lion with pride Long live
Vinayagam brother First stop this
Let our country prosper What’s your problem now? You’re walking with your head
held high after rejecting that girl But Bail challenged us
saying you won’t reject her Give him 2 tight whacks
on his back, bro What’s your silence in aid of? – I went, no?
– Aaaah! – We met, no?
– Aaaah! – The wind blew, right?
– Aaaah! – Dupatta flew, no?
– Aaaah! In all that confusion
I forgot to reject her, da I’ll reject her tomorrow
9:00 a.m at the temple What’s our next step, Bail? Sharp 6:00 a.m, keep
an alarm for tomorrow Wake up and ensure
he doesn’t step out of the house I asked you to keep
an alarm for 6:00 a.m In my drunken stupor last night
6 seemed like 9 to me! Where is he now? Alamelu, trust me I’ve discarded them
from my entire existence Bro has left for the temple Go…go…go Anita, take apart this
statue of Lord Rama Madam…madam
Don’t take it apart What happened now? We can clean it
without dismantling If we take it out, part by part
we can finish the job fast Or else it will take
too much time, Kopu This is a rare figurine where Lord Rama
is with His consort Sita and his brothers Let’s not separate them
For my sake, please Even if it is time consuming
and laborious, I’ll clean it Why are you rushing like this? Have you rejected Koperundevi? That girl…didn’t want to …dismantle the statue – Kopu, getting late, get in
– I’ll do it now Yahooooo! What’s wrong
with all of you? We sprained our arms How could all of you sprain
your arms at the same time? Doesn’t Deepavali occur
at the same time for all? You are trespassing
too much, bro Bro…! Mayilvaganam
Thamizharasi Pah! You even
printed the invitation? Girl was faaaair, bro
So love bloomed Don’t fall into this I’ve invited everyone Don’t…for your own good Come without fail, bro Bring your brothers also
for the wedding – Listen to me
– I am very happy, bro You are making a hasty decision Bring your brothers also Hey! Watch out…lorry God! Please shower
Your blessing on this boy May you both lead
a happy married life Bro…! Mr Mayilvaganam…! Bridegroom Mayilu How do you feel, newly wed? – This is for you
– What is this, bro? I got a shop in your name
How long will you be a worker? Now you are the master – Bro…!
– What are you doing? In 1 breath, you always
call me at least 300 times I thought it was in word only
Now I know it is from your heart Be happy When did you do this, bro?
Without even our knowledge! If we take care of those around us
our Creator will watch over us – Wait…wait
– Me too, uncle Your turn now, baby Bullock carts will be all over the place
Let’s allot the dry land for them Tell me, dear Did I disturb you, father? I was organizing
our festival, that’s all You’ve always let me have my way
throughout my childhood, father But you always insisted
only you’ll select my husband I have met someone here I think he will fit into
our family very well Definitely you’ll like him, father I like him a lot, father Can I fall in love with him? You must be the only girl in this world to
ask her father permission to fall in love Bring him along Let me meet him and
then we can decide Okay, father
I’ll do that You are taking us for a round
in a bullock cart, like festival times Why have you brought us here? Koperundevi! She asked me to meet her here With all of you as my witnesses
I’ll reject her right now – Yov! Bail
– Only God can help him – I wanted to-
– I thought of- – Tell you
– Telling you – Something important
– Something important Aiyo! I don’t know how
to tell you this It’s okay
Go ahead If you won’t misunderstand me I won’t
Tell me I want to Hey…ho…hmmm! I love you Hey hey hey! You…? Sir, what do you
intend doing now? Bro, meet her father and come back
with the wedding date finalized Okay, you leave We’ll leave when
the train starts to move Leave, da It’s okay
We’ll wait, bro Why are you running
along with the train? Shenbagam, come fast This is the girl I love, bro What?
Love…? Poonkodhai, this is the girl
I am in love with, bro You too? Anita…quick quick?
I love her, bro Anita…you? Too good – Bye
– Bye bye Look how she got herself hooked
in such a short time Why is that surprising?
Didn’t you do the same? Good afternoon, madam Greet her, son Hope you are doing good? Of course madam,
thanks to your father My son is also one among
many who roamed around… …as an adolescent believing
violence is the only way of life Your father made him and the entire village
understand love, affection, non-violence Not just me but entire Kaveripattinam is
indebted to your father till our last breath Bless you, madam Thank you very much We’ll take leave Your father must be truly a good man
This gentleman is praising him sky high He didn’t praise him
He just spoke the truth ‘6 years ago, my home town was
full of rebellion, riots, violence’ ‘They gave it all up, paying heed
to my father’s words of ahimsa’ ‘Because they respected him that much’ ‘He wanted to make
our village a peace loving one’ ‘Whatever problems cropped up
in surrounding villages, he would…’ ‘…reason out, mediate
and settle disputes amicably’ ‘But my older brother’s nature
was bang opposite of my father’s’ I’m struggling to make all
the villages a peaceful one You roam around with a sickle
causing bloodshed everywhere Nothing can be achieved with
your impractical peaceful way Only violence speaks volumes You are talking so irresponsible
being a parent to this motherless child ‘My father and brother were
at loggerheads all the time at home’ ‘Once when my father was
calming down the enraged people…’ ‘…my brother rushed out in a rage
with a sickle, disobeying my father’ ‘He never came back
We only got news of his death’ They’ve killed our Pandi When he stepped out in a frenzy
turning a deaf ear to my pleas… …I severed my ties as his father In my house I don’t want
his blood stained body Bury him in the spot he died Your mother died giving birth to you
Your father died in fumes of fury We should take revenge and not
let the murderer go scot-free Enough How many more babies
will be orphaned? Let my son’s blood be the last
drop of blood to be shed on our soil Please leave ‘From that day onwards
abiding my father’s words…’ …no one lifted a knife
No butchery or bloodbath You and my father
share the same ideology You are just what
he expects in a human My father will certainly approve
of your affection and amiability He will consent gladly
for us to be married Kopu get up…get up – Come with me
– Where? – Come
– Where to? I’ll tell you What happened? Bro, hope you aren’t mad with us Do you like our girlfriends? I’m not angry
but you go home safely Kill him with 1 fatal blow! – Turn the jeep
– Let’s go back, Muruga Faster…faster Closer…go closer Kill him “Braving chariotry, elephantry,
cavalry and infantry…” “…like a tempest he can
strike with his gallantry” “Like mountains massive
with his shoulders protective” “…with his bravery
he can wipe out the artillery” “When any man despite caste or color
is in hot water, to rescue him is valor” “To be a fortress against feud and fame
is fortitude’s yet another name” “To brave all odds any time as a brave lion
is brave-heartedness of a single doyen” Who the hell sent you? Tell me Stop it What’s happening here? Your brothers put you
on such a high pedestal But you…? Whatever I heard
and saw are lies, huh? I don’t know what my brothers
told you about me If I think it is wrong
irrespective of who he is… …I’ll trample him So I have no clue, who, when,
from where will fling a knife at me This is me I grew up this way This is my life I don’t know if it is
destiny or serendipity We fell in love But I will assure you this Because of me or my circumstances
I will never let you be harmed- – Heyyyy!
– Bro…?!! Kopu…? Daiiiiii! Don’t let him get away Doctor?
How is she? Nothing serious Just a case of extreme shock
Not hurt internally You can take her with you as soon
as she regains consciousness Thank you How is she now, bro? Nothing to worry
She’ll be fine Did you find Vanangamudi? We are still looking for him Look for him in his house, farm,
rice mill factory, timber depot Leave no stone unturned Rice mill is locked, bro Don’t give up
Keep searching Did you find him? He is nowhere to be found How is she now? What happened, bro? She left without even a goodbye Please eat, don’t sleep
on an empty stomach Are we wrong
in what we are doing? What we did so far
is only wrong As long as we are with him
he won’t think about his comforts Let’s go Where do you think
you are going? We are going away, bro Get into the jeep Right from our childhood
you’ve never shed a tear or felt sad 1st time we saw you looking sad
It broke our hearts, bro Touch your heart and tell me
Is she not in your heart? If you are not destined to get married
none of us want to either, bro What do you want me to do? Bring her home as
our sis-in-law This is how you’d have temper tantrums
asking for our mother when you were kids If I made excuses saying
tomorrow or day after You’d trust me
and go off to sleep You got used to her absence Same situation
Let’s go home now We won’t come back with you
even if you try to persuade us Accept her as our sis-in-law
Then we’ll come back home Our decision is unanimous
It is your call now Great-grandma,
try and catch me Kayal…? Catch me…catch me – Are you breathless?
– Kayal, I can’t run any more – I’ll take you piggy back
– You 2-plait minx! Aunt, you’ve been with this long face
ever since you came here Come and play with me please Don’t trouble your aunt
Go and play by yourself Then you come and
play with me, grandma I have work
to do my dear My life has been a rough and tough one
of violence, brawls, quarrels, ruckus But I haven’t hurt anyone
with the intention of hurting Unintentionally I’ve been
responsible for you getting hurt I’ll give you
my word today I’ve changed into the man
you thought I was It is your wish to
accept me or reject me I want you as my wife You love me I’ll change my attitude and lifestyle
to the way you want me to be Who is it, dear? – Vinayagam?
– Yes, sir How can you make them
stand outside, dear? Come in Actually for past 2 days
we were expecting you Why are you hesitating? Sit down Sit down, son Maragadham…? – Hey Kayal…!
– Hi grandpa – Give me your mobile
– I got you one, no? I want to check for
new games in this Go and play This is my mother and
my wife Maragadham My brother’s wife
and their daughter This is Vinayagam
Kopu told us about Please be seated, son – Where is your husband?
– He is inside Sowrimuthu…? ‘You give Salman Khan a complex
in this safari suit, Sowri!’ – Sorry, didn’t see you
– You should have Sorry, sir My uncle’s son
Sowrimuthu He has come to attend
our temple festival We’ll take leave, sir Why do you want to leave so soon?
Our temple festival starts tomorrow It extends
for a whole week Please stay with us, enjoy,
be a part of it and then leave No, sir
We’ll leave now The folk dance this year- They want to go
Why do you stop them? Do you have
any urgent work? We can stay behind
for your temple festival Then why this formality? Stay with us, pray,
participate and then go Everyone is soft in this family
I’m the only one who is a holy terror – Did you say ‘trouser’?
– What was that? “Purple ribbon plaited hon
Tell me who…is that horn?” Who is that? If you can honk on the road
why can’t I drink here? Shall I sit on
your lap and drink? He got all jittery Do you want to beg
forgiveness from me? Have I seen you
somewhere earlier? I don’t know You seem familiar Turn Turn this side Do a double-quick turn I’ve seen you somewhere You give me something
I also accept it I keep asking you to stop
but you continue non-stop Now tell me
Do you remember me? No, I don’t You use your gray cells
I’ll use mine Your room is up there I’ll figure it out I think Kopu’s father
has a hidden agenda He wants to test us
That’s my doubt I have no doubt at all He wants to see if we’ll fit into
his family like hand and glove All 5 of them are sheer poison
My hearts says so with reason Sowrimuthu, I’m sure
you will eventually find out Our target is here Last time it slipped
out of our hands This time we should succeed Uncle…? Do you know to
play leap frog? Pallankuzhi, the count
and capture game? What were you doing
when you were small? I was working, dear Kayal, your aunt wants you Only if Koperundevi likes
this wedding will take place As if we’d come here
if she didn’t like our brother I meant this Koperundevi Oh! You are named
after her too? No, the other way about!
She’s named after me Started your lecture? Why don’t you boys come and
eat your dinner while it is hot? Okay, ma Come and queue up
and stuff your face Sowri, sit on that side – Please move
– Okay, bro Hold this Give it back to me No, I didn’t buy
fritter-balls from you Not an edible item
It is something else I’ll figure it out Serve Vinayagam, dear Enough He will say ‘enough’
Serve him some more Please don’t feel shy
Eat well Okay, ma Uncle, stop gaping at my aunt At least do you know to
play ‘running and catching’? I do Shall we play tomorrow? Okay Looks like I’ll end up liking you Kayal, don’t pester him
Let him eat in peace We eat together
at least once a day It is a family custom we hold on to Do you have
any such routine? Pick it up…fast ‘Look at these
boorish bumpkins’ ‘My cousin hasn’t brought up
his daughter the proper way’ ‘Look what a great job
we’ve done with ours’ – You also studied chemistry?
– Yes, chemistry We both chose the same
subject for our under grad But I don’t
like this chemistry Exchange places – Sowri!
– Bro…? Take care
Drink some water Eat slowly “No grievances have I, unseen God
Basking in your bounty, Lord” “Lord Vishnu, no regrets in my life
Govinda, no complaints of any strife” “You stand hidden, God
from my naked eye, Lord” “Even if You are unseen, God
No grievances have I, oh Lord” Thanks Eating as and when we please,
sleeping wherever we could No discipline whatsoever
Living as we please But looking at you, I learnt
this is the perfect way to live I’ve never experienced such
peace within me and pure joy For you and your family’s sake
I should be the one to change And not ask you
to change for me You looked handsome
with your beard Without it, you look
even more awesome It seems without a beard,
he looks even more awesome! “2 pairs of eyes talk
Shyness takes a walk” “All alone and in my stomach
butterflies play havoc” “2 hearts fuse
Fear learns to diffuse” “No words to explain
Oh! What will happen?” “As 2 halves of a moon and rainbow
glided a maiden with a gilded halo” “Is this she?
Ethereal entity?” “As rain and lightning, thunderstruck
he won my dreams chanting good luck” “Is this he?
Son of simplicity?” “To see you both my eyes vie
Overtake each other they try” “Eye lids ensure eyes blink and open
Obscuring vision, they become a burden” “Is this her?
Summer shower?” “2 pairs of eyes talk
Shyness takes a walk” “None nearby, in my stomach
butterflies play havoc” “2 hearts merge
Fear learns to diverge” “No words to tell
what’s the next level?” “1000 questions float by
Your eyes flash the reply” “In the aftermath if queries arise
love is the surprise prize” “If your feet alone touch the street
it is a beautiful feat” “Like a floral string
road stretches winding” “Flushed hot, like a river
I changed to sway and simmer” “Is this him?
My love’s whim” “With a parasol over my head dancing
I see the refreshing rain advancing” “Without her my life is at fault
I realize this at last” “Oh! Your eyes so expressive
Smile always impressive” “My soul will ‘hide and seek’ play
In my body a chariot will sway” “Like my sketch on the wind’s back
I forget yesterday’s track” “Is this she?
My Koperundevi!” “2 pairs of eyes talk
Shyness takes a walk” “All alone and in my stomach
butterflies play havoc” “2 hearts unite
Fear takes flight” “No words surface
Oh! Will love embrace?” Who is this idiot? Muruga, Kumar…wake up Some beggar looking like our Bail Perumal
is sitting at the foot of our bed Beggar? I am the one
and only Bail Perumal Bail, why are you here? Why are you under a bed sheet as if you are
talking to your secret lover at midnight? Why did you come here? You turned soft like a vacuum cleaner,
clean shaven and looking spic and span I was unable to offer
a convincing explanation… …for all the cases you had
to sign in the police station I’m now with a stubble
and hiding from the cops What is the meaning
of police station? What does ‘case’ mean? Even God won’t be able to
digest this sham game You can hide a quarter bottle
in your pocket But you guys are trying to
hide a whole bottle of beer It’s not good We won’t leave this place till
our brother’s marriage gets fixed You leave now What hanky-panky stuff are these bums
up to now under a bedsheet? Oh gawd!
Sowri sir Who is this new entry? He’s our cousin
He lives with us back home He has come for
the temple festival Isn’t he your relative? Let him also stay here and
join in the celebration Okay ‘He won’t spare anyone even
a random passer-by on the road!’ Move…move How could you start this festival
without your little sister? How’s your business doing,
my dear brother-in-law? What business…crap! Even last week
he began a new one It will all get
ironed out, dear Don’t make fun
Look ahead and drive Big friend, shall we play
running and catching? How can you do that
inside the car, dear? Then buy me
tender coconut water Give me, big friend
I’m so thirsty – Why have you stopped here?
– To drink tender coconut water Do you want, son? No, you drink and come
home safe, mother Big friend, are you
driving the car now? Shall we chase grandpa’s car
and catch up with him? Hai…jolly
Let’s race Kill him Even if I steer clear of all this violence
you don’t want to leave me in peace! Who sent you to kill me? Tell me Answer You want to take my life? Ask him to
come and get it In person I didn’t come here to kill you! Nallasivam’s family What are you saying? I swear even that day in the train
we were hired to kill Nallasivam’s daughter You interfered and
put a spoke in our wheel Who sent you? Adalarasu hired paid killers to destroy
the whole family while he’s still in jail Sir, someone is
here to see you Who are you? You don’t know me and
I don’t know you either You and I are
in no way connected If you lay your hand
on Nallasivam’s family… …I’ll create a connection
between you and me I thought as much
when my aim misfired twice A brave man has
set foot in that house I don’t know
the reason for your enmity Whatever the hatred
and hostility, forget it Forget the hatred and enmity? You might have seen people
who survive on food or mere water Have you seen anyone live
only on enmity and hatred? See me now ‘6 months earlier-Palakkodu’ ‘Match factory goes up in flames’ Let us give the money we collected in
our temple festival for those poor souls – Do you agree?
– Of course, we do Please don’t help us – Please leave from here
– Why do you say that? If he knew you helped us
you’d end up as a corpse You are so good-hearted
You should live long Please leave
this place at once What happened? We are leading a dog’s life
caught between son and husband We are slaves Let go of me You are taking
the bride away – Sign here
– No, I wont Get out Will you dare lay
your hand on my father? Leave me…spare me To get insurance they set fire
to the factory themselves And our people
died in the bargain Why didn’t you
complain to the police? They won’t They are so used to being trampled
and live a life of abject misery Just 1 complaint is all I need
I will take care of the rest I will register the complaint He will kill you, sir Don’t do it, sir Birth and death
are not in our hands If I should lose my life
for these people, so be it Someone totally unconnected
is willing to die for you Can’t one of you sign?
Just 1 volunteer I’ll volunteer They killed my husband
My son is paralyzed What does it matter… …if this wretched life
survives or suffocates? Tell me where
and I will sign Sit down, father
We have everything All we lack is a designation File the nomination Sign Avudaiappan
1 minute I’ve come with
a warrant to arrest you Who complained? Who is witness? Not one, the entire village
has signed as witness I am Selvam speaking, sir They have vandalized
our liquor factory All are factories
have been sealed They have frozen
all bank accounts Father and son, how mercilessly
you cracked the whip! Come inside I’ll show you what a cop
and his boots can do Move…! How could you
stoop so low? Put him behind bars – Take him away
– Let go of my father Father, talk to me ‘Put him behind bars’ Don’t be like this Faaaaather! Even if my father
had been killed by a sickle… …I would have
controlled my emotions He died in disgrace I gathered parts of his body,
scraping and scouring the street I won’t spare him or his family From the kid to the great grandma
I will kill every single one of them What can you do? There are 300 cops, 30 guards
3 inspectors, 2 jailers You can’t touch me Who is there for that family? ‘How many’ is not the criteria
‘Who’ is what counts I have hired 4 groups
in the temple festival to kill A man passing off as devotee with spear
pierced in his cheek will dissect them One who butchers the goats for
the sacrifice will cut their necks off Though I’ve sent them I don’t know
who will emerge from where to kill In 8 days I’ll be
hanged until death Before I die, all those responsible
for my father’s death will be punished That is my family You have to step over me Try your luck What do you mean, bro? Is this family facing
such a grave danger? You don’t intend
telling them? How can I tell? Just take a look at them They are so happy
and hassle free Do you want me
to spoil that? They are just now recovering
from losing their eldest son No need Let them have
their peace and serenity I wondered why
God brought us to… …such an amiable
affectionate family Now I know why We should raise our weapons for the sake
of the same family we disowned violence Adalarasu will be
hanged in 4 days We don’t know who’ll raise their hands
to kill them and from which direction It doesn’t matter
what danger we face Not even the shadow of these
killers should touch the family Son, come here please Sorry Is everybody here? Where is Kayal? She was on the merry-go-round Kayal…? – I can’t find her anywhere
– Where is she? Call her mobile Hello big friend You always wanted to play
running and catching with me, no? – Yes, big friend
– Shall we play now? Hahn…jolly! Those men who’ve come to play
that game with you are my friends Run as fast as you can
without letting them catch you Okay, big friend I didn’t get out, big friend Shall we play a different game? What game? I spy You count up to 8
All the uncles will hide One Two Kayal…? Three Four Don’t open your eyes Five Six Seven Kayal…? Kayal, where are you? Eight Kayal What are you
doing here, Kayal? All the 8 uncles
are hiding now, huh? Who are the 8 people? Not anyone we know
Out-of-towners They wanted to know
the way to the graveyard I was sending them there Must be for a function in the cemetery
Did you show them the right way? They must have reached
their destination by now Grandpa…? Do you know how much I searched
for you all over the place, dear? Look how worried they all are Where did you go? Son, your hand is bleeding – Kopu, get water
– Look, he is bleeding ‘So much fuss
over a simple scratch!’ ‘Looks like he will settle down and
stagnate here for the rest of his life’ ‘Sowrimuthu, chuck them out
using your gray cells somehow’ Sowri sir, why did you bring us to
the store room so late in the night? For this It is my birthday today Your brother is not at home
Neither is mine So we can have some fun
and let our hair down Does that mean when
your wife is not at home… …will you have fun
with her sisters?! No need, sir Why the hesitation? You don’t know about them When liquor hits their brain
and signal is sent… …you won’t be able
to bear their torture Sowri sir, they’ll beat
real hooligans hollow ‘Isn’t this what you
wished for, Sowrimuthu?!’ Get intoxicated
Become uninhibited A few slip ups, plenty of
goofiness and many goof-ups Only then alcohol
has done its job well Go ahead…guzzle it down Simpleton on his birthday
is on a pleading spree What, my friend? Fine, we can hit
Hit…hit the bottle – Bro
– Yes, Sowri Where are you? At Arasamaram street Then you should be
home in 10 minutes, no? I’ll be back in 8 minutes I love your punctuality
See you at home Okay start, boys They emptied a whole bottle before
I finished my mini-phone talk They are ready This is bigger
Keep this Enjoy Let’s rock Don’t mess with women
Don’t give up on country wine Why has your speed lessened? Our mood has changed now We need recreation before
we rollick with fun and frolic – How long?
– 10 minutes – Can’t you be done in 5?
– We’ll do our best Let’s kickoff
a kickass show We plan to take a cinema Cinema…nice entertainment Hero, heroine, villain
Only 3 characters in our story Who will play
the hero’s role? Me…me…me…me Why are you squeaking like a pup
whose tail has been stamped? Why hunt when an outstanding hero
like me is standing next to you? – He’ll pass
– Villain has passed his verdict First we’ll shoot a fight scene I love fight scenes ‘Golden opportunity’ ‘For all your pent up fury
this is your moment of glory’ ‘Raise hell and revel, Sowri!’ Action! I am the hero You are hitting the hero Where is our hero? Hero sir, where are you? You yelped out Kung Fu
sound effect loudly Now you are curled up
like a plucked chicken I can’t bear it, director sir Get our hero some water Shall we go
for the take? Are you a kindergarten kid wanting
to pee right after drinking water? Immature kiddo!
Relieve yourself fast – Yes, Sowri
– Where are you, bro? I am still in
Arasamaram street You said you were there
when I called earlier also Have you forgotten your mother,
younger sister, wife, daughter and me? What has happened now? Come soon, bro Hero sir Come…come ‘Both hero and villain
are being hit all the time’ Shall I play the heroine? You…heroine…? Don’t take a hasty decision 1 second Am I looking glamorous? Like a nutty granny in a nighty How sickening! You be the heroine You are the hero
Play the song “Mynaa…why do you torment me so?
Mynaa…you kill me softly with your glow” “Tell me dear, without fear” Director sir, why are you
hitting the heroine? I am not director now
I am heroine’s father Father? How dare you fool around with some
random man right in front of your father? Dad, I love him
I want to marry him Otherwise I’ll die Who the hell are you coming
between dad and my lover? Who am I…? I am your legal husband Husband…huh?
Dad, am I married? Mummy, I am hungry Am I a mother too? Why are you
hitting me, lover?! You have such a grown-up kid
and you dare sing a duet with me? You bumbling bimbo! Shouldn’t spare
such double-crossers – Hit him
– 1 more blow – Pounce
– Punch Pummel My bro is here! Bro…bro…bro? Tell me slowly, without
getting so flustered Those Vinayagam brothers
drank and then- Did they drink? They drank in our house and buried
our family’s dignity 6 feet deep Wait…wait…wait What is all this? We never drank, sir He is lying, liar Ask him to blow and show
We’ll know the truth then What does blow and show mean, sir? Are you drunk? Me…drunk? I swear on my wife Manonmaniyam Take your hand off my head Why is no one
believing me? They know to gulp down 90 peg
but not believe a man in a nightie! Bro…! Shut up, you brainless bimbo I am sparing him
only because of you Stuck with a chicken of a cousin You got drunk and
how did I get intoxicated? How can that happen, numbskull? You kept drinking water
saying you are dead tired That wasn’t water That was quarter! They literally poured it
down my throat Right, you’re a toddler who can’t
differentiate liquor and water! Tomorrow we perform
the special ‘pre-dawn pooja’ You must attend
We consider it very auspicious Remember to wake up early Sure, sir Suddenly we seem to
be having a power cut? Maragadham, get me
some water to drink Where are you going
at this time of night? Looks like it’s going to pour I’ll get the clothes
from the clothesline Only our house doesn’t
have electricity, grandpa – May be the fuse has to be changed
– Sir, let me go and check I’ll take a look Move a bit How many more of you? Where are the rest hiding? I told you to be ready for
the pre-dawn prayer at 4:30 a.m We attended it I had an important
work to attend What work can be more important
than worshipping God? Past 3 days you have
not been looking good I don’t know
what is troubling you But please don’t hurt
my father in any way Everything is going smooth If something goes wrong
I won’t be able to take it All of you go and
bundle up your clothes Planning to wash them
in the river for us? Not your clothes
Rinse you threadbare So long I tolerated you
for my brother’s sake Now your brother has got
on my brother’s nerves It is my best excuse
to drive you away There’s something
near your mouth What? What’s stuck? Sowri, somehow unite
our family with yours You expect me to
unite the 2 families? My grandpa fed thousands of people
What do you know of my lineage? Was he a server in a hotel?! Did you see how those 2 girls
are besotted by my dialogs? Oh yes
Of course Top priority to my family
We dress with dignity and pride Is your inner wear then
your sense and sensitivity? I didn’t even make a sound
Why did those 2 run and hide? Not for your sound But the spectacle you are! Your family taught you dignity But not decency to wear
your briefs, Sowri? I can hear a dog barking in the distance
I don’t want my knee bone torn threadbare Please cover me up
and escort me home Hello? I’m holding your
husband as hostage For what? Bring me Rs 500000 immediately Where will I suddenly
lay my hands on 500000? Don’t harm him
Please let go of him Why are you crying, sister? I’m traumatized
married to this man He sold all my jewelry claiming he was
doing some business or the other He has borrowed at exorbitant rate
of interest from these loan sharks Unless I pay 5 lakhs
they won’t release him Don’t cry, I’ll arrange
for the money at once Where is he? The money you asked for My brother-in-law? Manikam? He isn’t dead
Just unconscious Untie him Instead of market and lorry business
this seems a lucrative short cut Don’t untie him In half hour if you can bring
5 lakhs, you’re a heavy party Get me another 500000 So damn unfair! I have to maintain
5 cars and 50 henchmen Feed them the best
Ambur Biriyani, alcohol etc Can I survive
being just and fair? Go…go and do as I say Bring Rs 500000 Do you know who I am?
Do you know my power? Don’t make
my moustache quiver Off you go
to get 500000 Why are you here, son? They said you were hassled Let’s go from here They are not decent
Rude behavior We have to mobilize
some funds immediately Shall I try
talking to them, sir? No, don’t even attempt it
They seem the savage kind You shouldn’t step in there You more or less
sized up the situation But you don’t know how sizable
a shot he takes in such situations Give him just 1 chance – No need
– Let me try my luck Take your time and plead
in your own charming style How are you,
my dear 18K?! Oddanchatram Vinayagam If I hold your hands tight and
kick you hard where it hurts most… …you’ll lose a crucial organ ‘What I took from Vinayagam
was a punching item?’ Only your hands
will be in my hands Son, what is he- He must be saying, ‘please think
your hands are your feet and I beg of you’ He has become as still as
a Ganesha molded from mud If I give you one hard punch
all the bones in your chest will crumble Now bro is saying- Am I hardhearted? You got his words
by the scruff of its neck If I chop your legs
into 4 pieces… …you won’t roam around
committing atrocities Why is he teary eyed? Even an anaconda will
shed tears if my bro pleads Is this pettycash
a lump sum? I made a mistake
without realizing How do I rectify it? Forgive me, sir I myself can’t make head or tail
of what I spoke to you Only know I’m able to
differentiate ‘head’ from tail Here’s your money I’ll walk him to the car Sir, please come with me 24K, you exiled me from
Oddanchatram and I came here Now that you’ve
followed me here… …do you have any plans of
stepping into North India? North India, here I come! Hello, bro? Did they free him?
Is my husband alright? Don’t worry, your husband is fine
Just unconscious that’s all I’ve admitted him in a hospital – He will be home soon
– Thanks a lot Save your thanks for Vinayagam Sir, we have positioned
our men in 3 different places We’ll somehow
kill him today Make sure you kill Don’t miss Unable to find flesh or bones
he should become distorted debris Go for it now…kill Kill…destroy him What happened, son? A dog dashed across Vinayagam…Vinayagam Sir, give me your hand Sir? Vinayagam…? Vinayagam! Grandpa Don’t cry Why are all of you
making such a fuss? Vinayagam saved me
by staking his life You saved not just his life
but the happiness of this town 1 minute Just like you said
everything is going right Tomorrow at dawn, Adalarasu will be hanged
This family won’t face any more danger, bro What are you waiting for? Enough of weighing
plus and minus He has won
our girl’s heart He has restored
our family dignity Now saved your life I have decided Kopu will marry Vinayagam He is the son-in-law of our house I agree with
your decision I agree whole heartedly to
my daughter marrying Vinayagam As soon as our temple festival is over,
we’ll choose an auspicious date I have already checked
the auspicious date The day after the temple festival
I shall preside their wedding He is our son-in-law Why this sudden
change of heart? I remembered
what I got from you At least now you got your
‘memento’ memory back! Beat the drums
Start the rhythm “Sisters, brothers, grandpas and grandmas
Our Oddanchatram should rejoice enmasse” “Uncles, aunts, kith and kin, in-laws
Adjacent towns should tie up in knots” ‘You there! Beat the drum with flair’ “Bunny rabbit scampered along
into my heart to whistle her song” “Her hair piled high, sings the regal koel
She races her train on my rail so lethal” “Lovable imp, lovely rascal
Don’t steer your ship in a well” “Godfather-don, gangster’s doyen
don’t gatecrash ‘cos the door is open” “Sand you walked on, I saved in my pocket
Don’t ignore, trying to escape in haste” ‘Bro loves you head to toe, missy
Why do you act pricey?’ “Like ice-cream cart men are as a rule” “Make the girl feel ice-cool
then ditch her in a whirlpool” “Right eye skims over a girl sizing her
Left eye on its own trip unzipping another” “Pair of dumplings, like sacred offering
your eyes expressively overpowering” “Seeing you simmer as milk on the stove
my brain became a cat to lap you up now” “Handsome hulk, awesome soul mate
don’t spread your net and lie in wait” “You’re so fair, hands, feet and all
My words stall, don’t dare to fall” ‘He’s pale as a ghost…hell!
Save him from this magic spell’ “If I feel sad thinking he’s a softie
he’ll slice me with his kissing spree” “You watch me laterally, devil’s accessory
Your wicked gleam’s witness is my saree” “Sandalwood and hooch is this mixture
I saw in you many moons as picture” “Rainbow’s curves sway on your waist
I’ve never seen such grace till date” “Eccentric scamp, champ quixotic
Don’t make a scene being dogmatic” “Like when washing a slippery eel,
don’t slip giving me a raw deal” ‘You snooty female
Are you made of rock?’ “All my love is in my heart, glowing
Shyness stops my words from flowing” “Your laughter makes my heart beat erratic
You’re my soul’s idol, I pray emphatic” It seems Adalarasu escaped
on the way to his death sentence Kayal, what is this? Where did you
take these from? Over there These sickles have
blood stains, sir There are plenty more
of these knives here What is this, dear?
What’s the meaning of this? Vinayagam’s jeep has
blood stained sickles Explain to him how
they landed in your jeep My father seems to be
suspicious about it Didn’t you tell me
you’ve changed for my sake? Please tell me the truth I’ll handle this Is there any link… …between the sickles in your jeep,
blood stains on them and you? There is a connection, sir My enemies
chased me here I was forced to take
the sickle in my hand My enmity- Leave it I lost my son
due to this violence I don’t wish to lose
my daughter too… …by making you
my son-in-law I didn’t want daggers and
bloodshed in this village You brought it
right into my house I don’t have the strength
to bear another death I appeal to
your good senses Kindly leave my house Who kidnapped us here? I know who did it, grandpa That’s the way
to play this game You saved them But you were single minded and
so steadfast, you forgot your own family! Kumara? Bro…? Your blood is dripping here Bro…bro! Aiyo…! Surrender that family to me
and take your brother from here Shanmuga…Muruga
Guard them safely What happened to Kumaran? Bro…? Kumara…!! Where is Nallasivam’s family? Tell me Answer me Brother…! Where are they? Adalarasu…? You want our lives only Why are you
hitting Vinayagam? He is no way connected What is the connection? I was hell-bent on making
your house a graveyard He challenged me saying
he won’t let me touch you What is the connection? When I sent my men to kill
your daughter in a running train… …he foiled my plan He rescued your family from
my bloodthirsty henchmen And saved you from the lorry
that was sent to pulverize you Brother…? Even now he kept you well hidden and
played cat and mouse game with me I asked him where you were
threatening to kill his brother He didn’t reply ‘I will kill you, tell me’ I yelled
He didn’t reply to this either Look…open your eyes I’ll kill each person
in front of your eyes Go…do it Go for it Kill “Braving chariotry, elephantry,
cavalry and infantry…” “…like a tempest he can
strike with his gallantry” “Like mountains massive
with his shoulders protective” “…with his bravery
he can wipe out the artillery” “When any man despite caste or color
is in hot water, to rescue him is valor” “To be a fortress against feud and fame
is fortitude’s yet another name” “To brave all odds any time as a brave lion
is brave-heartedness of a single doyen” “Fighting chariots, elephants, horses
and soldiers, with twister-like force” Every time I think I’ve defeated you
like a phoenix you rise from the ashes What did this family do
for you to be so indebted? One who feeds is the mother One who teaches is the father This family gave both to me I said this then
I repeat it now This is my family If you want to harm my people
you have to step over me Try to touch me “If an enemy dares to impair
even a single strand of hair…” “…this virtue called boldness
will ensure he is headless” “8 directions will tremble and shiver
Partakers and passers will quiver” “History will be taken aback
by this brave virtue in fact” “Flaming torches with fury
force foes to flee” “Guts and grit sway
in war in every way” “Meaning of the word fear
seems alien to this soul here” “Boon from power Supreme
Courage of the highest esteem” “Even if a deluge floods any place
heroism with a smile will face” “Braving chariotry, elephantry,
cavalry and infantry…” “…like a tempest he can
strike with his gallantry” “As mountains towering skyward
with both his shoulders broad…” “…wreck the warzone
with his bravery” Vinayagam…? You’ve encountered so many
hassles for me and my family You didn’t whisper a word
about this to me, son From my life I learnt, one must share
only happiness with everyone around When it comes to hardship… …one who faces it fair and square,
fights and wins is human You consider others’
suffering as your own I can give the world to you
for your good-heartedness My world is my daughter May you always be happy You will be We got married finally
without any hitch or glitch I’ve booked a hotel in Kashmir
for honeymoon for all of us Bail, there is fighting
at the border it seems You are now tied to
the ends of your spouse’s sari The best of macho men should get the hang
of housework to save from being hanged!

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