VEGAN 2017 – The Film

VEGAN 2017 – The Film

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    If you don't have time to watch the full film, here is a breakdown:

    1:45 – introducing the war between cow milk and plant milk
    4:35 – influence of animal ag on academia briefly introduced
    5:05 – exploring the corruption in government (subsidies / collusion etc)
    6:06 – introducing the negative effects of animal products and contextualizing corruption within health charities and other industries
    7:40 – media misinformation
    8:30 – slaying some of the common myths about animal products
    9:45 – other misconceptions
    10:00 – leading health stories in 2017
    10:51 – dairy propaganda introduced
    11:45 – health testimonies / progress
    13:30 – animal agriculture's effect on environment
    17:10 – people making a difference
    19:50 – veganism broke growth records all over the World
    20:15 – animal agriculture jumping on the plant bandwagon
    20:50 – plant protein / food tech revolution
    22:50 – lab based meat
    23:45 – FAIRR initiative
    24:18 – vegan foods became more popular commercially
    25:00 – strange events in 2017 where progress was hindered
    26:40 – antibiotic resistance and other crises
    28:30 – media pushing a false narrative
    29:30 – celebrities
    33:00 – athletes going vegan
    33:45 – vegan films
    35:00 – dairy industry crisis followed by why the industry is wrong
    38:40 – industry pushback
    44:00 – vegan movement progressing

  2. Vegans: media and everyone is against us
    Meanwhile: unlimited funding for companies to sell vegan products

    Also, they only talk about taste and looks of vegan "cheese", "milk" and "meat", while the most important thing are the nutrients… that plants can't provide. Veganism is bad for you. There is a reason that vegans look like crackheads and close to death within a few years. Even nutrients from supplements are hardly consumed by the human body. Just eat meat, raw diary and eggs from local butchers or farms. It's not as cruel as vegan propaganda wants you to believe and it's healthy. A plant based diet is not, there is a reason that vegans are bloated and gassy all day while their teeth are falling out😂

  3. Really after watching this, als yourself: is the media really against veganism or pushing it?

    Vegans feel like they are rebelious, but in reality they are exactly doing what they are told xD

  4. I am in support here. However, we need to care about innocent human babies being murdered for their parts.

  5. Watching this video and reading all you lovely peoples' comments, I am almost in tears. I have two little girls' aged 8 and 10 and we have been Vegan for about a year now, after seeing so much injustice towards living creatures. My daughter paints pictures to sell from home supporting Veganism, my favourite is the milk one with the mummy and baby cow, the caption reads "babies die – don't buy". I'm so glad that I could introduce this to my children, the next generation!

  6. It’s clear that we are destroying the planet killing the innocent… but yet we continue to eat these poor animals and exploit them….when is enough enough people wtf is wrong with us 🙁

  7. I been vegan for 3 years but this is the first year I have been plant based 💚, go plant based lifestyle, stop wearing clothes 💚 #BeFree #StayGrounded, be in the sun, use coconut oil, sleep on a mat instead of a bed, will align your back, stop using chemicals on the body, the body absorbs everything!! This is a lifestyle, so it’s about changing everything in your life not just how you eat!! Start growing your own food, give back to nature as she gives to us, give your poop and pee back to nature this is how we can grow our food and never be ashamed because you are what you eat 💚💪🏽
    Plant based Lifestyle I will change my children’s life.

  8. WOW!! I just discovered this today , I've been vegan for 2 years, so much has changed since this documentary was published, and it's all growing! is not a trend any more, we need to keep pushing!! the future is VEGAN

  9. If Soy milk etc. should be labelled differently because it is 'misleading' then cowmilk should be labelled as 'The milk for a baby cow taken away both mother and baby. Contains pus and blood'. Just to set things straight. We don`t want to mislead people, do we?

  10. I was at Aldi's in Cullman Al as of yesterday where I went to grocerys I was glad to see plant based meat Patties to cook make plant based Burgers and have other plant based meat. Like meatless meat balls. Even wamart going plant based in Cullman so plant based foods getting in stores in Cullman Al

  11. So dairy farmers really think people are stupid enough to think we don’t know difference between cow juice and soy milk?

  12. People will stay unhealthy even if we all switch to plant based diet unless we all start eating ONLY whole foods…

  13. I've been vegetarian for 4 years, I'm totally going vegan after this doc!!! Thank you so much and long live our beautiful animals!!!

  14. With all the carnivore and ancestral eating I have on my Youtube, how the hell did this video make it to my recommended videos?? Veganism isn't for anyone. Personally I follow a carnivore/Keto diet model and it works for me better than a vegan diet.

  15. i want to become vegan but my parents are literally meat lovers and i've asked them and tried to convince them, but they always deny. Can anyone help me out?

  16. "a World Record holding strongman is a vegan" That's patrik baboumian, who set the record while NOT BEING VEGAN, then he went vegan and became considerably weaker. Just one out of hundreds of examples of misleading bullshit. Vegans cherry pick everything; scientific studies, recordings of animal abuse at farms, etc.

  17. I’m vegan, but this video is a joke. These same celebrities condone abortion, yet they want to talk about how animals are suffering. Give me a break‼️

  18. Vegan for 20 years ~ I will never go back to eating meat in my life ~ I love my dog so why will I kill her and eat her? That’s so fucking disgusting ~ why would I hurt her knowing she has feelings and knowing she loves me ? This is why humans are sick because they eat other animals mothers,babies,fathers …humans make me sick greedy asses

  19. Inspirational. But this sucks. Very lazily made. Just a bunch of clips, most of which are devoid of anything of substance

  20. I understand fully the effects of Factory Farming so I am truely greatful that this Documentary exists. However I also think that we should umderstand where our Plant products are coming from. Yes it is healthier than Animal Products but if we are still eating processed foods that contain toxins we should not be eating then are we not still hurting ourselfs? Look at what the Soy Farmers are doing! We are not eating or drinking pure soy it is farmed with carcinogens

  21. Right now I’m pescatarian because I’m only 12 rn but in about a month imma become a vegetarian then a vegan a few months later

  22. All the big meat producers are just switching to vegan plant based shit. It's the same people lobbying the government you idiots! Stay vegan and die young 👍

  23. If you feel alone, being on a plant based diet, just read some of these comments here! We are not alone.
    But the more of us the better! this slaughter of are fellow earthlings is not going to stop soon! It's the evil relentless economy!

  24. I just think it's hilarious how the dairy industry thinks that by removing the word milk from plant-based milk as we know it today will somehow cause consumers to stop buying them!😭😂😂😂! Ughhh 😒No we are still going to bypass your poison and look for Almond, coconut, soy liquid whatever they want to call it🤦🏾‍♀️

  25. Watching "What The Health" at 11pm; by midnight, all animal byproducts were cleaned from fridge and thrown away! Every time an animal protein "propaganda commercial" comes on, just watch a video if need be; cravings disappear! Vegan mind and body, leads to peaceful thoughts and actions (my experience). VEGAN=LOVE…but what do I know 🤷🏾‍♂️

  26. I've never been a meat eater so have found it quite easy to give up, even cheese. However do struggle with an adequate replacement to milk for my tea and coffee. Any idea's? This is a wonderful documentary which cover's all aspect of the detrimental perpetuation of the meat and dairy industry

  27. Awesome! Love anything that flies in the face of the "establishment". Guess what you arrogant, self interested, elitist fools….WE'RE ESTABLISHING A NEW PARADIGM!!

  28. I’ve been vegan for a month I know it’s not much but I plan to stay vegan, I absolutely love, I feel so much lighter and healthier💗 best decision I’ve ever made.

  29. I will never be vegan. But I did removed all red meats, diary and process foods from my diet. stomach feels very good and my energy is up. Plus my food bill went down a whole lot!
    Now people are always looking at my shopping cart because, because there is not junk in it.
    Side note my grandparents were farmers who eat very little meat. Grandma died at 91, grandfather at 92.

  30. 👍making a big life change might seem scary, but you know what is even scarier, going out of business or an other way of learning it the hard way

  31. Such a wonderful documentary. We just made the switch and it’s so encouraging to see these videos. 💪 💕🍉🦋. Thank you

  32. I am a Plant Based Dieter, but not a Vegan…

    Veganism is a fundamentalist sect. If you don't eat meat, you don't have to piss off the eater.

    Linking the project name to veganism was a big shot in the foot.

    Many dieters are just flexitarians. Don't join the vegans radicals. Note: My father is a strict vegetarian and hates when they call him vegan.

  33. i cried, cause i'm so happy this happens at last!!! i am a vegetarian a month now and it was pretty easy for me to stop eating meat milk and yogurt…i'm gonna try vegan diet now!!

  34. While I'm in favor of a more meat/dairy free diet, I'm appalled at how they cry over cow mothers not feeding their young, but could not care less about human babies being murdered in the womb

  35. I don't thinl Al Gore is the best spokesman for this thing. According to him, we should have been under water 10 years ago

  36. In the last 2 months I have relapse, and gone back to my old eating habits 😒, I SEE CHANGES with my body that I didn't experience on my vegan, vegetarian diet, I had a lil cow milk and chicken here n there. My body Body is going through it, my seasonal allergies are back, my eye sight is a little blurry again, my lower back pain return and my knee joints aches. No doctor can convince me consuming meat and dairy products are healthy n beneficial

    Starting tomorrow I'm coming back to my diet.

  37. Interesting that the CEO of beyond meat product has a cancer causing agent in it. I will not eat those processed fake meats. I would rather eat an oatmeal patty that I make. I checked the beyond burger, and impossible burgers in my areas at Habit Burger, and other places, and the sodium content was over 1,000 mg.

  38. All this "science", science? Science isn't about business based on what you believe in, science is about the truth. Whatever a vegan believes isn't science, there was never any science for this ridiculous belief! It's based on religion, it seems crazy, but believe me, it's not crazy, I like perhaps eating less, so maybe a vegan diet is a good diet to follow, plus I get sick whenever I eat gluten, it's not what you eat, it's the way you eat it. Who's going to take seriously any logic against veganism? That logician couldn't even persuade vegans to eat meat, that's where I stepped in, asking, "is it logical to eat meat?", it really makes you think.

  39. Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studies
    Conclusion: A higher consumption of milk in women and men is not accompanied by a lower risk of fracture and instead may be associated with a higher rate of death.

    (+ lactose and galactose causes oxidative stress, inflammation & are suspected of causing certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases, also mentioned in the study)

    Humans are actually the only species of mammals who continue to consume milk after breastfeeding.

  40. Am all for being vegan, however, isn't it just as bad to support processed vegan food such as vegan burgers that no doubt has chemicals in them???

  41. wooooow amazing…. Happy I decided to make the change a while ago, love this. One day the future will be VEGAN 😀

  42. Fruits & vegetables are great, but animal-based proteins and lean meats are essential to a healthy diet. Animal based
    protein and good fats are essential to life. Any suggestions to the contrary are not only false, but are ridiculous.

  43. i am a hindu from india ,and our culture has taught to be pure vegetarians (also cows are treated like family members ,not the way the west treats them in farms) . but slowly people here are getting influenced by the big companies and spoiling their health.
    but atleast as of today 31% population(ie , 434 million approx) are pure vegetarians that dont eat egg or fish etc and treat cow as a family member.(who am i kidding, some of the hindus, buddhists observe and believe gods exist in every living creature).

    the problem with west is about this identity of manliness.

    in our culture , a man who has the most physical strength , fighting skills and highest knowledge is regarded as the manliest of all.

    however in the west, a man who kills more number of other species(hunting for fun, for food) is regarded as manliest.

    because of this if you claim you are a not a non – vegetarian , they mock you based on their own predetermined assumptions.

  44. Really, Senator Tammy Baldwin? What an amazingly great piece of legislation; it changed my life for the better (not). Forgive me if they didn't, but the question of how much the Dairy industry lobbyists had to do with this piece of joke legislation did come to mind. Did you not have anything better to do? How did this make anyone's life better? Aren't there more pressing issues to be focusing on? Shame on you.

  45. Don't get why people have to have any milk at all… from an animal or an almond tree!!! I never miss dairy products at all. Even before I was vegetarian I never drank milk. Only cheese was nice!!!

  46. This video on 2017 is personally interesting to me because my wife and I went Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) on September 2, 2017.

    There has been much information on on the benefits of WFPB diets, but the tipping point for us was watching the film, Forks Over Knives.

    In my lifetime, there has never been anything that causes as many benefits as WFPB—better health, a better environment, and kinder treatment to animals.

  47. I just finished watching the Vegan: The Epitome of Malnourishment series, I'm really hoping that the vegan movement doesn't backfire

  48. Milton Mills, humans are FRUGAVORES, not herbivores!!!! You may aspire to mature to be over 500lbs, have a 40" digestive track, have 3 stomachs, chew your cud, have the chemical and physical ability to digest cellulose, have grinding teeth and eat ONLY plants. You may look like a cow, elephant, horse and/or hippo, but not me. I am a PRIMATE. As so I eat what my species' dictates me to eat, FRUIT! Look at a Gorilla (90% fruit eater), what are they lacking in their diet? Where did you get your edumbacation? We are the only species that eats outside of what our species' dictates, cooks our food, eats/drinks the secretions of other animals and look how sick we are and getting sicker every day. Fruit For Me!

  49. sick of hearing this candy coated terminology "plant based". all that literally means is most of your diet is vegan. who the hell come up with this crap.

  50. Goes to show the hypocrisy. All concerned about the mistreatment of dogs and cats to where one can be arrested for this mistreatment of animals, but then the billions that they slaughter to fill their mouths then, that's a, ok. Cannot imagine the number of animals that are hit and killed by automobiles just in the so called United States alone but then they have the gall to put on their AUTOMOBILE tags, "Give Wild Life A Chance." And they just let them stay on their roads until they are squished into grease. What sickness, madness, and insaneness. "Civilized"nation is how they equate in their minds the reality of barbarism and their cold technology. Let me awaken you all to the real reality — the Dark Ages.

  51. Why are so many people across this now sick plane we live on are killing themselves? Just think just a little bit. For one thing, just think about what has been done to the original people on this plane (let alone animals, these were human beings) by this pale entity that is now in control of it. Where as if they had listened to the original people of color, this world would not be in such peril.

  52. He says that now a vegan, he feels amazing. Well, the whole purpose of the powers that be was to keep him from feeling amazing by feeding him this crap in these grocery stores so that they would have control over him and his mind.

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