Victoria Beckham’s Son Used His Mom’s Girl Power to Get More TikTok Followers

Victoria Beckham’s Son Used His Mom’s Girl Power to Get More TikTok Followers

Hello, Victoria. Hello, Ellen. It’s so good to see you. And you look fabulous as always. Thank you. And I just love your clothes. Portia loves your clothes. And congratulations,
you’re just killing it in the fashion world. Thank you so much. Yeah, the stuff is great. Thank you. And thank you for having me,
I’m so excited to be back. [APPLAUSE] We’re excited to have you back. We all got together
and talked about it. And they said they
wanted to be here for it. And I said OK. So, how’s David, first of all? Is he still handsome? He’s still very handsome. OK, all right. He’s still good. All right, just wanted to check. I saw a video of– yeah, there he is. [APPLAUSE] And then you two got together
and made some pretty babies, too. So that’s good. Thank you. Really, one of them
is the sexiest– he’s in the sexiest issue. He’s the sexiest at every age. Did you know that? I don’t know if I
want to know that. Yeah. I don’t know if I need to
know– is that Brooklyn? Yeah, Brooklyn. Wow. Yeah, no, he’s the first one. Well. There’s a lot of people in here. Yeah, and who won? Who won? Oh, it’s John Legend. It’s not really a
competition, but it’s– but right now he’s the winner. OK. Yeah, which makes sense. He’s a handsome
man and talented. [APPLAUSE] I saw a video of you– you have to explain
what happened here. Because there had to
be drinks involved. There often is. There often is. What was I doing this time? You were in Times
Square, dancing. This was so much fun. I was with my best friend. We were in New York. I’m not going to lie,
we’d had a bit of tequila. Possibly a little
bit too much tequila. And we were like, hey,
let’s go to Times Square and let’s dance. And here it is. Was there music playing? Or did you just act
like you were dancing? I acted like I was dancing. Actually, my friend had the
Bee Gees playing in his pocket. Obviously we are completely
obsessed with Saturday Night Fever. Yeah. And yeah, it was a lot of fun. But those people just all of
a sudden realizing they’re dancing with Victoria
Beckham in Times Square. I mean, what lucky people. I know, the Cookie
Monster was over the moon. Yes, yes, you were dancing
with the Cookie Monster. Did you know it was
the Cookie Monster? Or had you had enough to
drink that you didn’t realize it was the Cookie Monster? He was a fuzzy Cookie Monster
by that point, I have to say. You couldn’t tell. Just thought it was a hairy man. So there’s also–
you’re photographed a lot with your
leg up in the air. Is that a challenge? Or is it just comfortable
for you to lay– is that just– You know, it’s funny, isn’t it? It’s funny that– can
you do that, Ellen? I can. Can we see you do that? Well, if I can see you do it. We can both do it. [APPLAUSE] Oh my gosh. Now I have to get it right. [CHEERING] Come on, you can do
better than that, really. That’s about it. You’re good, flexible. I’m flexible. I am flexible. You are. Yes, but you were
a dancer, right? Yes. You’re flexible because you’re– you probably can do all
kinds of other things. I can’t– that’s about it. That’s my talent. Very impressive. Thank you so much. But I think a lot of
people are doing it now because you’re doing that. Do you know the great
thing about Instagram, I mean, people will
tag me in pictures of literally their cats doing
it, their dogs doing it, their babies doing it. It’s very entertaining. And keep them coming
because I see all of them, it’s hilarious. Yes, and your son
is on Instagram now. Is this Romeo who made
you dance in the kitchen? The TiKToK, Yes. He came home the other
day and he said, you know, Mom, I’ve just joined TikTok. Will you do a dance with me? And I was like, yeah,
what should we dance to? He said, the Spice Girls. And then he took my phone,
he posted it on my Instagram. And he said, that’ll
get my numbers up. I was like– He used you. He used me. He used me. [MUSIC – SPICE GIRLS, “SPICE UP
YOUR LIFE”] (SINGING) People of the
world spice up your life. Ah, slam it to the left if
you’re having a good time. Shake it to the right if
you know that you feel fine. Shake it to the front. Go round. Well that will get
his numbers up. It was a lot of fun,
but I have to say I think that Romeo definitely
takes after his dad with his moves. Yeah. He didn’t put a lot into it. He did no not. He did not. But you know what, when you’re
that good looking you just have to do a few moves. Yes. So you’re saying David
is not a good dancer. Well, you know,
he’s got some moves. He’s very good when he’s
sitting down, very good. A seat dancer is always good. There you go. Yeah. There you go. There’s nothing wrong
with a seat dancer. That’s sometimes
best for some people. So the Spice Girls
reunion, you did not take part in that because
you’re running an empire now. Do you ever just want to get on
stage and do one show with them just because you miss it? Do you know, I had so much fun. And I’m still close
with the girls. And I was so proud of them
and everything that they did, it was a huge success. But, you know, for me I
loved it when I did it. But I feel like a very
different person now. I’ve got four children,
and I’m really busy doing what I’m doing. And it just didn’t feel
like the right thing to do. Though I was supporting
them enormously. And I’m so proud of them. And I’ll always be a Spice Girl. I’ll always be
Posh Spice, always. [APPLAUSE] The amount that you have
accomplished since you stopped being a part of
the group and just taken off as a businesswoman,
which is really impressive. It’s hard to start your
own business, it really is. And you’re accomplished
in your clothing. And now you’re starting
a new skin care line. You did makeup. And this is new, right? This is new. So I worked with Estee
Lauder a few years ago and it was an enormous
success and makeup has always been a passion of mine. And it was so
successful it proved that there was a real appetite
for Victoria Beckham Beauty. But I knew that I wanted
to do it differently with a real focus on creating
a beauty brand of the future. Something that was clean,
something that was sustainable, something that was
inclusive for everybody. And I was really excited
to have the opportunity to just do it myself. So it’s for men and women. I mean, I think all
moisturizer should be– I mean, isn’t it all
for men and women? Do you know, I think so. And I think more and more
men are wearing makeup. And you know, that’s cool. I mean, Harper did a very
nice smoky eye on David for Halloween. And it was very, very good. Oh, wow, really? And did you use this
primer under– oh, there. And Harper was
Billie Eilish, right? See look, we all love a
smoky eye in the house. Yeah, she was Billie Eilish. That’s fantastic. And where can people buy this? On We are going direct to
consumer, which really does enable me to offer this
at an accessible luxury price point. And communicate, I love
communicating with my consumer. You know, and having fun through
my social channels as well. That’s fantastic. Well, congratulations. Thank you so much. All right, we’re going to
play a game right after this. We’ll be right back.

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  1. Always got the impression she was snobby or too serious but she is quite lovely really, doesn’t seem snobbish at all and personable. Dont think I have ever seen her on a talk show before. She always dresses nice. Her suit looks similar to the one Jennifer Lopez wore in Maid In Manhattan, lol.

  2. 02:34 Now imagine being her son and having photos of those kinds of photos of your mom online. That's actually very sad and messed-up.

  3. When Ellen mentioned that her son was the first one and she said, “Well!” & then when she did the slow clap for John Legend. 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Ellen ist just a fake fawning B. 
    She´s a cliche of the American person for me. "Great" "fantastic" "awesome" "delightful". Come on B, don´t pretend to love everything and everybody, learn "esprit critique" once, it´s gonna change your life B!

  5. She's seems like a lovely woman and her clothes are spectacular but it seems as if her jacket is uncomfortable etc. Kept fussing with it.

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  7. Unfortunately Ellen's interviewing skills are childish and repetitive !! All made worse by the audience" whooping" after every sentence !! What utter drivell !!

  8. Just saw Victoria on talk show two weeks ago. Amazing. Had not heard her talk in years – just picture with the family. She is very funny!

  9. She's never seemed so personable before. I wish she could've preformed, but they are all in their 40's and she does have a new life and direction

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