Video 143: THE BIG PICTURE #8 | Final Conclusion of the Human Avatar

Video 143: THE BIG PICTURE #8 | Final Conclusion of the Human Avatar

This will be the final video for this section
on the human avatar; US. It was mentioned in the previous video that
the addition of an artificial type of “soul” was added to us by to encapsulate our
original Spirit/Soul construction. This construction or avatar was given to us
by our Divine Mother for operation in the KHAA. When humanity was lured into participating
in the current enclosed trap system within which we find ourselves, the original Spirit/soul
avatar was trapped into an artificially constructed soul “suit” which enabled the manipulation
and thus extraction of our energy to feed, not only the Overlords, but also other human
avatars who lack this original Spirit/Soul construct. These other humans’ avatars ONLY consist
of the artificial soul construct. This artificial soul construct is required
to be able to participate in this enclosed trap system. It is, indeed, PART of the system and after
each incarnation this artificially created soul suit is stripped off, parts of it devoured,
parts of it fed into the system to maintain it, and whatever remains are used to create
new soul suits for another incarnation, not necessarily by the same human who used it
last time. Based on our research, this artificial soul
suit is what we have come to know as the human chakra system. This artificial soul comes equipped with the
necessary portals from which to manipulate and extract human energy. Each portal or chakra is designed to elicit
and emit a certain type of energy or emotion, depending upon the desired response of the
predator who is needing a specific type of energy on which to feed. In other words, these are where we take our
“hits”, and these are where we incur our damage or emotional trauma. When too much energy or too much damage has
been sustained by a particular energy portal or chakra, we sometimes will say this chakra
is “blocked”. It has even been strongly indicated that when
a chakra or energy portal becomes excessively blocked, physical ailments and dis-eases may
occur in correspondence to that area. This certainly has been confirmed by many
who have studied the relationship between emotions and illness. This type of damage and influence is then
“seen” by those with clairvoyant skills (or even some types of sensitive photography)
as a color distortion in our aura. The reason for this is because each portal
of energy is associated with a specific color, which is represented by a corresponding energy
body of that same color, which all together make up the rainbow-hued electromagnetic emission
that surrounds us at all times. It is no coincidence that these colorful energy
chakras, identical to a rainbow, are the exact same pattern of visible color we see when
white light, being forced through a prism, will fragment or separate into what we know
as the visible light spectrum; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. At some point and in some way that is unknown
to us, the artificial soul suit works in the same way as a prism – it takes the WHITE
light of our original design, fragments, and separates it into what we know of as the chakra
system. The Divine Spirit, which is at the core of
our avatar, is imbued with very specific qualities. As mentioned in the previous video, these
qualities can be summarized by the Fruits of the Spirit described in the Bible. They are love, joy, peace, long-suffering,
gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance (Gal 5:22-23). These are the Aeons which reside within us,
just as the Aeons that reside in the Pleroma as qualities or aspects of Source. These are our “consorts”. These are the qualities that we are given
choice to interact with in our reality. From this interaction, we create our reality
in collaboration with these qualities or consorts. What a beautiful existence we would have if
we only created from these Divine qualities within us! That doesn’t happen, though, does it? Why not? Because everything here is just a copy of
an original design. also took these qualities of the Human
Spirit, and not only copied them, but distorted them to make them his own. Into our artificial soul suit, he imbedded
these abominations of the original design. They are represented as the “seven deadly
sins”, also known as the Cardinal sins or the Cardinal vices. They are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony,
wrath, and sloth. These were the “consorts” that were added
to our design, and it is through THESE attributes or consorts that most humans create their
reality and these that are responsible for ALL our emotional wounds. Each vice is represented and governed by a
chakra, in much the same way that the seven heavenly realms created within this
patrix are each governed by a Lord. (The Patrix design will be the next topic
for our series.) If that isn’t bad enough, the qualities
of the Spirit were also hijacked into what has been described as the Seven Gifts of the
Holy Spirit. These “gifts” resemble the Fruits of the
Spirit, albeit with just a little adjustment. Examination of each of these gifts will reveal
that they are not qualities of Spirit, rather they are counterparts to the vices and designed
to focus humanity’s creation for the benefit of rather than humans. (This is also described in the WingMakers
material, quite similarly, with the Sovereign Integral Process as Insertive Behaviors.) The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding,
counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. Let’s take a look at that last one first. Fear of the Lord is obviously NOT an original
Spiritual quality. Anything done or said in fear is not a beneficial
aspect of creation. Also, there is no hierarchy above us, therefore,
there is no LORD to fear. This gift is also interpreted to mean the
awareness of the grandeur of God, rather than fear of punishment. The Source of ALL is not vain or requiring
of worship or glory, therefore, that She would instill in Her creation an awareness of Her
awesome-ness which would also mean it is one of Her OWN attributes doesn’t make sense. Also, because our Spirit is really an aspect
of HER Spirit, this vainglorious attribute that we should be in wonder or awe of ourselves
doesn’t seem to fit. It is a contradiction to the Divine Spiritual
quality of meekness or humility. The next gifts to examine are wisdom, understanding,
and counsel. Wisdom is interpreted to be an attraction
to the Divine. It is known as the path one takes to know
God. A wise man will seek God’s will above his
own. Understanding is interpreted to mean understanding
the supernatural nature or the true Divine purpose of God expressed in all things. Nothing is random and everything is to be
given to the glory of God. Counsel is interpreted to mean intuition or
the ability to judge right from wrong. We are to be our own counsel, but with God
as the ultimate judge to grade our decisions accordingly. The next gifts are fortitude, knowledge, and
piety. Fortitude is interpreted to mean strength. This can mean the strength to stand up for
what you know is right or the strength to endure evil. In other words, the strength to endure suffering. This is in contrast to the qualities of the
Spirit, since the motivation for such strength indicates an adversary. If you do not have an adversary, then you
do not require the necessary strength to confront it. No, it is only within this enclosed trap system
that we need strength to endure what our adversary dishes out. The gift of knowledge is interpreted to mean
“seeing things from God’s perspective”. If you are familiar with the Wes Penre Papers
(WPP), then you are well aware that one of the most important methods of manipulation
by the Overlords is not that they LIE to us, no, it is that they convince us to see things
from THEIR perspective. This fits right into their agenda like a key
in a lock. Enough said on that one. Piety is interpreted as trust, reverence,
and reliability ONLY for God. This puts humans into such a state of submission
to a supreme overseer that we don’t feel we need to expand on it. We will let you come to your own conclusion
on how beneficial this would be as a quality of the Divine Spirit – to put ALL of Her
trust in an external Overseer, of sorts. It is not hard to see that the seven gifts
of the Holy Spirit are merely inserting into us an innate desire to worship, glorify,
trust, and fear him. ALL of these gifts ultimately end up benefiting
ONLY him and not us in any way. With this built-in programming that works
in association with the damaging effects of the artificial soul’s chakra energy portals,
we can see just how complex and deeply-rooted our situation has become here. In our research, to this point, we have concluded
that we are: *An aspect of the Divine Feminine Spirit which
is the Source of ALL CREATION. *These Spirit aspects were given a Soul by
our Divine Mother to keep them separate from Her in order to operate and interact as an
individual. *These individual Spirit/soul avatars were
given a special place to have those experiences with specific intentions and purpose. While in this place, a physical body was also
created and given as part of the experience to interact with the physical environment
of the place. *After a series of cataclysmic events, these
avatars were then captured, trapped, and placed within a very limiting, suppressive, and damaging
NEW soul construction created and designed by *Some artificially created humans are only
comprised of this artificial soul. They have no original Divine Spirit/soul at
their core being. They are vacant vessels used to sustain the
method of operation within the system – the parasitic dynamic. They are PART of the system and they do not
reincarnate. Containing only artificial soul or only chakra
system, they are completely consumed/devoured either by the system or the Overlords after
each incarnation. Artificial soul suits that were Spirited during
their incarnation are used, in part, to create new suits for another incarnation, but not
necessarily for the same Spirit. We are, in progression from the core and outward
– Spirit, within a Soul, trapped within an artificial soul construction, trapped within
an artificial reality, which is within a boundary portion of the KHAA (or the VOID), which is
within a boundary portion of the Pleroma – the FULLNESS of CREATION. We hope this has become a much clearer picture
for you of who we are, just as it has been for us. Personal experiences have led us to dive deeply
into this subject and better understand what we are up against, which resulted in discovering
why we are in such bad shape and how it is being done. Afterall, if we don’t know the problem,
we can’t find a solution. This has been the simplest explanation that
we have concluded from a very complex design. We do not know all the details or technology
and methods used to achieve such a design, but we are content that our understanding
is good enough to move forward from this point. If new insights or information pertaining
to this comes later, we will let you know what we discover. We feel confident that this gives everyone
a pretty good idea and enough detail, along with our other videos on narcissism, healing,
and relationships, to make their own conclusions regarding the best way to move forward, personally. If things are unclear, often doing your own
research, contemplation, and drawing your own conclusions will give you the best understanding. We encourage everyone who has questions about
any of these things to start forming their own understanding in whatever way they feel
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  1. Well, you finally put is all together regarding our "Chakras", which I've seen as intentional portal drain installments.
    Thank you Ariel and Wes for connecting these dots ❤

  2. One of the greatest summary…and again, very similar with Taoist Inner Alchemy view of human life, soul and spirit.

    Wes and Ariel, are you familiar with Gene Keys, the work of Richard Rudd? The way you explained here is close to his way of presenting shadows (artificial soul), gifts (gifts oh Holy Spirit) and siddhis (qualities of Spirit) . His teachings are complex and pretty accurate.

    Also, this idea of the chakra system being part of our artificial soul – yes, I encountered it also to other spiritual teachers in the last years…which means that people understand more of their true nature . . .

    Wes and A


  4. 🌹💙 So, if I understand correctly, the only chakra work we “really” need to do is to keep the chakras from getting blockages, work on resolving trauma issues—addictions, attachments, negative emotions—and work on manifesting emotional healing—and by exemplifying the fruits of the spirit, as opposed to the seven deadly sins, we vibrate higher than the overlords, and their hold on us largely disintegrates! Yes?🤔

  5. I've seen titles of YouTube videos that speak of removing your Chakras. Is this real and is it a good idea? Thank you for the visuals they were very helpful. I'm so tired of this illusion and its perpetual suffering.

  6. 🌹💙 Hmmmm, this calls for an in-depth study on prisms and how they work! Maybe it would be beneficial to learn how prisms work in reverse!🤔 That being, visualizing the chakra colors that currently compose our aura, and restoring their colors to white or clear light. This is just an observation of mine. Wes and Ariel, I do have one question: What about the chakras which extend way out from us (chakras 8-12 etc.) Are these chakras outside of us part of Divine Mother’s original creation, and Enki copied Her and made our seven chakras—seven being one of his numbers; or, do you view the entire chakra system (1-12 or more) as Enki’s construct all together? 🤔. Thanks Wes and Ariel for another awesome video. Blessings 🙏.

  7. Help please – So do we need our chackras to work or else our avatar body will get sick?  but at the same time they are draining our vital energy?  or can we redirect our energy back to us via intentions?

  8. Something unrelated, I want to ask. Wes and Ariel( or anyone) does anyone else twitch when certain thoughts or actions are done? I have thought about this for a while now, doing inner critic work and healing wounds by confronting them in meditation. I dont fear it, but is this a sign of the arrtificial body, or being connected to the supercomputer? What are your thoughts/or research conclusions on this?

  9. So I people people who are removing the chakras and overlays and they say they are artificial as this is how they feed and malnipulation of the portal connected to the chakra but we still have 3 originated chakras under the artificial ones .if so then everything is a cleverly constructed structure and the whole history of info on the chakras is a lie and some one like Santos bonacci his teachings would be wrong any thoughts on this wes and Ariel

  10. We " should All meet up have 1 last mad weekend '… And then All leave this matrix together ".☝🏼️❤️❤️❤️⚔🤔"

  11. Thank you Wes and Ariel for these series of videos . I appreciated your effort to help us understanding ou true origin.

  12. Thanks Wes for all your education material, your Papers changed my perception of our situation here on Earth! I've read many lovey dovey new age stuff and always felt that something was missing from that, I always felt like Neo looking for answers, lol.

  13. Join the Movement – We the Sovereign People of Planet Earth declare …

    To submit your project for funding go to: Feel free to take part in the Movement by creating a Twitter account if you don't already …

  14. Wes & Ariel, if I am reading all the videos correctly it was us (Sophia) who created Enki, right? If yes, then we can’t really blame him. We just created a big trap for ourselves. Please let me know your stance on this. Thank you.

  15. Hi Wes, thanks for all the great information. I have a question that I have been thinking about. If the chakra system is for the soul’s suit. Where do practices like Reiki fit into this? Is it a practice that is beneficial or should there be caution when practicing this?

  16. mmm… I don't know…but the '7 gifts of the holy spirit' feel to me as if they are totally inspired by, and put into written form by — out-of-control HUMAN EGO. Church bosses; domination obsessed, self-appointed, plain old humans with a superiority complex. My thoughts….

  17. Two things: One, how curious: I always try to read who wrote the article (Wes? Ariel? Both?) and in this video I forgot to read it, but once I started reading I said to myself: "This is not Wes… could be Ariel?" and it was Ariel!
    Second: In the WPP Wes said the seven rays (Alice Bailey and co.) were hijacked, redirected to Sirius and then shot here. That always puzzled me. This explains a lot.

  18. God fearing people should study and investigate why they need to fear… they need to know to protect their power and their sovereignty…

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