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  1. Popeye's shouldn't allow ponytails for servers. It's a health-code violation. Health inspectors should go to ALL Popeye's for inspections.

  2. Guess she gone learn today, huh! They ALWAYS regret it after they get straighted out or broke down for that matter

  3. What a shithole. Looks like a great place to take the family to get some Popeyes. Maybe they can murder my wife while my kids eat some under cooked chicken. Shut that fucked up ghetto ass establishment down completely and put that criminal in jail.

  4. The women employee also pulled her hair and hit her on her head twice before the guy bodyslammed her. The same women should have practiced what she preached, she said she was going to call the law to forcibly remove her, she should have done just that. So she was assaulted by multiple people. She is going to get alot of 💰 from popeyes.

  5. Someone uses “the ‘n word’”, so that gives the other person license to physically assault/body slam that person? I don’t think so.

  6. What a piece of trash that guy is. Like chapelle’s skit, I guess he was just keeping it real. Looks like he didn’t watch that episode! 😂

  7. First of all if a white lady said the n word she know it’s gonna get black People mad what would she said to the all white workers nothing right sorry to say black People been thought a lot I hate violence but she doesn’t to get bodyslam 2x

  8. Allegation: An unproven, legal accusation. What more proof is needed to show that the employee did body slam the customer?
    What the employee did was assault and now people are trying to justify the assault because the woman allegedly used racial terms. Even if she used racist terms, that does not justify sucker-slamming her to the ground — the situation was clearly deescalating as well. And yet people are defending and justifying the assaulter with the excuse that "two wrongs make a right". Charge the man with Aggravated Assault and investigate his alleged use of "white woman" to determine if his actions qualify as a felony hate crime.

  9. Just finished the Popeyes chicken sandwich…. save your money. Not only was it a greasy overload of fried chicken fingers, my stomach hurts and it tasted just like i thought it would… chicken tenders on bread

  10. What a puck man such a peace of shit i hope when he is a old man some bitch slaps him and tells him what you gonna do old man you know

  11. The black folk call each other the "N" word all the time. But if you're white and you say it you get jumped by two or more black people and nearly killed. Seems like white people should be segregated from black folks this time round. smh

  12. When will calling a so called "Black" person the "N" word become a hate crime? Thats verbal abuse.That word incites and provokes reactions. The lady was wrong, she should have left the store when asked, or the employees should have called the police to have her removed .

  13. Darience Hughes, 29 was the attacker. He was fired. He got arrested for FELONY assault. He's going to the Federal Prison where he WILL get butt-fucked by 6 niggas EVERY FUCKING DAY for LIFE! Now HE will get body-slammed in the butt! 😂😂😂😂😂 💩💩💩💩💩

  14. It's 823 Nashville Hwy. in Columbia, Tenn. Go there and bust out the windows and tear-up the signs and burn down the place!! 👿👿👿👿👿 💩💩💩💩💩 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. With Any ActionThere’s An Equally And Opposite Reaction,It’s Funny Calling Black People The N-Word With Your Other White Friends In Private,But Saying it In Public To A Black Person Might Cost You Your Life,However Body Slamming A 50 year Old Woman is Not Cool

  16. It's Deriance Hughes, 29 of Columbia, Tenn. who assaulted that lady at Popeyes. He got fired. Popeyes is closed there because of him. They will sue him for lost income. Its 823 Nashville Hwy. in Columbia, Tenn.

  17. She'll never say stuff like that again lolol It'd be nice if she was traumatized. Who knows how many ppl shes screwed over in her life. I wonder who out there gonna be the ones that say she's being lied about and/or downplay th3 situation to make it seem like it's not a big deal. Ppl actually get upset that racists get shamed and spread on the internet and makes ppl lose jobs. Other racists of course that'll always try to deflect and mention non existent situations lol.

  18. Her name was Nancy but now she goes by ACY. And I see why! They said he slammed all N words out of her vocabulary. Nuggets, Ninjas, Neanderthals… Nintendo. She even skips that letter when she sings the alphabet now. *Disclaimer in no shape or form do I condone this violence.**

  19. Ooh…You're a big man huh? Body slamming a frail 55 year old women to the pavement while you're a fat assed 300lbs 29 year old. Piece of shit. I don't care what she called you. You proved you are what she called you.

  20. What a pussy, to slam an elderly lady like that… . . Saying the "N" word is absolutely intolerable, PERIOD! ! However that does not justify slaming a lady old enough to be his mama.. . definately does not get any street cred for that. It just shows the lack of discipline and self control.. . . He may be a grown man but definately pulled a bitch move. As for the lady,. Well. … she doesnt come out looking so clean if she really did say that word. God will handle each situation accordinlgy and just!

  21. If the lady in Orange is the Manager, she turned around and walked off. SHE should be fired and sued for failing to render aid. ALL involved should be sued.

  22. I can use her in a music video the way that lady hit that high note when getting slam I thought he was slamming James brown

  23. Who is the camera person capturing the body slam RIGHT as it happens AND horizontally? It's almost like they knew it was going to happen. Usually these nonprofessional viral vids are mostly vertical amateur jobs.

  24. Lol, she deserved it. She put her hands on someone and ran. Im sick of these other races thinking they can just put their hands on us or say whatever to us and face no consequences. That should be a lesson learned for her old ass.😂

  25. Fucking savage animal, she was a cunt but body slamming a fucking old woman?! That's never ok, nothing justifies his actions.

  26. Anyways I think the young mans mom should be body slammed on the concrete . She’s obviously a horrible mother to raise a son who thinks his actions were justified. I hope the judge takes his smile in Consideration during sentencing. If so I don’t think he will be smiling anymore.

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