Vietnam – Love Story – Water World International Children’s Film Festival 2012

Love story by the river Why hasn’t he come? We used to meet here for our dates. Oh, she came earlier than me. It’s me. I missed you so much. Let’s go You… Are you ok? A snake Don’t be scared. It is just a water snake. Just wait for me here Don’t make me wait too long It has been so long and he hasn’t come back She waited and waited… but he didn’t return She passed away There were two flowers and a bracelet that she left for
him to know that she was still waiting there. This plant will help her recover I am back my darling She may have gone nearby. But no, she said that these
flowers and bracelet would always be by her side My darling… darling Where are you? This stone wasn’t here when I left Is… Is she this stone? She waited for me too long time and then became this
stone. It is my fault. My fault! My fault! I said that I would be beside her forever I will die with her I will be with you My darling! You, you shouldn’t have come here Why? You died?
No No I am sorry! Don’t be sad. I died and now I am here with you Hi, the love story that I have told is so
romantic between a talented boy and a beautiful girl. The boy became this stone and the girl
became that stone. And they stayed together.

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