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TEAM247 INFORMATICS Chandu, nowadays you’re reading
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Download the app now. How many days will you escape? Is there any chance to return my money? I should get back my money
in four days, or else I’ll break your bones. I have to suffer
for lending you money? Will drag you
to the village council, idiot. Why is he behaving such way? I have to clear his debt, else I’ll lose my respect. Gangavva, done with sowing
the rice crop? Not yet. I’m loaded with so many things
and I’m all alone. Have to hire some labor
even it costs me more. Still so much to do on the paddy field. And the festival is nearby. Granny, how much will you pay
for completing all the work? I can shell out 10,000 rupees
if it’s done in time. 10,000! Granny, I will finish off everything, you only take care of the labor
for sowing. I’ll look at everything, okay? I cannot trust
such a lazy person like you. Farming is not a child’s play,
got it? Get out of my sight now. Why do you demean me so?
Do trust me. Completing the work
is my responsibility. If I can’t make it in time,
beat me like anything. If it’s done, good for you. Will pay you the promised amount. But remember,
if it doesn’t happen, then you will not get
a single penny, Anil. Bro, how lucky I am. Why did you agree? You think you’ll save something
from that? Stupid. I will make my friends work for free. With the help of Madhu’s tractor
will till the land. If I feed Pavan and Tirumala, they will do banking and all. I helped Nani previously, so he and his brother will come
help me this time. Without paying anyone,
I can get 10,000 from granny. And I will clear all of my debt. OMG! What a calculation, bro. Stop praising and learn how
to make money from me. I’ll start the work tomorrow. Watered the farm completely,
now will call Madhu for help. Hello, Madhu. Where are you? I am in the field. I already told you about
tilling Gangavva’s field, so, be here in sometime. Bro, I’m busy here in my field,
I cannot come. Why do you say that?
Come and help me, bro. Sorry, I cannot, bro. He doesn’t pay a penny
and calls me for favors. He is acting too smart. Uncle, please send me the tractor
to till Gangavva’s field? Where should I send, man? -Only two acres.
-I have other fields to do. It’s only 2 acres, Uncle.
Please understand. – You want me to send?
– Yes. Pay 3,000 for diesel. Pay for the fuel! Am I leaving the village now? Keep my wallet,
I will pay you after the work is done. Okay. Hey, Veerendar, till that field and leave. I can’t, Uncle. I’ve been working since dawn,
give me some time to rest. Please help me. I will work on some area,
you complete the rest. -I will call Srinu for help.
-All right, Uncle. Uncle, send some good labor. And you keep the money ready. Hey, get down first. What kind of field it is, man? You didn’t water it enough.
You watered it more. Didn’t water it/watered it more? Are you out of your mind, Uncle? See how good this is. Good? It is insoluble. Move aside! Hey you, get on the tractor. Anil, make sure the banking is good. Holy shit. Looks like all the money will go
for the tractor charges. What happened? The mud’s so loose,
the tire got stuck in it. Look, it’s on the bank. Bro, you have to carefully work on this. Holy shit.
The tractor got stuck again. Did it stuck? Hey, Anil, why didn’t you warn him
about loose mud? You should guide him, right? There is all loose soil here. Why are you yelling at me?
Is that my fault? Don’t you know, idiot!
You should look after it. You know the driver’s new
to this work, right? What a stupid person you are. Hey, reverse the tractor first. Uncle, why are you scolding me now? Find a solution to get it out. Hey, I have left other work for you. And here, you are not helping him, now it got stuck. Also, you broke the cages
by throwing sticks around it. Pay 4,000 for the damage
and 3,000 for tilling. I’m leaving,
send the money soon! Also give the driver’s day pay. Money? Why will I pay? It’s Gangavva’s field,
she will pay you. -Granny, pay him.
-Why will I pay, stupid? Don’t ask for money
until everything is done. And you have to look after
all the labor tomorrow. I am paying,
I already gave 3,000 for diesel. That’s none of my business. I will pay you for what I agreed.
Not a single penny more. Hey, rev it and take
the tractor out of the mud. Rev it! Take it reverse or front, rev it! Finally, the tractor is out of the mud. Accepting granny’s work
is a big mistake. Everybody is after money. Of course they will get paid. Tomorrow, I’ll give a treat
to Pavan and Tirumala and make them work,
that way I can save some money. This is final. Give me the glasses. Anil, you said one plot, right? I see two plots here. Hey, it wouldn’t take much time, man. Once we step in,
it will be done in no time. For this little treat,
we should do banking for two plots? After completing it,
I will offer you toddy, bro. First get to work, guys. I will buy you some toddy,
let’s finish this off. Hey, you work from this side. You work on the middle part, Nandu. -Tirumala, you work on the corner.
-Okay. Let’s start, guys. Anil, my stomach’s upset,
will be back in sometime. Hey, work sometime and go, bro. Please. Bro, please understand! Let me go! Hey! Hey, hey! You just started
and your stomach’s upset, idiot. Tirumala, you guys– Selfie while I am working
in the field. Is that necessary now? Why did you come here, guys? Tirumala, please work on that. Bro, I’m just uploading a pic in Facebook. Don’t get angry. Farmer is the king. Tirumala, what’s this? This is what you’ve done so far? Bro, I really don’t know how to do this. You know to booze, right? Hey, what did you dig since then? Beating around the bush? Come again?
I did this entire thing. My mom is waiting for me,
I am leaving. Hey! Hey! Tirumala, why all are behaving like this? Bro, forget everything.
Let’s take a selfie. Now stop this selfie nonsense! I feel pity on myself
for accepting this work. Now, get to work. We’ve worked enough
for the treat you gave us. And again you’re fooling us with toddy. You didn’t even work the time
you sat for the treat. Two acres to go… Anil, may the God bless you. Anil, do it. Young boy like you is tired
with this piece of work. Where did your friends go? Friends? They are lazier than me. And to hell with this work. What kind of work is this? So much of hard work. Oh, my legs. Much of the work is done though. These plants are pricking me. Anil, are you sleeping? Why don’t you get your friends for work? You are such a greedy fellow. Distribute the work,
you have labor coming up. I know this would happen,
I have my backup. It will take only a call
to get them for work. Brothers, where are you? Come to Gangavva’s field. Paddy field work, today? You should have intimated me
a day before, bro. Me and my brother
came to town for a marriage. We have to be here
for the wedding procession. I’m really sorry, bro.
Maybe next time, bye. OMG, you too left me alone. This is all my fate. I have to singlehandedly
work on this. God, help me. Hurry up, hurry up. Such a hard worker. I pray to God he marries a good girl…
having a kid already. Anil, get those seedlings soon! Bring some water for the labor, too. I am coming! Wait! I’m getting paid today. I’m getting money today. Today… And my bad, I trusted my friends to work,
but I did everything on my own. Now with Gangavva’s money, should I clear Shiva’s debt
or keep it for the festival? First, let’s celebrate pongal. At last I’m getting the money. Gangavva, done with all the work,
give me my pay. Is she mad? I asked for money. Hello. Give me 10,000 rupees
which you promised. I don’t have money now. Will give it you after selling the crop. After selling the crop? I want it now, granny. This is the reason
I don’t come to work in fields. Give me my money. Will give you for sure,
and I stand by my word. After selling the crop,
will pay you as promised. You call yourself a farmer… You make people work
and don’t pay them in time. We shouldn’t trust you people. You worked for two days
and asking me to pay, do you think agriculture
is a child’s play? Have to pay the tractor charges,
pesticides, pay the labor for sowing and other works. The amount we get from selling
the crop goes into paying the labor. A real farmer knows how difficult it is. You have no idea, greedy fellow. We won’t have a penny with us
until the next harvest. How can a farmer survive,
live his life this way? Use your brain, dumbhead. Granny, why are you telling me all this? After all these efforts, we are still doubtful
if we can clear the debts. Then, we fall to the ground
like dead leaves. You really have no idea
about a farmer’s hardship. Tell me what should I do now, granny. Don’t worry, my son. We have so much work to do. We still have to water the field, etc, you take care of all that work. Please don’t bother. Okay? Okay, friends.
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Have fun, everybody. Thanks for watching our farming hardships. Subtitles by

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