village paper boy problems | my village show comedy

village paper boy problems | my village show comedy

Paper! Paper! Paper! What is this aunt? Can’t you see? Take your paper.. Take it! I don’t want this wet paper. Give me good one. You are the one who made it wet. You don’t even how to read then whichever may be the paper it doesn’t make any difference If don’t know reading then i will see the pictures One who moves on the road.. Who knows how to read.. I will make them read and listen with my ears Anytime did you bring the paper regularly? You will bring the paper at 10 o’ clock and that too for every 3 or 4 days Take this paper.. Take it! What is this trouble to me? My life is waste! Paper! Don’t you have school today? No! Today is Sunday. It is Sunday today. Hey Anil! What’s the matter? What’s the matter? It’s becoming late.. Hey! Why do you do like this everyday? Hey! Are you guys preparing for IAS or what? Why don’t you guys buy atleast one paper to read? Hey.. Hey! Don’t fill it up! This will be useful for my science project work. Hey! Hey! Hey! Oh my god..! Thirupathi! What is this? It is common in friendship To hell with your friendship! Hey! Once again.. If I come to this street.. I beat myself with slipper! Till now he did not reach. Where is he? He will not come.. This will not come. What is this uncle? Everyday like this only.. Everyday.. I came! Stupid fellow! You are not coming and it is not coming.. Paper should be brought early morning Does anyone bring now? Give it! I read the headlines Now I can go to London. I will read the remaining in bathroom. Once again Group-II notification is released! Paper! Hey Paper! Come here! How much for one Kg of paper? I don’t buy paper. I sell it! You don’t buy..? You sell them.. Yes! That’s okay! How much for one Kg? He doesn’t know how to sell. How will he survive and maintain his family..? Paper! No one is there at home.. Go! Where is your uncle? He is not there! where did he go? Another village! Tell me the truth! True! Is your uncle not there? No! Tell the truth! True! What is this? You are too smart! Is everyone in your family behave like you? Where did your uncle go? Shiva brother! Hey Shiva brother! What happened brother? Won’t you pay the bill? Hey! What did i say to you? If anyone comes home for asking money.. I said to send them out from here This is what you have learnt? You have to be trained once again What is this brother? Give the money. What’s your problem? What are you saying brother? Leave it.. Please! What is this nonsense at early morning? Give the paper and move.. What is this? I’m giving paper since 3 months.. Won’t you pay the bill? It is pending since 3 months. I will give.. I will give after some days. Brother! Since 3 months you are taking paper but not giving money My sir is scolding me. When did you roam for money? When.. did.. I.. roam? Brother! Give the paper bill. Do you know my younger grandfather’s father’s grandfather? He is dead! I will give after 10 days Brother! Won’t you give paper bill? Today is Friday! I will give it tomorrow! Brother! won’t you give paper bill? Construction work is going on.. I’m very busy now I will give tomorrow.. You just go now! I will give tomorrow! Go! You are doing like this since so many months This boy.. He is sending outside from here itself! Your entire family is very different brother! Please give the money.. I beg you! What is this nonsense? Are we going anywhere? You are talking whatever you want with this small kid I’m not saying anything to both of you I beg you.. Give me my money! You are talking too much.. Who sent you to do this? Is that ‘Malli’? His passbook is with me.. So he sent you to do this, right? What am I saying and what are you saying? I just asked you to give 200 rupees and you are talking about all unnecessary things Chandu! What happened? Why are you not giving money since 5 months? Your bill is too much now! What Anil? I said that you should not give paper to them then why are you giving? I thought to not give.. But this man threatened me. So I gave paper to them but they are not giving money since 5 months I went to every place he work for asking money Do you know what did he say today? What did he say? He said, “Who are you?” What does he mean by “Who are you” ? Don’t I have address? He is my man! After me he is the boss! They want me to feel shameful infront of you so they brought me here uncle! Hey, don’t call me uncle! Leave it uncle! Call me sir! You are my strength uncle! Why are you calling me uncle? Call me sir! That is not the thing uncle! Sir! Wait a minute! Tell me! My brother wants to speak Sir! I haven’t given you single rupee since 5 months.. This is true! But.. He came to our home.. Stood infront of our house in the street.. He disrespected us saying that we haven’t given money. Will you give my respect back? Tell me! You are a respectful person in this village You know how respectful persons will be.. He should not speak whatever he want Now you tell me sir! Whatever he is saying is wrong uncle! He is speaking all rubbish about me I’m saying.. You idiot! How did you speak to him like that? And also you are not calling me sir.. Uncle! That’s not the matter.. You are not understanding what I’m saying You bloody scoundrel! Why don’t you understand the thing? And also you are not calling me sir. I came to you 2 or 3 times so that it shouldn’t become late to pay the bill You were not there! How can you do like this for such a small thing? Sir! Your worker doesn’t work properly. Everyday he brings the paper lately. We are dying for paper What do you know? Whatever they are saying is false uncle! everything is false! Don’t make a mistake in judging them! Hey! Stop it! You are not giving any kind of respect to honorable persons.. And also.. You are calling me uncle but not sir! Sir! You give value to people If you speak like this, extra 3 or 4 members will come for asking paper Okay, thank you! You don’t need to give a single rupee. You have called me sir! I’m very happy! See you! Okay sir! Thank you! I will take care of everything! Tell him how to speak! Don’t you feel ashamed? You made me feel shameful infront of them What happens if you say ‘sir’ infront of them? You should call me ‘sir’ infront of others.. Call me uncle at home! You don’t feel shame at all! Rascal! Go and do your work! You are not calling me ‘sir’. Go! Okay friends, thanks for watching this video! On 31st of August ‘Paper Boy’ movie is releasing.. We have taken this video based on that We think that this video is not so perfect But you have to tell us how is this video by commenting below He had faced a lot of problems in this video! Now like, share and subscribe “MY VILLAGE SHOW”! “MY VILLAGE SHOW” also has Instagram account.. Follow Instagram also.. Why because we post regular uptades in Instagram! Compulsory follow it! And also follow facebook page! Okay! Now.. Subscribe “MY VILLAGE SHOW”! Not only you subscribe but also say others to subscribe! For notifications click on bell button! Rolling camera.. Rolling camera.. Say scoundrel! Silence! Action! You tell me sir! Whatever he is saying is false. Everything is wrong! Hey, you wait! Can’t you see the respectable persons? Uncle, that is not the matter! You are not listening my words.. You scoundrel! Don’t talk. Don’t laugh! What happened?

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