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See my amazing skills. come on Imli, now you rotate the top and show!!! Vir go away from here and play Cant you see we have bought new car, and you are spoiling our car with dust. My car!!!! Uncle these are all shooting stars, It seems like a big meteor has broken down and falling into pieces, quickly get inside or else someone might get hurt by these rocks. Robo boy where are you, only you can save us from this meteor. The sight of Shooting stars, when seen at night look very beautiful but when they fall down on Earth in the form of meteors they create a lot of destruction. Just now there has been a meteor shower in Fursatganj and nearby villages. One big meteor is heading down towards Earth; some of its fragments in the form of rocks are falling down on Earth. If the meteor is not destroyed before entering Earth’s atmosphere, Then entire Fursatganj will get destroyed. Government is firing a missile to break the missile, hope that the meteor breaks into small fragments and Fursatganj is saved. Missile’s hit was futile, now God only save Fursatganj Vir you will have to go now…come with me Vir put on the drilling suit to drill 100 meters. Astronaut suit on Astronaut suit on All the best Vir. Look there ….Robo boy is going Robo boy is going towards the meteor, what’s his plan? Nobody knows….he is trying to save Fursatganj putting himself in grave danger. Drilling suit on Drilling suit on Grandfather I have started drilling. Yes we can see it Vir. Vir look out behind you, there is an alien behind you. Vir there are more aliens behind you Vir we don’t have much time…..keep digging. Grandfather My battery has turned low, I came here in so much rush that I forgot to take another battery. Grandfather let’s go and help Vir. I will go in the invisible space ship. You wait here; there is too much danger out there. Invisible space ship? Yes…nobody can see this space ship. It camouflages in the atmosphere’s surroundings. I don’t want anyone to see that I am helping the Robot boy. Grandfather quickly let’s go. Imli you also came, you are very adamant, Imli only five minutes are left, I will distract the aliens, as soon as they come after me you go and change Vir’s battery quickly. Grandfather you won’t be able to run fast, I will distract them; you go and change Vir’s battery. Hey here here Hey come here, come here. Imli!!! Grandfather you take Imli and sit in the space ship. I will follow. Only three minutes are left Vir… Ok Grandfather. Grandfather you fly away in your space ship,I will follow. No! We will go with you. Imli this is no time for debate here. Go quickly! Only thirty seconds are left.If the robot boy does not blast the meteor, then along with Fursatganj other towns will also get destroyed completely. Three seconds, two seconds and… Yayy robo boy has blasted the meteor! Yayyyy…Till the time we have a saviour like robo boy our fursatganj is safe Thankyou Robo Boy… Vir I have noticed in my radar that there are a lot of actions taking place in the space, we have to be careful. Don’t worry grandfather! Grandfather…We have a saviour like vir nobody can harm us… We trust Vir Thankyou Imli Pedro, according to your order I have selected world’s two best scientists. Don’t be scared. Who are you? You will get to know everything. King Pedro, Yes Lisa! Your guests are here. This is Mr. Prem Sahay and that is Mad Max. Both are the world’s best scientists. They are totally fit for your mission. Welcome to my winning world, Mr. Prem Shaya and Mr. Mad Max. There is only one reason behind calling you both here. I want you both to help me I want to destroy the whole universe and build up a new one. This means that you want to build a new universe and rule over it. Great! I am with you Pedro. Pedro like it! Liza, please take mad max and his partner to the guest room. Yes Pedro. Come along with me. Even you join hands with me, Mr. Prem Sahay. No Pedro. I won’t support you. Pedro don’t like it. Think about it. We will meet soon. Grandfather, now how will we go back from here? You try to see from your x-ray vision. X ray vision on Grandfather I found the way out. I am going there. Robo boy suit on. Robo boy suit on. The technology here is really very different. Pedro, what should we do with Prem Sahay? Where are we stuck? Really, Predo’s world is very dangerous. We need to teach this smart boy a lesson. Robo boy when Pedro is fed up he takes away lives. Liza? Vir, the robot boy, now you have just 30 minutes to try to save yourself if you can. Vir, first we need to face this animal. Yes grandfather I will take care of him, By the time you just check if there is some other emergency exit. Grandfather, look there is an emergency exit and a space ship too. You go, I will look after Pedro and then come. Bye bye Pedro This Vir always acts like a saviour, Because of him I missed such a big opportunity. Boss. Leave this for now and let’s run from here… will take revenge later. Timbaktoo..This is the first time you are talking sense Vir, once again stopped the detriment from happening. This is what I’ve learnt from you Grandfather, That bring the goodness ahead and leave the bad deeds behind. you are a true saviour. What happen boss…It seems you are upset. Mona… Mad Max is sad.. Very sad.. My dream of ruling the entire world with Pedro was going to come true… But Vir and Dr. Prem Sahaya ruined everything… And I will take revenge from them. You are right boss.. You are right. Vir acts like Fursatganj’s saviour, now I will destroy the entire Fursatganj. Whole Fursatganj..Boss how will you do that? Timbaktoon this is a Man freezing device, When they blast all the people around will freeze, set the timer on them in such a manner that each one should blast after every 10 minutes. Did you understand? I understood boss,I understood. Just now a peculiar device has blasted in Fursatganj, because of which all the animals around there have frozen, Thank god there were no People around there. The person who has blasted the device has sent this message. Dr prem you know what I want, You hand it to me or else every 10 minutes one device will be activated, and all of Fursatganj will be frozen. You know my person, he is roaming around in the market, Hand him over my thing Dr. Prem ha ha ha ha ho ho bye bye This is Mad max , we will have to search those Man freezing devices before they blasts. Grandfather how can we search for all the devices in such a short period? Come with me, I will give you one device to detect them, Rest you know what to do. I will also go visit my native place for few days. I also haven’t gone there for quite some time. Imli come quickly, pack your things we are leaving for our village. Wing suit on. Wing suit on There they are the Man freezing devices, let me see which one will activate first. Hello grandfather I am relaying you the positions of all the devices, the one near the tower will blast in three minutes, I am going to diffuse that one. You inform about it to the police, they will do their work. Yes, I am looking at the screen ,very good Vir. I will call and inform the police about the location of rest of the devices, you diffuse the bomb near the tower quickly, we don’t have much time. Okay. Uncle, one minute just hold this device. Twister suit on Twister suit on Robo boy only ten seconds are left. 9. 3 second, 2…. Grandfather one device has been already been blasted. I have already informed the police about the whereabouts of all the other devices, They have diffused them with the help of the entire police force. but still they haven’t found the device near the railway station. I will check. I am mad very very mad, How did the police find out the location of all the devices at one time. Grandfather this device is moving !!!! Grandfather, man freezing device was not on the railway station it is in the train, which was standing there and now the train started moving now. Grandfather this train is moving towards Rajpur, Imli’s father was saying about going to his village, maybe he is on this same train, I will go and search for the device. Vir Be careful. Hey robo boy. Hey vi….. Hey robo boy what are you doing here ? Imli.. Robo boy There is no need of you. Leave me…. that device will blast. Within one minute the bomb will blast and everyone will be freezed. He has tied me up with magnetic rope because I am made up of metal, I have a solution for this. Anti magnetic rays on Anti magnetic rays on oh no , battery had to go low at this time !!! If I do not recharge the battery quickly, It won’t be possible to save the train. Robo boy quick. Do something. Battery is getting low ,power is getting depleted. Hold my hand, you can recharge the battery in the couch. Thank you imli. Welcome robo boy. Ok bye bye see you only five seconds are left, The man freezing device is on your back. Thank you Robo Boy for Saving us Thankyou.. Boss Vir is truly a saviour of fursatganj.. He saved Fursatganj from your freezing device as well, Shut up Timbaktoo… Vir is not a saviour.. He is just an ordinary robot.. He is nothing in front on Mad Max’s power. Now I will see how Vir will save himself. What is the plan boss? I will tell you, but first Timbaktoo, move this fly from here. Boss… this is easy for me. Timbaktoon, today it’s the question of your image. If you can’t hit a single honeybee, then you won’t be able to do anything in your life. Don’t move Boss… Don’t move. Enough! Timbaktoon, enough! Just imagine that if a single honeybee can harass you to this extent Then how much destruction can many such honeybees do! I was doing research on this and now you see, How the fly destroy Vir. And Vir wont be able to do anything. Timbaktoo go and destroy Fursatganj. Meow, boss, you are genius, super duper genius. She is right boss, she is right. Grandfather says that we should keep our surroundings clean in order to avoid diseases. People come to freshen up in the garden and throw the litter around. Come on, let’s clean the garden nicely. After cleaning the garden it looks so pleasant Vir. All the residents of Fursatganj, get ready to save yourselves from my bees. Imli, look there at the giant honey bee and Timbaktoon is sitting inside it. Go and inform grandfather by the time I will look after him. Alright. Robo boy suit on Robo boy suit on Come vir come, have a look at the bridge which is broken, and the school bus is about to fall in the river. What will you do Vir? Ha ha ha ha… Vir, are you enjoying? Thank you robo boy Vir, are you alright? Grandfather, these Bees are made by Mad Max. You don’t worry, I’ll handle them. Vir, they can’t be finished easily as they are many. I’ll arrange a weapon and call you. By that time you handle them. Ok grandfather Run…run Vir run.. Stop when you are tired, then I’ll take you to Mad Max. Drill suit on Drill suit on. Oil and fire Oil and fire Vir, you saved yourself from those bees. How will you save yourself from this giant bee? Vir, the game is over. Eject smoke Eject smoke Vir, come to the terrace along with the giant robot bee. I have invented a giant racket and fixed it at the edge of our terrace. As soon as you pass through it, I will turn on the strong lasers as soon as you cross it. The robotic bee will touch the racket and die out of electric shock. Ok grandfather Grandfather, my battery is about to die. Reaching you is doubtful as I am far away from the house. Vir, you can do it increase your speed and come on the terrace fast. Battery over in 10 seconds Ten nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Vir.. Thank you imli Boss.. In front of the saviour of Fursatganj we lose again.. Timbaktoo you are useless, you can’t do anything… Mad Max is mad, very very mad. Boss do you doubt my ability, Timbaktoo is sad very sad.. He is using your dialogue Shut up…Timbaktoo Boss.. Give me one chance… This time I have one Ace… Neither vir can save himself nor can he save Fursatganj. Boss I will just come back. Timbaktoon, who is he? Boss boss, he is umbrella man. It is not raining here, take him away, I don’t want to buy any umbrella. Hot rays, falling rain, I can finish everybody’s tale. Because I am not an umbrella trader but the umbrella chief. Mad boss, Fire and shoot me. My name is Mad max,your umbrellas cannot stop my laser rays. How are you Mad Boss? Now did u understand that i am not a trader but the chief of umbrellas. You are a very useful man. Go and bring the saviour of Fursatganj Vir, and you will be given whatever you ask for, go!! Hey Bunty’s Mom, Bunty, come out and look it is raining heavily. What is the cost of this umbrella? All these umbrellas are for free. Anybody who is interested can take it for free. Free, free, totally free, an umbrella free on a free umbrella. Ha ha ha ha Dad, dad, he is giving the umbrellas for free. Let’s go and take it. Save me, Save me, help… Ha ha ha ha, i am not a trader of umbrellas but the chief. I am Umbrella man Umbrella man… Robo boy robo boy help Shout more, he will definitely come. Ha ha ha ha. Robo boy suit on. Robo boy suit on. Who are you? Leave them. Ha ha ha ha, robot boy, nice meeting you. Hot rays, falling rain,I can finish everybody’s tale. Because i am not a trader but the chief of umbrellas. You want robot boy. I am here, now leave them and if you have guts than compete with me. I need to take him somewhere far from here otherwise the laser beams may hurt someone. Thank you robo boy My soldiers go and catch Vir, trap him. Ha ha ha ha, robo boy, this is the beginning of your end. Let’s go home boys. I am not a trader of umbrellas, I am the chief of umbrellas. Twister suit on Twister suit on No…no…My umbrellas. My umbrellas, I prepared them with so much efforts. I will destroy you. I will destroy you….. Extra power on Extra power on when you cannot remove cream with a straight finger then you should bend it. Now you are trapped robo boyy…. Come on let’s go to Mad Max. Drill suit on Drill suit on Hello! No…you made a hole in my umbrella, i will not leave you. I will not leave you umbrella man. No, no wait, wait, ahhh… Enough, land is near, land is near, Please, stop, I’m afraid. Now sing that umbrella man umbrella man song please, I like it a lot. Umbrella man umbrella man.. Robo boyyy… robo boyyy….. Thank you robo boy… Vir you are a true saviour Where did Timbaktoo go? Boss.. It seems Timbaktoo ran away after Umbrellaman lost As it is he is of no use.. Now I will have to do something. Boss boss what is happening? Help help boss help… Timbaktoon what have you done, my entire hardship down the drain. Boss what have I become ? what happen to me Meow boss this is a lizard man Ha ha ha ha Mad max is glad very very glad , Bymistake I made such a thing, That even Dr. Prem Sahay can’t make. Go and destroy Vir and show Dr Prem that I am a bigger scientist. Now go.. Boss please make me normal , as I was , How will I fight with Vir , he is stronger than me. You are strongest, you too have have super powers. Your tongue itself is a weapon. What? My tongue a weapon Hey what are you doing ? Timbaktoon leave me Okay Timbaktoo..go and create a such mess in Fursatganj , So that people will never consider Vir as their saviour Boss.. Thankyou boss… Every time Vir Hits me this time I will hit him. Chulbul you swing. I will have some snack s and come. Gintu wait, how can I play in seesaw alone without you. Gintu wait I am also coming , I want to have carrots. Imli… Vir help… Robo boy suit on Robo boy suit on Leave me.. Vir save me… Vir save me…. Imli…. Someone save us Thankyou robo boy… I will teach you a lesson Hahahah vir the robo boy , what will you do ? You are finished . Timbaktoon good job done,get him to me, haha I am glad very glad haha Laser wall on Laser wall on Where are you running Timbaktoo? I will show you entire world now Boss save me.. Mad max is mad very very mad.. Don’t think you won Vir, I will come back And i will take revenge.

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