Virginity, Facebook & Game Of Thrones | Stand-Up Comedy by Mohd Suhel

Virginity, Facebook & Game Of Thrones | Stand-Up Comedy by Mohd Suhel

thanks so i ate a pigeon audience loved the pigeon word thanks i ate a pigeon and it started barking in my stomach then i farted a parrot sound but then i started feeling pigeon wants to get out so i was hoping that i will shit a pigeon for the 1st time in my life but i didnt eat it for the 1st time this was the 2nd time i ate a pigeon but i didnt shit a pigeon the first time it was something completely different so i was hoping i will shit a pigeon this time so i shat… a thermometer i know its weird right this is based on a true story audience:once more thanks ok i’ll do it once again but short version so i ate a pigeon then i farted a parrot then i shat a thermometer i wanted to know how a pigeon can convert to thermometerism in my stomach so i bought a pigeon and started observing it waiting for it to convert but it didnt so now im sure that my stomach has powers (in this scene im thinking if peacocks watch harry potter) (i think audience can hear my thoughts) (because im pretty sure that joke wasnt funny) (but they laughed at my thought) wait did i say peacock in the last subtitle i thought we were talking about pigeon man both start with p now im not sure if i ate a pigeon or peacock (audience is dying laughing with this relatable stuff) so(smooth segue) there was a pigeon once ok i know im obsessed with that pigeon but this is a different pigeon (thats why i used the segue) (why would i need a segue if it was the same story) this pigeon was different you cant eat it because it was venomous if you eat it you will go to space because of the venom pigeon venom has powers man what do you think elon musk is smart no he has too many venomous pigeons rockets and spaceships are just hoax pigeons are the real shit shit pigeon or peacock i almost solved the theory of relativity with this theory but forgot pigeon or peacock we have so many letters can we use different letters for these life changing species so that smart people like me can solve space and time problems with ease (audience agrees with me) like call pigeon and seacock then everyone would be living on the sun by now but no its peacock and we are still on earth lets change the world together peyton is seyton from now on anyway lets get back to my story i ate a pigeon farted a parrot dont forget the best part i shat a thermometer (they still love it) i dont know how its possible i think i ate a thermometer pretending to be a pigeon thats why i shat a thermometer (you’re thinking “or peacock”) (we solved that issue in last subtitles its seacock now pls catch up i know its too smart but just think a little) what im trying to say is whats the point of life why are you still watching(or reading) maybe you’re thinking i will say something smart by the end of the video(or subtitles) no i wont its all stupid stuff pigeon & peacock is a myth thanks

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  1. Ye kon log he jo has rahe he inke samne tum hello bhi bol do to has denge stupid people sadi bato pe has rahe he ye to jokes bhi nahi he Aisa lag raha he ye audience aaj hi paida hui he or aaj hi hasne ka mauka Mila he

  2. Fuck what if foreigners come a on the captions..
    And the shit above is not actually matching with the shit down there😂😂😂

  3. Stand up is hilarious but subtitles ate lit AF 🔥🔥🔥😂 😂😂
    If the pigeon id venomous and you eat it you will go to space🤣🤣🤣 kuchvi😆😆😆

  4. Did someone enable the English captions and check out what story is going on there
    When he said "I'm an engineering student" it came "I ate a pigeon"

  5. Initially I tried watching this video with sounds of and just reading the caption.. And I just didn't get the pigeon shit at first I was like what is he even saying..

  6. He's not bad looking tbh. He's just thin and wearing big ass clothes xD. He actually has nice facial features like a good nose and all. And probably a shitty hairstyle. Overall he look pretty good. And yea no homo I'm straight af.

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