Visitant | Full Horror Movie

Visitant | Full Horror Movie

(sobbing) Please… (choking) Why are you doing this to me? (sobbing) Go away! Leave me alone! No, No, please… I don’t understand what you want
from me… Go away! Leave me alone! Get off of me! No… (crying) – Honey, are you all right?
– Go away… – No honey open the door! Honey open the door right now! (scream) Sweetheart it’s all right,
it’s all right. It’s all right I’m here. – Make him go away!!!
– Honey, it’s just me and you
here, that’s it. Please, please, PLEASE… Come in, come in. – I don’t think I want to do
this… – Ah, c’mon, Beth.
You’ve been talking about this since we got here.
– Please… Have a seat. Go, go ahead. Let’s do this. – I am Samantha-
– Would you sit down? – Joe!
– Shhh! I am Samantha. And… Would you care to have a seat
next to Elizabeth? – Oh my God, she knows my name!
– That’s because I just said
it, just a second ago. Elizabeth. When is your
birthday? – Um. May… 20th.
– A Taurus. Of course. And have youever consulted
a psychic before?
– No! No, but she does consult her
magic 8-ball all the time. Ah. Joseph. Would you like to
sit at the table? There’s no extra cost and that
is, of course, if it’s all
right with you Elizabeth. This is her reading. Oh… Very well… Let’s begin. You’ve been keeping a secret. You’ve been keeping a secret,
and you don’t know who to trust. You’ve been keeping a secret
and you don’t know who to tell, because it’s a special surprise. – Oh my God…
– Oh my God, what? – My… surprise; is it-is it
gonna be okay?
– What? – Because I just don’t want
Joe to get upset or anything. Ummm–
– What are you talking about? Because I can still get out
of it… – Yes. It will be healthy and happy. – Bethy… are you pregnant?
– What? No! Ew! – Am I?
– Are you serious? I swear to God if you’re preg-
I can’t believe it! I cannot
believe it! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Nobody’s pregnant! I didn’t say
anybody was pregnant. Aunt Bella’s Labradoodle just
had puppies! She said we could
have the pick of the litter. That was the surprise, I swear!
I just, I wanted to tell you
Joe, but I- I didn’t want you to…
get upset. No. No. We’re leaving. We used to live in Florida. Not the beachy part, but the
swampy part around Orlando. And we took our new puppy for a
walk by this lake, and… He was just a baby… – What was his name?
– His name was Patches. Patches, of course. I just… I just wanted to know if he thought it’d okay if we
got a new puppy. I just said no. I just said no. If Patches thinks it’s okay.
Let us consult the ‘spirits of
the animal world’… Oh my God! This is ridiculous. This poor dog Max, he was
killed by a coyote shortly after being adopted
into a new home.- Awww. Hmmmm… Mmmmm… MmmmmmmmmmMAX! – Is Patches there with you?
– Oh my God. Elizabeth is here. She longs to adopt a newborn pup
and bring it into her loving
home. Please give us a sign as an
offer of your blessing. As conduit to your world…
I implore you… Please give us a sign! – Whoa!
– I think he’s good with it. (RINGING CELL) What’s that? Um, times up. Thanks for coming. – But what ab–
– Oh, yeah, uh – You two will live a long
and happy life together.
– He’s my brother! Uh, you can see yourselves out. I told you this was a rip-off.
Thanks a lot, ‘witch’! – Please, Joey? I want a puppy!
– I told you no! No frickin’
way! Hey Lisa? Please tell me you’ve
got good news and that they love
me ’cause I nailed my audition and
they’re gonna book me? Oh honey, it was so close.
Between you and one other girl. Look, Sam, if anything happens
to their first choice then
you’re right there! Well give me her name and her
address and I’ll be sure something
happens to their first choice… – Okay that’s a good idea…
– I’m kidding, all right? I just shouldn’t have worn the
sun dress; I should have just
gone all-out slutty. Sam, they loved you. You just
came in second. Well I’m not gettin’ any
younger. I mean even being the Lexus Toyota girl would have
been good money… for both of
us. You know, I think we should
focus on slightly older roles
for you. You know, like the young mother
that’s just– I don’t care if I’m Granny
Clampett! Hello? Sam? You still there? Yeah, I’m here. And- Well
that’s the problem, all right?
A gig’s a gig, but come on! What about a movie or a
commercial. Television. Something other than this gypsy
thing- it’s killing me. The Olde Time Fun guys love you
there! They say you are the best
clairvoyant they’ve ever had…
– Great… You know they would love to
lock you in for a longer contract. We should talk about
that, okay? – I gotta go.
– Okay, Hon. Knock ’em dead!
Have fun! Call me! I need a new agent. Sorry, we’re closed. – Please…
– It’s off-season. We actually
close before dark. I’m sorry. Please. Please, have a seat. Lee. Lee Carter Barnes; Barnes
Realty. Why on Earth did I just do that? – Do what?
– Give you my business card. It’s not like I’m here to sell
you a house, now is it? Force of habit, I guess. I’m sorry; it’s just that, I… I’ve…
…Never consulted a psychic
before. No. Never. I don’t really believe in them,
but… You know that expression, ‘at
my wit’s end?’ Well that’s me.
Literally. I just didn’t know what else to
do. I mean I never planned to be
here today. I mean, what is
this place? ‘Olde Time Fun Towne’? Please. But well, here I am. Thank you- thank you for seeing
me. Not a problem. Of course since
itis after hours, it will cost
you a little more… Oh, oh of course. Here let me pay double. I’m sure you must have a family
to get home to. Actually, no. Just tired. (laughing)
‘Tired.’ You have no idea… I’m sorry. It’s just for this
last year it seems like I hardly sleep
anymore. Wait. You haven’t slept in a
year? No, no, no. It’s um… It only feels that way, right? But it’s only gotten really
worse in the past- in the past
month or so… The um, The doctors- the doctors call it
“Parasomnia.” But they can’t help me. The pillsthey give me, they
just make it worse… The nightmares, they call them night-terrors, they just get worse. But I doesn’t matter why I
don’t sleep… or my physical body just moves
in response to what they say
are dreams… But I know. I know what it is. You do too! And that’s why I had to come
here today because you know. You- You know what it is. Yes, I think I do know. You know its name? Shh-shh-shhhh. You mustn’t say it out loud. He gets extra angry if you say
it out loud. But he loves to spell it for me. Don’t you?! Sshhhh. It’s okay. So, you’re being haunted… Yes, haunted. You could say
that. So this ghost, or spirit, he’s… Ghost, Spirit, Wraith,
Specter… They’re just words in a book until it happens to you… Look, ma’am, I don’t think I
can help you. Please, please… Okay, Umm…
– I can pay you. I can pay you
more. I’ve got- I’ve got more money. Look, I can try. I can try to help, to make you
feel better. Thank you. Please. You just have to help
me. Okay. Together we’re gonna give this
ghost his walking papers. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Now with your eyes closed, ask the entity to leave. – Please leave. I beg of you.
– Do you hear her? No, Lee… Keep your eyes
closed. Wish it away. Wish it away with all your
heart. Please, please, please leave.
Please leave. Please leave. You no longer have to torment
this member of the living. Please find your way home. Please find your way home! Hold on. I’ve got the lights. Thank you. (radio noise) (sports on radio) Hey, buddy! How you doin’? How you doin’?
You hungry? Here ya go! Little Ricky… Oh. So gross… I always forget you,
little sucker. (cell laughing)
Coming! Coming, coming, coming,coming… (cell laughing) Maya… Maya… BOO! Ahh!
– You are so easy. You are no longer my best
friend. – Right.
– What’s got into you? You’re
in a feisty mood. Hey, did you get that Lexus gig?
– No I didn’t get it. Thanks for rubbing it in.
– Aw, honey, I’m sorry. But you know you’ve already got
the perfect job, right? I mean, how many people did
you con out of their hard earned
money today? “Con”? No, no…I didn’t con
anybody, okay? It’s strictly
entertainment! And, you know what? I used that
stupid raccoon skull today. You know, I’m getting kinda
good at the cold readings. That line “You’ve been keeping
a secret” works every time! Every single
person has a secret. You need to be careful,
girl…I’ve told you before; some people take this stuff
serious like. Oh, come on. They’re wandering
around an amusement park. What
do they expect? I’m just sayin’. How come you, who is into
every psychic ghost hunter
show there is, is working in an office all
day, and I’m… You should be
the one doing this job. Oh, no. Listening to people’s
deepestdesires and darkest
fears? No, thank you. It would creep
me out, big time. Well, it’s not exactly my
careergoal, either. But, you know what? There was
this lady that came in at the end of the
day- (piano noise) (piano notes)
Sam? Sam? Sam, you okay?
– I’m here. Hang on. Okay? Don’t hang up!
(piano notes) (piano notes) (piano notes) Ricky… Ricky-Richard-Gere-Bear, come
here. C’mere. How did you get out of
gerbil jail? Geez! Talk about biting the hand that
feeds you… (phone laughing) I need to get her another
ring-tone. Hey! – Maya?
– What the hell happened!? You were supposed to stay on
the line! You weren’t answering! I thought
the line was dead– – Wait. Hold on a second. I’m
goingto put you on speaker
phone. No, I don’t want to be– I hate
when you put me on speaker. You’re paranoid. Ughh, anyway. What happened? It was nothing. Just
Stephen’sthings. What just-did one of his skulls
start chattering? That guy would
bring home the freakiest
things… Remember when he brought back
that little blue devil mask? Brrrr. Did that thing start
talking to you? No… – It was Ricky.
– Ricky? You still have that
stinky little rat? Ricky is a gerbil with a
fine pedigree! Whatever! That thing sleeps in
its own poop! – Don’t listen to her Ricky.
– What did it do this time? You know what? It was weird.
I must’ve left the cage open, ’cause I came in and he was
crawling on the piano. – Remind me to never play
your piano again.
– You don’t play piano. – Whatever!
– I must have just left it open. Why do you even keep it? Like
as I recall, when Stephen
brought that thing home you threatened to pitch ’em
both out in the yard. Yeah, I know. But he reminds me
of Stephen. Oh great! You honor your
husband’s memory with a rodent. Don’t listen to her, Ricky. Sam, you haven’t gotten rid of
one thing yet, have you? You still have all his
paintings and all that Great
White Hunter crap and all of his geeky junk, don’t
you? – Look, don’t call it junk! All right? All this stuff meant
something to him. Look, I know. I’m sorry. He was a super creative guy and
I’m sure all that stuff inspired
him. Yeah. He was a nut. He just loved exploring and
going todifferent locations. And some of these things are
from third world villages that don’t even exist anymore. Then they belong in a museum!
Really Sam, donate them. No, some of these things
are priceless. (toy squawks) Seriously? I can hear that
thing! Sam. Sam! Look at the phone! Girl, you need to let go. This
is seriously unhealthy. Last weekend we walked the
whole house. You made a list of
what to sell and… You kept saying the house is
too damn big for you… That
you’ve got to move on, and clear things out and start
fresh. Well, maybe you can come over
this weekend. Look, I’ve got a better idea.
Let’s go out! Let’s go dancin’! No. It’s too soon. Too soon? You’re kidding me
right now? I mean to just go
dancing? You need to get out there,
girl. Like out of your house.
Out of your head. You’re becoming a hermit.
Look– Sam, it’s been a year. Yeah, happy anniversary. Oh, God, today? Today is the…? Okay, I’m starting to get a
little concerned here. How ’bout I come over
and I don’t know, we can– No. You live a half an hour
away! Besides, I’m fine. Look, I’m
just going to go for a run
before it gets too late. Oh, great. Denial. So healthy. Well I’m gonna go get healthy.
Allright? I’ll call you later. I love you! Love you more. (loud music) (loud music) (loud music) (music stops) (cell laughing) – Maya?
– What the hell’s going on!?
I am freaking out over here! Yeah, tell me about it. You’ve been calling me
constantly! – I did? Like a million times! Like
every time I answered I just
got a dial tone. And every time I tried to call
you back, you just hung up. You all right?
– Yeah, I’m fine. I went for a run and I came
back and everything in the
house was on. – What do you mean?
– The lights, the stereo, the
TV; everything was on… – Did you call the cops?
– No, I mean it wasn’t like
that. I locked the house before I
left. Maybe it was a power
surge. Okay, was the security alarm
going off? No. It actually wasn’t. I would chalk it up to
lightning, but it’s… – Okay,
I’m going to tell you what it
is. Hold on. All right, pick up. That’s me.
– What Oh, okay, okay, bye. Hey. – Okay, so I think I know what’s
going on. – Do tell. – Telekinesis.
– Great. So you think I’m
“Carrie.” No, I’m just saying that your
mind and your emotions might be influencing your physical
environment. First of all, I thought
telekineticshad something to do with bending spoons or
something, not turning on kitchen
appliances. Second of all, I wasn’t even here when it
happened. I came back and
everything was on. All right. Well, here’s what
you do. Get out of the frickin’
house! Nope. No way, Jose! Okay? I’m
stayin’ here. Everything is fine. I mean at
worst I have to reprogram the
DVR, that’s all. Like you’ll know how to do
that. Okay. You sure you don’t want me
to just come over? No. I’m fine. Besides I have
a long day of fortune telling tomorrow.
Got to keep up the mortgage
payments… Not if you’d sell the stinkin’
house! All right? Give me a
call before you go to bed, okay? – All right. Love you!
– Love you more. (radio static) A…Man…The …A-Man-The SA-MAN-THA! (knocking) – Sam? You okay?
– No, I’m not okay and it’s
totally your fault… – What?
– You got me all worked up, I’m
jumping at shadows now, okay? Just shut up; you’re coming
upstairs with me. (clock chimes) – What is it?
– Just a stupid noise. Probably nothing. But if we get
cut off, call 911. – Girl, you’re freakin’ me out!
– Shhhh! Sam? Samantha?
– I’m here. Cancel that 911
call. What was it? Just another stupid nothing.
All right, I’ll call you at
bedtime. (tv noise)
Is this real, or a hoax? Natural phonomenon or
extra-terrestrial encounter? The best way to reach a
conclusion; You Experience… You Decide. Ghostalkers will be right back! On the BEC Midnight Movie, one
of the great BEC original horror classics. Thrill to the startling
discovery! –this creature was recently
recovered from a crash site.
– Why hello there Daryl
Meyers… – and perennials are an
excellent way to keep your
garden colorful year-round. It has
its origins in South America so it thrives in warm southern
climates. In cooler climes, it can be
used as a hanging basket or indoor plant because it is
frost sensitive. (whisper) Is a beauty that can grow to a
free-standing height of six
feet or more. It has a milky white sap that
has anti-bacterial properties. And
the bloom, in addition to yellow can be white, pink, purple or
orange. it’s important to know that…
I soured your milk! (tv noise) Samantha… (tv noise) (tv noise) Samantha. (chat line chimes) (phone rings) Hey this is Maya! I can’t
answer the– (chat line chimes) Hello? Samantha, is that you? Yeah, it’s me. Oh, okay… I can see you now.
Uh, just give me a moment, will
you? Honey, I’m with a
patient… Yes. Sorry. I’m sorry to call you so late. I don’t know… Samantha, I can’t hear you. Why
are you whispering? Are you all
right? I don’t- I don’t know. Samantha. Now calm down. Have
you had another of your
episodes? No. I mean it wasn’t like that.
I just– I don’t… The dreams? Blackouts? – I don’t know.
– All right, Samantha… Move yourface a little closer
to the camera so I can see your
eyes. Closer… Right eye. Left eye… Well, you’re not
dilated. I’m not on any medication.
I promise. And you’ve been off the
Aripiprazole for a while. My ‘anxiety disorder’ just
ramped uptonight and I don’t
know why! Well Samantha, sometimes it
just… does. You know that. Almost anything can trigger a
memory which can have a domino effect. Symptoms re-surface, but it’s
almost always temporary. We’ll
get you back on track, okay? Okay? I’ve been doing the work and
I’m following through. That’s wonderful. Now you just
need to avoid emotional triggers that will cause a psychosomatic
response. ‘Emotional triggers’… Do you knowwhat today is?
– What? It was a year ago today. Ah. So of course your emotions
are running high. It’s only
natural. But listen to me, Samantha.
As painful as it is, it’s just another day on the calendar,
too. I know. His car accident was a
terrible, terrible thing. But, it was just that. An
accident. I know. An accident. So. How’s the eBay sale going? I haven’t exactly put
anything… Look, Samantha. You called me
tonight for a reason and I think
I know why. I’m here to tell you — again
— that it’s okay to say goodbye to Stephen; in
fact, it’s necessary. Right? You need to focus on you. And you’ve been doing so well. Apparently, not that well.
I mean I can’t even bear to go
into his studio. You know you need to sell some of that stuff of his.
I mean it’s so– well there’s so
much of it. And you should let other people
enjoy it. Right? Let it go. Listen. Do you have anymore
Trazodone? Uh. Maybe, I think so. I– I was doing so
well. How about a sleep aid? Yeah, probably. Okay. Then you take one tonight. Breathe. Right? Try to relax. And these symptoms will just
fade away. And I will see you next week. Thank you Doc- Sama- ¶ (clock chimes) (screams) (footsteps) Go away. No… Go away! Go away!! GO AWAY! Stephen? (cell laughing) Maya. Ow! Coming, coming… (cell laughing) Hey, hello? Hey? Really? What–
What happened?
– What? I thought you were going
to call me before you crashed?
– I did. Didn’t I? No, I did. I called you on the
phone and on the computer.
Where were you? What the hell are you talking
about? I’ve been here the entire
time. (chat line chimes)
All right? That’s me, pick up.
Pick up! Oh. Okay. Hold on, hold on,
hold on… okay, hey. – Girl, you look hung over.
– I just woke up. You fell asleep? I didn’t mean to, I just– I was
talking to Dr. O and he thought that I should take a sleeping
pill. I wasn’t doing good. – You were talking with your
shrink, tonight? Sam, what happened? I don’t– I just had some really
bad dreams. It was after I talked to the
doctor though. Before that I was, yeah, I was
hearing things, and I thought I saw… never
mind. Okay, your PTSD used to give
you really weird dreams and bad, bad depression… But
you were never hearing or
seeing things. Do me a favor; get one of my
chakra meditation stones and place it right um- right
above– I don’t need that, okay? I need
to go back to sleep. – You just took a hit of
caffeine. – So I can talk to
you! How’ya gonna go back to sleep?
– I’ll just take another pill. Look, since you’re up… I want
you to just try something, okay? – What?
– Look, who let you borrow her
crystalball, tarot cards and amethysts for your gig, huh?
– You did. Exactly. And I’m just sayin’…
You have everything you need in
your little bag in there. For what?
– I don’t know… you might have something in the
house. You might need
protection. Why is everything paranormal to
you? ‘Spiritual.’ And I’m just
asking, has anything around the
house moved? Like by itself? No. Well, maybe. I don’t know!
– Okay, look. We ruled out telekinetics because you were
out of the house… Oh, but we didn’t rule out
lightning. And you’re not sure if you saw
anything move… Okay. Well, one sure way to make sure
you don’t have uninvited
guests… Get yourself a camera and take pictures of yourself
in every mirror in the house. – Are you out of your mind?
– Okay, then, check ’em out. You may have a ‘visitant’ – a
3rd Order Spirit of the Sixth
or Seventh Class. Okay, so. Just like that I have
a ghost. – Stranger things have happened.
– No they haven’t, Maya. Okay? I don’t believe in ghosts! Okay, ghosts don’t care whether
you believe in them or not. You know I’ve had a ghost in my
house for years… Yes, I know. Patrick the
peppy poltergeist. Whose Third Class of the–
– No.I wish! I told you, he’s a
Sixth Class of the Third Order.
– Yeah, that’s right! And my
ghost… is the 10th Class–
– No. No, no, no! You don’t even want to kid
about that. Tenth class Spirits
are… They’re bad. They’re seriously bad. They’re
demons. They’re evil. They lie. They’re posers. “And no wonder, for Satan
himself masquerades himself as
an angel of light.” Second Corinthians.
– You’re certifiable. – You’re the one with the
shrink. – Touche’. – You want me to come over?
– What, so you can freak me out
somemore? No, thank you.
– All right. Just take a few
pictures. But make sure you get every
mirror in the house. Even the
one in the guest room and the one in Stephen’s
studio. Okay? If you see anything, give me a
calland I’ll tell you how to
get rid of it. – Why don’t you get rid of
Patrick? – ‘Cause I like him! Look, I mean it!I feel lucky to
have him around. I mean he’s been dead for over a hundred
years, but we have a connection. You
know? The good kind. But, man… do remember my
friend Melissa? – Yeah.
– Well, she had a ghost, and
um… Cold spots. Things going
missing… And– forget it.
– No, no, no. What happened to
Melissa? Nothing. Because she sold her
house and moved away! All right. Okay. I get it. Do you? I mean think about
it. Patrick and I are going to
be up for another couple of hours,
okay? – I’ll think about it.
Love you. Love you more! (noisy music) ¶ ¶ Uh, why aren’t you video
chattingme? Because I wanted to see these
on the big screen. Okay, so what am I looking for? Anything, really… Look for
any strange shadows or images. Lens flares. Anything out of
the ordinary. Hello, you there? Yeah, I’m just looking at the
guest bathroom… the guest
bedroom… Stephen’s studio… I don’t see anything. – Did you use a flash?
– On most of them. Was I not
supposed to? No, no. Flash is good. Are you
in every shot? Yep. I’m starting to feel
reallystupid. This isn’t stupid. All right?
Can you send the pictures to me?
I wanna take a look. What? You don’t think I did a
good job? No, just maybe it’s subtle and
you’re missing it. I’m not a complete idiot, Maya.
I looked at them. There’s
nothing there. Sam? Samantha! – Sam!
– Yeah I’m here. It’s just a
power outage. Jesus, Sam… Get out of that
house! Relax, Maya… It’s just a
poweroutage, okay? I mean it was trying to
do that an hour ago. – Ow!
– What was that!? I think I stepped on your ghost
or something. I can’t believe I let you get
me all freaked out again! Wake up and smell the
ectoplasm,Sam! Oh c’mon. What are you getting
all worked up about? You’re the one that said
it was a happy poltergeist. Okay, I never said that.
Patrick’s happy, but they’re not
all like that… Okay. Let me get you on video
chat. Oh, I can’t. The power’s
out. Took out the router.
– Okay, just call me back,
that’s workin All right. Apparently the cell
towers are just fine, but I bet the whole
neighborhood’s in a power
outage. – Oh…
– Okay. If I don’t hear from
you in like five minutes, I’m coming
over. Okay. God damn. Circuit breakers… Master closet. Okay. (gasps) Oh. Oh man. I’m such an idiot… If I were a circuit breaker,
where would I be? Stephen, if you were here I
wouldn’t have to worry about
this… Geez! How are these even off? (cell laughing) – Maya, I said I was going to
call you! – Okay, but you
didn’t, did you? You okay? Relax, ‘Mom.’ It’s been like,
five minutes? Are you kidding me? I’ve been
trying to call you for over half
an hour! No answer! – What?
– Sam, what is going on over
there? Just some breakers were popped,
that’s all. The lights came back on, but
some of the bulbs are blown. Okay, but you have some light,
that’s good. – And um…
– And what? I found one of Stephen’s
puppets inthe laundry room… – Yeah?…
– I swear I just saw it
upstairs. Oooh… Okay, pick up the video
chat, that’s me. Pick up. C’mon hurry. Hurry,
hurry, hurry. Pick up, pick up,
pick up! You’ve got a visitor! – Are you trying to scare me?
– No, no. Welcome to the club! No, no. I don’t want to be part
of this ‘club.’ Okay, look Stephen had those
puppets everywhere. It might have just fallen in the laundry
basket. – It’s a ghost.
– I don’t even know if I actually saw it up in his
studio. – A gho-ost!
– I could’ve put it
there sleepwalking… Face it, girl… You’ve got
a haunting. Okay, okay… So lets say it is
a ‘haunting’. How could that happen? If it is
happening. This house is barely 10 years
old. – It’s not like you’re
sitting on a graveyard or anything. Well a phantom or a wraith
probably just attached itself
to you. Wait, you didn’t purposely
invite any spirits… did you? Well, there was this lady today and I helped her release a
supposed entity that supposedly was haunting
her. – What? I just asked it just to “find
its way home,” “Find your way home” But I
didn’t ask it to attach itself
to me. I mean that couldn’t happen…
Maya. Why am I asking you? – Okay, three choices. A; live
with it. – No. Second choice? Get out of there! But wait…
if you really do have a spirit attached to you, it
won’t matter where you go.
– Okay… Third choice? Let me come over and help you
get rid of this thing. – Sold. Let’s do it.
– What? I just want you to come over
help me get rid of it, or make
me think I got rid of it and we’ll go to a club dancing. I’m not going to sleep anyway.
– That’s my girl! Okay, I’m coming right over.
But first, here’s what you
need to do: Go into that carpet-bag and
grab a baggie of white sage. – Okay, I haven’t used that.
– It looks like…
– A kilo of pot? No, I was going to say
potpourri, but it’s sage. And while I’m on my way,
you’re gonna have to do a little ‘smudging.’
– Smudging. Yeah, it’s like what you do
withincense sticks… You just put the leaves in a bowl, and
you light it, and then give your place a good
smoke cleansing. Hang on… Here. It kind of
looks like this. Can I just wait till you get
here? No, hun. It’s best if you do it
alone. Now walk through every room of
the house– every corner of
every room. And talk to the spirit.
– Talk. Yeah, just do your “Lady
Samantha” thing. Say things like
“Please go away,” “Not interested”…
– “Get the hell out of here.” Yeah. But be nice. Don’t piss
it off. Now listen. If it somehow tries
to talk to you? Don’t believe
it! You know, it may claim to be
Casper the Friendly Ghost,
right? And maybe it is. But it’s just as likely to be
Dagon, Lord of the Flies, okay? And how are you going to know
if it’s lying? Oh, and it may
bang around a little. Kind of like a temper
tantrum… But that’s a good
thing, it means it’s working. Then it should just split —
unless you change your mind and ask for it back!
– Right. Okay, So, go do that… Then
we’re going to par-tay! All right? I should with you in
about 25 minutes, Okay? Love ya! Love you more. (gasps) It just set it down funny. It’s
okay. Just keep going. It’s okay. I need you to go away. Please leave. You’re not wanted here. (clock chimes) Go away please. Every cabinet. And every closet. Please go away. Please go away. Go away. Upstairs. GO AWAY! I said GET OUT. GO. (smoke alarm) Who ever you are. Whatever you are… you have to
leave. I don’t know how you found me or how you got attached to me.
But– (phone rings) Uh… Barnes Realty? Is this Lee… Anne… Carter? Yes… It’s Lee Barnes now
though. Can I help you? Yeah. Yeah you can help me. You can tell me what happened
to my husband. I… I don’t know what you’re
talking about. No? You don’t remember calling
about the accident? You don’t remember my dying
husband? Come on, Lee, it’s obviously
been a… very hard year for you… You’ve had trouble dealing with
this. Why else would you come
see a Fortune Teller today? How did you–?
How did you know? Feeling guilty on the
anniversary of my husband’s
death? Oh, my god! You’re the
Fortune teller? Yeah, so what was it? Was it a
hit and run? Were you sloppy drunk when
you ran my husband off the road?
– No! I was there, but… He ran into a tree… He ran into a tree. Go on. I was coming the other way.
Headed home. He was going so
fast… Then… He hit that tree like he was
aiming for it! (sobs) It was horrible. I stopped. I got out of my car and I– I saw him. I saw him in all that smoke and
glass and blood and… He was already dead… I called 911. I waited– I waited with, with your husband
till they got there. I’m not a religious person, but I tried my best, you know
like to pray. And then I swear, I felt… I don’t know. Something. A presence. Gosh, I didn’t sleep at all
that night. But when I did
sleep, that’s when the dreams started.
The– the ‘Night-terrors.’ I just thought it was just
nerves, I guess. But then a few months ago, it
started getting worse. And worse… Much worse. Until today… He wouldn’t let me talk to
doctorsanymore; that made him… Angry. But today… on this day…. he led me to
you. He wanted me to go to you. And he’s with you now, isn’t he? He’s with you… Stephen. Stephen! Stephen remember? We got this mask in Cabo and we
got into that fight ’cause I
said it was hideous. Stephen. I’m sorry for burning the
sage… I’m sorry for banishing you… I welcome you back. Please come back! Stephen… if this is you… move the mask! Move the mask. Move the damn mask! Stephen? Move the toy! (toy plays music) Stephen. – Sam?
– Where are you? I’m 15 minutes out. Did you do
the sage? I did. It was wrong, it was all
wrong. – Samantha, what did you do?
– It’s Stephen! What?
– The spirit, the entity, it’s
Stephen! Okay now, Sam, be careful what you’re saying –
you don’t know that. You need
to be sure. Okay? When I get there we’ll
figure it out. Well, I asked, Maya!
Why won’t you believe me?
– Okay, stop it! Just stop it!! You need to be sure. Remember
what I said before? How would
you know if it was lying? You open yourself up this much
to a spirit of the third order and you have got to know what
class it is. It’s Stephen. I’ll prove it. Okay. But don’t– Stephen. I missed you. I need you. Will you please have this
seance with me? Okay… Your RayBans… Your favorite board game… and… I’m sorry, Love. Let’s do this. I want you… Stephen… it’s Sam. If you truly are my husband,
Stephen… I open myself to you. My heart… my mind… my body… so we can connect. I’m ready for you. I’m here for you. I feel your presence. Talk to me, Stephen. Communicatewith me. Let me open myself to you! Your sketch pad. Use your
sketchpad! I don’t– I don’t understand. I’m sorry you’re frustrated.
I don’t understand! Stephen. Please don’t be angry. I know it’s you. I know it’s you… Stephen, I’m all yours… I’m all yours… I’m yours… I’m yours. You’re not Stephen. (screams) (demonic sound) (screams) (tires screech) (knocking)
Samantha! You’re coming with me! Do you hear me? Samantha! You’re coming with me– ¶

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  1. Seems like a really good movie so far ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ I'm only ten to fifteen minutes in though. I hate people who don't give movies a chance and just comment something like……… " Rubbish, don't bother!" Smh

  2. I have 3rd eye..and I saw the spirit every house I went.but I'dont get scared because it's a ordinary for me..I saw the spirit since my age is 7years old…and my other pictures have a go ghost image..

  3. "" I SOURED YOUR MILK"" Lol ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Great movie guys! One of the best I've seen so far on here. Thanks heaps for the upload!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. It is really a bit sad, that her skin is so pasty, and that you canยดt see her eyelashes.. I had a great-grandmother, who was a redhead. But my hair only gets red in the end of it. My hair is black, with shucks of white in it.

  5. OK, so itยดs the MILK, that got bad. That is one of the worst things to me, sour milk! it wil POSITIVELY make me hurl!

  6. Nice movie, But the is so stupid to believe that the ghost is her husband that died on car acident without listing to her friend advice so painful she was lettered killed by the ghost

  7. Very poor script and slow pace most of the scenes are just obvious…she fooled people like an expert and she has no idea I mean you must have a little knowledge about your business her friend looks like she is kind of ghost hunter …we'll all I say at the end I am wasting my time

  8. do someone have real experiences here.. pls tell.. anybody so that the world should know.. and beware of visitants

  9. Great movie, but the ending could've been better. What happened to samantha? Did she die? Is she possessed? And what happened to her friend? She just locked in the house.

  10. I love horror movies, even though it's not good for me. I keep dreaming about creepy ghosts everytime I sleep.

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  13. This was a pretty good movie except their time frame seems off. I mean she's upstairs sleeping after taking sleeping pills and Trazadone, and the clock says 11:23. All kinds of things happen in the meantime but her friend is going to come over and they are going to get rid of a spirit and after that go dancing cause she's not going to get any sleep anyways. LMAO.. Thanks for the upload. The movie kept my attention from start to finish.

  14. Overall a good movie
    Maya lives half an hour away, not one and a half hour like the other comment says
    In Houston that's almost right next door. Lol
    This movie is waaaay better than thousands other so called "horror movies" Could have been a little better, but it is worth watching. Thanks Kings of Horror
    Watch it…

  15. 2 1/2 OUTTA 5 STARS !!!!!
    Just your average house with your average ghost. Average ghost hijinks… glasses rattle… doors open….appliances go off and on……. milk goes sour HAHAHAHA…………not very scary at all


  17. As a horror movie, this is a good one. Not cheesy. However, the plot lacks in credibility. She can call her psychiatrist on video chat on the moment and he is available to take her call. The psychiatrist does not even ask her what the sleep sedative is but just if she has one, take one. Also, the way he addresses his client is unprofessional, patronising. Why do these people stay in the house? Seriously, take a cab to your friend's place and sell the house lady. Anyway, movie is still a good one for the scare value. It is well done and engaging.

  18. The movie started out great: good backstory, increasingly eerie… Then at the end, it went all cliche. Still a pretty decent movie

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